For each missing and murdered indigenous woman, a bell tolls

Watch the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist’s moving tribute to each of Canada’s 1,122 missing and murdered aboriginal women


It is Canada’s shame, an outrage renewed by the release of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report more than a thousand indigenous women, missing and murdered. So for each of those lost, their lights extinguished too soon, The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Saskatoon, SK., is tolling its bells 1,122 times, each mournful clang a remembrance and a plea for true reconciliation.

Rev. G. Scott Pittendrigh reads the following prayer, one being shared across Canada’s Anglican churches through a campaign called 22Days:

“In speaking and hearing and acting upon the Truth
may we as individuals and as a nation
meet the hope of a new beginning.
Great Creator God
who desires that all creation live in harmony and peace,
Remembering the Children
we dare to dream of a Path of Reconciliation
where apology from the heart leads to healing of the heart
and the chance of restoring the circle,
where justice walks with all,
where respect leads to true partnership,
where the power to change comes from each heart.
Hear our prayer of hope,
and guide this country of Canada
on a new and different path.


For each missing and murdered indigenous woman, a bell tolls

  1. I know it goes against the narrative, but perhaps we could break down the number of missing and murdered aboriginal women further.I propose the following inquiry:

    Missing (and probably runaways to get away from abusive family) and Murdered (statistically, most likely killed by their own father, husband, or family friend while under the influence)

    time for a little honesty about the issue…..no matter how brutal it sounds.

    • Are you sure you know what topic we’re on?

      Do you know who was in Robert Pickton’s freezer?

      • PIcton was a monster, but he is not responsible for the every missing woman. The vast majority of native women were killed, or driven away by Native men.

        that is a fact.

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