Canada’s most dangerous cities: 2010

See where your city ranks in terms of homicide, sexual assault, and other crimes


The West claimed the worst top 10 slots, as it did 10 years ago, when seven B.C. cities and three in Saskatchewan came in worst. Ontario and Quebec dominate the good list.

Prince George, B.C. +90%
Victoria, B.C. 81
Regina, Sask. 73
Saskatoon, Sask. 69
Fort McMurray, Alta. 68
Kelowna, B.C. 65
Grande Prairie, Alta. 64
Surrey, B.C. 60
Chilliwack, B.C. 58
Winnipeg, Man. 57
Caledon, Ont. -70%
Wellington County, Ont. 58
Halton Region, Ont. 58
Lévis, Que. 51
Nottawasaga, Ont. 50
York Region, Ont. 49
Richelieu Saint-Laurent, Que. 48
South Simcoe, Ont. 44
Vaudreuil-Soulange MRC, Que. 44
Blainville, Que. 42

Sources: 2009 and 1999 Crime Severity Index data from the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Maclean’s

See where your city ranks

METHODOLOGY: Maclean’s obtained annual crime data from Statistics Canada for municipal police services serving the nation’s 100 largest populations, each encompassing a city or town of at least 10,000 people. Using 2009 rates per 100,000 people for six crimes—homicide, sexual assault, aggravated assault, vehicle theft, robbery plus breaking and entering—in each area, Maclean’s calculated the percentage difference from the national rate. The overall crime score ranking for the 100 communities was created in consultation with StatsCan, using its Crime Severity Index (CSI) score and calculating the percentage difference from the national CSI score.


Canada’s most dangerous cities: 2010

  1. What? A ranking based on actual evidence? Strange that your claim that Quebec was the most corrupt province didn't benefit from a similar analysis.

    • lol well said.

    • While it may not be factual per say, it is common knowledge though that Quebec is the most corrupt province.

      • Also common knowledge that people named Jordan are clueless.

      • man thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard im from saskatoon and my city’s west and south sides are ranker that the whole province of Quebec buddy dont post dumb shit without doin ur homework ya cant f**K with tha 306 nig

    • I like that.. "Your claim" Dude if you live here you know it's not a claim.. So many wheels are greased here it's an open joke.. Thank you Macleans for the Truthiness

    • I totally agree with you Kaplan…

    • Corruption is one facet of crime, genius.

      Quebecers. They can dish it out but can't take it.

    • Russel Williams, Paul Bernardo, Karla Homolka, to name a few, are Ontarians.

      "Ontarians The Most Perverts In Canada" is the next headline for McLean's Magazine.

      • Funny nailing Ontario as being most perverted when there is  Picton in B.C.  plus numerous other killers that have been taking prostitutes off the streets since the 70’s.  Research a little bit and become informed before you put your foot in your mouth.  It seems that B.C. has the worst perverts in Canada (at least if we were to use your reasoning which frankly is flawed) ….the sheer victim count speaks loud and clear.    Paul Bernardo/Karla Homolka and Russel Williams together killed less than 8 people and committed under 100 sexual assults and that was combined. If we are to look at Picton alone he smashes those records. Although he was only formally charged with 6 counts or murder/sexual assult and rape, they found DNA on his farm of at least 25 other missing girls.  They never formally charged him with the others in case he was found not guilty in his first trial (this was the Crowns insurance they could bring him to trail again on further murder charges).  When he was convicted and essentially was to serve out his remaining life in prison with no chance of parole, the Crown decided against spending the publics money to charge him further which outraged the other families because they also wanted closure.  Picton brags about having tortured, raped and killed 49 girls.  Their are easily that many people missing.  He has even provided details of girls that don’t match the 6 girls he was charged with descriptions.

        Good for you…you named 2 instances in Ontario.  I’m sure you could find people and instances in any province or state.  What becomes dangerous is judgements that one province has more perverts than any other.  That sure condemns the majority over the crimes of a few.  

  2. As a resident of Prince George, I can't say that I would argue with these statistics. Our police force seems ill equipped to deal with the criminal element here. Our provincial government need to be prepared to spend a huge amount of tax dollars money to ensure our safety. We need more Officers, we need stronger punishments for the youth gang bangers as well as their older counter parts.

    This rising trend of crime is not changing, and it grows worse with each coming year. If the Government doesn't help the legal and correctional communities now – they will be forced in the coming years to deal with a criminal system that will have become miserably unconfined. They will be building fortresses as correction facilities meant to house communities as the numbers of convicted criminals continue to rise.

    I have personally heard young males in the courthouse laugh at their sentences, as I was once employed there. These criminals know that they are beating the very system that is put in place to keep us safe. It's a joke to them. They know going in to face a Judge on a charge will most likely mean a continuation, a preverbal "slap on the wrist", or a stay or dismissal. I am not happy to live here. Worse, I have very little faith that the current government intends to put further funds torward the Court Services Branch, the Correctional facilities, and the to the members of our RCMP.

    • What is Prince George doing to "prevent " crime??
      Are there adequate recreation facilities/opportunities for youth?
      Are there "leadership" courses & proper role models?
      "It takes a community to raise a child."

      • To answer your questions: No. It's a city that gave up on itself a long time ago, and continually drives away its best and brightest. There are a lot of very good people in Prince George, but there are too many people who take no pride and see no value in the upkeep of their community, which makes it an impossible uphill battle to make things better.

        It's one of the many reasons I left after high-school, and why so many of my friends left as well. It's just a depressing place to be.

        • I think this comment is absurd. PG has many more amenities than many places similar in size, and there is a great sense of community that the city can be proud of. In addition, there are seeral hundred lakes and rivers to enjoy all seasons of the year. It is rather remarkable how often the citizens of the city get behind someone in need-this is something you dont find in bigger centers. To say that it drives away its best and brightest is supremely short sighted also. While I will agree with you that often people do leave the city for various reasons, I have lived in PG for a long time and saw, more often than not, that these same people came back to the city to capitalize in the quality of life there and to raise a family. Ever try buying a house in North Van? You could buy three houses in PG for the same price. So I ask, who has the better quality of do you think-the family scraping money together every month down south or the same family living in PG and the kids are all enrolled in hockey, soccer, go camping every weekend, or even have a place at the lake? Your comment screams of someone who feels shorted by living in the city and expected things to come to them rather than making the best of what it had to offer. In saying that the city gave up on itself a long time ago, I ask this-what did you ever do to try and improve the place that you lived? Unfortunately most people look to others to blame rather than recognizing a problem and attempting to fix it-you Aaron seem to be one of these people. So sad.

      • There are no lack of rec facilities; 6 ice arenas used for hockey/figure skating in the winter and lacrosse in the summer, 15-20 soccer fields, ball fields dedicated to every level of minor baseball and fastball, tennis courts, skate board park, 8 golf courses. You name it PG has it when it comes to recreation. Most of PG's crime is related to drug trade as Prince George is the gateway to all of northern BC. Organized crime gangs, often puppet groups or lower mainland organizations, are constantly battling for control. To the RCMP's credit they have been making progress in the battle and have built an integrated crime unit to go after these people and have been receiving a lot of help from police forces from the lower mainland. There has been definitely a significant increase in the number of busts for drugs and weapons over the past few months.

      • hahahaha

    • We had the opportunity to visit Prince George this past summer, and found the towns people very friendly, and helpfull. in saying that I did notice the nicest building in the entire town was the Jail and one of the dumpiest was the RCMP detachment office . This tells the story part of it any way, In giving criminals the best while having our police force working out of a dump speaks volumes of where our judicial system is not only in P.G. but throughout the country, Until this changes and victiams have the same rights as those behind bars, I am afraid things are only going to get worst. We as the citizins of this great county have to stand up and be counted, tell our politicians enough is enough get serious on crime and drugs.

    • actually bud im from Prince George born and raised. More police is not the answer thats what the police wants you to do with these bullshit made up stories of crazy violence going on everywhere in Prince George. The truth is Prince George, Kelowna and Kamloops were looking at the possibility of city police and removing the rcmp. Then all of a sudden the rcmp shows claiming theres a gang war in these three communities. This was the work of police propaganda  and they used the media they control to scare people in Prince George into believing there was agang war to get their contract renewed and to get their new police station approved. The police can not say the murders were gang related or not but they were drug related. Either junkies killing junkies or children whose parnts used drugs and alcahol and messed up every other child in this city. This is a issue of drug use not drug dealing, more police is not the answer thats a waste of taxpayers dollars. You want gangs and drugs to go away then fucking stop doing them but you can’t can you truth is all western society is hooked on sex drugs and booze. This is our society we created with the freedoms granted to us then why bitch when it gets exposed to the world. Quit being such mindless sheep and believe what the media tells you and fix your home first before you talk about whats going on around you. Prince George has a drug use problem not a drug gang or drug dealer problem.

      • You’re an idiot, John. “You want gangs and drugs to go away then fucking stop doing them”. I am guessing “them” is the drugs? Gangs?
        I’m not really sure, either way both statements are moronic. And these drug users, where are they getting the drugs from? Thin air? Educate yourself.

  3. This is the kind of stuff that makes it clearer why the CPC plays the tough on crime card: clearly it's a very big issue out west.

    • I was thinking the same thing. No wonder they think crime is out of control.

      Funny though, it seems the east they hate so much, with far higher immigration and far larger cities, fairs so much better with their "liberal" policies.

      Perhaps they should stop yapping about crime and start following the people who actually have a handle on keeping it low?

      • You have to keep in mind that the West is not as recession weary as the East. There are still lots of non-resident males making good money, lots of sales for the drug pushers and the associated gang crime.

        • Seems to me recession breeds crime, not the other way around. Especially in terms of drugs.

          Besides, these relative crime rates are nothing new, not by a long gun… er… long shot. LOL

      • Before you celebrate, have you ever thought that maybe many of your homeless and criminals were not taken care of while they are living with you, thus they move to BC where the risk of freezing to death is lesser? Before they move here, could you please do as you say and really take good care of them? We do not have enough resources here in BC to take care of your runaways.

        • Oh yeah Ariadne, they just buy an Air Canada ticket to Vancouver…ususally they fly economy but the more affluent homeless criminals fly business class or are part of a bizjet share program.

        • I grew up in Prince George, and still consider it my home, though I have moved away for school, and I can say that the homeless do not move there for the climate. We regularly have temperatures of -20 in the winter, if you are homeless you will freeze. Just because the temps in Vancouver and Victoria are more temperate does not mean its like that for the whole province. My friends are in search and rescue and they often go on searches that they know end badly due to exposure to the cold.

