Canada’s most dangerous cities: The rankings

The top 100, from the most dangerous to the safest


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1 Prince George, B.C. 90.41%
2 Victoria, B.C. 80.65
3 Regina, Sask. 73.35
4 Saskatoon, Sask. 68.85
5 Fort McMurray, Alta. 68.08
6 Kelowna, B.C. 64.95
7 Grande Prairie, Alta. 63.50
8 Surrey, B.C. 60.34
9 Chilliwack, B.C. 58.32
10 Winnipeg, Man. 57.08
11 Red Deer, Alta. 53.57
12 Nanaimo, B.C. 48.34
13 Edmonton, Alta. 48.00
14 New Westminster, B.C. 45.97
15 Belleville, Ont. 45.40
16 Saint John, N.B. 44.95
17 Burnaby, B.C. 39.04
18 Vancouver, B.C. 37.40
19 Lethbridge, Alta. 31.95
20 Kamloops, B.C. 31.62
21 Maple Ridge, B.C. 31.32
22 Brantford, Ont. 30.93
23 Thunder Bay, Ont. 29.05
24 Montréal, Que. 28.54
25 Langley Township, B.C. 23.97
26 Abbotsford, B.C. 22.18
27 Cornwall, Ont. 21.46
28 Joliette, Que. 19.34
29 Saint-Jérôme, Que. 18.76
30 North Vancouver, B.C. 15.47
31 London, Ont. 12.33
32 Halifax Region, N.S. 11.45
33 Mirabel, Que. 7.94
34 Shawinigan, Que. 6.20
35 Windsor, Ont. 5.02
36 Drummondville, Que. 4.67
37 St. John’s, Nfld. 3.87
38 Chatham-Kent, Ont. 3.33
39 Sarnia, Ont. -1.33
40 Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. -1.50
41 Hamilton, Ont. -1.77
42 Brome-Missisquoi, Que. -2.31
43 Fredericton, N.B. -2.79
44 Richmond, B.C. -3.53
45 Longueuil, Que. -4.71
46 Moncton, N.B. -4.99
47 Medicine Hat, Alta. -5.02
48 Trois-Rivières, Que. -5.20
49 Cape Breton, N.S. -5.40
50 Sudbury, Ont. -7.18
51 St.Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Que. -7.49
52 Maskoutains, Que. -7.73
53 Coquitlam, B.C. -7.89
54 Victoriaville, Que. -8.04
55 Calgary, Alta. -8.50
56 Peterborough, Ont. -8.68
57 Toronto, Ont. -9.03
58 Granby, Que. -9.61
59 Gatineau, Que. -10.17
60 Delta, B.C. -11.60
61 Saguenay, Que. -12.07
62 St-Eustache, Que. -12.56
63 St. Catharines, Ont. -13.30
64 Sorel-Tracy, Que. -15.87
65 Kitchener, Ont. -15.88
66 Port Coquitlam, B.C. -16.06
67 Kingston, Ont. -16.15
68 Laval, Que. -16.44
69 St. Albert, Alta. -17.77
70 Barrie, Ont. -18.47
71 Sherbrooke, Que. -18.95
72 Thérèse-De-Blainville, Qc. -19.82
73 Ottawa, Ont. -21.68
74 Québec, Que. -22.46
75 Terrebonne, Que. -22.47
76 North Bay, Ont. -23.18
77 Sherwood Park, Alta. -25.23
78 Alma, Que. -25.92
79 West Vancouver, B.C. -27.41
80 Châteauguay, Que. -28.02
81 Durham Region (Oshawa/Whitby/Ajax), Ont. -30.89
82 Guelph, Ont. -32.15
83 Saanich, B.C. -33.96
84 Peel Region (Mississauga/Brampton), Ont. -35.18
85 Norfolk, Ont. (Opp) -36.05
86 N. Vancouver District, B.C. -38.30
87 Repentigny, Que. -38.33
88 Rimouski, Que. -40.27
89 Roussillon, Que. -40.50
90 Salaberry-De-Valleyfield, Que. -41.09
91 Blainville, Que. -41.58
92 Vaudreuil-Soulange, Que. -44.26
93 Innisfil, Ont. -44.40
94 Richelieu Saint-Laurent, Que. -47.72
95 York Region (Markham/Vaughn), Ont. -49.10
96 Nottawasaga, Ont. -49.68
97 Lévis, Que. -51.10
98 Oakville, Ont. -57.55
99 Wellington County, Ont. -57.79
100 Caledon, Ont. -69.73


Canada’s most dangerous cities: The rankings

  1. You ever been to PG ?

    • I live in Prince George, and honestly, its not bad at all. I have never seen any crime in my city, and probably never will.

