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1. Where can I download the Maclean’s Mobile App?
    The Maclean’s Mobile app for iPhone and iPod Touch is available for download from the Apple App Store direct from your device by searching for “Maclean’s” or via your computer by visiting: 2. How much does the Maclean’s Mobile App cost? The Maclean’s Mobile App is free to download. The app does require a valid Wi-Fi or 3G connection to work so standard carrier charges do apply. For questions regarding data use, please call your service provider. 3. What content will be on the Maclean’s Mobile App? It has all the same great content as the web designed for the most elegant and optimal experience for an iPhone or iPod Touch. Top Stories, Blogs, Need to Knows, and Photos are just some of the features you will have access to using this app. 4. What is the Offline Content Feature? The Maclean’s Mobile App allows users to download select categories of content to their iPhone or iPod Touch while connected to either 3G or Wi-Fi to then access when not connected. 5. How do I use the Offline Content Feature? To do this, users who have downloaded the app can access the Offline Content area by scrolling down to the bottom of the Top Stories tab. Tapping on the Offline Content option at the bottom will bring users to the right area. Users will then have to toggle the On/Off button either enable or disable this feature. The default for this feature is Off. Once enabled, all new content received to the app will download for offline enjoyment. 6. How do I change the text size of the articles on this application? When reading an article, you can find the Text Size Change button in the bottom navigation. To change the text size, tap on the button to bring up the increase and decrease options. You can increase or decrease the text size by two magnitudes in either direction from the default. Once you have changed the text size, tap on the text size button or tap on the article to hide the options. The changes you have made to the text size will be saved as your preference for all reading in the app until you decide to modify it again. 7. How do I use the Save feature in the application? You can mark articles or galleries for viewing at a later time by tapping Save button in the bottom navigation bar. Once tapped, the button will change from Save to Unsave. You can find all saved articles in the Saved tab on your application. To remove saved items from your list, either tab the Unsave button in the article or gallery or visit the Saved Tab and either swipe or tap Edit in the top right to delete the item. 8. How long do Saved articles remain in the Saved tab? Saved articles will remain in your Saved tab until they are removed from the list manually. In order to remove items, you must tap on the Edit button at the top right and then delete items in the list. Or you can swipe the item you wish to remove from the list and confirm removal. 9. I am having problems with my application, what should I do? You might want to make sure that you are accessing the app from a fresh start and not a multi-tasking state. To do this, double-click the Home button on your device to access all of the apps you are multi-tasking. Scroll right and left to find the Maclean’s Mobile App. Tap and hold on the app until the Remove Badge appears. Remove the app. Find the Maclean’s Mobile App on your device and tap on it to start a fresh session with the application. If you continue to have problems, you can report them via the Feedback area in the app found at the bottom of the Top Stories tab or by emailing 10. How do I send suggestions or feedback for this app? You can share articles from the issue with friends via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook. You can go to the Feedback area in the app which is found at the bottom of the Top Stories tab on the app to email General Feedback or Application Improvements.

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Completely redesigned and developed to improve your mobile news experience, Maclean’s Mobile let’s you take all of the in-depth analysis from both Macleans magazine and with you when you’re on the move. Download it now or visit the App Store and search “Macleans”.


The Maclean’s app for iPad is available on the App Store