    • What is Prince George doing to "prevent " crime??
      Are there adequate recreation facilities/opportunities for youth?
      Are there "leadership" courses & proper role models?
      "It takes a community to raise a child."

      "We need to get smart on crime"

      • Ask them to move out back to eastern provinces where most of them came from? You should have asked those questions before they move out from your province for the milder clime of BC.

  4. how about ranking actual "cities" (Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary….)? The only city that I see on that list is Winnipeg….

    • See that huge "OVERALL BY RANK" list? Click it.

    • So Victoria isn't a city? Kelowna isn't a city? But Winnipeg is? What's your definition of a "city" anything east of the Rockies? East of Saskatchewan?

    • You're really retarded, I'm sorry but you are. I don't even live in Canada and I can tell the cities.

    • no kidding…with Edmonton having 19 homicides already this year

  5. Come on you guys! Where did you get your stats from…dreamers. We all know that WInnipeg is the armpit of the world. Winnipeg is better than Victoria and Kelowna? Ha ha ha ha ha….give me a break.

    • Winnipeg is a great city but certain areas are 'no go zones'. Most of the city is very safe but there are increasing gangs. Crime is usually committed by young people and Winnipeg has about the youngest population in Canada right now – unfortunately a large aboriginal population and some small gangs of kids from African countries who were refugees, come in with one parent who tries to make a living and the kids mind themselves. These families have to be helped more when they come in. The aboriginal gangs (Indian Posse) unfortunately act as parents to kids whose birth parents lacked the skills to bring them up – in no small measure due to the residential schools problem. If you are stolen from your culture & homes how do you learn to parent your own children? All these kids need more attention from the community, more sports facilities, more insistence on attending school, more discipline & encouragement. The person who said "It takes a village to raise a child" has it right!

      • It takes a home; a safe, happy, disciplined, comfortable home with parent/guardian figures who care enough to do their best to raise the children, even in difficult circumstance.

        Public libraries, pools, summer programs, sports etc are a big (necessary) help. However, the government has no business muscling in on the rights of non-abusive parents.

        There's no excuse for the high crime rate among aboriginals. People make choices and get what they deserve. I point to the crappy drug/gang lifestyle and tell my kids "mess around with stupidity and you'll end up like that. End up like that and Dad will make your life miserable. I didn't change your diapers for years only for you to grow up into a fool"

        Try this "It takes a good home with good parents/guardians in a good community with good police and good teachers to raise child".

      • I wouldn't say "most" of the city is safe. I lived near pembina highway, in a residential area, and I literally heard a guy get shot and killed right across the street. We were also robbed there. Gang activity has infiltrated more of the municipal government/judicial system than most people here realize.

  6. After living in Prince George for over 30 years …trust me it is a real Sh@@@t hole…the gangs are real!! The scum bags over run the city…its not a safe place.Crack dealers are everywhere…we lost $40,000 in value in our home as these bottom feeders were set up next door. Its real,it.s bad and out of control…

    • Its not just the larger cities.We lived in a small town called Renfrew,in the provence of ontario.We had to accually leave our home because of drug dealers who lived beside us.The police didnt want to do anything.We even had vidio tape but they refused to look at it.Even with death threats against myself and elderly family.That was a truely disturbing town

  7. Three reasons—1) A provincial government fixated on turning the RCMP into armed tax collectors. Their idea of tough on crime is drinking drivers (in areas with very ppoor public transit) and completely demoralizing commercial truckers through a myriad of STUPID rules. 2) An extremely weak and potentially corrupt judiciary. 3) The RCMP themselves. Notice Ont and Que. have their own forces. Get rid of the RCMP and hire homeBOYS who care, not affirmative action squirts.

    • I generally don't make a habit of commenting on other people's point-of-view but your comment about getting rid of the RCMP rather irked me. I am married to a dedicated and proud member of the RCMP and resent your referral to them as being 'affirmative action squirts'. I'd be the first to agree that the organization as a whole is not perfect but there are many individual members who put their heart and soul into their jobs and who truly want to make the world a better place. Maybe if the public would stop phoning in with trivial matters on a consistent basis (such as wanting the police to come and rid their backyard of a skunk) the police could spend more time out on the road looking for people who are a threat to the rest of the general public. And really, how do you think a member feels when they've put quality time (days/weeks/years) into finding and arresting such a threat only for that person to, as the saying goes, get off with a slap on the wrist? It's disheartening to them, too, to say the least. Police, whether they are RCMP or "homeBOYS", have to wear many hats during the course of one shift and MY hat goes off to all those, like my husband, who have taken the oath to serve and protect. As a spouse, my husband's primary job is to come home safe after each and every shift and I pray that he always does – no matter where we are living and what community he is protecting.

      • Guest :On behalf of myself and my family… Thankyou to you husband for his Service and Dedication to our Country.

      • I agree with you. There are police officers who are bad apples and the RCMP are facing many internal disciplinary problems of late but there are many more who did their jobs to the best of their abilities. As for the judiciary system, you hit it on the head. They are part of the problem, instead of solution. They never really see that their social advocacy and leniency to crimes could get those people who are doing their jobs discouraged and inocent people to suffer more. Criminals are in and out the door, with less to no consequences. The only thing the police can show at the end of the day are expenses and bruises (if not bullet wounds and other injuries) in apprehending these thugs. I hope of all hopes that these judges, did not have a small part of the crime scene to support their education long, long before they graduated and appointed to the judiciary?

        • Rcmp are the Canadian version of gestapos all they do is teeroorize the innocents and are afraid to go after the real people that are the culprits of crimes

          • well then…your best bet is to leave Canada and find somewhere else to live. You need to be able to differentiate between the police, lawyers, and the court system.

    • It has been known that judges are lenient with criminals in this province. Criminals are in and out the judiciary door without serious consequences that police are tired of prosecuting criminals with nothing to show for it (other than expenses apprehending these scum bugs) .

  8. Thanks, StatsCan!


  9. There was a ton of spin today by local police, via media, trying to discredit this. I know I have lived in various places in Canada and Western Canada has a serious crime problem. Not out of control rapes, assaults and murders, but rather a petty crime culture that is out of control.

    • Wouldn't be the local media… They have no quams about calling this problem out for everyone to see and (hopefully) face. They recently even published a fairly gruesome front page photo of a dead gang-banger so that they could get the attention of their community.

  10. I lived in PG for university and now live in Victoria as a nurse and I can very much believe these stats. It's a sad fact that this shouldn't be happening at all.

    We can go ahead and say MacLeans is lying, but they aren't. Ask any hospital worker in BC and they'll tell you the victims of crime they see all the time. We have a provincial government who cares more about spending over a billion dollars on the Olympics and a federal government who just dished out 2 billion on a conference and another for jets yet our hospitals are closing down, our schools are overcrowded, and our emergency forces (fire, ambulance and police) are stretched so thin without any sort of relief in sight. I'm ashamed this is the states for BC but I'm not surprised and frankly, we shouldn't be. This isn't some sort of new news. Maybe it's time to remind the government they work for us, not the other way around (I'm a dreamer, I know)

  11. For the people saying that Prince George is a sh**hole and such, stop being a bunch of idiots. I'm not denying that PG is a dangerous place, but its only dangerous if you actually look for the trouble. If you're walking down George Street past midnight looking for some hookers and blow, of course its going to be dangerous. However, if you know where to go and have some common sense, you're fine. Although I don't live there now, I would have no regrets raising a family in Prince George.

    In a sense, Prince George is like a large toilet bowl. In the middle (downtown) is where all the crap accumulates (gangs, drugs, homeless, etc). As you get farther out, life just gets a bit better (except for the Hart…its like an errant stream of piss that missed the toilet).

    • OMG. You are hilarious in your graphic descriptions…..

    • We should all be happy that BC gets into Macleans, now the government will be force to do something about this. No more denials, time to face reality and really do something about it.

      • maybe this article was done on purpose to expand the police force here or some other fishy means?

      • be careful what you ask for. If BC is going to be called dangerous , and is likely going to cost millions to fix the crime rate, don`t be surprised if the government desides to make bc completely a correction facility. Then they can send all of their criminals to bc and not worry about anything else.

    • I personally live in the Hart and it isn't that bad. It's the same as anywhere else; if you're looking for trouble then you are going to find it.

      The hart is a great place to grow up. Many people who live on the Hart grew up together, and it is essentially one big family. Every family has it's disputes, so you shouldn't find it that hard to believe that there is still crime on the Hart.

      Basically, what I am trying to say is STFU

      • I live in the Hart as well….after having sold the house I owned on Victoria street. I have to worry more about bears stealing my garbage than the downtown natives stealing my property (if they took my trash away like the bears do, I would still live there). I love the Hart, I love being able to get on my quad, or my sled and head out from my yard. I love being able to have a fire in my backyard without the fire department being called. I love my neighbors, who actally CARE about our neighborhood.

        It has always been entertaining to listen to people complain about the drugs downtown….that is where the addicts live, but what people dont realize is the drugs are being maufactured and packed for delivery in places like College Heights, where the police presence is much lower. (And in certain pubs that our city councellors frequent, but thats another story!)

    • What about the fact that you can`t take a walk on cental without getting mugged or rapped. You don`t have to be looking for it anymore. It finds you. I am raising a family here, and i can`t wait to get out.

  12. One day I while visiting my family in PG, we drove down fifth avenue to get to the theatre. We saw a middle-aged man standing on a corner crying and bleeding from multiple stab wounds in his belly. Then a few blocks away from the hospital, we saw someone in bare feet and a hospital gown walking down the road and pulling his IV drip along with him. Probably going somewhere to get a fix. When we got to Parkwood Place to watch the movie, the parking lot was mostly full of large decked-out trucks and flashy cars, funded by the forest industry and the drug industry. That day, I was glad I had moved away from that town. My brothers teased me about being 'smug' about not living there. One of my brothers is now dead as a result of looking at someone wrong outside of one of the bars. Meth-head loser renegades run all over the place in that town and the police don't do anything. PG residents wonder how 'clean' the police force is… they don't seem to do a lot, and when they do our justice system just gives them a little slap on the wrist and sends them on their way. It's ridiculous and embarrassing, and the situation needs to change.