      • uhmm u must live in College Heights or some rich part of town. Because crime prospers in the hood everyday in PG

  2. hmnmm, the city of Victoria is second worst in this ranking. Yet the largest municipality that makes up Greater Victoria, Saanich, is one of the best! Same thing with Vancouver and Edmonton – some of their largest suburbs are among the best, but the city proper is ranked much worse…

    See the weakness in these rankings? The rankings should be calculated by Statistics Canada CMA (Census metropolitan area)populations – or any large cities that make up most of their respective CMA, or smaller cities located far from large urban areas, will appear do better (safer) by default LOL!

    • Except if we did it by CMA, Toronto would absorb several cities bigger than just about any other in the country, specifically Mississauga. While it would benefit some of the smaller Western cities, it'd make those with large suburbs (Montreal / Laval and Vancouver / Surrey / Burnaby) in the CMA numbers amorphous blobs. The numbers just work better when presented this way.

    • Absolutely correct. The problem is in defining geographic areas. Municipalities (or, what StatsCan calls "census sub-divisions") can be rather large in some parts of the country and that masks neighbourhood area data. Is it fair to compare Caledon-ON to Prince George-BC? I think not.

      The preferable thing would be to define geographic crime areas that are all roughly equal in population. Groups of census tracts, for instance (individual census tracts are too small, so they need to be grouped). In rural areas you would group CSDs to equate to the census tract groups, if necessary.

      But of course, that would be too much work for MacLeans and their number one reason for publishing ANYthing is to sell advertising revenue and since this story has done that, case closed.

      The other 800 pound gorilla in the room (ie, nobody wants to acknowledge) is that, in Western Canada, a disproportionately high % of homicides and assaults are amongst Native Canadians — Southern Ontario and Southern Quebec just don't have many Native Canadians, plain and simple.

      And no, that is not a racist observation — it is a fact. Just like it is a fact that, in parts of the U.S.A., a disproportionately high % of homicides and assaults are amongst African-Americans. So areas that do not have many African-Americans will show significantly different crime statistics.

      But again, if you are MacLeans, why bother. The ads are sold, let's go home.

    • well. I live in Toronto, and when I hear about another shooting – most likely it was in close proximity to Jane & Finch or couple of other places. But overall sity is better than average. Victoria – some areas are overpopulated by drug addicts and homeless people. What would you expect of those places? Go to another suburb – and you are safe.

  3. HAHA PG thats hilarious and to think im walking around those streets everyday ridicoulous haha

  4. Doesn't suprise me about Chilliwack…there is nothing here. Thats why there is drug grow-ops, B&E and lack of employment.

  5. Spin… Spin… Spin….. WTBLEEP CARES? With the way criminals are treated in the country I am surprised McLeans isn't looking into ways to improve the lot of the criminals… Legalize Armed Robbery? Enact an Open Door Policy No locked homes? Capital Punishment for someone interfering with a crime in progress?

    Time Criminals LOST ALL RIGHTS… Period…. Then watch the crime rate fall….

    • The crime rate has been falling for years

    • dude, your retarded, you cant legalize armed robbery

    • it wouldn't be just criminals losing all rights it would be us all, submission without susipicions, lose your property because one person believes your doing something illegaly even if their wrong…is that a world you wanna live in….paranoa rama….come on get with it.

  6. I would like to know how PG got to the top of the list when the city only appears in the top 5 in one category … B&E!

    Would be nice to have some stats on that. For now, I'm scratching my head.

    • If you had of read the Vancouver Sun last month it explained it very clearly. All the drug lords from the lower mainland have migrated to PG and that is where the crime is. If you did not read it, try and research the article. It was very interesting. I feel sorry for the residents of Prince George.

  7. While vehicle thefts and B&E's are unpleasant, they aren't normally dangerous and as such I don't think they should be included as a criteria for "Most Dangerous" cities. A small city with a large number of vehicle thefts and or B&E's would skew the numbers and land a normally safe city near the top of the "dangerous" list when in fact they may not be dangerous at all. Case in point, Nanaimo ranks worse than Edmonton on the dangerous scale yet Edmonton has had 21 homicides so far this year. Nanaimo hasn't had that many homicides in 25 years.

    • Remember, it's per capita. A couple of murders in a city with 80K population roughly translates to the same as Edmonton's rate, since it's ten times the size, more or less.

