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Harper names the government after himself

Federal communications have been “harperized”


When the Canadian Press reported last March that bureaucrats had been ordered to use the term “Harper Government” instead of the usual “Government of Canada” in official federal press releases and other documents, the reaction from the Prime Minister’s Office was swift. “Nothing could be further from the truth,” said Stephen Harper’s chief spokesman at the time, Dimitri Soudas. “There has been no change of policy or practice,” said Stockwell Day, then the Treasury Board president. Now, the Canadian Press reports that internal emails and other documents, released under the Access to Information Act, clearly show that bureaucrats were directed last fall to start using “Harper Government”—and some of them resisted the change. (The documents were released by Industry Canada only after a long delay, during which the Information Commissioner, an independent watchdog, found that the Canadian Press was justified in complaining that the department was refusing to comply with the terms of the information law.) Emails show bureaucrats referring to a “directive” from the Privy Council Office, the bureaucratic arm of the Prime Minister’s Office, demanding that “Harper Government” be used. “Please proceed with this approach,” reads one message. “Sorry—it is what PCO has instructed.” Another message refers to a news release having been dutifully “harperized.” Despite this apparently clear evidence to the contrary, a spokesman for Harper insisted that the earlier denials from Soudas and Day were correct.

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Harper names the government after himself

  1.  “Harperized”, My granny taught me to recognize B.S., my teacher called it “double-speak” and I call it crap!The P.C.O. ‘s “directives” are propaganda 101, as written by Dr. Goebbels!

    • Your comments were defensible until you pulled out the Nazi reference.

      • The reference to Dr.  Goebbels is his use of the Big Lie Theory to rewrite history,control the message, defining propaganda methods .Do you feel that there any incidents of late that just maybe,make you feel you are being conned or manipulated?Well it could be the efforts of the boys and girls in the P.MO.’s office.They have a very nice budget  and would love to stage a Media Event Proposal near you!But you must like the Queen.

      • How about Stalinesque? 

      • No, sorry.  Reading this wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Goebbels#Propagandist_in_Berlin
        I am struck by the early version of, “it doesn’t have to be true, only plausible”
        ‘It is not propaganda’s task to be intelligent, its task is to lead to success.”

        Goebbels could have been working for anybody, the point is he was a propaganda master.  You can’t read this bit without seeing the similarities.  Even the piano!

      • Numerous Ottawa area university professors have compared Harper’s communication style to that of Gobbels

  2. From humility comes leadership.

    • So you’re saying that Harper is “not a leader”? Where have I heard that phrase before…?

  3. Calling the Government of Canada the Harper Government in official documents is as much a violation of the Treasury Board rules as when several Conservative Cabinet ministers and MPs handed out Government of Canada cheques with the Conservative Party logo on them.

    The problem is that Treasury Board rules are enforced by the Treasury Board which is made up of Conservative Cabinet ministers and Conservative-appointed senior government officials.

    The federal Auditor General and Ethics Commissioner must be given the power to enforce Treasury Board rules, and to penalize anyone who violates those rules with significant fines.

    Hope this helps,
    Duff Conacher, Founding Director of http://DemocracyWatch.ca

  4. Why do you even report that a nameless official insists the denials are correct when it’s obviously a lie?  Does Macleans’ make it a habit to report lies? Should we also start debating whether all of your other reporting is full of lies as well?

    Do you know why our politics and public are in such a state? A good measure of it is because you idiots, and by that I don’t just mean Maclean’s, but the entire fourth estate, dutifully repeat the lies they spew in the interest of “reporting”

    If you guys simply stopped repeating the lies, simply said, “Look, I can’t report that unless you give me some sort of evidence that it’s true” you’d not only kill many of the lies they put out, but give the public a much clearer picture of what actually is happening.  Stop *helping* them to muddy the waters and we may have a chance.

    Continue on, and if a revolution does come, I know I’m the one who’s going to be agitating for the members of the press to be up against the wall.

  5. Can’t say I’m surprised. Or even disappointed, as this is all too typical. I am offended, though.

  6. It’s interesting that he doesn’t insist on it being the ‘Conservative’ govt….or the ‘Tory’ govt….no, it’s the ‘Harper’ govt.
    When we read history, we’re amazed that MacKenzie King was such an odd duck….getting advice from his dog and his dead mother and a crystal ball…and he was the PM that took us through WWII…..yet nobody at the time mentioned it to the public.
    Now we have a PM with his own hairdresser, make-up artist, photographer etc, who all travel with him….and a room hung with photos of himself…and now he’s even naming it as his own personal govt……and yet nobody seems to think that’s odd either.

  7. Harper’s regime, the disinformation police are used as
    cannon fodder to choke up communication and lay a smoke screen of conflicting
    disinformation, everyone that is part of the political system is complicit
    either actively, or passively as a bureaucratic cog-in-the-machine that must
    respond with the anticipated response when tapped with the expected stimulus…
    (ie: in the recent Tony Clement “sure” scandal, any NDP ‘apology’,
    the speaker’s acceptance of the findings, and Hansard’s role).