    • Hey Annabelle, while your driving by the middle-aged man standing on the corner crying and bleeding from multiple wounds in his belly, did you call the police or did you just drive by and pretend he wasn't there? When you saw that someone in bare feet and a hospital gown walking down the road pulling his IV drip along with him, did you stop and ask if he needed help, or did you drive by pretending he wasn't there? The problem doesn't just lie with the criminals and the police, the problems also lies with the people who pretend it isn't happening. If people would just STOP ignoring the problem and actually start taking responsibility it would probably get better. I am sorry your brother looked at the wrong person at the wrong time. It is a tragedy that this happened. But if it was him on the corner crying and bleeding from multiple wounds in his belly, I bet you would want that person driving by to call the police.

    • I don't live in PG but in Grande Prairie, AB, but I do know we share similar rpoblems with drugs, gangs and the homeless. I agree with the response that you gave but only from a different perspective…I don't think the average person needs to stop and help every "hard done by" person they come into contact with. However it would go VERY far if they would make a very loud verbal and written statment to government at all levels that they've had enough and things need to change NOW!! Then, don't sit back and wait, keep bothering your government again and again!! Say you've had enough with the crime in your city and won't take it any longer. You are entitled to safety day or night wherever you live.
      **Continued on next reply…

    • ***Continued from last reply
      I am a police officer and I am also disappointed in our lack of effectiveness at solving any crime problems long term. A person who is convicted of driving without insurance pays a fine of $2875, while a person convicted of assault may get off with a fine of $200 (or time served for the time spent at the first arrest). Where's the consistancy?? I don't know about PG but here in GP we cater hand and foot to the homeless and drug addicted. Our system adheres to the philosphy of the bleeding hearts…give them more programs and eventually it will cure things! I strongly disagree! It just keeps them here in our city because we take care of them and the only money they have to worry about coming up with is money for their drug/alcohol addictions. (which of course creates a great majority of our petty crime) We feed them, cloth them, medicate them, house them, shelter them, protect them (not only from other crimnals but also from themsleves). We even open up our public pool facilites so they can have a well deserved hot shower. At what point are we gonna say that's enough!! Not where I live any longer!!
      ***Continued next reply

    • ***Continued from last reply
      In the end, it's up to the taxpayer…don't complain about what you permit! Not with your government, police service or emergency services. Stand up and fight for the community you want , be vocal and demanding and don't quit until you get it!

    • annabelle i have to say this: there are ALOT of decent people here, many community oriented folks, friendly and helpful people, in several areas of town., and for that i am grateful. you say you saw someone walking with an IV to go get a fix? is this a fact? sounds like you asked him what he was doing, and he told you. you also say here you saw a middle aged man with multiple stab wounds…did you also see him get stabbed? maybe they were gunshots, we're notorious for that, dont ya know. THEN you got to parkwood and saw alot of vehicles funded by drug money. you must have conducted a poll with the vehicles owners to get this info. ive lived here all my life, and im still not privvy to that information. and last but not least, ive yet to go door to door like you seemingly have and get prince george residents votes on the police force…i guess i wasnt home the day you knocked. i am astounded at the way people run their mouths on this subject, or in general, about things they know NOTHING about.

  13. it would be interesting to see if a crime-growth map matches a map with places mostly populated by new immigrants from Asia/Middle East.

    • Jonathan: Statistically recent immigrants have lower incarceration rates than the Canadian born, no matter what the source country.

      • Yeah, if you're looking at who's filling the jails, the vast majority are poverty stricken natives.

    • Given the fact that the Toronto suburbs are very low on the list, I'm guessing it wouldn't show what you're hoping it will.

      • if they are allowed to do it in their country hell they are allowed to do it here since we are politically correct

    • it's stupidity to think like this ! when it comes matter of economy they are the backbone and when it's time to blame you are blaming them blindly ? have you ever checked what your teenagers are doing after shcool hours ? do not balme any one like this .

  14. Rural areas and Big Cities have always been the most dangerous, with the exception of Toronto. Safest places tend to be mid-sized cities. It's a U-Shape. As a place gets more denser, crime goes down, then it reaches a certain point and starts to go up again. Also there is an east-west gradient for crime, with the western part of the country experiencing more crime.

    Wish Macleans included Rural areas so that we could get an actual picture of crime across Canada.

    • Check out Wellington County! We are for the most part rural,..Guelph is the only city and it is mid-size. Guelph City Police Service works well with the Wellington County OPP. 1,000 square miles with the most amazing policing…………Do we have issues………Yes………….Any police service does………..We are not West but the men and women we have in this County are amazing and deserve to be recognized for the work they do every day. I feel safe here and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Thank you to all of you!!!

      • I agree with "Guest" – I live in a rural area, a village of about 2000. One crime was reported last year…ONE!
        and it was a ridiculous "crime" – someone actually took the time to call the police to complain that their loose change was stolen from their unlocked car!

    • I also agree that as population continues to increase there will be more injuries, crimes and a lack of common sense rules of how to get along with each other as various people have different ideas about behavior and territorial claims. One also has to understand that the civil service ( which was trained by a Liberal education system) would enlist the services of Macleans; (which is a propaganda machine) which can be hired to write what ever the highest bidder is willing to pay to publish their misleading information. The only way to get rid of the crime problem is to take responsibility of your own neighborhood and your family. Stand up and be counted! Perhaps if we stop letting the police and government take all the responsibility for the problems we face we wouldn't need so many of them,(who want to fulfill their fantasies) and so many laws and government controls. On the most part many Canadians have been conditioned to be pragmatic if you are of the baby boomer generation. This new way of thinking and the behavior of the present generation will drag this country into chaos. I don't know how many more prisons we can afford and social services we can enlist before we have to start babysitting everybody… but in my view we need a miracle.

    • Norfolk is very rural. Even more so than Wellington (Simcoe isn't nearly the size of Guelph). And it's on the list.

  15. I notice that Macleans has chosen to rate dangerous cities by:
    Homicide, Sexual Assault, B&E, Robbery, and Vehicle theft.

    But you've missed one very important measure of "dangerousness", which may in fact be a determinant of many of the rest of these measurements: rates of violence against children. It is a sad truth that violence and abuse committed against adults are, more or less, measured in the Criminal Justice system, but tragically most violence/neglect against children – which SHOULD be addressed in the Criminal Justice system – is 'decriminalized' and handled in the social service system: CPS, Foster Care, "therapy", etc…

    I hope next year you'll make some attempt to give children equal status with the rest of Canadian society, and measure violence against them accordingly. Warning – the figures may shock.

  16. Why is western Canada so dangerous? I though Toronto was the worst???? Any takers???

    • Toronto's been one of the safest cities on the continent for a couple of decades now. The only people who think Toronto's crime-ridden are those who only experience it on TV.

      As I said last year when this same study revealed the same results: are PARTS of Toronto bad? Yes (although the one positive of the Miller regime is that they've utilised disruptive tactics effectively to start changing those areas). But in a city of its size, those areas are very, very small.

      And as sad as it is, I can't help but echo the observation that there appears to be a correlation between areas with large native populations and increased crime rates. Maybe all that prison funding would've been better spent on actually addressing that issue….

    • For BC, it's the massive increase in gang activity around the increasing global drug trade. There is evidence to support the idea that the problems we are experiencing here are also related to the Mexican drug war killings that you read about in the news.

      This thing is potentially huge, and it's about time that it got some extra attention across the country… we need help.

      • I second this. I lived in BC for 20 years, and have seen it getting a lot worst as of late. The unfortunate fact is that sex crimes have also gone up, along with sex trafficking. BC does need help, and this issue should be getting even more attention than it already has because, as you say, "this thing is potentially huge". It shouldn't be considered just BC's problem as it has so many international links.

    • Maybe because it is more conservative? "Law and Order" policies tend to be more costly and less effective than Social services policies.

    • we pay extra to have those stats misrepresented to keep easterners from moving here. I live in Kelowna a greta place to be and am dissapointed we only made 6th worse place. Clearly it's a great place but wouldn't want all you easterners to know that

    • I have to agree with Step5555 – no one likes to say it, but I believe there is a direct connection to the impoverished aboriginal element which is much more prevalent in western urban centres such as Winnipeg, Regina and Saskatoon.

      I moved to Winnipeg ten years ago from a larger city with a much lower aboriginal population, and though I love this city, in certain areas at any time of day one can see a lot of very sad things (natives high on solvents, drunk midday stumbling into traffic, etc.). Winnipeg is the only Canadian city with a population over 500,000 to make the top ten most dangerous cities; and between the native gangs and those who are simply poor, drug-addicted and looking for money for the next high, to ignore the ethnicity of the primary criminal element in Winnipeg might be politically correct, but is also unhelpful and irresponsible.

    • We got our home grown criminals and we got all the runaways and craps from all provinces who wish to skip your deadly weather. We could have our own UN of criminals (rejects from other provinces) right here.

    • i think people have to stop assuming Toronto is the worse city to live in Canada. Alot of these assumptions are from people who have never been to the city and just assume it to be so because of what other people tell them. As it is clearly said here and in a lot of surveys I have seen, most large cities per capita do not have high crime rates.

  17. Mmm…Interesting statistics. But crime is also a random and a chance event; if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, anything can happen to you.

  18. I Live Here In P stinkin G & if you look for trouble youll find it 100% but if you keep your nose clean youll be fine…… quit being bitches about all of this….. hahahaha you guys r awesome!

    • Re: WTF-Dumbass? With an attitude like yours I can see why the Assault rates in Prince George are high……

      • Prince George is dying. Lumbers gone and they've got nothing else up there but a half-assed university. The BC government doesn't care about anything past the Port Mann Bridge (Burnaby to Surrey) as far as they're concerned the rest of the province is "beyond hope" (Vancouverites actually think that's funny)

    • "if you keep your nose clean you'll be fine"

      Very true. I stayed out of trouble, and I got out of Prince George without a scratch. I would like to coax my parents away as well, because they deserve better than PG.

  19. I can't wait until a couple of years from now when Toronto shoots up thanks to the G20 numbers.

    • screw toronto


        • This goes for you too in that why the frigging hell are you frigging blaming us you frigging piece of garbage! Go frigging blame the Ontario government you frigging retard!

      • where the hell are the transfer payments for the west,you bunch of pansy assed torontonians

        • Why the frigging hell are you frigging blaming us you frigging piece of garbage! Go frigging blame the Ontario government you frigging retard!

  20. Possibly, but I'd bet that the increase in gang and drug activity in the regions (specifically BC's mid-size cities) has a higher potential correlation for increases in crime. I grew up in PG… there was always a large first nations population. But there weren't always biker gangs and scum-bucket meth dealers.

    As Metro Vancouver battled the gangs over the past 2 years, they just pushed the problems out to smaller centres. PG is a great city, and I still love it every time I go back to visit. But they are going to need help from more than just their own community to battle the cancer that has infested their city. This is a crime problem that will just move around to avoid police efforts, so every level of government has a responsibility here to help iradicate it.

