The secret life of Colonel Russell Williams

If police are correct, he was a cold-blooded planner who in hours could transform from commander to monster


Colonel Russell WilliamsIn the early 1990s, years before Col. Russell Williams was an accused double murderer, he was a young, eager lieutenant stationed at the Canadian Forces flying school in Portage la Prairie, Man. A rookie instructor in the old CT-134 Musketeers, Williams was an obvious standout, quiet but intense. “He was super,” says Greg McQuaid, a retired major who was chief flight instructor at the time. “I wrote the personnel evaluation reports that got him promoted to captain. He was smart, hard-working and skilled. He could be so focused that sometimes it was like he could look right through you.”

Like countless others who crossed paths with Col. Williams, McQuaid is now wondering whether his old friend’s trademark focus was a sign of something much more sinister. But like everyone else, he just can’t reconcile what police now believe: that Russ Williams, the man in charge of CFB Trenton, Canada’s largest and most important air base, was also a serial predator who raped and killed innocent women. “It just doesn’t compute,” McQuaid says. “He fit in well and was well-respected by everybody. I saw nothing that made me think he’d be capable of something like this.”

GO TO LIVE BLOG from inside Col. Russell Williams’ hearing, day 2

The next sexual assault on his charge sheet—Sept. 30—was much like the first. It, too, occurred in the same neighbourhood where Williams lived. The unnamed victim woke up to find a man in her home, and then cowered in horror as he stripped off her clothes, fastened her wrists to a chair, and pulled out his camera. Back at CFB Trenton two days later, a smiling Williams presented a $700 cheque to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the same charity where his wife, Mary Elizabeth Harriman, is the associate director.

PHOTO GALLERY: Col. Russell Williams, a timeline — The busy schedule of an accused killer

As the crimes piled up, Williams looked anything but guilty. On Nov. 25, the body of Cpl. Marie France Comeau was discovered in her Brighton, Ont., home—a homicide now linked to the colonel. That same day, the 46-year-old was jokingly handcuffed and thrown in “jail” as part of a United Way fundraiser (he was “charged” with “being too young to be a wing commander”). Last month, with television cameras rolling, Williams greeted Defence Minister Peter MacKay and Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Walter Natynczyk, who were in town to inspect Canada’s outbound contribution to relief efforts in Haiti. Eleven days later, 27-year-old Jessica Lloyd vanished from her home near Belleville, Ont., another murder now pinned on Williams.

Since his arrest on Feb. 7, Williams has made only one brief appearance in court, and has yet to offer any explanation for a turn of events that has not only shocked everyone at the Department of National Defence, but the entire country. How could a man with such an impeccable record—a 23-year officer whose resumé included a stint ferrying the prime minister in Canada’s fleet of Challenger jets—harbour such a heinous secret? Everyone who worked with Williams praised his leadership, loyalty and intelligence. Nobody had any inkling of a double life. “I just can’t believe he did it,” McQuaid says. “I’m hoping he didn’t, to tell you the truth.”

Here’s what we do know. Russell David Williams was born on March 7, 1963, and joined the Canadian Forces in 1987, a year after graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in economics and political science. He earned his wings in 1990, was promoted to captain in 1992, and was later posted to the VIP patrol in Shearwater, N.S. Williams was promoted to major in 1999, and shortly after earning his lieutenant-colonel stripes in 2004, he was named commanding officer at the Forces’ ultra-classified Camp Mirage near Dubai—a posting that required a top-secret security clearance and an exhaustive examination of his family, friends and background. He passed.

Williams, like all air force officers, also underwent an annual performance review. “It looks at your challenges in the year, how you dealt with them, how you are able to lead, how you are able to manage, and your conduct,” says Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Marc Terreau, who met Williams twice over the past year. “In other words, your values, your ability to manage, and your ability to lead.” Again, Williams passed with flying colours, and in July 2009 he was rewarded with a coveted posting: the top man at CFB Trenton.

Col. Russell Williams to plead guilty
—Accused killer and former base commander will plead guilty to all counts, says lawyer (October 7, 2010)
Colonel Williams’ wife, under attack
—An accused killer’s spouse struggles to rebuild her shattered life (July 27, 2010)

The move meant he and his wife would have to sell their two-storey home in the Orléans area of Ottawa, and split their days between the lakefront home in Tweed, a 45-minute drive from Trenton, and a new, $700,000 townhouse in the trendy Ottawa enclave of Westboro Village. “They were the perfect couple,” says Shirley White, who lived two doors down from the couple in Orléans. When Williams was sworn in as the base commander, Shirley’s husband, George, was invited to the ceremony.

