Col. Russell Williams’ wife calls charges ‘devastating’ -

Col. Russell Williams’ wife calls charges ‘devastating’

Mary Elizabeth Harriman speaks out for the first time—in court documents


Four months after her husband was charged with two murders and two sexual assaults—crimes that rocked not only the military, but the entire country—Col. Russell Williams’ wife has broken her silence. In a sworn affidavit filed in a Belleville, Ont., court, Mary Elizabeth Harriman says “the revelation of these charges has been devastating to me.” Williams, the former commander of CFB Trenton, was arrested in February and accused of killing two women and sexually assaulting two others, and in April, he was slapped with 82 more charges, most of them home invasions involving the theft of women’s underwear. Apart from the criminal charges, Williams is also facing a $2.45-million civil lawsuit filed by one of his alleged assault victims, who claims that he “fraudulently” transferred ownership of his Ottawa condo to his wife to avoid paying damages. In her affidavit, Harriman, an associate executive director at the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, insists there was “nothing untoward or suspicious about the transfer.” She continues: “As a result of the charges, my previously anticipated future and financial security had become jeopardized.”

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Col. Russell Williams’ wife calls charges ‘devastating’

  1. You know what to bad. You are an excecutive with the heart and stroke. I am sure you are not making minimun wage. The two woman that Russell Williams is accused of murdering. Apparently have lost all of their future let alone therre financial
    security. Sell your big house and I am sure you will be fine.

    • This Isn't about Mary…
      This Is About Col Russell William's His Wife Is Inocent!!!
      Williams Is the 1 That Did The Crime …Not Her She Is As Inocent …
      As The Families And All The Woman That Have Died Because of this Monster…. Leave Her Out Of It,, If Anything You Should Be Writting A Letter To Our Government The Canadian Government To Stop This Monster From Getting His Pay He Get's 12,000.00 Dollars a Month ,,Thats The Part that makes me sick .. William's Should be shot For What He has Done. Not Only To The Victim's But Everyone He Has Hurt ,,, Why Should us as Tax Payer's Pay For Him In Jail .. And to Think He Gets A Glass Cell No Bars All Glass & In P.C. Protective Custody,,, He Should Be Where Everyone Else Is He Did The Crime He,,Does The Time since we don't have the Electric Chair !
      But Think Before you speak About His Wife Think How Hurt She Is,And Everyone Bashing here.. I live 10 mins Away From The Trenton Air Base & It Sure Hit Home!!

      • She may be inocent, but any inocent person would not have wanted anything from this monster.

        • You obviously are a spinster. Any sound minded person wants what they are legally intitled to and if dividing property assets is what they want then they are entitled as they were both on the mortgage document. Learn about the law before you make dumb comments Jill. He did not give it all to her, she still carrys a hefty mortage on her new property and by law she will be entitled to half his pension if she divorces him. If she does not divorse him and she survives him she will still get it.

    • The woman makes a "six figure income" for her work. It is the last time I give any of my retirement pension money to heart and stroke. It is another case of charities using telemarketers to suck down money in order pay big salaries to in this case heart and stroke "executives.' What kind of 'work' deserves over $100,000 to get money from donations! . She should not be able to profit from her husband's salary. I suspect that there was something very "iffy" about the sexual relationship of Harriman and Russell which should have given her a clue about his perverted potential for putting on women's panties. Creepy!

      • Evie what a dumb twit you are! You believe the heart and stroke foundation is strickly about donations??? LOL Time you start to read up what it is all about and quit making a fool of yourself.

        • Do you bully your spouse and or children like that “Guest”?  I think the people here are speaking from emotion and how they FEEL the law should be applied, so maybe open that small mind of yours.  And honestly, his wife had no idea?  It wasn’t like he hid the evidence of his crimes, she could have opened a box or his rape kit at any time.  And late night walks??  I know I wouldn’t take a 5 hour plus night walk unless I was up to something, so unless she had her head in the sand, she knew something wasn’t “right”.  Maybe she didn’t think he was out murdering, but come on, unless you are a complete idiot.  I think somebody like being a wife of a Colonel that was being streamlined in the military…

          And for the record, if I was his wife, I wouldn’t want a cottage that some poor innocent girl was murdered in.  His wife is a big girl and I think financially she will be just fine, who would honestly want to live in that overpriced condo after all of this anyway?  Somebody that cares about their own needs! 

  2. "Nothing suspicious about the transfer…" it just happens to coincide with him getting caught and charged for serial rape and murder? I am appalled that this woman only seems capable of being concerned that her future financial security ahs been "jeopardized", and not concerned about the victims of her husbands heinous crimes. Any sympathy I had for this woman is gone.

    • Typically the profil of a psychopathe ……but lesser degree then Russ….

  3. Wow all this woman is concerned about is her own financial well-being! What about the young women who's lives were snuffed out, or the other victims now traumatized by this man's despicable crimes??? I have no sympathy for this selfish callous and insensitive woman. I hope the families and the surviving victims sue the pants off them and win! All of their assets should be seized as well as the salary that Col. Williams is STILL receiving

    • Nicely said…BRAVO!!!

    • Lol at Karens post. Since when do family have the right to sue anyone that is innocent? What would they sue her for? Have you checked with the OPP to find out if she is guilty of anything at this point? Because she has been legally married to someone for 20 years does not make her guilty of what he did. If your spouse did something behind your back are YOU responsible for his behavior. If you had good ethics and morals the answer is NO. Think about this before you post such silly remarks.

      • Maybe you should think about the fact that the OPP probably can’t charge her for looking the other way for over 20 years.  No, she didn’t put duct tape over the girls face, or suffocate anybody, but she made a decision to “not notice”.  How could you be so successful in your work and such a failure at knowing your husband?  

  4. Liz Heliox and Karen need to get a life and stop blaming the innocent. What does Ms, Harriman have to do with this? Obviously you three think she should be punished for simply being the man's wife. She's a victim too but you three vindictive rubes are to stunned to see that!!!

    • Please wake up , you are just as ridiculous as this pathetic government and judicial systems which allows rapists and murders to live. This women is billing tax payers $3000 for her poor hard wood floor. Does this sound like an innocent victim to you ? if it does you are a pathetic human being

      • Rick you wake up and email your MLA or if you live in Ontario check with the OPP. She is rightfully and legally allowed to receive compensation. This is a benefit to anyone who has their home damaged during an investigation. I agree with your comments on our judicial systems for those convicted of criminal crime but that is something we as Canadians need to put foward to the MLA's to change. As far as OPP reimbursing people who are innocent this has been in practice for a long time so check with them on this.

    • I have to agree with Mary. You and I both see the same thing. We can't imagine the humiliation, shame and abandonment she feels. Of course she has to look out for her future too. What did she do…nothing. How was she involved in this…she was simply and tragically, his wife. If she is with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, she is obviously someone who believes in the caring of people. She doesn't deserve this and is also a living victim in this. Not only is her future in jeopardy, but her life will be very difficult in the years to come. You can say, what about the lives of his victims, but again….HIS VICTIMS also includes her and her family. Imagine the humiliation she feels to all her friends and their friends and family. She wasn't involved (Karla style) in this. Come on people, take a step back and put yourself in her shoes. Take a good look at your boyfriend, brother or husband and just for a minute, imagine it was him. It was as inconceivable to her as it is to you and if it was your man, should you be painted with the same brush?

