Howard Stern to become Idol's new nasty critic? -

Howard Stern to become Idol’s new nasty critic?

Source says show wants radio personality to replace Simon Cowell


When it comes to sharp-tongued critics, it’s tough to top Simon Cowell. But according to the New York Post, American Idol has its sight set on someone who might be able to fill Cowell’s shoes. A source says the show’s producers are in talks to hire radio personality Howard Stern to replace the quick-witted Brit, who is in his last season. “They know he would be great TV and would clash with the other judges such as Ellen DeGeneres and the contestants. ‘Idol’ will do what it takes to sign him,” says the source. But others say the Idol talk may simply be a bid on Stern’s part to get Sirius XM Radio to keep up his $100 million a year contract.

NY Post

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Howard Stern to become Idol’s new nasty critic?

  1. I can't see how Stern could be on live Tv, every second word would be bleeped. This scum doesn't deserve a public forum and I expect that would immediately reveal itself in the shows ratings.

    • You're out of your mind Wafer. He would be the biggest draw on television, without a doubt. Millions have been hearing about him for years and years, and have no idea what a great entertainer he can is. The fact is, he spent more than 25 years on regular radio, controlling his language completely. The times he was fined were not for obscene language. He is quite capable of controlling himself, while being an amazing personality. His existing fans alone tuning in would increase ratings dramatically. His interview skills are legendary and his presence on this show would be the best move they could make. However, any fan of his knows that he hates travel and would have a major problem with that requirement for this show.

    • Wafter, how can you say the word scum and not be referring to Simon Cowell? Stern, as offensive as he is to squares, at least has a lot of integrity. His schtick is he says pretty much anything that comes to his mind. He doesn't seem to have the filters that most people have naturally. I personally couldn't see as to why he would go on a cheesey show like this. it would be against his character. He is too cutting edge for people who like craaap tv… They may have thought of him compared to Simon Cowell because they are both sort of negative but Stern is a more anti-establishment negative.