Quebec: The most corrupt province -

Quebec: The most corrupt province

Why does Quebec claim so many of the nation’s political scandals?



Marc Bellemare isn’t a particularly interesting man to look at, so you’d think the spectre of watching him sit behind a desk and answer questions for hours on end would have Quebecers switching the channel en masse. And yet, the province’s former justice minister has been must-see TV over the past few weeks, if only because of what has been flowing out of his mouth.

Bellemare, who has been testifying in an inquiry into the process by which judges are appointed in Quebec, has particularly bad memories of his brief stint in cabinet, from 2003 to 2004. The Liberal government, then as now under the leadership of Premier Jean Charest, was rife with collusion, graft and barely concealed favouritism, he says—the premier himself so beholden to Liberal party fundraisers that they had a say in which judges were appointed to the bench. “It happened in [Charest’s] office. He was relaxed, he served me a Perrier,” Bellemare testified. The two spoke about Franco Fava, a long-time Liberal fundraiser who, according to Bellemare, was lobbying for Marc Bisson (the son of another Liberal fundraiser) and Michel Simard to be promoted. “I said, ‘Who names the judges, me or Franco Fava?’ I was very annoyed. I found it unacceptable,” Bellemare recalls. He remembers Charest saying, “ ‘Franco is a personal friend. He’s an influential fundraiser for the party. We need men like this. We have to listen to them. If he says to nominate Bisson and Simard, nominate them.’ ”

Judicial selection may be a topic as dry as Bellemare’s own clipped monotone, yet the public inquiry currently under way has been a ratings success. It has veered into bizarro CSI territory, complete with testimony from an ink specialist who discerned that Bellemare had used at least two different pens when writing notes on a piece of cardboard. And despite his reputation as a bit of a crank, and the fact his supposedly airtight memory is prone to contradictions and convenient lapses, Quebecers believe Bellemare’s version of events over that of Jean Charest, the longest serving Quebec premier in 50 years—by as much as four to one, according to polls.

Part of the reason for this is the frankly disastrous state of Charest’s government. In the past two years, the government has lurched from one scandal to the next, from political financing to favouritism in the provincial daycare system to the matter of Charest’s own (long undisclosed) $75,000 stipend, paid to him by his own party, to corruption in the construction industry. Charest has stymied repeated opposition calls for an investigation into the latter, prompting many to wonder whether the Liberals, who have long-standing ties to Quebec’s construction companies, have something to hide. (Regardless, this much is true: it costs Quebec taxpayers roughly 30 per cent more to build a stretch of road than anywhere else in the country, according to Transport Canada figures.) Quebecers want to believe Bellemare, it seems, because what he says is closest to what they themselves believe about their government.

This slew of dodgy business is only the most recent in a long line of made-in-Quebec corruption that has affected the province’s political culture at every level. We all recall the sponsorship scandal, in which businessmen associated with the Liberal Party of Canada siphoned off roughly $100 million from a fund effectively designed to stamp the Canadian flag on all things Québécois, cost (or oversight) be damned. “I am deeply disturbed that such practices were allowed to happen,” wrote Auditor General Sheila Fraser in 2004. Fraser’s report and the subsequent commission by Justice John Gomery, which saw the testimony of Liberal prime ministers Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin, wreaked havoc on Canada’s natural governing party from which it has yet to recover.

We remember Baie Comeau’s prodigal son, Brian Mulroney, and his reign in Ottawa, which saw 11 cabinet ministers resign under a cloud in one seven-year period—six of them from Quebec. Mulroney’s rise was solidified by an altogether dirty battle against Joe Clark in Quebec that saw provincial Conservative organizers solicit Montreal homeless shelters and welcome missions, promising free beer for anyone who voted for Mulroney in the leadership campaign. Clark’s Quebec organizers, meanwhile, signed up so-called “Tory Tots,” underage “supporters” lured by promises of booze and barbecue chicken. And in 2000, organizers for Canadian Alliance leadership hopeful Tom Long did Mulroney’s and Clark’s camps one better, signing up unwitting Gaspé residents both living and dead to pad the membership rolls.

The province’s dubious history stretches further back to the 1970s, and to the widespread corruption in the construction industry as Quebec rushed through one megaproject after another. Much of the industry at the time, according to a provincial commission, was “composed of tricksters, crooks and scum” whose ties to the Montreal mafia, and predilection for violence, was renowned.

As politicians and experts from every facet of the political spectrum told Maclean’s, the history of corruption is sufficiently long and deep in Quebec that it has bred a culture of mistrust of the political class. It raises an uncomfortable question: why is it that politics in Canada’s bête noire province seem perpetually rife with scandal?

Certainly, Quebec doesn’t have a monopoly on bad behaviour. It was in British Columbia that three premiers—Bill Vander Zalm, Mike Harcourt and Glen Clark—were punted from office in short order for a variety of shenanigans by their governments in the 1990s. In the mid-’90s, no less than 12 members of Saskatchewan Conservative premier Grant Devine’s government were charged in relation to an $837,000 expense account scheme. Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minister—and the first to go down in scandal, with his government forced to resign—came from Ontario. And the East Coast? “The record of political chicanery is so overflowing in the Maritimes that they could likely teach Quebec a few tricks,” Montreal Gazette political writer Hubert Bauch once wrote.

Still, Quebec stands in a league of its own. Maurice Duplessis, its long-reigning premier (and certainly one of its more nationalistic), was a champion of patronage-driven government, showering favourable ridings with contracts and construction projects at the expense of those that dared vote against him. Duplessis typically kept $60,000 cash in his basement as part of an “electoral fund” to dole out to obliging constituents. His excesses sickened Quebec’s artistic and intellectual classes, and their revolt culminated in the Quiet Revolution, which brought in a large, stable (and, as far as its burgeoning civil service was concerned, faceless) government less prone to patronage in place of Duplessis’s virtual one-man show.

Yet corruption didn’t disappear; it just took another form. Under the Quiet Revolution, Quebec underwent an unprecedented modernization, both in mindset and of the bricks and-mortar variety. The latter occurred at a dizzying speed; over 3,000 km of major highway were built in the 1960s alone. But modernization came at the price of proper oversight: in 1968, referring to widespread government corruption, historian Samuel Huntington singled out the province as “perhaps the most corrupt area [in] Australia, Great Britain, United States and Canada.”

It got worse. The speed at which the province developed required a huge labour pool—and peace with Quebec’s powerful unions. Peace it did not get: the early ’70s were synonymous with union violence at many of Quebec’s megaprojects, particularly Mirabel airport and the James Bay hydroelectric project in Quebec’s north—where union representative Yvon Duhamel drove a bulldozer into a generator. As the Cliche commission, an investigation into the province’s construction industry, noted in 1974, the Quebec government under Bourassa knew of the violence and intimidation, and as author and Conservative insider L. Ian MacDonald later wrote, “permitted itself to be taken hostage by the disreputable elements of the trade union movement.”

A young lawyer named Brian Mulroney sat on the commission; he helped pen the report detailing “violence, sabotage, walkouts and blackmail” on the part of the unions. Another lawyer named Lucien Bouchard, who served as the commission’s chief prosecutor, noticed a large number of union cheques made out to the Liberal Party of Quebec, though this was never investigated.

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Apart from the arguably ironic casting of Mulroney as an anti-corruption crusader, the legacy of the Cliche commission was twofold. It spelled the end of Bourassa’s first stint as premier and ushered in the sovereignist Parti Québécois, which promptly enacted the strictest campaign financing laws in the country, banning donations from unions and corporations and limiting annual individual donations to $3,000. These laws have effectively been rendered toothless since then. According to a study by the progressive
party Québec Solidaire, the senior management at four of Quebec’s big construction and engineering firms each donated the maximum or near the maximum allowable amount to the Quebec Liberal party, to the collective tune of $400,000 in 2008 alone. The Parti Québécois and the Action démocratique du Québec (ADQ), too, benefited from certain firms’ largesse, though on a much smaller scale.

The province’s construction industry, meanwhile, remains as wild and woolly as ever. According to La Presse, a long-standing price-fixing scheme on the part of 14 construction companies drove up construction prices across the province. In several cases, according to a Radio-Canada investigation last year, these companies used Hells Angels muscle to intimidate rival firms. A fundraising official with the Union Montréal, the party of Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay, was found to have led a scheme in which three per cent of the value of contracts was distributed to political parties, councillors and city bureaucrats. And the industry is well connected: until 2007, Liberal fundraiser Franco Fava was president of Neilson Inc., one of Quebec’s largest construction and excavation firms.

There are some who posit that government corruption is inevitable in part because government is so omnipresent in the province’s economic life. According to Statistics Canada, Quebec’s provincial and municipal government spending is equivalent to 32 per cent of its GDP, seven percentage points higher than the national average. The province is frequently home to giant projects: consider Montreal, with its two ongoing mega-hospital projects, or Hydro-Québec’s massive development of the Romaine River in the north shore region. So there is a temptation (even necessity) to curry favour with power. “In Quebec, it’s usually a case of old-fashioned graft,” says Andrew Stark, a business ethics professor at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Business. “The state occupies a more prominent role, and people in the private sector rely on the state for appointments or contracts, so they make political contributions to do so. In the rest of the country it’s reversed: it’s people in public office using public money to give themselves private-sector-style perks.”

These links between private business and the public sector notably led to Shawinigate, when it emerged that then-prime minister Jean Chrétien had called the president of the government-run, and ostensibly arms-length, Business Development Corp. to discuss a loan application from businessman Yvon Duhaime to spruce up the Auberge Grand-Mère in Chrétien’s Shawinigan riding. The loan was granted. “I work for my electors, that’s my job,” Chrétien said at the time–even though he still stood to gain from his share of the neighbouring golf course. As several critics noted at the time, the golf course would have likely increased in value following the renovations.