  21. What are cities doing to "prevent " crime??
    Are there adequate recreation facilities/opportunities for youth?
    Are there "leadership" courses & proper role models?
    Educational support ? Job opportunities?
    "It takes a community to raise a child."

    • Hi Norma, I think you hit the nail on the head. These are the issues the Government should be look at when they think about the budget cuts!! Also, I think the Judicial System & the Government Officials need to re-think the "Young Offender's Act" BIG TIME!! I live in Nova Scotia on the main land and I wouldn't say that in parts of the province, I wouldn't want to be stranded. The Youth Crime here is the worst and we have many "gang-bangers" here as well. Boy, I hate to admit it, but our crime rate was lower, here in Halifax, before the police ran the motorcycle group (I won't mention the name but I think you know who I mean) out of our city. Maybe the Motorcycle Gang was cutting into the police force's grafts?

  22. Oh dear.

  23. Curious that the study does not break down the stats by profiling who is doing the crime and who are its main victims. In the case of ethnics ghettos like Indian reserves and "certain areas" in the larger cities members of these underclasses are largely doing it to themselves. But I suppose I'm entering the domain of political incorrectness with these notions.

  24. I am happy to live close to Caledon.
    I believe lot or yours know who is Julian Fantino. I've red his biography "Duty, the life of the cop". Despite the book is written by very casual language he clearly indicated the problems of our society. He brought attention of readers for few problems : bugdet,of correctional institutions, gun control, court system and some apathy to the problem of somebody else.

    • Translation: Julian Fantino wanted more money

  25. So Prince George places only once in the top 5 of the categories you judged the cities on and it gets #1 overall? Can we have an actual breakdown of numbers?

  26. If BC is the worst, I'm gonna go ahead and hop on board with the BLAME GORDON CAMPBELL slogan
    hmm, highest rate of crime, lowest rate of minimum pay in canada? is it possible that might be related?
    Thank god the police in kamloops SHOOT TO KILL when they're not watching for thrill. or we'd be worse off on the list.

    • Thank God for the police in Kamloops…100 % Agree.. About Three years ago the top cop in Kamloops went on a Campaign against organized crime, told the bad guy's that if they are doing business or planed on doing business in Kamloops they would ''persauded '' to take their business else where. It worked wonders, the Citizens of Kamloops have also done their part in taking a pro-active stance against street level crime ..Crime has gone way down, most of the scum has decided to leave town because it is to hard to do business in Kamloops. Hats off to the R.C.M.P. and the Citizens of Kamloops.

  27. Totally accurate!!!!!! Lucky Ont and Que residents. Glad that I look good in a bullet proof vest.

  28. I do not know if crime rate also relates to the design (entry and exit) of a city. In BC, few of the cities that are listed under safe or lowest crime rate have less exits and entrances (less escape routes, like West Vancouver and North Vancouver) compared to those listed among the highest. from Surrey to Prince George, criminals have a lot of access and easy exits to give police hard time in chasing after them. They are also closer to Mexico and south America than the eastern parts of the country. As for Victoria, it might be due to its weather as most homeless prefer staying there where it is way less chilly than say, Toronto. We also wish that judges start getting serious with crime here in BC. If they wish to be social advocates, they might do more service to society if they quit their jobs and relocate to department of Social Welfare.

  29. Just wondering if these results could have been affected by under-reporting of crime in some areas. When you hear news in your city about 911 calls being mismanaged or not answered, and lengthy police response times, it can affect whether or not you choose to report.

    • Your ABSOLUTELY correct Sharon.

      The RCMP is funded by the province, therefore the cities don't have control of the release of statistics and information on crimes.
      In Ontario and Quebec, the police are funded by the city. The Cities desperately want to attract new business and employers, AND since the police are funded by the city, the city has control of the stats! There is NO doubt in my mind these numbers are fudged in provinces not policed by the RCMP.

  30. The stats are spot on. I have lived in Prince George myself for 8 YRS and it is seriously bad. It's all about fighting, drinking and drugs. There is nothing to do, everyone just has house parties, and its not that safe out on the streets (except for the richer areas in College heights). There are a lot of rednecks and big trucks and big cars with almost everyone trying to prove that their the toughest and baddest. Now living in Ontario there is just such a major difference in the mindset of the people. Everyone smiles, there is a lot of respect, people aren't so negative and down all the time…being warmer in climate also helps but it's pretty bad.

    • Very similar to you, I also lived in PG for 8 years, and then moved to Ontario. Yes, people here are very different. For me, they are hard to relate to. I find people from southern Ontario are very ignorant of the challenges faced by *any person* trying to make a living in the north, much like Vancouver and PG.

      Like PG and northern BC, northern Ontario has its own *very* remote communities far north, where I've heard from BEd students where I work that teachers are in high demand. In places where government policy and reserve self-regulation have failed, the breakdown of family structure and the corresponding incidence of family dysfunction, alcoholism, abuse, etc. these areas produce an exceptional amount of high needs children (think 'personal education plans'). Adult survivors of dysfunctional family homes may eventually re-locate, trickling down through Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, and North Bay. In BC, those survivor populations largely land in PG.

      People in positions are power governing northern BC should take this unique challenge into consideration… if they're still working for the province, that is, and not special interests.

    • I am a transplant from cold, crime-ridden Saskatoon to a small SW Ontario city… Saskatoon is very similar to PG in demographics, climate and the type of folks who live there… I call it "The Frontier mentality'… Shoot all the Indians, get your wagons in a circle, kill anyone who comes on your land or messes with your women folk…"Toucha my truck, I breaka your face" Good God. I also believe that the unbearable climate has alot of bearing on the attitudes, reactions and crime in these cities of the Prairies, the Arctic and N. BC.
      I find it so much more civilized in Ontario than out west… I have yet to hear one horn blare at another vehicle here… People are courtious here, polite and pleasant for the most part … people hardly swear at all, unlike the Prairies. Strangely, they have every reason not to be like this as factory after factory in this part of the country either lays off or closes and economic noose tightens…

    • kiraly; you have lived in prince george for 8 years. i was born and raised here. i beg to differ about fighting drinking and drugs, insinuating thats all pgers do? i know MANY people here that DONT do that, myself included, you make it sound like we're a bunch of redneck druggies. i can walk down any street, but with any city, we have areas that arent as safe., of course i wouldnt walk that, im not an idiot. you also claim there is nothing to do here, as im reading that i compile a mental list quickly of "things to do" ive lived in the bowl area for over 20 years, without problems, with no desire to live in college heights. obviously you were hanging out with the wrong people in pg and im guessing that its just a matter of time before you notice that ontario isnt smiling either. look up respect in the dictionary

  31. I can't believe what they are saying about the residents of Prince George… We are number 1 in absolutely NO catagories yet we are number one over all?… We are not a S#$% Hole nor is everyone here a redneck… shame on people being so prejudicial, just airing dirty laundry and jumping on the band wagon. Maybe we report our crimes and the other communitee's don't…I don't know…I do know we have a crime problem..I do know we have dedicated law enforcement..I do know there are alot of things to be proud of in our community and I know we have great people here. No Poll changes that.

  32. I am a resident of Prince George and find it very difficult to believe that we are the worst city in Canada for crime. We have a wonderful community with many wonderful people. I have always loved the strong sense of community that folks here share. My family and I live near the downtown area and, apart from the occasional theft of empty bottles from my recycling bin, have never experienced a crime of any kind. I think the McLeans stats may be skewed a little by the concentration of poor people in one or two areas of town. Within this subculture this is likely a lot of criminal acitivty. This is a great communicty and I know of no one who is frightened to live here. Please come and visit and have alook for yourself.

    • The same case could be made of any city on the list though. The problem is that where things are bad in PG, things are REALLY bad. Also, if you're living in the downtown, things around you might be a bit worse then you might think. Just because you haven't seen it, doesn't mean it's not happening.

      • Yeah live in the hood growing up and watch your buddies kill each other when they all went to school together. Ignorance is bliss. P.G does have good people in terms of honesty and northern hospitality but that is will not hide the fact P.G is the last of the wild west

  33. i got a idea, don't report any crime.
    therefore, it's a safe community

  34. Please. London, ON is near the bottom of every list. I wouldn't walk alone in downtown London at anytime of the day. These are stats on REPORTED crime only. The true numbers will never be evident unless everything is reported.

    I am sure the ADT sales reps are run off their feet in Alberta & BC after this story.

    • Downtown London unsafe during the day? Come on, now… Even after dark, it is hardly sketchy…

      I probably wouldn't walk down Dundas East at night, but that would be about it for feeling uneasy in London…

  35. I see that Macleans puts a picture of a handgun beside their title of worst cities,i wonder how many crimes involved firearms?Maybe they should also include a steak knife,or a baseball bat. And on top of everything else they are using crime scores,sounds like they are playing a game with the westerners!

    • We welcome it. It will make our politicians and officials work harder to do something in change this never ending pit.

  36. Well, well there western provincial neighbours. Many of you knock Toronto (and vicinity) often for being big, arrogant, sob's but the evidence seems to suggest that you aren't that friendly and nice as you want to make yourselves out to be.

    The statistics show that Toronto is a good place after all to raise a family and even speak to your neighbours…besides saying "stick 'em up!". ;)

  37. It doesn't surprised me.I've just moved here in BC from east coast.Why I don't know acting thuggish and trashy is a big fashion here.Can't beleive regions makes such a huge difference in the same country.Civility standard is pretty low in BC.I'm glad i got to start my Canadian journey with the best of the Canada and Canadian ie East COAST……..EH!!!!!!! To me east coast culture represents Canadian best…Cold places and but warm people.

    • awww. That's sweet. True. But thanks.

  38. I don't understand… how come the map and the table don't exactly match? Apparently the NWT and Nunavut have terrible crime averages and yet no mention. Not even of Yellowknife. And then Manitoba only has one city on there despite having a higher percent than BC.
    And then Grande Prairie… i mean, Edmonton has had more murders this year and still, we are higher?
    Is it per capita? Because that would explain why the east does so well. There is so many people there that it throws the average off.

  39. Is it not possible that these statistics are unintentionally skewed along the population gradient? I want to know more background on the topic before I put much on this story. Nevertheless, the order doesn't matter as much to me as the fact that there IS a crime problem. Are we not teaching our children respect anymore?

  40. I think every city has cime, like british columbia, its drugs, and i hear the hels angels in montreal north, and sanach is a lot of crime and u take newfoundland, the only place has no crime is nov scotia an look arouind u the states like california has loads of crime.