Today, roughly a dozen ice fishing huts are visible from Williams’s back porch. Until news of his arrest, ice fishing and a 315-foot Canadian flag scarf knitted by Tweed women in honour of the Olympics were the town’s winter obsession. Williams and his wife were drawn to the town of 5,600 because of the view and affordable lakefront property. In 2004, the couple paid $178,000 for a light-grey bungalow and a piece of land on Cosy Cove Lane, a tree-lined dirt road hugging the lake about five kilometres outside of town.

Williams and his wife were sporadic weekenders on Cosy Cove. When they were around, though, Williams’s wife, Mary Elizabeth, was the more outgoing of the two, while Williams himself seemed to come and go at odd hours. “I’d never heard of the guy before the news,” said Lawrence Ramsay, owner of the local pub. “I’d never seen him before in my life.” He didn’t own a snowblower or a lawn tractor. “He did everything the old-fashioned way,” said Larry Jones, his next-door neighbour.

Col. Russell Williams, accused sex killer, makes brief court appearance
—Murder victim’s brother among those in attendance (July 22, 2010)
Williams faces additional charges
—Former CFB Trenton commander linked to 82 more crimes around Ottawa, Belleville and Tweed (April 29, 2010)

Over the last five years Jones had minimal contact with his neighbour. A retired surveyor with Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources, Jones found Williams to be friendly but quiet, only speaking when spoken to. Williams came over once for a party, and Jones would sometimes plow Williams’s driveway when Mary Elizabeth asked. Late last October, Jones returned home to find several police cars outside his house. “Did I get broken into?” Larry asked. “No, Larry, it’s way worse than that,” replied a police officer.

Throughout October, police had been looking for a suspect in the two cases of home invasions in the area, in which the female victims were tied up and sexually assaulted. The first victim, a woman from the Toronto area who had moved to Tweed barely a month before the Sept. 17 attack, lived on Charles Road, accessible from Cosy Cove Lane through a wooded path.

The next victim, who was attacked in the early morning hours of Sept. 30, lived even closer, a few doors down from Jones. This woman fingered Jones to the police, who—still unaware of Williams’s alleged involvement—came armed with a search warrant for Jones’s house. They were looking for several pairs of panties, some La Senza brand brassieres and a baby blanket–evidence from the first victim, the mother of a baby who was reportedly in the house at the time of the assault. “The cops told me that [the second victim] recognized my voice in the room with her,” Jones said. “I said she was either lying or she was badly mistaken because I wasn’t there.”

The police hauled away Jones’s hunting knife, boots, camera and two old computers destined for the landfill. He volunteered to do “anything to clear my name,” and provided DNA, fingerprints and a polygraph. “I had nothing to hide. After that, the cop says, ‘Larry, go home, put your feet up, and have a cold beer. You’re clear 100 per cent.’ ” Still, because no arrests were made, he continued to live under a cloud. His wife, Bonnie, the treasurer of a neighbouring municipality, received a phone call one day shortly after police visited their house. “What’s it like to live with a murderer?” asked the female caller, according to Jones.

The second victim, who lives down the street, has said little. Earlier this week, she drove through a phalanx of TV trucks, past a police checkpoint and onto her property, a bungalow less than a 30-second walk from the home of the man who allegedly assaulted her. “Thank you,” she said, when a reporter expressed sympathy for her ordeal. She then dragged out a large “No Trespassing” sign, placed it beside her front door, and went inside.

It was just before 1 p.m. on Nov. 25 when a man stopped by the Brighton, Ont., home of his girlfriend, Cpl. Marie-France Comeau. Comeau, who worked out of nearby CFB Trenton as a flight attendant, had just returned a few days earlier from India, where she’d accompanied Stephen Harper on a working trip. But when Comeau missed a subsequent shift, her boyfriend decided to stop by to check up on her.

Comeau’s neighbour, Terry Alexander, was greeting a plumber coming by for repairs when he saw Comeau’s boyfriend suddenly come charging out of house across the street. He was “crying his heart out,” recalls Alexander. “Did you see any strange people or strange cars around here?” He shouted. “She’s lying dead inside.”

