Animated GIF shows Rob Ford mocking councillor for drunk driving -

Animated GIF shows Rob Ford mocking councillor for drunk driving

Then the Mayor knocks over another councillor


In the days since Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted to drinking and driving, one of his go-to justifications for the behaviour has been to try to shift the blame, asking: Who among us hasn’t driven after having a drink?

Both Ford and his brother, Coun. Doug Ford, have alluded to two specific incidents during this term where other Toronto councillors ran afoul of the law for drinking and driving. Specifically, they are talking about Coun. Paul Ainslie and Coun. Ana Bailao. In May, one-time Ford ally Ainslie was pulled over at a checkstop and given a warning by police and a three-day licence suspension, but he was not charged. Before that, in January, Counc. Bailao announced she would plead guilty to a drunk-driving charge and, at a tearful press conference, asked for public forgiveness.

The Ford brothers continued to bring up these incidents Monday, during a special meeting where city councillors are trying to further limit the mayor’s power by drastically reducing his office budget. As Coun. Doug Ford stood to ask questions of Coun. Ainslie, Mayor Rob Ford sat behind him, pretending to drink and drive erratically.

The Internet, specifically freelance writer Chris Toman, quickly turned it into a GIF:

But the GIFs didn’t stop there. Later in the meeting, Coun. Doug Ford got into a spat with some hecklers in the public gallery when the Speaker called a 10-minute recess. Mayor Rob Ford rushed to his brother’s aid, darting across the council chairs and knocking over Coun. Pam McConnell in the process. He later apologized to McConnell when prompted by Coun. Paula Fletcher.

If you want to watch the above GIF to the tune of Miley Cyrus’ wrecking ball, well, you can do that over here.

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Animated GIF shows Rob Ford mocking councillor for drunk driving

  1. Unreal

    • The real Toronto is unreal. Glad the world is finally getting to know it.

      • Just another liberal-socialist corruption fest. Gotta get rid of Ford as he has union cops, union city workers, mafia, SNC, and other liberal spenders and inflated contract types in a snit.

        No one wants a Ford like lose canon when doing a dirty deal.

  2. So is Macleans forgetting about factual reporting and joining the vilification crowd?

    Guess then I will not be renewing my Macleans. I can use CBC and The Star for the fear and smear campain.

    Remember, Ford hasn’t stolen from taxpayers. Unlike two cousilers, Ford doesn’t get low rent for favors, or like feds in tax evasion, expense report fraud and inflated contracts.

    I really don’t care what Ford does if he isn’t ripping me off like Quebec mayors.

    • But he does get to use city buses to transport a kids football team leaving passengers in the lurch and he does get preferential road repairs done in front of his business. Small change but he isn’t squeaky clean

      • Dave is how Mussolini and Hitler got elected.

        • Emily – excellent point.

          I think a lot of us see the comparison between our mayor who smokes crack and a man who committed genocide against 6 million people.

          A lot similarities – I really see your point. And, for the record, I don’t see pulling out how drawing likenesses to Hitler as a first rebuttal would be incredibly offensive to the victims of the holocaust.

          I really applaud the extensive use of drawing comparisons to current day figures and organizations to HItler and the Nazi’s. Really great use of freedom of speech and intelligence.

          • Why are people so stupid as to have to have every detail match?

            It’s how you get bad people in office… that okay?

          • Emily, I think you went overboard with the mass murderer comparison. Why not compare him to a bag of sand?

            Hitler/ Stalin killed millions. By comparison any major of any city is an angel. Heck, even modern mass killers are “small sinners” by comparison.

          • Well spoken like a Nazi!


        • Actually Hitler was never elected – he never got above 50%.

          He got appointed, a big mistake.

      • Who cares about buses and other small change – at least he is too stupid to rip millions.

        Someone said a bag of sand would make a better major. True, but I don’t see a ‘bag of sand’ on the ballot.

      • Buying drugs is a victimless crime and, in the case of marijuana, both the Libs and NDP at federal level are looking at legalizing it. (You could argue that dealing drugs does have victims, but it is AT LEAST indirect)

        Stealing from taxpayers is definitely NOT a victimless crime. In fact, even the gas plant scandal (which apparently was not an example of corruption) will take money from social programs, put our government (further) in debt and lead to an increase of taxes (and reduction of disposable income and a reduction in spending in the economy).