But the factor most important to this history of corrupton may be Quebec’s nagging existential question of whether to remain part of the country. That 40-year threat of separation has been a boon for provincial coffers. As a “have-not” province, Quebec is entitled to equalization payments. In the past five years, according to federal Department of Finance data, Quebec’s share of the equalization pie has nearly doubled, to $8.6 billion, far and away the biggest increase of any province. This is due in large part to aggressive lobbying by the Bloc Québécois.

According to many on both the left and right, obsessing over Quebec’s existential question has come at the expense of proper transparency and accountability. “I don’t think corruption is in our genes any more than it is anywhere else on the planet, but the beginning of an explanation would be the fact that we have focused for so long on the constitutional question,” says Éric Duhaime, a former ADQ candidate who recently helped launch the right-of-centre Réseau Liberté-Québec. “We are so obsessed by the referendum debate that we forget what a good government is, regardless if that government is for or against the independence of Quebec.”

After nearly losing the referendum in 1995, the federal Liberals under Chrétien devised what amounted to a branding effort whose aim was to increase the visibility of the federal government in Quebec. The result: a $100-million scandal that saw several Liberal-friendly firms charge exorbitant amounts for work they often never did. The stench of the sponsorship scandal has yet to dissipate, so damaging was it to Quebec’s collective psyche. “Canada basically thinks . . . [Quebecers] can be bought off by some idiotic ad campaign,” wrote Le Devoir’s Jean Dion in 2004.

Or a new hockey arena, it seems. Earlier this month, eight Quebec Conservative MPs donned Nordiques jerseys and, through wide smiles, essentially said Quebec City deserved $175 million worth of public funding for a new arena. “As MPs, we cannot ignore the wishes of the population that wants the Nordiques to return,” Jonquiere-Alma MP Jean-Pierre Blackburn told the Globe and Mail. “In addition, our political formation, the Conservative party, has received important support in Quebec City.”

It won’t be the Conservatives’ first foray into patronage in the province. According to a recent Canadian Press investigation, a disproportionate percentage of federal stimulus money reserved for rural areas went to two hotly contested ridings in which the Conservatives barely edged out the Bloc. Now, as always, keeping the sovereignists out seems to be priority number one for the feds, and the favoured way is through the public purse strings.

The federalist-sovereignist debate has effectively entrenched the province’s politicians, says Québec Solidaire MNA Amir Khadir. “Today’s PQ and the Liberals are of the same political class that has governed Quebec for 40 years. The more they stay in power, the more vulnerable to corruption they become. There hasn’t been any sort of renewal in decades,” he says. “We are caught in the prison of the national question.” If so, it’s quite a prison. Crossing the federalist-sovereignist divide is something of a sport for politicians. Lucien Bouchard went from sovereignist to federalist and back again. Raymond Bachand started his political career as a senior organizer for René Lévesque’s Yes campaign in 1980; today, he is the minister of finance in Charest’s staunchly federalist government. Liberal Jean Lapierre was a founding member of the Bloc Québécois, only to return to Martin’s Liberal cabinet in 2004. Many Quebec politicians never seem to leave. They just change sides.

Veteran Liberal MNA Geoff Kelley says all the bad headlines are proof, in fact, of the system’s efficacy at weeding out corruption. Yes, two prominent former Liberal ministers, David Whissell and Tony Tomassi, have left cabinet amidst conflict-of-interest allegations. (A construction firm Whissell co-owned received several no-tender government contracts, while Tomassi used a credit card belonging to BCIA, a private security firm that received government contracts and government-backed loans.) No, it “doesn’t look good” when five Charest friends and former advisers join oil-and-gas interests just as the province is considering an enormous shale gas project. How about the nearly $400,000 in campaign financing from various engineering and construction companies? No one has shown any evidence of a fraudulent fundraising scheme, he counters. “I’m not saying it didn’t happen, I’m just saying it hasn’t been proven.” Kelley blames much of the government’s ailments on an overheated Péquiste opposition. As for Bellemare’s allegations, Kelley rightly points out that they are just that: allegations.

He thinks the system is working. Far from being kept quiet, Bellemare has the ear of the province, thanks to the commission Charest himself called. The Charest government, Kelley notes, will institute Quebec’s first code of conduct for MNAs in the coming months. “I’m not saying everything’s perfect, [or] everything’s lily white,” Kelley says. “Obviously these things raise concerns, they raise doubts, and I think mechanisms have been put in place to try and tighten up the rules.”

For many Quebecers, though, talk of renewal is cheap. As they know all too well, rules in the bête noire province have a habit of being broken.

CLARIFICATION: The cover of last week’s magazine, with the headline “The Most Corrupt Province in Canada,” featured a photo-illustrated editorial cartoon depicting Bonhomme Carnaval carrying a briefcase stuffed with money. The cover has been criticized by representatives of the Carnaval de Québec, of which Bonhomme is a symbol.

While Maclean’s recognizes that Bonhomme is a symbol of the Carnaval, the character is also more widely recognized as a symbol of the province of Quebec. We used Bonhomme as a means of illustrating a story about the province’s political culture, and did not intend to disparage the Carnaval in any way. Maclean’s is a great supporter of both the Carnaval and of Quebec tourism. Our coverage of political issues in the province will do nothing to diminish that support.


Quebec: The most corrupt province

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        Finalement, je vous rappellerai que même l'historien Samuel Huntington disait que le Québec était le territoire le plus corrompu de l'Amérique du Nord, et qu'il était plus corrompu que le Grande-Bretagne ou l'Australie. Et ce, en 1968 ! Dites-moi, c'était du « Québec bashing » ?

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    I live in Quebec and McLeans got it right !

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      MacLean's dénonce les faits, rien de plus rien de moins. Ne pas savoir se regarder dans le miroir et vouloir faire un pays de sa province… c'est déjà mal parti.

      La corruption existe dans les autres provinces, tout le monde le sait, mais le niveau de corruption bat des recors au Québec, et ce n'est pas une question de pourcentage de dénonciation ici par rapport à là-bas.

      Regarder les couts du CHUM, du métro de Laval, des routes (pour la qualité qu'on en obtient !). Personne ne pourra me justifier qu'un kilomètre d'autoroute puisse couter plus cher que le salaire d'une vie d'un employé dans la classe moyenne. Il y a forcément quelqu'un qui se met de l'argent dans les poches, et ce sont les contribuables "honnêtes" qui n'ont pas le choix de payer la facture.

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            C'est le français canadian dans toutes sa merveille (Et la Babus, je ne parle pas que de toi tant que Du Français au canada dans sa lente mort). Penser en anglais, et exprimer le en français si ça vous plait.

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            Tu prouves juste mon point en t'abaissant encore plus bas que ceux qui ont écrit l'article.

            Aux dernières nouvelles il n'y a pas que des francophones dans votre province, vous virez toujours ca à English vs Francais, Un article dit qu'il a de la corruption au Québec pis tout d'un coup vous criez au meurtre. Ca adonne juste qu'il y a plus de crosseur dans votre coin d'pays, c'est pas parce qu'ils parlent francais.

            Là ou je vous comprend d'être frustrés c'est l'image du bonhomme carnaval, très très ordinaire!

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      Je défend aucunement l'article, je trouves ca ordinaire assez mais la réaction est aussi ridicule.

  9. Les commandites, l'invasion des locaux du OUI par la GRC qui nous a valu de nous faire voler NOTRE PAYS, les immigrants naturalisés en masse lors du référendum de 95, petit service qu'on leur a rendu en leur indiquant OÙ ils devaient mettre leur petite croix en remerciment, plus de votes comptés que d'électeurs inscrits, le maire de Montréal réélu par les Anglais de l'ouest de l'île malgré les TRÈS FORTES allégations de corruption, la corruption ouverte qui provient dois-je le rappeler, d'un parti FÉDÉRALISTE au gouvernement du Québec, le peuple québécois qui demande une enquête toujours REFUSÉE sur la construction, les places en garderie octroyées en priorité aux AMIS, toujours de la saleté FÉDÉRALISTE bien plus que québécoise.

    Pouvez-vous nous dire amis Canadians, vous qui êtes venus nous dire à pleins autobus que vous nous aimez (yeah right!) pourquoi vous tenez tant que ça à garder une province qui ne veut pas de vous? Qui selon vos dires ne fait que brailler et ne rapporte rien? Qui est un boulet à vos pieds?

    Pouvez-vous nous expliquer par quel lien tordu une journaliste que je ne nommerai pas, a pu imaginer que c'est la loi 101 qui est à la source des tueries dans les établissements de savoir? Pouvez-vous m'expliquer pourquoi si vous nous aimez tant que ça, personne n'a fait fermer la trappe à ce clown de Don Cherry?

    Vous êtes vraiment si sûrs que ça que ce n'est pas pourri à l'os ailleurs au pays?

    Vous vous souvenez de la gouverneur de l'Alaska? Le sort lui a fait ravaler son arrogance et ses paroles drôlement vite. Idem pour pas mal de "saints" hommes qui se font prendre les culottes baissées ici même au Canada.

    Quelque chose me dit qu'on va rire!

    J'espère juste que votre torchon aura rallumé la flamme chez les électeurs tièdes de chez nous.

    La crasse est FÉDÉRALE, je vous le répète!

    • Tu n'aide pas ta cause…

    • Tu t'enfonces mon gars; accepte donc la réalité de ton gouvernement et cesse de casser les oreilles des gens. tu vaut pas mieux que les canadiens anglais qui nous tapent dessus… je corrobore les faits rapportés par Babus plus haut: les québécois envoient promener le reste du Canada, personne n'en fait de cas, mais le Québec ce fait viser, là ça explose… Moi perso, en tant que fier Québécois, j'accepte le reste du Canada.

