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Missing: Manitoba dogs

Residents fear dognapping network


Over the last year, by some estimates, roughly 50 dogs have gone missing in southeastern Manitoba, sparking fears there is a dognapping network at work. And while the RCMP insist there is no evidence to support this claim, locals are becoming increasingly convinced the animals are being used as “bait” dogs to train other dogs to fight.

Many of the dogs disappeared when they were on private property. One resident told the Winnipeg Free Press he found tire tracks and a dog biscuit near his property, but because he had an invisible electric fence, his dog was not lured away. Others have not been so lucky. Last week the skinned remains of a dog were found beside a rural highway propped up in the snow. Owners have formed a Facebook group to share their stories.

But even if police discover the pets were stolen for dogfighting, there may not be much they can do. Under the federal Criminal Code, only those who are shown to be “wilfully neglecting” animals can be charged with animal cruelty. In Manitoba, it is illegal to make animals fight each other, but what constitutes participation in a dogfight isn’t clear, making the crime hard to prosecute.

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Missing: Manitoba dogs

  1. This is terrible! Many dogs have gone missing in Toronto as well.

  2. The RCMP need to take this seriously! I have been urging other media to continue to cover this very disturbing story. People have leads that are not being properly investigated. Forget about the prosecution possibility – find out who is stealing the dogs. It could be a hoarding situation and the dogs are in poor condition but still alive. It is probable that other criminal activity would be incovered in this situation. Don’t give up BUT you need to report everything.

  3. … the RCMP need to take this seriously. Dogs are a member of the family. It would be taken 9000 times more serious if it were children being stolen all over MB. It would break my heart if this happened to my dog.

  4. Really they can’t determine what constitutes illegal dog fighting! If the law is unclear-then redefine the law morons! Our justice system is a joke-all the politicians, lawyers and judges worry about is there huge paycheck and there large pension! As for dog owners watch your animals–take them for walks instead of just shoving them out the door! You know there’s a problem so pay attention and get some exercise at the same time! It amazes me that no one in these neighborhoods noticed different people or vehicles just hanging around! People have to start paying attention to there own surroundings and what’s in and around them! Just don’t whine about it after when you knew there was a problem and did nothing to try and prevent it! Would you take different action and pay different attention if it was children going missing–would you then notice the different person or vehicle in your neighborhood? Get to know who your neighbors are and who should be in your area–people should reconnect anyways–as a society we have no communication or sense of community anymore–sad really!

  5. sounds like the some crimanel gang has a fight club going on and the rcmp are too afraid to deal with the problem .. 50 dogs and nothing……hmmmmmmmmmmmm
    perhaps get a tracked dog to be used as a bait dog for the thieves then gps the dog’s location