CNN announces new interview show hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos

First Oprah, now CNN. Is there anything the Canadian CBC TV host can’t do?



CNN has announced that George Stroumboulopoulos will host a weekly interview program.

The show, still unnamed, will feature in-depth interview and musical performances in the same vein as the Canadian’s CBC talk show George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight.

Filming of the 10-episode series will be taped in front of a studio audience and will begin to air this summer on Friday nights during primetime.

“This isn’t the first time U.S. viewers have seen former MuchMusic VJ Stroumboulopoulos on their screens,” noted Deadline. “In 2006, he hosted The One: Making A Music Star on ABC. A ratings bust, the reality show was cancelled after two weeks.”

CNN is also planning on bringing back the political debate show Crossfire, which was cancelled in 2005 after a 23-year-long run, this June.

In other Strombo-related news, the TV host recently confirmed that he will again appear alongside Oprah Winfrey for her upcoming spring Canadian tour.

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CNN announces new interview show hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos

  1. Lets hope that he gets a green card and stays there.He makes me gag ebey time I see him.

    • let me guess, you are older, conservative and can’t care less about the less fortunate than yourself….as long as harper maintains your tax loopholes, your free healthcare and your retirement fund…right?

      people like you are running Canada into the ground.
      No point in listening to you….

      • Wait a minute. I vote conservative and I love George. I am also 50 years old. I am a woman and I am pro-choice and a social liberal. I am getting a little tired of the constant generalizations about those of us who vote conservative.

        • Wow you really are confused! Why did you vote for Harper. If you really are what you say, you waste your vote.

          • How is it possible that you believe all Albertans fit your mold of what a conservative voter is? We are a young and vibrant province. I assure you I am not an outlier. I do however understand that Quebec cannot afford its own social programs. Perhaps there is some middle ground. Should the rich really only pay $7.00 per day for daycare?

          • I agree with the no $7 per day child care for the rich.
            As to being Albertan, you spawned Harper, not your fault, but you need to make up for that….

            I believe in means tested benefits.
            If you own half of Alberta, they system needs not contribute to you, you need to contribute to the system. No billionaire free-rides like Harper is giving the largest corporations while making small-business extinct, importing cheap labor, off shoring, encouraging and protecting tax evaders….

            Want more? Let me know…..

        • On the distribution curve, you are on the 2nd to third standard deviation from the average. Pretty much a statistical outlier.

          It’s hard not to generalize Harper voters. They accumulated all they needed and now are making the young fight for the scraps while they watch.
          I guess you hang out with them a lot or look up to them for some reason. Sorry.

          Congratulations for joining the 21st century on the human rights and equality issues, very admirable considering who you vote for.

          • What I am really enjoying right now is all of the lefties who are crowing about Harper shutting down the social conservative backbenchers that are trying to open the abortion debate. The man just can win.

          • Are you saying you want to take us back 100 years to Harper dream-land? Maybe drop those pesky human rights conventions, do away with all trade barriers and just let all of Asia move in? If it pleases big oil or the top banks, Harper will do it.
            Elections tampering, done!
            Corrupt ministers…yes.
            Lying harper-appointed senators..what only 10? ..we want more…

            All you have to say is lefties leftie… blah b;lah….

          • I only say “lefties” because I get called a “so con” so often. Yes I am in favor of free trade with everyone on the planet. As for corruption, when the conservatives start actually stealing the taxpayers money like the liberals did, you and I can talk about corruption. As for lying senators, pleeese…the liberal senators wrote the book. Sending a senator who has advanced dementia to work every day really is the definition of unethical practice. She may need some outside activity but working in the senate is hardly appropriate.

  2. I for one dont care for the guy. He is like most lefties who take themselves too seriously and are a burden to watch, not entertaining at all. Dont matter where he’ll be, not my cupa tea…

    • you lost me at lefties….what was the rest again? dog-eat-dog…blah blah…every senior for himself..yak yakkk

      • Every senior ?

        Well how about the 9% hike in the already exorbitant hydro rates everyone in ontario will now have to pay starting in May (3% now, another 3%, later etc) as a result of Dalton Mcguintys cancellation of power plants, around a billion dollars down the sewer, so he could save one liberal seat, on top of the high costs for solar and windmills.

        You lefties put up an image of caring for the little guy but in reality its the little guy, working poor like me and seniors who pay for the insanity that is liberalism.

        Its really all about staying in power and giving your buddies ceo jobs paying 2-300k to run these loser schemes, and following insane ideologies like saving the planet…

        • Environmental responsibility is insane?

          You must be a dinosaur … by the liberal hatred (I am not liberal) I assume carnivorous/cannibalistic? Just like your supreme ruler, harper?

          Who else reads Macleans?
          The world is changing…hide….pretend nothing is happening…

        • Hydro rates in Ontario are set to rise 49% in the next 5 years even though we have such a huge power surplus that we pay other states and provinces to take it off of our hands. Definition of insanity right there. Thanks Liberals!

          • Meanwhile in the states rates are coming down. What the lefties dont get is whats the use of ‘saving the planet’ (an incredibly arrogant, naive and unmeasurable end) when everyone will freeze to death anyways as they cant afford to turn on the hydro.

            can you show me where you get the 49% stats? I need to send such articles to my libby friends…that, or hit them in the face with a 2 x4 to get them to realize whats going on….

  3. From one liberal propaganda machine to another……zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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