Land feud turns violent on the Rock -

Land feud turns violent on the Rock

Appalling photos tell story of Newfoundland woman, who came home to live on inherited land, but was attacked and beaten bloody while jogging


Shelley Jesso may wish she never came back to Sheaves Cove. The 33-year-old woman had returned to the community in western Newfoundland to live on land she recently inherited. But it turns out the property is part of a long-running dispute that is currently before the courts. Newspaper accounts are sketchy on the details, but Jesso says there had been a number of “incidents” related to the dispute that culminated, to her surprise, in full-on violence. Three days ago, while out jogging, she says, a man pulled up behind her in a pickup truck got out and began punching her in the face. Certainly someone battered her face—just look at the photos. The attack appears to have touched off a full-on war. Two men have been arrested and charged following an alleged assault, a death threat and an arson attack on a shed. Police believe both stem from the attack on Jesso.

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Land feud turns violent on the Rock

  1. This story makes Newfoundland sound like Canada's answer to the Ozarks! I have heard that Newfies don't appreciate people who "come from away", but this is ridiculous.

    • Oh really, and nothing like that goes on in Manitoba. Ya, feuds over inheritances never happen in Western Canada. Petty crime, assaults, auto theft capital of Canada. Not to mention homeless all over the streets of Winnipeg. I have been to Nfld. over 50 times, Nicest people in the world. Western Canada, not so much. Also the woman who was assaulted was not a "come from away". The article plainly states that.

  2. If someone did that to my wife or daughter, they'd want to hope that they were put in prison and far, far out of my reach.