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Ezra Levant: The right-wing gadfly who loves to offend

From the Maclean’s archives: A profile of the Sun TV host


Blunt talk: Levant’s on-air diatribes have forced his bosses to apologize more than once

Ezra Levant is retelling his favourite story: the one where he’s the hero. However, the hour-long monologue about the plucky kid from Alberta who dares to speak truth to power is really more of a dramatic performance. Pacing the stage of a community theatre north of Toronto, the 40-year-old broadcaster, author and columnist darts and cringes, waving his arms and pulling faces as he unspools a tale of fascist clerics, zombie bureaucrats and holy free-speech warriors. Levant’s version of his battle with the Alberta Human Rights Commission over his 2006 decision to publish controversial drawings of the Prophet Muhammad in his now-defunct Western Standard magazine is epic stuff, filled with references to his “ordeal,” “interrogation” and “900-day trial.” And more than enough broadsides to satisfy an audience of 200 who have paid $25 per grey head to hear the closest thing that Canada has to Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh lecture on “Political correctness and the rise of Islamism.”

“I showed the cartoons like a prosecutor would present evidence, so people could make up their own minds. We’re all adults in this country,” he proclaims, voice rising to an excited register that makes him sound uncannily like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. But somehow, he says, that was all lost on the Calgary imam, who took offence to seeing the founder of his religion depicted wearing a bomb as a turban, and filed a formal complaint. “He was madrasa-educated. He came from Pakistan, with those medieval values, those censorship values, those burn-it-down values.”

There are murmurs and nods of agreement in the house. Then comes the bait-and-switch moment. Speaking at an event sponsored by the Jewish women’s group Hadassah, where the evening’s proceeds are all going to fund relief work in Israel, Levant suddenly rounds and bites the hand that has laid out the impressive dessert table that waits in lobby. The people to blame for the “illiberal and un-Canadian” human rights laws and tribunals he’s been crusading against for the past seven years are well-represented in the theatre. “It came from us. I mean the Jews, my friends.”

The temperature of the room immediately drops a few degrees, but the sweating man on stage doesn’t seem too concerned. After all, causing offence is his calling card. For 20 years—first as a political operative, then editorialist, publisher, and now as what he calls an “activist journalist”—Levant has been a purveyor of strong, sometimes objectionable opinions, most often delivered in windy torrents where the invective falls like rain. Relentless, full-frontal assaults that are “so obsessional,” a former colleague recently noted in the pages of the National Post, “that it sometimes seems like a manifestation of clinical mental illness.” A lawyer by training, he displays none of the caution of the trade, attracting defamation and libel suits like a magnet, and frequently responding in kind. (He says he has lost track of how many his legal representatives are currently fighting.) And even when he is forced to apologize, it’s hard to detect any real regret or contrition.

But what really drives his opponents—or if you prefer, victims—wild is how often he achieves his goals. Even though the Calgary imam eventually withdrew his complaint, and the Alberta body dismissed another similar case against him, Levant refused to let the matter drop. He turned his experiences into a successful 2009 book, Shakedown: How Our Government is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights, and then took the show on the road, forcing the discussion. And now that Ottawa and the provinces are slowly backing away from legal limits on free expression, he is loudly proclaiming victory. His spirited 2010 defence of Alberta’s oil sands, Ethical Oil, became a national best-seller and provided a blueprint that federal bureaucrats, diplomats and even the Prime Minister have been following to counter pressure campaigns from environmental groups. And the broadcaster also claims to have had a direct hand in the foreign policy shift that has seen Canada abandon its fence-straddling role in the Middle East in favour of full-throated support of Israel. He’s in increasing demand as a speaker, whether it’s the free talks for community groups or the corporate gigs that net him between $5,000 and $10,000 a pop. There’s another book, Groundswell—he refuses to discuss what it’s about—coming this fall. And his daily one-hour rant-fest on Sun TV provides a bigger platform than he’s ever enjoyed before.

Some of that surely impresses the crowd he’s haranguing this cool November night, but Levant is more interested in making his point than making friends. As the audience fidgets, he careens down yet another verbal alley, pulling the names of ancient neo-Nazis and details of their street-corner anti-Semitism from memory. In the years after the Holocaust, it was the Jewish community’s obsession with creating a legal framework to punish these “schmucks and losers” that has led Canada to where it is today. A place, Levant contends, where fundamental freedoms are under attack from waves of newer immigrants with less tolerant outlooks who use publicly funded bodies and the courts to wage their own “soft jihad.” The solution he offers is simple: dismantle it all, and let everyone have their say, no matter how hurtful or offensive. “You cannot pass a law just for your own team,” he says. “If we want freedom of speech, it’s the one gift that we have to give to our opponents.”

Or as much as it might pain so many Canadians, even to Ezra Levant.

IT’S A BREAK period for The Source, the five-day-a-week, hour-long opinion and interview show he hosts for Sun News Network, so Levant has ditched the suit and tie in favour of jeans and a bright orange hoodie. He flops into a chair in the patriotically themed Juno Beach boardroom at the channel’s downtown Toronto headquarters, and cracks a sugar-free Red Bull. Energy drinks are his vice of choice. “I try to limit myself to a litre a day.” Fuel for a show where his self-penned opening monologues—just Levant smirking at the camera and mocking whatever left-wing politician or government bureaucrat has raised his ire—sometimes last as long as 30 minutes. They’re also a vestige of a travel schedule that might best be described as masochistic.

When he signed on for Quebecor Media’s Fox News facsimile in the spring of 2010, doubling down with a column for the Sun newspaper chain, Levant wasn’t convinced the gig would last, so his wife and three young children stayed in Calgary. For more than a year, he would red-eye to Toronto on Sunday nights, then catch a 4 p.m. flight home on Wednesdays. After tucking the kids into bed and eating dinner with his wife, he’d return to the airport that same evening and fly back. Then on Fridays, it was off to Calgary again for the weekend. “I was trying to get the highest carbon footprint in the country,” he jokes. But his days of sleeping in airplane seats are over. Feeling more secure in the job, he moved his family to Toronto last summer—although it’s not clear whether he’ll ever feel at home in a city that represents so much of the lefty, urban ethos he loves to rail against.

Raised in a Calgary suburb, the second-eldest of four children born to a teacher mother and doctor father, Levant comes from a deeply conservative family. Marvin, his dad, was a member of the National Citizens’ Coalition and one of the first to hop on the Reform party bandwagon in the mid-1980s. And even as kids on the commute into the city for school each morning, he would have them listen to the CBC news and critique its bias. “In his family, there was a good deal of attention put on politics,” recalls Kevin Libin, a friend since childhood who later edited the Western Standard, and is now in charge of the National Post’s news section. “He was more attuned to what Pierre Trudeau was up to than most eight-year-olds.”

In high school, Levant wrote admiringly about Preston Manning for the student newspaper. And when he moved on to the University of Calgary in 1989 to study business, the Reform Party Club was the first organization he joined. (He also became a champion debater, partnering for a while with Naheed Nenshi, now the mayor of Calgary—although whatever friendship they had seems to be gone since Levant began denouncing him on air as “an anti-Christian bigot.”) He was in the grips of a profound political crush. “Everything Preston said rang true with me. It felt like we were building something from scratch that was so noble and ideal.” And the start-up party was more than open to letting young believers like Levant, his schoolmate Rob Anders, and friends Jason Kenney and Rahim Jaffer pitch in on the real political work.

After graduating from the University of Alberta’s law school in 1997, he headed to Ottawa to work for Manning, directing Reform’s question-period strategy. Although Levant’s in-your-face style drew media attention—he once hired a mariachi band for a protest against a Liberal senator who spent most of his time in Mexico—it also raised the ire of many of his colleagues, who quickly tired of a brash, unelected twentysomething ordering them around. There was a brief interregnum where Levant joined the editorial board of the Post before he returned to Ottawa in the winter of 2001 to take on the job as communications director for Stockwell Day, who had defeated Manning to take the helm of the newly formed Canadian Alliance.

What they were looking for was someone to help them grab the headlines. “Ezra’s amazing. His mind works like a computer on adrenalin,” says Logan Day, a close friend, former Hill staffer and Stockwell’s son. But it turned out to be a little too much media attention. Day’s leadership performance, already weak, became downright erratic as Levant, a self-confessed “Stockaholic,” struggled with his spin. And when Levant threatened to sue Chuck Strahl—one of his boss’s chief critics within the party—there was open revolt. Levant was reduced to running away from TV crews, and resigned after just three months on the job.

He returned to Calgary to lick his wounds and plan a comeback, this time as a member of Parliament. Levant captured the Alliance nomination for Calgary Southwest—Preston Manning’s old riding—and then embarked on a jazzy billboard, radio and TV campaign targeting his Progressive Conservative opponent, Jim Prentice. But when Stephen Harper wrested the leadership away from Day in early 2002, he came looking for a safe seat. Levant, who had reportedly spent upwards of $200,000 in his bid for office, was openly hostile. And although a deal was eventually struck that allowed Harper to take his place, the spat created a lot of bad blood and negative press.

Levant’s rehabilitation within the movement he is so devoted to started with the creation of the Western Standard in 2004. Meant to fill the gap left by the demise of the right-wing journal Alberta Report—Levant began by purchasing their subscription list—the new magazine also harboured national ambitions. To be “a counterweight to Canada’s mushy, left-wing, politically correct media—the CBC and Maclean’s magazine being the two most obvious offenders,” he wrote at the time.

In reality, the publication struggled to attract advertisers and expand beyond its provincial base. The controversy over the Muhammad cartoons—and the plentiful, free coverage in the rest of the media—helped, bringing in around 1,000 new subscribers, but it wasn’t enough. In the fall of 2007, after three years of losses, he was forced to shutter its print operation.

And if not for the Alberta Human Rights Commission, that’s probably where the story would have ended. When formal proceedings finally got under way in January 2008, Levant was suddenly gifted with the kind of issue he had been searching for his entire political life. A video he posted on the Internet of his “interrogation”—in truth, a rather sedate interview by a bored-looking bureaucrat, in which Levant spent 90 minutes ridiculing her and the commission—became the conservative equivalent of the Korean parody song Gangnam Style. Within weeks, he was a featured guest on Glenn Beck. “It did change his role,” says his former Standard colleague Libin. “He was sort of a conservative Turk, but there was no shortage of those. I think the cartoons made him into something different. Suddenly, he was no longer an activist. He was a man of principle.” And after his Shakedown book and then his Ethical Oil follow-up became Canadian bestsellers, there was no denying that Levant had become a brand. And Quebecor’s decision to make him one of their new network’s central stars has only cemented that success. But the real question with Levant is whether his penchant for blunt talk is ultimately a talent or a curse. In his two years of employment with the Sun papers and network, his corporate masters have frequently been forced to apologize for his excesses. In September 2010—when the channel was still getting ready to launch—it was to American billionaire George Soros, a Holocaust survivor, for “false statements” Levant made in a column concerning his conduct as a teenager in Nazi-occupied Hungary. (Since then, each column has been fact-checked and lawyered before publication.) A series of December 2011 on-air attacks on the Chiquita banana company—the firm had announced it would avoid using fuel derived from the Alberta oil sands over environmental concerns—required several on-air mea culpas. (Levant used a coarse Spanish slur to suggest a company executive get intimate with his mother. ) And most recently, there have been regrets for a diatribe against Roma refugees—accusing them of being a “culture synonymous with swindlers” whose “chief economy is theft and begging”—that not only sparked widespread condemnation, but also a hate crime investigation by Toronto police. (Levant says police have yet to contact him.)

And while The Source is the network’s second-highest rated show, that’s not saying much. The average fall 2012 audience for its first national airing at 5 p.m. Eastern was 4,300, and then 17,000 more for a 10 p.m. rebroadcast. Power and Politics, the CBC News Network show that Levant competes directly against, drew 75,500. And Powerplay, which occupies the same slot for CTV News Channel, captured 40,600 viewers. And with Quebecor now pressing the CRTC for “mandatory carriage” status for the Sun News Network—meaning cable suscribers would have to pay for it, whether they want it or not—one wonders if having such a big troublemaker on staff is a help or a hindrance.

Ask Levant if he’s actually sorry for saying the things his bosses have apologized for, and he chooses his words with uncharacteristic care. The opening monologue he writes for every one of his 200 shows a year runs somewhere between 2,000 and 4,000 words each, he notes. Add the on-air interviews, radio appearances, public speeches, books and columns, and his annual word count is easily in the millions. “I regard the occasional error as a natural side effect of me generally flooring it all the time,” he says. Press him on whether there are any such “mistakes” he wishes he hadn’t made, and the contrition becomes even harder to detect. “I’m sure there are hundreds of things,” he says. “But none of them weigh heavily on my mind.”

Watching the obvious glee that Levant takes in causing offence—whether it’s dressing up in costume as an Occupy protester, tangling on tape with bureaucrats, or even pricking the conceits of members of his own ethnic community from a stage—it’s tempting to think it’s all an act. That, like Don Cherry and his loud sportcoats, underneath it all, there lurks a more reasonable man.

