The most (and least) educated parts of Canada -

The most (and least) educated parts of Canada

Post-secondary completion rates vary widely by region



On average, roughly half of all Canadians between the ages of 25 and 64 have attended college or university, but education levels are not even across all provinces. Here are the percentages of each region’s population with college or university education as reported by Statistics Canada:

1. Ontario 56.0

2. Yukon 49.0

3. Prince Edward Island 47.0

3. British Columbia 47.0

5. Nova Scotia 46.0

5. New Brunswick 46.0

5. Quebec 46.0

5. Alberta 46.0

9. Manitoba 44.0

9. Northwest Territories 44.0

11. Newfoundland 37.0

11. Saskatchewan 37.0

13. Nunavut 28.0

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The most (and least) educated parts of Canada

  1. this is very interesting we need to get more educated but we also need to stop looking at education as only a means to employment or higher paying jobs, everyone needs to learn what they can and to contribute to society in any way that they can. Perfectly motivated and hard working individuals are being left behind without work due to the need to have a standard grade 12 for jobs that do not require this level of education. To take a 12 week scaffolding course one needs to complete possibly 3 years of Adult Basic Education, learn shakespere and write a business letter and do a major research paper. Oh, I forgot to mention that when they finish the Adult Education Program they may still need to do related subjects in the trade program.
    Do we need to look at the transition programs for the trades entry? I think so.