RCMP deputy commissioner tells of Elliott’s “abuse”

Raf Souccar says next commissioner should be a police officer


Raf Souccar, the RCMP deputy commissioner who complained to federal authorities about Commissioner William Elliott, testified today to a standing committee on public safety about his boss’s abusive behaviour. Elliott, the RCMP’s first civilian appointed to commissioner, announced last Friday that he would step down at the end of this summer, after numerous complaints about his management style and treatment of officers. Among the deputy commissioner’s grievances was Elliott’s tendency to criticize officers publicly, while Souccar tried to deal with internal issues privately. Souccar said there was little doubt that the next RCMP commissioner should be a police officer, not a civilian, and “will have to be a strong leader who can rally the troops, someone everyone can believe in and support.” He also called for changes to the RCMP Act that would allow a swifter discipline process.


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RCMP deputy commissioner tells of Elliott’s “abuse”

  1. Recent snivelling comments by senior officers on Mr. Elliott's leadership make it abundantly clear that there continues to be a severe shortage of character within the central senior management of the RCMP.

  2. Most of the senior management cadre who Elliott had to deal with were hand-picked by former Commissioner Zaccardelli who turned and spurned the tide of reforms started by the Commissioner who preceded him, Comm. Phil Murray.

    As much as Count Iggy would like to claim Elliott, a Harper appointee, contributed to the problems rather than solving them, the truth of the matter is Chretien picked Zaccardelli whose loyalty to Da Pett Gar never wavered.

  3. They closed ranks and bullied him out the door. The next Guy will be an RCMP and nothing will change. They put Elliot in to clean up the stench that Zaccardelli left behind.

    The RCMP acts like a quasi facist regime. A Canadian RC/KGB. A tool of the Government. They won't get any respect until they start to Serve and Protect the people..

    I think the next guy should be a Senior Ex Military MP and clean house of the rotting deadwood and maybe they can gain back some respect.

    • I nominate Rick Hillier! Let's see them try to pscrew him!

  4. The RCMP needs a complete clean up starting with management. Many people have stated they have no respect nor would they assist them in their line of duty. We have all heard of the tasering going on by the RCMP. Action verified or caught on video and all the offending discusting RCMP police get is suspension with FULL pay. In BC they have tasered a recent immigrant fro Poland to death, a 16 year old handcuffed girl while in custody. On ef ftheir officers hit and killed a person while DUI and left the scene and all he was charged with was obstruction of justice. This same RCMP officer was responsible for tasering the polish immigrant at Vancouver airport. If this RCMP officer was not hired in the first place TWO PEOPLE would be alive now. He is now enjoying full pay without working. I find this discusting and revolting. I have no respect for the RCMP or any other police force.

  5. I no longer respect the RCMP.

  6. There is something wrong within the force and it is not just Elliot. I think some of these Officers are a bunch of whiney babies. Oh he yelled at me! Oh he didn't treat me tenderly! The fact is there has been enough scandal in the RCMP for many years and the force has lost its credibility. I think the membership did not want a civilian leader and so did everything they could to push him out.

  7. I think the new top cop should be a mountie. Given the RCMP's vast mandate and being geographically spread out across the 2nd largest country in the world, there is no other police force like the mounties. From big city policing in Vancouver, to rural and First Nations policing to Organized Crime, and National Security it takes someone from within to run the organization.

    • Perhaps the RCMP should give up being the primary police force in various provinces. They should focus on their federal responsibities perhaps.

  8. The so-called senior staff of the RCMP are the main problem, not Elliott. The RCMP are a corrupt organization and have been since the days of interference from fancy pants Trudeau. The whining and crying from "senior" staff is pathetic. The nepotism, cronyism, and corruption encrusted within the RCMP is like a disease and likely will never be changed because thats the prevailing culture, and has been for about 40 years. I applaud Mr. Elliott for at least trying to clean up the mess, but cleaning up an institutionalized culture of corruption that exists within the upper echelon of the RCMP is almost impossible because the senior staff are quite happy with the way things are.

  9. It's a pleasure to hear from so many uninformed individuals. Most of you should follow "If you have nothing good to say perhaps say nothing". Walk a mile in all their shoes, then you may be qualified to make a constructive comment !!

  10. apparently our rcmp is not the rcmp we once knew…this idea needs to be totally replaced by a new idea, a new league of people who can be trusted…we need to get back to basics upholding laws, protecting citizens, and respect of the law but presently we need a total overhaul,…what has been revealed in this tirade is… elliot was a mirror of the rcmp and they did not like what they saw…themselves. so now first off rebuild the force to avoid anymore hurts deaths and such to both sides of the equation… the civilians and those who enforce the laws…respect and morale building should be the basis (now with these comments i probably will receive another ten speeding tickets!) yes its true! spoke with another person who also made remarks on the net and yep!…speeding tickets! otherwise called entrapment

  11. The police are hired to protect us. Have you seen the videos lately. Who is protecting us from the police.
    Our gov. is slowly working at disarming its citizens, while the criminals will always have guns. I think it is a mistake to solely rely on our police force for protection. It has been proven, that when citizens are allowed to arm themselves, violent crime decreases. The criminals don't know who may be armed. You would think twice about breaking into a house if you knew you were going to be looking down the barrel of a shotgun or rape a women if you thought she may have a gun in her purse.

  12. I have always respected the RCMP and always will. I have a problem though with members that abuse their authority or bring discredible conduct to the force. These members should be dealt with and swiftly for the good of the force, for the government and for public relations. Having someone in control that understands policing issues would be good. The RCMP is no place for bureaucrat that has no police experience. That is like making a mechanic in charge of a hospital emergency ward.

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