New Rob Ford video emerges, shows mayor making death threats -

New Rob Ford video emerges, shows mayor making death threats

Mayor threatens murder in video purchased by Toronto newspaper


The Toronto Star has obtained a copy of a video in which a ranting Toronto Mayor Rob Ford yells, punches and threatens to kill someone in an apparent rage.

In the video, Ford paces around a room where he makes death threats towards an unidentified individual, using the words “kill” and “murder.”

“I’m gonna kill that fucking guy. I’m telling you, it’s first-degree murder,” Ford says in the video. He mimes punching motions.

Ford appears to be in a living room in the video. There are pink drapes. An open laptop computer sits on a table, next to a vase of pink lilies. An unidentified individual speaks to Ford from off camera, saying “Mike Tyson” and “these kids are pros, buddy.”

Ford is incoherent at times, referring to “80-year-old birds.”

The Star says that it purchased the video.

Ford spoke to reporters at City Hall just moments after the video was posted at

“Again, I’ve made mistakes. All I can do is assure the people…,” Ford said, trailing off. “I don’t know what to say. I just wanted to come out and tell you that I saw a video. It’s extremely embarrassing. The whole world’s going to see that. I don’t have a problem with that. It’s extremely embarrassing. I don’t know what to say… When you’re in that state…

“Obviously I extremely, extremely inebriated.”

According to a report from Toronto Sun columnist Joe Warmington, an unidentified person also tried to sell the video to his newspaper.

This video is entirely separate from a video that journalists from the Toronto Star and Gawker have reported seeing, in which the mayor appears to smoke crack cocaine. On Oct. 31, Toronto police chief Bill Blair confirmed the video of the mayor smoking something from a pipe did, indeed, exist and that police had retrieved a copy of it.

On Tuesday, Ford admitted that he had smoked crack cocaine, probably while he was in a “drunken stupor” about one year ago. He refuses to step down or take a leave, even as most members of city council urge him to do so.

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New Rob Ford video emerges, shows mayor making death threats

  1. Good. Be gone.

    • Are you kidding? This is the best comedy I’ve seen in decades!

      You shouldn’t urge him to leave at all. You should hand him a crackpipe and ask him to spark up live on CBC television.

      In fact, you could make a regular program on the CBC featuring Rob Ford’s latest stoned escapades. Just think of the ratings potential!

      And just think of all the tourism dollars this will bring to Toronto, when people realize the white stuff falling from the sky isn’t snow.

  2. The only difference between rob ford and any other given politician is that he sucks at keeping shit under wraps.

    • Don’t tar all politicians with the same brush….they aren’t aliens you know. They are your friends and neighbours….people YOU elect.

      • I think it’s extremely fair to tar *almost* all politicians with the same brush – history has proven that over and over and over – regardless of political stripe. Politicians may start out with pure thoughts, but the allure of spending other peoples money, perks from lobby groups, and the feeling of power obviously corrupt over time. Until we say goodbye to a party-based system, and have more direct control or oversight over government I can’t see how this will change.

        • Ancient Greece had absolute direct control over each and every politician….and they still had corruption. It’s part of human nature.

          We’ve also had some very good politicians, great leaders in fact…..sometimes in spite of the citizenry.

          We have no other way of electing representatives than parties….if we can’t get people out to choose amongst 3 people with well-known platforms….we sure won’t get them out to choose amongst a hundred people all with their own platforms.

          • true enough…and as much as we elect them, we should know when to turf them…otherwise, we get what we deserve.

          • That’s difficult…I’d rather rely on elections to remove people.

            If we have a ‘recall-impeach’ mechanism we’ll have people coming and going all the time and we’ll never get anything done!

          • ‘turf them’ was referring to a 2014 election…I wholeheartedly agree re the slippery slope of a ‘recall-impeach’ mechanism.

          • Ahhh total agreement then!

          • British Columbia has a recall mechanism – care to explain that? The guy should be – at minimum – charged with breach of trust. As much as I don’t trust politicians motives – I also don’t trust The Crown and judges who are appointed by pathological liars

          • Why am I supposed to explain lunacy?

            Judges are appointed by the PM….and the Crown is the Queen

          • I’m not exactly sure what you mean by direct control. Nonetheless, the Greeks didn’t have the ability to have mass participation in key governmental decisions, nor did they have arms lengths checks and balances, nor did they have the ability to electronically audit activities, or for that matter have a two-second news cycle, or the Internet. In short, the two situations are not at all comparable.

            I do agree that it’s human nature (which king of obviates your first point :-).

            I stick by my statement about politicians (of all parties, flavours, and backgrounds). A better approach is, IMO, to reduce the power held by so few and have true participatory government by much broader swathes of the population. Probably a pipe dream in my life time.

