Two leaders at Press Gallery dinner and no speeches


Only two party leaders—Jack Layton and Elizabeth May—showed up at the 2008 Press Gallery dinner this year. Neither gave a speech. Layton attended with his MP wife, Olivia Chow below.



Liberal MP Justin Trudeau with May.


Trudeau and Tory Labour Minister Rona Ambrose.


NDP MP Niki Ashton (left) with Susan Riley, an Ottawa Citizen columnist.


Riley with Ambrose.


Transsexual artist/writer Nina Arsenault (left) with NDP MP Libby Davies.


The CBC’s Rick Mercer asked Arsenault why she doesn’t accept his Facebook friend requests. Arsenault gets up to 500 requests a day and looks only at the first 100. She added him on the spot at the dinner.


Arsenault with Alykhan Velshi, an aide to Immigartion Minister Jason Kenney, and Krista Erickson, a reporter with the CBC.


Thomas Mulcair, the NDP’s deputy leader.


A Quebec performer impersonates Mulcair.



Two leaders at Press Gallery dinner and no speeches

  1. Trudeau and Ambrose actually look good together.
    But can someone make Krista Erickson go away?! Her fake tan is disgusting. What a joke of a reporter she is. Didn’t she used to be covering Ottawa politics and is now out of the of the loop ?

    • Dear Angelina

      I find your posted comment about Krista Erickson very offensive. Krista is not going away and I have grown tired of bloggers posting abusive comments about my daughter. She does not have a fake tan and is not a joke of a reporter. It is particularly repulsive considering my husband and Krista’s father recently passed away before Christmas after a long battle with cancer. He hung on until Krista’s name was cleared and then said he could now go as she had been vindicated. He died only a few days later. Save your abuse for yourself and don’t inflict it on others that you know nothing about.

      • Bravo, Dee …… somone in your corner…

        There is a lot of envy out there …..

      • Considering she is datign a politician, it is obvious she didn't absorb "conflict of interest" while in journalism school, and hten allowing herself to be designated as alternate traveller on the politicians flights, she should have requested a transfer from Ottawa political bureau.

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