That’s what I’m searching for as we sit in the Sun TV boardroom on a Friday afternoon. Levant is returning, yet again, to his well-worn speech on the virtues of free expression, when his cellphone rings. It’s his wife. He tries to quickly shut down the conversation, but she has something she wants to talk about. He listens impatiently and makes a couple of distracted “hmmm” sounds. “Well, that’s why I always say security guards should be armed,” he says, promising to call back later. It’s only when I get outside and turn on my own phone that I realize the call was about the killings in Newtown, Conn.

In the days that follow, it’s a theme he takes up with vigour on his Twitter feed: how the response to 20 dead kids (who are roughly the same age as his own children) should be more, not fewer guns. It’s not a popular position. And to many Canadians, it might be as objectionable as anything he has ever said. But being offensive is Ezra Levant’s right—one that he has fought hard for. The thing to remember is that it’s his business, too.

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Ezra Levant: The right-wing gadfly who loves to offend

  1. The Sun news network has filled an empty space on the right side of the news spectrum. It is important to have balance and just getting news from the CBC and CTV and Maclean’s does not always provide that balance.

    • It’s like balancing average intellect with a big dose of stupid!

      • Sorry, but average intellect is not always to be found at CBC either.

        • True. Regular CBC audience IQs do tend to skew a bit higher than average.

          • The regular CBC audience would say so, of course: being brainwashed results in no longer understanding the difference.

      • And yet another fine example of the tolerance of the left. Thank you for sharing.

        • i tolerate stupidity. I just don’t think it is the equal of the smart or the average.

      • You are what is wrong with this country. You find it impossible to believe that people of good will can have different view points than your own.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • “following a fundamentalist capitalist philosophy”

        more like fascism.. only the corporate giants take directions from the feeble Liberal Party hacks to this day

        The leftism is found by noticing what the MSM omits from their reports… basically any news that doesn’t conform with Politically Correct multicultural suicidalism

        • This comment was deleted.

          • Harebrain — you can’t spell and you don’t know grammar!!

          • Fixed some of it, 24 replies an hour and standards slipped a tad, sorry

          • “your just like the folk who think Sandy Hook never happened”

            Eff off

          • Some wing nut conspiracy theories are too much for you are they?
            I’m impressed a smattering of decency and humanity finally expressed by one of the Harper boosters here; or was it ringing a bit too close to home?

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Quite a leap in logic there from the independent thinker using eliminationist rhetoric. Project much?

            Standard response of the chickenhawk right, explain that violence is needed, but expect others to do it for you.

          • Amazing how quickly free speech is thrown overboard,

          • Yeah and it’s ways the ones who don’t threaten to kill people who are the fascists, go figure hey?

          • Wow. Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, Surely there’s a prize for this gem.

      • It is hard to explain “wet” to a fish. You have been surrounded by left-wing bias for so long it is just normal to you.

        • It’s also hard to explain anything to anyone who fails to accept reality. Follow the money and you’ll see whose interests are being served. It isn’t those of a recently arrived immigrant or a women’s studies group in the local community centre.

          • Yet when we ask you to do the very same thing (follow the money) with Chief Theresa, you call us racist. How convenient.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Actually, I was calling for Gazebo-Boy to be fired. I screamed bloody murder when deals were being made with China while China was spying on us and stealing our intellectual property, and continues to do so as we speak.

            Expenses without a receipt? Hare, come on, you’re not that dense are you? Millions of dollars unaccounted for while her band lives in squalor. Hardly a “missing receipt”.

            My question is why YOU aren’t screaming to high heaven about Chief-Let-Them-Eat-Cake driving around in her Caddy Escalade while her people suffer third world conditions?

          • I would love to see a proper investigation into the bands finances, but I would also like to see a proper investigation of this government’s failure to handle FN funds as a whole. A few days before the leaked report into Appawapiskat, two audits concerning the Federal handling of FN funds were released http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2012/01/05/first-nations-audits-infrastructure.html

            Then came the leak. Coincidence? Maybe. But leaks are generally carried out to distract people. The leaked report pointed out book keeping errors but even the auditors said there was no proof of illegality, just p[oor controls and accounting methods. The two reports published previously aren’t so kind.

            Billions involved in the Federal audits, millions in the Attawapiskat audit. Both are concerning but if you insist on addressing the Attawapiskat one first you aren’t doing it for any other reason than racism.

            FNs are starving while Harper flies cars to India, MacKay diverts helicopters from their real task and officers lie to protect him, Chna is given our resources at prices that ensure the corporations get their welafre from the public purse. We’ll get to the $5m per annum eventually, it’s the billions that need to come first.

          • Good Lord. ***HARPER*** did NOT fly a car to India. The ***RCMP*** did. Harper has no say in security issues like that, the RCMP decide what is an appropriate level of security for the PM, regardless of who s/he may be.

            As for this “leak” angle, if it was politically motivated, someone has displayed an excellent knowledge of politics. Regardless of whether the leak was purposely timed or not, it was VERY WELL timed, and that is the important point. You don’t want this kind of thing to disappear in the background noise of Ottawa.

          • What about the issue the leak was designed to cover for? Are you concerned the Feds have wasted billions according to their own audits let alone forensic external ones? You haven’t concerned yourself over that. Why is that?

          • Who said that the leak was supposed to cover some other issue? And, if it was, does that mean that we should forget about Attawapiskat? Same for the alleged billions wasted. The article these comments are directed at deals with Attawapiskat. Period. Not wasted billions, not helicopters, not flying cars to India not about what time Harper goes to the bathroom. If you want the people in Attawapiskat to continue freezing in the dark, feel free to divert the conversation into whatever you want. If you want to help those people, FOCUS ON THE PROBLEM!!!!!

          • You came in at the end of a thread on why racism was a motivating factor in this issue, so have missed some of the groundwork for my comments. The racism comes from happily attacking FN accounting failings while turning a blind eye to Federal accounting failings of a more massive amount. The motivation being to slam FNs because they are FNs.

            As for cover ups, earlier I asked a commentator why the leak was made after the initial official report on government mismanagement, because leaks are usually made to divert the attention away from something more damning.

            If you join a thread late it is incumbent upon you to read the thread prior to venting, I would have thought.

          • I still don’t understand why I am a racist because I want accounting for the billions of dollars going down the drain in Indian Affairs, or whatever they are calling it this week.

            I also feel that Tony Clement should have been fired after the gazebo incident, plus there should have been a criminal investigation. Does that make me racist against Caucasians?

            I felt that Fantino should have been investigated by the RCMP for his refusal to protect Canadian citizens in Caledonia while he was OPP chief. Does that make me racist against Italians?

            I also felt that Helena Guergis should have been fired after throwing that diva temper tantrum at the Charlotetown airport – I guess that makes me a sexist.

            Should I continue?

            I’m not a racist. I’m a royally pissed Canadian taxpayer.

          • Don’t misrepresent this conversation.
            When folk demand action over millions while ignoring billions in the same area I have to ask why?
            When folk attack a chief personally over an accounting practice but don’t do likewise when worse is perpetrated by this government I also have to ask why?
            As a pissed off tax-payer too I would rather address the massive amounts first and then focus on the smaller amounts. Folk insisting on doing the reverse make me ask why?

            Shall I continue?

          • That’s just fine. As a pissed-off taxpayer, you should attack the areas of misspending that bother you most, and I will do the same. The large amounts of misspending are important, but the thousands upon thousands of smaller amounts misspent equal or exceed those large amounts. Why can’t we attack all of them?

            Oh, and the chief is being attacked for her galling hypocrisy. The personal attacks began when it became obvious, even eventually to the CBC, that this woman’s hunger strike was a sham and a scam. For that she deserves nothing more than our contempt.

          • The reason for my targeting the largest abusers of public funds is because I want to save the most money quickly. Why do you want to ignore saving the most money as soon as possible and go after saving a smaller amount?
            Mine is from a tax payer point of view. yours seems to be because of some other reason.

          • Why would you say that? I want to attack the bureaucracy. For some reason, you seem to think that’s nickle and dime.

            My contention is that it is actually easier to chip away at the smaller numbers than try to chew off the great big ones. They will total the same in the end, but I believe that my approach will accomplish the desired result far quicker than your approach.

            And what makes you think that I am ignoring the “big” money? How many times did I say that Tony Gazebo-Boy should have been fired and criminally charged? It appears you are being blinded by your own biases. Best you take care of those before accusing those around you of harboring ulterior motives, hmmm?

          • I read the thread but, to be honest, the only person raising the racist flag here is you. Is it possible that some people are interested in this issue because they are racist? Of course!! But, that doe snot mean that everyone interested in it are racists. Drop the racism card and focus on what the problems are and then fix them. If you want to hoist a racist flag afterward, fill your boots.
            I asked about cover ups more to find out if anyone outside this thread is pushing that agenda. I haven’t seen any evidence of a cover up but, as I said before, even if there is one, what should we do about it? Tell the folks that they are SOL because someone else in the gov’t did something that they weren’t supposed to do? That’s insane! Identify the problem and fix it. Nothing more.

          • I believe you’ll see Barb was also discussing it too. My replies were to her.
            If the Feds leaked the report to divert from their mismanagement of more money involving more reserves that would be standard practice for them.
            But if they have mismanaged more monies and the accounts of more reserves wouldn’t it make sense to address their fiscal irresponsibility first as it affects the most people?

          • The difference is that when Barb discussed racism, it was to express her incredulity that she can’t express an opinion any more about a racial group without being labeled a racist. It is insane.

          • It all depends on the opinion, the racial group and why you are making the connection.
            There’s no denying that FN folk get a lot of racial abuse and a lot of assumptions are made about them based on anecdotal beliefs. To question the motivations behind the clamor to investigate one band while the same people ignore billions being squandered by the federal government is not unreasonable. In fact a lot of those demanding that Spence be held accountable actively support the corruption that their politicians indulge in and insist that there was nothing wrong with it. Why should it be okay for a Con Federal government to squander billions with no outcry, but one bands millions are the end of the world as we know it?
            Suspecting racism given all the above and further double standards is not unreasonable.

          • Why would it have anything to do with the racial group in question? Either I’m prejudiced against a particular group or I’m not. But, if I can’t even talk about Indians without someone accusing me of being a racist, I’m going to stop talking about them. If that happens often enough, problems like what is going on at Attawapiskat will never get fixed and those folks will continue freezing in the dark.

            That “clamor” you are referring to was brought about by the Chief of Attawapiskat, not some prejudiced white person. Spence wanted to bring attention to the plight of herself and her people. She succeeded. Not in the way she had hoped, I suspect, but she did succeed.

            The only people I hear screaming about Spence is people like you. Personally, I don’t give a rat’s ass about her. I am concerned about the rank-and-file people in Attawapiskat, not Spence or anyone else on the band council. If she or anyone on their council are guilty of some crime, they should be prosecuted, but other than that, I really don’t care.

            If people like you would put half the effort you put into overturning rocks looking for racists into helping find a solution to the problems in Attawapiskat and other communities, the problems would be gone in no time. Yes, there are racists in the world, Yes there are racists in Canada. No, not every racist is white. If we find blatant examples of racism, they must be stopped. Hell, some of the worst examples of racism I have ever witnessed were perpetrated by Indians against whites. But, I don’t condemn every Indian in Canada because of the maniacal rantings of a few individuals. But, inventing situations of racism helps no one. If you can prove racial prejudice in specific cases, prove it, deal with it and move on. Paranoia is not a fix for anything.

          • You admit there is a clamor, yet deny anyone is creaming but folk like me. Have you read the carry on in this comments section about Spence?

            “But, I don’t condemn every Indian in Canada because of the maniacal rantings of a few individuals.”
            But you are willing to condemn every Roma for the actions of some?

            The whole thing started off with the disproportionate response to Spence while other miscreants sailed by unnoticed. Other miscreants I’ll add that had committed a similar offence but on a much more massive scale. I asked why was it okay to attack the first nations and their chiefs, while nobody said anything about Harper and Co for their more massive failings?

            Nobody had a real answer and some replied with derogatory comments about FNs. They also praised Levant for his “honest, balanced” reporting. I pointed out he was far from honest and we started our conversation about racism. That’s when you said his comment wasn’t racist, when it clearly was. That’s how we got onto the topic of racism.

            If folk don’t want to be called racist they probably should stop acting like it and printing racist comments.

          • There you go again. I haven’t condemned a single person. All I have said is that if a particular group of people are known to be in violations of a particular law, the folks responsible for enforcing that law (police, immigration officers, etc.) should pay closer attention to people of that group than other people. That does not mean that everyone in that group should be arrested and thrown in jail or that people not in that group should be ignored. For that matter, it is entirely possible that the people in the group are actually innocent and are being duped by someone else – it happens all the time in human smuggling situations.
            Is the response disproportionate? Spence drew attention to the whole sordid affair first by making all kinds of proclamations about the Federal Gov’t and then by faking a hunger strike. She brought all of the media attention on herself and, although most of the media initially supported her, they turned on her when she had them banished from Attawapiskat. No racist white people blew this out of proportion. Spence did that single handedly.
            Just because someone issues a derogatory comment about a group of people doesn’t mean that they are racist. There have been billions of tax dollars wasted on reserves throughout the years. Is it wrong for me as a tax payer to ask where the money is going? Does that make me a racist?
            And, who gets to decide whether a particular comment is unacceptably racist or not? If I say that a black person has dark skin, do you find that offensive? It is a racist comment but hardly the type that would raise any eyebrows. Same thing with racial discrimination. It isn’t ALWYS wrong.

