Canada’s most dangerous cities: homicide

Seven murders gave the city top spot in 2010, well above the national rate


Most likely to be murderedPrince George, British Columbia

Seven murders gave the city top spot in 2010, well above the national rate. Prince George, B.C., consistently has a high homicide rate: in 2009, its rate was 121 per cent above the national rate, exactly where it was in 2000.

Worst cities (% higher than national average)

1. Prince George, B.C. (486%)

2. Wood Buffalo, Alta (202%)

3. Saskatoon (168%)

4. Thunder Bay, Ont. (163%)

5. Regina (148%)

Best cities* (% lower than national average)

1. Joliette, Que. (100%)

2. Sarnia, Ont. (100%)

3. Windsor, Ont. (100%)

4. Red Deer, Alta. (100%)

5. Richmond, B.C. (100%)

*38 cities reported zero murders in 2010


Canada’s most dangerous cities: homicide

  1. What a bull shit study this is.. PG is hard as fuck but no where near Vancouver or other cities. Pull your head outta your ass McLean’s..

    • Have you been to Prince George lately? The gangs have taken over.

      • I guess you never been to Winnipeg before?

        •  I’m from Winnipeg and grew up there. Gladly take it over Prince George any day. 

    • This is on a per capita basis… Sorry, a per person basis.

  2. ha 7 murders gave it top spot. Toronto has like 100 murders a year, a shit load more people tho to.

    • way off for Toronto. More like 50-60 every year, a bit higher several years ago when gangs were a bigger problem

      • If any of you west coasters are feeling unsafe there, we can still leave our doors unlocked in Toronto….All are welcome! 2.5 million + and not killing one another…

    • No it doesn’t. It’s one of the safest cities in the world.

  3. What absolute trash.    Suppose you have a little hamlet of 100 people and a wife murders her husband leaving an average murder rate of 1000 per 100,000.   I’d stay the hell out of there because this is definately the most dangerous place in Canada.   Give me a break tarring those poor folks in Prince George with such a dispicable moniker.   You guys should hang your head in shame for such poor research.  

    I’ve always hated your magazine I find it boring now I have another reason to never buy it . 

    • But in Prince George there were gang wars, drug abuse and serial killings…

      • like in Montréal, Toronto, Winipeg, Regina

    • These statistics are faulty, but I think the whole “tarring those poor folks in Prince George” is a bit much.

  4. lol… that’s why the media is so influential for they take the doom and gloom approach. They can take an average number and make it seem so drastic. Media thrives on scare tactics. Almost a form of terrorism in my mind. 

  5. RCMP’s don’t care policies, are
    responsible for most murders.

    My wife called the police one o’clock
    at night, and said “she is home alone with two kids, and there are
    a bunch of drunk people in our back yard, and she is scared”. The
    women at the office suggested to her to go out and try to chase them
    away. RCMP officers newer showed up. According to one of the officer
    couple days later he said they were busy, they were trying to catch
    drunk drivers on the road.

    We had arsons, gun shuts rock trowing,
    with no investigation. One of the riot, 40 people destroying private
    property, no proper investigation. Police officer arrested and later
    charged the land owner, as he said “it is for your own good to
    protect you from the violent crowd”. One of the officer stole my
    evidence in our kitchen, a film from my camera… RCMP Commission
    offered absolutely no help.

    These are only a few problems we
    experienced in this small to of Northern British Columbia. Finally we
    had to move to be free of all harassment.


  6. These are statistics, straight number counts and therefore actually do not reflect a proper analysis.  A Statistician would have an easy time refuting these numbers and their meaning.  Unless the results undergo proper statistical analysis, weighted averages, analysis of variance they are stupid and meaningless.

    Surely MacLeans can hire a proper statistician to provide meaningful information.

    For heaven’s sake Victoria BC is full of old grandma’s and great grandma’s with English accents, and yet it shows up as high for violent and non violent crime….give me a break.