      • HOw do we know she wasnt involved? No one knows this, The transfer of the house at the convenient time? She is rightfully worried about her future but like some comments previous she is an executive so is not scrambling around for funds to survive. She has a $700, 000.000 home!!! For crying out loud she can sell if she is coming across as having no money! It is only her with no children to support!! Complaining about a lamp and scratched floors!! Not a mention about sympathies and regret to the families that were victimized by her "loving" husband? I am sorry for sounding heartless by my heart doesnt go out to her… is soley saddened for the families that had to endure what this so called human williams has done to them!!! If i was in a position like her and my husband was found to be guilty of these crimes i wouldnt want anything from him, no pension, no money as it would only be tainted and a reminder of what he has done, hurt yes but i would try my best to move on. I would want nothing associated with his despicable crimes..nothing. I beleive his wife needs to get along in her life and deal with emotions but she didnt lose a thing other than a murderous, sick, demented husband to a life in prision.

        • Lynn you must be a single women as no married woman or man would just walk away with nothing. Marital law has been in effect for years. If two people are on a mortgage either can transfer to the other and take their name off legally. She now is responsible for all of the debt left. This happens all the times at banking institutions. Since he is in jail for life why would he need to be on title anyway? Maybe she did not want to be on title with him either, did you think of that. She does not own that house as the bank still has a mortgage on it. If you were married for half your adult life and your husband had a clean slate till this crime would you not want half his pension. Any person in their right mind is entitled to that. Of couse we are all sympathetic to the losses of the victims and their pain but if she had a happy marriage during those 20 years she also has lost alot and yes I am sure she is in the process of moving on and dealing with her emotions but it would not happen in a week or a few months.

    • What does she have to do with this huh?????

      • Nothing Frank according to the Ontario Prov Police have said.

  5. I have to agree with the earlier posts on this. I had a great deal of sympathy for the woman until this story came out. Now I can only say that it seems to me at best insensitive not to have spoken of sympathy for the victims and their families and friends. The way it was worded almost made it sound as if the revelation of the charges was only "devastating" to her in terms of the risks to her "anticipated future and financial security". I hope that it was only careless reporting that made it sound that way. If not, and I suspect not, I find it very disturbing.

    • Did you listen to the interview with the victims Brother after the charges? She is sueing the OPP for damaging a lamp at 1400 and scratching the wood floors for 3000 when they were dragging the boxes of bras out he had stolen! yeah she sounds psycho too!!

      • Suing? I think you misunderstood because what she is doing is claiming "Compensation" for damages done and this is a standard procedure. Check with the OPP on this Karen.

  6. If your partner put you into this mess you would be affraid of your future.
    The cops will find out what she new about all of this and then let the chips fall into place
    May they RIP

  7. I have been married for 24 years now… and I find it very hard to believe she did not suspect there was someting wrong with her husband… I do agree that she is a victim as well. Why should she pay for her husbands doing? I can't imagine how she will be able to keep her head up after all this… except to move to another country and start all over. Thank God no kids were involved!

    • Helene – you know what – those of us who are tricked into believing someone is who they tell us they are, while the person we trust carries on with despicable actions in secret, all thought the same thing like you do… until it happened to us. You would not simply not belive the depths that deceivers go to, to cover up what they are doing. It wasn't just his wife that was fooled. It was every single best friend, colleague, family member etc. Using your logis, shouldn't they have suspected something was wrong with him? When you are COMPLETLY deceived by the person you would trust with your very life, you are not the same person ever again. You become a shadow. You are no longer yourself. I have seen people become renewed, in time. I would never wish the experience on anyone, including you. But believe me, this kind of deception happens. His wife should not pay.

      • What you say is *sometimes* true. But there is one very important caveat. Those people (men or women – anyone can be fooled by a slick operator) who HAVE been fooled, once they realize the truth, radically, forcefully and obviously distance themselves from their former partner.

        They may show compassion for that person; they may feel sorry for that person; they may have some understanding of what made that person do what they did; they may feel guilty for not seeing the truth before or not doing more. But they feel genuine sympathy for any other victims, and genuine remorse for any part they may have played – however inadvertantly. It may take them some time to sort themselves first, but they ALWAYS get there. And they are the ones who are FIRST to help out the police and express condolences to and assist any other victims.

  8. It's all very sad and no one will win in this situation. Everyone has lost so much, lives cannot be replaced. The shock and horror of this will affect many people for the rest of their lives and generations to follow. I hope we learn something from this and those close to all grieving parties involved, please show unconditional and supportive love. God bless you all and you are in my prayers. Love covers a multitude of sins.

  9. I wouldn't worry too much about her future. If Williams is found guilty he is still entitled to a full Col's salary pension. After 25 years of service he will receive $6,000 a month of which she is entitled to half. If she knew nothing I certainly feel empathy for her, but I'm sure her financial future will be just fine.

    • Of course herself she makes in the 6 numbers income……but a psychopath always wants more….like her husband….Started with stealing panties and ended with stealing lives…..

      • rather than dis her for wanting more and calling her names not deserved give her credit for years of university she attended to get her masters degree. She deserves a 6 figure income don't you agree.

      • annie again I do not understand your comments about wanting more. People who have goals and go to university after grade 12 can do up to 10 or 12 years to get PHD's in a profession that gives them pleasure to work. This lady has a Masters Degree and I believe some other degrees as well. Why fault anyone that has disipline and dedication to go to University for further education? Making 6 figures sure beats making minimum wages eh? Even the Banks in Canada are hiring people with degrees to do simple jobs like tellers. Being educated is being smart and the only way to go into todays work force so I do not again understand why you call acheivers psychopaths for simply being responsible and making a place in the world. There are enough people living off the social sytems and certainly enough street people living on the streets from lack of education, addiction problems etc. High fives to anyone who is goal driven and makes good income. At least they can travel, golf and enjoy life and have some luxuries that some of us dream about.

  10. Ms. Harriman should not be put on trial. I'm sure she is devastated for the families of the victims, I know, that if I were in her shoes, I would be devastated for all concerned.However, with respect to her 'financial security', I think it is human nature that one would be concerned for one's own future; it does not make her a monster just because she is concerned with the financial impact. I would be concerned, I'm sure, that if everything that I worked for as well was going to be jeopardized because my partner/spouse committed unforgivable crimes. Really, the public cannot ascertain how that woman is feeling, thinking or coping just because of a court statement which is given in a very controlled environment. Just my thoughts…

    • It does not make her a monster it makes her a psychopath like Russ!

      • Annie give your head a shake, you really don't have a clue what a psychopath is. You make the most ignorent comments without any thought behind them.

      • annie please explain your thoughts on why you refer to her a psychopath? I think alot about my future and my financial obligations in life. So I work, try to save and make the right choices yet from time to time I look at my goals or game plan and again think about how I am securing myself for old age. Does this make me a psychopath too. Some of the threads here are confusing so please clarify.

  11. What about the financial future of the rest of us hard working Canadians. It costs approx $260.00 a day to keep someone locked up in a Federal Prison. That is approx 96K per year, if William's lasts another 40 years that would cost us and our children roughly 4 million dollars. Ms Williams will be fine, we're missing the boat.

  12. As a military wife she should at least made a statement to them and the poor families of the girls her husband has murdered , so may people have been so hurt , she has made herself look bad that's for sure !!!!

