Paul Gross, Laureen Harper and a pack of Twizzlers -

Paul Gross, Laureen Harper and a pack of Twizzlers


Heritage Minister James Moore hosted Ottawa’s premiere of Gunless, starring Paul Gross, at the Museum of Civilization. Below (left to right): Laureen Harper, Heritage Minister James Moore and Paul Gross.


Laureen Harper offers Justin Trudeau some Twizzlers.


Heritage Minister James Moore


Treasury Board president Stockwell Day and Gunless producer Niv Fichman.


Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose.


(Left to right) Evan Solomon of CBC’s Power & Politics and Liberal MP Justin Trudeau.


Peter Kent, Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas).


Minister of Natural Resources Christian Paradis.


The beef.




Paul Gross, Laureen Harper and a pack of Twizzlers

  1. I was there. Christian Paradis ate about 12 beef sandwiches when he thought no one was looking. he also had mustard all over his sleeve.

    • His assistant then ordered public servants to redact 11 of the sandwiches.

    • So, what's your point?

  2. Gunless is a perfect example of why the government shouldn't fund arts; it is tired, predictable Canadiana based on a few false premises and panders unbelievably to political correctness and therefore government money and leftist pundit approval.

    Canadian firearm ownership up until recently exceeded American firearm ownership. As for lawlessness being American and bad and a relic of the 19th century, we in Canada in the year 2010 don't bother even charging white collar criminals and many people here think it is wrong to punish for crimes. Our capital, Ottawa, was arguably the most lawless and most violent town in North America for many years largely because it didn't even have a police force (see Shiner Wars). When the police did arrest somebody the mob often broke them out of jail. It is doubtful there was ever a more lawless town east of the Mississippi in 19th century America.

    Ahistorical grant grubbing crap aiming to nurture the unearned smugness of the Canadian left is about as attractive as that tacky, tacky, tacky chav Burberry pattern tie Justin is wearing, which is to say not very much.

    • One could describe Avatar as "tired, predictable… based on a few false premises and panders unbelievably to political correctness and… leftist pundit approval" so the government and the free market seem to agree quite well on what a successful movie is.

      • Agreed, it's just that Canadian government funded "art" has that extra layer of Canadiana kitsch. See Doug Coupland's War of 1812 sculpture: while not directly funded by the government, he's got his nose in the snout.

  3. James Moore, broad side of a barn, beef.

    "Canada's trinity."

  4. pssssttttt………Does Loreen and the Harper gang know that Paul Gross thinks we should keep the gun registry?

    He said – can the (referring to the $1 billion) – can it be recouped? The answer was no – so he said then it is wasted if the registry is not kept.

    psssttt…..don't tell Loreen as she may tell Harper and then the Con gang will work to ruin Gross' career .

    • What makes Gross any more of an expert on this than you oe me? The fact he's an actor doesn't make his view significant so why report it?

      • Because I wanted to. Remember, even actors have a right to an opinion.