Inheritance wave coming to save Canadian baby boomers -

Inheritance wave coming to save Canadian baby boomers


Baby boomers have been accused of leaving behind nothing but pollution and debt to their subsequent generations, but this report by Moneyville indicates they might not all die with holes in their pockets. Citing different sources, the report calculates that baby boomers are poised to inherit about $1 trillion over the next two decades as their parents and other close old relatives die. The money could be used to help the post-World War II generation sail through retirement and even contribute to the Canadian economy with a new wave of late-life investments, such as in real estate. These, in turn, would end up in the hands of the next generation.

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Inheritance wave coming to save Canadian baby boomers

  1. So in other words, a lot of the money they will (possibly) leave to future generations comes from THEIR parents, the post-war generation?

    Why am I not surprised?

  2. What is there to make us assume that the boomers, once again having their expenses put off on another generation (though in a twist, it’s the older generation this time, not the younger) will change their ways and leave anything behind if they weren’t going to already?

  3. Oh yeah, well after the nursing home bills I sure won’t be one of them.  LOL. 

  4. Look on the bright side. All that money will help the economy, and, if they don’t waste it all, the next generation will get a modest helping hand       It’s all good,    minus the envy. !!

  5. Please! Not all baby-boomers are/were yuppies with great paying jobs and McMansions.  

    • The generation before us baby-boomers are the ones with the great paying jobs, they are the generation who has made millions!  They are the ones who can afford fancy million dollars homes and cottages.  They parents did not have to go to war, and of course jobs were plentiful and many of their parents both worked and were able to give their children great educations.  Not so for many of us baby-boomers.

  6. why should the boomers be obligated to leave anyone anything?  If the generation before the boomers is leaving the boomers money, great.  Don´t blame the boomers for receiving an inheritance.  And also don´t blame the boomers if they will not be leaving anything for their children.  We all do our best to get by.  And don´t even get me started on the monthly rates of nursing homes.  Prisoners should be paying nursing home prices for their cells, their access to TV, computers, libraries, education, etc. and seniors should get the free room and board that prisoners currently receive, especially after having lived long, productive lives and contributing to society.  Everything is ass-backwards. 

  7. I can’t stand the baby boomers – just taking up space, no innovation… so they buy real estate, big deal!