      That said – 21 murders in Edmonton does seem like a large, large number. Project that up to Toronto's size and we'd have 120 or so, which would be far worse than any year in history.

      • Actually, 21 murders now pro-rates to 26 murders by the end of the year.

        This is quite low. Compare this with 28 murders in 2004, 39 murders in 2005, 36 murders in 2006, 33 murders in 2007, 35 murders in 2008, and 27 murders in 2009.

        2003, with its anomalous 17 murders, is the only number lower than this. Discounting that, its been 2002 since Edmonton only had 26 murders in a year.

        If Toronto proper had experienced Edmonton proper's 2005 rate, it would have experienced ~137.036 (yay alpha!) murders. That was Big Smoke's infamous "Year of the Gun", and they only had 80 murders. In 2009, Toronto experienced 62.

    • I agree with you, but the headline "Most Dangerous Cities" helps sell a lot of online media advertising. MacLeans isn't in the business of informing us — it is in the business of making profits. And the media makes profits by selling ads for fat fees. And they sell ads for fat fees by blasting out sensationalist headlines that result in millions of "click-throughs".

    • EDMONTON IS A GREAT CITY! The reason Nanaimo is worse is because its BORING THERE!
      I like Vancouver but i really think Nanaimo is boring and i think that because places that are small and boring were theres not much to do have the crime issues. Plain and simple!

  8. I lived in the worst part of Prince George for close to 6 years!! We never had our car or our house broken into! Or even anything taken from our yard! I believe if u keep to yourself you’ll be ok! 9 times out of 10 all the crimes are within the gangs and so on! So unless u have ties to them you’ll be ok!

    • I live in a not too bad area in Prince George and within the first month of us living in this area our car was broken into…our neighbours tried to break into our back yard but were too drunk to make it over the fence and I have had numerous of crack heads hanging out on my front door step picking through my butt cans and throwing their trash all over my front lawn, as well as when I take my daughter to her bus stop I have crack heads asking me to buy drugs. Cant walk a couple blocks to the store from my place without someone harrassing me for money drugs or smokes or whatever else they can ask me. You must live in the old bad neighbourhood or have a golden horse shoe up your arse.

    • I do somewhat agree with you. People who are outspoken get into trouble.
      My Family is from out west and my mom is from a town close to Prince george called quesnel.
      But Northern towns tend to not have much to do and people are up there cause they can make good money.
      So you get a lot of people with nothing to do in there spare time and they get into trouble.
      There could be things like drive by shootings and you could tottaly keep to yourself but that won't stop them from doing a drive by shooting or robbing you cause they need money to get high. It doesn't happen to everybody but your lucky if doesn't.

  9. Its funny because I've been all over North America numerous times and only Toronto likes to make themselves look big and bad and when the stats come in, they always have something to say like "You guys have no idea what goes on in Toronto… it's alot worst than any of these cities!".Grow up Toronto. Stop trying to make yourselves look like the Rich city of Canada and the Poor city and Ghetto City at the same time. We all know how young and Naive and wanna be American.

    Admit the facts that you are not NEARLY as dangerous as you anticipate to be.

    • Idiot, the rating says Toronto is #57 on the list, which means, Toronto is much safer. I doubt Toronto makes itself look like a bad ass as you claim (I am Torontonian) and barely ever hear people here trying to be the bad ass.

    • Lol, I've felt exactly the same thing about Torontonians for years — they want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to look 'bad', then they want to look 'good'. What the heck do they really want?
      PS: I was born in Toronto!

    • Dianna, why do you have to call riotska an "idiot"? Go ahead and generalize about groups, but to verbally assault an individual, by name, on this board, is just unfair.

      And, given that you admit to being a Torontonian, it cements in the rest of our minds what we all suspect about Torontonians (as a group) …

      Oh by the way, if you read riotska's post carefully, you'll see he/she makes perfect sense. No, I won't explain it, just go back and read it more carefully (or is that another trait of Torontonians, jumping to conclusions? …)

      • PROTIP: not everyone from one city acts alike

      • Wouldn't it make sense that "parts" of Toronto have higher crimes rates than others? The reality is that Toronto has its more affluent neighbourhoods as well as poorer ones, and this may be correlated with crime rates. So aren't you generalizing a group with your comments on "Toronto wanting to look bad and good"? Why can't it be both? Other cities in Canada are in the same situation, so I suppose that riotska doesn't "make perfect sense" and neither do you.

