The two faces of Col. Russell Williams (VIDEO) -

The two faces of Col. Russell Williams (VIDEO)

Portrait of an accused predator


Years before Col. Russell Williams was an accused double murderer, he was a rookie instructor at the Canadian Forces flying school in Portage la Prairie, Man. He was such a standout in the cockpit that his boss, Major Greg McQuaid, selected him for the farewell flight of “Musket Gold,” a now-defunct air force demonstration team that peaked in the 1970s. “I handpicked him because of his skill,” McQuaid told Maclean’s. “I knew he would do a good job. I liked the guy, he was sharp, and he had all the characteristics of a good military officer and a good pilot.”

It was 1992, and the four-man team spent two months training for the big finale, practicing turns and formations in their bright yellow, single-engine TC-134s. Musket Gold’s last hurrah was captured on VHS video, and it was Russ Williams, then a young lieutenant, who edited the footage, added some background music, and gave it to his fellow flyers as a keepsake. When McQuaid first heard about the shocking charges against his old friend—two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of sexual assault—he immediately thought of that old VHS tape. “He showed no indication that he could do something like this—zero, absolutely none,” he says. “He fit in well and got along well with everybody, and was respected by everybody.”

Like so many others, McQuaid simply can’t fathom how the Russ Williams he knew—the one sporting such a wide smile in this footage—could be capable of the heinous crimes for which he is now charged. Nothing about his personality offered any hints of a dark side, he says. “He was one of my shinier guys. He was so focused that sometimes it was like he could look right through you, but still normal in every way.”

There is, of course, nothing normal about the case of Col. Williams. On Sunday morning, he was commander of 8 Wing Trenton, the largest and most important airbase in the country. By Sunday night, he was in handcuffs, an accused serial predator charged with the sexual assault of two women and the first-degree murder of two others: Marie-France Comeau, a corporal who worked at Williams’ base, and Jessica Lloyd, a 27-year-old who vanished last month. In the words of General Walter Natynczyk, Canada’s top soldier, the news of his arrest was “a body blow” that left him “winded.”

Natynczyk was at CFB Trenton today, hoping to prop up sagging morale. Williams’ photograph, which once adorned the entrance of just about every building, has been taken down. Now in a jail cell, the disgraced colonel has also been stripped of his command. “We have an individual here who is alleged to have done something that is terrible,” Natynczyk told reporters. “We have to move forward here. At the same time, we have to recognize that all the victims need support, especially we think of Marie-France Comeau, and we think of Jessica Lloyd.”
Natynczyk said several airmen had approached him throughout the day with concerns about wearing their uniforms in public, for fear of a backlash in the community. “I said, ‘Stop that! We can’t go back. We go forward, and we are proud, proud to wear our uniform!’ So a few minutes ago I went to Tim Hortons, as did this command group, and sure enough someone from Trenton came up and said, ‘I put this into perspective. You guys are great.’ And I just said thanks.”

Natynczyk said he wasn’t aware of any past complaints against Williams, and wouldn’t comment on whether police were investigating any cold cases in the Trenton area. “At the same time we’ll do an administrative review to see, ‘what did we miss?’ Did we miss anything here?’ And it’s a difficult situation, one that I certainly have not faced.”

Natynczyk said he’d met Williams on several occasions, most notably during the repatriation ceremonies of those killed in combat. “I didn’t really know him before that time. I’ve met him on a number of occasions here, and also we came here just three weeks ago, the minister and I wanted to come here to show out great support for the members of 8 Wing, because we knew they had been working 24/7, as they had been for Afghanistan, and they had an increased tempo for the operations in Haiti.”

Lieutenant-General André Deschamps, Chief of Air Staff, said Williams has access to a military liaison officer and the base’s chaplain service while incarcerated. “We are providing administrative support as we would any member who is in that situation,” he said. “From a military perspective we are doing our due diligence for the member as we would for anybody else in that circumstance.”

Up until Sunday, Williams was a rising star in the Department of National Defence, an intelligent, no-nonsense air force officer who seemed destined for a promotion to general. At 46, he was already in charge of the country’s most critical airbase, a sprawling facility that supports not only the mission in Afghanistan, but relief efforts in Haiti and surveillance operations for the Vancouver Olympics. Williams held a top-secret security clearance, directed thousands of employees, and, by all accounts, flourished under the pressure.

