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‘Binders of women’ inspires Halloween parade

Trick or treat? Romney inspires Halloween costumes


Binders of women on Halloween’s eve

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Binders full of women #happyhalloween http://pic.twitter.com/jCYgNaxQKristin Anderson
RT @MayorRTRybak: Early fav H’ween costume: Binders Full Of Women (shot @ High School Bowl , Northfield Mn http://pic.twitter.com/HnkKXlzKLindsay LaBarre
Binders full of women here at #harvestfest2012 http://pic.twitter.com/eKPjGkOQCity Chicks
Stupid. RT @_maliante: laziest costume ever. RT @ProdigyManda My cousins Halloween costume >>> "binders full of women" http://twitpic.com/b7ye6iElla Greene
Post Halloween we can be binders full of binders full of women. http://pic.twitter.com/ydxSVisMEmilee Romano
@marioslastnight #cdawg dog parade : binders full of women http://pic.twitter.com/qEuRT0dhCurtis Fahlberg
binders full of women http://pic.twitter.com/Vg10Onrtjvl
Binders full of women! http://twitpic.com/b7pqfjchristina
Mitt Romney, binders full of women. Best Halloween costume ever http://pic.twitter.com/DMrPf5TkMelissa Smich
RT @AudreyKirkeeng: I imagine this is what mitt looked like when he was looking through them binders full of women. #happyhalloween http://pic.twitter.com/W9SmsovuMatt Wolford
@OFA_WI ..Binders Full of Women http://pic.twitter.com/kpHFmc5oTeri McClain
Spotted last night at the party – anyone have the over-under of women in binders on Halloween this year? http://pic.twitter.com/aQ5LW16IKJStJ
Binders of women Halloween costume. Thoughts? http://pic.twitter.com/e0UsSKOwRomy
@LoriJulia #Halloween #costume #binders #men #silly http://pic.twitter.com/Wddds0mrMNKellyO
Thank you Mitt Romney for the Halloween costume idea…and thank you to the dollar store for cheap binders. http://lockerz.com/s/256701336Katie Simpson

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