  41. The basic reason here in the West yhat the crime is so rampant is we have a judicial system that has totally failed to keep up with the times!!
    A slap on the wrist for most offenders is all they get

  42. Really, try living in Toronto. I moved there ten years ago and could not drive back fast enough to the west. I was robbed, involved in drive-by shootings, had my tires slashed while shopping in Toronto stores. I watched gangs form in every region of the GTA and simply got tired of a "glimpse" from a person in the car next to me. Sure there are issues in the West. It's due to poverty and lack of interest by levels of government. But, sincerely, I would rather tough this out, than a bullet in my forehead.

    • I call BS.


  43. Gotta laugh over this one! I have 2 big brothers: The eldest has lived in Point Gray in Vancouver & now Bowen Island. The other one lives in Oak Bay in Victoria. Victoria Bro is constantly telling EVERYONE how great Victoria is. This is humble pie for you Patrick! And the family debate goes on…. :) LOL!

  44. this kids needs a job to keep them out of proud to say my teenager washed dishes in convention center after school….no monkey bizz he luvs the $ 2 buy games 4 ps3

  45. I blame violent video games! You guys shoulda listened to me when you had the chance.

    – Jack Thompson, Attorney

    • I don't believe video games are the guilty party. but poverty and lack of skills ,

  46. Maybe it's possible that the crime increase is related to poverty………..

  47. I read with interest the comments here above. I will apologise in advance to the residents both former and current. It, Iam afraid, it deserves its #1 ranking. I shall not dwell on elitism or smugness however. I have had the fortune/misfortune to dwell and work in most of the cities on the list and having read the methodology clause I find I have to take issue. My own personal experiences of the places listed do not always tally with the peceived threat level and this begs the question that was the survey conducted actually comparing the alleged offenders of a percentage of the resident population of the given cities. You can make cities look bad but as a population of a given location the majority may be law abiding and therefore distorting the figures. GTA ranks way below anything out west but a trip to or a stay in jane and finch sure raises the eyebrows. So in conclusion PG should not feel so bad as I could walk the down town there and not feel threatened although a little appalled at some aspects of humanity.

  48. the ways to reduce crime is to fund housing, education, social programs, sports/art/music for kids, and health care.

    Harper will deal with crime by hiring cops and building jails that a third of the country can live in.

    God – yes, GOD – bless Canada.

    • Maybe you can ask your god to help you with that haircut—

      —Why do you god lovers always have to put a religious spin on everything? If your god was real, why not give all homeless people and the poor a leg up? Because your god is a manelovant prick that sees fit for people to suffer. Yep-he's a good one. This comment enrages me more than the "Indian" comments below

  49. The west is under policed. and judges are too lenient when convicting gangs & drug dealers.. It would be best for BC and AB to establish their own Prov. Police Force similar to OPP & Quebec's surete. I witnessed drug delivery like clock work in our neighbourhood. Police (RCMP) was in-effectual. Only the concerted effort of all our neighbours managed to dislodge the problem.
    Our Conservative Government blows a lot of hot air about getting tough on crime; yet monster prison and tougher laws won
    't do the trick. Going after the source is far more effective.


    • Maybe crime is higher in the West because you're all SHOUTING at one another?

      • LOL…Good one !


  51. Maybe the person commenting on the "real cities" has never been to a "fake city". In case you are wondering, life goes on there just like it does in Toronto, vancouver, Ottawa, etc.)

    I grew up in Trail and lived in the biggest city in the world for five years (that would be Tokyo, a "real BIG city". There are good guys and bad guys in all places, and when someone gets shot and killed in any of them, a "real" person goes down. Get over your city attitude, and start thinking in terms of populations that exist, thrive, die, kill, save lives and commit crimes…however "big" they may be…

  52. Well, Jeff, as soon as you start walking upright, you'll have a better perspective on this.

  53. Why is there no mention of us in P.E.I., Charlottetown is kind of a city…

    • Too bad for you, we in BC actually turf you good this time. You can always try your hardest next year!

  54. I live in Victoria, and don't see that much crime unless it is in the downtown core and this is mostly due to a larger number of homeless people (probably due to mildest climate in Canada! You most certainly can't "see" as many homeless people in the coldes city in Canada i.e. Winnipeg) and drugs. And what about East Vancouver, with prosptition completely in the open, and those women constantly going missing? Does that not even count when compared to the "per capita" of a city of over 2 million?
    Victoria certainly isn't anywhere near comparable to Prince George (sorry PG people) which is in 1st position just above Victoria. I can't believe that! And by the way, I'd rather live in Victoria anytime rather than a truly crime-ridden (everyone knows that) city like Winnipeg or Prince George. Also, those cities happen to have a lot of unemployment as well as native population, unfortunately, which make them some of the poorest in Canada.
    High crime rate has always been associated with poor areas. So I think this "rating" is unfair, untrue and far from the reality. People who actually live in those cities will tell you, read the comments!

    • It has been known Francesca that we in BC especially Victoria ( your drier and sunnier climes, compared to the rest of BC) are receptacles of the dark and fallen angels from chilly and deadly climes of our country. And it is really to our benefit that we got this attention so our officials will work harder to correct this situation.

      • GUYS be nice, people are the same everywhere, we all show up here one day and life is kind or not to us, the natives, the youth, the pensioners, the single mom's and people working for 8 dollars an hour, etc , are all coping not only with poverty but also with racism and lack of care ….Where is the love.

  55. I was born and raised in central BC, lived in NVan from 18-32 and then moved across the pond where I've been for the past 16 years. I can say that there is a hell of a change in Vancouver, Abbotsford, Kelowna and Prince George…all places with family and friends and where I visit each year when we get back.

    Is the change (and not for the better) a symptom of criminal elements from around the world bringing bad influence/drugs etc? Is the change due to increased poverty, a decline in the standard of education, a truly mobile population (in relation to many parts of the world), decreasing family values, etc etc?

    Could be all of the above.

    I would like to offer, though, that perhaps a big part of the "problems" in BC are due to the liberal attitudes towards growing/smoking/selling pot. Yup…pot.. Research from Germany and Scandanavia now postulates that a person whose smoked pot regularly for 10+ years is more apt to have a lower threshold of patience and more prone to aggression when pressed to the point to stress. The police in BC are stretched beyond even trying to keep the streets clean in the smaller towns. Crack and crystal meth heads are what the RCMP tend to try to deal with so the pot smokers and small time growers and dealers are running wild without fear. I smoked a bit when I was in uni but I'm shocked at the amount of pot around and the ease of acquisition whenever and where ever in even the smallest of hamlets in BC. Sure glad that I'm raising my kids in a part of the world with strict drug enforcement. Getting caught with a joint in Scandanavia means a prison term of at least 2 years. A big enough deterrent to keep it out of the eye of others.

  56. I recently returned to PG after 35 yrs to be close to my family here.
    I lived in S california for 21 yrs, and never saw such utter crap as I see here. People here have their collective heads up their butts. I have 25+ years of sales and management experience, but have been unable to find a decent job after a recent layoff from a so-so job. People here are very different than I remember, and not in a good way.
    I try to keep secret the fact I lived in the U.S. for so long as I am discriminated against if I tell anyone.
    I believe the majority of PG folks are stuck here with no other options, so they try to sugar coat this bitter pill of a town.
    I see no future for this this piece of crap town, poor infastructure, lame local politicians, and sucky weather.
    I'm outta here ASAP

    • You said it Darren i did the time and i mean its like doing time in pglllA real sh&^&^*hole and ruined by one group of useless bottom feeders. Gad we moved and will never ever return to that Hells hole its very very evil

  57. Jeff… With the crap your spewing in your comment , It is amazing you havent wound up being a statistic yourself……

  58. To say that the east is safer than the west could probably be summed up as follows; all of their criminals had moved out west to take advantage of the economic boom, and then could not afford to move back home after the economy tanked.

  59. As a resident of Calgary I find that I have to agree that our crime is almost nill compared to what I have hear and what I've seen on TV and what I have read about other parts of Canada and also the United States. Thanks to our police chief, crimes are being taken care of faster, even without City Hall budget increases and our homicide works out to about two a month. Sex crimes have been decreasedgreatly, homeless crimes have gone dow and more of them are becoming useful members of society and are finding homes. About 50% of them are the working poor and at our high cost
    of rent they are unable to go anywhere but shelters. That
    is being remied by the City of Calgary building more accesibile housing as quickly as possible. Drugs and drug offenses are dropping also. I feel lucky to live in a very safe city as I'm a 69-year-old senior and feel safe to go out and be on our streets. Margaret

  60. Dear all,
    As long the Canadian government is educating good behaviour with fear and "I will catch you" as the basic ingredient, law and order will stay walking behind facts. Please stop Copying the US and adapt the west European more human based techniques and methods based on a positive educational approach.
    Ed van den Enden

    • If you have lived here and see how lenient our justice system is to criminals, you might eat your words, as that is one of the reasons why crime rate here shoots up. There is no consequences to crime anymore, than a slap on the wrist.

  61. Ken Whyte, is that you??

  62. Many of you in the east have the right to criticize us in BC, and I wholehearted agree with the criticisms, we deserve it. Having said that, I would like you there in the East to walk the talk by taking good care of your homeless to stop them from leaving your province and moving to BC( for our mild climate). You have to actually build social housing for them, as you suggested, before they move out. In BC, our budget is not enough to build social housing for all the homeless people coming from all over the chilly parts of Canada (which is most of Canada's provinces bar BC). We do not have equalization payment to get by, nor don't we have great oil revenues to prop us. Sometimes I wonder how we still manage to be a contributing province to Canada instead of a burden. Before you crow about how low is your crime rate, it is not thanks to your efforts but because many of your criminals and the homeless are moving here to lessen the risk of freezing to death.

    • Utter nonsense, the lot of it.

      • Truth hurts?

      • YOU ARE NONSENSE, ALL YOU PEOPLE, THE LOT OF IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Everything is relative. I live in Prince George now, but after living in big US cities for the last twenty years, it seems about as dangerous as Disneyland. Maybe less so, because those huge Disney characters scare the crap out of me in a way PG never could. To put things in perspective, Camden, New Jersey, a high-crime city the same size as PG, has had between 40-70 murders/year for the last decade, three to four times Prince George's homicide rate. The level of auto theft, robbery, and assault were all exponentially higher, and these crimes, unlike those in PG, were _not_ confined to the run-down areas or gang v. gang conflicts. No one was safe there.
    Big cities like Atlanta are far worse–from my apartment in a relatively decent section of the city, I used to hear gunshots on a weekly basis, and my girlfriend was viciously mugged right on my doorstep.
    So, before everyone starts going nuts about a "crime wave" in BC, they should stop to consider how much safer and more secure they are than our southern neighbors, where fear of violent crime and personal exposure to it is a daily occurrence.