        Now I have lived in Toronto my entire life, but I have also traveled a lot and spent a good amount of time in cities around the world, and I can tell you that I'm not surprised by Toronto's ranking. I've never had any problems with crime here and I know very few who have. Most of the violence/crime that does occur is among gangs, so it's not a concern to most unless you're in that kind of environment. In fact, I've noticed that others who live in the higher ranked cities, and have commented on this page, have said that they've never had issues with crime either but they note gang activity as being the likely reason for it. Toronto is no different in that respect.

        So, I suppose that the fact that you were simply born in Toronto does not mean much at all. Your comment is insulting, ignorant, and condescending. I truly don't understand why some people speak so poorly about Toronto and Torontonians. I love my hometown and I assume that most people in Canada love theirs as well. I have nothing against the rest of Canada. I love Canada and I have no wish to be American (not that there's anything wrong with that), and everyone I know in Toronto feels the same. Really, I'm just glad to know many people around Canada that do not share your feelings about the place. It's a great place, but I have to admit that there are many great places around Canada too.

      • LMAO this post is simultaneously condemning ignorance and doling out a large helping of it

      • Oh, a lesson about generalizing from the person who says "And, given that you admit to being a Torontonian, it cements in the rest of our minds what we all suspect about Torontonians (as a group) … ". The hypocrisy of this is staggering.

    • I wish all Canadians would grow up and start to mature

  10. I policed PG in 1963 era… The headline in a prominent newspaper said: "Weaned on a wollop of whiskey" … even then!

  11. i live in PG too. the crime is bad; but to be number one come on people. i thought there are wrosted cities out there.

  12. Hello – Vancouver population is only about 650,000 not 3,000,000. When you consider the population of the GVRD or Metro as the mayor clowns now call it, the population is closer to 3,000,000. I think from 2009 the following is about right…

    Vancouver628,621; Surrey446,561; Burnaby222,802; Richmond193,255; Abbotsford135,866; North Vancouver135,606; Langley128,793; Coquitlam123,213; Kelowna120,812; Saanich113,516

  13. i just looked at all the sub catagories and PG is 4th tops on all the lists. whoever wrote this article is a f*cking moron and should be smacked in the head, maybe get that brain working again. Good job dumass.

  14. Toronto is safe by far and large. Because all bad guys are stuck in the traffic for hours, going "on business" haha!

    • Better to be stuck in traffic than get killed and never have cops that never catch your killer…HAHA

    • BS !!!!!!

  15. Are you trying to tell me Kelowna is worse than Winterpeg? NOT!!!!!

    • I am planning on moving to Kelowna in 2011 didnt like that it is at 6th place

      • Kelowna is not that bad at all. It is a lovely area and when you move here, you'll see that too.

    • glenmore and mission part of kelowna is fine but rutland and down town is where all the teenagers and adults go to steal cars every night or b&e or snatch purses or rob people and one my my friends was walking downtown and someone tried raping her but she got away and another one of my friends got jumped for no reason at all just stay away from downtown and rutland

  16. I've lived in Scarborough my whole life & have been robbed at gunpoint, stabbed and beaten & I have no criminal record.

    • Just because you don't have a criminal record doesn't mean that you weren't hanging around with the wrong crowd. I've lived in Scarborough for many years (as have many other people), and I never had any problems with any of my friends or acquaintances, or anyone else for that matter. While it's possible that a completely innocent person CAN be robbed at gunpoint AND get stabbed AND get beaten, I think it's highly unlikely that all of those things happened to you just because you were Joe Public and minding your own business. Remember the old saying: you reap what you sow.

  17. I would love if all of you who have a negative context on this serve go read a) the govenment website to understand how the rankings are decided and b) their study comes DIRECTLY from the fed. government.

  18. Whoever put this together is nuts, Toronto is safer than Brantford or Belleville, Ontario, give me a break, this cannot be accurate.

    • Anywheres safer than bloody Belleville! lmao!

    • As a Brantfordian, I completely agree.

    • there is a reserve right next door to brantford. . . take a good look at the crime rates around them, you will be supprised.