          • There were very few voters, and most people knew each other. They certainly knew the ‘politicians’….and Greeks took a very big part in running their govt.

            The last thing we need today is more people in there running things.

          • Not more people in there – more direct control and limitations on what government (and specifically) politicians can and can’t do on our behalf. Time to move beyond simple and very ineffective representative government.

          • The urge is always to ‘control’ them….but then you don’t get anything done

            That’s the problem with PR too….’pizza parliaments’…nothing gets done. No definite action is ever taken. Just a lot of arguing.

    • I agree…..If he was part of the cronies that sit on Toronto council none of this would come out.

    • If what you’re alleging is true (albeit with zero proof or details), along with lacking good judgement, he’s also stupid.

    • In that case, I eagerly await the Harper crack videos. Why not? Like Ford, he’s having increasing difficulty “keeping shit under wraps”.

    • How many other politicians are being investigated for gang connections and a murder?

  3. This is what you get from listening too much to Don Cherry.

  4. “I run over a pedestrian on the sidewalk with my SUV” DRUNKEN STUPOR!

    “I burglarised a bank!” DRUNKEN STUPOR!

    I guess we can now throw personal responsability to the wind and start saying we were drunk to get out of bad situations from now on!

    • I believe the the current criminal justice system does, in fact, take state of mind (including inebriation) during the commission of an offense as a mitigating factor in sentencing.

      Ironically, Ford’s own Con friends in Ottawa would eliminate consideration of such factors in their tough on crime agenda. They would jail this crackhead, if convicted, for every offense consecutively, no mitigation allowed.

  5. If you watch the entire video…. not just the shortened clips on news: It appears that Rob Ford is using colorful language to describe how he is going to fight in and win a charity boxing match, not that he is going to actually assault someone..
    Think critically before making assumptions about this.

    • If true why did the he say that instead of offering zero explanation

    • Sure he’s not talking about killing a box of beer?

      • I’ve killed many a box o beer and never been quite that aggressive about it. At least I don’t think so.
        I’ll go home and put it to the test :)

        • Train hard, Grasshopper.

    • I agree. It’s real anger that devolves into a semi-humorous (in “underwear”?) “match” idea. Probably evidence of crack use, however. And let’s remember Lisi beat up a man and woman for the video. That other one.

    • If he’s ranting about a charity boxing match, why is he declaring that no one can call him and his brothers liars? This guy is scary and needs to be taken off the public streets. If this was my son, I would call professionals to help him.

    • Then why act so mortified?

    • It also looks like he’s high as a kite and crazy.

  6. He’s going to arm wrestle Hazel MacCallium in a death match?

  7. That is not a “drunken stupor”. That is a crack high. Drunks stagger and slur, they don’t dance around unable to stop their bodies from moving. And all RoFo can assure the people is that he doesn’t know what to say.

    The rest of us, do, Rob; the rest of us do.

  8. Take an LOA, sir you have a serious problem, u need to take time off. “again, I have made mistakes” how many times do people have to hear that, he really needs help, saying he was extremely intoxicated , to the point of such rage….get help

  9. Chris Farley, you left us too soon. This should have been your moment.

  10. Not a great thing to say, when you’re already being investigated for connections to a murder.

    Especially since a “Tony” is mentioned, and his crack buddy Anthony Smith is the aforementioned murder victim.

  11. Rob Ford has become an embarrassment to all Canadians, especially to the city that he is suppose to represent. He should step down until he can prove himself worthy to the public eye. “What person in their right mind would trust a crack smoking drunkard who carries out threats towards others in a drunken rage?” (and your tax dollars are paying for this?)

  12. As an American use to disgusting politicians it is refreshing and rather sad to see this high as a kite walrus dance around making a complete ass of himself. So much for the notion about Canadians being restrained and in control.

  13. How did this fat hick get voted in? Oh ya it was the clueless people of Toronto, great job people of Toronto. Well done. You are to blame for all this mess. Thanks for embarrassing the whole country.

  14. If Mayor Ford loves this city like he says he does, he would step down and save us any more embarrassment! I except this kind of behaviour from teens growing up not from a gown adult that knows better

  15. Really? You think this is News worthy? The guy gets drunk in someones house and its news. The rest of the public has the same skeletons in their closet. Shame on the Star. A clear violation of privacy.

    Why didn’t the star always say Drunk Mayor looked to be Smoking from a Crack pipe. More sensational to say Mayor smokes crack. Poor dying Newspapers. Your day has passed.

  16. The End

    What Do
    We Do,

    When Our

    Against Us?

    What Do
    We Do,

    When Our

    We Can’t Walk No More?


    Being Broken And Crushed,


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    Doors Are Locked,

    Shades Are Down.

    Only A Matter Of Time ,

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    But.. “Our” Lives.. “Has” An End !

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