    • I would prefer that people go a little nuts (just a little ) if it will help keep us from turning out like our Southern friends….agreed we don't have it as bad as down south, so how about we work together and keep it that way ?

      • Well said man

  64. Are you by chance sniffing something worse than Cannabis, probably your socks?

  65. I'm from Brantford and I can safely say that this town is a lot worse than it has been ranked on here. The economy has died in Bdot and it's not coming back. Brantford is a drug haven right now. I haven't seen it this bad since 2006 when it really started to fall apart. The fact that the Six Nations Reserve is just down the street doesn't help the crime level here either.

    • I,ve lived in Montreal, PG,chilliwack,vancouver,calgary,edmonton and now North Battleford sask. highest crime rate the last 3 years dont believe me google lthese cities people talk about in Canada doesnt even compare to cities like chicago,detroit,LA, fuck even a nice city like seattle. toronto are big bad city is what 30 maybe 40 homicides a year look at detroit or chicago try 400-700 a year. its mouse nuts to to think people think its so bad to live in our canadian cities, get some culture and gets some sense.even downtown east hastings is fucking safe and thats the poorest postal code in canada.

  66. Anyone or anything that is going to tell us that kelowna and Victoria are more dangerous than Toronto is full of crap,the non-white population does not trust the police(and for good reason)and will not report or assist them into solving the street gangs,home invasions,mugging,pimping and sexual assaults crowd whom emanate in disproportionate amount out of there communities

    • Um have you even been to Toronto? Typical BC ignoramous.

  67. Your type of comments are not worthy of a response…

  68. The biggest problem I see with these stats is that you aren't comparing apples to apples. The Greater Victoria area is made up of many small municipalities with different police departments. Only the "core" area of Victoria's stats were counted as by the Victoria Police Dept. Saanich makes for one of the largest areas of Victoria and they have their own police dept. Saanich ranked very low. -100. for homicides! It would have been more accurate for Victoria if Maclean's had got stats from all the police departments, Victoria, Oak Bay, Saanich and the RCMP which polices a large area of the city. Most of these other cities on the list have one police dept and so it takes into account the suburb areas of the city and it averages out better. (Calgary, Hamilton, London, Winnipeg etc) I have visited many of these cities and lived in Toronto and London ON and now in Victoria and feel safer walking (even downtown) at dark in Victoria then Toronto or London. I wouldn't live anywhere else in Canada!

  69. Can't believe that there's still a pseudo-Nazi follower like you in a great country as Canada! Shame on you!

  70. Mississauga, ON is THE safest city in Canada. Maclean, please stop putting Brampton and Mississauga together, they are two separate and completely different cities!


  71. People from India are barbaric? This is news to me.

    Natives on the other hand..

  72. Again, what's with people calling them Indians? What is this, Texas? It's not even that the term offends me. Ok, it's not JUST that the term offends me. More that anything, it's just confusing. In Victoria, from what I can tell, actual Indians outnumber the natives. You could refer to people from India as "east Indian", but why must they get an extra word in their title just because Chris Columbus was a jackass? They were Indian first. It's about time they got that term back.

  73. In one of my excursion to the city of Vancouver using the sky train(honor system, no ticket validation machine to stop those who do not have any tickets), I pass by a homeless person begging with a written signage, I can't remember quoting the exact wordings, but the gist of his sign was: " Give me something so as to prevent me from raping your mothers, grandmothers, your sisters, and your daughters". I usually have a modicum of sense of humor, but even I can't describe what I felt reading that signage. I have also personally witnessed a drug dealer and a drug addict sniffing something at the exit of a building, before even fully realizing and noticing what they are doing and before fear got hold of me at the situation I was finding myself in at that time(it was night time and I was alone), I was very surprised instead, when these people greet me a very good evening and asked me if they could do something to help me carry my very heavy stuff. I thought wow, only in Canada !

  74. Wow, you are beyond the pale! I can't believe there are still people like you! I hope you are not scarier than Pickton.

  75. this article seems setup, maybe Prince George City council is in on this to get Prince George more funding for police or some other not so obvious reason

    Prince George is also one of the last cities in BC to still have Fluoride in the water…we get medicated here only 3% of the province still does this…wonder if thats correlated

    There was a news article about how the Harper government employs people to monitor and respond like "real people" on forums/youtube/ so I'd expect they are on here to speaking Propaganda

    Google search: harper government monitoring online chats

    • Flouride in the water connected to crime!!??!! Are you kidding right now? Why not just say the pulp mill smell causes the crime, or perhaps falling snow makes people want to commit crimes?!!?! Keep your stupid musings and conspiracy websites to yourself next time.

  76. Being a resident of Prince George for over 40 yearsI have heard of a lot of things happening here but have noticed nothing myself. I have never felt threatened or have never been attacked. Most of the trouble seems to happen to people that are involved with drugs. Unfortunately there has been a spillover of gangs from Vancouver that are battling it out for dominance over the last few years which have been driving up the stats. Special RCMP teams are operating here to take out the gangs which again drives up the stats. Just because a city is ranked lower by McLeans doesn't mean that there is less crime there. It could be that it is not being dealt with or reported as much there. You have to look at the reports critically. I remember a few winters ago when we had an ice jam here and it was reported nationally. My friends were emailing me from all over asking if I was O.K.?? Holy cow, about three houses along the river got flooded out and a few basements in the lower business districts, give me a break. And personally, the most fear I have ever felt was in L.A. and on East Hastings in Vancouver where people seem numb to the sad realities of the poor people there. I can tell you that a lot of things don't get reported there.

    No matter where you live you can find trouble or avoid it. I live 4 minutes from work, don't have a single stop light to wait at, and own a mansion for $200K. Granted there are prettier cities out there but it's like anywhere else, you get used to where you live and even a pretty city loses its appeal. For those of you bashing PG, I'm sure you will find negative things to say about any place you live.

  77. I am surprised that sudbury wasn't on the worst list. I lived in montreal, and it was realy bad but for the amount of people living there it's not as bad as sudbury. All the big city's in canada would most likely be at the top of the worst list. And all the little towns in canada will mostlikely be on the best list, but if the country takes a look at sudbury, the cancer capital of canada, once upon a time it was the murder capital of canada, Sudbury could be one of the best city's in canada but the problem is, the government doesn't care, from municipal to federal the governments have put sudbury on the back burner for a long time, and i dont see things changing very fast. Crime will rise, gangs will move in alot faster, when will the goverment of this city, province and country start taking responsabilty for the problems being caused in sudbury, i think never.

  78. The Good the Bad and the Ugly , I believed It never seen change over 1000 years. It'd happened more or less crime in the world. HA HA HA WHAT "S A BEAUTIFUL = Balance?

  79. So 5 out of 10 are BC, why am I not surprised. Police are too busy taking away peoples cars for going 40K over the speed limit or blowing 0.05 they don't have time to deal with real crime. I know my city is on the list and we have a 45-90 minute police response time when you report a crime in progress. I guess they want to make sure it's safe when they get there. I was actually asked by one police officer why I didn't put my dogs on a car thief. Really? And if they bite the guy, I'm putting my dogs down as dangerous animals.

  80. So you labled Toronto safer that some of the other Canadian cities?
    What the? I've lived in the GTA my entire life and every day there's crime going on here. Get your facts right! Oh so I guess now I can feel safer because Toronto made #57 on the list? What a bunch of #@%!

    • The GTA has over 8 million people. For 8 million people, the GTA is pretty damn safe for the few stories you hear on a daily basis. That is the point of this report. To show that smaller cities/towns in Canada are getting more dangerous because the criminals are dispersing to these rural areas.

      • Umm hello? Guest says there is crime EVERYDAY in the GTA. Why are you bringing facts into the argument?

      • GTA IS A BUNCH OF RUDE PARASITES LIKE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. wherever there are long guns and other hunting weapons and culture you will find a lot of violence.

    • You are kidding right ?

    • Get over yourself.

    • That is the most ridiculous comment on here-even worse than the "Indian" comments. Stats show that most gun related crimes are commited with handguns. And even more, the majority of violent crimes in Canada are not commited with guns at all. So next time, before you type something on here, do everyone a favor and don't. Go buy yourself a gun, find a nice quiet field…….

      • Goof!1 Man it's time we revisit kicking eastern provinces in the ass out of the country. Living high off the backs of the working west…Time to split and form our own country without them in Taronta an Cluelessbec. get rid of the Libs and their ban long guns ideas.

  82. Hello readers, moderator,

    Our youth fully exploits without a second thought as to rest of us the liberal system including social safety nets and this circle widens with our own inaction and without our notice and we point at RCMP, the kind judicial system, our extreme individual and liberal rights, easy go peezy-happy go lucky attitude, our food banks (wherein we shamelessly send our already fatigued and hard worked elders and retired making them feel ashamed having worked so long just to wait in food bank line-ups-in fact our youth should roll up their sleeves and get their due share at their door steps) and fall prey for immediate and get rich quick schemes, street drugs and the list is endless.

    I am also ashamed that the present government had a about turn face when it came to recent voting on long-gun registry. This pondered me for a long time as to how a responsible individual can tell people and the law system two opposing things at the same time.

    The police system we take for granted is always on the line and if you had closely observed "put their lives and families at risk and mind you they do not have the same safety back-ups as the firemen do". If we want our fathers, mothers, children, sisters and brothers protected we better obey the laws.

    Drugs might get you high momentarily but it takes away all your hard work you earned hitherto and we will fall in the same food bank line-up.

    These days it is a very rare sight that a grandpa walking with a grand daughter hand-in-hand or that a grand son flying a kite and the grand father watching sitting on a park bench nearby.

    Retirement means we all become aged and expect fruits to ripen and accessible to pluck and enjoy.

    In my mind it is more peaceful and respectful to accept challenges in earning our bread and butter which is over thousand times easy in Canada !

    Which one do we need and want ?

