Trudeau backtracks on honour killings remark

Liberal MP had expressed reservations about Conservatives labeling the killings “barbaric”


Montreal Liberal MP Justin Trudeau apologized on Tuesday for criticizing Conservatives’ use of the word “barbaric” to describe honour killings. Trudeau’s misgivings about the word rose to the forefront of the debate over changes to the federal government Discover Canada guide aimed at immigrants seeking citizenship. Ottawa added a passage to the guide to inform readers “Canada’s openness and generosity do not extend to barbaric cultural practices that tolerate spousal abuse, ‘honour killings,’ female genital mutilation, forced marriage or other gender-based violence.” In an interview with a local radio station, Trudeau said he was “uncomfortable” with the description. Conservatives were quick to pounce on the remark, leading Trudeau to backtrack on his criticism. “Perhaps I got tangled in semantic weeds in my comments, particularly in view of the Conservatives’ cynicism on these issues,” he wrote in an email to Postmedia News. “I want to make clear that I think the acts described are heinous, barbaric acts that are totally unacceptable in our society.”

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Trudeau backtracks on honour killings remark

  1. What is it with the Liberlas shooting them selves in both feet lately : first we have Iggy coming out and SUPPORTING taxpayer monies for NHL Arenas and now we have the heir apparent shooting the other foot = we have to look at practises that are so abhorent that Barbarism is fully justifed as a term – then when we admit it we can start to do something about it – we should capitalize this on our Immigration forms and make it very clear and I mean VERY CLEAR to each and every immigrant to our country that Sharia Law, Honour Killings, Forced arranged marriages, female circumcision and ALL OTHE PRIMITIVE and DESPICABLE cultural practise are NEVER justified NOR accepted in canada …, case closed and period : What are the Liberals thinking the last few days … I don't get it = First Iggy is telling one and all that supports taxpayer monies for NHL Arenas and now this ???????

    • Dude, I agree. In fact, why don't you go and stop every dark-skinned person you see and repeat to them exactly what you said here – speak extra loud in the places where you used ALL CAPS. For the good of the country, I mean.

    • "What is it with the Liberals shooting themselves in both feet lately"…. Desperation! Incompetence! Entitlement! Hatred! The inability of the media to shape the Liberal narrative and manipulate the electorate.

  2. Liberal's true hatreds are revealed by what they'll excuse, such as 'honour' killings, in order to criticize people who don't agree with their fascist-with-a-smile ideology.
    The Trudeau boy should go back to indoctrinating children in the classroom – his intellect would be more suited to that environment, and a few of them might even believe his crap.

    • Right. He backtracked because he supports the right to kill your sister. It's so obvious. All those years he's been pushing the charter …man do i feel duped.

  3. When a Liberal apologizes, the subject is droppe,
    when a Conservative apologizes a special committee is set up for interogation, and deemed URGENT business.

    • That's not so bad for your side, wilson.

      In this instance, think of it as a lightweight engaging tongue before brain was out of neutral. His opinion never really deserved a whole lot of attention in the first place. He can apologize or not, that's fine. We can ignore him, that's better.

      • Right, he's a lightwieght because you didn't like his dad. That's the sort of braindead linkage i'd expect from Wilson, not from you. And i think he was wrong to backtrack.[ although i wish he taken my objection, not his ] The insertion does nothing to forbid practises that have always been forbidden in this country.[ and i mean before the charter too] The semantics belong to the cons in this instance. It's an edict to forbid practises that are already forbidden – cheap,tawdry, crappy demagogic politics at its worst.
        Or has there been a verifiable documented rash of honour killings that can justify such a measure…i doubt it.

        • No, he's a lightweight because he's a lightweight. We may still be trying to recover from some of the damage perp'ed by his dad, but that's not Justin's fault.

          Or has there been a verifiable documented rash of honour killings that can justify such a measure

          Such a measure as calling honour killings and forced marriages and spousal abuse and genital mutilation barbaric? How many must there be in a year before you would be willing to use the adjective? My number is zero or more. Frequency does not modify barbarity.

          • We'll see if he's a lightweight in time, i think your wrong. Although i doubt he'll ever be the force his father was.

            My point is they were already illegal. If you[ and the CPC] want o make the case that's not enough of a deterrent then provide some evidence that these practises are becoming more commonplace. But backing up their crime is rampant everywhere rubbish with actual verifiable evidence is not exactly this govt's strong suit. If there's no case to be made that these barbaric practises are on the rise amongst new immigrants[ i haven't seen any evidence to support that] then this is simply fearmongering.