Two days later, police confirmed Comeau’s death as a homicide. Investigators from the Northumberland OPP spent the next few weeks tearing apart her red-brick home, stripping the floors down to the concrete below and ripping out the cabinets in the kitchen. Meantime, rumours and gossip were spreading throughout the small town, just west of Belleville, about just what had happened inside the Comeau home.

Colonel accused of double murder tries to kill himself
—Russell Williams used mustard to write his suicide note (April 5, 2010)
I feel pity for Colonel Williams if he’s guilty
—Barbara Amiel on the blessing and the curse of human sexuality (February 23, 2010)

At the time of her murder, Comeau had been living in the Raglan Street house for just a year, and few people knew the 12-year veteran of the military. Comeau “didn’t socialize at all,” says Alexander. Another neighbour says he “never saw her,” adding that Comeau’s rudimentary English was likely to blame for her anonymity.

But while Comeau, 37, may not have been close with her neighbours, she remained so with ex-boyfriend Alain Plante, even after their breakup. Comeau and Plante, a basic-training instructor, spent more than four years together. During that time, Comeau had come to act as a step-mother to Etienne, Plante’s son from a previous relationship. In a post on Facebook, the younger Plante called Comeau “the best step-mother that could possibly have set foot in our lives.” “You left us too early,” Etienne added. “Your Prince Charming will be waiting for you for the rest of his life.”

On Dec. 4, Comeau was buried at the National Military Cemetery in Ottawa. For her alleged killer, it was business as usual. As December blended into January, he attended a press conference for the Olympic torch relay, issued his Christmas message to the base, and was honoured with the Canadian Forces Decoration first clasp, an award that recognizes military members with 22 years of “faithful service.” On Jan. 17, the defence minister and the chief of the defence staff stopped by for their tour of CFB Trenton, where they watched troops load relief supplies bound for Haiti.

Jan. 28 was a cold Thursday night in eastern Ontario; no snow, but the temperature dipped down to -16.5° C. Jessica Elizabeth Lloyd, a 27-year-old brunette with bright green eyes and a wide smile, was at her home, a red-brick bungalow with a rusty mailbox at the end of a gravel driveway. She lived alone, on a desolate drag of rural Highway 37—near the eerily named Thrasher Road—between Belleville and Tweed. But Lloyd was not a solitary person—she was outgoing, popular, and close with her family and friends, whom she talked to daily. So it wasn’t necessarily unusual that at 10:36 p.m., Lloyd sent a friend a text message, the contents of which are unknown to the public. What happened next, however, is beyond strange. For Lloyd’s only sibling Andy, there’s only one word to describe it: “Hell.”

On Friday morning, Lloyd didn’t show up to work at Tri-Board Student Transportation Services in nearby Napanee, where she coordinated school bus schedules for the area. Two hours after she was supposed to have started her shift, the office contacted her family. Andy, who lives in Belleville, and their mother, Roxanne McGarvey, immediately knew something terrible had happened. (Lloyd’s father died in 1996.) “It drew a red flag so quick,” Andy said. “That’s not like her.”

Loved ones rushed to her house to see what was wrong. They found her purse, wallet, identification and glasses inside, and her car in the driveway. But Lloyd was nowhere to be seen. Investigators haven’t confirmed that there were signs of forcible entry into the house, but one person who helped in the ensuing search for Lloyd told media that there were footprints outside her bedroom window.

Within 24 hours, the Belleville police were notified of her disappearance, and extensive ground and aerial searches unfolded over the weekend. Member of the tactical team, ATV unit and auxiliary police unit scoured the area around Lloyd’s house, along with officers from the neighbouring Stirling-Rawdon police department, and the CFB Trenton military base. Cops and 150 volunteers canvassed residences collecting tips.

Meanwhile, Lloyd’s family, friends and hundreds of people from the surrounding communities met at a Belleville Tim Hortons to hand out missing person posters, which included her physical description (five foot five, 125 lb.). Early versions reportedly featured the name of an unofficial suspect, rumoured to have been Lloyd’s ex-boyfriend; it was removed from the poster at the urging of police.