          • Hare, the leak was a direct response to a hunger striker who was the first person in history to actually gain weight during her hunger strike.

            Chief “I’m willing to die for my people, pass the ketchup ” Spence knew the audit was going to be released in January. You think it was a “coincidence” that she loudly announced her detox diet prior to the release of that document? I would suggest that her fake hunger strike was nothing more than a distraction from her incompetence and/or malfeasance.

            I do agree with you that FNs are starving and living in third world conditions. But while you blame the current government (like this hasn’t been a problem for 100 years and its all Harper’s fault), I blame the millionaire chiefs, driving around the rez in their Caddy Escalades, building beautiful hockey rinks and buying sparkling new Zambonis while their people starve and live in appalling conditions.

          • Don’t believe the PMO propaganda about Chiefs, because that is what it is.
            As for the leak, well maybe but we have still heard lots about Spence, but the topic of financial mismanagement at the Federal Level disappeared off the radar. Folk here didn’t even know that while they were attacking Spence for millions (most of which also didn’t happen on her watch), the Harper Feds had been doing likewise with billions.

          • I agree with everything you said except for with regards to Spence. Each of these are examples of the same lack of respect for public funds by those entrusted to protect them, and people shouldn’t cherry-pick which ones to be offended by based on their political affiliation.

            And the response to the Idle No More movement and the spending scandal in Attawapiskat has frequently degenerated into the worst type of racist name calling, but there is nothing racist about demanding accountability. It’s just too bad that so many people can’t just leave it there.

          • I agree generally with your statement, that is all I have been trying to get across here. However I find it interesting that we are prepared to investigate the missing pennies while the stolen dollars are ignored. What is the motivation behind addressing the missing millions prior to looking at how billions went missing?
            If a ship is leaking then you really ought to plug the big holes first. If you don’t do that then something else is in play.

          • $9 billion dollars per year = “pennies” ?

            Yeah, no. I don’t think so.

          • You’ve heard of metaphors and analogys Barb, haven’t you?
            I did mention the millions but then also mentioned the billions too.

          • Yes, I understand that. Using the term “pennies” was unfortunate because it made light of the seriousness of the problems we are dealing with in this country.

          • what billions to China? Oh, you mean the billions of consumers whom eagerly await goods and svices from Canada? Establishing a healthy trade relationship with China will save all of those overpaid union workers in Ontario(especially governemnt), not to mention the bloated and unsutainable entitlement recipients, at all levels. Trade relationships are extremely important because they offer markets for Canadians to grow revenue. Government spending must take a back seat to trade relationships, if even your argument is for the health of the very left wing institutions that business supports. Sometimes I just advise intellectuals from the left to realize where the wealth comes from in the first place. Its from people that create business. im glad that Levant is FINALLY giving a voice to the creators of Canada’s wealth.

          • You mean like the mining jobs that require mandarin and pay less than half the going rate? You mean sucking up to one of the most devastatingly oppressive and cruel regimes in the world?
            Government taking a back seat to trade relationships, like gutting environmental laws, approving sales to state owned enterprises (foreign state ownership seems ok, just not domestic) marvelous.
            Finally I love the way you slam “left wing” but are happy to do business with communists, selling them our resources at rock bottom prices and giving them legal rights that even Canadians don’t have.

            Please don’t moan about lefties when you are supporting those who would have us all spoon with them and give our sovereignty to them.

          • What minning jobs? The most devastatingly oppressive regime? I live in Asia, and I spend time on the ground. China is far more capitalistic than Canada. They are Communist in name. What environmental laws have been gutted? give me one example of an environmental law! what rock bottom prices are you talking about? examples? you are talking in unfactual generalizations that serve your ideology.

          • Harebell is referring to Chinese workers brought in to work in a mine in B.C.

          • Good idea to follow the money. Tell me, have you followed where all of the Adscam money ended up, and who has paid the time when the money trail stopped?

            Would love to know about that.

            Oh, and I am a woman and an immigrant. No complaints in that regard.

          • After in and out, two proroguing parliaments, the deficit, Gazebo-gate etc you are still on about Adscam. Guite went to gaol, how many Cons went following “in and Out?” Oh yeah they didn’t they got Senate seats.

            I’m an immigrant too and I can’t believe what passes for Conservative thought here. The old school Cons would be turning over in their graves at the lack of respect for the law and public money shown by those you carry water for. Adscam whistle blower and real Conservative Allan Cutler should know.

            “I think things are actually worse now than they were back then. I have
            seen evidence of decisions on billion dollar contracts that were decided
            at meetings where no minutes were kept. I have seen evidence of
            helicopter maintenance contracts that were moved all around North
            America to increase the costs.” (Dec 2012 – ipolitics)

    • No shortage of Leftist Mental Disorder on this thread.

  2. Ezra is entertaining yes but he also speaks the truth and we are in need of a lot more truth in Canadian journalism.

    • He lies deliberately to separate you from your hard earned cash.

      • Really? Care to provide any examples of Ezra’s lies?

        • Look up what he says about the HRC case with McDonald’s. Other than the very basic facts, the rest of it varies from false innuendo and implication at best to outright lies at worst.

          • I skimmed through the actual HRT decision (I felt the need for a shower after that, I must admit), and I didn’t see “outright lies”. Care to be more specific?

    • Nasty con cranks have an ugly and primitive impression of what the truth is. Their misanthropic gospel requires no effort or forethought, just an eagerness to indulge in the darkest of human emotions. It is a willful and spiteful ignorance.

      • Going for the record for the most untrue, inane ,laughable generalizations in a paragraph. Voted CPC, was married to a native and support same sex marriage and I am pro-choice. FAIL!

        • I’m not saying all conservatives are fanatics…

          • Yes you were Mr,Generalization

          • Clearly Red Tories and other kinds of moderate conservatives are not extremists or nasty cranks. There’s a big difference between Ezra Levant and Andrew Coyne; the Sun Media and the Globe and Mail; Stephen Harper and Brian Mulroney. You are the one making foolish assumptions here, not me…

          • I must have missed reading during the Mulroney years the liberal-left calling him a moderate. It must have been in the same issue of TIME Canada praising Reagan as a great president that I missed reading.

          • Reagan was not a moderate conservative.

          • Typical anti-conservative diatribes are always predjudice with vexations and no proof or examples. It’s the way of the left. If they can’t win the arguement, they’ll always resort to calling the conservative a name.

          • If someone wants examples of name-calling they can just watch some Conservative attack ads. However, only a bonehead would conclude that stating someone is not a moderate is somehow an example of name-calling. (And no, I didn’t have to resort to calling you a bonehead; I just wanted to…)

          • You mean like “Tanks. In the streets. OUR streets. Tanks”

            That kind of attack ad?

          • This comment was deleted.

          • I’m lying? What part of “tanks” wasn’t a Liberal attack ad?

            As for being a moderate, that is completely subjective. I consider Stephen Harper left of center. I’m sure you disagree with me. Doesn’t make me wrong and doesn’t make you wrong.

          • The word tanks, for one.

          • Oh, you’re right. “Soldiers. Soldiers in the streets. Our streets.”

            Is that better?

          • It is. At least now you’re finally coming to grips with the truth.
            And actually, you *are* wrong about Mr. Harper being left of center. We know this because “center” in Canada is somewhere to the left of Mr. Harper, as a majority of Canadians voted for parties leftward of him.

          • “Soldiers with guns. In our cities. In Canada. We did not make this up.”

            I still laff when I hear that! What a bunch of schmucks!

          • The ads were over the top. Yet it kinda did happen. Toronto, G8.

          • I don’t remember the army being called in to the G8 riots. They probably should have been, though.

          • Harper is left of centre? I bet he would be surprised to hear that.

          • Ha! I guess you’re right about that. The way he bloated up the federal government (45 percent) and went on a wild spending spree ($500 billion national debt), he indeed is acting like a total leftist, nowhere near the center. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • You do realise he has been found guilty of lieing in court don’t you?
      He’s a bomb thrower who really doesn’t care whether what he says is true or not as long as it gets the base moving in the direction his political idols wish.

      • You’re not factual. The court ruling was “libel”. When one such as Ezra offends those who are so easily offended, the thin skinned entitlement lefties of Canada, he’s bound to loose a few battles in the war against the illogical re-concievers of common sense.

        • Libel – A published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation.
          Looks like he lied to me and didn’t want to say sorry and retract it.

        • Are Waffle and Barb_R going to jump on the spelling and grammar mistakes in this post as well?

      • “lieing”???? You poor thing.

        • Be nice. He’s probably a product of the McGuinty education system, so he can’t help it.

          • Meow!

  3. Look The Sun is not perfect, it has made mistakes but so what at least they TRY to be perfect and balanced which is more than any other North American media does. Yes they are with the “Right” agenda, however when the “Right” makes a mistake, you will hear it from the… Right!!… unlike other media who just try to cover up their mistakes or totally ignore their biases. EZRA.. YASHAR KO’ACH may you go from strength to strength!

    • Unlike the CBC which calls itself balanced the Sun TV network does not lie about its POV

      • Neither does the KKK but is that OK

        • What a stupid remark.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • I think any mention of the KKK is unnecessary in these discussions. It detracts from it, not adds to it.

          • Credo of the Leftie Loon If I am losing the debate I will pull the KKK.Nazi or Race card

          • That’s right, Democratic Senator Rober Byrd who died in 2010 was a member of the KKK, The Grand Kleegle, in fact. He voted against the Civil Rights Bill.

            Here’s the reference, the Emily encyclopedia. he’ll have to get his butt in there and fix this:


            The greatest nest of hypocrisy on earth is on the left. Byrd hated Black people until he figured out that he could exploit them for his own personal gain. Exactly what we’re seeing with the “FN.”

          • The Democrats were also the party that supported slavery in the southern USA.

          • This comment show a shocking lack of understanding of American history. The Democrats did oppose abolition, in the period leading up to 1865, and southern “Dixiecrats” also perpetuated the racist “Jim Crow” laws, and fought against civil rights for African-Americans for most of the next century. But after Lyndon Johnson, a Democratic president, passed his landmark civil rights bills in the mid-’60s, take a guess which party all of those racist southerners sought refuge in? And where can they still be found today? It doesn’t benefit anyone to edit history in order to advance your agenda. It can often backfire on you.

          • And Democrats seem to leading all the black cities in the USA in which services to black Americans are substandard and city officials are charged all the time with committing major legal offenses.

          • It’s getting pretty off-topic for this thread, but since you seem to want to discuss hypocrisy and mismanagement, then perhaps you could share your thoughts on why it is that states led by Republicans, who are always so opposed to federal spending (except when it benefits them directly) are the ones that receive the bulk of funds dispersed, at the expense of the more productive “blue” aka Democratic ones?

    • Yep. You cant’ get more balanced than having Warren Kinsella on, someone who loves to sue right wingers for fun.

  4. Well, that’s been an interesting life so far. The key I take away from the article is this:
    “You cannot pass a law just for your own team,” he says. “If we want freedom of speech, it’s the one gift that we have to give to our opponents.”

    • I detest Naomi Klien,Evan Soloman, and Heather Malick however they were ever censored I would be standing in their corner. It is my opinion that free speech trumps partisanship how many so-called progressives would do the same for Mr.Levant

      • I try not to detest anyone I don’t actually know. I think plenty of so-called progressives do the same for Mr. Levant every single day, but maybe they don’t feel quite the same need as you to pat themselves on the back in public for it.

        • To clarify I detest their politics I do not know them. I do not consider stressing a basic human right like Freedom of Speech for those whose opinions are contary to mine is patting myself on the back

        • Yes Craig, you’re right. And many of those so-called progressives were outside of Ottawa U while ensuring that Ann Coulter was allowed HER freedom of speech and I was allowed MY freedom to listen.

          • So SHE was to be allowed freedom of speech and they weren’t?

            I find it amusing that – coming as she does from the gun-happy US – she was afraid of a bunch of placard-wavers.

          • Keith, you find it amusing that she didn’t bring a weapon into Canada because she is a law-abiding person? And it’s funny that she was afraid of a mob that, according to the police and people who were actually there, was hostile and beginning to get out of control? So tell us, you big brave boy, would YOU have crossed that mob, unarmed and unprotected? Yeah, sure you would.

        • How many people know Harper, actually know him? Look at all the commenting directed at him and then try your answer again.

      • Me, for one.

    • I agree Margery, and take away from the article the fact that laws have to apply to all.

      However, I also take away that Levant believes hate speech should be allowed, which history has proven the western democracies will not tolerate. There are always limits – Levant recklessly knows, and wants, none.

      The other thing I take away is that while the title of the article says “he (Levant) keeps winning”, I only see someone who has lost left, right and centre. He lost friendships and political alliances (ie: Calgary’s mayor), he lost jobs (ie: Day’s Comms Mgr), he lost his bid as an MP (and did not run elsewhere), he lost his business (Western Standard) and he’s now risking losing credibility by the extreme and un-Canadian positions he takes. It’s only been since his descent to “Canada’s Rush Limbaugh” that he’s managed to sustain some attention. Until he produces ideas and dialogue that inspires Canadians, he is doomed to Limbaugh’s and Beck’s fate: yelling from the outskirts. Which is what his best-sellers are: it’s important to not confuse the sales numbers with agreement with his positions. Trainwrecks receive lots of eyeballs.

