Maclean’s test drives the Nissan Leaf electric car

Reporter Chris Sorensen gets behind the wheel of the zero emission Leaf


Read Chris’ article on electric cars vs. hybrids in the Feb. 22 issue of Maclean’s

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Maclean’s test drives the Nissan Leaf electric car

  1. looks fabulous. How fast will it go?

  2. To me the greatest barrier to owning a Leaf is the start-up cost. Even with federal and state rebates, by the time I'm done with taxes and the installation of a quick-charger, the final cost is a prohibitive 30 grand.

    If the price could be lowered to fhe low twenties, I' m game.

  3. 30 grand is more than I' ve ever paid for a car. In fact i've never bought a brand new car, but I'm impatiently waiting for these cars to arrive on the car lots. I'm ready to buy. I spend 400 bucks a month on fuel, that will go a long way to pay my car payment.

  4. Sweet. If I lived in a house, this would be the car that I would own.

  5. Actually base price will be aound $24,000 and government incentives in Ontario are to be around $8,000. As for a charging station at home, all you need is a 220v outlet installed in the garage……same one you alreay have in your kitchen or laundry room for your stove or dryer.

    • Price was released by Nissan today 38395 for the base model and 39995 for the SL package. A bit steep but I will reserve judgement until after my test drive.

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