    • I totally understand what you are saying and you are correct, however, I think she is in shock and still thinks it's sureal!! Understand she knew him as her husband not as a sex offender or a killer..It is a totally different life he lead in secret!! Mind bottling really!! I am sure she can not get her head around the whole thing!!

      • I have to agree as a Military Wife a statment should have been made from his wife

        • Oh she has!!!!!Her financial situation is jeopadized and the OPP scratched her hardwood floors in her bran new house.

    • Psychopath like her are unable to make such statements! She is too worried about her well once established future and her public image and of course her brand new house .

    • She owes nothing to the people – period. She has her life and is working and not feeling sorry for herself. She is moving on and taking care of things. She has filed for divorse but quite frankly none of this is our business. None of us know what she has said to the people of Trenton so quit obsessing on what you want her to say. Let it go, the monster is in Jail, let people heal. She looks only bad to people like you. How many killers spouces hold press confrences to say something. None that I recall.

  13. I followed this story for some time, and Russells job and his wife's job kept them apart a lot. They both travelled a lot and were together maybe once a month which is why his wife had no suspicions, she too is a victim! Of course this poor women is worried about her future – wouldn't you?! I'm also sure she had more to say, however journalists have ways of putting things a paper that are never always what was said. Just think how traumatized this poor women who thought she had a stand up husband is going through, the man she thought she would be with forever, the man she thought she would grow old with. Going through this terrible psychological trauma would make it so you cannot think straight!

    • I, too, wonder what the journalists and the rest of the media left out, if any. The sheep of the common people is also the ones that make this even more of a travesty of human nature, not to mention the narcissistic media. That said, the corollary to this is that she could at least offer some words in her 'defence'.

    • She was so "traumatized" that she is back at work in Ottawa—sucking down her over $100,000 a year salary. This is what she earns in salary for helping manage fleets of telemarketers who call pensioners like me at dinner time or send me crap in the mail in hopes of a donation. Heart and Stroke have had their last donation from me. That's what I think of her naivete to have missed a hairy chested women's panty wearer. I would certainly have expressed a lot mroe to the victims if I had been in her shoes. But she is only interested in billing the Canadian public/government for scratches to her hardwood floors and keeping her $700,000 home. This is what our donations go to save. That and the monster's pension. Williams is in jail and he doesn't deserve any pension.

      • You really should learn to speak from fact rather than speculation. It would appear that you know nothing about her responsibilities of her job. Her income is none of yours or my business but given the fact she spent years in University studying to get a Masters Degree she has earned the right to have a 6 figure plus income. Those who Masters and Doctorate Degrees certainly DO DESERVE good incomes. As far as her 700,000 home it does carry a mortage which she herself is taking full responsibilty for. She is entitled to compensation of the liability claim to the OPP as well so check your information out. Wives are entitled to half a husbands pension and that has been Canadian Law for years. Recently there is a Common Law case where the woman reaped millions from her partner of many years to support her children and that has set a precident for CL situations.

  14. It's a good thing that Canadian Justice is not served through the court of public opinion! Col. Russell Williams is a monster, and no doubt deserves what is coming to him now… However his wife is an innocent victim in his crimes, and does not deserve to have all of her assets stripped from her. The victim in this civil suit should certainly get all of William's assets (anything that would have been his in their divorce), and it is certainly not out of the question that with OR without this pending civil suit, that William's would have given his wife their primary residence in their divorce. I hope that people can learn to be less judgemental and more empathetic. (with his wife, obviously not with Williams)

    • I agree with you, she should not have her assets stripped from her, but, if she is involved in an illegal transfer of their joint assets, which a court will decide, I do not feel sorry for her.

    • Is she?

    • i disagree. i think people should be empathetic to Williams. everyone makes mistakes. you think you're perfect?

      • Everyone makes mistakes, yes… But do you really call beating, raping and killing 2 women a MISTAKE??? To be forgiven and understood??? The man is a psychopathic killer, he feels no empathy and showed his victims no mercy. What he did were no MISTAKES, they were horrific and barbaric crimes. He gets off on hurting people. Wake up Thomas!

      • Are you crazy? You must be a psychopath too…how can you even think he made mistakes?? There was no accident, he made decisions and plans, not mistakes. You, thomasbanks47 are a complete idiot!!

    • Enough already, if they had separated she would be entitled to 1/2 of the assets. She should take her half and do what ever she wants. His 1/2 should go to settlements with the families affected. I can't believe she never had any clue he was a closet monster, but maybe she just looked the other way. He should end up with nothing!

    • I fully agree, now you have a head on your shoulders.

  15. I too am having a little bit of trouble feeling sorry for Ms. Harriman. First of all, when I divorced an abusive husband, the judge didn't care what he had done to me. The attitude from the courts is "you chose to marry him, you are not a victim". Secondly, where is any empathy on the part of Ms. Harriman for the victims? I recently read that the taxpayers of Ottawa had to cough up a few thousand dollars as when the police where in her home investigating, they accidentally damaged a hardwood floor. Ms. Harriman was not satisfied to have it repaired, she had to have it replaced. If her husband had not committed these crimes, the police would have never been in this home. Ms. Harriman, I'm sure you are going through hell, but shame on you that you have no empathy for the victims or the taxpayers of Ottawa who had to replace (not repair) your floor. It's a shame it's just "all about you"!

    • hey joe. why don't you try to be more empthatic towards williams. you think you're perfect. and what the heck does harriman have to do with all this. she should get the house and anything he sold to her. if williams sold me his house during the time that he owned it, then that means I OWNE THE HOUSE. you guys all have your heads up your arses!

      • OH MY GOD THOMAS! Who has their head up their arse so you say! Look in the mirror buddy! These girls were begging for their lives!!! Video proves that! Empathy for that sick bastard! He deserves his life sentence WITHOUT parole! He should be fed to the population in the Pen along side Bernardo and let the prison population have at them. Screw their protection..they lost all rights when they filmed and carried out their sick demented fantasies! Only empathy is towards the familes that had to endure all his despicable crimes! Williams is a waste of living species! As for being perfect no we are not perfect but we are all not murderers either!

      • thomas banks, just stop talking. If all you have to offer is verbal diarrhoea and empathy for a monster, you yourself are sick. Anyone in their right mind cannot have empathy for what he's done – ever. If you truely "love" any female in your life and he did this to them…you would still feel empathy…because you are not of sound mind at all, and you don't even realize it. Crazy people don't know they are crazy…well, news flash tomas banks…news flash – get help!

    • I cannot believe she had the gall ask to have her floors replaced by the OPP for a few scratches made when they were pulling out boxes of evidence. Come on..they wouldn't have been there if it wasn't for his heinous crimes! Maybe if she had been a bit more curious of what was in those boxes he would not have progressed to murder! I know what is in every corner of my house and in every box!

  16. She's devastated to find out she married a monster. In such a fragile emotional state, people can say many things out of despair, anger, hurt, fear, etc. We really shouldn't judge her at a time like this. She's probably embarrassed to be associated with this man too and is angry that she has been forced into this case.

    • Her reaction is not because of the shock !!!!!Her behavior is typical of a psychopath.The shock was the 7 Feb when Russ was arrested and now as long passed to another emotional stage.Ten months later she is more rational and she is still concerned about her security and her own image.She is not embarrassed since she supports and saw him every day while he was in the Nepanee jailhouse .

      • What a douch bag you are annie! You friggen think you know it all. How the hell do you know that she was at the jailhouse every day? Kim is absolutely correct when she says shocked. Everyone was SHOCKED especially the military people who knew him for two decades, plus neighbours who knew him for years.