Col. Russell Williams, a timeline (PHOTOS)
—The busy schedule of an accused killer (February 18, 2010)
The secret life of Colonel Russell Williams
—If police are correct, he was a cold-blooded planner who in hours could transform from commander to monster (February 16, 2010)

Days went by, and there was no news. Police revisited her house looking for clues. They issued warnings to area residents to be extra vigilant, suggesting that women who live alone change their daily routines, “secure” their homes, and surround themselves with trusted people. News outlets in Ottawa began reporting on the case, and Facebook pages were created to spread the word about Lloyd’s disappearance. Her family’s optimism began to wither: “We’re just taking it day by day,” said Andy within a week. “I just hope she comes back healthy and safe.”

Then, on Thursday, Feb. 4, exactly one week after Lloyd was last heard from, the OPP put up a road block on Highway 37. From 7 p.m. that night until Friday at 6 a.m., investigators stopped every vehicle travelling in either direction and asked pointed questions that would lead them to Lloyd. At some point, the officers reportedly pulled over Col. Williams—and, according to some reports, noticed that his tire treads resembled the tracks left behind at the other crime scenes. By Sunday, Williams agreed to sit down and chat with a behavioural sciences expert from the Ontario Provincial Police. What he said is still a mystery, but one thing is certain: he was arrested later that day.

The next morning, Feb. 8, officers found Lloyd’s lifeless body dumped near a dirt road not far from Tweed. Investigators won’t say how she died, how they came to find her—or whether Williams led them to the corpse.

How Williams ended up here—locked in a jail cell, his reputation in ruins—is anybody’s guess. The facts have only begun to surface, and scientists who spend their careers trying to understand how a person who seems so “normal” can actually be so evil have reached only one unequivocal conclusion: no sex offender is exactly the same. Theories abound, but that’s all they are. Theories.

Criminologist Eric Hickey is familiar with the shock that invariably accompanies the arrest of a pillar of the community for the sort of heinous crimes Williams has been charged with. “People say, ‘He’s such a nice man. He’s such an important person; he couldn’t have done this.’ ” But the professor of criminology at California State University knows the profile of serial killers better than most, having assembled an extensive database on the demography of the crime. And if it turns out Williams is found guilty, Hickey says, he’ll represent “the perfect storm of killers.”

Hickey’s research reveals that 88 per cent of serial killers are male and 85 per cent are Caucasian. The average age when they claim their first victim is 28.5 years. The majority (62 per cent) of the killers target strangers exclusively and 71 per cent operate in a specific location or area, a “comfort zone.”

Jack Levin, a professor of sociology and criminology at Northeastern University, agrees: “I can think of mass murderers in the armed forces but can’t think of a serial killer.” Serial killers have an excessive need for power, usually because they’ve grown up feeling powerless, says Levin. “He gains a sense of importance by torturing and then killing his victims.” Often, serial killers who torture also collect “souvenirs” or “trophies” commemorating the crime—photographs, jewellery, underwear, even body parts.

The two faces of Col. Russell Williams (VIDEO)
—Portrait of an accused predator (February 10, 2010)
Round up: Investigating Col. Russ Williams—Tire tracks led police to Williams; investigators look into unsolved crimes (February 9, 2010)
Col. Russell Williams’ double life?—Top officer facing murder charges commanded Canada’s largest air base, flew top diplomats (February 8, 2010)

A diagnosis as a primary psychopath may help explain how someone would be able to keep such crimes under wraps for so long, Hickey says. It’s a pathology that allows someone to fit in wherever he goes, to be able to repress his anti-social tendency and to function at a high level of social skills. “So he can carry on with his life and no one would ever suspect because of his education, his intelligence and his position,” Hickey says.

The incidence of psychopaths in the military is no higher than in the general population, where it’s pegged around one per cent. But just like any other profession that offers authority it can be ripe for abuse, says Levin, because people trust them, and because they are seen as heroic figures. “Many times the crime of rape isn’t reported,” he says.

Police are still investigating that possibility. In the meantime, Williams has another court date scheduled for later this month. And the last of his alleged victims, Jessica Lloyd, will be laid to rest on Feb. 13.


The secret life of Colonel Russell Williams

  1. “What's it like to live with a murderer?” asked the female caller, according to Jones.

    Either the Jones were misquoted or they invented the phonecall because Williams had yet to murder anybody when Jones was hauled in for questioning (for rape).