        • I'm not sure why honour killings deserve special distinction, either. If a non-'New Canadian' murders his wife or daughter, is that somehow LESS horrific? And, last time I checked, men who kill their wives or daughters go to prison, regardless of their cultural background.

          • Why, next you'll be expecting the Conservatives to do something about domestic violence even when Canadians by birth commit it.

          • What? Did they remove that from the Criminal Code when no one was watching?

          • GBS…they deserve special distinction because in several cultures around the world honor killings are acceptable. I think it is reasonable to mention them in our only Guidebook for newcomers who wish to be Canadian citizens that such behavior is illegal here despite its acceptance in their home country.

            For example, our criminal law now also lists attacks on homosexuals as a hate crime. By extrapolating your argument, would you argue that such protection be removed because attacks on homosexuals are similar in nature to those on heterosexuals (ie being mugged)? Both attacks may cause bodily harm and/or death, but they are listed as distinct offenses partly because they have very distinct origins.

          • Those same cultures that permit honour killings also permit attacks on homosexuals, and in some cases killings. Why no mention in the book? Little selective aren't you? All kinds of cultural practises all over the world are abhorrent – why are we singling out muslims in our guide book?[ please note i have not implied honour killings et al., are not abhorrent.]

          • Why do you assume the guide book picks on muslims? It is about cultures that are based on shame and honour rather that guilt – right and wrong.

            "An angry father who disapproved of his daughter seeing a boy of a lower Sri Lankan caste has pleaded guilty to running them over with his van as they sat across from a Scarborough high school."

          • Oh please!!!

          • Dude, killing while Muslim is extra extra bad!

    • A Conservative apologized? When, exactly?

      One of the big problems many (me included) have with the present government is their unwillingness to EVER admit to a mistake or back down. THAT'S why we have to have committees.

  4. Backtrack, lol!!! Kinda blew up in his face more like it. Even Kinsella dissed him for it!!!

  5. What does Trudeau have against Barbarians? What's with his racist Barbarian bashing? Is he Barbariophobic?

  6. Way to miss the point Justin. You were right IMO to object, but not on those highly inadvisable grounds. What were you thinking? I guess you weren't!

  7. The Peter McKay of the Liberals, for pretty much the same reasons.

  8. This guy has a lot of pluff, very little substance.

  9. ''Barbaric'' is like the word ''terrorist'' always used for the other but never for us even when we deserve it. AH! And by the way, ''honour'' killings are disgustings first degree murders, period.

  10. Trudeau's mistake was responding to the CPC criticism as if it was honest. the proper reply was:

    "This is a deliberate misrepresentation of my position in order to gain poltical points – and made on the backs of new Canadians to boot. I think the CPC owes an apology, but we won't see one."

  11. "He is the Paris Hilton of Canadian politics – famous because of his parents, not because of anything he achieved."

    You don't know what you're talking about. There's at least one decent macleans interview with him that discusses many of these issues – i suggest you read it if you can bring yourself to. As for the expectations piled on him on him by Trudeau sychophants – that's their problem, not his .Is it his fault he has a recognisable name? Give the guy a break. He could have chosen a gimme seat but elected to battle a tough bloc opponent and won on merit. He wont fill his father's shoes but that's no sin. If he makes a useful contribution to Canadian politics that'll be enough.

    • sure, if he makes a useful contribution, then great.

      but i dont think even he thinks he would be where he is today if it were not for his last name. it's true he didnt choose his father, but he chose to run for politics, where it was pretty obvious his last name would carry huge weight.

      even Pierre-Elliott was not an MP at Justin's age.

      you're clearly a Justin groupie. good for you. he's still an inexperienced buffoon whose only claim to fame is his dad.

      • What's clear about my being a groupie? I barely know any more about the guy then you do – which is clearly nada, yet you "know" he's a buffoon. The only thing i know i share with him is an interest in the environment. No interest in going to his blog, facebook or whatever.
        It really amuses me how political hatreds are often a generational thing with some people – although not me. It simply wouldn't occur to me to despise Mackay because of his fathers background – just on his proven record as an incompetent and someone whose word you wouldn't want to rely on, no matter what he had signed.