  19. Well from a firsthand view in Regina it's the natives doing the crimes and most of it,if not all, are against natives. The inner city is a nasty place to live I know Iived ther for the first 20 yrs of my life. Look at the problem in all of the cities in the west…you can point to the native dynamic….Boo hooo we had to go to school and were abused…get over it and join society already…..stop having 465 kids and get money from welfare

    • I don't think you know the truth about the native people. Look back into history of the people and you'll see if it weren't for the native people we would be just another star on the American flag. Furthermore when the usa and canada where discoverd there where already people living here The Native People We the white people stold the land from them, and stuck them all on reservations !!! So who's Bless and Who's to blame. Give your head a shake and study the history of it all. I'm white and Married to a Native. We spend alot of time at the reservation and I'm treated very well. Most of my froends are Native people in fact I have very little respect for the white man

      • we did not steal the land from the we conqured it fair and square, their lucky we gave them the reservations they have. being that i was one of the only white kids at an ellementry school bordering a reserve i know allot about them. i was beat nearly every day of ellementry school my town is covered with Indian outlaw and 712 tags both native gangs in the area, according to other reports williams lake has the highest crime rates in canada and it is because of the native popuation in the area. they are paid to go to school and college and givin tax free land to hunt on as much as they want and yet they drink don't go to school and steal from us and each other.

        • Just because your past experiences with a few people of a WHOLE CULTURE, does not give you the right to assume that the 'natives' are the ones who are causing the problems. Just the same as there being a murder and someone assuming its a coloured person because they assume they are the only ones who could ever possibly kill, not taking into consideration the thousands of lives the white people have taken. From someone who has studied culture, I think that you are making a racist assumption from your personal experiences about an entire population. AS WELL AS accusing the whole population of being undereducated drunks which is completely arrogant and rude of you.
          And by the way, we did NOT conquer this land fair and square. The white culture came to Canada, took all of the Aboriginal experiences and knowledge, and then killed them after raping and stealing from them. We did not take it fair and square. It was stolen, and whatever 'freebies' you think they get, they deserve.

      • I'm sure you are happy to cash the handouts(welfare) so you can drink yourselves into a stupor…no sence improving anything cause your pissed all the time and get money handed to you cause "we were here first"… enough about who has done what when…just get out of the gutter and be a part of society..!!!

    • If it wasn't for colonization by the Europeans, the whole of North America… including the Natives… would be no better than a third world country like those in the Caribbean or Africa and they'd be stealing, killing and raping each other anyways. The majority of on-reserve natives moan about going back to their roots, their culture. If that's the case, then stop flying in caseloads of booze since that's NOT part of your culture. Also stop sniffing glue and other solvents… that's not part of your culture either. Stop living on welfare and go hunt and fish and build your own houses instead of getting handouts. Of course you don't want that. Let them play the martyr card for another 500 years and see how educated, civilized and conforming to laws they become.

    • Wow! It is so disheartening to know that there are people like you out there. That you can sit on your high horse, and judge people as you do. Really? How can you justify blaming only native people for crime??????

  20. The ones in green should be a seperate country.
    let the rest roast in hell.

    • Be separate from Ontario and Quebec? Please! I'd be happy to be. Have fun without the Diamonds of the North, the oil of Alberta, the forests of BC, and the agriculture of the prairies.

  21. Goog thing I live in the great city of Toronto and not in PG.


      • Ooh, someone's from Montréal.

        • No, I ain't from there, thank God !!!

  22. Go Toronto


  23. I'm surprised that Abbotsford ranked as well as it did 'cause it's not just the farms that stink around here. Drugs and dead bodies seem to be par for the course. Wish I could afford to move.

    • Especially considering they repeatedly say Abbotsford is the Murder Capital of Canada. I think that makes it pretty dangerous….

  24. This information appears to be taken straight off the statscan web page and poorly interpreted:
    And is explained on page:
    On the first page are two columns of data. The first shows the crime rate and the second shows the Crime Severity Index (CSI). This Macleans article only pays attention to the rate and not the severity of the crime. The two sets are complementary and should have been used together.
    For example: Although St. John's has a higher rate of reported crime then Toronto the crimes themselves are less severe. This shows a CSI for St. John's 74% better than the national average, or less violent, while Toronto is 1% worse, or more violent.

  25. Wow! 5 out of the top 9 are in British Columbia. Must because of all that dope that is smoked out there. Reefer madness!

    • it has nothing to do with Reefer madness. reefer madness is some thing that the government made up to try to scare people, its a bunch of bull. the crime rate is mainly associated with the high unemployment rate due to lumber and mining industries lately. and the large aborigonal poulation

      • You're kidding, right? It is precisely due to our drug and gang problems… we've always had a large first-nations populations, and we've always had an unemployment rollercoaster associated with natural resource commodity prices.

        But we haven't always had scumbag drug dealing gangbangers shooting each other in our back yards.

  26. The article seems confusing on many levels. Before reading this article I happened to read an article about alcohol and crime in the northern territories of Canada. Mention was made of their very high crime stats which were reported as being far higher than in the more southerly parts of the country. Strange that none of that showed up in this article but only stats from the southern provinces. (See me scratching my head now.) Secondly, the title itself is confusing since it states it is dealing with cities yet many of the places listed are towns not cities – many are so small that I have never even heard of them and I have travelled this country from coast to coast! Guess I'll have to get out a map and try to find them!

