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Equal Voices get $1.2 million, NDP mad


At an Ottawa reception at the Métropolitain Brasserie & Restaurant, Equal Voice Acting National Chair Donna Dasko thanked party leaders for their work in advancing women in politics.



Helena Guergis, Minister of State for Status of Women, announced at the reception that Equal Voice will receive over  $1.2 million to fund their program to introduce women ages 12–25 to politics and ultimately encourage them to engage politically.


The New Democrats boycotted the reception because they said it was supposed to be just an event to welcome women MPs onto the Hill. They felt it got hijacked into a government announcement. One NDP MP, Judy Wasylycia-Leis, was there to keep an eye on things.


Winnipeg Liberal MP Anita Neville (left) and Ontario Tory Senator Nancy Ruth.


Liberal interim leader Michael Ignatieff (interim until the coronation in Vancouver) with Penny Collenette (centre).


Lawyer and activist Maureen McTeer, wife of former PM Joe Clark.



Quebec Tory MP Maxime Bernier.


Minister of Natural Resources Lisa Raitt (left) with Conservative Quebec MP Sylvie Boucher.


Green Party leader Elizabeth May with former Liberal leader Stéphane Dion.


Newfoundland Liberal MP Siobhan Coady.


Dawn Graham, President of Merck Frosst Canada.


Stéphane Dion with Labour Minister Rona Ambrose.


Alberta Conservative MP Brian Jean and Greg MacEachern of Summa Strategies.


Vancouver Liberal MP Joyce Murray (in purple).



Equal Voices get $1.2 million, NDP mad

  1. Thanks again Mitchel for your photo essay, which, naturally includes a pic of Elizabeth May. Next time snatch away the phony camera for her Churchillian moment. Karsh would be impressed.

    • Next time snatch away the phony camera for her Churchillian moment. Karsh would be impressed.

      *yeesh* Do you take lessons on being a harridan?

      • Well, when her whole strategy is personal promotion in the media (which at a basic level means simply exposure for exposure’s sake – read her book How to Change the World in Your Spare Time ) I figure it’s fair game. If she was more consistent in being truthful in some of her oft repeated claims, or in situations where she is caught in fabrications, she’d quickly drop off my radar screen.

        Btw Dot is as: a point, period, ie gender neutral. You are jumping to conclusions – ie could just as easily be a harrydan – Now connect the dots…

          • Well, if the English language weren’t so sexist, I’d have other choices.

          • Careful, Dot. If Ti-Guy thought you were a woman and called you a “harridan”, he was probably flirting.

          • A disturbing thought, that. Gives a whole new meaning to “Ti-Guy”. Sounds kinda kinky.

        • could just as easily be a harrydan – Now connect the dots

          Dot, I have to admit that I am also guilty of assuming you were a woman. My apologies, good sir.

          • Well, not saying I’m one or the other – since I think it affects how one is interpreted.

            I used to think myl was a “harridan” , but have since seen him describe himself in the masculine – now I have concluded he is an engineer (knowledge of thermodynamics) – I remember most undergrad engineers had this “anti-arts” bias – most outgrew it. I bet myl knows the words following ” Godiva was a lady who through Coventry did ride…”

  2. A few Questions come to mind:

    Maxime Bernier at the Women-in-Politics party: Is there a joke in there somewhere?

    Is there a time that the NDP is not pissed off about something?

    Should we be surprised that M. Dion is in the same photo as Ms. May?

    • Judy W-L. was pissed because she wanted the latest action figure from McDonalds, but only got the monogrammed glasses.

    • “Maxime Bernier at the Women-in-Politics party: Is there a joke in there somewhere?”

      You know, I was sitting here trying to think of a tasteful one-liner about that, and I just couldn’t find one.

      • Just looking to recover misplaced some files the last time he was in the hall, on the way to the suntan studio.

        • [I mangled the words to reflect his preconditioned state]

          • LOL. Well, let’s hope Ms. Wasylycia-Leis doesn’t have any biker connections.

          • When you see the Hells Angels picketing, consider it a fait accompli.

      • Heh. I, too, thought it best to leave it to everyone’s own imagination.

      • Seems like we are all on the same page, though, seeing Maxime at a ‘women for politicians’ event.

        Anyway, Maureen McTeer looks good — hardly changed over all these years, actually — and it’s nice to see Stephane Dion smiling.

        Now, ya’ll get going and do something nice for your sweetheart. Doesn’t have to be expensive, just thoughtful.

  3. The NDP boycott a reception? Wow, like that will accomplish anything except leave more food for everyone else.

  4. Engaging women in politics is the kiss of death for conservatives. It’s almost like ear-marking $ for long-term suicide.

    • Women are not a monolith. Women have diverse political opinions, just like men do.

      • Well it is true that women are more likely to be on the left (in Canada – in Britain it is the other way round, and women tend to be more conservative on some issues, including abortion). But the point of this organization is to promote women politicians. Getting more women to be politicians hardly hurts the conservatives because it isn’t producing more female voters (Kim Campbell, Audrey McLaughlin and Alexa McDonough didn’t exactly draw hordes of women out to vote).

        What participation in an event like this does do is reduce the negatives of the Tories among women voters. The conservatives have the most to gain because they have the highest negatives among females. If women voters go from believing conservatives want women barefoot and pregnant to believing conservatives want women just barefoot, that is an improvement. That kind of strategy of reaching out to segments of the population typically not Conservative (natives, Chinese-Canadians and Quebec) has yielded some success for Harper (Quebec less so, but a lot of that goodwill was squandered).

  5. Why the need for the stupid remark about coronation – getting a little political aren’t you?

    The NDP are always angry. Just watch them in Question Period – a sea of depression, anger – and why do the guys always look like they’re dressed like the Mafia? What’s with the black shirt fetish they have?

    • Oh, sure, Conservatives are handing out money to improve women’s equality.

      Pay equity? That’s a different story. Some women in some fields of activity are more equal than others, apparently.

  6. Nice to see video-star turfed-Liberal-leader Stephane Dion along with can’t-win-her-own-seat throw-Greens-under-the-bus Elizabeth May.

    That alliance between the two bore such productive political fruit.

    • You need to up the dosage on your mood elevators.


    • haha, i’ll say.

  7. Spray tan much Maxime Bernier? What, he can’t find a date anymore he has to go to these pathetic events?

  8. Bernier was there? Was Viagra part of the stimulous package?

  9. Women deserve the same pay as men.. Obama said so too.. I have to to admit that I am very disappointed, for the only new thing that Canada’s prime Minister Stephen Harper could do to supposedly help the recessions is to basically copy the same old past Liberal programs and they were not all that great for a start too. http://thenonconformer.wordpress.com/