        • i was only a kid when PET was prime minister. i dont really have strong opinions on him, but Im aware of the damage he did to this country, although Im aware he also did some good.

          and i dont despise JT either. I just think he's a loser who's running for political office based on his last name.

          he cares about the environment? great, so does every stupid hippy and 12 yo girl. im still unimpressed.

          • Guess it's up to him to prove you wrong.

            Ah well it's good to know where you stand on the environment then.

          • i didnt state where I stood on the environment, i suggested that it is essentially meaningless for a politician to boast about 'caring for the environment'.

  12. I'd be insulted beyond words if I were a new Canadian trying to immigrate and the first thing Jason Kenney thinks I don't know is that it's illegal to kill my chiildren.

    Change that guide immediately.

    • Tell that to the girls who were drowned by their father for dating. Or the girl who was buried alive in her backyard for refusing to wear a niqab.

      I'm sure they're mighty insulted right now.

      • See, what is accomplished here besides creating the impression among the ignorant that these "other races" are "barbaric" peoplles who need special attention before they can truly be Canadian?

    • whats the t stand for ? tit head ——- LOSER

      • not hellpin', dude.

        • this particular thread is a microcosym of insight into the next federal election…….one single, strident, tunnel visioned Liberal bleeding-heart……..and umpteen average Canadians fed up with all the PC crap and the justifications for it…….gonna be a great campaign ;)

          • yawn.

          • so good to see a witty, insightful, lucid reply Mike…….do you write for Justin??

    • If I was leaving such a miserable society and setting foot on the shores of the Great White North, I would be RELIEVED that finally my family and I have found a place where people are treated properly — one of the many reasons I was in a hurry to find some place, any place, besides the backwards-world we had just fled.

      If I am annoyed that I just got told I can't stab my wife to death for telling me to pick up my own friggin' bloomers, well, maybe I landed in the wrong country.

      • But Kenney thinks you DON'T know this because of your barbaric culture and need to be told. That's why it's in the materials citizens need to study to become citizens.

        Apparently, you didn't immigrate BECAUSE you are coming to a country where murder is illegal, you need to be told.

        • If you're correct, that Kenney believes newcomers need to be told because they don't know this, he has done a miserable job. If you're correct, we should be flashing billboards at the Customs gates.

          It's a single sentence in a big book. It's correct and accurate and REASSURING. So relax, already.

          • I think you mean if the impression left by the words used by KENNEY are correct. If I'M correct, he needs to be replaced as immigration minister.

            I don't find it reassuring, I find it prejudicial. Like saying to new arrivals from Africa "now remember not to boil people in a pot and eat them, OK"

          • As to Kenney, yeah I think I could have been clearer. So let me try again: Basically, if you are right and Kenney really believes it's a huge deal, then he is failing as a minister for NOT plastering billboards and requiring announcements on the plane, etc. But you're not right. It's not a huge deal, except to be a reassurance to those who will welcome the reassurance, a warning to those who need the warning, and a single word ("barbaric") that will neither surprise nor inflame everybody else.

            Your comparison of what really goes on in many countries with a bizarre and racist caricature that does not go on in others, is, well, weird.

            So I repeat: Relax, already.

  13. Oh how lovely to see the Liberal party imploding yet again……isn't this discussion in semantics better suited for the Ivy League Iggy? The fact is that Justin and and his entire bleeding-heart legions had better make sure to not offend the "naturalized Canadian" vote………it's the only hope they ever have to grasp power again!!

  14. Oh it's too late for you, no doubt.

  15. Wrong fight at the wrong time Justin. 2011 isn't the time for a nuanced discussion about the use of words in this context.

    The acts mentioned are incompatible with a healthy society. Whether they are described as barbaric or unacceptable, they are words that take different routes to reach the same conclusion… which cannot be described in a 5-10 second byte.

    • healthy society – as in a healthy society in the Western context (tried to edit for cultural relativism but the comment system seems very wonky…)

  16. It’s the moral relativism that irks me. The same people who never miss a chance to fulminate about those evil social-conservative rednecks out West suddenly come down with laryngitis (and paternalistic racism?) when someone with brown skin expresses religious intolerance or misogyny that is several orders of magnitude beyond even the most hidebound Albertan.

    • You'll be pleased to learn that isn't happening.

      • Yeah, you'd think we didn't have laws against this sort of thing, not to mention a charter.

    • How did this morph into another "wah, poor me, I'm a picked-on Westerner" discussion?

