A bit of background on Mario Beaulieu - Macleans.ca

A bit of background on Mario Beaulieu

His Société-Saint-Jean-Baptiste seems quite fond of xenophobes


Lawyer Stephane Handfield, left, speaks to reporters at a press conference in Montreal Monday, Feb., 2, 2009 with Mario Beaulieu, President of the Societe Saint-Jean-Bapiste de Montreal, centre, and Bloc Quebecois MP Thierry St-Cyr. Handfield, a francophone lawyer. (Graham Hughes/CP)

So Mario Beaulieu, president of Montreal’s Société-Saint-Jean-Baptiste, is peeved at how during the election, “Anglophone media in Quebec and Canada multiplied accusations of xenophobia and all sorts of other slanderous insinuations towards sovereignists and defenders of French.” Let’s put aside the tar-brush generalization of “Anglophone media”—we aren’t all the same, Mario—and the fact that he didn’t cite a single example of Anglo media’s supposed overindulgences in his letter. Rather, let’s have a look at the recent past of the organization that is making these accusations.

In 2006, the SSJB hosted Fleurdelix et Les Affreux Galois, a band with ties to the “Rock identitaire français” movement. Two of its members, Jonathan Stack and Simon Cadieux, are former members of a band called Trouble Makers, which was on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of known white power rock bands.

Fleurdelix et Les Affreux Galois played the SSJB’s headquarters on Sherbrooke Street at the behest of François Gendron, then the SSJB’s youth wing president. Gendron has longtime ties with noted Front de Libération du Quebec member and convicted murderer Raymond Villeneuve.

In the crowd that sweaty night was Cédric Tremblay, guilty in 2003 of spray-painting racist graffiti on Baie D’Urfé’s city hall, as well as Daniel Laverdière, who in 2003 was sentenced to four years for stabbing a man in what the court said was a racially motivated attack.

There there’s André Forget, then the treasurer of the SSJB’s downtown Montreal chapter. For years, Mr. Forget had been posting comments as Moise Thériault on the chat room of a popular Quebec rap group. Forget likened Haiti-born then Governor-General Michaëlle Jean to a “nigger king.” Also on Forget’s greatest hits: “Iran wants to cross out Israel from the map and I find that super;” and “Racism is like black people, it shouldn’t exist.”

When I brought up all of this to Jean Dorion, SSJB’s president at the time, he accused me of “McCarthyism.” Mario Beaulieu was sitting beside him at the time, nodding somberly. Dorion also said he’d take care of the matter, though that apparently didn’t include sanctioning Gendron, the man responsible for bringing a known RIF band to play the SSJB—and who, notably, tried his best to paper over Forget’s bon mots. Despite all this, Gendron continued to work at the  SSJB until “two or three years ago,” according to someone I just spoke with there.

Funny, that.



A bit of background on Mario Beaulieu

  1. This morning the Globe and Mail had an interesting editorial on this horrible event (An Attack on All of Canada). I wanted to comment but their comment section was closed. It has been closed for all articles related to this event. Do you have any idea why?

    As for the PQ it still associates itself with Le Québécois, a publication and website that publishes the names, personal and business addresses, names of spouse, children, etc., of donors to the Liberal Party of Quebec.

    A large number of these donors were sent letters bearing a watermark of Le Patriote (the FLQ logo) warning them that they were being watched.


    • Omg, that is shocking. The more I learn about the ‘identity issue’, the scarier it gets. But I shouldn’t say that otherwise I will be accused of overreacting and being paranoid. Peoplewill say that I shouldn’t pay attention to Macleans magazine since they areinto Quebec bashing.

  2. A bit of background on Martin Patriquin
    He seems quite fond on slandering people he disagrees with politically

    • Martin wrote an article about me 13 yrs ago. It was very well balanced. Sorry but Mario is a racist.

  3. A bit of background on the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal… it’s the very same organisation at the origin of both Canada’s national anthem, O Canada, and its national emblem, the maple leaf. “Funny that.”

    • Yes too bad they contribute so little to Canada these days and instead preoccupy themselves with fanaticism.