  83. I find it interesting that if you look at the Overall By Rank section, the ONLY city to make top 8 in 4 out of 5 of the categories is Winnipeg. #1 in Robbery, #5 in Murder. In breaking and entering it was # 23 or something, but really. Yet it's ranked 10th worst city. I have lived in Winnipeg for the past 6 years, in a "safe" part of the city and I have been robbed, threatened, witnessed a murder, seen knife fights…I moved to an apartment building in a different area, and a guy was stabbed in my building. The Hell's Angels are a HUGE problem here, and substance abuse rules the streets — it may not be the glamourous drugs, like cocaine or heroin, but people drunk on listerine armed with knives, screwdrivers, or whatever they can get their hands on can do a lot of damage.

    I fear it will only get worse before it gets better.

    • It's also interesting that for Sexual Assault, apart from Winnipeg and Prince George, the rest are all Eastern Cities…so don't get all high and mighty on yourselves easterners…you just enjoy a different sort of crime ; )

  84. MacClean Journalyst NEW GENERATION are out there to get us against each other, first you say that we are all corupt in Quebec, then you get this report out proving that after all we are not so bad, but then in the report you state that Blainville is 42 %. I can state this YOU ARE FULL OF IT, don't jnow what youa re talking about. I suggest that ALL CANADIANS we get to get togeter to rate MacClean Journalyst, maybe we would find out that they are sniffing white stuff that affect their brain, our they are too lazy to make good reporting like 15 years ago, instead of going on the road and see by themself , do real reporter job…they only analyze what they read, no brainer! I am a proud Canadian living in Quebec, so I suggest to all Proud Canadians Out here to join in and rank these MacLean journalists!


  85. I live in St Thomas Ontario, not listed, but about 35,000 people. We have a lot of out of work people here, (and Chatham down the road which is listed) and we don't seem to have any of the problems listed in PG and other cities. One, we have a great police presence. The seem fair, and they are very visible. I'm definitely not an angel and I have no beefs with them. There are no gang issues that I have ever heard of. No drug zone (of course there are drugs here, there are drugs everywhere) and no dangerous area in town. Perhaps there IS a real problem with BC/Alberta/Northern Canada crime and police policies…..

  86. I'm confused with the Map on the Cover. I don't see any reference to Nunavut in the cities listing. Are you telling me that if I visit Nunavut I have a 286% chance of being violently assaulted, murdered or some other crazy thing. I don't even see them in the city statistics.

  87. Grew up in Victoria then moved abroad in 1994. We moved back in 2008 and definitely didn't feel safe in the downtown core, particularly at night it had a somewhat ominous feel. We moved to Montreal in 2009 and can't believe how much "safer" it feels. We can walk around downtown and in our neighbourhood any time day or night and feel very safe. It's great not having to worry when we go out – we definitely feel our quality of life is better here, largely because of this.

  88. Hello, this is not a champions for who can detect the colors in this Map lol
    The colors indicator in the map score are not the right one , OR easy to understand

    (it should NOT be from green to yellow to Red and keep going) not all of us can see the difference between colors that clearly as you can see it )

    IF your looking for everyone to understand your particular Map and not only specific group, then (The map should be from a "light color less crime to a darker color more crime" instead) to make it easy for everyone to understand

  89. HUH?? Fort McMurray is number 5???

    How were these stats calculated???
    Fort McMurray RANKING:
    Breaking & Entering – #53
    Robbery – #42
    Homicide – #38
    Sexual Assault – #29
    Auto Theft – #1

    WOW! Fort McMurray is so dangerous because we have the most auto theft???

    I'd rather have auto theft over sexual assault or homicide any day!!

    • I'm sure that if you've got the statistics breakdown, you can make your own weighted average and use the weighting system that you find more appropriate.

  90. wpg is one deadly city so i kinda find it hard to believe that victoria or any of the smaller western cities are really that crazy.
    murder peg city,
    gang capital,
    stabbing capital of canada.

    thats titles wpg has had for over 15 yrs.

    • i agree ive lived in winnipeg and now chilliwack, fraser valley crime seems to mainly effect gangsters but in peg city even the most innocent person has to watch there backs

  91. I think this is all hilarious, the way everyone is jumping at each other and saying "your city is worse then ours"! That's part of the problem people! Nobody wants to take responsibility or recognize that anything is happening around you!!! It's happening all over, which city is the worst is minimal!! I think alot of the CANADA'S problem with crime is because of parents who say, my child didn't do that, he/she was with someone else. Nobody wants to take responsibility for ANYTHING!!!! I see it all the time, parents going to courts fighting that their child did nothing wrong, it's all the police or somebody elses fault. The same with the schools, the kids can go spit, kick or do whatever they want to a teacher, yet the parent has a problem with them getting expelled or having any kind of discipline for it and they go to the schools kicking and screaming because of it. Back in the day, the nuns ran the schools, and they got the strap, and they said the lords prayer every morning. Nobody messed with that, and if you did something wrong, got in trouble for it with the nuns, you were sure to get a pounding when you got home!! The police might have done a few things also that they shouldn't have, now with all the "laws" protecting people, the police are too scared to do something that they may get charged for it! There is NO CONTROL anymore, and it all starts at home, with the parents!! And I seriously think something also has to be done about our law system, again, it needs more CONTROL and in order to have that, we the people need to give it to them! If not, it's only going to get worse!

  92. Bring back the death penalty, life means life, no conditional releases, more prisons and drug dealers should get life and get rid of the bleeding heart judges who pass stupid sentences and most important, the Liberals who favor the criminals, gasp.

    • you got it! do away with them…simple back to the good ole ways that did work! and punish your mouthy lazy brats and get back to being their parent and not their buddy!!

      • SLAVE U!

        Society itself functions on violence

        Don't pay your taxes what happens to you? You get put in prison or you get shot if you try to stop them taking you

        The Death penalty just means a worse prison than the one we already live in, DON"T LIKE IT GET OUT? Its the same everywhere else in the world

        we're slaves

  93. How in the world is Fort McMurray in the top 5? Sure, it's not that great of a place overall, but I can't imagine McMurray being more dangerous than Winnipeg, Toronto, Edmonton, Surrey, Windsor, and other places I hear are the armpits of the country.

  94. While there may be some (and I use some very loosely) truth to what you say, there are definitely more constructive and just plain nicer ways to say the way you feel without degrading everyone, including yourself with your comments.

  95. Eastern Canada does not end in Quebec! I notice the Maritimes were completely left out of the stats. The safest and poorest area of Canada- move east.

  96. For those in Prince George please come out Monday November 1st for a free public forum about MYTHS and REALITY around gangs in our community (… ). Bring your comments as you posted here, and lets talk as a community.

    • $55 bucks is this a cash drive? make it free So even the unemployed can have a say !

      • exactly why the hell are you charging $55 for this BS?

  97. you said it Jeff ! THEY sure stand out more than any others in PG…so those are the real facts its the truth and people pull your heads outta your ass and admit the the facts…man we need some real stats on what ethnic groups are causing this crap in PG…

  98. Actually "Guest" my commet was concluded with a *wink* which in normal internet circles implies *joke*, Maybe you are just being a little too sensitive about the whole issue and pull your 10 gallon hat up a little so it doesn't squeeze your brain too much ;) (inserting *wink* again to imply a joke…just clarifying)

    There is nothing arrogant about us in Ontario…we drive this country both ecomonomically and culturally therefore we believe we should have the greatest say in how the country is run…that is just reality not arrogance.

    • Have you ever left Ontario? The cultures across this country are not driven by Ontario, but by the unique populations within each area, although my "10 gallon hat" inspired look may have been inspired by a trip to Toronto. As far as driving the country "ecomonomically", you have fun with that.

      I find it strange that I have to explain that for 38% of the population to have the greatest say for how an entire country is run is frustrating for the rest of the country.

      PS: ;)

      • Wow, I guess you don't read much or follow Canada's economy either. What does "culture" have to do with economy (my fast fingers the last time, glad you picked up on that)? With all due respect, Ontario drives Canada's economy and you must realize that.

        You say "frustrated" because only 38% of the pop. has the greatest say in how the country is run. How would you feel if you lived here? OUR insane taxes ensure the have not provinces (maybe yours–don't know since you don't have a profile) survive. How would you feel knowing that?

        Ontario could separate from Canada tomorrow and become one of the riches countries in the world. I have often thought what the reaction would be then if the hand that feeds you were to disappear.

        PS…I have travelled Canada and abroad extensively and feel I can make this comment comfortably…btw, why do you feel that is an issue? Maybe suggesting I have no appreciation for the "culture" of other provinces or countries just because I haven't visited them? I believe you don't have to visit Antarctica to have an informed opinion about it….just do some simple research.

  99. If you lived in BC you wouldn't know its got the worst homicide rate in canada we are well protected

  100. azereta..Well first off if you are in front of a video game (xbox ect) then it stands that you wont have any skills hence poverty! and getting fat and lazy.

    2nd start looking at how crappy people are at teaching their brats…Get back to the old days lip off you get a smack…do your chores and you get to watch tv for a Hour …ect Libs/NDP and the relaxed way of being a parent. is a major reason for this BS we tax payers are dealing with now!..bring back the strap in school…

  101. The problem is immigration ! Canada lets in criminals, rapists, thieves and south asians who assault & kill their young for wanting to live like other young North Americans. And what percentage of gang members are from the islands ? Stats say 73%, but never say it or print it out loud because its not politically correct. I have lived in the GTA for 54 years and watched parts of Toronto go from mid-class and crime free….to scum class and full of crime. Dont get me wrong, I;m only printing stas and what I see. I have friends from Iraq and who work hard and are good people as well as people from Argentia and Chile. Canada needs to scan new citizens much better before letting them settle in this country. Canada is great but if we continue on this course, we will just be another american state !

    I HAVE BEEN IN PG for 2 years there is no anybody hit me yet !!!!!!!!!!

    it is dangers that if you walk downtown in midnight ….. I LOVE PG

  103. Has anyone considered the fact that religion may play a huge roll in these #'s? Ontario is the only province to offer publicly funded. and therefore available to everyone, Catholic schools. It does help when kids say the Lord's Prayer and are taught to do good, to be helpful and to have a conscience. Ont. has more than 4.5 times as many Christians as it does non-religious persons and Que. has more than 15.5 times as many Christians as non-religious; but BC has the lowest percentage of Christians; only 1.5 times as many Christians as compared to non-religious. This larger percentage of non-religious people clearly takes a toll on the morals, ethics and law-abidence of BC's citizens.
    The top provinces for percentage of Christians as compared to non-religious peoples is are all in the east, and are as follows: (from high to low); Nfld, Que, Nunavut, PEI, NB, NS, Sask, and Ont. While the provinces with the lowest percentages of Christians are from the west:(starting with the lowest); BC & Yukon tied for last, AB, MB, & NWT. I acknowledge that Nunavut is the only one that bucks the trend and shows a high percentage of Christians while still having a high percentage of crime; one can conclude that this is due to aboriginal strife.
    *Stats derived from "Religion in Canada" Wikipedia.