    Harper is deconstructing Canada, based on some personal delusion, the writing is on the letterhead, it seems.
    He is lying every step of the way, because, what real Canadian would truly allow
    that to occur? You see, the Harper regime thinks of Canadians like frogs in a
    pot of water over a fire… if they just throw us in the boiling water we might
    jump out, and we’ll definitely be angry… BUT if they place us in a pot of
    cold water and bring it up slowly to a boil, we will sit there and get


    Are we gonna let these double talking, deceitful, anarchists
    cook Canada and
    Canadians? So far Canadians are allowing it…. OPEN UP YOUR EYES.

  8. Harper calls this “PROGRESS”??? …lets illegally re-brand Canada from an international standpoint because there’s nothing else more important to do… the Harper regime will NOT being fixing the economy or  “crime” (which is at an all time low) or the ‘state’ of the military (as in there is nothing wrong with NOT having the largest damned military in the world, Harper, talking directly to you) He will not fix these things like some magical fairy god mother….
    ….the only outcome under his ‘leadership’ is that of the coming tipping point which is also the only solution, everything must collapse for the morons in power to lose everything that lets them keep twisting the screws.

    I know it will be painful, but at least we will be getting somewhere, I’ll gladly live in hell for 15 years to avoid a marginal and wasted lifetime, with no opportunities, limited growth, all because the morons will tax their way out, and ensure their own comforts first; as opposed to 70+ years of paying back multi-generational bailouts and corporate greed.

    Bring on the hell, i welcome it, and bring about the end of moronic political reign.

    Cook out the human poisons, rather than let politicians keep pumping everything full of toxicity. I will gladly give my life to see the day where this entire sociological experiment called society is kicked to the curb and people live radical and experimental lives again, and survive by their own competence and wits; Better than our current relentless and slow fall into chaos that nobody in power seems to have the wits or competence to do anything about.

    Honestly, changing the name of Canada, illegally is going to change anything important for Canadians, Harper you squander your purview, you look like a petty child.

  9. Harper is just testing out his “controlled destruction of Canadian society” on a small scale first… you see, he creates the problems by heavy handed neglect, tests his own agenda and ensures his own interests, and then swoops in with peanuts and looks like a hero.

    Harper’s actions demonstrate that his agenda will only serve to bring about increased neglect of Canada and Canadians, on an international level he doesn’t even want to call the Canadian Government by it’s legally mandated name, ‘The Government of Canada’; such contempt, such pettiness, such un-intelligence and arrogance.

    Harper created this mess to see if he can control it on a larger scale…. he will be the undoing of Canada, and he is starting with it’s legally given and accepted name first.


  10. The Harper gov is doing an excellent job of bashing its own future and the future of Canada and young Canadians totally to death… all on its own.

    Ideology will paint a target on this regime’s head, as history shows it has done to corrupt regime after corrupt regime, time and time again.

    A sane and happy human will ignore the failure of misguided ideology because they are sane and happy…. make the same humans angry and test our patience and sanity, and we will look for the cause of what went wrong, and we will blame that cause and hold it accountable… because we will be angry enough to take it that far and crazy enough to not let it drop…

    Harper is ensuring his downfall, by acting on blind ideologies and angering EVERYONE to the eventual point of action, with no turning back…

  11. Who was it that said, “project an image of power and people will soon give it too you.” I suspect that if Harper had the courage to be honest about his modus operandi, he would utter something about who’s the bigger lier, the politician who promises everything and delivers nothing or docile humans who enable this ridiculous cherade called democratic government. In my opinion, his arrogance comes from his belief that his view of humanity is an absolute truth and that if the powerful don’t rule and control society, society will destroy itself. The same dark ideology that believes equal representation and democracy is nothing more than mob rule. So, I think that actions like renaming the government or putting closure to debate, will only get more dysfunctional as Harper projects his power to what his small circle of ideologues assess’ to be a increasingly demoralized and obedient public. I could be wrong but it does it not seem to be more reasonable to judge Harper by his actions rather than his words? I honestly think that things like eliminating the wheat board and proroguing parliament might seem like fighting the good fight for his base but are more about massively shifting power away from the publics elected representation into coorperate hands. Based on his actions, I don’t think he wants democracy, I think he loathes it.

    • I’m just waiting for him to go psychotically ballistic in public —  to really just lose his temper in a bad way and go “off message.

  12. According to the – pre Harper – responsibilities of Canadian citizens, Mr. Harper is not worthy of a Canadian passport.

    So he changed them…

  13. He also refers to himself in the third person ie: Harper likey lot, Banana me Harper, Harper friend you me and crap like that allllllll day long.
    That’s one of the reason most people avoid the copier room when he’s in their copying more me Harper me Harper me Harper.

    The funniest thing that could happen is if he got a truffle stuck in his gullet and expired wtf would they do then change the party or country name to Harper.

  14. Mr Asbestos = Paranoia – the dark side of cognition