      Et en passant, le gouvernement n'est pas une représentation concentrée du peuple qui se trouve en dessous. L'article de MacLean's vise le gouvernement de Québec, et nom les Québécois, si on lit les mots qui sont dans les phrases de l'article

  10. C'est du CANADIANS à son mieux, le vrai visage du canada ANGLAIS, Xénophobe et RACISTE, au Québec on est habitué à votre Québec Bashing, regardez dans le ROC et vous trouverez autant de scandale qu,au Québec. Alors Maclean SHAME ON YOU !!

    • Quel ingnorance. Bravo pour le racisme bien identifier . Plus stupide que ca, ca resemble meme pas a Jean Charest

  11. This type of trash saddens me greatly. I'm an Anglo Quebecer married to a Francophone Quebecer living in Western Canada. BC is by no means an angelic province it's more corrupt than Quebec but that wouldn't make good print would it? I never realized how horrible the attitudes towards Quebec were till I moved out west. This type of trash journalism just adds fuel to the fire on both sides and creates bigger divisions. This sort of wedge issue stinks of Conservativism.
    Just wait till we get Fox News North…this will be the norm in Canadian journalism.
    It's disgraceful. Shame on you Macleans. Shame.
    À tous les Quebecois tout le Canadiens ne sont pas aussi ignorant que ceux qui ont écrit ceci dans Macleans.

    • Thanks Kay!

      Que les vrais canadiens s'unissent contre les imbéciles!
      At least we all agree on on thing the best canadian gouvernement for canada would be a Liberal-NDP-Bloc coalition…

      Let the right-wing idiots drown in their own mess….

      N.B. Next election the Parti Québecois is going to win, please dont forget when this happens that these elections are about liberal center-left policy decisions and anti-corruption votes (for the next one) they are not about independance. Only referendum are about independence…

      • The PQ is more corrupt than any other party in Canada. They just do it differently…………like stealing ballots in a referendum.

    • I'm living in Quebec, and I can say that the situation is going to stay like this for a while until somebody younger come and bring new ideas to change the way Quebec is governed. And I pray for this day to come as soon as possible, cause I am f**** tired of all that crap that destroys our beautiful province

    • Même au Canada anglais, il y a de bonnes personnes… ;0)
      Je sais, j'ai vécu à Vancouver deux étés dans une famille d'accueil lorsque je suivais des cours d'anglais à UBC.

      Even in the rest of Canada, we could find some good people. ;o)
      I know that because I used to live there to follow some English courses at UBC.

    • Calling a spade a spade isn't trash talk. It's been common knowledge that Quebec's construction industry has been corrupt for multi-decades. Why do you think people in the West get so fed up with Quebec? It's headline after headline, decade after decade, of corruption scandals. Add on top of that, Quebec, a huge rich province, constantly has its hand out for federal transfer payments, and gets them. If it managed its finances properly, it would be a "have" province contributing to the pool rather than sucking from it every year. All Quebec has to do to stop the criticism is grow up and get its act together.

  12. Bang on, ***** it is not about Quebec bashing or a language dispute, it's about us ordinary canadians including Quebec who are being robbed of there hard earned money. Joe francais or joe english, the federals rob our money just as the provincal gov'ts rob our money. Instead of takeing care of each other we bash each other over trivial things. Any open minded and informed person knows that this is not about Quebec bashing or english/french. Stay the course, it's about our money being used for other than what it is intended for. The ding dongs in charge feel they have a no limit credit card at there disposal. We should all go to France, blow the dust of the Guilotenes and lets fix the problem. Or barring the earlyer, just vote for a newer govt, instead. one that will push the for a brighter future. GET OUT OF THE PAST, OR YOU WILL NEVER ADVANCE TO THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • you are sooooo right, thank you for you perspective!!!

      you are a smart man Lawrence, I fully agree with you and it is with people like you that we will make our country better

    • Right on Lawrence! I am married to a Quebec born Francophone who is constantly embarrased by some of his fellow Francophones behaviour. Let's move on up people and start living for the day

  13. you probably believe that all Quebecers are not as pure as you…you are probably someone who simply knows nothing about Quebec and its people…and you probably cry out to the world that you are so proud to be Canadian..and you probably pretend that you have such a great respect for human rights…if you live in this great country of ours..Canada…it's because truly great french and english Canadians gave up their lives so people like you can live in a free world today.As I have always Canada we don't have a french-english problem…we simply have a mediocre media people problem!!I have live and travelled in english Canada and I never had any problem with any of my fellow english canadians I had the great pleasure and honor to meet……I claim to be truly canadian speaking in both official languages….the worst thing a man can endure through this life is not knowing that he is an ignorant!! I invite my fellow french and english canadians to stand up and refuse that kind of garbage produced by people of that poor caliber. .Yannick.

    • Brovo Yann!!

    • C'est que j'appelle un super commentaire. Voilà exactement ce que j'en pense moi aussi

      Now that's what I call a great testimony. That's precisely what I think

      • J’en ai rien a battre de tout ca, je me donne meme pas la peine de lire.
        La société c’est de la merde peu importe la province… De tout les anglophone que j’ai connu dans ma vie les canadiens sont ceux que j’aime le plus et vous savez c’est comme dans la rue: Les voisins font parfois royallement chier mais bon c’est pas la grosse buche a fendre quand meme! Il y a ceux qui vive et forme leur propre opinion sans meme chercher a l’expliquer et il y a les caves qui lisent celle des autre pour croire qu’ils en ont une.

  14. Still has the BEST team in the CFL Goooooo Als!!!!

    • that why there 9 points behind the bombers loser!

    • You got it!

  15. The rock machine,the little pipsqueak from Shenanigans, the Bloc Heads, native son Taliban Jack, Jean Charest, etc. They can do this because the country has been beaten into submission by political correctness and the Toronto Star-we're suppose to look the other way.

    • Well said. It amounts to political blackmail in many cases.

  16. ….

    Now, if that ain't racism, I don't know what it is.

    Pauvre type, va.

    • Yeah…. I'm not sure you really know what you're talking about, Richard Head…

      Ouin… chui pas sûr que saches vraiment de quoi tu parles, Richard Head…

  17. Avec Maclean's le Québec n'a pas besoin de péquistes !

    Contribuer à affaiblir le pays et a son unité pour vendre du papier, c'est très bas !

    Merci de congédier les gens qui ont écrits et autoriser un tel blasphème !

  18. Maclean's, c'est la nouvelle marque de papier de toilette de McDonald's !

    • A great magazine that has the courage to speak the truth even when it is not politically correct

  19. Ta gueule niaiseux.

  20. I live in Quebec City, and my work colleagues and I discussed this article today – EVERYBODY was in agreement with the description of Quebec being the most corrupt province in Canada! Now we have the "classe politique" of Quebec – the very perpetrators of that endemic corruption – squealing their outrage supposedly in the name of Quebeckers.

    Forget "Quebec bashing". Quebeckers can see the effect every day of their corrupt and wasteful politicians and their industry friends. The reaction today from the politicians is clearly "Canada bashing" – claiming unity on behalf of the Quebec population, attacking the messengers just because they are anglophones.

    • Just mke sure you stop the government from having so amy socialist regulations and allow Companies to be free of unions and you will go a long way to cleaning up your act

    • C'est vraiment n'importe quoi! Il y a de la corruption dans toutes les provinces, mais je ne suis pas certain que c'est le Québec qui devrait en remporter la palme. Pourquoi pas l'Alberta ou l'Ontario? Combien de pattes ont été graissées pour faire avaler la couleuvre de l'exploitation des sables bitumineux, de l'exploitation à outrance et sans conscience de l'environnement?

      • Not the same. Corruption vs Polluting. Both are wrong but Alberta is not corruption. Alison Redford is not pocketing money into her bank account from Shell. Alberta is pocketing the money. I just wish they would try to find other ways to reduce the necessity of oil as well.

    • S.V.P. monsieur lisez entre les lignes. Ce n'est pas tant de prouver qu'on est province la plus corrompu ni de savoir si les québecois en réagissant contre jouent aux vierge offensées. Le fait est que les médias québecois n'ont pas le droit (selon l'éthique journalistique) de faire des constats tel que ''le québec corrompu à cause des indépendantistes'', c'est un argument qui descend directement de la xénophobie (haïr un autre peuple, synonyme de racisme). Oui tout le monde le sais que le gouvernement du québec est corrumpu, mais laissez moi vous rappelez que c'est un gouvernement fédéraliste qui est au pouvoir et non indépendantiste. Donc Oui, ce n'était qu'une bonne raison de nos amis de Toronto de faire du «Québec bashing». Et encore s.v.p. monsieur monquebec, rappelez-vous de vos cours de philo avant de poster des commentaires qui font passer les québecois pour une bande de sale sur le site d'une revue anglophone. Thanks you and have a nice day!

  21. Cela doit être écrit par un autre déficient intellectuel anonyme qui chaille parce que au Québec nous ne parlons pas le français comme à Paris et il n'a pas encore compris qu'il ne parle pas l'anglais comme les gens de Londres.

  22. Maclean’s …MERCI BEAUCOUP ! Thank YOU.

    Moi je ne comprendrai jamais les Québécois. On chiale depuis des mois suite aux malversations,fraudes,patronage et corruption et voilà qu’un Magazine Anglais sort une nouvelle sur la Province de Québec étant la province la plus corrompue au Canada (ce qui est entièrement vraie en passant ) et voilà que tout le monde monte sur leurs Grands Chevaux comme une Vierge frustrée attaquant justement le SEUL Média qui Ose dire la franche vérité au lieu de protéger un Gouvernement Putréfié …Hé les boyz…le bonhomme cé pas un vrai ok ? Disons que j’étais la personne la plus heureuse de lire l’article du Magazine Maclean’s car j’ai justement un forum sur facebook depuis l’année passé qui s’intitule ironiquement – ” Bienvenue au Québec,La Province la plus corrompue au Canada”

    Ici :

    Continuez votre beau travail Maclean’s et de grâce vous n’avez aucunes excuses à formuler à des Bandits de l’espèce à Charest.