      And MacLean’s, please do not try to credit Levant with this current government’s pro-Israeli stance. Everybody knows Harper is an evangelical Christian whose “light and inspiration” is George W. Bush (of “Mission Accomplished” fame). Canada’s globally unique pro-Israeli stance comes straight from the top.

      • So tell us, Western View, how exactly do you legislate an emotion. I hate my ex-husband. Should I go to jail. I hate thieves and child molesters. Should I go to jail?

        • If you don’t know what you are talking about, then you may want to choose silence as an option.

          • But I do know what I’m talking about. I hate broccoli. Quick! Call the hate police!!

  5. What is controversial about not putting up with bureaucrats passing judgement on what a journalist writes?

  6. Lets have another look at the video showing Ezra’s description of the Roma people. He is insufferable.

    • This comment was deleted.

        • Don’t encourage him. I doubt his views in english are any more worthwhile than the ones in idiot he already posted.

    • Don’t watch him then. There. Suffering relieved.

  7. But what really drives his opponents—or if you prefer, victims—wild is how often he achieves his goals.


    What makes me livid is the lies omissions and mistruths he tells about human rights commissions, and how easily his followers eat up his tripe.

    • Care to elaborate? What has Ezra said that is not true?

      • Here’s one for starters
        On September 5, 2010, a column by Ezra Levant contained false statements about George Soros and his conduct as a young teenager in Nazi-occupied Hungary.

        A judge has ordered free speech activist Ezra Levant to pay $25,000 to
        Giacomo Vigna, a Canadian Human Rights Commission lawyer, for libelling
        him with “reckless indifference” to the truth in blog posts about a
        major hate speech case.

        Google is your friend, friend

        • Unfortunately, the article you linked to on Soros is labeled as no longer being available online. I’ll have to seek it elsewhere because it does sound interesting.

          The second one is hardly in the category of “lies, omissions and mistruths”. Ezra voiced an opinion about someone, that someone took offence and successfully sued Ezra. If Ezra had said those things about the lawyer in some sort of smear campaign, then I think you may have had a point. But, I think that Ezra really did believe that what he was saying was true and that he had the right to say them. It turned out that he was wrong and he paid for it.

          I am glad that Ezra has taken on the HRC’s in Canada. The concept is fine but the implementation sucks. It is a pretty sad state of affairs when one of the largest sources of human rights abuses in a country is their human rights commissions. They need to be taken down or at least required to read human rights legislation in Canada.

          • I believe the quote I gave for the first one was still included in the fire-walled piece. In the second one “reckless indifference to the truth” is the significant bit.

          • I’m sorry, but I can’t get to your “reckless indifference to the truth”. Yes, he called someone some stuff that he shouldn’t have and he got nailed for it. But, if what he said is what he truly believed (and, for that matter may even be true but improvable), then he didn’t lie or express an indifference to the truth. He went too far and got his wrist slapped for it. End of story.

          • Truly believing stuff that is not true is not what lawyers and responsible journalists do. A failure to do due diligence in both these professions is inexcusable and printing a hunch that is inaccurate is a lie.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • In a word, yes. If you *truly* believed that that was true, you would not be lying by making such a statement. However, that does *NOT* mean that I couldn’t sue you. And, since you wouldn’t have a single shred of evidence to even *suggest* that what you said was true, I would be successful in my lawsuit. But, no, you would not have lied.

          • LOL.. well.. at least that goes a long way to explaining the supporters of the CPC.

            “It’s not a lie if I just *believe* hard enough..”

          • You might want to look up the definition of the word “lie”. Apparently, you will be surprised.

          • It looks similar

      • Beyond count. His absurd characterization in Shakedown of the human rights case where he claimed food workers no longer had to wash their hands is one of the most obvious.

        He’s a liar.

        • I assume that you have proof that what he said in Shakedown is a lie. I read the book and I vaguely remember the incident you are talking about. Since it was supposed to have been an actual HRC case, it shouldn’t be too difficult to ferret out the truth.

          • i agree. you should compare the actual document with Ezra’s account. No reasonable human could believe Ezra is an honest man after reading it.

        • Wrong there, bud. It was a BC case involving McDonalds. But it isnt quite accurate to say that folks don’t have to wash, you just can’t insist that they do (or they will get a judgement against you at the HRC).

          • You have clearly not read the case. Do so.

          • I provided a link to the case document and it clearly says that the HRC found in favor of the complainant and the first item in the resolution list is for McDonald’s to stop “discriminating” against her. Since her complaint was that she was being forced to wash her hands, the HRC said that she didn’t have to.

          • Again, bullshit. Read through the case, not just the title.

            If you do, you’ll find that the complaint is that McDonald’s refused to even *try* to find any accommodation for her disability. A disability brought on by working for months in the McDonald’s and developing an allergy, documented by physicians, to the chemicals they use to wash the dishes.

            The ruling of the case quite clearly spells out that if McDonald’s had even attempted to find a different position and were unable to, the judgement would have gone the other way.

            She acquired a disability, she was willing to work in other positions that would accomodate that, and McDonald’s response was just “GTFO”. That’s discrimination, and that’s what they got nailed for.

          • I admit that I didn’t read the entire case but I did read the beginning (what the complaint was) and the end (what the remediation was). All the commission said was that McDonald’s was to stop discriminating against this woman. Since the discrimination alleged at the beginning of the case was that she had to wash her hands, it follows that the remediation was saying that McDonald’s could no longer force her to wash her hands. I will try reading the entire file later but that is what I got from it.

          • “I admit that I didn’t read the entire case…” should not be followed by an opinion.

          • Why not? The question was “what was the final decision in the case?” so it makes no difference what the arguments or counter arguments were, just what the decision was.

  8. Best one was when Ezra was handing out condoms to Occupy Toronto hopefully they were used

    • This comment was deleted.

      • Contary opinion scares the sh-t out of you dont it

        • By your standards it would seem to scare the sh*t out of you too

          • Think I am afraid of the wannabe marxists at the CBC .Bring it On!

          • You really have a problem following a conversational thread and a little logic don’t you?
            How do you dress yourself in the morning?

          • Without welfares help unlike you

          • Self employed business owner.. sorry to burst your bubble bud

          • True, but I understand if the dissonance blows your pre-programmed reform-tinged mind. Some of us have fun doing what we do, making enough to get by on with a little something to put aside.
            Working with living things even in an Albertan winter is relaxing and therapeutic and it allows me to enjoy existence.
            Oh that’s gonna make it even harder for you isn’t it? Alberta… manual labour.. outside.. self employed.. and not a wingnut… goes against your pre-conceived ideas of a “leftie” hey?

          • I am happily retired after 45 years of manuel labour myself however you seem to have many other talents; phony internet lawyer,phony internet lecturer and phony clueless political pundit.

          • Ran out of near sane discussion points hey?

            Ok I understand.

          • You never had a discussion point in the first place

          • Just because you couldn’t see it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. I consider the source of my criticisms before I take them seriously.

          • Ummm you could still be a wing nut could you not?

          • Steady on John introducing too many options might cause his head to explode.
            To some I guess I might be, to many others I’m apparently a socialist, it’s all rather confusing.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • do you know the name of yours?

          • What? – Oh wait a minute I get it. Sheesh I’m slow – It’s not Harebell, it’s Harebelle.

            Well look I’m sorry Harebelle, I apologize profusely, I had no idea you were Ron’s mother. If I’d known you were here I certainly wouldn’t have suggested that Ron had come into the world unfathered.

            Imagine me staining the character and questioning the pudicity of a fine women like you.

          • Impressive, I’m more than one woman.
            Maybe if your weren’t living up to your handle you’d be able to express yourself a tad more coherently

      • Ron, you have nothing to say.

    • Personally, I thought his best was when he used heat seeking cameras to show many of the tents were unoccupied at night. Brilliant!

  9. A true public service. Being the shy,retiring sort that he is, he
    needs as much help with public exposure as he can get.
    Now, if he could only find a few friends in high places …

  10. This comment was deleted.

    • Must be a lot of hillbillies the Toronto Star wrote a much critical article on Chief Spence than anything Levant said

      • yup idiots over there too. as your political understanding evolves you will grow out of the Left-Right Box your Masters put you in.

        • Actually the idiot just got here .Welcome!

    • I would rather be on Israel’s side than any muslim country.

    • Is anyone keeping track of how many insults and baseless accusations old pitchfork has spewed out thus far? If you took out all the nonsense and accusations of racism there might have been a valid point there in the middle. Hint: no one is convinced by someone throwing insults and generalizations around. If you have a point, make it. The rest just makes you look stupid and desperate.

      • They can’t help themselves, insults are in the lefty playbook of debate.

  11. when comparing ratings between sun news, cbc and ctv it should be noted that while cbc is on channel 6 and ctv is on channel 8, sun news is on channel 142……even basic cable includes cbc and ctv. we are, in the words of the article writer “forced to pay for it whether we want it or not.”

    • I chose to get rid of Sun TV and some other news stations three months ago. Yet I am still forced to pay for CBC Newsworld and its marxist drivel and a station I have not watched since the 2012 Stanley Cup finals ,not fair

    • Comparing CBC and Sun news as captive markets is ridiculous…one of them happens to be a national broadcaster.

      • Yah…the CBC is forced upon us whether want it or not, and I don’t. That’s the only thing that makes it a national broadcaster. That, and $1.1 B dollars of tax money.

        • Most of the developed world have national broadcasters or some sort of other [big exception being the US] and tax payers carry the burden [ as far as i know]just about everywhere.
          I couldn’t care less if CBC gave EL a soap box. But i suspect that wouldn’t be enough for many people here.
          Part of that is because once MS Canadian audiences were subjected to the guy they would be screaming for him to be turfed.[ i wouldn’t] As i said it wouldn’t bother me too much [i just wouldn’t watch] But as Gatehouse hints in the article even main stream Conservatives can only take so much of him before even they tune out. He’s a useful tool for the right, nothing more or less imo. But still a tool.

        • The CBC employs journalists across the country, that is what makes it a national broadcaster- Sun “News” employs commentators mainly based in Toronto, that’s why Sun “News” is NOT a national broadcaster.

          • SNN is expanding across the country as they negotiate cable deals.

            The number of journalists CBC has is irrelevant.

            CBC has a different license than SNN; cable companies are compelled to carry CBC.

            They also receive $1.1B dollars of tax subsidy, but they also compete with private networks for advertising dollars.

          • Sadly, you’ve missed my point.

          • You missed my point, they have different licenses. It’s their broadcast footprint that defines whether they are national or not, not where the damn journo’s are based, and SNN is expanding all the time.

    • So don’t compare sun news then. Compare Alberta Report with Maclean.. oh wait.. you can’t. They went under. I know! Compare The Western Standard and… oh.. again.. gone under.

      Gee, I wonder why any of these right-leaning publications have such trouble making a go of it? It must be some nasty conspiracy of the left to.. oh.. I don’t know.. not buy their crap.

      • That’s another thing Ezra did, took subscriber’s money and then defaulted on the service he should have supplied. Classic right wing ethics in action.

  12. Note how Macleans primarily ridicules Levant, minimizes and marginalizes his point of view and dismisses summarily his arguments… Exactly in the way Levant keeps telling us the media operates. It’s just too difficult to debate the actual issues with Levant when all you have is the popularity of the liberal mindset in your evidence locker. Such vacuous “evidence” is pretty weightless when going up against Levant’s logic, reason, and evidence. Until our Canadian journalists recognize and compensate for the cultural confirmation bias that is build in to their workforce, we won’t get actual journalism in Canada. Truth comes in three stages, first it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and finally it is accepted as self-evident. I hope the process progresses quickly for Levant in Canada. My kids told me yesterday that their school teacher was explaining the difference between right wing and left wing. In class, she told them that “The left wing is the good side that want to help people and the right-wing are the bad guys who try and stop them.” Levant faces a generation of young minds thoroughly inculcated with the mindset that Mr. Gatehouse has embraced in his writing.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • You’re delusional. The Attawapiskat balance sheets have been widely available everywhere…they’re even on the liberal party website.

        You guys don’t have an alternative ideology, you have a shared hallucinatory like faith in anti liberal dogma…the western world’s liberal consensus of the last 60 years is one long conspiracy or nightmare to you. You’re like some bizarre political illumintati. You wont be satisfied until you’ve pulled down the whole temple of western liberalism on top of us all.

        • Anyone who looks at the balance sheet and sees $36,000 alloted for a goose hunt when the residents of the reserve are living in unheated shacks and sees nothing wrong is much more delusional and borders on being pathetic

          • I wont argue that there are big question marks seemigly about the housing fiasco. But it costs somewhere around $250,000 to build a new house up there. $36,000 for a goose hunt which is traditional food source for the cree of northern ON and QC seems like a drop in the bucket to me. Would you rather they fly in chicken mcnuggets and send you the bill? They do have other revenue funds from the mine you know, not every dime has your name on it.

          • Investments in stock portfolios, money from Debeers and 19 salaried employees on band council and still no ability to keep reserve members warm and provide running water in the wintertime. The place is an effing mess thanks to mismanagement by Spence and her boy toy Kennedy.

