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Women outnumber men at most medical schools

2009 figures show enrolment continues to increase


The medical schools listed below are sorted by size of enrolment: from the largest, Université de Montréal, to the smallest—and newest—Northern Ontario School of Medicine. These 2009 figures show enrolment continues to increase (up 15 per cent compared to 2006), with women outnumbering men at most institutions.

Female students (%) Total enrolment
Montréal 66 1,253
UBC 55 1,006
Laval 70 991
Toronto 55 902
Sherbrooke 61 777
McGill 55 698
Alberta 48 630
Ottawa 63 615
Western 47 591
McMaster 62 541
Calgary 54 488
Manitoba 50 426
Dalhousie 55 414
Queen’s 49 404
Saskatchewan 54 299
Memorial 58 258
Northern Ontario* 68 225
Average 58 10,518


*Northern Ontario School of Medicine is located at Lakehead and Laurentian universities.

Source: Office of Research and Information Services, Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada


Women outnumber men at most medical schools

  1. when men outnumber women at engineering schools, they "still outnumber" the women at engineering schools. in other words, it's a crisis situation that needs to change.

    when women outnumber men at medical schools, it's all good and natural and all is right with the world

  2. the anti-male agenda in our public school system and in the university system is finally paying off; actually, it has been paying off for years. For that matter, the general anti-male tone in our popular culture is paying off. Consider Macleans: 30 years ago, it was de rigueur to have women shown doing “non-traditional” things on university campuses – even as they were a minority in most professional schools – because we had to show young women doing things their mothers didn’t; today, we have fewer young men attending university or professional school but – lo and behold – Macleans keeps sticking the picture of a white woman on its cover every time it has a national survey on the best canadian schools. It is as if white females are still victims even when, by every socio-economic indicator, they are the most privileged group in our society.

    Most young men, if they are being honest, know damn well how gynocentric and misandrist canadian universities are; they’ll be called a sexual predator more times than they’ll be called by their first name and look at the resources pumped into programs for women relative to young men. Our sons need help, but they’re not receiving it.

    • That is true. Feminists are complaining about engineering now as the final frontier. Can’t they just accept that girls as a whole don’t really like physics? In my Gr. 12 physics class there are about 4 girls vs 20 guys. I know a lot of my friends who are girls that dropped out of physics after Gr. 11. Their only reason was that they didn’t understand physics easily and it would pull down their grades. Tired of feminists whining that there need to more female engineers. There need to be more good engineers. Female or male it doesn’t matter as long as they are the best and like that career path.