Justin Trudeau, tripping on his arse


The fun starts at 1:52.

After a very good interview with some dude from La Presse (who moonlights as a Franc Tireur), Justin Trudeau channels his inner Pierre and falls down some stairs for fun and giggles.

Lisée says it looks bad. I disagree: purposefully falling on one’s ass on camera is a welcome change for someone who takes himself too seriously too much of the time. At the very least, this little tumble almost makes up for the fact that he’s going for the ol’ Urban-Zoro / Cyrano-de-Bergerac-in-jeans look these days. (I know, I know. It’s Movember. But still…)

Thoughts, anyone?




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Justin Trudeau, tripping on his arse

  1. OK, if he promises to do that trick once a week down those back stairs in the Parliament buildings he`s got my vote.

  2. The guy's got potential: speaks the Queen's English, Montreal-elite French and , apparently, what approaches a very passable joual

  3. The left must be right–theri is no god if we get saddled with another generation of Trew-doe. Gets harder and harder to remain positive.

    • And the right must be left – as soon as possible.

  4. When will it be possible to watch those videos from Europe? I tried to watch the full episode of Les francs tireurs but it always says that my request is restricted from where I am.

  5. Looks like Justin can pull off a good Chevy Chase Gerald Ford impression…

  6. "I know, I know. It's Movember. But still…" But still…what? Is there a particular style of charity-supporting moustache that Monsieur Patriquin would have preferred? Perhaps he finds himself in the wrong line of work and would have preferred something a little weightier, maybe like 'image consultant'? (I know, I know. It was a stupid joke, made for no discernible reason. But still…)

    • TO ALL MEN: he looks dreamy, we love him : )

    • That's exactly what I'm saying. I don't know many men who would like to be constantly compared to their fathers, let alone famous and successful fathers. Why should he have to fill those shoes? Why can't he just fill his own shoes?

      • Because: slaying dragons, rescuing maidens, building nations, and fighting the good fight is not about measuring up to what has come before it's about finding the current dragons and putting them to the sword, protecting the weak and infirm is not an easy task and rallying a nation to the cause is problematic at best.

        And to fight the good fight, ahem, it's best to remain on your feet; physically and intellectually.

        I wish the man well.

        • To be fair, he has potential, very smart, a great teacher (his dad) and his mom's wonderful spirit, I honestly wish him well but it will take time for him to grow into his own political man!

  7. I remember an author who had done a little acting writing that her favourite part was a comic one where she had to fall spectacularly down the stairs, shrieking all the way.

  8. From your caption, I thought you would be talking about his video in favour of Mr. Genco!

  9. That's the first time I've seen Justin Trudeau perform an intentional pratfall!

  10. Okay, that's pretty great. Anyone who thinks otherwise should probably take that bug outta their arse.

  11. He should have done a faceplant like his hero, the fascist murderer Fidel Castro – now that was funny!

  12. If canadian women think that this idiot is dreamy, then I think that I'll give homosexuality a try.

  13. Get Justin Trudeau on CBC as a visiting French detective in the next season of “Murdoch Mysteries.” This role has been done before, but not by a Canadian. And Harper’s already blazed the Murdoch trail with a brief part as a police constable. Fun!