          • You forgot for some reason to mention the various govt scew- ups that put the band in debt in the first place.
            And from 2005 -2011 the keepers of the indian act signed off on each and everyone of those budgets…so where is your outrage at your govt[ note almost all of the period happened on Harper’s watch. Though i am fully prepared to believe it was much the same before that.] You’s rather hang a women with a grade 8 education out to dry than a whole govt dept dedicated to managing their poverty.
            By the way some of those councilors were part time or quit. That’s the problem with this debate – everyone is only prepared to deal with the facts as they see them.

          • Dishonest chiefs like Spence existed before Harper if Spence has a Grade 8 education why is she managing millions of dollars. Communities of similar size like Shaunavon,SK. are run by four councillers and a mayor making $6500 a year

          • Presumably because govt is the main employer outside of the mine. I don’t say its right or ideal, but that’s the way it looks from here. In my small northern town the place would collapse if you reduced govt employment by as little as 10 or 20%. This isn’t unusual across the north, unless there is a near by resource industry.

          • The councilors were still paid. I like how it is the governments fault that they didn’t catch the spending irregularities. Does that mean that when i am caught for tax crimes i will able to lay some of the blame for it on the government not catching me sooner? The band put the band in debt, not the government. Also, my parents had grade 6 educations. They could balance a budget and they knew right from wrong. Let’s put aside the soft racism and treat these folks the same as if they were white. Is that too much to ask?

          • You haven’t a clue what you are talking about re: FNs. Please go read something about how the indian act actually works on the ground. For what it is worth i don’t dispute something is fishy there, whether it is incompetence or outright fraud it is not possible to say without a forensic audit – the govt has the authority to order one. Why don’t you lobby your mp for one instead of carping about stuff you are only partially informed about? If she is guilty she should be fired or face criminal charges. But we have a process. Eza would rather try her in the media. He is playing you like a violin.

          • So i know nothing, but i am right. Why order a forensic audit when nothing will be done. Besides, the sheets are right there in public I can read, so can the rest of Canada, as apparently can you. This is fishy as hell and like him or hate him Ezra is doing the right thing in pointing it out. Somebody has to. As for trying her in the media, what does that even mean? Is there to be no coverage? Do you think that anything would ever be done if this had been a back page story somewhere? The CBC tried and convicted the federal government for Attawapiskat, how is this worse? Chief Spence thrust herself into the limelight with her (phony) hunger strike. That was a political ploy. She deserves a real close look, as does anyone trying to blackmail the government.

          • Actually a federal court convicted them – the bureaucrats. Harper got off lighter than i think he deserved for all the finger pointing he did w/o evidence; but that is his forte’. And the DT audit does not show where the money went, just that it is not accounted for properly – which is bad enough.
            It is just a logical next step whether you like to admit it or not. If the govt thinks there has been fraud order a forensic audit. I’ll bet you a dollar to a donut they wont though. Partly cuz they don’t want the bad PR of prosecuting a native person with a high profile and partly because they know its incompetence not fraud. Don’t expect anything brave or principled. Despite by Harper’s rhetoric he is just a politician after all. As i said before, it’s just loony to actually put any faith in these guys. All of them, whether liberal or CPC have to be hounded and threatened before they’ll consider doing the right thing.FNs know that better than any of us – it is why they are in the street right now.

          • much like you are,look at my avatar i lived on a rez the only people who have access to the money no questions asked is chief and council.and the rez i lived on is cumberland house cree nation in north sask

          • How so James? For the record i supported the reform proposals of Robert Nault, the AA minister under Chretien. Accountability is important. I just don’t think this govt is particularly interested in it…certainly not for itself anyway.

          • You’re obviously confused about the $36,000.

            It has to do with a traditional gifting ritual called “Goose the Chief.”

        • You may not be delusional but you seem to be too lazy to read other folks comments or to actually pay attention to other people in general. That is why you miss Brian’s point and pretend he said something else (he never said the balance sheets were unavailable) and then suggest ‘you guys’ don’t have an alternative ideology. Perhaps you ought to admit you don’t know what ‘our’ ideology is and leave it at that. You might want to spare us the gross generalizations and flowery prose as well, as they fail to hide the fact that you have no relevant point to make.

          • Well John you got me there. He actually said something worse.

            . “Ezra simply directed his viewers to the reserves own balance sheets.
            There is not one MSM journalist who could see there was something rotten
            in the nation of Spence.”

            I guess Coyne for one doesn’t qualify as MSM. I simply can’t be bothered to check how many other MSM journos were asleep at the switch.

        • When you refer as you do to “The Temple of Western Liberalism” you confirm exactly what we know to be true:

          The Liberal Party isn’t politics to bonged up freaks like you, it’s a Religious Cult.

          • You’re going to have to think up a new bogey man, the Libs are not really any power anymore. Better check with the brains at HQ to see what you should say next.

          • Thank you Harebelle, very good comment.
            I can now put a checkmark beside your name.

          • Ok. Now we know you aren’t remotely as smart as you seem to think you are if you think the legacy of western liberalism is owned by the LPC.Crack a book or two, it isn’t too late even for someone as deranged as you.

      • This is such BS and a perfect example of Ezra’s duplicitousness.

        • Wow! Such insight! I guess we were all deceived. Thanks for clearing that up.

        • Another leftist comment left without proof if ever there was one.

    • It appears Levant inspires the same mindless hero worship as his buddy Steyn. It’s a faith you have there bud, not even a credible ideology.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • Ha! Wonder if he knows who “Tingles” is.

        • I’m a Canadian, why would it? Actually BO isn’t liberal enough for me.

          • And he’s not dishonest enough for you either, is he?

            It’s to battle carp like Obama that we need news people with fortitude and moral rectitude such as Ezra Levant.

          • Oh he has rectitude up the ying yang all right.

          • Thank you.

      • Thats the second time now you have used that word. You use that word a lot, I do not think it means what you think it means. What part of this discussion called for an explanation of political ideology. If you want Ezra’s or Steyn’s ideology look them up. As for mindless hero worship, well show me you have a mind first, and if you want to know why I support someone I can explain it to you. Assuming we are mindless worshipers just because we agree with someone who disagrees with you is either childish or revealing….

        • Thanks for that incisive analysis John, you sure put me in my place. If you will allow me to exercise my “mindless” right to explain, since you couldn’t draw the inference yourself: Obviously i’m referring to the uniformity of the pro Ezra opinion here. Not one of his supporters dissents, takes the time to explain why you think Ezra[or Steyn] is right, in terms other than that of a partisan diatribe. The fact that you disagree with my worldview or politics doesn’t trouble me at all. It’s the faith you guy’s invest in his every word – no question – with nary a doubt about the veracity of the statement, methods, truthiness…the very definition of mindles. Hence many of you guys don’t have an ideology worth defending, you have a faith.
          The article points out a number of instances in which Ezra has got into trouble basically for having a big mouth, or simply lying, yet the uniform standard response here is…that’s a lie, he didn’t say that, mean that, what about the CBC, theyre the real fascists! or the ulimate debate killer, defcon 5…the liberal media is out to get him and us. You guys should take some responsibility for the mistruths and exaggerations of the likes of Ezra and Steyn. Personally i’m under no illusion that all parties and pols tell lies and half truths, or misrepresents the views of its opponents for political advantage all the time; it is what politicians do…Ezra is no exception. In my personal view he’s actually much further over the line than mainstream politics. Most of you guys need to grow up some.

          • Except that i haven’t said i disagree with your world view (whatever that might be) you did. As for investing faith in anyones word, well i don’t remember saying that either. You seem to be expanding this discussion into a broad debate on worldviews, somehow without actually saying what yours is. How the heck Ezra would embody a worldview is a mystery to me. You also like to insult and berate folks on here with little provocation, which is pretty mindless if you ask me. Also, it isn’t really a valid argument to insist that I (or pretty much everyone here who disagrees with you ) is uninformed or stupid or mindless. I stick by my statement regarding your refusal to actually read and address peoples arguments. I for one never asserted that Ezra was mainstream, or that criticisms were lies, or that the lieral media were doing anything. Still, as a supporter I am a mindless supporter who also knows nothing about first nations (because i disagreed with you i guess). You obviously have a lot of history with some of the other posters here which drives you to flail out at people. That’s not rational argument and it isn’t an ideology. I am still waiting for you to explain what your ideology you are talking about. I thought this was about an over the top news personality?

          • I’ve done my best to provide a couple of summaries[rants if you like] of my opinion of Ezra and those who blindly follow him. I’m certainly not going to apologize for criticizing a couple of people on a thread chock a block full of wild assertion and ad hominem arguments. Sorry if i presumed too much on your behalf. Unfortunately it is all too common online. And no i don’t have a history with more than one or two people here.

        • For crying out loud John S. If we all stopped generalizing there would hardly be a post woth reading on this thread…or maybe i meant the opposite, you lose track after a while.

      • If you ever wanted to see mindless hero worship, you should have been around when Jack made his daily bike rides over to “Emily’s Rub and Tug.”

      • This comment was deleted.

        • Elsewhere you complained that others used the word racist too much and if they did they had lost the argument. Wingnuts throw around the words communist and socialist interchangeably and outside their correct usage. How about we also include the erroneous use of the words communism or socialism is the “you haven’t got a clue” category and also say if you use them you have lost the argument too.
          I would bet pennies to pounds that most of the folk pooping themselves at the threat of the communist scourge have no idea what a communist is. I’ve met a few and that is very apparent to me.

        • I have an ideology of sorts, but it doesn’t depend on faith in any one politician or soap box snake oil artist like EL.

      • You must come up with something other than ridicule to support your point of view. You’re proving my point. We don’t need the freedom to agree. We need the freedom to disagree which we don’t have in Canada because of people like you trying to bully others into silence with insults and invective.

        • I hope you extend that criticism to all the Ezra fans on here who specialize in bullying?
          And I have given my reasons elsewhere. There’s no intention to bully you into anything bud. I had no idea your ego was so fragile and easily bruised.

          • Besides your argument essentially amounts to a straw man

          • We can’t read your mind or rely on such telepathy to believe you have an argument. You just posted another insult as justification for an insult. You got nothing.

    • Your kids teacher should be fired.

    • “Note how Macleans primarily ridicules Levant…”

      Did we read the same article? Just because they didn’t genuflect, you pronounce it ridicule? Wow!

      • It’s ridicule. He does not address issues, only the person. Are you familiar with the concept of gross logical fallacy?

  13. This comment was deleted.

    • Take 2 Midols and have faith Cheeky. Eventually Lady Jane will be back to normal,.

      • Your wit just blows me away. Just who the heck is lady Jane when she’s home?

        • If you want to know who Lady Jane is I suggest you touch base with Emily over at HQ. I know he’s read Alice in Wonderland so let’s see if he can get himself a grip on this one. It’s a reference from British Literature and obviously well beyond your “knowledge” level

    • Sweet analysis that will sail right over the head of the knuckle draggers who think SNN produces news and EL is anything other than a publicity seeker who is pushing his master’s agenda anyway he can find.
      And you’re spot on about them being cowardly too, they’ll talk a good fight but disappear or fail miserably when push comes to shove, as the Brazman did against Prince Precious.

      • I’m surprised half of his supporters didn’t die of embarrassment or shame when JT flattened the senator.

        • Speaking of JT or “Justine” as we like to call him, you might be interested in this:


          Pierre Trudeau is allegedly his (Justine’s) father but it’s not proven that I know of and I want you to take a close look at the photograph. Pierre you know had a fish-face. The CBC said he was handsome but in fact, as you can see, he looked exactly like Freddy the Sturgeon.

          But apparently every other kid on the street, including Justine, was his. It seems too bad in retrospect that he, Pierre, was never able to crank one out that looked like himself. N’est ce pas?

          • Ooh goody! Our very own birther conspiracy theory spawned by the someone with the same staggering intellectual prowess as Orly Taitz and the the tea baggers down south.

          • Ah Harebelle, thanks, that’s a good one, “birther conspiracy.” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

            I’ll bet when Pierre Trudeau, the fish face scum ball genius, set out long ago to paddle himself over to Cuba in a voyageur canoe to attend Fidel Castro’s communist birthday party, it never once occurred to him that he was going to go along in life suspected of having married a notorious gang banger and starting his own “birther conspiracy.” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I hope I never meet that dear little kid she’ll wonder what the hell I’m laughing at.

            PS Edit – I’m going to send a copy of this to Ronny Wood and Mick Jagger.

          • Being his mothers’ son for sure if not PETs’, looking like her, having her smarts (snarc) I’m sure that for votes and to become PM he will spread his legs and show his junk.
            PS I was at the Courtyard Cafe, in the Windsor Arms before the gig and I think you should send it to Keith with a b.c.c. to the other two.

          • Huh?

          • Yeah I know.
            The name says it all, started early today

          • You’re one sick puppy.

      • I know that it was probably just a typo but you hit the nail on the head. No, SNN does NOT produce news, unlike CBC, CTV, Global, etc. SNN just REPORTS the news – which is *exactly* what they are supposed to do.

        • Oh,you knuckle-dragger,you!Grrr.

        • I think the operate word is “think” in the sentence. As for reporting the news, good one, they make it. Many of Ezra’s reports are far from based in reality and are created from whole cloth. The rest are slanted towards the wishes of those he follows. ethical Oil is just one such litany of lies, half truths and serving anonymous vested interests.