      • I don’t find them fanatical. There has to be French Language activists, it might as well be them. So they believe in an independent Quebec that respects its own language… so what! How unprecedented! ::eyes rolling::

        • French is not Quebec s own language, period. It is a colonial language that has been in Quebec for about four or five hundred years. Quebec s own languages are many: Cree, Montagnais, Naskapi, Inuttitut and many more. These languages are vibrant, alive and well.
          Sure, defend and protect French but be honest about it being an imported language of a European colonialist nation.

          • @60a931d995c14a903fd0de512de33c82:disqus : Are you an Amerindian capable of speaking any of these languages? Or a leftist world-betterer spouting anticolonial rhetoric?

        • I disagree. As a cultural institution La Société SJB is well passed its best before date. There are plenty of other outlets for “activism” beyond their hackneyed rhetoric.

  4. It is a fact that several English media in Quebec through editorials and selected readers comments paint everything nationalist for Quebec as evil. This has started and maintained a frenzy in Quebec of which some results are Hitler moustaches on photos of Pauline Marois (e.g. Vendome metro station), talk of another exodus of English on CJAD talk shows, (e.g. the early morning hours of election night). This is very bad for democracy and has been going on for many years. This view of Quebec nationalism is completely false and fabricated. You will find a few bad apples but we can also find several among the English and some extreme Canadian nationalists now and through History.

    • Over by the Papineau station, I’ve seen Hitler moustaches on pretty much all of the candidate posters, except for Manon Massé, who presumably didn’t need to have it drawn on.

      I think the real issue isn’t so much the anglophone media, as with the unmoderated comments on the websites of the anglophone media, both in Quebec and in the ROC. Inside Quebec, practically any article about the PQ has numerous comments about how awful the separatists are; outside of Quebec, it’s usually more along the lines of how awful Quebec is and how Canada should just boot it out already. I readily agree these comments are not helpful to the political discourse. Unfortunately, they are the sorts of fringe views that always end up on news and political websites (while I don’t read the francophone sites, I assume their comments are just as bad, except the other way). There’s a desperate need for better moderation of comments across the entire internet.

      • So we should moderate our comments yet not the Francophone media comments, I’ve seen many hateful comments there. I’ve actually seen hateful comments on Pauline Marois’ facebook page itself, and that’s okay?

        • Sorry, I was only speaking to the anglophone media because that’s what I’m familiar with, but I assume the same sort of moderation needs to happen on the francophone side as well.

          • In the riding of Laval-des-Rapides, only 1 election sign was consistently defaced, that of a CAQ candidate named Maude Cohen (pres. of the Engineers Association). Ms Cohen’s signs were desecrated with Jewish stars, and swastikas were added, and her face was disfigured. The pretty little Robin des Bois who calls himself Leo Bureau-Blouin (20 year old sophomore who is taking Running For Office 101), had no difficulty with his own signs.

    • OMG, are you really that naive???? Check other sites, the neo-FLQ, RRQ and I can go on…so please, get your head out of the sand.

  5. There are two types of people who vote PQ. One, is those francophones who want to seperate from Canada. The second type are Quebecers who want to use the threat of seccession to have other Canadians pay for Quebec’s excessive welfare state. This second group says give me more money or I will leave. For the last 40 years, the Liberals, PC’s and NDP have gone along with this under the supposed theme of unity. This is a crock! If your loyalty to Canada is simply based on what handouts you can get, then your Canadianism runs rather thin. You should love the country for what it is not what you can get from the government. If you feel otherwise, then maybe it would be better for Canada if you left. However, you shouldn’t expect friendship or much economic interaction with the more vibrant and business friendly non-Quebec Canadian economy. Good luck trying to pay off that Greek size provincial debt without the help of the rest of Canada. Also, good luck joining NAFTA if a revised Canadian government decides to block Quebec’s entry.

  6. It should of course be “bons mots” — assuming that the expression can be properly used for what the author wants to say.

  7. Andre Forget just confirm this morning that it sur he will be candidat for Option National next election in Rosemont. He say he have all inside to beat Francoise David with all the Young vote.

    What a funny man!