Glenn Rainbird, a retired businessman, is CFB Trenton’s honourary colonel, a symbolic liaison of sorts between the base and the surrounding community of Quinte West. Since last July, he met with Williams at least twice a month, sometimes over a pint of beer. “Just like everyone else, my first reaction to the charges was disbelief,” he told Maclean’s. “How could this possibly be true? We all do that soul-searching, but I can honestly say there was never anything that stuck out to me that would cause me to expect a blemish on this man’s record.”

On paper, at least, his record was impeccable. Born in 1963, he earned a degree in economics and political science from the University of Toronto, but as he explained to Rainbird during one of their many conversations, his real dream was to fly. So in 1987, Williams enlisted in the air force and pursued his wings, which he earned three years later. He was promoted to captain during his stint at the flying school, and later won a spot piloting the military’s CC144 Challenger jets, which are used for coastal patrols, and, most famously, to ferry high-profile dignitaries such as the prime minister and the governor-general.

In the mid-1990s, while posted at the 412 (Transport) Squadron in Ottawa, Williams and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Harriman, built a two-storey home in the suburb of Orléans. “He was a very straightforward guy, very, very nice,” says Shirley White, who lived two doors down. “He and his wife were the perfect couple. I just about dropped on the floor when I heard about the charges. For me, it was like saying the Pope did something like this.” Harriman, a director at the Heart and Stroke Foundation, would always deliver a box of cookies to her neighbours at Christmas. “She must be just completely devastated,” White says. “I still don’t believe it’s him that did this. I support him 100 per cent. In my own heart, I believe they might have made a mistake, but let’s face it, how often do the police make this sort of mistake?”

While living in Orléans, Williams continued to climb the Canadian Forces ladder. In 1999 he was promoted to major and posted to a desk job in the department of Military Careers; he also pursued a masters degree in Defence Studies from Royal Military College. In June 2004, after earning his lieutenant-colonel stripes, he made his first stop at CFB Trenton, as commanding officer of 437 (Transport) Squadron, the Airbus unit that delivers troops and supplies to and from Kandahar. That same summer, Williams and his wife purchased a $178,000 lakefront cottage in the nearby town of Tweed, Ont.—the same property that is now surrounded by police tape and being scoured by forensic investigators. The white bungalow sits on Cosy Cove Lane. According to friends, Williams called it “Cozy Love.”

By December 2005, Williams was on the move again, this time for a six-month tour at the military’s ultra-classified logistics base near Dubai, known as Camp Mirage. When he returned to Canada in June 2006, he was posted back to Ottawa, where he became a key player in the multi-million-dollar purchase of Trenton’s new fleet of CF-130J Hercules transports and giant CC-117 Globemaster strategic-lift aircraft. “This was a shining star,” says Major-General (ret.) Marc Terreau, who up until recently was the honourary colonel of Trenton’s 429 Squadron.
“He was on his way up. He would have had to prove himself as a wing commander, and then his name would have been in the basket of those with a potential to be selected as a general.”

That chance to be a wing commander came last year, when, after being promoted to a full colonel, Williams spent six months studying French in Gatineau, Que. In July, with a strong command of both official languages, he was handed the reins of the most strategically important airbase: CFB Trenton. Thousands of people gathered for his swearing-in ceremony. “These are exciting times for the air force,” he said that day. “I am confident that the team here is up to the task and I look forward to getting right into that work.” But according to police, when he wasn’t busy at work, Williams was busy preying on innocent women.

When he first accepted the top job at Trenton, Williams and his wife sold their home in Orléans. He moved to the Tweed cottage, commuting 45 minutes to work every morning, while she stayed in Ottawa to oversee the construction of their new $700,000 townhouse in the trendy Westboro Village. In other words, Williams spent many nights alone.