        So, I would disagree completely with you. Ford is an idiot and a buffoon but fiscal prudence is anything but – unfortunately he represents both and some people have a very difficult time reconciling the two.

        • buying drugs is a victimless crime? You on crack?

        • “Buying drugs is a victimless crime” may be the most moronic thing said in a discussion involving the most moronic mayor ever elected. Do you have any clue how those drugs get to the addict? Do you have any clue how many people are killed in the growth, distribution, and consumption processes of narcotics? Robberies by addicts to get more drugs, turf wars between rival dealers and gangs, prostitution for drugs… I guess Pablo Escobar was just misunderstood then? I mean, he helped his people occasionally with his drug money. He took care of families and people in need and was quite popular. He also was responsible for thousands of murders and disappearances. The whole “marijuana never killed anybody” thing is also ridiculously false as well for most of the same reasons. Get yourself a clue before you say something else equally as stupid.

      • Using a public payroll employee to ‘shop’ for you, IS stealing from the public purse!

      • Sure Ford has to go but he has some redeeming qualities – like being too stupid / drugged to do any financial damage.

        He also a host of a funny show.

    • So you’d be okay if he ran over your dog or cat or child? Small price to pay to save $60 a year. Great role model for your kids.

    • He uses paid staffers to change his lightbulbs and buy booze. Think that’s good use of tax dollars?

    • Really, you do not care what he does! To what extend would you take this argument. If he committed homicide, would you not care? Rob Ford publicly admitted to smoking crack, which is punishable in Canada up to 7 years in prison.

    • If the only requirement of our elected officials is not stealing from taxpayers, what a sad commentary on the state of our politics today in general. He’s admitted to drug use, surrounds himself with criminality, behaves like a bully, lacks self-control, is ill-spoken and obfuscates the truth. I think those serving the public and holding elected office should be held to higher standards.

  3. Between this and his fresh assault on a city councillor LIVE IN FRONT OF WITNESSES, he just proves he not only doesn’t deserve his job, BUT SHOULD BE ARRESTED.

    • Much as I dislike this fool, it was OBVIOUSLY an accident that he barged into her and she lost her balance!

  4. This guy is such a buffoon, he seems to revel in his idiotic and childish behavior. He acts like some class clown that is still in high school. No shame no remorse no consideration for the office he holds or how he is embarrassing his family. Pathetic.

    • Unfortunately, you’re seeing this through the eyes of a media which is distorting the picture. And/or doesn’t know all that’s happening.

      The behind-the-scenes machinations and agenda to remove the mayor are disgusting and would be scandalous in a small town.

      Those of us who have been approached to donate money to “help remove Ford” know some of those in this conspiracy. Some elected, some not. Some believe you remove the mayor first then you choose his successor. I believe in democracy. This isn’t.

      • Are you blind or drunk? He doesn’t need any press to see what a fool he is. You’ve clearly got some kind of an agenda, because I don’t know anyone with a functioning brain that would condone his behaviour, over and over and over again!

      • how much crack did you get from him for this public endorsement?

    • But he is a good show to watch!

      And I think its more of a grade school… some people in High School might be offended ;)

  5. It is unreal that Ana Bailao and Paul Ainsley were caught drunk driving in the last year (Ainsley let off *special treatment) Ana who was charged with DUI was forgiven instantly and excuses made for her “I feel we have to listen to her and see what happens, and if this is the case at all.” then they have the balls to call out Rob Ford. Google Toronto outdoor Digital Sign permits. we have a law preventing new ones being installed but council has met 423 times with advertising Lobyist and definitly were not bribed with cash, prostitutes or drinking and drugs to allow the number of special permits issued since the law was made. No not at all .. I mean we only have 3x more signs now then when the law came into effect LMAO . None have gone up in Etobicoke,,, and its not the distance from downtown cause north of 401 in scarborough just got a fresh new monstrosity installed . I GUESS AS LONG AS YOU KEEP QUIET AND/ OR DONT GET CAUGHT ITS OK ? Ford is willing to take a drug test today council is not ! What a disgrace is right

    • Stop pointing the fallacies of the system.

      We know that a large number of council members are smoking something. But what do you want to do? Fire them all?

