Brosseau didn't graduate -

Brosseau didn’t graduate

Staff error causes further embarrassment


Rookie NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau is facing more embarrassment after St. Lawrence College confirmed she didn’t graduate in contradiction to her biography on the party’s website. “This individual is not a graduate of St. Lawrence College,” vice-president external affairs Gord MacDougall said on Tuesday. The NDP’s director of communications Kathleen Monk said the error was not Brosseau’s fault. Evidently, Brosseau told the party she had “studied advertising” but a staffer altered the wording to read “has a diploma in advertising.” The NDP has removed all references to Brosseau’s education on the party’s website.

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Brosseau didn’t graduate

  1. It’s amazing how tenacious you are about this while the media ignored the fact that the Conservatives were in contempt of parliament when the election was called. Most other issues regarding the Conservatives were largely ignored also – the treatment of people who were involved in peaceful protest during the G20 conference being one of the many that should have had more attention paid by TV and newspapers. As far as I am concerned this is just media muck raking. My impression is that the real intent is to undermine democracy not support it.

  2. I wish Ms. Brosseau all success and congratulate her on winning the post of MP for her riding.

  3. I can see how this could happen and be a mistake. Miss Brosseau fills out her forms, hands them in to the NDP. The NDP hands all the forms over to their Internet Technology team. A worker updating candidate’s websites reads “attended this program at this college” and doesn’t understand this means she didn’t complete the program. He rewords it to make it sound better, not realizing his rewording is an error. He puts up “graduated from this program at this college.”

    I also take exception to many people’s claim that she “doesn’t even speak French”. From the many article’s I have read I discovered she attended French Immersion school, her father’s first language is French, but she hasn’t spoken the language in a few years and wanted to “brush up” before speaking to her constituents and possibly offending them by speaking their language horribly.

    She did not campaign in the riding. Never set foot in it. Made no public appearances or speeches. She went on a highly publicized vacation to Vegas. All of this was well known before the vote. Yet the voters in the riding still picked her.

    Why is the rest of the country so upset with her? The voters picked her. Now stop acting all paparazzi about her and let her either do her job, or fail trying. It’s an unnecessary media circus, closely resembling a modern day witch hunt.

  4. Maclean’s – if you are a day or two behind in the news please don’t try to play catch-up. As a teacher I expect that if you are handing something in late it will be of better quality and more insightful than it would have been if you had it in on time. All you did here was to give a brief synopsis of a news article from another site. I don’t think you can call this reporting at all. Why not replace with an RSS feeder and save everyone some time?

  5. I would not worry about her education. In the 60’s there was Nikita Kruschev with limited education who managed quite well to stand up to the Kennedy administration many of whom were Yvy Leaguers. So as far as we are concerned Ms. Brosseau will do well against Harper, who is definately NOT Yvy League material

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    Who is the staffer? The name. Bev Oda?

    The tories won’t bite you on this yet, Jack. They will wait. They will save it for a rainy day.

  7. Ok macleans 90% of people already assumed that was an error. A graduate would not being working as a bartender.