  17. Oh I assume he wasn't. But I also don't think he doesn't believe the practices aren't objectionable and the CPC doesn't either.

  18. Comparing him to Paris Hilton is so hilarious! He is not blond, is he? Sorry blondies, no insult intended.

    • No he is "HOT", hahaha

  19. I would appreciate a national Maclean's survey on precisely what Canadian "values" are.

    Each political party claims its own vested ownership of "Canadian Values", but in fact some of what have been proclaimed as our values have been shoved down our throats the past couple of generations.

    What, precisely, ARE the main "Canadian Values"? Is "Striving for Excellence" among them? "Efficiency"? "Value for tax money collected/spent"? We are supposedly a society of laws – but our court system is an absolute sclerotic mess. Please, Maclean's – put together a survey among Canadians inviting all to rank our values.

  20. Trudeaus kid proving once again that he has the intellectual capacity of a fart, and that one unhinged, warped Trudeau was more then enough for the country to choke on.

  21. His father would have said the same thing.

    Chip off the old block head.

  22. <div id="idc-comment-msg-div-135217331" class="idc-message"><a class="idc-close" title="Click to Close Message" href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(135217331)"><span>Close Message</span> Comment posted. <p class="idc-nomargin"><a class="idc-share-facebook" target="_new" href="http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww2.macleans.ca%2F2011%2F03%2F15%2Ftrudeau-backtracks-on-honour-killings-remark%2F%23commenting#IDComment135217331&t=I%20just%20commented%20on%20Trudeau%20backtracks%20on%20honour%20killings%20remark%20-%20Need%20to%20know%20-%20Macleans.ca&quot; style="text-decoration: none;"><span class="idc-share-inner"><span>Share on Facebook</span></span> or <a href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(135217331)">Close MessageIt is fairly clear that Trudeau was concerned with the juxtaposition of culture and barbaric not because the acts are not barbaric but rather because the phasing appears to have been fairly close to the practices of barbaric cultures. I am well aware so of you scream "what pc nonsense" while reading the above. I am a far cry from being politically correct but I do believe in being politically honest. I think Canada is the greatest country on the planet, and having traveled a bit, I even think the culture associated with the Canadian mosaic is the most appealing I have seen. (others do have better food though). That said, I am fairly certain Canada leads the world in hockey coaches molesting young boys and in the tasering to death of non-English speaking visitors for not speaking English. Indeed for a wealthy country with the greatest wealth of fresh water on the planet, more Canadian drink crap than any other developed country. This last bit is apparently not a big deal, since Walkerton most of those affected are not of European descent so no biggy

    So I understand and appreciate what JT was talking about even if it was politically naive to raise it. Frankly, I think we all would rather a politician at least start with sincere intentions. (Recall that cuddly little conservative Harper who was going to make nasty government spending smaller!)

  23. Gaffs aside, and contrary to what Iggy says ( 'a killing, is a killing, is a killing' ) a killing is not just a killing. Killing is judged on a scale which extends from 1st degree, to 2nd degree, to manslaughter. The heart of this issue is the government's move to counter any possible defence from a position of culturally relativism by clearly defining honour killings as 1st degree murder.

    • That fake position was invented to justify a CPC's speculation there should be extra legal penalties for killing your child if you're a muslim – as if it wasn't horrible enough already!

  24. The mindless Canuckistanis, despite huge protestations to the contrary, are very, very jealous of the Americans and their phoney 'Camelot' and want very badly their own dynasty, hence the love affair with this clown and his daddy. Forget his father was a raving spoiled commie, remember, his mommy's blood is coarsing through those veins and everyone knows what a loon she is. Even the left can't be that dumb—can they?

  25. Who in the LPC executive let Trudeau Jr. out without his minder?

  26. Trudeaus kid is a reeeaaalll Munson. The turd doesn't fall too far away from the bum.

  27. Anyone who pays any attention to turdeau turds are desperate for an idol, again! Anyhow, I see need for a DNA test! lol

  28. While Muslims are the ones that come first to mind for many when they read of honour killings, they aren't the only ones known to engage in this practice.

    As for Justin's comment, I think he was objecting to the use of the term "barbaric" as unnecessarily provocative language for a government handbook. That's not at all the same as saying it is not barbaric [it clearly is].

    You can indicate something is wrong and unacceptable without getting in someone's face about it (which is what you're doing when you accuse someone as being barbaric). Clarity does not require a lack of tact.

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