    In resumé, Maclean’s has said aloud what everybody here in Quebec know about Charest and his corrupt Government,

    I created a Facebook forum last year that is named ironically :” Bienvenue au Québec,La Province la plus corrompue au Canada.”

    Needless to say I was very pleased yet surprised by your article about Corruption here. BTW our forum is here:
    Please keep up the good work and Please DO NOT APOLOGIZE of your actions to these CROOKS . in Government Thanks

    • C'est l'explication du pourquoi de la corruption qui est du Québec Bashing, pas de rapporter le fait que le gouvernement libéral est corrompu!
      Se faire dire qu'on est génétiquement et culturellement plus enclin à la corruption alors que les sondages disent que 85% des québécois réclament depuis plus d'un an un commission d'enquête sur la corruption dans la construction, il faut vraiment pas avoir fait des grosses recherches…
      C'est un torchon l'article de Coyne c'est vraiment un sale torchon!
      Le reste pas de problème, ça fait un an que tous le monde se bat pour se débarasser de Charest et ses hommes…

      Espérons que les anglo du québec ne vont pas encore voter pour eu au prochaines élections…

    • T, es un méchant beau trou duc toi…comment on dit ça en anglais…hmm…a_s_o_e…

    • Ou sont tes études comparatives, car là, ce sont plutôt des paroles en l'air?

      C'est vrai qu'au Canada anglais la corruption est plus insidieuse, mais elle est aussi présente sinon plus!

  23. Well so what else is new we all know that things get done quickly with very little questions asked using the old boys network scratch a politician or a union leader and somewhere there you will find a school tie or an alumnus ring we are no different than any of the other 10 Provinces in the poorly run colony of the USA only that someone is not afraid to speak out for a change congatulations Martin


  24. Sometimes the problem is more with the messenger than the message.

    Does Quebec have a corruption problem? That seems hard to deny. Is it much worse than other provinces? Hard to say but perhaps. So the message is fair game I suppose. The problem is that Maclean's never seems to have anything positive to say about Quebec. There's a lot more to the province than corruption or even politics.

    Imagine if a white politician was to start criticizing African Americans en masse and suggesting that African American politicians are more corrupt than others. I think the emotional dynamics will be similar in this case.

    Patriquin and Coyne are intelligent pundits and they appear to have chosen their words carefully, but Maclean's in general is not always as careful about tone when covering Quebec and the headline and cover photograph speak to this problem. And, of course, one shudders to think about the stupidity that will spill over in the comments section and the second-hand media coverage that will stem from this story.

    Take a deep breath people…

    • It is a SNOWMAN!!!

    • Complete bull. Maclean's has written lots of positive things about Quebec.

    • It's very refreshing to see intelligent and rational people take part in debating a serious issue.
      yes you are right about Mcleans point of view, Canada politics are very boring at best, and borrowing from the controversial style of our neighbours to the south is Mcleans way of providing shock value to the news.

    • It seems to me that the province was critized as being the most corrupt, not the French speaking people. If it were Alberta that were portrayed in this article instead of Quebec then would you say "English politicians" are being critized?

  25. Wow! Are the PQ or the Bloc sponsoring Maclaen’s to write this stuff? This is simply too good to be true!

  26. I just dislike having to pay for bilinguel signs in Ontario and none of the same in P.Q.! Does anyone in Quebec ever ask themselves what would happen to their taxes if transfer payments stopped? Other than that peeve, I've had a good time in Quebec.

  27. La nature humaine m'étonnera toujours. Quelle belle "gang" d'hypocrites dirais-je. Réveillez-vous! La corruption nait avec le pouvoir. Donnez le pouvoir à un trou-du-cul ou a un grand de ce monde et vous verrez lentement apparaître la vrai nature humaine. Hé oui ! Anglais, Français, Chinois, etc… c'est tous la même graine de bandit, du pur humain ! La créature la plus merdique qui soit ! Des fois, je me demande si l'intelligence existe sur terre. (je m'inclus dans la bande là, j'ai les mêmes gènes que vous messieurs dames.)

    Alors, rassurez-vous ! Tout est Ok, c'est normal et Salutations à tous mes concitoyens Canadiens.

    Have a nice day

  28. Je suis un québécois et je ne me sens pas attaqué par cet article. On vise la classe politique de ma province et non la population entière. Je suis d'accord que la classe politique chez moi est corrompue. Merci de dire tout haut ce que mon entourage et moi pensons. À chaque fois que quelqu'un ici essaie de dénoncer le phénomène, il est rabroué à coup de mises en demeure. J'en suis à me demander si ce ne serait pas une bonne idée que ma province soit mise en tutelle pour faire le ménage dans son gouvernement. Quant à savoir si le Québec est la province la plus corrompue du Canada, cet article ne m'apporte aucune évidence.

  29. Ecouter. C'est qui qui a pris tout l'argent qui offrait les Liberaux? Des QUebecois! C'est qui qui a voler tout l'argent pour les Olympiques? Les QUebecois! L'epoque de duplessis n'est pas encore fini!

    Who took all the give aways in the Sponsorship scandal. Quebecers…. Who took all the money for the Olympics. Quebecers, Who takes as many governmetn handouts and tax credits in QUebec? Quebecers. Who is always crying that they have no money, despite taxing its citizens higher than most western countries? Quebec!

    Stop whining. Quebec is CORRUPT. Always has been and always will. Seperatism isn't about creating a nation, it is about controlling the purse strings.

    Vive le Quebec Corrompu!

    • the sponorship scandal was caused by federalist morons who spent millions of $$$ illegally to sway the vote on the 95 referendum their way, and once again the liberals are in power and the $hit is hitting the fan again.

    • Si vous étiez un canadien anglais, j'aurais pu dire que vous êtes xénophobe, mais la vous êtes un francophone… le seul mot qui me vent a l'esprit est le mot traitre (surtout que ''séparatiste'' est un terme péjoratif pour désigner les indépendantiste et moi en tant que francopjone vivant au québec, je ne trouve que dès que je quitte la province et bien je vient d'arriver dans un autres pays), il vous désigne parfaitement, parce que les libéraux ne se réclame pas être québecois mais bien canadien puisque c'est un parti fédéraliste et ne pensez pas que les anglophones sont aussi pure qu'un agneau qui vient de naître.

  30. Si nous serions dans un autre pays, ce texte serait attribuable a du racisme. quelles sont vos preuves, il n'y a as de discordes dans les autres provinces voyons donc?

    • Most Quebecers are caucasian. French is not a race.

  31. Where were you guy at the last elections in Montreal?
    Anglo montreal voted for the corrupted liberal mayor not the french-speaking canadians!
    Why they did?
    Because the other candidate did not speak english well enought!

    "Dont throw stones when you live in a house made of glass!"

  32. What is truly corrupt about Quebec is their faithful support for their beloved BQ Separatists.

    • What you don't know is that most Quebecker's no longer believe in this, my friend

  33. Corruption and federalism in Quebec are closely linked. Quebec Sovereignty being the last hope of survival of Quebeckers as a french speaking nation, the only reason for a french speaking Quebecker to chose federalism is for political gain towards english speaking quebeckers and naive french speaking quebeckers. These people choose personal interest over the protection of our french heritage, which also leads to corruption.

    Several english speaking canadians don't realize that there are only two tools at our disposal to keep our french heritage: Complaining to slow down the process of assimilation or making a country from the province of Quebec to be able to legislate and increase french language protection, which would also send a strong message to our leaders.

  34. So… judging from the comments, nos amis quebecois are more upset about a magazine cover than about the corruption itself…?

  35. tetes carrées

  36. yeah that s it blame the gays… whatever!

  37. Maybe because the rest of Canada is too soft and sheepish to denounce the corruption happening in their province and at the federal level.

  38. Je suis québécois, j'habite à Montréal dans un comté francophone tenu par le Bloc Québécois et laissez – moi vous dire que je suis tout à fait d'accord à 100% avec la couverture du journal Maclean's. Ce n'est pas du Quebec bashing, il faut accepter les critiques même si c'est choquant. Le Québec est corrompu jusqu'à l'os ! La Commission Bastarache est un triste spectacle qui désabuse tout le monde et vient tous les jours nous rappeler la triste réalité de la corruption en politique. Imaginez la convocation d'une commission dans le monde de la construction… ça serait pire et je suis sûr et certain qu'il y'a encore beaucoup de zones d'ombres qui émergeront des caniveaux. Le Québec de Charest et du PLQ, ce n'est pas juste la corruption, mais si j'étais à la rédaction du Maclean's, j'ajouterais aussi le clientélisme, le népotisme, le favoritisme, le copinage et pleins d'autres affaires degeulasses.
    Merci au Maclean's d'avoir brassé la cage, le Québec et sa population vous sont très reconnaissants. Keep going !

  39. Bonjour,
    Le présent commentaire s'adresse au journaliste qui a rédigé cet article. Je tiens à vous dire qu'il est toujours dommage de constater que le média est de plus en plus un outil de désinformation. Sachez, monsieur que le titre de votre article condamne toute la structure politique d'une province et ce, sans que vous n'ayez aucune statistique pour appuyer vos affirmations. Dans notre époque ou le métier de journaliste est de plus en plus méprisé, il est dommage que se soit des gens comme vous qui soyez à l'origine de cette mauvaise opinion. Car n'oubliez jamais que la compétence d'un journaliste s'évalue avant tout par sa capacité de bien informer. Mais je crois que pour vous, c'est le désir de rentabilité qui vous intéresse. N'est-ce pas en partie la définition de la corruption, le fait de déroger à ses obligations et engagements pour avoir plus d'argent dans ses poches ? Ne vous laissez pas corrompre par votre désir d'être rentable pour votre magasine, et rédigez des articles pour les bonnes raisons.

