UGuelph cuts women’s studies and organic agriculture

$16-million deficit puts other programs on the chopping block as well


The Guelph Mercury is reporting that the University of Guelph’s women’s studies program and the organic agriculture major have been eliminated. The decision was made by the senate board of undergraduate studies two days ago.

The university is facing a $16-million deficit, which means eight programs with low enrolment won’t be offered next September.

The Mercury says the senate will decide the fate of the bachelor of science in technology degree program and a bachelor of applied computing degree program at the University of Guelph-Humber on April 7.

At the senate meeting, dean of arts Donald Bruce explained to the board the women’s studies program, created in 1979, is at an impasse and hasn’t had a curriculum revision since 1994.

“It has been stagnant since then,” said Bruce.

Serge Desmarais, the university’s vice-president academic, says senior administration provided guidelines for the college deans to find ways to cut their budgets. He  says the university will probably have to continue to consider further courses and programs for elimination.


UGuelph cuts women’s studies and organic agriculture

  1. After a grueling past few weeks, with the future of university students’ careers being passed around by people who already possessed their degrees, democracy final reared its head at the University of Guelph, at least for Organic Agriculture. After an hour long rally and much heated debate at a senate meeting, the University Senate decided to give Organics at UoG one more year, to basically prove its worth. (http://www.uoguelph.ca/news/2009/04/senate_moves_ch.html) I am glad that this issue is getting media outside of the university. We need programs like Organics in the world today. It is forward thinking and progressive. We cannot keep educating students for what is going on right now, because by the time they graduate, the world will have changed. Organics is educating students for what will be and it needs to remain in our education system. Keep up the amazing reporting.

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