  17. Please some one tell me how she had NO idea that her hubby of many years, was this monster. Boxes of panties removed from the home SHE lived in aswell?

  18. her wife appears to be very selfish; she talks how she has been devastated; what about those murdered by her husband. she should go all out and help; even if the transfer was legit she should sell it and pay for the damages.

  19. I'm sorry, but I don't feel too much sorrow for Col. Williams wife. She seems more upset about the fact that her lifestyle may change. She doesn't mention the lives that were lost, and damaged due to her husbands actions. I'm sure that her salary, as well as any pension that her husband has earned will allow her to live well above the average lifestyle of most Canadian families.

  20. I am also wondering how boxes and boxes of anything would go unnoticed over the time period the monster was operating.
    Did she not even think to look inside maybe one of those boxes? Maybe she did and was offered the same treatment the deceased women received, if she ratted the killer out.
    She doesn't sound so sqeeky clean to me. Another con out for her best interests. Shame on the both of you and it is nice to know that the Kingston Pen already has your reservations in order. Do you know how long a year is when the only thing on your mind will be how you screwed up bigtime idiot! Each second will be hell!! So good on you.

  21. I should mention kudos to the two local gentlemen that observed the vehicle the killer was driving and suspected something was up.
    If they had not reported what they saw, the killer col would still be the base commander and who knows how many other victims he may have chalked up. So, great job gentleman, you are heroes in my mind.
    All the manpower of the OPP and the Belleville, Ottawa and Orleans police forces had nothing on the killer, until you guys spoke up, so thank you from all Canadians, except two possibly.

    • Absolutely John! Those 2 guys AND the interrogator are the heroes in my mind.
      Those 2 guys deserve most credit. They did what we all should do if we had the chance.
      Canada is better because we have people like you!

  22. My sympathies go out to the families of the victims, their relatives and friends. Such a waste of young lives!
    Perhaps our justice system and a few other contractual obligations, (his pension entitlement) of Canadians may get brought to light and sorted out through these painful losses. One bad apple sure spoils the bunch……
    Neither he nor his wife should be compensated before the victims families. His wife is not a victim.
    Please write your MP's on this case to see how they might work toward changing the systems involved here. if they don't start a petition for them and I for one will not pay any tax to this country until the politicians, military brass, judges and lawyers clean up their respective acts…and pronto!

  23. Don't assume his wife knew anything about his dark deeds. These preditors are genius at hiding the side of themselves they don't want revealed. And who in hell would suspect their husband of such atrocities, especially a man who is highly respected, and in a high position. No one suspected.

  24. Col. William's & His Wife Hardly Saw Each Other ,He Was n Tweed Monday-Friday Then in Ottawa Saturday & sunday Then back ,She travelled Alot,Don't Point Fingers Unless You Have the facts..
    He Hid Alot From Her In the basement Ect.. He was a we'll respected Person,Honestly Who Would of thought?
    I feel For Mary,,& the families That have been hurt by This,But Don't Judge Someone when you don't have all the facts!
    Your Inocent Until Proven Guilty!

  25. Honestly, why are you criticizing Williams' wife? I can only imagine the hurt, shame and disgust she must be feeling knowing that this is a man she had loved and married. Who could have possibly believed that someone like Williams could have commited these heinous crimes…even the cops gave him a pass earlier on in the investigation. As for Wiliams' wife, why wouldn't she be concerned about her future? She probably believed that she was set for life…a good husband, good jobs…..and what now? Uncertainty about how the public will react to her because of her association; will she be able to keep her own job; disgust with herself that she didn't know and didn't guess. Give the lady a break – she's not the criminal.

    • Well I can't sympathize with her after reading that she complained about scratches on her floor during the investigation. Fixing the scratches and refinishing the floor were not good enough – she insisted on a totally new floor.
      Meanwhile women were tortured and 2 murdered…..

    • "She probably believed that she was set for life"

      So, I'm sure, did Bernie Madoff's wife. Doesn't mean she got to keep her house either.

    • Another notorious sex murderers wife was painted as "victim" , and sympathy poured out for her too. I can't imagine wanting to still live in the very house videos and pictures of crimes were "stashed". She also went to Tweed cottage to gather personal items. Yuk yuk yuk. At least she has nice hardwood floors

    • She is not a criminal for feeling sorry for herself….. just a psychopath like Russ but at a lesser degree….

  26. I have absolutely no sympathy for this woman. If you can be callous and insensitive and only think of yourself and your "future", then I suggest all the victims in this matter sue the pants off her. This is pure selfishness that she's potraying. I use to be an ardent supporter of the Heart and Stroke Foundation but no longer. To imagine that a portion of my donation goes towards her upkeep, appalls me. I hope all donors use their discretion and rethink about donating to this organization until she's out of there.

    • Totally agree especially after reading that she complained about scratches on her floor during the investigation. Fixing the scratches and refinishing the floor were not good enough – she insisted on a totally new floor.
      Meanwhile women were tortured and 2 murdered…..

    • Absolutely! I was married for 52 years and though it is possible that my husband had secret thoughts and desires there is NO way that he could have hidden hundreds of bras and panties in the house and I wouldn't have noticed. And yes, we had a large house and a basement, too. Let us keep our attention fixed on the true victims in this case, especially the two murdered young women and their families, and not on a money-grabbing woman who has not uttered one word of regret or sympathy for those victims.

      • Did you not read in the paper or see in the news that most of all these "trophys" and hardrives where hidden in the rafters of the garage? How many women climb latters and go look around attics for things their husbands are storing away in secret? There are many more victims other than the two murdered woman and their familys. Think of the rest of the victims too as they need our support and thoughts too. I did hear from a friend living in Tweed that Mary Eliz did go to the homes of many of her friends in Tweed and talk privately so I hardly agree with your comment.

    • I agree. Shame on the Heart & Stroke Foundation for supporting such … selfishness

  27. I think that Col William is a sick bastard but that does not mean his wife had any wrong doings or meant to be offensive, Her life was turned upside down at the drop of a hat, How would you like someone to just come in and takeover your home without warning. I agree with many others he was a very high profilled man, Respected by so many, why would you think or suspect anything like this, I do not think we could immagine our spouses being that Monster that he was. Lets not Judge others. My heart goes out to all the Victims of this Monster.

  28. Personally, I think William's wife has a greater responsibility to society and the greater good, She should cooperate with the police on all counts, divorce her husband, make sure any pension funds of his goes to a victim's group, shun her husband, and in his last words to him in prison encourage him to kill himself. All family members of Williams should shun him. He should spend the last of his days in a cell block living out his years entirely psychologically ALONE.

    • I imagine he couldn't have done what he did if he didn't already feel "psychologically ALONE".

      Your points about William's wife, however, are mostly valid. Except for that encouraging suicide thing.

  29. she is worries about her HARD WOOD FLOORS enough said. She is billing taxpayers $3000.00 FOR THIS WAKE UP!

    • This is what a psychopath does….Me,myself and I……she is no different then Russ only difference is that she did not kill…..

    • You a clone of annie? Wake Up and realize she is entitled to "COMPENSATION" from the OPP. If you do not believe this check with them yourself. You will be surprised at what you learn.