In September, his neighbourhood was rocked by two sexual assaults. In both cases, the victims were asleep in their homes when an intruder broke in, tied them to a chair, sexually assaulted them, and snapped photographs of their naked bodies. Police were still searching for a suspect when Comeau’s body, strangled to death, was discovered in her Brighton, Ont., home on Nov. 25. Two months later, Lloyd vanished from her home near Belleville. At the time, investigators had no idea the crimes were connected—let alone that the accused perpetrator was a high-ranking military man.

Exactly how Col. Williams landed on police radar is still unclear, but according to numerous reports, his tires were his undoing. Desperate for a lead in Lloyd’s disappearance, officers spent all of last Thursday evening and Friday morning stopping every motorist on Highway 37, a windy road near her home. When police pulled over Williams’ Nissan Pathfinder, they reportedly noticed that his tires resembled the unique treads left in the snow near Lloyd’s house. By Sunday, Williams agreed to an interview with the Ontario Provincial Police, where, according to reports, he confessed to the crimes and led detectives to Lloyd’s lifeless body, which was dumped near a dirt road a few kilometers from the colonel’s cottage.

“It’s very hard to believe,” says Rainbird, who has spent the past few days on the base, giving pep talks to staff who are still shocked by the news. “Williams was a quieter type, but an individual with well-above-average intelligence and capabilities. He had the ability to process data very well, to sort priorities, and to focus on the important things.” He is not gregarious or loud, Rainbird says, but well respected by his underlings. “Everyone seemed to enjoy working with him. They all appreciated his style of management and command and got along well with him.”

The mayor of Quinte West, John Williams (no relation) worked closely with the colonel since he arrived in July. “I spoke or emailed with him at least once a week,” he says. “Never had occasion to suspect anything. We’re all in shock and disbelief. I don’t think anybody had any idea. Obviously, it was just right out of left field for us.”

In hindsight, though, the mayor says some things are beginning to make sense. “He was a tough guy to get to know,” Williams says. “He didn’t do a lot of kibitzing. There wasn’t a lot of small talk, and it was very tough to carry on a conversation. I’ll be honest with you, he was almost distant.”

His next court appearance is scheduled for Feb. 18. The last of his alleged victims, Jessica Lloyd, will be buried on Saturday.



The two faces of Col. Russell Williams (VIDEO)

  1. To the families involved, my prayers and deepest sympathy, to the man and women of our Canadian Forces, heads high and Stand Fast, this is no reflection on you this was done by an individual who in no way will ever tarnish your image.

  2. 4th para has a typo, Francis Lloyd should read Jessica.

    • Further down she is called "Floyd" instead of Lloyd. This may be a typo, but "Francis" is clearly an error, not a typo. It's disgraceful that a supposedly respectable publication like Macleans can't do a better editing job than this and it's a slap in the face for the family of the poor victim. Shame!

      • Thanks for the catch! They were both typos. We appreciate you letting us know.

  3. When will people stop thinking that watching women being exploited, abused, tortured and raped is sex, and that someone who would do that is a nice, normal man?

    The warning signs having been blazing. Our p*rn sick culture has decided there's nothing wrong with treating women that way, and nothing wrong with men who get sexual gratification from that.

    • furthermore…men who psychologicaly abuse women with taunts and insults are not human at all. The constant disrepect towards anyone who disagrees with them just shows what real animals these men are. It's part of the degredation and depraved society Canadians are living in.

    • Note: no one is saying that Williams, if guilty, is a nice, normal, man. They are saying that he always came across as a nice, normal, man. They are shocked to learn that he was neither. The very fact that the man is in jail shows that we DO think there is something wrong with treating women as Williams did, and that there is something wrong with him.

  4. Who is this monster? Where was he born, does he have family? Someone must know him from the schools he attended. There has to be some clue from his past. Right now it seems as if he has no past before his career with the military. ?

    • I have been searching for the same answers. Girlfriends in high school? Is he even Canadian born? I can't seem to find anything about his past. His parents must be in their late 60's or over. Not something you would want to have to try to live with in your golden years, if he in fact is convicted of these horrible acts.

  5. Is it possible that the officer was compromised from the outside? One fights a military by battling with it or by destroying its morale at home and we are after all a nation at war. A young skyrocket like Williams is a perfect target for an intrigue of that kind.

