Lisa LaFlamme to take over for Lloyd Robertson -

Lisa LaFlamme to take over for Lloyd Robertson

CTV’s national affairs correspondent moves to the anchor’s chair


CTV has announced Lloyd Robertson’s successor as host of their National News TV program: it’s Lisa LaFlamme, the show’s national affairs correspondent. LaFlamme, who will turn 46 this month, has been with CTV since the ’90s, moving from CTV News Channel to the main network. She has sometimes filled in for Robertson as host. LaFlamme, who got the job over CTV’s regular weekend anchor Sandie Rinaldo, will share duties with Robertson over the next 12 months before transitioning into the full-time job.


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Lisa LaFlamme to take over for Lloyd Robertson

  1. Yikes! The woman is insufferable. Just look at her breathless reporting of the G20. I guess I won't be watching any Canadian newscasts.

    • Yeah how dare she get her blood up because the cops arrested her cameraman! He was smashing windows and burning cars… oh wait…

  2. Did Sandie Rinaldo not want the job? She's a competent reader but she has always lacked a bit of warmth.

    • I can see Sandie Rinaldo wanting to retire in the not too distant future, so maybe she didn't want it (she'll be 61 in January, and not everyone wants to work into their mid 70s as Mr. Robertson did).

      However, even if she wanted it, I can see the network wanting to go with a candidate who's 14 years younger. Not that that's even the deciding factor, in what is of course a very complicated decision I'm sure, but I can see it factoring in to the decision that one candidate will hit "normal retirement age" in 5 years, and the other in 19.

    • I hope it was because Sandie didn't want the job. She would be great: and it would be well deserved. Now, however, I would like to forward Marcia MacMillan's name for anchor in the future: I could watch her all day!

  3. Yay for Lisa!

  4. Really…when it gets right down to it…not a lot of choices here for CTV.

    I don't think anyone in their organization really stands out as a natural choice for anchor.

  5. Congratulations Lisa, I always enjoy that throaty tone. You also did very well covering the G20! I will miss Lloyd, the one person I never saw as arrogant.You have big shoes to fill

  6. Congrats to Lisa

    Big shoes or not, I know Lisa is up for the job at hand.

    Just one thing if I can Lisa,
    Do not take no for an answer and don't take any BS off of the top brass. You run the show, not them. It is your name on the line, not the Brass's

    Good Luck and all the best.


  7. I've been a fan of Lloyd Robertson, but am glad he decided to move aside and let someone else have a chance at the post, especially a competent woman like Lisa LaFlamme.

    Congratulations to both of them.

  8. With Ms. LaFlamme's "boots on the ground" experiences in both Iraq and Afghanistan, she has done her time on the front lines of reporting. In that regard, she is a far sounder choice than some of the other CTV news personnel that were suggested as Mr. Robertson's replacement.

    …and besides which, she's a Kitchener-Waterloo girl!

    Onward and upward. The best to you both.

  9. Excellent choice. Ms LaFlamme is a real and experienced journalist who has reported hard news from all over the world. Sandie Rinaldo reads the news well, but, in my opinion has few of the credentials Lisa La Flamme has. I can't recall ever seeing her report on international events or even national events except elections. Excellent choice in Lisa LaFlamme. .

    Happy retirement, Lloyd. It is well deserved.

  10. Rinaldo should have gotten this. She has waited patiently for the old fart to0 retire with out saying a thing about him over staying his welcome. Typical corporate media decision.

  11. Sounds like a peeler. With the candidates all women I guess it is just more of the drive to marginalize men in Canuckistan. I quit watching Canuckistani news long ago.

  12. Good for Lisa! But wait a minute is or has not Roger Smith been there longer? I think so and he would have been my vote. But both are great but no one can fill Lloyd's shoes he has seen to much… and we are going to miss him. Hope he'll be writting some of his history that he saw into some historical facts for others to follow.

  13. Laflamme has all the credibility of the amateur journalists who skulked around the G20 Summit hoping to be arrested. If she is a viable option, why not poach CBC barbie dolls like Wendy Mesley and Heather Hiscox to give her some real competition in the vacuity sweepstakes.

  14. I think Lisa LaFlamme is a great choice to take over from Lloyd. Sandi Rinaldo was a competent news reader and seemed sincere, but she lacks the warmth that LaFlamme brings, not to mention the journalistic chops.
    Lisa also seems to make more of a connection with the audience, and I think people will tune in to watch her as much as the news she covers, the same way many people I know watch Lloyd, not necessarily "the news".
    Hopefully Sandi Rinaldo isn't too disappointed, if she even wanted the job.

  15. Does anyone know what has happened to Heather Hiscox? It seems since they announce Lloyd Robertson's replacement she has disappeared of the air.

    • Cathy….I thought Heather Hiscox was with CBC. Maybe I am mistaken.