          • I was going to let your comment slide until I saw the part about ethical oil. What’s your beef with that concept? Do you understand what he is

          • I’ve even read it and it’s terrible.

          • Not the best written book but the main thrust is valid if you ask me. Unless of course you don’t like Ezra, in which case he is wrong wrong a hundred times wrong of course!

          • Like or not like is immaterial. I personally find him to be a childish individual looking for attention from the grown-ups

            The logic is not sound and the application of standards he applies to others but not to himself leaves a bad taste. Add to that the recent efforts by those in power to speed up processes by reducing environmental protection and consulting periods and selling to China have reduced any ethical argument in favour of the oil. All to no comment from Mr Ethical himself.

            I don’t need to let emotion into my reasons for dismissing the concept of “ethical oil.”

          • Ezra is a political commentator. He expresses his opinion. That is what he is paid to do.

          • True but aren’t useful opinions based in reality and not just lies and half truths. I’d categorise the latter as bomb throwing not really opinion writing. otherwise why not just accept any collection of randomly chosen words and print that?

          • In your opinion that is. You throw a lot of bombs and insults yourself, yet they are printed here.

          • True, it’s all I have. But I do try and read around a topic first before forming a preliminary opinion. That opinion is then subject to change in the light of new information.
            As for the insults, I do tend to wait until insulted first and some of the statements made to me are real low hanging fruit. It’s hard to resist.

    • Interesting rant. If there is one thing that Ezra stands for, it is freedom of speech. The only time I am aware of that Ezra went to court was to protect that freedom of speech, not to curtail someone else’s freedom of speech.

      • Thanks.
        The article specifically mentions he has counter sued a number of times…i’ve lost count…isn’t that more or less what he’s quoted as saying?

        • Counter sued? does that qualify as running to the court or is it a defense tactic after having been sued? As for Wells, well he might just be a little bitter after Ezra made him tear up on TV. I don’t understand Kcm2, are you saying that if Ezra was big and tough and could fight well then you would respect his opinions more ? You seem to be wishing that people who he has offended would beat him up and that he ought o be put in that position. Also that he should take the assaults like a man and refrain from prosecution or seeking compensation. Huh, maybe someone ought o break your nose for what you have been saying here? No? You don’t like that idea? I don’t either. Not for you, or me, or Ezra, or even prissy little Paul Wells. Gee I called him prissy. Do you think he ought to sneak into my house and punch me in the face?

          • Now you’re becoming irrational.I tried. You’re free to nit pick my comment as you like. My point was simple – Ezra is a faker, he picks his spots, he’s no real radical. If you aren’t prepared to read the article thoroughly or question anything he’s done or said i guess that makes you one of Ezra’s faithful little followers.

      • So threatening Strahl with a suit to shut him up isn’t meant to curtail that speech?

        • It depends. Freedom of speech is not absolute. If I say something nasty about you and I can’t prove that what I said is true, you have recourse to the legal system. If what Chuck was saying was false, Ezra was right to threaten to sue him. On the other hand, if what Chuck said was true, Ezra was out of line. I don’t know the circumstances so I don’t know if Ezra was right

    • “Underneath my veneer of liberalism i guess i’m just an ordinary blue collar guy – ”
      Thar’s interesting, thank you. I’ve been wondering how the Pinko Brain Dead Commies were describing themselves these days.

  14. Winning or whining?

  15. I’m glad for Canada that we have a few people like Ezra Levant who are willing to stand up to our would-be Islamist dictators and their collaborators at the so-called “Human Rights Commissions”. It’s obvious that one of the primary purposes of those politically correct bodies is to stifle free speech about immigration and multiculturalism.

    • Actually I liked the idea of HRCs when they first started . Twenty five years ago a racist office manager was fired at my place of employment due to pressure from the HRC. Sadly over the years they have become so partisan and bloated and prone to brain dead decisions their impact on the average Canadian has become good for laughs and waste of their taxpayers money and not much else.

  16. The article is wrong to lump him with Glenn Beck, the latter being nothing but a flame-thrower. Ezra is intelligent, cogent, informed, and instructive. Unfortunately, he is also ‘way over the top and he ends up sounding like an extremist. He was especially unfair to the kids at the Occupy site — baiting them viciously, and that could be called a Glenn Beck moment. Life is not black-or-white; people want their minds challenged, not just their passions.
    Nevertheless, he’s also a national treasure. Some day, when the HRCs are disbanded and their minions dispersed without pensions, we will owe him a title, something like the Great Emancipator.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • thanks, bungo, I liked your last bit of imagery.

  17. This comment was deleted.

    • Your post is more forgettable

    • Ciao LOL

  18. There’s room for Ezra Levant.

    • It always amazes me I gave up Sun TV three months ago but because the leftie loons are always on some comments board whining and bitc-ing that Ezra said this or Ezra said that. Thanks to them I dont miss a thing.

  19. “Levant has been a purveyor of strong, sometimes objectionable opinions”

    This is false. He generally chooses opinions that are widely held but for one reason or another are lacking people like him who can promote those views.

    For instance, his views of human rights commissions are widely shared. But despite that, such commissions were allowed to continue their practices unimpeded. He takes on issues that need champions.

    “In the days that follow, it’s a theme he takes up with vigour on his
    Twitter feed: how the response to 20 dead kids (who are roughly the same
    age as his own children) should be more, not fewer guns. It’s not a
    popular position.”

    Also false. Actually, the position is quite popular, supported by a majority of people in the country where the incident occurred. Most people believe in the use of guns for self defense.

    • And his views on the Roma are probably widely held by the same people too. They probably think they weren’t objectionable either. Speaks volumes about SNN media supporters and it isn’t pleasant.
      Do people have the right to be hate filled, spittle-flecked, ignorant knuckle draggers? Yup even the majority of folk have the right to be that, but being in the majority doesn’t make it right or in anyway a desirable path to travel down.

      • Why is it that so many people find it so difficult to look at a situation objectively? When Ezra was talking about the Roma, for example, he pointed out the things that were happening that were illegal. The fact that he was talking about the Roma is irrelevant. He was trying to point out the illegal activities occurring in immigration that needed to be addressed. That’s not racism (Roma isn’t a race, anyway) that’s prudent policy.

        • Nice try,but no cigar. He lumped Roma together and collectively labelled them. I found that rather remarkable given his heritage and what happened to people of his descent when somebody sought to demonise them as a group. When you shift the blame for any crime from the few to the whole people you are wrong and not just a little bit wrong either.

          Roma are a people with a distinct ethnic identity, culture and customs and the term racism has come to include the discrimination of a such a group. After all a literal definition of race would mean that there would be only one race – The Human Race; therefor racism could not exist at all.

          • You sound like someone who has little exposure to the Roma. Not all cultures are equal. As Bert says, Roma is not a race. It’s a group of people with the same culture.

          • You sound like someone who wishes to decide which cultures are more equal than others. I’ve met a few others like that, they usually had brownshirts and a really heightened sense of what they called their heritage. Not nice people.

          • There’s nothing wrong with reporting the truth. I have no interest in deciding anything. People are free to make up their minds based on the facts. It’s clear you have no idea of the facts but you make up your mind anyway.

          • What facts did you present? Your comment was a snide aside that was supposed to hint a greater wisdom, nothing more.

          • What facts did you present? None.

          • Then I guess the proper term is bigot.

          • What he was referring to was the illegal activities being perpetrated by a particular group of people in an effort to enter Canada. Are you saying that, as long as those activities are perpetrated by a specific ethic group, they are OK? Are we only allowed to discuss and arrest people who are part of an ethnically diverse group? That’s nuts.

            He was not demonizing them, either. He simply pointed out what was going on – and, if I remember the show correctly, the Roma were not the only group he identified. Min. Jason Kenny inherited a real mess when he took over the immigration portfolio and dealing with the kinds of things that the Roma were doing was just one of the issues he fixed. Although I have no way of proving it, I would like to think that if a group of Jews were doing the same thing, Ezra would treat them the same way. Illegal is illegal no matter who you are. I know that I have heard him chastise Jewish groups in the past, not for anything as serious as what the Roma were doing, either.

          • See you’re doing it again. You are saying that certain criminal activities are being committed by a specific ethnic group. So is attempting to enter Canada illegally is specifically a Roma crime and nobody else does it? I’d say no. Do all Roma attempt to enter Canada illegally and are all Roma in Canada illegally? Again I’d say no.

            So lumping all Roma together in that group is incorrect and given the criminal investigation now underway might even be a crime. For a real understanding of the issue change the word gypsy in the following Levantism with Jew/ Something worse.

            ““These are gypsies, a culture synonymous with swindlers. The phrase
            gypsy and cheater have been so interchangeable historically that the
            word has entered the English language as a verb: he gypped me. Well the gypsies have gypped us. Too many have come here as false refugees. And they come here to gyp us again and rob us blind as they have done in Europe for centuries … They’re gypsies. And one of the central characteristics of that culture is that their chief economy is theft and begging.”

            And then tell me that the comment was fair.

          • I don’t care how you identify the group – whether is based upon ethnicity or anything else. The point he was trying to make is that there is a group of people who are performing a specific set of illegal activities in order to gain access to Canada. You are the one who is getting hung up on the ethnic aspect of the issue. They were engaged in illegal activities and need to be stopped. It makes no difference what their ethnic background is.
            The quote you provide is true, though. We DO say “I was gypped” – although I have to admit that I was unaware of the origin of that saying. I ask you, though: Is racial profiling wrong?

          • I remember when decent Anglo-Saxons used the phrase “I was Jewed!” too or there was a colour called n*gger brown. Not so much anymore at least in non-stormfront circles. It’s called progress and understanding that the use of such racially charged terms is truly offensive. It’s more than getting “hung up.” The more bad things are associated with a sub set of easily identified people, the more those people are going to be automatically associated with that bad thing. Then any mention of their category is automatically associated with bad things. The word Newfie when used by others has such connotations here.

            As for racial profiling are you talking for employment, paternity cases or is it because you don’t want to sit next to someone different on the plane? Who would you profile, why and do you think it would work would be my question?

          • OK, how would you address a situation where an illegal activity was being perpetrated by a group of people of one ethnicity? Would you ignore their ethnic origin and just s and do nothing else? Doing so could very easily miss an important systemic problem in that community. Also, if the perpetration of that crime was rampant, don’t you think that the folks responsible for policing said activities might want to know that a particular ethnic group has been known to break those laws consistently and that hey should be on the lookout for them?

            As for racial profiling, I think that it is very important. The Israelis have shown time and time again that racial profiling is a very effective tool in maintaining an airline free of hijackers and terrorists. However, not wanting to sit beside someone of a particular ethnic background is not normally considered to be racial profiling; that is racial discrimination.

          • “OK, how would you address a situation where an illegal activity was being perpetrated by a group of people of one ethnicity?” Are you saying all Roma are illegal? Are you saying that all illegals are Roma? Because that is what your statement says. If the answer to the above is no, then you can’t use Roma to denote an illegal activity. As an example, I could say stupid people vote conservative, but that doesn’t mean that all conservatives are stupid. So I couldn’t then insist that Conservative equals stupid.

            “Doing so could very easily miss an important systemic problem in that community.” So your identifying an entire group as criminal is in fact because you care about their well-being? Ha!

            The Israeli’s don’t racially profile, they do profile but it is much more sophisticated than using race. Which is what you’d expect from a country that has real issues on this front and isn’t just reacting because they are frightened and are lashing out. “And Israeli officials profile. They don’t profile racially, but they profile. Israeli Arabs breeze through rather quickly, but thanks to the dozens of dubious-looking stamps in my passport — almost half are from Lebanon and Iraq — I get pulled off to the side for more questioning every time. And I’m a white, nominally Christian American.” http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/forget_the_porn_machines_NQAJ5DOzf187gdRQnLURlO

            Everything you said is wrong. I understand that the other is unfamiliar to you, but don’t let the racists scare you into believing their BS.

          • You have an interesting way of interpreting the facts. I did NOT, at any time, state that ALL Romas perform illegal activities (nor did Ezra). All I said was that **IF** a particular ethnic group was known to perpetrate a particular illegal activity, any member of that group should be monitored more closely than the general population since a propensity to perpetrate that activity is known. That does NOT say that EVERYONE in that ethnic group breaks the law or that anyone NOT in that group is always innocent. We know that toddlers tend to fall down stairs so we are much more careful when a toddler is near a staircase than when an adult is. Simple logic.

            Again, you are misinterpreting. The Israelis DO racial profiling, but I did not say that that was their SOLE security protocol. There are many different ways of determining the potential danger of a specific person – and I’m sure that I know nothing about most of them. I was just pointing out a simple fact: racial profiling is an effective tool in some circumstances as a security measure.

          • Bert

            Use the term “racial group” and you mean the racial group, not just some members of the racial group. If you meant “some members of the racial group” you’d have said that you did not.

            As for the Israelis and racial profiling, I quoted you a source, an Israeli source who had investigated the topic and said as a result of this investigation, “The Israeli’s don’t racially profile, they do profile but it is much more sophisticated than using race.” What do you have except your own feelings?

          • Right. If one racial group is known to perpetrate a particular crime, ALL members of that group warrant closer inspection than others. That does NOT mean, though, that ALL members of that group are guilty of that or any other crime, just that they warrant an additional look-see. That’s it.