    • I think she was saying that the caller was accusing her husband (Jones) of being the murderer because the police were at the house….that was the intent of the comment.

    • This is very true. Way to pay attention to the facts crazyflag!

    • First of all, rape IS murder. It is the murder of alot of things. So, perhaps not a wrong quote.

      • Sexual assault, the legal term for "rape" is NOT murder. The majority of women who are sexually assaulted (i.e. "raped") survive.

    • or maybe, Russell Williams called them, and disguised his voice to sound like a woman???

    • This was after the first woman had been murdered. The police had already linked the crimes. Undoubtedly the townspeople were intelligent enough to also link that murder with the two sexual assaults.

  2. My last posting with the Air Force was under Col Williams in Trenton at 437 Squadron. No matter how much I hear, read and think about these current allegations, I cannot associate these heinous acts with Col Williams. The Col Williams I knew was a kind, considerate man. He was funny, liked to laugh and was beloved by everyone in the Squadron. Definitely someone who was often described as being ‘a nice guy’. I was so proud for him when I heard he was Trenton’s newest Base Commander, as it certainly another step up the military chain of command towards the Chief of Defense chair. A responsibility I am sure he could have handled with ease. I am still shocked and very saddened that the Col Williams we all knew at Trenton could possibly hide such dark side, a side no one could concievably associate with him. My prayers and deepest sympathy goes out to all the families involved in this awful chapter in their lives.

    • it's very sad all around. thank God you weren't one of his victims.

      • thats not nice…she really was just giving a different spin on his life although he may have lived this secret terrible life as a serial killer it doesnt mean he was evil to everyone who crossed his path. The awesome part is that people can still remember the good opposed to now trying to say this or that about him, as so many do once something come bad comes out. Good for you Lucy Critch (Sgt) sadly people do not realize these folks are sick its too bad that there are so many victims before the sickness is noticed.

        • you're showing sympathy to this monster?! This a-hole who raped and murdered women? What the hell! Next you'll be telling us how wonderful a father Hitler or Pohl Pot was and we should just focus on the good side of these men. Stupid comment, Crimespecialist. Lucy's was fine – she is just shocked, but yours, yours is ridiculous1

  3. Wait: the incidence of psychopaths in the general population is "pegged around one per cent"? Isn't that alarmingly high?

    So, in any town of about 10,000 people you can expect to find about 100 psyopaths? Yikes.

    • Well Ryan, not all psychopaths are serial killers. Some are remorseless serial thieves like Earl Jones.
      Others are just unfeeling jerks who do no physical harm but are metally abusive. Some are politicians.

      • If you want to know more about psychopathology (now properly termed "sociopathy") you can read "The Mask of Sanity" by Hervey Cleckley.

    • Not all psycopaths are like this guy, some have very minor symptoms while others in rare cases like this are extrememly messed up

    • Ryan–
      Psychopath means you do not have a conscience. There is a continuum of psychopaths, from having no conscience at all to having some conscience. There are politicians with psychopathic tendencies and there are business men with psychopathic tendencies. So, no, 1% of the population is not serial killers but 1% does have psychopathic tendencies.

    • We all know a conscienceless individual. Read 'The Sociopath Next Door'. More of these people out there than we would want to know!!!

    • Actually, experts believe that the incidence is 1 to 4 %.

  4. ….most people are still in shock to comment…just mind numbing,,,,similar to the 500 hundred woman who have disappeared from the face of the earth and no one explains what happened!

    • Not to mention the 50 plus women in Alberta along this certain stretch of highway that have gone missing, all of them being prostitutes, but still very alarming. They still haven't caught anybody or found any of them, theres plenty of serial killers on the loose in our own backyard.

  5. I'm stunned by this. I can't make sense of it. I would be very interested to find out what his work attitude was like with women in general. Did he treat them with as much contempt and disrespect as those he assaulted? What was he like with his wife? Is it like two very different men lived in one body? Or did he secretly harbour contempt and hatred of women? How is it he felt free enough to assault, rape and kill women without trying to hide his identity (or did he try?) Basically, what went on in his head? And how can we find out people like this and keep them from being in positions of power? My questions are all supposing he is actually guilty — I acknowledge that he has not been tried or convicted so his guilt is not certain.

