Kevin O’Leary doesn’t speak French—but says he could still be PM

Kevin O’Leary says he can run for the leadership of the Conservative Party: ‘My DNA is in Quebec. I know how Quebec works’

Kevin O'Leary attends the Disney ABC Winter TCA Tour in Pasadena, Calif., in this Jan. 10, 2013 file photo. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

Kevin O’Leary attends the Disney ABC Winter TCA Tour in Pasadena, Calif., in this Jan. 10, 2013 file photo. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

Kevin O’Leary—former Dragons’ Den dragon, investor and former television host—says he can’t speak French, but he doesn’t think that’s a problem if he runs to be Canada’s prime minister, he told David Akin, host of “Everything is Political,” on SiriusXM Canada radio.

He said he could absolutely run for the leadership of the Conservative party—and ultimately run for prime minister—without being able to speak French.

“My DNA is in Quebec. I know how Quebec works,” says the Montreal-born O’Leary. “I know what Quebec wants in Canada because that’s where I came from.”

O’Leary said he’s always been amused by politicians who take French classes to accelerate their language skills and try to speak French in Quebec City “when everybody answers them in English.”

Quebec NDP MP Hélène Laverdière says a prime minister has to listen to Canadians.

If O’Leary doesn’t understand French, he’s going to have a problem running for the job, she told Akin on SiriusXM radio.

In his interview, O’Leary added that Canada is “un-investable” because of Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

He says Notley’s policy to raise corporate taxes and Trudeau’s tax hike for Canada’s wealthiest are turning investors away and collapsing the Canadian dollar.

Listen to the full interview with O’Leary here:


Kevin O’Leary doesn’t speak French—but says he could still be PM

  1. This idiot would not make it past the first round.

    • stay in the US,,you idiot,,,no speaka French,,,no Canada….

      I will vote you for the ugliest non French speaking Canadian ever…..

      • If at its very founding on July 1, 1867, Canada did not need any language but English, and Joual or French patois was not even recognized I France. Then there is no reason why Canada should be bilingual at all, as Kebek has proven, by removing English as an official language, we now consider the removal of Joual in the rest of Canada. THEN Kevin O’Leary does not have to speak JOUAL either. Trudeau’s argument should be tossed out of the window, because Canada is a democracy and the majority language should be considered, while the minority language should not count at all, because that is the way Kebek handles it. now let us get rid of the TRUDEAU meanderings on language and declare ENGLISH the only official language in Canada. Case closed!

    • Considering the idiot that we just elected, I don’t see how he would have any trouble getting past the “first round”.

    • Why should any English-speaking person in Canada have to speak Joual (French patois) ? When Jean Chretien was not fluent in English and highly accented at that! Thus, there is absolutely no reason for Kevin O’Leary to speak French. Beside if Kebek is unilingual, then any person in Canada has that same, right ergo it should not be held against that person being unilingual.

      Kevin! Go for it, and prove that Kebek and itsbigots and sychophants wrong on all counts.i “Je me souviends!”

  2. I don’t think speaking French (or english) should be a requirement for PM, rather getting the job done well. The PM has “ministers” and assistants to fill in gaps of know how, so for example being very good with computer tech may also be helpful for a PM but not a requirement.

    The time used on “french classes” may be better spent on something else, and then get someone who is really good with french to assist on that front compared to “marvel at my broken french or broken english”.

    I don’t watch “Dragon’s Den”, know nothing about this guy, so no opinion on him.

    • For one thing, there are no laws in place that specify bilingualism as a prerequisite. Besides, only 8% of the country don’t speak English. It’s also blatant discrimination and an abuse of civil and human rights to declare someone ineligible for public office due to them being a unilingual Anglophone.
      You see, that door swings both ways.

  3. For the love of god can we quit paying attention to this carnival barker. Ugh.

    • Oh, of course not! Our genius Canadian media can’t even come up with a narrative that doesn’t completely follow the American media’s Donald Trump narrative.

      I mean this is just beyond stupid. One guy, makes one quip about being Prime Minister, and every “news” person in the country is talking about it as if it was a serious idea. The Canadian media has become absolutely pathetic.