            You’re splitting hairs on the Israeli issue. Yes, I know that they have very complicated security protocols and my point was simply that race is a part of those protocols. I didn’t say that race was their only consideration or even if it was a major consideration, just that it is one.

          • I will guarantee that most crimes in Canada are committed by white people. In fact on a purely anecdotal basis I have been attacked by white people, I have been sacked by white people and I have been ripped off by white people and I am of white European descent. I have never had any of those things happen to me and been committed by anybody who wasn’t white.
            That means that according to your logic ALL white people warrant closer inspection than any other group of people in Canada.
            Suspects warrant further investigation and being a Roma and in Canada is not grounds for suspicion, just like being a part of the segment of the community that commits the most crimes in Canada is not grounds for quizzing every white person when a car goes missing.

            The Israeli airport security services are much smarter than us and less prone to knee jerk reactions. They understand that racial profiling in fact obscures other recognising factors because it makes folk angry. Angry folk are less easy to read using real observational techniques, so they don’t use racial profiling.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Still not grasping the fact that that approach is racist pure and simple. People commit crimes not races. Once you categorise a race as criminal you are on a journey that could end with disenfranchisement and concentration camps. Canadians of Japanese descent will verify this for you although they never experienced the death camps.

          • Who’s not grasping that racial profiling is racist? Not me! But you’re going too far. Many countries have built prisons where all kinds of unthinkable torture and murder happened. Does that mean that we shouldn’t have prisons? Anything can be used in a negative way.

          • There are many ways of running a prison, there are also many ways of profiling.

            There are not many ways of profiling if you insist on profiling racially only.
            False anaology

          • At no time did I state that the only way to profile is racially. In fact, I have stated numerous times that there are many other ways. You are the one who raised and insists on flying the racist banner, no one else.

          • Bert, don’t waste your breath. Harebell will avoid accepting defeat by deflecting to another subject.

          • I know but I am always afraid in situations like this that someone might actually believe the stuff s/he says.

          • “Racial” and “profiling” do NOT automatically fit together. Yes, the Israelis profile — but for behaviour, not race. Think of “Criminal Minds”, the hit TV show and the BAU — behavioral analysis unit. They are profilers.

          • I am not Israeli so I can’t speak for them but if you google “Israel racial profiling” you will get a large number of hits verifying that it is done. Yes, I know that there are many other forms of profiling but I was just referring to racial profiling specifically.

          • If I google Obama and muslim you’ll get a large number of hits insisting that is true. But they do not verify it in the slightest.
            Quality pieces of investigative journalism say that the Israeli’s do not racially profile and guess what they don’t. They are smarter than we are in that respect.

          • Gee whiz, golly!! So those terrible Joos aren’t PC — watcha going to do about it?

          • You are being deliberately obtuse because you are losing the argument.

          • Ah can’t understand the point hey?
            No worries.

        • This comment was deleted.

          • You and Hitler both end your name in “er”. That’s not a coincidence.

          • Sorry, Ron, but that doesn’t hold water. Both Ezra and Hitler also breathed air and drank water. Does that make them political allies or something? If one or just a few people of an identifiable group commit a crime, that’s one thing. You have a few individuals to prosecute. If many people of an identifiable group commit a particular crime, you have a systemic problem that needs to be addressed at both an individual level and at a political level. It makes no difference who or what that group is.

        • The leftist mind doesn’t care if the definition of “race” isn’t met. As long as you offend anybody of any group or organiztion, it’ll be considered racism. When they call you racist, you know they’re loosing the arguement. It’s the only way they can shut you down,.

        • I don’t know if the Roma are a “race”, but they are a distinict ethnic group.

    • Actually he’s just parotting the NRA.

      • “He” who?

  20. The only thing that makes CBC a “national” broadcaster is that it is mandatory inclusion everywhere, and gets as much in taxpayer subsidies as the F35s were supposed to cost over 40 years.

    CBC has a different license than SNN.

    I’d like to know what SNN’s current ratings are, not the start-up numbers.

    Ezra must be having an effect, for Maclean’s to do write-up. Ratings must be improving. If CBC’s subsidy were eliminated and made voluntary for inclusion in national networks, we’d see it crash and burn.

    • I find the discussions about SNN to be very similar to the ones in the US about FOX. People jump up and down decrying the bias and idiocy of the networks but both SNN and FOX consistently garner higher ratings than their competitors. Just like with social media, it is the PEOPLE’S views that are being disseminated and discussed for a change rather than those of some anonymous spin doctor.

      • And,damn us,we don’t seem to understand that our betters in the MSM are only looking out for our best interests,’cause clearly,we’re to dim to recognize what’s good for us.

        • Yeah, we have become a rather unappreciative bunch, haven’t we?

          • I hate ingratitude,I can hardly blame them if they do,too!:)

    • The snowbirds are watching Ez in Mexico.

    • Could you clarify your comments regarding funding for the CBC vs. The F-35s? To my knowledge, the CBC receives approximately $900 million annually, while the total cost of the F-35s was projected to be $25 BILLION (and rising) before McKay finally reversed course. This article has generated a robust conversation which is a good thing, but while you’re entitled to your own opinion, you are not entitled to your own facts.

      • CBC = $900 million annually (using your figures) x 40 years = $36 billion

        F-35 (a Chretien baby) = $25 billion (calculated cost of ownership over 40 years) and rising (your figures)

        How are those “facts” looking to you now, Sandi?

        • That’s precisely why I asked you to clarify. Re-read your original post. The comparison that you were trying to make is anything but clear.

          “and gets as much in taxpayer subsidies as the F35s were supposed to cost over 40 years.”

          This suggests that you are comparing a single year of CBC funding vs. 40 years of operating and maintaining the F-35s.

          I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and we can pretend that you were referring to the costs over the same time period, but that’s not what you said. And if the government was copping to $25 billion, then you can bet that it was/is going to be a whole lot more.

          • The cost of the F-35s was calculated over the life-time of the planes, 36 to 40 years, not just for the cost of the actual jets.

            I’m surprised you didn’t know that. It was considered quite a coup by the opposition to “catch” the government in a lie.

            So when you gave the cost of the F-35s, you gave the total cost to buy and operate the jets for 40 years.

            I find that comparing apples to apples makes things very clear, don’t you?

      • I heard CBC gets about $1.1B annually in subsidies.

        The F35s were supposed to cost $45B over the entire 40 year lifespan, equaling $1.125B annual equivalent; little more than the CBC costs us.

  21. He is a horrid man. Mocking the dead or dying is disgusting. A total fascist.

    • Do you even understand English?A fascist?That’s precisely what he’s railing against.I imagine you’re one of those who tasted bile when he won against the AHRKC.As such(do you know how to use a dictionary?Look up “fascist)you’re staring in the mirror when you wail,”fascist,fascist,fascist,”like a snot-nosed school-yard brat.

      • I think that that is one of the main problems with the left. They don’t bother to look up the definition of a word before they use it. Words like fascist, bigot, hateful, etc are all brandished against any real or perceived “enemy” and are almost always used incorrectly.

    • Mocking the dead or dying? What is that all about?

  22. Fabulous! It is great news that SunTV will be receiving their Common Carry license from the CRTC shortly!

    • Here, here!
      Nice to know Ezra and his family have finally moved.

  23. “Keeps winning”? It is to larf.

    Poor Ezra Levant: he tries his very very hardest to generate great noise and heat in order to bootstrap any minor controversy into the free speech crusade he so desperately wants to lead, but nobody ever seems to care.

    Why? Well, being a nebbish doesn’t help. But the larger reason is that after so many kicks at this sad can, by now people know it’s just schtick and look on with placid unconcern as each successive damp squib fizzles out like all those that have gone before. Except if you work for Maclean’s, in which case he’s leading an admirable if quixotic battle against the forces of political correctness. Yeah, no: isn’t. Sorry. Is just a dull sad sack.

    Might be time to consider getting a real job, Ez, in a different line of work: you are getting on, you know.

    • What country are you living in? It seems to me Ezra has had more success in influencing public thought and government than most. Ethical oil anyone? You are whistling in the dark. Ezra and SNN are having a big effect, and will continue to grow. TV ratings aside the gang at SNN have spawned a lot of buff on the internet and will continue to do so as awareness grows. I suspect that Macleans is also doing a bit of night time whistling as well, given the state of print media these days.

    • Another big problem for his cause is that he’s actually too afraid to go out and say something that would actually be hate speech. Rather he pretends the government is coming after him when his comments are distasteful and stupid rather than HRC violations. Most of his followers actually believe he was tried by a human rights commission, rather than merely an investigation which they dropped.

      And that’s just the tip of the crazy iceberg.

      • So you want him to violate federal law? Why would he do that? You assume that he is either a hate monger or an empty attention seeker. Or are you just requiring that he martyr himself for his ’cause’?

        • Frankly I’d prefer he just go away.

          neither he nor Steyn have broken the law. No human rights commission has ever had a hearing against Ezra, and Macleans won handily against Steyn (the complaints were weak, but they were made honestly and in good faith). (and spare me the punishment is the process bs). Trouble is, he acts like they’re after him in the same way the levy fines against the people who actually DO make hate speech – if creates yet another false impression against what will actually get you convicted (the press is really at fault here, they should be better at pointing out the difference to the average person).

          • I don’t know where you are getting your data from but I understand that Ezra was charged by the Alberta HRC and dragged through a 3 year (I think) ordeal where he was forced to prove his innocence. Totally intolerable situation in any democracy.

            Also, I thought that Styn won his case against the HRC. I could be wrong but that’s what I remember.

            There have been quite a few people hauled before the various HRC’s in Canada and have been forced to make reparation for either things that they aren’t guilty of or ridiculous charges (like the McDonald’s case in BC).

  24. I get frustrated when I watch Solomon on CBC trying desperately to spin any story into an anti government (Conservative) rant while at the same time fawning over anything LIB/Dipper. Good to watch Ezra and get back to some semblance of balance. What the left doesn’t appreciate is how many “ordinary” voting Canadians agree with at least some of his ideals.

    • What the right doesn’t appreciate is how few of those Canadians there actually are. Last count gave us somewhat more than a third.

  25. “a rather sedate interview by a bored-looking bureaucrat”

    Yes, she was a bored looking bureaucrat and she couldn’t even get excited about crushing somebody’s freedom of expression in the name of human rights. That’s the point which this author diminishes, and it’s not surprising – few so-called journalists were courageous enough to criticize these kangaroo courts, let alone challenge them. Odd how few journalists have even taken notice of this victory. I presume it’s embarrassment.

    • “Crushing somebody’s freedom of expression in the name of human rights”? Ez, that you? And are you high? The commission works on a complaint basis: they received a complaint and were obliged to investigate. Because the complaint turned out to be baseless, frivolous and asinine, it didn’t proceed. Whose freedom of expression was crushed? And… cue the crickets.

      • Excuse me? Are you familiar with the process at all? Being called before a commission to answer for voicing your opinion is freedom crushing. If the state can persecute you for what you say and believe then you are truly less free. The same baseless, frivolous and asinine type of complaint involved Macleans spending a lot of money defending themselves. I am shocked that anyone could consider a system not to be oppressive when a person can be called to the carpet based on another person’s complaint (no matter how asinine).

        • The interview took place in Levant’s lawyer’s office, not “before [the] commission”. The only carpet was the one in the office conference room. Being asked questions is not persecution and is not oppressive. Like poor sad little Ezra, you appear to trying to elevate this forgettable episode to the status of a Major Event. Hard as little Ezra tried to make it so through his preposterous grandstanding and cringeworthy speechifying, it just wasn’t one.

          And “another person’s complaint” is what initiates most civil (“He defamed me”) and many criminal (“He assaulted me”) actions, so what on earth are you talking about?

          • I think you missed the point that this kangaroo court took over 900 days, the person who complained didn’t have to shell out a cent, and Ezra had to pay for his defence and wasn’t compensated for the cost. AND, the bureaucrat acting as judge and jury didn’t even have any legal training.

          • SOP for many tribunals, and not eyebrow raising to anyone who knows about process generally.

            This is what bothers me most- Ezra takes routine procedures that aren’t sinister or malevolent at all, then tries to con people who maybe aren’t dumb but don’t know about stuff like administrative law.

            Look some people believe freedom of speech should protect people from penalties for hate speech. I disagree but I realize it’s an argument. but when Ezra pulls the wool over peoples eyes with his moronic cries “kangaro court!” and they start parroting garbage I fear for my country.

          • One problem with that approach, though, is the definition of “hate speech”. It has gotten to the point that if you say anything that is offensive in any way to another person, what you said is categorized as hate speech and you will be vilified by an HRC. It is ridiculous. That is what Ezra has been trying to reveal to the public and he has done a pretty good job at it. You may not like him but the fact that his books have been on the best seller list speaks volumes about what Canadians think of what he has to say.

          • Civil and criminal actions require more robust proof and follow a very specific set of rules. Court costs can also be awarded in the case of spurious cases. There is a big difference. As for the carpet, that was funny, but you must surely also be joking if you think that the location of the interview was important. If you will look at some of the punishments handed out by human rights commissions you will see that the stakes can be high. I bet that you would see it as a little more than an inconvenience if you were subjected to the same treatment. I think you are incapable of understanding the greater issue. Ezra was questioned over his publishing of cartoons. He could have been called in for any number of things. Having to explain oneself to an authority over ones beliefs or expression of them has great potential for abuse. If you are not free to think and speak as you will then you are not free at all. That is the issue.