    • Phyllis, get out that map, honey. Most of these places are cities. Get up on your geography!

  27. These stats are totally out ot lunch. They should take suburbs into account for the large cities. They based their stats on the wrong base.
    If there's a "city" with a population of two and one murders the other then obviously that particular "city" would be at the head of the list.
    Not the way to calculate!

    • By the way they did take into account suburbs like Surrey and Burnaby just outside of Vancouver

  28. The worst cities seem to have a very high Native (Indian) population. PG has the highest in Canada I believe… Not a coincidence is it… BC having so many in the top validates this. Way to go tee-pee people.

    • Highest Native population in PG? First I've heard…guess I better look at the stats again.

  29. Did they stop at Nova Scotia again? Where's Newfoundland and Labrador?

  30. I'm thinking they've confused Prince George with Toronto …

    • Your Crazy they most definetly did not confuse Toronto with Prince George. Prince George is a horrible place my mom used to live up there its got lot's of crime cause there's nothing for anybody to do in there spare time it's cold and depressing and far from major city's so they have nothing to do but cause trouble. Toronto has lot's to do and its not nearly as ugly as Prince George and Toronto has one of the LOWEST CRIME RATES IN NORTH AMERICA!

  31. And where is Halifax? I would have thought it would make top 10 for sure, if not top 5?~!

  32. Where does Richmond Hill – Ont rank

  33. I do not think the person making these observations is correct. My thoughts are that they put these cities and make draws. Another cost of a study that was not necessary. Maybe they should send someone around to talk to people who live in the areas that they are mentioning, then it would be money well spent.

  34. Why is little Caledon listed as a "city" yet Mississauga, Brampton stuck together under Peel Region, Markham and Vaughn under York Region, and Oshawa, Ajax, Whitby under Durham Region? You're not even as close as comparing apples to oranges. What are you trying to prove? Very skewed way of providing "statistics" in my opinion.

    • Just for your information “Little Caledon“ is about 60,000 people genuis!!!!not count the transit person passing through it!!

      • Only three years in a row Caledon has won this award. Must be a nice place to work and live!!!!

  35. Also, have to say that in some cities, whether large or small, some of the crime goes unreported. Obviously you have no real way of reporting something that's unreported, LOL. Just something to consider. In some places they know that it's more of a hassle reporting crimes and you'll get absolutely nothing for your efforts. Most Toronto police will come up with all kinds of excuses about why they "can't come and take fingerprints" when your home's been robbed, for example. Seen this enough times to say, why bother with them?

    • They go Unreported to the public but the goverment keeps it on file and thats were they got the statistics from so it is still counted in this report. There is know way they aren't kept somewere on file.

  36. Whether this survey is accurate or not, I lived in Prince George most of my life, and I never felt safe to walk the streets there. It's a toilet plain and simple. And all the last few premiers of BC have been corrupt, incompetent, clowns.

  37. Are you on drugs? This is wrong. I lived in GTA and then moved to Kitchener. I know how this city is. Waterloo is not even in the list. Caledon to become best? How many were killed there? This is why people don't buy Mcleans.

  38. As a young man I hitched around a lot of cities and stayed on the streets of many including Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Prince George (Banff + Jasper) I never felt threatened except in Northern B.C. Even the cops were assholes. (probably with good reason)The indians were out of control. Violent especially to each other. Montreal was alright except some racist blacks, Toronto was THE unfriendliest place I've ever been to on earth, Edmonton at the time was booming and full of cowardly red necks who like to beat up easy targets that didn't present any danger to themselves.. Vancouver was scuzzy but friendly..Calgary was much like Edmonton. I was often mistaken for a native, long hair no beard yet (I'm not, Scottish heritage) and I think I experienced racism equal to what an indian would have. I have been back to all these places with the exception of Toronto, still no desire to go there, and I could easily believe not much has changed in northern B.C. I think the powers that be have forgotten that part of the world and the RCMP that have to go there to start their career must dread it.

    • Sounds like you had the problem – not every city in Canada. I have travelled extensively and lived in many of those cities and never had any problems getting along with people and the police.

    • What do you mean that Vancouver was scuzzy ?