  4. Nice to see the media creating a new narrative out of thin air. Is it a coincidence that Kevin O’Leary is a long-time employee of the CBC and very much a member of the Canadian media inner-circle? I mean seriously, this country’s “journalists” seem more like failed fiction writers who went on to newspapers to write fiction there. This stuff is becoming a bad joke.

    • Don’t discount O’Leary. Like Trump, O’Leary probably recognizes the same things that enough Canadians recognize in order to create a “movement”. From the municipal level on up, governments have a singularly unbroken track record that most Canadians are well aware of. anything that looks like social engineering by government is a failure, period.
      Over regulation of businesses limits the growth of new and existing businesses, leading to fewer jobs.
      Focusing on public transit at the expense of road maintenance and construction leads to higher taxes and increased congestion.
      All attempts at creating “affordable housing” make existing house more expensive, thus less affordable.
      Consumer product legislation cripples the creation of new and innovative products. Other legislation takes product choices out of the hands of consumers and becomes the sole purview of regulators, who often are not intelligent enough to work outside of government, and on and on.
      The bottom line is that most actions by government to “improve” an aspect of our society fail. Ergo, the best way to prevent that failure is to simply fail to act. O’Leary gets that, and I suspect that you’d find that he would campaign exactly the way Trump is, by pointing out that the policies proposed by his opponents have a track record of failing, often miserably, so the best bet is simply to do the opposite of what the opponent is proposing instead of the same only different.

      • I could only wish those on the right of the Canadian political spectrum would buy your jaded analysis in sufficient numbers to put O’Leary in charge of their party (as I hope American right-wingers do with Trump). That way, both the Cons and the G.O.P. will be guaranteed many more years in opposition.

        Because neither can win a general election. Regardless of the noisy enthusiasm they arouse within their own relatively small fan base, there simply aren’t enough crazy voters among the general electorate in either country to put either of them into office.

        • There is a culture in English-speaking Canada, it is the very same culture that we as English-speaking people share with Britain, the U.S.A. Australia and New Zealand. There goes the falsehood that English-speaking Canada has no culture, it is the very same argument that Pierre-Idiot Trudeau tried t pass off as nonexistent. But never- theless English-speaking Canada has a shred culture with other nations.
          The Kebek have no culture because France does not recognize them as FRENCH at all.

          • I read everything you’ve posted so far and, you sir, sound like dumbass.

            First we speak french not joual or whatever the hell you wanna call it. Joual is not a language it’s a way of expressing yourself and most regions in most countries have that. Even you my fellow canadian, eh?

            It’s not because we have an accent that is different from Parisian french that we don’t speak it. Any idiot with half a brain knows that. We learn french at school, we write in french, our movies are in french, I really don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

            There’s a lot of different accent in France and in Quebec with their own dialects and expressions. (Oh yeah, and it’s spelled Québec, not Kebek. It doesn’t make you look intelligent or witty to write it any other ways).

            You’re hatred towards québécois is so blatant that any ”arguments” you try to make just sounds dumb and full of rage (try to come to Montreal, maybe you’ll loosen up a bit).

            And how does France not recognizing us as french (which they do) has anything to do with culture?

            Basically what you are saying is that english Canadians have the same culture as every other anglo-saxons countries in the world but Quebec does not share France culture so we have none?

            I’m done. You’re obviously drunk or completely ignorant. It’s because of people like you that we want to get the **** out of this country. Ignorant jerks who have no respect.

  5. Government is not about making a profit. Government is about governing for the people.

    Two different things.

  6. An insufferable autocrat made the Cons unlectable in the last election. A self-important egomaniac will keep them that way in the next one. Bring him on, I say.

    • I’m sure he’s shaking in his boots after seeing your brilliant comment!

  7. O’Leary is doing what he does best – rattling peoples’ chains – and hordes of stupid people, including much of the media, are falling for it.

  8. What does knowing French contribute to the good fiscal management of Canada exactly? Trudeau knows French and he’s already making a mess of the country!

  9. Kevin should run for Premier and not Prime Minister….especially if he doesn’t speak Frenchanting and JT is popular in the polls.
    Please run for Premier Kevin and evict Kathleen Wynne asap!

    Ajax, Ont.

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