Parliamentarian of the Year awards: Baird is the best, Bob is the best orator

Text and photos by Mitchel Raphael


The fourth annual Parliamentarians of the Year awards saw Transport Minister John Baird take the top prize at a special reception in 200 West Block. The other winners were NDP MP Peter Stoffer for Most Collegial, Tory MP Ted Menzies for Hardest Working, Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe for Most Knowledgeable, Bloc MP Robert Bouchard for Best Represents His Constituents, Tory MP Kelly Block for Rising Star and Liberal MP Bob Rae for Best Orator.


Parliamentarian of the Year awards: Baird is the best, Bob is the best orator

  1. Did Baird even show up? I see no pictures of him. Mind you, after the shameful juvenile behaviour at the Ethics Committee hearing yesterday, I'm not surprised.

    • Sorry to ruin your cheapshot (speaking of shameful juvenile behaviour) but there are two photos of him accepting his trophy four rows up from the bottom.

      • What cheap shot? He was a disgrace to our government and his office yesterday at the Ethics Committee.

        • You probably have a point about his behaviour in committee but it's still cheap and petty (sad and pathetic may be more accurate) to take a swipe at him over the apparent lack of a photo of him showing up to accept an award when he could have very well had a valid reason not to be there (like government business). Maybe you disagree, but that's my opinion.

          • Cheap shots often backfire.

          • Given that Baird showed up at the awards with his mother and sister – it is fair to assume he knew in advance that he won. In which case it makes his contrived appearance at committee earlier that day even more petty – knowing full well the coverage he would subsequently get and his feting that evening.

            Cheap shots beget cheap shots. I'm surprised no one in the media, Macleans especially, haven't called him out on this.

  2. If Kelly Block is a rising star, I'm a damned asteroid.

  3. What a waste of paper and time.

  4. I'm from Saskatchewan, who is Kelly Block and where is she from?

    • Hello Incredible. Have you met google? I thought you two should meet.

  5. what's with 3 Tories getting awards but only Boob Rae stands up or I should say opens his mouth for the LPT? – what's with that ?

    • What`s with calling him Boob, what`s with that?

  6. Surely Baird getting best parliamentarian is a joke. Unless "Best parliamentarian" means "best-at-defending-the-indefensible-by-saying-it's-all-the-Liberals'-fault-because-they-hate-Canada-and-love-the-terrorists-and-prefer-to-keep-Canadians-barricaded-in-their-homes-in-fear-because-Liberals-love-criminals-and-hate-safety."

  7. Baird is Parliamentarian of the year? This magazine is a joke.

  8. Old Bobby gets "Windbag of the Year" Award- stiff, stiff competition – congrats

  9. Is any of our MPs deserving of an award? No, they're members of the HoC … House of Clowns…

  10. John Baird, parliamentarian of the year…
    What a delicious piece of satire, congratulations Macleans.

  11. Ah, look at Maclean's boss – hanging out with Tories…hm……

  12. If Macleans were a real magazine, I would find Baird's award a sign of the apocalypse and the collapse of all reason. But luckily, it's not and I don't. But I WOULD give back my award, if I were Bob Rae.

  13. John Baird comes across as an over bearing bully, constantly shouting people down. He should have got an award for the least attractive member of Parliament

  14. One sick magazine to feature barely human Baird this way …who had votes?

  15. Macleans needs some risk-management in place and some journalistic refresher courses!

    Give the schoolyard missie a baby soother and get him off the taxpayer-funded MP Welfare–$276,000 for this disgusting show of an arrogant ape's histrionic hormonal imbalance!

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