    • I think if you went back to Toronto today considering i live super close to there people are VERY friendly and VANCOUVER SCUZZZY!!!????? ARE YOU CRAZY!!??? It was because you were living on the streets i was born and raised there and it is a super classy city with many rich people. I do agree northern B.C sucks! But Edmonton also i lived there for 2 years and LOVED IT then again it was because you were living on the streets had you lived in a house or apartment , townhouse etc you would have been treated differently. I visit montreal a lot to and we have had no problem with blacks it really depends like you were living on the streets its going to be tough out there. Calgary is also a great place with lots of classy buisness type people not rednecks. Edmonton and Calgary are tottaly different they are both very nice though

  39. I know I've said enough but I should add that I made many very nice friends in northern BC native and otherwise. I hate to leave off with such a negative view of the region because it is one of the most beautiful places on earth with plenty of hard working honest people. It is the only place I remember where people would pick you up even when you weren't hitchhiking just to give you a friendly lift.

  40. According to a recent poll, Newfound land has the third friendliest culture in the world. According to this poll, St. John's is more dangerous than Toronto. I don't think so.
    This poll is crap. The pop. of St. John's is 120000 and the pop. of Toronto is 2.5 million. If 20 people from each city commit crimes then the crime rate of St. John's will be higher. Therefore making St.John's more dangerous according to these idiots.

    • Yes thats true but because the population in that city is smaller then thats a larger percent of the population commiting crimes.

  41. How is there not a single Newfoundland city on the list?

    • 37. St. John's, Nfld

    • Your right skipper!! No body from the other Island either,(PEI) And with 300,000 people on the Avalon, they placed some small Ontario towns. They must think all Cape Bretoners live outside, and HRM , which is a half a million people, live in a bubble. The Poll was done by tossing the darts at an old Nelsen Candy bar maps…

  42. I think this poll is crap, because Thunder Bay, ON has the hightest homicide rate per captial in Canada. They should recheck where their data is coming from

    • As far as I know, Thunder Bay is NOT a capital city (barring maybe of a regional municipality). Certainly it's no provincial (let alone the federal!!!) capital!

      Otherwise, I agree with that this poll does have problems all right…

  43. I lived in Calgary for 7 years….. There has been nothing but drive by's and murder. I am now living in Halifax. Born and raised here, and they are saying Halifax is more violent than CALGARY! LMFAO!

  44. Seriously, Victoria is a mess. Don't bother moving from the rest of the country if you value your safety.

  45. You sound like a typical BC person…Can't handle the truth and have your head hidden in a dark place. Wake up

  46. I think Saskatoon should be in the good cities. I lived there almost 3 years. Never saw any crime. very good people.

    • OK go to work store and back home never see the rest of Saskatoon… pass me some of what you are smoking please…

  47. For once we here in Winnipeg can sit back and just listen to the rest of you Canadian cry like little babies. Knowing that we had been ranked murder capital and car theft capital for so many years, and now the shoe is on the other foot and nobody want to amend it. Oh yeah and Toronto… Would you please hurry up and fall into the United States …..So we Canadian can have our country back.

  48. Well you didn’t check with the city of Brooks, AB…….I lived there for ten years and the crime was crazy, for a place with such a small population. When you talk to people that have lived in the city for 50 plus years talk about how they are now afraid. Even when you go out for an evening… have a group of people walk you to your car because you are scared……… Not a nice feeling!

  49. Well! Well! Well! Imagine. The highest crime areas have the highest Native population! Okay, leftwing bleeding hearts, start blaming the whiteman for ALL the Native problems. Lets dare not have them blame themselves.

  50. People, it's PER Capita. I am sure if you looked into smaller town across Canada they would top the list. Crime in rural towns is way higher on a PER Capita basis but all you hear on the news is crime from major cities. Crime is way up everywhere compared to 40 years ago. It's due to the liberal nature of society. There is right and wrong, good luck telling that to Liberal supporters and the NDP.

  51. OK so my home town Regina is #3 – and Weyburn does not even make the list
    it would interesting to see what the stats are comprised of, type of crime, population demographics, intra city distribution

  52. I guess this was created by someone in Ontario. I have a hard time believing that Victoria is worse than Hamilton.

  53. Go to PG once and you will without a doubt know why it is ranked worst crime…downtown is pretty well closed right up. Buildings having to close due to the high crime ….desperately trying to relocate to safer areas. Sit downtown and watch for a few minutes and you will see people trying doorhandles of cars, (trying to steal) I was in PG for one night a few months ago…and saw two police take downs in the span of time it took me to drive to a Tim Hortons…(two blocks from my hotel) also you will see next to no vehicles driving around at night that ARENT police cars…
    Its pretty sad how most of the north is like this…I live in Terrace bc and cant leave the house at dark without driving past at least 3 police cars…patrolling…

  54. I went to PG once and only for four days and in that time I saw:
    A person mugged,
    A fight,
    and my car was stolen

    No doubt there is crime there but my visit was years ago so I can not speak to the crime today

  55. Wow really!! This kind of garbage should be deleted from the site

  56. Hmm… this doesn't make any sense at all. Cape Breton is not a city. Or a town. Or even a freakin' hamlet. Its an island. This would be like saying PEI's crime rate is X%.

