Alberta Liberals promise free tuition -

Alberta Liberals promise free tuition

But students shouldn’t get too excited yet


Raj Sherman by dave.cournoyer on Flickr

If elected later this year, the Alberta Liberals say they would begin eliminating post-secondary tuition and start forgiving up to a $1,000 per year in student loans for working graduates.

Liberal leader Raj Sherman unveiled the platform on Monday in Edmonton ahead of an election that’s expected to be called this spring.

The Liberals would pay for their tuition elimination, forgiven student loans and other new spending with $1.5-billion in tax hikes on corporations and on the wealthiest 10 per cent of earners.

But students dreaming of free school shouldn’t get excited yet. The Liberals have only eight of the legislature’s 83 seats and are running in fourth place with just 12 per cent support, according to a poll by CBC News. The incumbent Progressive Conservatives, led by Premier Alison Redford, had 46 per cent of decided voters in the poll, followed by the upstart Wildrose Alliance at 24 per cent and the New Democrats at 14 per cent.

Even if the Liberals win, the tuition reduction would be phased in gradually between now and 2025.

But there is one promise that would make things easier for some students immediately. “Alberta Liberals believe it is inappropriate to have loan officers consider ask [sic] details of parental income when considering whether to give financial support. We will stop this practice,” they promise.

All provinces deny certain students loans based on their parents’ incomes, which disadvantages students whose parents refuse to or are unable to help them pay for post-secondary schooling.


Alberta Liberals promise free tuition

  1. Alberta has been living in a state of Corporate Welfare for the past 30 years. Not a slow creeping malaise but a con game of major proportion.

    Street merchants getting a few points off their corporate taxes feel like they are ahead of the curve but they aren’t! They are simply putty in the hands of the Conservatives.

    We are presently getting zilch for resource royalty. Provinces either side of us collect 20% on US dollars value. Up to 20 billion a year given away!

    10 to 15 full provincial budgets paid for by the heritage trust fund! That is 160 billion dollars (they admitted to 90 billion) ripped out of your pocket and slid through general accounts to the resource companies. That is 160,000 pulled out of every household in Alberta!

    We get 75% of value of oil being shipped to the US. That is 25% ripped off taxpayers! That is how taxpayers pay for pipelines. Unfortunately this pipeline has been paid for 3 or 4 times over and we are still paying 25% to someone! Over time this has amounted to greater than 100 billion dollars gone!

    Recently busted for stealing public pensions in their trust, the Conservatives have taken between 8 and 12 billion dollars from the municipal and government pensions which may never be returned! That is a loss I would estimate of 30% or more to the person retiring.

    Loose lips Liepert spoke for the Conservative Party when he said “Albertans should not hold any sense of entitlement”

    I am very sure the Liberals will be in a position to clean up this province!