    J'espère que votre magasine n'est pas encore devenu d'assez petite opinion pour qu'il y ait encore place à des lecteurs intelligents qui sauront porter un regard critique sur cet article et constater qu'il n'y a aucune étude scientifique pour appuyer votre article. Sachez qu'en gardant cette tendance, c'est à la crédibilité de votre employeur que vous portez atteinte.

    En espérant que vous tentiez de faire mieux à l'avenir…

  40. Maintenant, le Canada anglais vient de prouver une fois de plus qui sont les racistes au Canada : les anglos qui savourent ces propos racistes ! Une nation anglaise qui ne nous comprend pas et qui ne nous comprendra jamais !

    Vivement la création pour officialiser ce que nous sommes déjà : un magnifique pays !

    Et à bas les racistes anglos !

    Vive le Québec, Vive le Québec libre !

    • *yawn*

  41. the only reason the rotten liberals are still in power is b/c anglo quebecers are still voting massively for them no matter what these liberals do. No one spent more money in quebec than the federal liberals during the 1995 referendum, the federalists are the cause of all of quebec's problems.

  42. Je suis également de Montréal et je ne suis pas surpris par la couverture et l'article. Tout le monde sait déjà qu'on est dans les plus paresseux en Amérique du Nord, donc les 10 ièmes les moins corrompus au Canada, ça ne m'étonne pas vraiment.

  43. Moreover, before targeting Québec's french population, some should be reminded that the french Québécois are the ones constantly adjusting their votes accordingly.

    The Anglo Québécois will prefer electing a proven incompetent mayor in Montréal because the alternative is a sovereignist. The Anglo Québécois will vote Charest and for the Liberals no matter the amount of corruption we can accuse them to responsible of.

    I'd be way more wary of corruption in provinces where the vote remains the same whatever happens, like in Alberta.

    • As an anglo Quebecer (not originally from Quebec) I say: Give us some better choices!

      What have we had in the past for premier? Pequistes who will do everything they can to marginalize us and spend all their efforts on promoting sovereignty and planning a referendum instead of dealing with real issues, ADQ who are a bunch of nuts, or Liberals, while distasteful, at least won't get us into a referendum?

      What would you do, if you were anglo . . . would you support a party that has on many occasions expressed contempt for us? We always hear about the hardliners, who openly express hatred toward us? And you expect us to vote for that?

      If the PQ got rid of some of their policies aimed against anglos, maybe they would begin to make some progress.

  44. I agree with Maclean's 100%. Quebec bashes Ontario, Ottawa, etc… but other provinces bash Quebec and they want war. The Quebecios have to want to change themselves or nothing will ever happen. Corrupt politicians don't help the situation either. quebec needs to understand that this is Canada, you are a part of it and this is your country too. Quebec is nothing without the rest of the country along side of it. They wont last on their own. If they seperate I move back to Ontario.

    • You couldn't even begin to rationalize why the Québécois couldn't "make it on their own". This is the sort of attitude that leads to articles like MacLean's, not worth the paper its written on.

  45. Its not Quebec. Its the federalist in Quebec. Anyway, good Quebec bashing, its only an opinion. Nice cover, my new wallpaper.

  46. J'ai honte pour le Quebec et le Canada ! .

    I am ashame for Quebec and Canada !

  47. Yeah you're right about the homosexual, André Boisclair. He could've been a great Premier I think, if only a few mad people could've shut up… "It's not a good example for our kids…" What the… I mean, Do you really think he's gonna smoke his joint while having a meeting with his ministers…. come on! The reason why Charest is still on top is that people doesn't know for whom to vote, nobody seems to fit with what people want's…. and might I add that I think there are too much elderly people in Quebec, that are stuck on liberal party… It's like if nobody has the faculty to think for a sec! Hey!

    Anyway, you may vote for ADQ, PQ, PLQ…. you'll stay in the same crap that's for sure. We need new ideas, new and young leaders please!!

  48. To Bill 101: Speaking of racism… were you part of the group that came to Montreal with Jean Chretien to say that you "love" Quebec at the last referendum? Anyway….The current government is lead by a former federal conservative party member converted to a liberal provincial federalist. So… why do you think we want this to stop that once and for all? Quebec always had problems with federalist politicians that don't really care about us. Don't you think that Canada will live better without all these unproductive debates? It is not about language, we are working in english with people around the world and we don't request them to speak french, including rest of Canada. It is about differences in culture, not one culture being better than another one… just different… and it is not our Honorable Prime who can understand that, can you?

    • No – that was Elsie Wayne and Bernard Valcourt ..oh and Jean Charest! All looking to polish their own apples by staging an event in which they could be seen and photographed front and centre… <LOL> Lookit them now. Elsie twitching and drooling, Charest twirling and dancing in the wind…Bernie? He's doing OK.
      Quebec's drip drip drip drain on Canada, the "death by a thousand cuts" must cease. Oh. And Canada gets the Seaway. Don't even think about that !! And the highway corridor to Atlantic Canada!! Ours, or we'll poison your wells.
      I think a good first start towards the inevitable would be to get our military stuff out of there. Close Bagotville. You can have the buildings, and Longueille. Shut er down. Oh yes, and you don't own any frigates anymore either.
      Divorces are such fun.

  49. The people of Quebec know that their politics is corrupt. They just don't appreciate outsiders rubbing their noses into the fact.

  50. The truth about Quebec corruption would never see the light of day with the mainstream media censors deleting every word.

    • What mainstream media?

      This mainstream media is responsible for what's coming out under light. You could not have posted anything more ridiculous.

  51. But Canada LOVES Quebec so much! Continue to fill buses as in 1995 with, what I suppose, was surely not corrupted money… Like if corruption would only occur in Quebec… You should instead
    be proud of the few brave enough to denonciate instead of the others who are hiding because they're scared!

    Well Mr Patriquin, I could have done a so unprofessionnal work only by taking two references and without going deeper as I did when I was a 16 years old student in high school! It looks like: apples are red, tomatoes are red, so apples are tomatoes…

    P.S. Separatism comes from the failure of federalism. If federalism would work as it should, separatism would not exist anymore…

  52. A Donald Rouleau,

    Je penses exactement comme vous.BRAVO

    Louise Beauchamp

  53. LIberals, conservatives, federalists, all the same, all corrupted. Sure I dont feel Canadian. Its time.

    • Actually you are correct. The excesses of the Canada Revenue Agency – The Taxers – are well documented but we don;t talk about that. The Fifth Estate did , but no one seems to have caught that segment. I am not Canadian at all, I am more a citizen of the world. I will, despite their best efforts get my saving and investments offshore now that I approach retirement.
      Part of my decision comes from being made a foreigner in my own land (I am a United Empire Loyalist) and therefore why not move some place where I genuinely AM a foreigner and embrace it? Why not move some place where my Doctor will spend an hour with me, and perhaps we end up zip lining in the rain forest..because he is not a money grubbing 3-examining room junkie? Where hospitals see you immediately and where they have spent billions on top of the line staff and equipment? and finally part of my decision comes from watching my money be chiseled away, my purchasing power decline over the years in a country and an economy that is demonstrably not sustainable. Hear me. Canada with Quebec and with the National Health Act is not sustainable at current rates, and Boomers will pay.

      Now. Where to go? One choice stands proud above all others- Costa Rica. My money and investments however will reside in Nevis, the Caribbean. If you have the means to get out, I urge you to take a look at doing it before CRA closes ALL the doors.

  54. No wonder we still have problems in this country, ignorance is key in conflicts. I am saddened today by this display of poor judgment from your part.

    It’s my second time this year that I am reacting toward your lack of objectivity. The first time was on your so-called article about Montreal being dangerous. This time I can’t even qualify how low your paper goes.

    Coming from a «wanna be» city like Toronto, I understand that it needs a boost but it’s not by spreading stupid lies and propaganda that it will elevate your beige and tasteless city. It’s not by tarnishing Quebec’s image that it will adorn yours. Using Bonhomme Carnaval to illustrate your senceless texts is disgusting. At least we have an icon to represent who we are. I wonder what yours would look like. If I refer to the head offices you stole from us, the film festival you copied from the Venice, the buildings you copied from Chicago and New York, the festivals, the fashion industry, the 3D animation your try to take from us…. Not very edifying isn’t it. Bashing upon others will never elevate you to where you’d like to be. Be real copying others will always make you second.

    I am a proud Canadian; I speak French, English and 3 other languages so I can say I have a good idea of what my country is all about. I am extremely offended by your poor judgment and believe you are very desperate to have to go that low to sell your paper.

    My province is facing its demons and is trying to shed light on problems in front of the public eye. It shows courage and dignity, and it displays a willingness to rid our institutions of these irritants.

    I certainly can’t say the same about you.

    In a perfect world, one day, we will see a beige version of Bonhomme Carnaval in front of a fake version of the CN tower done out of ice cubes to imitate our ice castel, built in front of all the head offices of the banks that you stole from us during the referendum.
    Every one in the rest of Canada is aware of the fact that instead of working on your own identity you prefer spying on the other provinces and later on, either imitate them or bluntly try to steel what ever is in your interest, Very American as a behavior isn’t it? Why don’t you separate since your acting like them. It’s simply pathetic.

    You can try all you want, but at least we have an identity, our music, films, arts, is the envy of many other countries, instead of ruining our weak unity and making our country implode, just accept the fact that you have to do a reality check as Ontarians. Some soul searching would help, make us proud…One day, I’d sincerely love to say, Go to TO it’s a very exquiste city…..But will I live long enough.

