The Most Dangerous Cities in Canada: Murder rate

2009 Maclean’s National Crime Rankings

2007 Murder rates as a percentage difference from the national rate
Area Population % difference Rank
PORT COQUITLAM, B.C. * 59,732 364.70 1
EDMONTON 763,732 132.61 2
WINNIPEG 653,733 120.79 3
SASKATOON 206,365 115.21 4
VANCOUVER 609,785 100.29 5
CALGARY 1,038,481 87.10 6
SURREY, B.C. 425,428 82.69 7
HALIFAX 215,830 80.05 8
TORONTO 2,651,717 75.86 9
TROIS-RIVIÈRES, QUE. 127,190 74.59 10
NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C. 64,161 73.05 11
LANGLEY TOWNSHIP, B.C. 100,591 65.57 12
SAINT-JÉRÔME, QUE. 67,600 64.25 14
SAINT JOHN, N.B. 69,357 60.09 15
CHILLIWACK, B.C. 72,491 53.16 16
REGINA 183,540 51.23 17
SARNIA, ONT. 74,253 49.53 18
MAPLE RIDGE, B.C. 76,267 45.58 19
SUDBURY, ONT. 162,438 36.70 20
LETHBRIDGE, ALTA. 82,146 35.16 21
MONTREAL 1,871,846 21.60 22
BARRIE, ONT. 139,298 19.56 23
HURONIA WEST, ONT. 51,263 8.29 24
KELOWNA, B.C. (Rural) 51,560 7.67 25
HAMILTON 519,741 6.81 27
CODIAC REGION, N.B. 104,650 6.10 28
FREDERICTON 52,339 6.07 29
TRACADIE-SHEILA, N.B. 54,869 1.18 30
WINDSOR, ONT. 220,569 0.68 31
BURNABY, B.C. 221,856 0.09 32
KELOWNA, B.C. 113,109 -1.84 33
THUNDER BAY, ONT. 114,286 -2.85 34
OTTAWA 846,169 -8.15 36
ARTHABASKA MRC, QUE. 67,618 -17.90 37
WATERLOO REGION, ONT. 496,370 -21.71 38
LONDON, ONT. 362,561 -23.44 39
CALEDON, ONT. 73,877 -24.85 40
PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. 73,911 -24.89 41
SHERBROOKE, QUE. 149,875 -25.92 42
LAVAL, QUE. 381,651 -27.27 43
PEEL REGION, ONT. 1,222,639 -27.35 44
THÉRÈSE-DE-BLAINVILLE, QUE. 80,080 -30.68 45
MASKOUTAINS MRC, QUE. 82,456 -32.67 46
KAMLOOPS, B.C. 83,527 -33.54 47
NANAIMO, B.C. 83,648 -33.63 48
WELLINGTON COUNTY, ONT. 88,944 -37.58 49
BRANTFORD, ONT. 93,156 -40.41 51
RICHMOND, B.C. 193,164 -42.52 52
LONGUEUIL, QUE. 395,168 -43.81 53
DURHAM REGION, ONT. 595,354 -44.05 54
KINGSTON, ONT. 119,423 -53.51 55
GUELPH, ONT. 120,254 -53.84 56
TERREBONNE, QUE. 121,845 -54.44 57
YORK REGION, ONT. 975,501 -54.47 58
GATINEAU-MÉTRO, QUE. 251,274 -55.81 59
MRC VAUDREUIL-SOUL. 126,383 -56.07 60
COQUITLAM, B.C. 133,218 -58.33 61
ABBOTSFORD, B.C. 135,253 -58.95 62
NIAGARA REGION, ONT. 433,946 -61.62 63
SAGUENAY, QUE. 144,924 -61.69 64
ST. JOHN’S 182,605 -69.60 65
HALTON REGION, ONT. 468,980 -76.33 66
QUEBEC CITY 535,321 -100.00 100
HALIFAX COUNTY, , N.S. 169,627 -100.00 100
LÉVIS, QUE. 133,470 -100.00 100
SAANICH, B.C. 112,335 -100.00 100
CHATHAM-KENT, ONT. 109,123 -100.00 100
CAPE BRETON, N.S. 103,418 -100.00 100
DELTA, B.C. 103,323 -100.00 100
RED DEER, ALTA. 97,038 -100.00 100
VICTORIA, B.C. 95,477 -100.00 100
DRUMMOND MRC, QUE. – (DRUMMOND MRC, 24526) 95,448 -100.00 100
NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. 90,864 -100.00 100
ST.JEAN-SUR-RICHELIEU, QUE. 88,803 -100.00 100
REPENTIGNY, QUE. 86,644 -100.00 100
SAULT STE. MARIE, ONT. 76,136 -100.00 100
CHÂTEAUGUAY, QUE. 69,899 -100.00 100
ST. ALBERT, ALTA. 64,535 -100.00 100
NORFOLK, ONT. 63,864 -100.00 100
OXFORD COMMUNITY, ONT. 62,221 -100.00 100
GRANBY, QUE. 60,902 -100.00 100
MEDICINE HAT, ALTA. 60,246 -100.00 100
OROMOCTO, N.B. 59,890 -100.00 100
SOUTH SIMCOE, ONT., MUNICIPAL, ONT. – (Bradford West Gwillimbury and Innisfil, 35275) 57,584 -100.00 100
NORTH BAY, ONT. 56,716 -100.00 100
KINGS COUNTY, N.S. 55,066 -100.00 100
FORT MCMURRAY, ALTA. 54,813 -100.00 100
MIDDLESEX, ONT. 54,417 -100.0 100
NOTTAWASAGA, ONT. 54,122 -100.0 100
RIMOUSKI-NEIGETTE, QUE. 53,667 -100.0 100
MONTCALM MRC, QUE. 52,828 -100.0 100
PETROLIA, ONT. 52,661 -100.0 100
SHAWINIGAN MRC, QUE 51,875 -100.0 100
LAC-ST-JEAN-EST MRC, QUE. 51,543 -100.0 100