          • You can also be penalized for bringing frivolous cases before the tribunal, it’s rare but it happens. And they are subject to procedural fairness. Penalties can be int eh thousands but they are minimal compared to civil court. There was little actual potential for abuse unless Ezra (a lawyer himself) misunderstood the process and the investigator somehow took advantage of that (a hypothetical which nobody alleged ever happened).

            Please stop. Ezra is making you believe things which are not true.

  26. This comment was deleted.

    • Do you have any actual evidence that supports such a serious claim?

      • No he won’t and when Ezra tried the same line he was slapped back by the very people he now works for. David’s comments are those of a vicious liar who will say and do anything to get their own way.

        “On September 5, 2010, a column by Ezra Levant contained false
        statements about George Soros and his conduct as a young
        teenager in Nazi-occupied Hungary.”

        • Actually, the facts were also revealed by Glenn Beck previously, but as the lible laws are different in the US, Soros couldn’t shut Beck down, but he was successful with Ezra. Gives pause for thought regarding the truth doesn’t it?

          • And what are those facts?

            Seriously, I have only heard gossip and unsubstantiated slurs. I’d love to see some actual evidence.

          • Not really, freedom of speech laws in the USA allow more lies to be printed. It puts a greater weight on allowing more lies if it allows a half truth to be publicised. Depends on priorities and historical precedent. It could be argued the Common Law here requires you to get your ducks in a line before accusing someone of a pretty heinous offence. In the US it’s mor eof a case of “sticks and stones..”

    • Wow. I’d try and make sure that I had a source more credible than Glenn Beck before repeating something so inflammatory. But I guess that’s why I’m not on Sun TV.

  27. I love Ezra Levant!! He’s a big draw for me to Sun News. He’s brilliant, and funny, and tells a side of the story left out of Canadian news media. I don’t always agree with him, but that’s not the point anyway, is it?

    • Haha! That’s where you are wrong passer! As you can tell from the comments you have to either agree with someone about everything or else you have to run them down, smear then and insult them! At least that seems to be the rule for folks don’t don’t agree with Ezra, including Macleans.

  28. Ezra levant is being investigated by Toronto Police for allegedly promoting hatred against the Roma people. This is not a human rights complaint rather a criminal code action. If the charges are laid and he is convicted SUN News will have a convicted hatemonger as a News commentator.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • That is awfully intelligent of you…and my congrats or finally graduating kindergarten

        • “…my congrats or(sic)finally graduating kindergarten”.Maybe misspelling “for”(or was it “on”)was a typo-still,check your spelling.But,Pick,buddy,sentences end with a period.What earthly business have you being smug?And,smartass,it’s been 10 hours-too late for a face-saving edit.Dumb,smug tool.

    • Have the Toronto police even been to a mosque to hear how non-Muslims are described and to hear honest discussions about how non-Muslims deserve to be treated? Or is that a bit too scary for them?

    • I wasn’t aware that Ezra was being investigated in this case but you have to remember one thing: In Canada, we have something called the “defense of truth”. That simply means that if you are charged with saying something that offended someone, you will most likely be exonerated IF you can prove that what you said is true. I don’t remember the details of what Ezra said but I know that he is usually pretty careful to cover his backside. No, he isn’t always successful, but he does try.

    • wha wha wha!

  29. Re: the typo in the headline: I can’t figure out whether it was supposed to be “Ezra Levant: Love him or hate him, he keeps whining” or “Ezra Levant: Love him or hate him, he keeps whinnying”

  30. Judging by the general level of the responses I see the PMO has released the winged monkeys and their keyboards early today.
    Shouldn’t you folk be in church pretending to care about people?

    • History lesson leftie loon NDP-CCF was founded by the REV. TC Douglas was he a winged monkey too

      • Brian again with the misapplication of logic.
        The aforementioned PMO’s winged monkey’s wear their religion on their sleeves and pretend to care about people but only care about themselves.
        Other church folk actually do care about people so no pretense is necessary and they don’t get their marching orders form the PMO.

        So they aren’t the PMO’s winged monkeys. That would include dead people like TC Douglas as well.

        It’s not hard, still struggling with which way around the trousers go on hey?

        • Struggling with the fact that no one with a functioning brain believes that you are nothing more than a pathetc troll. How is stating a fact a misapplication by the way when did the former NDP MP Rev. Bill Blakie or former Saskatchewan leader Rev. Lorne Calvert die. You make a generalization about Christians and try to backtrack. Busted again!

          • Okay Bri
            When you rebut a point you really can’t blame me for not considering someone you never brought into the conversation until after I made the comment. You mentioned Douglas only and he is dead.

            I never made a generalisation about xians, I made a generalisation about the PMO’s winged monkeys. I didn’t say ALL xians were the PMO’s winged monkeys but I did say that ALL the PMOs winged monkey’s were poor xians.

            If your brain is functioning then it isn’t functioning very well sir.

          • settle petal, go for a lie down

        • And dead people like the Rev.Lorne Calvert and Rev. Bill Blakie. Nice generalization about religion as long as it suits your poltical dogma Phony!

  31. From the story: “And with Quebecor now pressing the CRTC for “mandatory carriage” status for the Sun News Network—meaning cable suscribers “[sic] would have to pay for
    it, whether they want it or not…. ”

    So what you’re telling us is that cable subscribers DON’T have to pay for CBC or CTV whether we want it or not?

    No slant in your writing at all, Jonathon. /snork

  32. From the story; “And while The Source is the network’s second-highest rated
    show, that’s not saying much. The average fall 2012 audience for its
    first national airing at 5 p.m. Eastern was 4,300, and then 17,000 more
    for a 10 p.m. rebroadcast. Power and Politics, the CBC News Network show that Levant competes directly against, drew 75,500. And Powerplay, which occupies the same slot for CTV News Channel, captured 40,600 viewers.”

    Jonathon, I’m trying to decide if this was just lazy “journalism” or something even less desirable. You conveniently neglected to clarify that both CBC and CTV have a mandatory carriage license. And you conveniently neglected to mention how many households receive the CBC and CTV shows.

    But I do want to congratulate you for showing us a fine example of what happens when good numbers go bad. Nicely spun.

    • Sun TV is part of my basic package. I’ve watched it a few times; thought it was garbage and went back to CTV. CBC is part of my basic package but I don’t watch it much either. So having it available doesn’t mean people will watch it if they don’t like it.

      • Of course it doesn’t mean that people will watch it if they don’t like it, but it makes it available to those who DO want to watch it. In the Ottawa area, it is not included in basic cable. Rogers only includes it in their $65 per month and up packages.

        For the author of this story to ignore the fact that the CBC is available in millions of homes vs Sun News being limited in carriage is either lazy or deceitful on his part. It’s not for me to say which it is, but I suspect that perhaps it’s a bit a both.

  33. Love Ezra – unfortunately I can’t get SUN on my cable package so I have hopes that in another year or so, my local cable company will be forced to carry it – just like CBC, CTV and Global.

    Ezra is one of the few journalists who will actually go after the story rather than try to spin the nice story from the PR flacks that the NDP, Libs, and various advocacy groups put in front of CBC, CTV and Global. And because of that he will naturally step on a few toes and get legal action – so what??? If only more of the MSM would do that, there would be fewer and fewer people willing to launch legal actions. Instead we get these bland, nambypamby reports about one thing or the other on the pretense that the MSM is being ‘fair”. They should be ashamed.

    Keep it up Ezra because we are adults and we can take being offended – and if you can’t take being offended, then maybe you should retreat to some nice little island were unicorns and fairies romp in the grass and your wee little feelings are not going to be hurt.

  34. Nauseating … that was quite the weaselly conniving character assassination and slander attempt on Ezra Levant… that’s right Jonathon Gatehouse not every one is a spineless dizzy wonder like you, you and your ilk’s attempts to shame and patronize others to conform to political correct pressure is backfiring, political correctness and sensitivity should not trump the truth. You come off like you believe you are morally superior and above petty partisanship but your more so and you don’t even understand or see it ! Truly Nauseating
    Ezra Levant… that’s right Jonathon Gatehouse not every one is a spineless dizzy wonder like you, you and your ilk’s attempts to shame and patronize others to conform to political correct pressure is backfiring, political correctness and sensitivity should not trump the truth. You come off like you believe you are morally superior and above petty partisanship but your more so and you don’t even understand or see it ! Truly Nauseating

    • I think the record’s stuck.

      • That’s just the remix.

    • History will remember that people like Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn stood up for Canadians’ right to free speech while the bulk of Canadian journalists were concerned with being fashionable and politically correct.

      • Hey – he can’t be wrong ALL the time! :-)

        I fully support Ezra’s right to free speech. Doesn’t mean I have to like what he says.

        Judging by a lot of the commenters on here, those on the right are just as likely to want to stifle “commie” opinions as those on the center or left are likely to want to stifle Ezra and Steyn.

  35. Media generated political division is simply for for money. Strong opinion gets viewers and more viewers means more ad revenue. Sadly, the costs is a very divided political culture where opinions become so strong that nothing ever gets done without creating animosity.

    • The media doesn’t generate anything, it merely acts as a conduit. The “animosity” you speak of is really simply the magnifying lens on the political debate that has been brought about by the internet.
      When you speak of things like “nothing ever gets done” I actually am thankful for that at times. I don’t want action for the sake of action. I don’t want the green agenda added onto my tax, grocery or car bills. Other people want the green agenda on my bills. And that’s just one example of where the “animosity” comes from.
      If you (not you specifically) want to fund something, go fund it with your own efforts and dollars. But keep my money and specifically my taxdollars a million miles away from anything “green”, anything supporting a welfare state, etc. If you want to, by force, support my taxdollars going to those things then we have a problem… and that’s why we have a problem, because so many other people think that they have the inherent right to spend MY money.

      • Ezra, and other pundits, actively create division and animosity, they are not simple conduits. But, I agree, the Internet has amplified it.

        Though I’ve voted for both Conservatives and Liberals, the one thing I find with conservatives is that they view the world as infinite (money, environment, etc.) however the planet is a life boat that we’ll out grow in a few hundred years, at our current consumption rates. We may be gone but our legacy will live on, and it concerns me that we will destroy the planet simply for a few extra dollars in our pockets.

      • It sounds like you should go live in the woods in a log cabin, and stop using all of the services that MY tax dollar pay for including roads, healthcare, education, and emergency services – “if you want to fund something, go fund it with your own efforts and dollars”.

        Part of living in a society involves paying for things that you might not use, or agree with, but you can’t have it both ways. I would prefer that my taxes weren’t being used to advance a foreign policy which is embarrassing and has harmed Canada’s reputation internationally, but the government also funds many things that I do agree with, and benefit directly from.

        This is in no way a new argument, but I’m amazed that people still attempt to make it with a straight face.

      • I’m not too fond of subsidizing oil companies. You pull the plug on their subsidies and tax breaks and maybe we can talk.

  36. I may detest many things that Levant says, but I will defend to the death his right to say those things. And Occasionally he does say things which make sense, such as his comment regarding freedom of speech.

  37. Like Newt Gingrich in the US, Ezra Levant is what stupid people think a smart person sounds like.

  38. Ezra certainly is the master of infuriating the left, but I don’t think he deserves as much credit for shaping public opinion as the author seems to give him. What really drives the lefties nuts isn’t that he shapes public opinion, but that he gives a voice to opinions the left-wing media would rather pretend don’t exist, even when it’s an opinion that’s shared by most mainstream Canadians.

    Chief Spence’s “hunger strike” is a glaring example. While every media outlet in the country was fawning over her “inspirational” protest, Ezra was the only guy in Canada it seems who actually took a critical view of Spence’s leadership, and what do you know, he was absolutely correct.

    • Sorry but you just saw what you wanted to see. Other media did increasingly take a more critical look at Spence and Attawapiskat…they just didn’t do it as hysterically or theatrically as Ezra.
      I would never dispute a lot of Canadians – maybe even most – agree with stuff he has to say from time to time. But a voice, sharing opinions shared by by most MS Canadians – that’s simply absurd. You’re free to believe it, but that doesn’t make it a fact. And even if it were true that wouldn’t necessarily make most Canadians right all the time.

  39. “And while The Source is the network’s second-highest rated show, that’s not saying much. The average fall 2012 audience for its first national airing at 5 p.m. Eastern was 4,300, and then 17,000 more for a 10 p.m. rebroadcast. Power and Politics, the CBC News Network show that Levant competes directly against, drew 75,500. And Powerplay, which occupies the same slot for CTV News Channel, captured 40,600 viewers. And with Quebecor now pressing the CRTC for “mandatory carriage” status for the Sun News Network—meaning cable suscribers would have to pay for it, whether they want it or not—one wonders if having such a big troublemaker on staff is a help or a hindrance.”

    Interesting what lies can be told by omission: the author does not state that programs directly competing with the Sun Network are mandatory carriage – and that placing Sun News their rather than an American news channel would merely level the playing field, balance the TV news that now suffers from a massive left/liberal bias, and would increase Canadian content. But of course, that would mean telling the WHOLE story, something that the main stream media is not fond of doing. The have their monopoly, and by God, they are keeping it.