    Serge Caron

  55. Once in awhile a big bad slap in the face is necessary to get politicians to wake up and smell the coffee and clean up their act. Quebecers have been asking Charest over and over again, for a commission on the construction industry as there are many allegations that some really dirty business is going on with contracts.

    But Charest decided to do the Bastarache commission instead because he was insulted by comments made by his ex chief of justice who reported that Charest had put pressure onn him to name certain judges. I would say that most people would be sued in governments as many say bad things about how the government runs. We all know that there are some nominations who are made due to party financing rewards…that is not new and it happens all over Canada not just in Québec. But Charest….decided to make a big thing about it and sued Bellemare for $700,000.

    Maclean's sensational front cover which I think was done in bad taste will sell a lot of copies that's for sure. The positive
    out of this nasty slap in the face, might be that the house gets cleaned out for a better government. That is the wish of Quebecers who are very upset.

  56. The main problem is that a significant percentage of people prefer to vote to corrupt politicians than separatist politicians. That's why Quebec is the most corrupted province.

    • Separatists are out in full force today. You are a hypocrite or blind if you think separatists are angels. Logic like that, is what makes corruption possible.

      • Separatists are very far from being a threat nowadays. It's not the 90's anymore, please…

  57. This is an outrage. As if political bagmen only existed in Quebec. As if political appointments to the bench happened only in Quebec. This is a society that emerged 40 years ago from decades of the most flagrant political corruption and more than ANY other in Canada took determined and legislated steps to remove this odium from public life. That it is sensitive to accusations from less-determined jurisdictions should not be a surprise.

    Maybe the real surprise is that this province has a still-functioning press that can actually root out dirt. Sanctimonious comments need to be looked at in terms of where they come from. BC is fast becoming ungovernable since the electorate has discovered the pleasures of recall. Alberta is poisoning itself through its destruction of its rivers and agriculture with business and government whistling past the graveyard…. SasK. and MAN have urgent issues with their native populations, Ontario carries more per capita debt than California (which is going broke). NL complains about contracts signed in good faith, and based on the opinions of English Canada today, we can be reasonably sure that if the positions were reversed they would be about as accommodating as Quebec is towards them. Goddamn French whiners. You hear it and read it everyday.

    Absolutely amazing that I as a self-identifying English Canadian Montrealer, a Liberal my whole life, could actually begin to think that sovereignty for Quebec would be best for me and my family. How can I be proud to be Canadian when the contempt that my country feels for me and my province is so plain?

    How would Albertans feel to hear themselves described as Klansmen? Manitobans as inbred Ukies? British Columbians as social deviants? Yet you can say all of those things about Quebecers if you use the right code. When the other provinces press their case it's always reasonable somehow. When Quebec does it's whining.

    Thank you for your cover. You got attention, but I doubt you got more sales. I know better than to think that you will actually decide to make your own life uncomfortable by investigating corruption under your own nose.

  58. By how? Printing the same piece in the next issue but with question mark at the end of the title? There are times that things need to be said no matter how hurtful. I hope this will encourage soul searching and self reflection among politicians in the country. May this also open the eyes among us voters, and let us reflect our culpability in voting corrupt officials in office. They did not get there without our vote. Next Issue should be about the first runner up province, probably BC?

    • Uh, ever heard of the Internet? It's a magical world where you can edit texts on the fly! Most people commenting here never read the paper, it's 2010 after all.

  59. Why do you think quebecers see us English canadians like that? People like you really don't help the situation. Look at yourself first, maybe change some views you have and you'll find out they're very similar to us…

  60. je n'ai rien contre le fait que les "quebecois" se separent et non pas le Quebec, le territoire qui appartient au Canada. pour les souverainistes on va faire des reserves qu'on les appelera , disons, Separawake, avec Mme Marois grand chef.

  61. Quebec has a corruption problem. It is worse than other provinces. The problem stems from their "culture". By considering themselves separate and distinct, and being mad as hell about not really being separate and distinct because they need the rest of Canada a lot, they developed a belief that any behaviour, even criminal behaviour was acceptable as long as they were sticking it to the English. Trouble is, this sort of thing has a habit of spreading into other behavioural and philosophical excuses for playing the game under the table… lot of Quebecers go get their cigarettes from the Indians for example. And calling them First Nations didn't make them change into upstanding citizens . David Orchard wrote a book on Mulroney before politics in which he and Hal Banks and the Seafarers International Union and a bunch of thugs and robbers (Mellow was a lawyer) were corruption prone. Interesting stuff.. but also stuff from half a century ago… plus ca change eh?

    • Marcus stop masturbate.

      • Is that your "best shot" Yves? Don't get any on ya' now, hear? With every splooge you lose intellect Yves, and it appears you're down a couple of quarts. (sorry – litres)

    • funny that EVERY major corruption case in Qc has included federalist, trying to buy quebec, the federal gvt spent millions of $$ to plaster the canadian flag all over quebec so the province wouldn't separate, and to illegally effect the votes on the 95 referendum.. i really wonder whose culture encourages corruption.

  62. You'll have to provide the date of the next referendum.

    • Beleive me.
      If this Quebec bashing continues from the rest of Canada and eventually a majority Conservative government
      is elected at Ottawa, it will come sooner than later.
      Just watch us !

  63. Well, certainly your comments have set out for us the scope of the problem. Quebec has fostered within itself the type of climate that is common in closed societies that for whatever reason wish to shut out things like…well the most well established and adaptable language in the world. But that's another story. Quebec's corruption is endemic and runs to the core of it's identity. The Mafia has been there forever and it used to be chi chi to go to Jean Talon and habituate certain Mafia Bars hoping to see a wise guy. That is at one end of the spectrum. At the other end, as a Chicago mob boss said once "Government is the best game of all." and from the get go the Mob has put the squeeze on pols and judges corrupt cops and probably Sunday school teachers !
    So something wierd happens here—-some times a society gets all moralistic and conservative and Victorian. Other times? Well, other times it embraces the systemic crime and criminality and as long as everything is kept in balance, life goes on. "laissez faire" was born here. That's why the Calabrazzi have been allowed to exist for so long, and that is why the street gangs challenging the old Moustache Petes are upsetting the balance lately.. Haitians with knives in the Metro. Guyana ex-pats dealing drugs in the stairwell. It all starts from the top down.

  64. JeEntrez le texte ici ! Je sis en party d' accord

  65. J.
    Je suis Montréalaise de naissance et je suis en partie d'accord avec vous. Le problème au Québec est qu'il y a un insecte dévastateur
    qui est là depuis 40 ans et que plus un seul Québécois bien intentionné ne peut mettre un pied devant l'autre sans se faire descendre par cet insecte qui s'appelle le Bloc Québécois le parti Québécois. les anciens membres du FLQ, (encouragé par un reportage sur leurs FRASQUES payé par Radio-Canada) et les socialistes du Québec Solidaire.
    Ces parties ne peuvent accéder à la souveraineté par élection ou par référendum, iLS ATTAQUENT AUTREMENT, PAR Leur propagande et leur langue acérée, méchante qui ne représente pas heureusement tous les québécois ,f M. Bellemare est un homme narcissique qui boudait en plein conseil parlementaire parce que ses confrères ne le mettait pas sur plateau d'or lorsqu'il était ministre de la justice. Que penser de M. Harper qui nomme au sénat que des conservateurs.?que penser de Mme Harel P".Q et M.Labonté. .est-ce pareil en Ontario?. ? Avez-vous des courtiers malfaiteurs, des politiciens crasses?

  66. This is the dumbest article I ever Heard!! Quebec is not doing anything and why the hell did you guys decide to put a picture of Bonhomme Carnaval he did not do anything he is just a person who loves people and celebrates a-lot……In general
    This is a FALSE ARTICLE and Mostley IT IS NOT TRUE!

  67. I am a French Canadian, very proud to be a Quebecois, but I have to agree that even without Mcleans article, I myself could've writen an article about how corrupt my province's leaders have become.
    I pay so many taxes for services I never get, I can't even have a family doctor anymore because my political leader's screwed that up.
    My car won't even last me 5 years because the roads are so screwed up.
    the list goes on and on.
    This represents our leaders and not the common folk living in Quebec… as the English term goes "Power Corrupts" and Quebec is going to clean up it's act and get better because we have always collectively overcome any obstacles.
    Please, all of you Quebec basher's and there are too many of you, leave the people out of this and concentrate on the politicians. Before you cast the first stone look at what your own politicians have and are doing.
    No one is perfect but Quebecer's will fix this on their own while all the other's keep bashing, remember what does not kill you makes you stronger.

  68. In Quebec even The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is corrupt. Section 10 is used to decide the availibility of Human Right protection at The Quebec Human Rights Commission.
    Section 10 bases that availibility on race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.
    Section 10 makes the Quebec Human Rights Commission take the same unlawfull action it was mandated to stop.
    The Quebec Human Rights Commission discriminates against people based on race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

  69. I totally agree with Kay. We let the news affect us and destroy one another rather than to stay united and stand for our rights.There is a lot of hate out there. Where is it going to lead us to ….. spiritually speaking of course…… if there is still room for spirituality.
    As souls…. as children of God………Is this what we want?
    What the world needs now……is love sweet love……Remember that song…..
    Je suis entièrement d'accord avec Kay. Nous laissons les médias nous influencer et nous nous détruisons plutôt que de demeurer solidaire et se réunir pour faire respecter nos droits. Il y a beaucoup de haine qui véhicule ici. Où est-ce que ça va nous conduire…….. spirituellement évidemment……. s'il y a encore de la place pour la spiritualité…..
    En tant qu'âmes……. enfants de Dieu….. sommes nous fier?
    Quand les gens vivront d'amour …… il n'y aura plus de misère……Souvenez-vous de cette chanson?