    • What is with you people and 3000.00 for repair or replacement of hardwood floors? If your house was investigated for something that YOU did not do or take part in and they told you to claim for damage would you say No problem I will pay for it or would you claim it? I posted a reply to Frank so maybe you could look it up. Picton was a guilty monster that cost his province 103 million dollars and that will be charged to the tax payers. I think 3000.00 is peanuts in comparison. There seems to be injustices everywhere depending on how you look at things.

  30. For the people that are judging his wife, I pray that you never find yourself in this type of situation…wow, Unbelievable. Talk when you have been in her shoes…and stop being so IGNORANT!!!!! Wow, unbelievable.

  31. Yeah it is unbelievable that the only statement she makes to the public is one where she is worrying about her future finances…. UNBELIEVABLE…. Sickening to think that you wouldn't at least share your condolences to the victims families… Have a word with yourself… sure this woman was a victim in her own right but she has chosen to make selfish statements to the media… How do you expect people to view her now???

    • B-Leave, I for one do not agree with your comment. Nearly all of my women friends are concerned about their future when they are in their 50's or senior years. As far as condolences Mrs Williams has expressed her condolence to some of the people of Tweed and this should not have to be reported in the news. It is unfortunate that there are those who love to embellish things to tarnish peoples reputation. Shame on them.

  32. My faith teaches me not to judge others…I'm trying real hard!

  33. I would like to know more about Russell Williams' wife. Does she visit him in prison? Are there divorce proceedings? Has she been cooperative with police? Why has she not sent out any condolences to the victims' families? Why has she not assured the public that, if she had known what her husband was doing, she would have gone to the police. Where is her offer to give her husband's share of the pension to the victims? Williams' wife is under at least some moral obligation in all of this.

    • She visited him every day while he was in Nepanee jailhouse and no divorce proceedings.Cooperative with the OPP? She demanded them $3000 for the scratched floors after the perquisition.No condolences for the victims family because she is focused on the 2.45M civil action against her and Russ.With such a behavior if she had known what Russ was doing I doubt if she would have gone to the police.Why? To protect her reputation and well established future.She has the profil of a psychopath but not has severe as her husband.

      • Not sure she's a psychopath, that is rare. I bet she is in a massive state of denial, but her actions scream narcissism – true, we don't know her. But put yourself in her shoes from a moment and think about how you would react if your husband was caught doing this sort of stuff. First, he cheated – how would you react to that?, next he hurt others very, very badly – how would you feel about him/your lives together after that?, thirdly, his life is over- and so is yours with him, the old life is done – how would you react to that?

        Question 1 – She is still visiting him (stated in the legal response to charges she got his half of the house fraudulently), yet he cheated on her, so she doesn't seem to have let his infidelity affect her (demanding a divorce).

        Question 2 – She fusses about the house they owned together(sues for new floors), wouldn't she want to get out? Was it fixed for resale? I hope the victims of Williams sue her house successfully. Either be a victim, sell the house and divorce him for what is left of his assets after all charges are accounted for OR stay with him and pay out what the other women are due. Her other-half caused a lot of damage, and that needs to be settled, weather she empathizes with the other victims or not. She will hardly be destitute – she was making a 6 figure salary and has no dependents.

        Quesstion 3 – Which makes me wonder if she is even aware her old life is done. Reports say she said she couldn't just give up a 20 year marriage with him (he's a lifer, so it's over). She bought out his portion of the house, instead of putting it up for sale and moving on. The house should serve as collateral for the damage he caused, not be something she tries to build on her own. Her actions seem to disregard what 'should' happen. Is she is unaware that she got away with her life and the rest (house, money) is trivial?

  34. I agree with the previous poster, she is worried about her hardwood floors, and her financial security. Not a word about the victims, very selfish. She has a big job, more than most people will ever have in their lifetime. Sorry no sympathy for her from this poster.

    • Yup Leona, high paying job after 8 to 10 years of University. Good on her. Quit being so jelous that she has a 6 figure income. Some people do more than sit and complain. She is not crying out for sympathy, she is filing for divorce and getting on with her life. You are like a puppet paraprasing about the hardwood floors. Her financial security will be fine, she worked hard for a good paying career. Read up on her, she might inspire you to do something with your life to make wages and have a good life.

  35. My god woman you didn't even say a word to the victims family. I say dame your hardwood floors, pay for it yourself. It seams you think more about material things than a persons life. I do think it is all about you right now.

  36. My heart goes out to the families of Lloyd and Comeau. I can't even begin to imagine what they are going through. I'm so so sorry that this has happened to you. It's absolutely terrible.

  37. I was wondering why no one was mentionning what his poor wife was going through but after reading this article it's nothing but money that she seems to be worried about. What about the horrific acts that he committed and feeling bad for the families involved? The article might as well have been posted in the Wall Street Journal…

  38. I understand wanting financial security when facing rough times but I don't see where she has shown any form of emotion or caring words for the families involved. Yes, think about your security but also think about those who have had their lives changed forever by your husband's actions. She isn't directly involved but I'm not seeing an iota of emotion for the victims coming from her. That's not something that someone would normally not adress. Why isn't she adressing it anyway? The person named Mexx said that he could only image the hurt, shame and disgust that she must be feeling but she's not even talking about that either……… Questionable.

    • Psychopathe do not show emotions cause they have none.They feel emotions for themselves.In her perpective her and Russ are the victims.

  39. Obviously none of you have any education in mental illness. It is entirely possible that Ms. Harriman had no knowledge of her husbands' other personality(ies). This woman has done nothing wrong. My heart aches for her. Don't be so ignorant. There are many, many innocent people involved in this horrific case. The boxes etc… going unnoticed? He was in the military, a high ranking official. It is believable that he would have files under lock and key. Have compassion for the innocent, Ms. Harriman among them. You can' t make logical sense from a psychopaths' mind.

    • Not talking about the knowldge but merely about her inadequate and inacceptable attitude she has.

    • Tanya, those boxes and bags were not under lock or key. They were left in a house she was in full-time and he only visited. The underwear thief was profiled on the news in Orleans, so if she had stumbled across them, it would have raised suspicions. It went on for years (started in Tweed in 2007 caught in 2010). She didn't check those boxes/bags that kept filling up her spare room?, the only explanation I could think of was: he told her the base was collecting underwear for poor Afghan women on flights to Kabul (a military thing, that she chose to believe and stay out of), but for how long could it have gone on?

  40. Ms. Harriman will be receiving 3 grand from me-an Ontario tax payer-to replace her floor. I can't afford to take my kids for an ice cream cone.

    • Oh poor Mel, get an education and get a job and quit your wimpering about your not been able to take your kids for ice cream. Better yet get a vasectomy and quit bringing kids into the world when you can offer them nothing in the way of proper nutrition, sports, hobbies etc. Are you on the Welfare System or just a wimpy lazy deadbeat dad? Take the kids to McDonalds and give up your smokes or your booze for a week or two. My god I have heard it all.

  41. re: the floors. Clearly, this woman has no shame. Well, I do hope Ms. Harriman understands that ALL victims must be compensated for damages done to them by others.

  42. I am ashamed of these people who are blaming the wife. She had no reason to go digging through his belongings.I pray for her and for his soul .God is a forgiving God.

    • "She had no reason to go digging through his belongings."

      Perhaps. But she did have a reason (and a responsibility) to go digging through his psyche:
      "This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh […] Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh"

    • Keep praying …..reality on earth with human beings is that he killed and she is obsessed with her own material wellfare.Thank god not everybody thinks like you because there would be more psychopath on the loose.I just hope the victims family never reads your deadbeat comment !