* none attributed to Robert Pickton

Source: Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Maclean’s

Maclean’s obtained annual crime data from Statistics Canada for municipal police services with the 100 largest populations in the nation. Using 2007 rates per 100,000 population for six crimes—homicide, sexual assault, aggravated assault, vehicle theft, robbery plus breaking and entering—Maclean’s calculated the percentage difference from the national rate for each of the six crimes. In consultation with StatsCan, we gave each crime equal weights and standardized the rates to obtain an overall score that measured each area’s percentage difference from the national rate. Data from Nunavut and the Northwest Territories are excluded from the provincial and territorial score calculations due to their extreme crime rate values, which are inconsistent with the distribution of the rest of the country.


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The Most Dangerous Cities in Canada: Murder rate

  1. Robert Pickton was sentenced in 2007.

  2. I live in Port Coquitlam and I have to say I’m surprised. How is it I feel safer walking these streets than those of Surrey or East Hastings? It has become clear that the media decides where to instill the fear. If PoCo has such a high percentage to population ratio of murder, why isn’t this on the news at night?

    • I Agree, i would feel much more fear walking down east hastings vancouver than PoCo…..

      • Well I live in East Vancouver and East hastings isn’t dangerous but the downtown east side is horrible, you see mentals, addicts, and cops everywhere!

    • We often feel safer on our own turf.  We are often used to where we live and we know what to look out for, esp if we’ve lived there for years.  

  3. Well thought article Paul and I for one agree. I would add that when it comes to poll numbers I for the life can’t figure out why the CPC numbers aren’t significantly lower? I mean really considering an election with a global market crash right in the middle, a unpopular shooting war in a foreign country, a deliberate pro-roguing, a second term minority, all the worst possible news in the world that could happen has bas been thrown at him and yet the differential is still within the error ratio meaning that the LPC and CPC are basically tied when it comes to party preference however that part of the recent NANOS poll where it clearly showed the Harper is still well in the lead when it comes to best PM … still I can’t figure it and I am a Conservative.. oh well .. chalk it down to thwe wisdom of the canadian voter – go figure.

  4. The sheer audacity of Harper’s claim to international fame by taking credit for Liberal economic and banking policies should be lost on none of the members of the G20.

    • The only credit the liberals will ever get is for stuffing brown envelopes with tax payers cash.There is still billions not recovered from the Liberal years and we wont forget it.It doesnt matter how much BS the MSM prints against the Conservative party, Canadians know what the Liberals did and we will remember if we can get an election called.And you coward liberals and press corps will have your smug faces shoved up your liberal asses so far you will have to fart to breath.

