Finance Minister Jim Flaherty being treated for rare skin condition


Jim Flaherty in March 2010. (Fred Chartrand/CP)

Jim Flaherty on Jan. 28, 2013. (Adrian Wyld/CP)

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, 63, has ended months of speculation about his health after admitting that he is being treated for a rare skin condition.

In an interview with The Globe and Mail, Flaherty said that he has a condition called bullous pemphigoid, which must be treated with the steroid drug prednisone. That steroid has visible side effects, including puffy face and weight gain. It can also cause difficulty sleeping.

Flaherty told The Globe and Mail that he has been getting too many questions about his appearance lately and it was time to let citizens know what was going on and to reassure them that his health is not affecting his ability to do his job.

Flaherty said he has also spoken with Prime Minister Stephen Harper about his health issue.

“I would like those people who have been concerned about my health to be reassured that it is a skin problem that is getting better and will pass with some more time, and that my ability to do my job is not affected by this condition,” Mr. Flaherty told The Globe and Mail.

Bullous pemphigoid is an autoimmune disorder that causes itchy blisters and rash, usually on the arms, legs and torso. It is most common in people over 60. Its cause is not known.

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Finance Minister Jim Flaherty being treated for rare skin condition

  1. I saw this last year when they where staying up all night voting, (when the NDP was dragging their feet on the budget bill.) I wrote the PMO asking them to let flaherty off for his health.

    While Flaherty is a money man, with the weight of the world on his shoulders, he is also just a guy, a kid who grew up, trying to make his way in the world.

    I thought he might have high blood pressure, and he might, and that he could die if he didn’t look after himself.

    who knew the guy was suffering while doing his job.

    Mr. Flaherty, Thank You for your hard work. You must be a very smart man to be able to do your job, and I hope that you feel better soon so you don’t have to work under any distress.

  2. It’s a punishment from god

  3. Thin?

  4. This is a Canadian first Zookeeper – Darwinist Monkey financier turning into a pig….wow The Darwinist lovers (Believers) will be trill to proof that evolution theory is happening right before their eyes from a Monkey to a pig Flaherty is He….

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    RRSP- Lovers / Private Taxes prayers would be trill to see their profiteering savings behave like Zookeeper-Flaherty.

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    For all the RRSP Darwinist Monkey Lovers , just hope the Flaherty disease is transferable to All Canadian RRSP Portfolios from the Fabulous Big Five….

    Can Wait for Saturday Night

    Go Canucks Go …..Go Canadians Go….

  5. the man has been a snake in the house gloating with every time the conservatives makes some poor member of the other parties look like an idiot he is snake in the grass and deserves everything that’s happening to him two faced people get sick the world doesn’t find kind things to say he is being paid back for all his ugliness i have no pity for that little turtle

  6. I would like if I could contact him. I was diagnosed with the same disease a year ago. I’m really suffering and each time I am taken off steriods all the horrible symptoms return. I was wondering how he’s doing and what treatment he’s receiving now. I can sure use help.

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