  43. something is fishy she hade to know comon sense boxes of panties everybody is nozzy with there partner he is in tweed all week she is in ottawa you would think comonsense…….

  44. These crimes involved sexual deviation. A woman married to a man for 20 years may not know he is a murderer, but she surley must have seen signs of his sexual deviation. They were not dating they were married, and married people have sex

    • Married people have sex? You obviously haven't met my ex-husband…

      • LOL, good to see some humor in here with all the cruel comments.

  45. The fact that she also apparently has sued the RCMP for messing up the hardwood floors in her house is unbelievable. Get the money from him if you have to but suing the investigating team. She is also in need of counselling.

  46. They had no marriage. They saw each other a couple times a month. They couldn't have really cared what the other was doing. Seems like a marriage of convenience that just fell apart. Perhaps a lesson for all of us. They both must have looked the other way or ignored the other's transgressions. She should have been more concerned during the marriage, not just after. Her lack of interest makes her complicit if not an accomplice.

    • how do you know this

  47. I do not think that this poor woman knew of her husband's crimes, and I do not think she should pay for them through the loss of his pension. She earned that as much as he did, just by being his spouse, and she should be allowed to keep the only security she has left.

    • ha ha ha

    • I'm amazed by the naiveté of some of the posters here. So you think Harriman should benefit from her husband's financial successes but not his financial obligations? That's no partnership. If she's entitled to share in his pension, then why is she not just as responsible for sharing what he owes to his victims?

  48. You're welcome Ms.Harriman … for the floor and the $1700 lamp replacement that the media forgot to mention. It's odd when you think about it … YOU have an "all about me attitude". Lucky for the Heart & Stroke Foundation to have such a dedicated employee working for them. I truly hope that you are able to show more compassion to the heart and stroke victims, than what you have displayed towards the victims of your husbands horrific crimes. I guess it's true … the rich get richer, while the poor get poorer. You, along with your husband are sad examples of human beings. Shame on you.

    • Nicely said!I think she as a pathological mental health like Russ.She shows signs of ''psychopathology'' like Russ.

  49. According to news reports, she makes 6 figures.

    In the house trade, she got the $700,000 townhouse in trendy Westboro; she gave him the now-worthless cottage (and removed all contents that she wanted). People, she is BENEFITING from his crime. It's not a 50-50 deal like in a divorce.
    And has the gall to take $3,000 for the very minor damage the police made in their search? That's out of our pockets, including the victims. No one would be concerned if she simply took her half of the assets and left his half to the victims to try to access for compensation. This is simply shocking greed. I suspect this couple is more alike than different.

    I feel bad for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, employing such a person! Not exactly your poster child for charity!

    Yes, some people say she is sooooo nice. Their neighbours in Orleans said the same about him.

    • Extremely well written !!!!

  50. no matter how you lose your husband – divore/death – you lose yourself – the person you were when you were with him, and with that, any sense of well-being. I cannot imagine how Ms. Harriman is feeling/living/getting through a day now knowing who he really is; this was her partner in life for many years. Imagine your partner killing someone in Tweed, leaving her body there, going to Ottawa for the weekend to spend time with you, and then your partner goes home and throws away the body!! How can anyone expect her to be suspicious – it's too mind-blowing. In my opinion, she's a victim too, actually the first one, before he ever killed anyone. I don't know how you can come back from this – and needing to have your floor perfect – it's just a symptom of how much control she has lost of her life. Give this woman a break. Read up on her – she's a good person who found out that she married a monster.

    • I'm sorry. I don't agree.

      There is nothing concrete to suggest she knew what he was doing (although the number of boxes pulled from newly moved into house makes me somewhat suspicious she knew something).

      However, what I don't understand is her behaviour since her husband's actions came to light. Ms. Harriman has a moral reponsibility to her community and all of humanity. If I found out my husband was doing something similar I'd be right in there offering my condolences to the victims and trying to help the investigation in any way I could. I'd also be condemning my husband publicly and, it goes without saying, getting a divorce asap. She's done none of that.

      I also agree that saying she works for a "charity" is a farce. She earns twice the national average as a salary. That's no charity!

      • Rae did it occur to you that she may have received legal advice from her lawyer(s) to say absolutley nothing. Did it occur to you she may have said something privately to the victims familys? Have you read the comments from her employer and co – workers about what a great person she is on the team of H & S Foundation? About her wages, she went to university and has a masters degree! plus other degrees. She is an executive and her time is not spent hiring telemarketers as others have suggested. As I read so many comments there is a huge amount of anger being put on her. I realize Canadians are frustrated and angry but project it where it should go. To others who said why did she not see the boxes, well I read he hid his things up in the rafters of the basement so you tell me how many women climb ladders and dig around up there? Give this woman her privacy and quit being so full of hatred for her. She, along with anyone else whos home is investigated due to a crime is entitled to be compensated for damage or repair. This is what insurance is all about. How many of you people would be so willing to just pay for it out of your pocket??? I am sure not many.

        • You sound like a friend of hers

          • A friend of hers – not at all Frank. People should be very angry with her husband and not her. The media does not always portray the truth but rather print things in a way to sell papers. Think of the "Enquirer" for example of the b/s that it posts. None of us know what this lady has said to the people of Belleville or Tweed. Why speculate on her intentions and come up with all sorts of speculation?

    • @leslye wrote "I don't know how you can come back from this – and needing to have your floor perfect – it's just a symptom of how much control she has lost of her life."

      I think this makes perfect sense. But I would hope that she has a confidante capable of advising her that the optics of her behaviour do not paint her as a sympathetic figure and may furthermore affect the future fundraising efforts of her employer.

      • Wendy considering this was a new home she had just moved into I can see why she would have the damaged fixed. It was months later that information came forward so we do not know when the OPP paid out this claim. This is not about control rather than taking care of damages. Anyone who discontines support of HSF because she had her floors fixed is a very shallow person and probably would not support any charity or benefit. Rather than dis her read the newspapers about her employers feelings towards her. She is extremely well respected by HSF and the Military and the people of Tweed. Too many are posting here negatively and have lost perspective of the criminal and the victims.

    • Everbody said that Russ was a good person too! Her symptom? Psychopath….

      • Annie, After reading all your comments you seem to be a real know it all! Where do you get off calling people you do not know "Psychopaths"? Do you have some sort of degree? To me you sound like an angry internet troller. This lady did not partake in these horrific crimes so get a grip and get over the OPP claim. Focus on the sensitivity of this whole matter and quit trying to flame things.

        • Is that you Mary Elizabeth?

  51. you dont live with someone for years and not realize that he is strange
    unless you have blinders on !!!!!!in my opinion

  52. I'm willing to bet that she knew, and probably participated, in her husband's fetishes, but she probably thought they ended in the bedroom of their home. She wouldn't be the first one: men getting turned on by wearing women's underwear are a dime a dozen.

  53. It is immaterial whether or not the wife knew he was a monster. So far she has expressed no sentiment of regret over the loss of two innocent lives. I find that repugnant morally.

    She is invisible? Is she hoping it will all just disappear? Fat chance. She may not be guilty but she is in the spotlight – how about showing some humanity instead of scampering into the shadows and working out deals for financial security?

    Has she thought about the fact that she COULD HAVE been one of the ones to die if thisguy hadnt been caught? A little thought on that I think would sober her up.