    • Keep dreaming. The danger is always from without, right? No, misogyny is alive and well all over the world. Thank the Canadian cops for their thoroughness, and try to engage with the real world, not your Disneyland fantasy of the irrational terrorists that hate us. All it takes is studying a little of the history of imperialism.

      • Well I dunno Dagmar. Brian W raises an interesting point. There are some aspects of this story that are really unusual. What I find really odd are the purported details of what sounds like a confession that were published in the Globe yesterday. According to Christie Blatchford, all of this comes from supposedly reliable "inside sources". I have to wonder why any source within the military, the OPP or the AG's office would be sharing this kind of stuff. For one thing, if it's real it's a disclosure of evidence and for another, its publication in a major daily newspaper could seriously prejudice his right to a fair trial. I'm not trying to start any conspiracy theories here but it is very curious indeed.

        • As an American following this story, I was struck by how different the reporting is – especially that of Christie Blatchford in the Globe and Mail — which suggests that there are important differences in criminal procedure between the two countries. You would absolutely never read down here that someone just went and confessed to crimes like this soon after being hauled in for questioning. You would read that they were notified of their right to remain silent. Since there are people who want to confess — you would then also read that they waived that right. Usually they ask for a criminal defense lawyer anyway, because the lawyer can advise them on what exactly to confess to, or there is a plea bargain involved. But none of the Canadian commenters seems to think that there is anything strange about his confessing to the OPP, without a lawyer, and with the only evidence being the tire tracks. American readers would find this very strange and wonder if one has the right to remain silent in Canada. And isn't it strange to be this long in custody for these kinds of crimes without a lawyer?

          • You make salient points. I'm troubled by this.

            My hope is the officers in charge did nothing to jepordise the legitimacy of the arrest and charges procedure.
            Time will reveal all the facts, I'm sure this entire process will take several years to resolve.

    • WTF! Brian! Are we to believe a SPECIAL OPS team was sent in to plant evidence against their percieved enemy?

      OK, I among others are basing our opinions on information gathered by regular news outlets. True or not, real or falsified, this is all we got. It hasn't been a week yet since this story broke in the national level. But for God's sake man, get a hold of yourself!

      " destroying its morale at home"….." a perfect target for an intrigue of that kind. "

      These theories are based on flights of fancy, from your head.

      • No Fung Chang they are not flights of fancy. I live in Tweed and just want to clear all options. My respect for the military lends me to think as a first thought when I see a soldier down that he was brought down by an enemy not by his own hand. That is part of the trust that Williams appears to have betrayed. Dont worry I will adhere to the facts when they are all out. But It is realistic to believe that foreign enemies exist and that they look for targets at home.

        • I assume you meant that someone gave him a drug or something that caused him to go on panty raids, sexually assault others and murder women?
          I wish someone would drug me into spelling i before e except after C or in words that sound like sleigh.

          Maybe there's a Taliban hypnotist in Tweed nobody has noticed yet.

  6. what is a curious fact to me is the fortuitous circumstance leading to the arrest.

    first, it seemed funny the police conducted a roadside inquiry along Hwy 37 on February 4- for many here locally, it seemed a desperate, last ditch effort. Nobody suspected they were looking for tire treads, and that obviously includes Williams.

    He could just as easily traveled home using Hwy 62, and crossing over to Tweed from Madoc. Travel time would have been about the same. So, that tells me a couple things: maybe he was completely unaware of the roadside check, the inference being he had no knowledge of local news reports (which carried the desperate story all day long); or he was so filled with self-confidence that he thought he could push through the check. Local cops have suggested that his demeanor at the check was odd- so that would suggest he was caught unaware of the check, in my opinion.

    And he didn't have to be driving his Pathfinder- I mean, we have next to little snow down here. He didn't need an SUV that week. If he had been using his other luxury vehicle he may not have been caught.

    Bear in mind too, that cops were certain it was Williams neighbour- Larry Jones- they automatically did not suspect Williams, likely because of his rank.

    It is sheer fortune that led to his arrest

    • Not sheer fortune but thorough police work. You said yourself that nobody suspected they were looking for tire treads. The police obviously concluded that the "perp" was familiar with the area and probably travelled by there regularly.