  57. I seems to me that the cities that have the riches citizens have the highest crime rate. The only exception is that Fort McMurray should be #1. Maybe the lower population give it a higher rating

  58. I can understand the lower main land BC-winnipeg & edmonton but why didn't Toronto rank up there. I've lived in most parts of Canada and to say Toronto is pure as the driven snow-HA -I remember back in the last century running for my life down Bloor st-It have everything to do with the drug trade, especially in Winnipeg. Gangs killing each other for a bigger piece of the pie. Don't do drugs and you'll be fine

  59. i lives in pg!!!!!!

  60. PG!!!!!!! wooooooooooooo

  61. PeeGee REPRESENT!

  62. I totally agree Mls….this is one bogus report…'d think came up with this rubbish….or some cheesy gossip show like Access Hollywood or something…Star TV….crap like that…..political spin….typical typical typical.

  63. The smaller the town the more easy it is to get pull people into gangs. I'm from Prince George, and it's not like some scary horrible town I would be more scared in a bigger city.

  64. Toronto is not safe from Bed Bugs!

  65. And boredom.

  66. Lot of illiterate folks here. Shocking.

  67. I agree this is completely wrong …Saint john in N.B is # 16 wtf Not correct what so ever

  68. I do not agree that Edmonton is that dangerouse i lived there for 2 years and LOVED IT! Edmonton Rocks! But I would have to agree that northern towns like Prince George and Fort Mcmurray and places in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The reason the crime rate is so high is because places like that are cut off and BORING. Its cold depressing and UGLY and nobody really wants to live there they just go and work there for the money or cause they have no choice. Prince George and Fort Mcmurray and Manitoba and anywere in Saskatchewan is ugly and sucks. Its just the truth. Go to Vancouver , Toronto , Montreal , Jasper, Banff , Calgary or Edmonton and you will understand why those other places are so ugly compared to these citys.

  69. LOL you must have got it right where the hell do you think all the problems come from DRUGS. PG is a stopping ground for alot of the drugs that are moving north to FORT ST JOHN , Dawson Creek, Grand Prairie,Fort MacMurray,Fort Nelson most of these cities drug dealers make runs to PG to buy there drugs that come from that area and up the Frazer Caynon form the island and Vancouver areas so yes you have it right they must be on DRUGS

  70. HELLO BRAMPTON! Theres a damn murder/stabbing everyday and the nurse who sexually assaulted the girl in the toronto hosipital? He was from BRAMPTON!

  71. I am born and raised Victoria and believe it or not I don’t care where ur from these stats are correct, I’ve seen everything from homeless shooting up in public, 6 hookers on a two block stretch down government st at a time, damn near thirty teens rush a small group with knives and bear mace , and that doesn’t include times I wasn’t there to c including murder of local drug user in debt shot in the head with a shotgun from the three feet away by drug dealer, girl raped and mutilated to be burnt under a bridge by two teens, man killed and body dropped off at police station
    need I remind everyone that bc in general has the highest homeless populations which translates into lots of desperate people committing lots of crimes! Victoria inherited a shit tone of Vancouver’s homeless during the Olympicswho were all givin one way tickets to Victoria so they wouldn’t be there for the games.
    need I also remind everyone that Vic and van have some of the highest costs of living in Canada which made things tough with the countries lowest minimum wage up until last year, meaning lots of single parents and people in general paying 700 to 1000 a Mont& in rent when they’re only making 1000-1200 a month further agitating desperate needs of people.
    don’t even get me started on gang violence and drug wars, van especially being the gang capital of Canada in the gvr, but don’t forget Vic is the largest city on an island where.more weed is growin in a month than what is bought in other entire provinces in a year! 1in every 100 dwellings on average in bc is a grow op in some way shape or form small or large, pretty sick of this steriotype that living with a view and a good climate shelters us from everyday problems because we see more here in Vic than u might think;)

  72. Figure I should mention everything I just Said is recent as of 3 years ago examples being things I’ve personally seen or hears in a three year period.