    • Your information about Victoria is correct and incorrect. Downtown is NOT full of grannies but rather down-on-their-luck people who migrate to that city because of its very mild temperatures. There does tend to be a lot of crime there.

  7. Well Winnipeg is up to 39 murders so where do they get their info from Winnipeg is the worst city so they better get it right.

    •  39 murders in a city of 730,018 people vs 7 murders in a city of 84,232 people. Winnipeg would need almost 80 murders to beat Prince George.

      • Yes but if you think about it, one person could kill their whole family of seven people and that would label a city of 85,000 as the worst city for murders in Canada…based on one incident.

  8. This is ridiculous.  As many others have pointed out, the fragmented cities of  Greater Victoria and Greater Vancouver can’t be measured individually.  You have to look at the metropolitan area as a whole.  Comparing the city of Victoria (which is really only the downtown hub for a metropolitan area of 350,000 people) with the 2.7 million residents of Toronto is so stupid, it’s hardly worthy of comment.

    Also, those areas with active gangs appear more dangerous than they really are.  Gang members mostly shoot each other, not the general population.

    Finally, when it comes to homicides, a few isolated incidents can easily skew the statistics of smaller centres.  When the average rate across Canada is 1 in 60,000 then a single incident involving 2 victims in a small city can leave that city with a homicide rate that is twice the national average.

    C’mon MacLeans!  You’re capable of more intelligent analysis than this!!

    • Well Said Homer!

    • I am not sure why they group car theft with aggravated assault and murder. Car theft, unless it is a high-jacking while someone is in the car is not really that serious of a crime. Teenagers lift cars all the time and go joy riding if they can.

  9. Edmonton, Alberta had more homicides in 2010 then Prince George.  Who knows how they come up with their info.

  10. Windsor is one of the best cities?  Imao, are you fucking kidding me?  It’s a ghetto city, let’s put it this way, across of us is Detroit, not to compare btw, Detroit is much worse, I agree, but still, by canadian standards, Windsor is far from the ideal.  Give me a break.

  11. Crimes doesn’t just consist of murder, while it is true that in 2010, Windsor had NO murders, there are other crimes here and there.  Windsorite have one of the most gang mentality of the country as far as I know.

    •  But the actual subject mentioned was homicide, not crime in general.

  12. Wow…did everybody here drop out of school in grade 6? Look up what the term”per capita” means. NOBODY said that Windsor was the “best city” for EVERYTHING, just for murders and “MURDERS” was the only subject mentioned.

    Yes, Edmonton and Winnipeg had more TOTAL murders than Prince George but Prince George is WAYYY smaller than either Winnipeg or Edmonton. Prince George has only ONE TENTH the population of Winnipeg and had 7 murders in 2010.  

    • The more multicultural = the more crime. Toronto and vancouver can attest to this fact!

  13. lol 7 muders in a whole year, here in toronto we get 7 murders on one street

  14. Can anyone please tell me what part of canada would be the best to immigrate to? We live in South Africa where every 4 minutes a woman gets raped – hope it’s better on your side.

    • I would suggest one of the smaller city in the Greater Toronto Area such as Mississauga or Brampton

    • Let me guess, black on white rape??

    • It really depends on your color.

  15. Son of immigrants and born in Canada I’ve lived in Toronto all my life. I live amongst people from all over the world – All of whom make up the unique cultural fabric of this amazing and unique city. Now… having traveled across – as well as up and down this great nation – On occasion, it had become irritating to get shit on by people from other parts of the country…Just for being from Toronto. I’m very pleased to see that this study shows Toronto isn’t number one at everything. Thanks!

    • Just jealousy bc TO is the face of our nation.

    • Toronto still has major issues. There are 150 gangs in the downtown alone.

  16. Prince George’s seven murders are drug and gang related. What is the murder rate for a household that makes 20k + a year on their tax return? Zero?

  17. Lets not forget the highway of tears . One person can get away with mulitple homicide when their victims aren’t socially accepted as “important persons”

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