  7. It has been stated by senior members of the Armed Forces that there were no clues as to the potential for the actions Colonel Williams is accused of. Are there psychological stress tests which might bring forth clues that an individual has the potential to engage in such highly misogynistic behaviour? Do leadership tests evaluate how the person relates to others in terms of basic respect?

    What is particularly disturbing is the accusation of murder of an enlisted woman under his command. Perhaps at some point we may find out how a person who might be capable of such actions against others can be better identified.

    • If 23 years of unblemished service isn’t test enough then what is? Surely a few hours with a psych couldn’t uncover what he managed to keep secret from everyone else, including his wife.

    • Tom, as far as I can see from reading up on people like this it is next to impossible to indentify them. It has been said that a lot of us know at least on Psycopath and don't realize it.

  8. Proverbs 15:20: A wise son brings joy to his father, but a foolish son grief to his mother

    Proverb 17:25: A foolish son is a grief to his father And bitterness to her who bore him.

    My condolences to his victims. My sympathy to his family.

  9. A very real modern day example of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The duality of human nature fully expressed in this man is certainly troubling. Personally, I doubt the Armed forces could have detected this earlier.

    • I agree

  10. Its my belief now, that he wanted to be caught

    • Then why didn't he turn himself in? Hmmm…

  11. Globe & Mail has an excellent article on the OPP unit that is heading the investigation.

    Kudos too to the Belleville police who last fall called on the OPP – "the patches are out the door" – anxious to pool resources in order to solve the crimes they were dealing with as quickly as possible. One can be certain that the Belleville police would have provided a wealth of information about the community at large etc.

    I'd say that looking for the tire treads was simple but brilliant police work based on what was clearly a definitive piece of evidence from the crime scene. Whoever had this idea for the roadside inquiry has quite possibly stopped a man who may be a serial killer / serial rapist / serial-god-knows what, and one who has been terrorizing women for at least half a year and maybe for great deal more than a decade.

    The fact that last fall the police had zeroed in on William's neighbour after the home invasion tells us too that the police had some kind of evidence that sent them in that direction.

  12. The term "underling" is at best antiquated and at worst a cheap swipe at the intelligence of the officers and non-commissioned members of the Canadian Forces; the term "subordinate" describes their position in a lawful hierarchy without such implications.

  13. Has any one stopped to think how many young soldiers suffer day to day with the abuse of power. This horrific crime comes from a powerhouse that controlled hundreds of people. It sounds like his whole life is desperate for power. Can we not take a closer look at the higher ranking personnel in the military to ensure our soldier are not at risk with this behavior. There are many wonderful well respected high ranking personnel, and thank god for them. But, there are also bullies who live to harm individuals just like in the civilian world. The problem in the army is you can't walk out. You are totally vunerable to this abuse. Please let's help our brave men and women do their duties for our country but not under the rule of a power hungry sadistic mind. Put the right authoritative figures in charge. Research the Airbourne Regiment you will be shocked.

    • I've seen this kind of idea put forth on very few sites, but Sam is absolutely right. The military IS a breeding ground for power hungry control freaks. Many of the wrong people (not all, but many) in leading roles.

      • simply not accurate because you are not familiar with the Army.

  14. Does anyone know what the pay scale is in the Canadian military? Williams seems to have had a expensive life style, house, cottage, and 2 vehicles. All the finer things in life. I thought our hardworking soldiers had low incomes. Any thoughts?

  15. Does anyone have any information regarding the location of his biological father in the United States and if he regularly visited him?

  16. Has anyone apologized to the neighbor of Col Williams, I think that is in order. This man has gone through torment, you know people snickering and making snide comments to a man who was completely innocent. How did they come to suspecting this man anyways?

    • I agree totally. I think the police AND the local community owe Larry Jones a huge apology at least

    • I agree Steve. The neighbor became a suspect after one of the victims in the house invasion/sexual assault case said that she recognized his voice as being the voice of her attacker.