    • What "he was like with his wife" is NOT revelant.
      The only questions worthy of consideration are did Colonel Russell Williams intentionally murder the two women, as charged?
      Did Colonel Williams assault the other two women, as further charged?
      The rest is simply not revelent.

      • How Williams treated his wife, and his attitudes towards women will be part of the Crown's case. It will prove to be most definitely relevant.

        • Not true.

    • Hi victoria bc
      These are my thoughts about what you have asked about in your posting.
      1. at work he would be mostly if not always polite and friendly to women. He would likely only be upset with them if they were a threat to him somehow. This person likes to control people. As long as the women did not challenge him too often their working relationship would be ok. If they did challenge him too much he would find a way to secretly undermine or discredit them and hopfully have them removed from his department.
      2. with his wife he would slowly begin to show himself over the years. This person is generally anti-social. If allowed to he or she would avoid most social occasions and gatherings unless the events were with close family or close friends. Close friends and family would generally see a very normal, intelligent, leader. Eventually over the years the quirkiness or disfunction of this person would show a little. Concerned family and friends would have no proof of anything but a sense that all may not be well with this person.
      3. continued on next posting…..

  6. Thr media has turned this tragedy into a feeding frenzy.
    Many of the dispatches are groundless, not confirmed or
    total soeculation.
    Until the man goes to trial a publication ban should be in effevt.
    As it is I doubt Col Williams could ever receive a fair trial.
    Reporting so called evidence such asfootprintsand , tire tracks
    will be evidence at a future trial.
    Who amongst us has not already formed an opinion .
    Great fodder for the Defence.
    Shame on thee media.

    • So Carr, you would muzzle the media on all crimes. Don't be so silly.
      What are you, some bleeding heart barking dog of the left?

      • Why is an opinion as expressed by Carr something you would associate with the left? So is Williams on the right then based on your thinking?

        • Phil;
          It's something that the Loonie Left would be in favour off.
          The sensible Left probably would not be in favour of banning crime reporting that Carr ("..Until the man goes to trial a publication ban should be in effevt") seems to support.

          • Are you familiar with the concept of tainting a jury pool? The police shouldn't be releasing details like tire track evidence.

          • Jan
            Prospective jury members don't live on Mars. peopled can't be cacooned from news.
            A detail like tire tracks is not a taint for the future jury.
            If the evidence is good, it will stand on its own.
            It will be up to his lawyer to cast reasonable doubt that his was the only vehicle with like tracks in the area.
            Me, I know, I used to watch Perry Mason. heh
            Dates me badly, I know.

          • I guess you missed the OJ trial.

          • Maybe I missed something…Where was it reported that the police released *details like tire track evidence.*

    • i have no doubt that DNA will prove his guilt, if he is guilty.

    • i have no doubt that DNA will prove his guilt, if he is guilty.

    • Actually Mr. Carr I agree. So far I have read that 'sources' have revealed that he led them to the body and similar claims by the writers that his computer gave ' a treasure trove ' of evidence.
      However I did read in this article that Police are not saying if he did that or not. They are hush about it as not to taint the public.
      However some media given carte blanche to speculate by not have to account for their 'sources' is nothing but hearsay with no meat to it. Pure GOSSIP.
      Until I hear an official spokesperson for the police give us any detail I will not believe it. And according to this article that has not happened nor can I find it on any other article.
      I will not repeat the hearsay rumor mill that is ripe in an atmosphere when people are just happy that a suspect has finally been brought in.
      I'll give him his day in court and the onus is on them to prove his guilt. If I hear the evidence they collected concretely convicts him then I'll put the noose around his neck. Not any sooner.

      • Do you actually think the police would go so far as to arrest a Col. if there was some firm evidence against him? do you know what it is like to be living 5 minutes from the base knowing that this murderer was passing your house EVERY DAY? I am sorry military….I truely am, but this guy was not elected into his position, he got there thru decision of people who are supposed to know who is capable. My confidence in the military and government have all been confirmed. I have seen, first hand, the favourtisim and "special quirk" people in power get. I believe there is something more involved. Something the public can't "wrap their brains around" because we trust to much. I don't know what the answer is I just know that to much power and to much money, leads people to search farther for their pleasures. I am totally convinced of that.

    • Sorry R.G. Carr, but I understand the col. has pled guilty to these crimes.

    • Did he not confess to the crimes… YES. So why waste taxpayers money on a trial. He raped so many people and killed two. He was already guilty when he admitted to killing Lloyd and Comeau.