      And sure they are all more or less dirty – its just Ford is more dirty then average.

  6. Regardless of what you think about Ford’s drug problems, he remains a belligerent bully who is an absolutely horrendous public figure for the City of Toronto. I’ve heard he has done good for the city, FINE. But his complete lack of any class, constant flow of excuses, and blatant hypocrisy… I mean, c’mon! I hope he gets help.

  7. FORD got pissed because Union hecklers were calling him a “SHAME” UM … remember when they SHAMEFULLY turned our city into landfill because they wanted to bank up to 18 unused paid sick days WTF? 2 months our city was crippled and covered in garbage everywhere THAT WAS EMBARRASSING .. COUNCILLORS MAKING SHADY DEALS WITH LOBBYIST THAT IS SHAMEFUL … ford isn’t politically correct and calls a spade a spade good for him. Show me one company that won’t expand into our city because of ROB FORD . I won’t hold my breath . Only thing hurt is the reputations of yuppie bike riders to their ascot counterparts in other cities…

    • Ford raised your property taxes and has a fiscal record about as terrible as Harper. But if you hold your breath long enough and turn blue, Rob Ford will look good to you.

  8. What seems so far to be so easily forgotten by many (foremost Mr. Ford) is that while yes, anyone, may have done this or that illegal activity, that he was elected as a LEADER of the people, not as a last-in-line follower of others. Leaders step up and take responsibility, Mr. Ford not only hasn’t, he can’t – it is beyond his understanding. The only reasonable conclusion is that which is being undertaken, albeit slowly – getting rid of him, hopefully for all time.

  9. Now its gone beyond his problems with council. Really Friar Suck and his merry band of morons needs to be caged.

  10. I have to say, a lot of commenters on this Ford Fiasco seem to have a severely atrophied sense of what constitutes ethical behaviour.

  11. If that’s how Ford acts while allegedly sober, I’d hate to see how he is while drunk. Oh wait…

  12. What a buffoon.

  13. The woman counsellor needs to file assault charges against Ford for “running her over”.

  14. He’s making a fool out of himself over and over and over again! I don’t think he gets it! How can any wife or relative condone this ridiculous, buffoonery? Jokes will be told for many years to come – did you hear CNN tonight?

  15. Ford: you were elected to deal with “municipal issues”, not “medicinal issues”. Now stagger out of Toronto’s way.

  16. OMG That’s Councillor Pam McConnell, I hope she’s okay.

  17. Is Rob Ford a cloned replicant from Blade Runner? Will he perform a preprogrammed “fail” at the end after going berserk, with his light shining twice as bright, only half as long?

  18. Rob Ford makes the garbage robot citizens of Toronto almost seem like people, almost.

  19. So is this reality show Ford Nation going to be about this war on Toronto he is speaking about? Is that show going to be online where non-Canadians can see it?
    Was that what he was video taping people for at the meeting? Is he going to target and go after those people on his show?

  20. Get serious, folks! Rob obviously has a medical problem.
    It’s called a ‘Cranio-Rectal Inversion”

    • LOL!

  21. Why is it that the pro-Ford crowd seems to be unable to type with proper spelling and/or grammar? Why is it that I’m not surprised by this in the least?

  22. Amazing how Ford supporters, and even Ford himself keep mentioning the line in the bible that says “let he who has not sinned throw the first stone” meaning people shouldn’t judge him for his “shortcomings.” Yet he has admitted to driving while drunk, and was charged in 1999 with DUI, yet he can mimic and ridicule Councillor Ainslie for his driving suspension? Why does the “not throw stones” rule apply to him? I’m so tired of this hypocrite, that is now totally playing the martyr or victim. Look, to all the Ford supporters, I didn’t vote for him, but that’s not saying that I didn’t feel like spending shouldn’t be curtailed. I just didn’t think Ford was the guy to do it. He is too childish, too combative, and he and his brother remind me of a really bad, campy and overly dramatic wrestling tag team. And now he is proving my instincts were right.

    • Simple — he holds others to higher standard than he holds himself.

  23. Wow, this guy just keeps on giving!

    I see him go far… as long as he doesn’t die from heart attack he will keep on giving!

  24. That’s assault brotha!

  25. drug fogged minds do not make for clear thinking, this man is showing the world the affects of drugs