Holidays in the hotel -

Holidays in the hotel


Claude Sauvé, the Fairmont Château Laurier general manager, recently held his annual Christmas party. Here he is with his wife Debbie.


The Sauvés greet Ottawa Liberal MP Mauril Belanger.


And put out a fantastic, delicious spread.







Holidays in the hotel

  1. I like how the food is often as big a centrepiece of these posts as the people, whether it is crab and creme brulee or sandwich trays.

  2. Andrew nPoC, I have yet to see dead animals and vegetation refuse to be photographed. Furthermore, they remain a whole lot more still than even the most willing human subject.

  3. I thought we had an economic crisis going on?

  4. I hope people who whine of economic crises as a rationale for cutting back significantly on spending understand that exactly such behaviour creates and exacerbates the crisis in turn.