      • you truly are dreaming aren’t you? those ad agencies stacking the cash were conservative friendly first beginning with Mulroney, the original brown-envelope stuffed with cash receiver.
        labelling someone like me “coward” and “liberal” because i do think independently is a “compliment” coming from the likes of you.

  5. “If he’s going to recast himself,” says Jeremy Kinsman, a former top diplomat who was Canada’s ambassador to the European Union when he retired in 2007, “he’s got to stop being a black-and-white, declarative, rhetorical observer of international affairs, and actually get involved in international affairs.”

    Anybody see that happening? Harper’s lost two thirds of his happy consevative gang – although he may well have kept most of the resultant brainpower. So unless he plans to learn Czech, i forsee i future for him of hanging on to Obama’s coattails, while trying to look like he’s having the time of his life.

  6. No doubt Harper is treated better by the foreign press than he is treated by the Liberal party fan club known as the national press gallery.

  7. Fox news and Harper go hand in hand. Peas of a pod. Kindred spirits, neo con stupidity in concert.

  8. Is he giving interviews to foreign press? Or is he interviewing future senators?

    • or planned future unelected cabinet ministers?

  9. i think the title/article is one of the most ego-stroking bits of fiction that i’ve seen in a long while; this should get the writer, Geddes, a “don’t throw me under the bus” pass for now.

    PM Stephen’s gotta audition for a new job; the competition amongst those of his ilk in the US is a lot tougher because there is more of that type of vitriol in the US (unfortunately) by virtue of its more sizable population. he’s welcome at FOX and amongst conserv/Repub types in the US: this is news?
    as for “holding his own” with Obama; don’t make me laugh; no one was waving at PM Stephen that day. he didn’t even have the empathetic sense to go to the crowd in the first place to bother *to* wave; they were only ppl after all. and he wasn’t trying to “share” the limelight with someone whose career he tried to unseat by appealing to the basest suggestions about the most superficial aspect of that person; he was trying to *jones* as usual.
    the MSM are a “mob” when they refuse to cow-tow to PM Stephen and national conserv’s ego. too bad (tiny violin playing). all of them work for us; he doesn’t have a *job*; he has a position of privilege that we make happen.
    attempting to “present” an image instead of having real substance are two different things. i note that on Fareed Zakaria a while back when asked point blank by Zakaria if he was an economist he never answered directly; that’s cuz he’s “trained” (vanity degree) but never worked as one.
    attempting to take credit for something you had nothing to do with but tried to undermine (like our banking system/economic policies set up by the Liberals to weather the current global economic “perfect storm” for Political Disaster Capitalism) and/or trying to get banks to de-regulate using our once-yearly surpluses (borne from great national and personal sacrifice to bail ourselves out of the mess Mulroney put us in) as pure pre-bailout $$ for the “synchronized” (planned) global economic crisis you knew was coming, leaving us housepoor, and in the water without life-boats or life-jackets, is unacceptable. but the national conservs can surely take credit for their lack of respect for the blood of our soldiers lost to combat and despair.
    as for pollsters; hopefully they realize that they must have the appearance of impartiality; gushing praise for PM Stephen makes the results in his/party’s favour looked skewed and suspect; this is why i put less stock in polls since they can be manipulated to present a false image; “our guy’s ahead in the polls…” (is just brand recognition, not voter intent).
    all this reminds me of what Paul Martin (who had better clout) tried to do when he was in trouble with public opinion and voter intent: go abroad.

  10. Harper is promoting Canada.

    • He is promoting Canada and doing a very good job! And he will be PM for many years to come….

  11. loyal canadian…harper is promoting harper and knows soon everyone becomes dust on old picture

  12. Great picture

    When Obama was in Ottawa crowds swarmed around wanting to be near him and when Harper is in NY people are avoiding him like the plague.

    • i noticed the picture too; caption should read: the boy in the bubble.

      recently on CNN he was shown doing an interview (with Fox?); when the reporter mentioned who he was the ppl seemed puzzled and commented on why he wouldn’t even wave at them through the glass.

