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What’s up with primates


1. From our monkey-annoyance labs: monkeys hate flying squirrels. (from @davidreevely and many others, thx).

2. A Laurie Santos TED talk on monkey irrationality (thanks @alisonloat)

3. Orangutans are extremely lazy

4. Via MR: Werner Herzog reads Curious George.

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What’s up with primates

  1. Long ago in a land and far away there was once a particularly fearsome form of primate.

    [youtube SESI19h4wDo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SESI19h4wDo youtube]

    The monkeys simply resent that someone has what they once had and have now lost.

    Canadians should be careful about such monkeys cause as Wells has shown us… what happens in Oz can happen here as well.

  2. I will be going to watch my Planet of the Apes box set tonight. Not for entertainment, but to prepare for the future.

  3. And yet, these are the drunken creatures we want to replace Statistics Canada with!

  4. While Andrew carries on about the imminent threat represented by primates, Feschuk the oncoming robot menace, I fear we're ignoring the real danger to the continued flourishing of human society: dolphins. Let's get our priorities straight here people.

  5. O M G! An entire blog post? One lousy comment, ONE, and primates are everywhere in my life.

    Raging Ranter, this is low. Cruel. Kinda freaky.

    • Perhaps it's an omen, telling you it's time for a career change; time to let your inner primatologist cut loose.

      Jenn – the Fourth Angel.

  6. Orangutans are extremely lazy.


  7. Have you ever seen the Ricky Gervais animated show? 'Cause the headline here shouldn't be "What's up with primates"… this is TOTALLY "Monkey News"!

  8. Potter, I think there is an As It Happens editor reading your blog, because in the last week two of these stories (lazy monkeys; monkeys vs. squirrels) have been covered on the show.