  54. I wonder why the police aren't looking further into her? I think she had an involvement. Did she know more about Russ Williams than he let on, hence why he gave such a quick confession? Things that make you go hmmmmm ….

  55. Right on! Every one of your points need to be addressed. If she intends to continue her work with the public then she needs to hold a press conference or do an interview and say something!! Answer to the public outcry Ms. Harriman, your silence is speaking very ill of you.

    • Just wanted to add further to Rae's point 7; it's very interesting also that they suddenly moved out of the Orleans neighborhood where he had committed all the break ins shortly after the situation became publicized there. All the boxes, bags, etc. of his loot were moved with them and it really does seem unlikely that she wasn't privy to the contents of any of them. Possible, yes, but unlikely. It really does look as if she knew about the break ins there when you consider all of these things and that perhaps what her silence is really reflecting is her guilty conscience. If she did indeed know he was responsible and had reported him, none of this would have happened. This would certainly explain her hiding from what happened and her unwillingness to address her behavior since it happened.

    • Her lawyer will advise her to have a press conference and he will tell her what to say.A heartless speech from Harriman is uneccesary and hurtfull for the victims family.For the respect of the victims she should keep her mouth shut.Everytime she opens it, she digs her hole deeper and deeper.

    • Faith, I think you are absolutely right. It is her lack of anything (message, statement, interview…..) that has people speculating. The only thing she has done so far is:
      1. Hide
      2. Sue the police for $3K + $1.4K
      3. Ensure the house is ALL HERS
      4. Go and retrieve items from their (his) Tweed home.

      She has said NOTHING!! That is the problem!

  56. Well said!

  57. Great points. I'll say it again: I believe she knew about the Orleans break ins and that is why they suddenly up and sold their house there and moved away. Perhaps she feels responsible for his actions afterwards because they didn't get him the help he needed then in order to protect their social standing. Being caught by the domineering wife and put in a position of shame and then assuming command of the country's largest military base pushed him over the edge. All of his deviant behavior then escalated while he was in Tweed and away from his wife's reproach. His crimes then became more personal, angry, violent, and directed more towards being in a position of power and dominance over the women he chose as his victims. I would truly love to see an investigation into these matters. She should be held accountable for her part in what happened.

  58. Nope I just dont ever believe a wife wouldnt know or suspect
    what a deviant mental husband was up to. NO WAY NO HOW.
    She cant be that innocent. No No and No.

  59. Mary Elizabeth Harriman continues: “As a result of the charges, my previously anticipated future and financial security had become jeopardized.” Her husband had nothing to do with it? In sixteen years they will have $ 1 Million from his undeserved army pension. She could offer to use any money that her husband contributed to their homes and her security put to the victims of these crimes.

  60. Wow. What a witch-hunt !!! First this woman suffers an agonizing trauma that will change her life forever, and then she finds herself demonized for not behaving like the perfect human being. Frankly, I find a lot of the moralizing venom being spewed in some of these posts way, way, way, more odious and unsettling than anything that's being attributed to Elizabeth Harriman, and without any understanding of the contexts of her remarks or actions. Could it be that ye who are casting stones are without any human imperfections yourselves???? Sadly, I think it more likely that you are the same crew that turned up to relish the witch burnings in Salem, before (I thought) we became a more enlightened and compassionate society.

    • How can people understand someone who has said nothing other than SHE is devastated. Nothing to the victims, nothing to the military family -that was devastated as well, nothing to the public that was in shock! All she has done is make sure she is financially protected.
      Really, what does that say to you?

    • ljckit, What a breath of fresh air, well said. I sadly read the post a few before yours where "Bellville" posted a long winded commentary about the amount of visits at the jail, the nature of the visits pressing up against the glass windows, the details of RW having oral sex with the victims and instead of finding the post leaving me in thought I feel like I am read something trashy from the Enquirer. Shame on you Belleville! for spewing speculation. Why not have some respect for the victims familys who also may read this. This kind of trash will not help them grieve their losses.

  61. Williams went to the Ottawa police station at 3 pm on the Sunday. He was spending the weekend with his spouse but, according to media reports, had spent Sunday morning disposing of some of his trophies that he had stashed in his Ottawa house. As a wife who only saw my husband occasionally, I would have been wondering what he was doing that morning in favour of spending quality time with me.

  62. too bad for her and she was making 6 figure salary??? last time i support that charity…she sounds like another Karla…..she knew what was going on ……..selfish women and then worried about her hardwood floors being scratched and a lamp broken???

    • "IF" she knew what was going on then she would have been arrested as an accomplice idiot. Jump off the bandwagon of the dummies that post here about the scratched floors and think what you are saying! To compare her to Karla how pathetic of you, obvious a screw loose you have.

  63. I agree with you completely!

    I also found very strange that he confessed when the brilliant interrogator pushed his buttons… which were: concern for his wife and HER dream home! It was almost like he was afraid of her. That's when he started to talk.

  64. WOW! Well explained!

  65. I think it's pretty easy that she didn't know what her husband was doing considering he lived in Tweed area and she lived in Ottawa. She shouldn't lose a thing due to what her husband did she is just as much a victim as everyone else is. I don't think she should lose anything that is her's, yes I think he should pay but why should she? If you also ask me I don't think he should of lost either of his medal's as he earned those before he committed these horrible crimes. Im pretty sure other ex military that have had medals and committed murder haven't had them taken away but to me it really doesnt matter he wont be needing them in jail its just the point that he earned them before he did this horrible stuff. As for his wife she is an innocent victim and shouldn't have to pay anyone cause she is a victim…

  66. Rae, We all would like to know since we are creatures of habits. However the reality is it is none of our business so my suggestion to you is to get over it, move on with your life and try not to obsess about these types of questions. Her husbands trial was for all Canadians to know and come to terms with but her private life, her work life is none of anyones business. She was not on trial and whatever she does in the future is not our concern either. Let it be and if you live in the area of the victims maybe you could do something positive for them to make a difference. Get out of the box you are thinking in! The trial is over now right? Try to heal Rae.

    • The trial is over but the trail of victims goes on and on, should they try to heal? Maybe her work life is all of our business, if she wishes we donate to her salary (I mean cause). The sudden sale of house in Orleans where said husband masterbated in little I quote "Little" girls underwear, perhaps he was "Found OUT". Obsess with these kinds of questions???? Try obsessing with knowing that lives could have been saved and rapes not occured or little girls lives be forever changed. Turn a blind eye "Kelly" once again. You sound like a narcassistic uncaring pshyco. We as Canadian citizens have every right to know about personal life of an enabler. I will never donate to H&S again, but I will donate to victims rights groups. You are dispicable "Kelly"

      • Oh Frank it seems I have touched a sensitive spot in you and now I am a psychopath too. around so easily and You say I am uncaring, then read my above post again as I suggested Rae do what she could to reach out to the victims meaning the familys of the murdered woman or the rape victims and do something positive to help them in some way. Is this any different than you reaching out to victims rights groups. I have not forgotten but choose to think in the future and not reflect about things of the past that I cannot control. After reading threads here it seems so many comments are made from assumptions and not solid facts. Getting beyond anger and blaming is a good way to start to heal is it not? and that was my point to Rae to not dwell on things that are not our business. I feel insulted that you jump to conclusion that I an an uncaring person.

