Peter MacKay “rescued” from fishing lodge

Search and rescue helicopter used to scoop defence minister up from vacation spot


One of Newfoundland’s three search and rescue helicopters was used to pick Defence Minister Peter MacKay up from a private fishing lodge last July, CTV reports. MacKay’s office says the trip was used as a demonstration of the fleet’s search and rescue capabilities. Military sources say no demonstration was planned until MacKay requested the lift. The story comes one week after it was reported that Gen. Walter Natynczyk used a government jet to meet his family on a Caribbean vacation.

CTV News

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Peter MacKay “rescued” from fishing lodge

  1. Given the age & general repair of our rescue fleet, is it safer to fish with Peter MacKay or duck hunt with Dick Cheney?

  2. Not many people believe anything Peter McKay says. I guess it’s because he sold out the PC party to the extremist Reformers.

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