  70. The best use I found with the maclean's magazine is when I'm in the woods for moose hunting and I cannot find bathroom tissues…I carefully use the page of Andrew Coynes cause he shaves his beard on a daily base and it does a great cleaning job and it also suits his bad breath.and finally it is very ecological…that's what I call toronto garbage!!

  71. This is an outrage. As if political bagmen only existed in Quebec. As if political appointments to the bench happened only in Quebec. This is a society that emerged 40 years ago from decades of the most flagrant political corruption and more than ANY other in Canada took determined and legislated steps to remove this odium from public life. That it is sensitive to accusations from less-determined jurisdictions should not be a surprise.

  72. Hi Bill,
    You are not very well versed and speaking out with your own words seems to be foreing to you. Seems you need to borrow your ideas from the common mob because being rational is probably very hard for someone like you.
    From what you write you sound like a biggot and a racist yourself. It sad when you see someone's emotions get the better of them, and then generalize and attack and blame each and every women child or man of different culture.
    Hitler once did that, he generalized against the Jews didn't he…
    I hope you obtain your high school diploma soon because this will help you understand how to think and live in society.

  73. With a population over 2 millions Toronto has at least a few dozens of idiots…you can read them on this blog…what can you expect when you have the maple leafs to cheer!!

  74. L'article parle de:
    "…made-in-Quebec corruption that has affected the province's political culture at every level".
    Les exemples les plus connus impliquent des politiciens libéraux « at every level ».
    Il serait souhaitable de corriger l'affirmation citée plus haut avec un constat plus restreint, plus précis car la "Made-in-Quebec corruption" implique des politiciens d'allégence libérale à tous les niveaux, même municipal lorsqu'on connait les liens existant avec l'administration de Montréal. On peut même étendre le commentaire aux politiciens fédéralistes de la province dans leur ensemble lorsqu'on pense au côté obscur du gouvernement conservateur de Brian Mulroney, en dépit de ses autres mérites.

  75. In Quebec even The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is corrupt. Section 10 is used to decide the availibility of Human Right protection at The Quebec Human Rights Commission.
    Section 10 bases that availibility on race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.
    Section 10 makes the Quebec Human Rights Commission take the same unlawfull action it was mandated to stop.
    The Quebec Human Rights Commission discriminates against people based on race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability

  76. votre Affirmation en plus d'etre sauvage et irrespectueuse est non fondé peut etre que c'est parce que dans vos provinces vous ettes des suiveux et vous prenez ce que disent vos politichiens comme l'absolue veritée sans meme vous demander si ca vaut la peine de verifier vous parlez a travers votre chapeau on reconnait bien la le journalisme sensationalisme

    • ouvre toi donc les yeux, l'article A raison. Nos politiciens SONT corrompus, nos syndicats SONT corrompus aussi. Ton message ne contient aucun arguments logique pour faire tenir ton discourt. Ça nous aide pas plus que si un enfant dit "bande de pas fin, moi je joue plus". T'es pas d'accord avec l'article, parfait! quel sont tes arguments?

  77. 26K to move 11 pictured of quebec judges from Montreal to Qc City… nah corrupt? never quebec…

  78. C'est triste de voir qu'au lieu de profter de cet article pour se poser des questions on crie haut et fort au quebec bashing et au racisme. Pauvres québécois, on est vraiment trop cons. C'est le reste du Canada qui devrait se séparer de nous.

  79. I am from Brossard, I am francophone, I voted ''Yes'' at the last 2 referendums, and we have to be honest, Maclean's article is totally TRUE.
    It is sad but Maurice Duplessis, Jean Chrétien,Brian Mulroney and Jean Charest all come fron Québec.

  80. Gotcha — corruption OK, a percieved insult of the Bonhomme bad.

    So if they had put a middle-aged guy in a suit with a briefcase full of cash on the cover, that would have been OK? Because there's no problem with putting the corruption under the microscope, it's all about the iconography, right?

    Ya the racist Ducepppe wants an apology! Now that is funny!
    Yes Quebec is corrupt!
    Yes Quebec does breed racism!
    Priorities all messed up – language BS, restriction of rights for education
    Roads falling apart
    Horrible health care
    and we are CONTROLLED by the construction industry
    What a nice place!

  82. I live in Quebec City and we do have our problems like any other Province in this beautiful Country called; Canada. But why are we always trying to help the separation cause with these kind of articles. Alberta has issues with all the oil scandals, Ontario with its own inside politics …. so please stop bashing us. This only hurts us being ONE country. Do your reports but be more open minded. Everytime I travel to Toronto for work, I get comments from citizens about the fact I'm from Quebec, it hurts and I'm always working to bring us together. Lets look at our similarities and stop pointing at our differences.

    PS: Using the Bonhomme Carnaval was a big lack in taste. He doesn't represent that. He represents a Carnaval for family, outside winter fun and sports … the winter Carnaval is not corrupt.

  83. I take exception to the photo using the Quebec Carnaval icon to express your openions on Quebec. This will further move Quebecers to cut out Canada as a constitutional partner. Do us a favour and have the Canadian Government to host a referendum to expell Quebec from Canada. This will settle the problem once and for all. Let us do our business our way and you do yours your way.
    Gilles St pierre

  84. version francaise et anglaise / message post in french and anglish

    C'est vrai!.! C'est plus que triste, c'est pathétique. Au Québec, on est toujours meilleur que tout le monde, on se trompe jamais et on lave toujours plus blanc que blanc. FAUX! Je suis très en accord avec la une de Maclean's, et OUI c'est vrai qu'il y a de la corruption mur a mur au Québec. Je suis québecois et je suis d'accord cet article, et je m'adresse a tous les autres québécois qui font leur victime : nos gouvernements SONT corrompus, les entreprises qui obtiennent les contrats public SONT corrompus et les syndicats comme la FTQ SONT pourris jusqu'à la moelle.

    Il reste beaucoup de gens honnête qui font leur gros possible pour gagner leur vie, le probleme c'est que ce n'est pas ceux qui ont le pouvoir. Je ne crois plus en notre système, et notre beau modèle québécois est de la merde. Ici on traite mieux nos criminels en prison que nos malades dans les hopitaux, vive le québec libre, pis quoi encore. Message a tout ceux qui chialent :vous prouvez encore une fois que les québécois n'ont pas d'opinion, il n'ont que des émotions.

    It's the truth! And it's more than sad, it's pathetic. In Québec, We think that we are best than everyone, we never do mistake and we always wash more white than white. WRONG! I agree with Maclean's cover and report, and I ask to all Quebecers who does there victim: our government ARE corrupt wall to wall, enterprises who receive contract from them ARE corrupt and union like FTQ are more than corrupt, there are rotten.

    Still, there are good people in quebec. People who work hard, who only wants the best for there family. But the problem is they don't have the power. I stoped to belive in our system, and in our “Quebecer model”, this is s**t. Here we considerer more our criminal in our prison than our sick people in our hospital, free quebec, yeah right.. Message to all Quebecer who cry about this report, you prove once again that Quebecer don't have opinion, they only have emotion.

  85. Let me try my hand at serious and objective journalism

    1. Write an article that is meant to inflame and insult a specific community
    2. Use any means you can find to use part of the facts to make my argument. Don't point out any trends contradictory to my theory
    3. At the end of the article, pre-empt any criticism and claim immunity from any arguments poking at my logic by declaring that anypotential criticism of my *flawless logic* is due to the lack of objectivity of the person doing the criticism

    Sounds like fun! Let me try!

    1. People like to Quebec bash
    2. If you criticise anything from my comment (even the font) you are proving my point.

    Can I get my check please, Macleans? And while we are on our mighty horse, let's pretend along with Mr. Coyne that receiving money to incite hate is NOT corruption.

    • What was all that Bert? Geeze. Journalism shines spotlights on things society at large must know and therefore correct (at least that was how it was supposed to work in the invention of "democracy) The educated people, tiring of the filth the lice, the pustules of disease rise and evolve their society. Now we no longer gather at the well, except maybe in Afghanistan or DR Congo, so society must become informed and educated about the travails that exist. Quebec has systemic corruption. They have corrufscated off onto the ROC FOR SOME TIME NOW. The disease must be eradicated. We gave the HIV carriers a free pass in 1984 and look what happened. Now, the same kind of myopia will not serve us well. It is incumbent on journalists to shine the light on the dirty corners of society where the skallawags and parasites gather to feed from the rest of us. What we need is a Special Branch, perhaps operating OUTSIDE the RCMP…perhaps a JTF2, CSIS and Law Enforcement organization, modelled on the A-Team B-Teams of the Green Berets perhaps (intelligence/investigation in 1 and action directe in the other. Like the French SDECE that defeated the OAS. Only thing is, there cannot be any constitutional constraints on them. OK? Getting the job done of cleansing requires no wiggle room in the Trudeau constitution..which he perhaps had written to protect these very people. Hmmmmm….

  86. Grand talent……..le canada anglais

  87. Il y a de ça plusieurs années, j'avais pris un abonnement à la revue Maclean's me disant qu'il était temps de me familiariser avec le point de vue Canadien. L'expérience fut brève. Ce commentaire de Vincent Marissal dans La Presse de ce matin résume plutôt bien mon constat d'alors:

    "… que Maclean's se lance dans une analyse politico-ethnologique à cinq cents (signée par un chroniqueur, Andrew Coyne, qui ne parle pas un mot de français et qui ne connaît pas le Québec) pour affirmer que la corruption réside dans les gênes du Québécois moyen, notamment à cause de la tare du nationalisme, cela est parfaitement risible.

    On peut légitimement s'offusquer de telles âneries, mais franchement, elles font plus de mal à leur auteur et au magazine qui les publie qu'à la «tribu» dont elle prétend avoir percé les secrets."