    • I am not certain that either the victim or the police did anything wrong. The victim was under intense stress, being tortured and all; she thought she recognized her attacker's voice; turned out she was wrong. Once she informed the police that she thought she recognized the voice as her neighbour, however, they had a moral obligation to investigate him. They did, and concluded that he was not a viable suspect, that in fact he was innocent; that probably means that he had an airtight alibi for this and possibly other crimes suspected to be the work of a serial rapist (and, it turns out, murderer). What should the police have done? Not investigated the neighbour? Let a potential serial rapist continue to prey on the women in the region? The police owe no apology for doing their job and protecting the public; the victim owes no apology for hearing things while being tortured. The truth has come out; the man is exonerated; end of story.

      (Incidentally, insinuations that somehow the victim did anything wrong are simply perverse).

  17. russ williams (i can't call him colonel as he has disgraced the title) received $131K /yearly for his military position. His wife earned a high income too. They brought a 1/4 million a year and had no dependents.

    Now russ would like help with his legal expenses and hopes the taxpayers cough up money. I'll stop paying taxes if the government concurs with this ridiculous request.

    • I totally agree that if the government pays for this idiot's legal fees we should all stop paying taxes. I also agree that when spoken about people should not title him colonel. He is no colonel in my mind. I also think McKay should resign even though he is not directly responsible. I am embarrassed as a citizen to think that such a thing could happen in this country. But then again………….when I hear 130k, 69 days a year. What does the 69 represent (bag licking).

  18. Mass murderers are not slavering freaks but ordinary people whose minds are wired incorrectly to enjoy cruelty and torture. The are often ordinary people who manage to lead two lives and fool everyone with their ordinariness. I feel sorry for his wife. I would guess she never knew what was hidden behind that ordinary face. Or maybe she did. Truth is stranger than fiction.

    • This is true, but there is usually some past indicator. Psychopath's don't just start breaking and entering, then raping and murdering in their 40's. There has to be *some* precursor that hasn't come out yet.

    • All those bags of panties and bras around the house and she didn't know? What sane person is expected to believe that!

  19. Everyone says that this man gave no indication of being anything other than the intelligent, very capable and exceptionally successful military officer that he was – for YEARS. And shining star that he was, he flew up the career ladder and had a very personable and capable wife.

    I don't think that all these people who were in contact with this person were deluded in their judgement; and I don't think anyone can fake competence and ability and personal people skills – not for years at a stretch.

    I think the truth is very hard to take- the truth being that this person is both the hyper competent married military guy AND someone capable of making a controlled violent sadistic detour into rape and killing.
    Horrible and chilling to absorb- no one "missed" anything because he really is Dr.Jeckle and Mr, Hyde. He used all his gifts to hide the controlled eruption of Mr.Hyde- meticulously compartmentalizing his normal life and his private taste/drive for killing.
    I'm guessing that his military bearing gave his lack of empathy a veneer of professionalism. A psychopath can play the part- he just doesn't feel it.
    I'll be very surprized if he ever talked to anyone about his feelings- fake or otherwise. I'm guessing that he didn't have any close heart to heart with anyone- he wouldn't be capable of it. (Of course there are lots of wonderful guys out there (including my own Dad!) who would never be given to emotionally verbal heart to heart conversations- so this lack of ability to reveal emotions wouldn't be a red flag to anyone)

    • Sarah….Just to say, your piece was the most riveting here…right on in many ways, I would guess. Thank God this man is behind bars. Those women must have been horrified beyond imagination.

  20. The guy is a bitch.

  21. I think we have a very week and stupid justice system. Actually its a business not a system. If you have alot of money you can buy your way to freedom. I travel alot and where the law is strict society behave. There is no way that Bernardo and this asshole Williams should be breathing and our tax dollars paying for it. The hell with human rights. Criminals especially murderers shouldn't have rights. Its as stupid as the legalization of guns across the border. I'd much rather see my tax money in my pocket if its going to be used to support such a stupid non effective legal system. Put these sick people to sleep.

    • Ever heard of "innocent until proven guilty"? Maybe you'd rather live in North Korea.

  22. He will have to answer to a higher power..

  23. Hi Sarah. You are really amazing.

    Everyone says that this man gave no indication of being anything other than the intelligent, very capable and exceptionally successful military officer that he was – for YEARS. And shining star that he was, he flew up the career ladder and had a very personable and capable wife.

