Canada's most dangerous cities: breaking and entering -

Canada’s most dangerous cities: breaking and entering

The lakeside city of Belleville, Ont.—population 50,000—had the highest rate of breaking and entering in Canada for 2010


Most likely to have your home broken intoBelleville, Ontario

The lakeside city of Belleville, Ont.—population 50,000—had the highest rate of breaking and entering in Canada for 2010. Given the horrid crime spree of theft and murder by former colonel Russell Williams, one might suspect the city experienced a statistical blip. But while Williams committed more than 80 break-ins, only two of them were handled by Belleville police. That means break-ins were already a severe problem. To tackle such crimes, police created the Project Recover task force late last year, says Sgt. Julie Forestell. Since then, she says, the rate of break-ins has declined. “We’ve done something right,” she says. “The response was appropriate and ongoing.” The evidence of that, of course, will be in 2011’s statistics.

Worst cities (% higher than national average)

1. Belleville, Ont. (102%)

2. Prince George, B.C. (89%)

3. Langley Township, B.C. (76%)

4. Chilliwack, B.C. (72%)

5. Kelowna, B.C. (68%)

Best cities (% lower than national average)

1. South Simcoe, Ont. (66%)

2. Caledon, Ont. (65%)

3. York Region, Ont. (58%)

4. Halton Region, Ont. (57%)

5. Durham Region, Ont. (51%)


Canada’s most dangerous cities: breaking and entering

  1. Belleville also has one of the most corrupt police forces in Ontario.

    • False. Ever been to Windsor? However I still don’t dispute that Belleville is dangerous.

    • you got that right….you can commit the crime, just make sure you have connections to city council or pay the right price for them to turn a blind eye

  2. Doesn’t surprise me about Belleville – you would have to be crazy to go to the bank downtown after dark.

  3. i lived in belleville for 4 years. while there i witnessed 2 stabbings, a shooting and countless street fights. since then i’ve moved to toronto. been here 8 years. not one single senseless act witnessed. you couldn’t pay me to go back to belleville

  4. Fuck this shithole town and all the pieces of white trash that gather welfare here. Drop a nuke on all the useless sacks of shit in the entire Quinte area.

    • Try finding a job here and wonder why people are on welfare. MAYBE.

    • You sound very intelligent.

    • I’ve lived in Belleville all my life and yes there is a medium crime rate in this city. The problem is that Belleville has a very high drug problem, with crack the choice of addicts. The majority of them don’t hold down steady jobs, so where do you think they get their money from? That’s right breaking and entering. And no, I don’t do drugs. This city really needs to be cleaned up, and the police need to crack down on the junkies and their dealers. Get rid of the drugs and you get rid of the problem. Plain and simple.

  5. 1 in 86 odds .. over what time period? 1 year?

  6. Haha, Local Towns and Cities for the win. Belleville for broken in homes and Picton for Teen moms.

  7. Most of these B&Es are done by a meth head named Justin Grimes who gets released with a mischief charge every time.

    • as I said who does he know on city council or how much is he paying the police to make excuses?

  8. If your car or house is broken into, don’t worry, the Belleville Police WILL NOT call you back- even if they caught the guy in the process. And they wonder why people take things into their own hands…

  9. ive lived in chilliwack my whole life, its not that bad…. lol holy one ontario the rest bc ouccch