  104. One Word… "Indians"

  105. You're not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you Jacquie Aitken Kish

  106. I can't believe how many people here don't understand how statistics work. Let's get the stats on where all the stupid ppl live, and compare that to the crime rates.

  107. I moved from Prince George to Chongqing, China – one of the largest cities in the world, and I've felt safer walking around this city any time of the day or night than when I was living in Prince George. From all the stories I've read in the local papers growing up, from everything I've heard about that doesn't make the papers, and from all the things I have personally seen and experienced in Prince George, I fully agree that something needs to change. Every time somebody asks me where I'm from, I feel slightly ashamed to answer Prince George.

    • Thats probably because you're bigger than all of them.

      • Ill never be ashamed. Turning your back is easy facing the challenges and helping make the change pg needs creates true pride.

  108. A book called "Life At The Bottom" written by an English psychiatrist named Dalyrymple (sp?) a few years ago describes the social decline of England and several other countries. He discusses the fact that people there like to attribute the crime to imigrants, but that in England, and New Zealand, the fact is that the crime is mostly from born and bred lower income caucasian males.
    I'll bet that the same holds true in Canada, though having said that, there are some really nasty etnic gangs here in BC.
    Face it, the biggest problem is our pathetic legal system. If a Canadian commits a crime- lock em up. If a non-citizen commits a crime- deport em. As for native crime- they need a lot of help to reduce poverty, drug and alcohol addiction. They also need help to make sure the money goes where its needed, not to enrich the chiefs and their cronies.

    • SO true!

  109. One needs to remember that there are 3 kinds of lies:
    1. Lies
    2. Damn Lies
    3. Statistics

    If Victoria BC is ranked second in crime I'd be happy to live in any city in Canada (if I'd live in a city, which I won't).


  111. Where the hell did u get these statistics from. I happen to live in York Region , Ontario and you ranked it as one of the best cities to live in as far a crime goes. Thats a load of garbage. This city is terrible its full of people who immigrate to exploit the weak laws and weak enforcement. The city has a terrible demographic of dirt poor and filthy rich. Yo got mansions on one side and government projects on the other. Its actaully a great place to commit a crime if your the following : Poor, desperate, or want to take advantage of the weak police system. Next time you do an article like that try going to the place maybe u will find some real evidence.

  112. Why does Canada keeps welcoming boatloads of illegal aliens, the last one was from Sri Lanka with 500 penniless Tamils who paid $50,000 each to be smuggled into BC, and now the country has to raise them from scratch while so many citizens are in such precarious situation???



  114. ive lived in winnipeg and chilliwack and im pretty sure winnipeg is way sketchier, of course its very different crime, bc crime mostly just involves gangsters where as manitoba crime is just freaky and even the most innocent of people have to watch there backs

  115. $uRRey ReP all day ErrDaYY

  116. boy…you really need to keep up to date…the idea that native people do nothing but get help from the government is so far out there that you need professional help.

  117. I'm surprised at the percentage on New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. I don't live In PEI, but it's a nice quiet province, I wouldn't imagine that the crime rate would be so high. It would make more sense to be higher in Nova Scotia. No a fence to you guys, as much as I love going to Halifax and all, I don't feel as safe on the streets as back home.
    I'm a New Brunswicker, and I live in one of the larger cities there. I walk late at night after work and I don't feel scared at all that I'll get jumped or mugged. It's a very safe place. Same feeling I got in the Miramichi. So, I don't know where are those crimes are going on, there are some, but not a lot. I almost feel like we have more of a chance to hit a deer or a moose on the road than getting mugged or killed here.

  118. I've lived in Grande Prairie my entire life…….it's only dangerous if you go looking for that danger. I mean, I don't go wandering around downtown at 3 am. It has 50,000 for pete's sake…….I like how Edmonton isn't even on the list.

    • It's number 13 of the overall list.

  119. 50,000**

    God, apparently I can't type anymore.

  120. haha fort McMurray thats all the scotians and newfies,

    but this all depends on the crime reported theres there is a very large amount of unreported crime in NS I think thats cuz of the blacks and the greasy whites follow. People dont realize it but nova scotia has the largest black (ex-slaves not immigrints) population in canada and it has ghettos very similar to the american ones rural and urban

    PS Scotians I'm not hating but I'm telling it like it is im not gunna lie

  121. How dare Macleans suggests the West is dangerous!!!!..oh oh yeah we are all cowboys – I can just imagine the cover of your next magazine! I want an apology… I want the GOVERNMENT!!! to apologize for Macleans!!!

    • Hmm…..don't let your overly sensitive feelings get in the way of facts.

      • Believe us, we are quite enjoying to be in the limelight for once, thanks to your runaways. Should you wish for real adventure head out west, where adventure is our province's middle name (Best in Crime or is it Best in Cannabis?)! Get your camera ready, as action is just around the corner! Come to the province where people are walking high all the time, as Cannabis smell is free on the air!


        • My, my – can't even spell. And, I don't shut up and take orders from lame brains like you.

          Try paying attention to facts, it really would make you look more intelligent.

    • Sorry fella…After living in both ends of this country I can attest to the fact that the west is a more violent place. Actually, I call Alberta…."The United States of Alberta" considering the very obvious fact that Albertans think more like Americans than the Canadians from other provinces that I have met.. Social systems suck here, and it seems that Albertans, the ones i talk to at least, like it that way. To me Alberta is a shallow socially, backward province. If you haven`t lived anywhere else, then what do you have to compare to? I think it`s interesting that Western cities are more in line with the crime rates of U.S. cities…hmmm.

    • I expect to hear that kind rantings from either Islam extremists or from Quebec, but not from BC.

      • I interpret the post demanding an apology as a sarcastic reaction to Quebec demanding an apology from Maclean's and the Government for the recent article on corruption in Quebec

    • TORONTO is the best city in Canada.Period.The west sucks.That's why they are always griping about Toronto,because they are jealous.

      • Imagine the best city of Canada (Toronto as you suggested) is in the receiving end of equalization, I shudder to think what state will the worst city be in and what hell hole are we heading into?

        • Toronto isn't on the receiving end of equalization, Ontario is. Toronto is still a wealthy, productive city.

          The recession primarily hit Ontario's enormous manufacturing industry. You're kidding yourself if you think Toronto is a factory city. You're thinking of places like Windsor and Oshawa.



        • Oh stay classy there Joe or Tony or whoever you are. Speaking of rude – are you not aware that using caps is rude?

          How old are you? Shouldn't you be in school or something?

    • Hey if the west is considered dangerous by the east that just means that they are scared of us. Don“t be so sensitve. Think bad"!!. Cause you dangerous.

  122. If MacLean count those, Ottawa will be top.

  123. Kelowna is one of the nicest places temperature and scenery wise in canada, there is lots of drugs gangs thugs and crime here though, thats forsure!

  124. How can Grande Prairie be 7th when its rating on all 5 factors listed are below 7?

  125. Grande Prairie !? Really .. ?

  126. I grew up in the hood, and all i hear is how bad everything is. Really? you think? All i hear is the sentences the police need this and that. Did anyone stop and think hey lets nip the problem before it gets outa hand? Start anti racism, funded training, youth centers that encourage the youth not shun them. I didnt ever have a helping hand nor did my friends that are now killing each other over this messed up town. Do u actually think they could get a job? Theres no work and people drink like so many people do in P.G. How about the government tries to make P.G a more livable place and start with the people running the businesses and schools. I had teachers tell me I would never amount to anything because I stood up for myself and wouldn't let the authority tell me i was another statistic. Educate the people, listen to the youth were screaming for help but everyones to drunk pointing the finger at whos at fault.

  127. Well after reading this, I'm not bothered at all, infact I'd much rather live back in Canada..and that is what I plan on doing…I've been over here in the Uk for the last 10 years and believe me, its garbage..I've lived in the lower mainland(PoCo) and Calgary and in eastern ontario..and not once did I have any problems in all the years spent living in Canada…

  128. WOOOOO! PRINCE GORGOE IS NUMBER ONE!!! I feel so Bad*** since I live in Prince. I am actually sick and tired of all the crime. Gosh people are dumb. Like…what does murder, rape, stealing, assault and all the other stuff show people? That your a messed up person who needs to be locked up…or beaten…or have done to him what he/she does to people. Thats what i think ahould happen. I think is someone rapes someone, I think the person that man/woman raped. should be aloud to rip the balls and penis off the man who raped that person. Than the rapist should be able to walk with no charge. He ain't rappin anyone again! Sorry, that was waaaay over the top. Anyways. I agree with Stacy, we can't be number one. I'm 16 and I live my life percetly fine in Prince.

  129. Ohh no , I live in Burnaby , I dont think it is that dangerous

  130. fuck you

  131. That’s funny… so if you live in ON and QC you’re pretty much safe… and the further west you go the worse “crime activity” there is.

    Just out of curiosity… the group of individuals that came up with this wonderful survey… they don’t by chance live on “the other side of the country”, do they?


  133. PG is a shithole

  134. let me guess, they wrote their statistics “in toronto ontario”


    Ontario is the WORST province in CANADA. Poverty, corrupt cops, CRIME but hey, if you write the macleans mag in toronto ONTARIO, obviously, you will be bias.
    WEstern CANADA is the golden goose and Ontario is the dead duck!

    • ur on crack buddy, a good climate and a decent view doesn’t make a wonderland, bc has the highest percentage living in poverty, highest child poverty percentage, is the gang capital of Canada, and produces more drugs in one month than Ontario holds in one year, not to mention the highest cost of living and the lowest minimum wage least jobs ect, besides the weather Ontario is a bunch of spoiled brats.

  135. I think that as Canadian’s, we really need to stop bad mouthing eachother, that just makes it okay for others to do it to us. Everyone has a different opinion and perspective of the places that they live or have lived. We get nowhere if we start name calling and pointing fingers.

  136. Do a survey. The people doing the crimes are from the east. We get the riffraff from the east. The eastern unemployable come looking for work. They find out thier unemployable out west as well so they are the ones prone to steal and get into trouble. Thus skewing the stats. Look at the places on the list. Boom towns and warm vacation spots

  137. I hate surrey, I don’t even feel safe in my high school.

  138. I often wonder if these crimes were broken down by race or gang affiliation? Would the numbers be more accurate? Or would the government feel that they would be totally unfair? After all, the truth MUST be told. And not just by sugar coating the final results.