    I don't think that all these people who were in contact with this person were deluded in their judgement; and I don't think anyone can fake competence and ability and personal people skills – not for years at a stretch.

    I think the truth is very hard to take- the truth being that this person is both the hyper competent married military guy AND someone capable of making a controlled violent sadistic detour into rape and killing.
    Horrible and chilling to absorb- no one "missed" anything because he really is Dr.Jeckle and Mr, Hyde. He used all his gifts to hide the controlled eruption of Mr.Hyde- meticulously compartmentalizing his normal life and his private taste/drive for killing.
    I'm guessing that his military bearing gave his lack of empathy a veneer of professionalism. A psychopath can play the part- he just doesn't feel it.
    I'll be very surprized if he ever talked to anyone about his feelings- fake or otherwise. I'm guessing that he didn't have any close heart to heart with anyone- he wouldn't be capable of it. (Of course there are lots of wonderful guys out there (including my own Dad!) who would never be given to emotionally verbal heart to heart conversations- so this lack of ability to reveal emotions wouldn't be a red flag to anyone)

  24. If priest and pastors who are so close to God so to speak, can commit a heinous crime like sexual abuse and murder, how much more to a person like him who does not go to Church?

  25. His military bearing gave his absence of empathy a veneer of professionalism. As a psychopath, can play the role of being a human being, but he cannot feel it. He knows this so he's all too aware he has to fake it.

    He probably never talked candidly to anyone about his absentee feelings or distorted thoughts. His wife was all too willing to fall into line thinking she was married to a distinguished service man. She probably saw many things that did not compute but refused to question anything that did not fit HER world view. She fought vigourously to get her floors re-finished after the OPP scratched them while taking her killer husband's trophies out of the house. Her lack of empathy for his victims is chilling too. She didn't have heart-to-heart communication with her psychopathic husband as that would upset her world. She continues the masquerade of having a great marriage by regularly visiting him in jail but on paper to protect her $$$$$$ she's filing for separation.

    Birds of a feather flock together…it's very true in the williams/harriman scenario. She's no victim as she claims, far from it.

  26. Best check everywhere he's been for unsolved rape/murders. Was he back and forth to Portage as a flight instructor? I know there was at least one unsolved murder there in October 2008.

  27. I think that we unfortunately as a society still judge a book by its cover. A young person with piercings, tattoos must be irresponsible whereas a decorated soldier living in an affluent neighbourhood in Ottawa must be fine. He knew no one would ever suspect him, that confidence, sense of security is what ultimately fuelled the continuation of his horrific acts. A person is a good person not because they are married in an upscale home with a steady job. He lead a double life, and I wish we could understand how this mental illness starts, how we can recognize it and how to eliminate it. I have daughters and find it hard not to want to be vengeful, but that is not the answer. My heart goes out to all of the innocent people hurt in this nightmare. One day at a time.

    • Excellent points, Maureen! This is exactly what I've been saying. Society is ill equipped to identify and deal with these individuals BEFORE they strike. In fact, Western societies are a breeding ground for such creatures (they are not human). For they neither have a soul, nor a conscience. After they've struck all that is left are broken lives.

      It takes an astute observer who recognize these people. I believe that people like these MUST be ostracized by society. And Maureen, this link is the most comprehensive I have found, that explains the dynamics of evil (there is a spiritual element to it) and our godless societies have rejected the idea of a personal devil – hence their inability to cure these people. The field of psychiatry has no cure for psycho/sociopaths and the only cure society has is to lock them up forever AFTER they have struck.

      Here's that link.

  28. we can keep talking all we want about this, its not going to take bk, waths happen. the devel will pay his dues. in many ways then one when they get him behind brs. he,ll never rest or have peace of mind . its so true when they say the devil walks the earth. we always have to watch our back ,

    • Lots of bad seeds are being born out there – but in a society that tells them they are inherently good, no one believes in a personal devil anymore.

  29. He along with Benardo should not be in solitary confinement. They both should be put in with the general population and let justice prevail and save the taxpayers years of wasted money. Solitary is too easy for them.