  13. Of course the foreign press is going to be friendly towards this egomaniac. they don’t know the real harper, the fascist, racist power hungry right wing nutjob. If they started asking questions about his racist policies, i’m sure the honeymoon would be over. I’m sure the foriegn press will see past his ken doll hair, and his phony smile, and see the real harper. A scary white supremacist.

  14. Its all because of Pickton hence the * there basically stating there data is skewed by one person

    • Maybe if you read the asterix it says * none attributed to Robert Pickton.

  15. What the hell we get like 2 murders of some girls and were at the top

  16. FYI look at the stats. It says:

    * none attributed to Robert Pickton

  17. Burn

  18. edmonton get about 37 murders a year

    • Or maybe because Canada doesnt get much murders, dumbass

  19. deadmonton is 2nd…no surpris, seeing as how there is 50+ murders every year

  20. What is the crime rate based on metropolitan area? Seems silly to not include Delta and Richmond as part of Vancouver when discussing crime rates. Also absolute number should be given. If one person is murdered in a town of less than 1000, the crime rate would be high but it is still only one, while 400 in Toronto is 400, but the rate is low.

  21. 400 murders in toronto?! that's hilarious. montreal used to have the most murders in canada back in the 90's and the total was around 100. as of december 11th, 2009, there have only been 59 murders in toronto.

    • You don't know what you're talking about. TO hade way more murders than Montreal in the 90s and Montreal never had more than 70 something murders a year in the 90s.

  22. This study does not appear to be standarized per 100,00 . . . so of course it is skewed. As well, Using Break and Enter/ Vehicle theft as crimes of ineterst seems a bit off as they are non violent propety offences. . . I think if B&E was replaced by say domestic assault Surrey/ Edmonton would tie for the top.

  23. this is so messed up

  24. ur a retard everyone on this site

  25. here in moose jaw there is a rapist named FREDDY PICKTON! Scariest lookn dude around. In the 90's we had a women in the old hospital here 680 ominica st w kill her baby with an axe. Sometime last yr Otto Edner Hansen killed Deborah Smith by stabbing her repeatedly. Her son was there to watch. Her son is still alive & is actually great friends with my best friends brother. It was very hard to listen to when he was explaining … aspecially on why he killed her.. over a download on the computer!

  26. check the stats for three months from Calgary and Winnipeg
    and (view report)

    in Calgary – 6 murders (homicides)
    in Winnipeg – 0

    total crimes : Calgary – about 10 000 (attempted car theft not included)
    Winnipeg – 2 100 (including 400 attempted car thefts)

    so which city is more dangerous to live in (even if u calculate population, say 1 mln in Calgary against 650 000 in Winnipeg, compare the rate per 1000)

    or somebody is mistaken, or somebody is lying?
    even last year there was only about 2200 – 2500 crimes in 3 months (according to their stats)

    so what is going on?

  27. check the stats for three months from Calgary and Winnipeg
    and (view report)

    in Calgary – 6 murders (homicides)
    in Winnipeg – 0

    total crimes : Calgary – about 10 000 (attempted car theft not included)
    Winnipeg – 2 100 (including 400 attempted car thefts)

    so which city is more dangerous to live in (even if u calculate population, say 1 mln in Calgary against 650 000 in Winnipeg, compare the rate per 1000)

    or somebody is mistaken, or somebody is lying?
    even last year there was only about 2200 – 2500 crimes in 3 months (according to their stats)

    so what is going on?

  28. Everyone says "only this much " still people are getting killed… and everyone say's "ONLY"… that is pretty sad to me.

  29. There is a murder or at least a shooting in Surrey B.C. EVERY week. That's a fact. You can say it has nothing to do with race or demographics but you would be naive. That is also a fact.

  30. If it's not a shooting or a murder weekly, it's some other form of violence on a daily basis.

  31. ok so i want to live in edmonton, is it safe?

  32. Have someone who passed grade 9 maths check the chart. (Hint, – 100% of the average rate = no murders. Not backed up by actual facts.)

  33. wow

  34. I love the population increases for canadian cities. What do you people do? Incorporate the entire province? LOL!

  35. Why does Vancouver have such a high crime rate?  Such a beautiful city?

  36. makes no sense whatsofuckingever.

  37. scary ._. guess its time to sleep with my clothes on …