  88. cela aurais due etres dit et écrit au québec, depuis longtemps, tout le monde le pense et le dit depuis tres longtemps.nous avons les politiciens les plus corrompu et selon eux nous sommes les meilleurs dans tous les domaines , taxes, impots , tvq,prix de l'essences incompréhensible , routes détruites , systeme de santé, éducation,rien ne fonctionne ici, et apres on se fache parce que les autres canadiens le disent eux ! pas fier d'etres québécois et BRAVO Mcclean,s. jacques ,québec.

  89. Maclean's is corrupt pro-Ontario propaganda Magazine
    I am a Canadian/Quebecer and Montrealer. I am proud to be Canadian and Quebecer at the same time and I hate Maclean's because the only thing you know is Quebec batching…I think Ontario can be worst but you never say anyting because you Magazine is Courrupt. Toronto crime is WAY more hight than Montreal…You have many murders and crime you remind me of the USA. I am sick of you batchin Quebec …This is not a French/English issue because even english people in Quebec hate Toronto. We may have issues in Quebec but …as they say ''let He witout a sin trow the first stone''. I am A true proud Montrealer We will never surrender to your propaganda.

  90. The fact that we have this inquiry commission proves that fact that we, Quebecers, are corrupt. How would you explain the fact that a former Justice Minister, a lawyer with 30 years of experience makes such allegations supporting it with only a piece of a cardboard with his writing that he made 6 years ago. If he had a client who asked him what chances he had to succeed in this commission, I am sure Mr. Bellemare would have said: you have no chances but still he himself went for it. One possible explanation is that Mr. Bellemare lacks intellectual facilities, which is hard to believe, which leaves the other possible explanation: someone is paying for it to bring down Liberals or Mr. Charest himself.
    I don't have to read Maclean's to know that we are corrupt. Just the other day I asked the head of the payroll department at the company where I work whether we had any paid personal days. She said no, but you can take a sick day and do your thing…. This leaves us in the “wild west” that Quebec is.

  91. Un article tendancieux, partial et injuste. Demandez-vous pourquoi tant de Québécois veulent se séparer du ROC !

  92. Another low in Canadian journalism. I understand that the paper news medium might have trouble in selling their product, but I would never dream that Macleans would sink to such depth to sell what has now become no more than a showy headline carrier. Trash Montreal in 2009, Quebec in 2010, if it sells why not, eh?
    What was once a reputable canadian news magazine is now becoming a trash paper fit only for the redneck Quebec bashers.
    Good job!

  93. I was born and raised in Québec, I'm a Francophone, I still live in Québec and contrary to the politicians who cry foul, I have to agree wholeheartedly with the story.

    The past five years don't lie. The Gomery commission uncovered some shady dealings between Québec-based communications agencies and -surprise, surprise- federal politicians from Québec. All the scandals that have rocked Montreal and now a former justice minister who's doing a tell-all about judges connected with the Liberal Party who got promotions.

    Quebecers lack the intestinal fortitude to look at themselves in a critical way. It's much easier to blame others. In this case, it's much easier to claim Quebec-bashing and lash out at Macleans rather than look inwards.

    Politicians don't like the truth. They're used to lying; it's part of the job description. But when an outsider tells you the truth, man up and face the facts. Politicians have created this monster and yet, they don't want to look at it in the eye.

  94. I think a more accurate headline would be "Quebec: The Most Corrupt province that we bother to cover.

    Seeing as Canada's national magazine only covers political news in three or four provinces, the headline might well be accurate.

  95. Right on Laurie; I agree 100% with you !! Les Québécois, en général ( et je m'inclus là-dedans ) nous sommes Champions pour chialler et critiquer les autres, mais quand la critique est dirigée contre nous on joue les " pauvres victimes innocentes "!!!! By the way Maclean's article criticizes the Québec govt and NOT the quebecois themselves. The article does not reveal anything that any informed Quebecer who reads the newspapers once in a while ,didn't already know… SO WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL…
    Moi aussi, Laurie je suis Canadien ( et fier de l'être ), je suis aussi Québecois, francophone and absolutely and totally bilingual and proud of it… Que celui qui a des yeux, voit…. Que celui qui a des oreilles, entende…

  96. Disant qu'un problème est <plus présente> au Québec que dans les autre provinces n'est pas du tout la meme affaire que disant qu'il est un problème typiquement québecois.

  97. Money corrupts. Capitalism, the ideology of money and power, corrupts absolutely.


  99. Bravo Maclean's pour votre franchise! En fait, vivre au Québec c'est d'accepter de travailler pour payer les caprices de nos dirigeants et réparer les erreurs de notre gouvernement provincial. Mais c'est vous dans le reste du Canada, qui dites à voix haute ce que nous les petits moutons du Québec pensons à voix basse.

  100. Five simple words explains all political corruption. The Liberal Party of Canada! But you stupid lefties will still vote for them.

  101. I Can’t say nothing but agree with you guys, I,myself at the start,hate the fact that I live in this damn part of Canada…The way they took millions of bucks from cultural and artistic departement makes me sick,I’m an artist myself so it couldn’t be worse than that.I plan to move in Vancouver or Toronto when I’ll have the finances^^’

    Et pour ceux qui se le demandent,oui je parle le Francais mais bon,citez moi un endroit ou cela pourrait être utile en dehors de nôtre chère province,j’ai cité:Le Québec.À moins que vous ne voudriez déménager en France XD

  102. I know this may be old news now, but Boooy…

    Do I have some new news 4 you people :) 

    I will prove that Quebec IS the most… inconsiderate, negligent and disconcerted province, as it pertains to women and children, FOR SURE! 
    Want to know more… it`s a long, loong, looong story, spanning over 2 years now… all I can say is that it comes complete with lies, deceit and a justice system resembling, for most parts the local market?Should I say more?

    Anyone interested can live their comments for ( I hope to be able to tell the story to them, as they are the only media that had the guts to expose things, up to now)


    Thank you

  103. Surprise, surprise, more slime, sleaze, and corruption in Kebec, NOT!!! 

    This is the way business is done in Kebec and had been for decades. The greater concern is how this disgusting practice now runs Ottawa and many other governments across the country. We all know about Kebec, but what most people don’t realize is this is happening all over the country. This type of mentality was brought to Ottawa in the 1960”s by Trudeau and his gang of anti-English language bigots from Kebec.

     If people only knew the billions being funnelled into Kebec and into French language programs and communities across the country, it would make them puke. Yes billions yearly into phony hiring programs for the French, bilingual bs…billions wasted yearly. Kebec is dysfunctional but so is Ottawa where all the money is handed out. Its also run by Kebec, a complete disaster.

  104. Quebec the most corrupt province ? And this is news to whom ?  I knew that when I was 11, and living there. It is the in your face kind of corruption that involves poor snow removal (an essential service, poor emergency services, an example is the ICE STORM, the Police (all), the courts, the Board of Education and their abuse of English students. The existence of the Language Police, as an ‘official’ force of abuse, repression, corruption, hatred, etc….so very unCanadian.  But that is right…the French say they don’t live in Canada.  Mmmm….guess we better take their passports back, and stop all federal funding. Wonder where they are living?? Wierd. 

  105. I enjoy reading the classics. It is refreshing to see how constant the themes are…like it was last year…

  106. It would be nice, since we have said twice that we want to stay in Canada, That some form of federal supervision or help to clean up this province be given. So much of our tax money is being wasted and there is nothing we can do. The middle class is taking all the shots. The Prime minister of Canada should step up to the plate and help those canadians who happen to live in Quebec.

  107. Worse, corruption in Quebec is not only in the construction industry !! If somebody is accused, where does it go ? It goes through the “Justice” system, with the lawyers and judges who are just as corrupt !! And incompetent on top of that ! Then they call the court of law : “PALAIS DE JUSTICE” ! This has nothing to do with Justice. In Quebec the word Justice is violated thousands of times every day,  ! I have long stories to tell about the so called Quebec Justice System !
    Best regards.

    • I agree with you 100% since I experienced the same thing

  108. That’s 100% truth

  109. Quebec is the only province taking care of corruption in his own backyard…if you believe that Quebec is the one and only canadian province with a corruption problem!! You probably still believe in Santa Claus.But some stupid rednecks will use that show how racists they are…but just think of it…Quebec is the one and only province of Canada not afraid to do something about corruption.

    • eating your words now? alberta is not like this. pull your head out of your arce

  110. Let’s assume that Quebec is in fact the most corrupted canadian province…whose second??

  111. In fact Ontario is the first one according to RCMP.

  112. Really ?? Corruption in Canada ? thought the corruption was on in third world countries ! You think you are forward when actually you are totally backward class of people, petty minded and bullies – squabbling over a language. Get over it !

  113. For the last month, I’ve been watching the Charbonneau commission wich investigates the corruption in political financing in Quebec. So, where are the apologies from the people who said you were wrong two years ago?

    Just asking.

  114. In Canada we allow self regulatory agencies..Those organizing that are allowed to investigate themselves are hiding a lot..

    Like medical ill persons being put in psych wards by police who are told not to file an incident report..Anyone injured or misdiagnosed in the ER call fall prey to this kind of victimization in my opinion and personal experience.

    Any complaints of fraud, cover up and abuse will be covered up.

    Is not only Quebec that is corrupt this problem is wide spread in my opinion.

  115. I hope Macleans will report about the Ford mafia in Toronto. It looks 100 times worst than Québec and Montréal. Stick this in your ass!!!!

  116. In light of the current situations, and three years later, I believe that accusing McLeans of “Quebec bashing” was far from the mark. Don’t you?

  117. British Columbia corruption rampant within Vancouver area school districts & must be federally investigated, as it is beyond BC Government’s ability or want of ( in my most strongest opionion and personal experinece).