Jim Prentice and the Pancake Protest


Jim Prentice held his annual Calgary Stampede pancake breakfast in the parking lot of the Italian restaurant Osteria de Medici, the same location former PM Joe Clark used to host his pancake breakfasts. But this year, the industry minister had protesters across the street who were upset over C-61, the bill that will amend the copyright act.

Some of the protesters came over to join the line for pancakes

Protester Jeremie Blaise, a software engineer.

Protesters soon grabbed some seats to eat their food.

The pancake mix.

Prentice flips!

Indian princesses arrived.

Prentice and his wife Karen pose with the princesses.

Prentice with one of the pancake breakfast attendees.

Ontario MP Larry Miller (Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound).

Minister for Natural Resources Gary Lunn.

Alberta MP Ted Menzies and his wife Sandy.

Menzies and the cowgirls.

Government house leader Peter Van Loan with his daughter Caroline.

Prentice volunteer David Foster took on security duties at the breakfast.

A few days later, he changed his facial hair.

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Jim Prentice and the Pancake Protest

  1. Menzies is asking THE question isn’t he?

  2. Okay, I’ll say it:
    The protesters are perhaps putting out conflicting messages by eating at the feast.

    “We dislike your policies but love your food!”

  3. The protestors better be careful that’s what happened to me I went to a pancake breakfast here in Victoria next thing you know I am a Harper moonie!

  4. outburst:

    “The protesters are perhaps putting out conflicting messages by eating at the feast.”

    How is that conflicting?

  5. Herr Prentice couldn’t care less what Canadian Citizens protest about.
    All our politicians are in the pockets of the corporations and have a corporate agenda no matter what.
    They know at election time we have no choice, all the major parties are owned by the corporations and whatever people protest they will just use their corporate owned Media to make them forget and manipulate the,. They’ve done it over and over again.
    Remember how 99 percent of Canadians did not want the GST?
    Of course you don’t remember. the Media doesn’t remember so you don’t.
    Remember how the Liberals and the Bankers stole Millions maybe hundreds of millions, of Canadian dollars and were never punished.
    Of course you don’t remember, the media forgets so you forget.
    And why don’t the Conservatives get justice for us?
    Because the bankers that helped the liberals are their same bosses.
    There is only one political party in Canada : The Corporate Party.
    Enjoy the pancakes while you can, eventually they will just dispose of the pancakes and the phony dog and pony show, elections forever.

  6. Looking at some of the MP’s, I hope their food had no trans-fats…………..

  7. Gracious of you, Sandi. I would expect that, on thinking of some of the MPs, many would hope the exact opposite.

  8. Minister for Natural Resources Gary Lunn.

    Ahahaha looks like Lunn ate all the Natural Resources.

  9. I was at this protest and it wasn’t conflicting messaged at all. In fact the breakfast was partially to raise money for a childrens charity and all members of the protest were encouraged to bring a donation to support the charity. Also mixing with the local population of Prentice’s riding was part of the reason we attended the event. I for one had extensive conversations with residents while in the line up and managed to inform them of their rights which are at stake here. Also after eating we all mingled with the crowd and I managed to meet one of Prentice’s board members who had very little knowledge of the issue and was especially concerned when we informed her of Prentices tight lipped stance on the issue. This kind of impact could not have been achieved had we not joined the festivities.

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