      • Frank
        This is off topic but did you follow the 103 million dollar trial of Robert Picton? 49 women murdered, slashed and hung on meat hooks, carved up and made into ground beef (packaged yes and flash frozen), bodies cut up and fed to pigs? Woemen shot up with I believe ammonia and strangled with piano wire. No one ever blamed his family for any involvement yet the indignities were far worse than what happened to Williams victims. Still the familys share the same pain and grief. Be thankful Williams pled guilty and spared Ontario taxpayers millions of dollars in court costs unlike Robert Picton who confessed to an undercover cop yet plead NOT GUILTY. Be positive and believe that the OPP will be the first to let you know if they find some connection to Mary Elizabeth to RW crimes. I think you misconstrued my comment Frank as my heart is with the victims, all the victims including the ex Col's wife.

        • Is that you Mary Elizabeth???

          • Ah your sense of humor or sarcasm is making you look foolish Frank. Of course this is not MJ but I have the right to post without being called names and being debased. All across the country the Police have volunteer groups that assist with victims to improve their quality of life and if my suggesting that to Rae make me "dispicable" as you say in your previous post then I think something is very wrong with you.

  67. @Faith and Just Me
    I think we also need to question his mother's role in this. Comments on other articles here link to stats re: male rapists: they are often survivors of female-perpetrated sexual &/or psychological abuse in their childhood. I've done some digging, and it's usually by their mothers or female caregivers.

    I note, amongst other things, that he seemed to start offending (lingerie break-ins) somewhere around the time that a G&M article (it may have been NP) states that his mother and brother "attempted a reconciliation" with him. The article isn't specific about dates, so it's hard to know for certain. I read that his mother was actually at the ceremony where he became the commander of Trenton (she had described what a "lovely ceremony" it was to her 2nd husband's relatives). This was approx. the time where he escalated to sexual assault. After that he broke off contact. During his 2nd SA he told Laurie "it has to be done so I can move on with my life".

  68. annie you are comparing apples to oranges. Yes Karla divorced but Carla clearly took part in the torture and killing of others including her sister. Mary Liz did not partake in ANYTHING that we know of especially the torture and murder so get your knowledge together dude. She did not Harass the OPP, she was entitled to compensation just as you would be or anyone else whose home was damaged by an investigation. Learn your facts before you spout off. How dare you call her a psychopath you woman hater.

  69. Please stop beating up on Mary Elizabeth Harriman. She IS a victim too, and she should not lose everything that she's worked for. She did give her husband $62,000 for his share of their $700,000 house in Ottawa, which is the amount he may have put in as down payment before paying the mortgage. So he has his share given back to him and Ms Harriman is assuming the mortgage by herself. That young woman who is suing her may be unaware of how to purchase and pay for a house over a number of years. Perhaps she thinks the only way to purchase a house is to pay for it all at once? The rest of you, if you are older and wiser, should know better, or perhaps you should consult a mortgage broker or real estate agent and ask them how most people buy a house. Ms Harriman SHOULD be concerned for her financial future: what if she loses her job in the next few months because the charity she works for is worried about their image and decides to let her go? What if her husband loses his pension and she will not receive any of it at all? Have any of you thought about that? I have not forgotten about the victims. I'm sorry they were terrorized and I hope they get counselling. They should sue her husband instead and leave the poor innocent woman alone. She is going through a lot as it is and I hope and pray that she will be able to rebuild her life, psychologically, of course. Don't forget she was married to him for almost twenty years.

  70. My God Main Point are you a Profiler on Criminal Minds? When you have time please give me the rundown on Karla Holmolka situation as she was an active part in a horrific crime. Her love and devotion to Paul was so deep that she lost her mind and participated! even killing her own sister after having oral sex with her. I still can't believe she got a deal and was out in 12 years. That is about as bad as Clifford Olson deal. These murders should not be spared life in jail and yet isolation must make one go crazy. The victims familys do they ever really heal, perhaps not in this life eh?

  71. Many comments have been made about William's wife, her role as a victim, her tattered feelings. But where and how have any of these emotions been shown. Nowhere, in no way, at any time has there been any empathy shown for the REAL victims.
    The only concern she has shown is for herself and her financial security, but as many conscious individuals have surmised, with the salary she makes she has nothing to worry about. She has a 6 figure salary and no dependants, sadly I am away of many many families of 2 adults and 2 or more children that do no even make $30,000. per year and they ARE SHOWING EMPATHY for the victims. My take is that they were, are, two very dysfunctional, egotistical, self absorbed, sociopathic personalities. Neither of them elicits empathy from me and I have to say that is extremely rare in my case, I feel bad for everything and everyone. My heart brakes for each true victim of circumstances in this world but in this case my feelings are as cold towards this individual as they hers appear to be towards the victims. No sympathy here.

  72. Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo are worse monsters than Williams, They too photo'd things but they chopped up bodies, put them in cement. How many woman have oral sex with their sisters because their man wants them to? Harriman was NOT involved in any of this stuff that we know of. Annie I don't know where you get your stories from. None of us know very little about Harriman other than what is printed in the news and TV. You sound scary when you compare her to Karla the killer. I think you are obsessed with a lousy 3000.00 dollar reimbursement. I don't hear you dissing Karla for her terrible acts. Give you head a shake!

  73. OMG Everyone here is an expert ! Where is the compassion, empathy or understanding that we should have? And where is the honesty to say " I DON'T know what Ms. Harriman knew or didn't know" and "I DON'T know why Russell Williams' life changed so badly " ?
    Let's not judge too harshly lest we be judged as well !

  74. OMG Everyone here is an expert ! Where is the compassion, empathy or understanding that we should have? And where is the honesty to say " I DON'T know what Ms. Harriman knew or didn't know" and "I DON'T know why Russell Williams' life changed so badly " ?

    • I agree with you Ruth, well said.

      • Thank you Kelly. I have such a conflict of feelings about these sad, sad events.

  75. these two don.t deserve any more attention .let them be forgotten and rot in hell.

  76. The Heart and Stroke Foundation has been removed from my list of charities I will contribute to. The thought of one penny of my donation going into this woman's purse is enough to turn me off.

  77. I feel sorry for the wife. As you may have read, the husband and her lived separate lives. Why blame her? She has also worked her whole life. Why should she be penniless because of her husband?

  78. The wife is entitled to her half of everything, his half should go to the victims and their families.  She is no more responsible for any of this than you or I are (of course I can really only speak for myself). 

    His wife is hardly the only one who didn’t suspect him of being something other than what he presented himself to be.  He seems to have fooled everyone.  There doesn’t seem to be any indication that he was anything other than a “upstanding”, successful member of society.  If there was some evidence to the contrary, I’m sure she would have been (or will be) charged.  I haven’t seen any indication that she was in any way involved in or aware of any of this.  Her whole life has been torn apart and then on top of this, there are people who are willing to carelessly taint her character with the crimes of a man who victimized her as surely as he victimized others. 

  79. Hey morons…why should this woman have to live with f$&#ed up floorboards for the rest of her life just because her husband was a sick individual who committed unspeakable acts?
    I wonder if someone came and f$&#ed up floorboards that you’d worked honestly and diligently for your whole life if you’d ask them to pay for them once they found what they were looking for. I’d be willing to say that she’s more disgusted and confused by these crimes than any of you. I’d be even more willing to say that her life was far more affected by these crimes than any of yours (unless you’re a member of his victims’ families). The least she should get as one of his victims is new floorboards. Her life will never be the same.