  7. My advice to all women, do not trust men.

    • Larry:
      Bad advice.

    • My advice to all men, do not trust men.

    • you're a douche Larry

    • My advice to Larry: don't give advice.

  8. From the extraordinary amount of evidence already released to the media by the police, I think it's safe to assume that Col. Williams has confessed and will plead guilty to these crimes. If so, there will be no trial or need to worry about fairness or "fodder for the defence". It seems that he has "sung like a bird" and hasn't even retained a high-profile lawyer. The only question remaining is how many other victims there have been. I am a firm believer in "innocent until proven guilty", but everything about this case screams that he has already been proven guilty. I have followed every tiny aspect of this case from day one.

    • You have followed every tiny aspect of this case "that the media has dug up, loose fact or full fiction". The media is not interested in the truth what ever it may be (not weighting in on the subject, one side or the other). The media is trying to sell papers, get web hits, add viewers, and sell advertising; period. The actual new story is a poorly reported side event of this media feeding frenzy called "Journalism".
      It is a sad event, and I feel very sorry for all involved. Mental issues are surely at play, and it is sad that it has played out like this.

    • Actually he has retained a very high profile lawyer. How can anyone be proven guilty before they've had a trial?

      • How can anyone be proven guilty before they've had a trial?
        It's called a "confession".
        Whether or not that "confession" is legally admissable will likely form a substantial part of the trial.

      • I perfer the justice system in France, you are presumed guilty and it's up the the lawyer to prove otherwise.
        Just what we already have read, of course I would bet dollars to donuts that he is guilty.
        Anybody who would bet against me would be silly.

        • If you're ever falsely accused of anything, you may think differently. I'm always amazed that the law and order types are always so ready to abandon due process.

          • Sometimes Jan, 'due process' is just an obstacle to justice, a lawyer's trickery, good for lawyers who do their best to get obviously guilty client off scot free or minimium sentence. Perhaps if you were a victim of Earl Jones type or worse yet, a victim of a violent crime from some deadbeat on parole or house arrest or if a loved one was killed by a serial drunk driver , you would think differently.

            'Due process' is a good thing as long as it does not become perverted by idiotic judges and lawyers.

          • You took the words out of my mouth. If it were Canuckguy standing accused he'd be singing a different tune.

    • The accused has retained Ottawa lawyer, Michael Edelson. His services are not inexpensive. I would expect to hear a plea of "not guilty" in respect of these offences.
      if Williams was going to enter a "guilty" plea, he would not need Michael Edelson's services.

  9. To Redan
    thanks for proving my point.
    You are prejudiced
    You are misinformed
    You have no knowledge of the Criminal Justice sysyem
    In other words
    SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You can't even spell "Criminal Justice System" Have a seat kiddo, adults are talking now.

  10. Thank you so much for this well-researched and written article.
    All the writers who contributed lay down the facts, bring us details of the lives of those killed and their circumstances prior to the attacks, and leave the reader with an interesting question: How can someone so seemingly straight do something so horrible?
    A tragic story but an excellent piece of journalism. Thanks Maclean's.

    • Thanks Angelina for saying he's guilty way ahead of his trial.
      I stand for this country. I am a military member. I never even knew the Wing Commanders name until the arrest as I am relatively new to the area.
      I sure do want the killer of these women get the justice he deserves HOWEVER I do NOT represent a system that ASSUMES GUILT UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. I represent a country that puts the onus on the Prosecutors to PROVE GUILT.
      What concrete evidence have you seen the police release? Remember media ' sources ' of ' someone close to the investigation ' do not count as concrete evidence. If there were such people releasing information that they shouldn't that would put our Police services into question on how credible they themselves are. It's the media who is not credible. The Police are more professional than the media who are looking for a meaty story and count on airheads like yourself to eat it up.

  11. I once saw a man observing something in a parking lot in the city center of one of Canada's largest most important cities. What was he observing (?) on the other side of a parking lot? He pointed out to me there beside a car, a young woman was being physically struck again and again. I went to the closest local police station. I gave two officers in a car some information and I was never contacted again by the police even though I had id'd the man.

    The last two paragraphs of this MacLean's article raise questions? First we should look to see that justice is seen to be done honestly, fairly? And as for how many alleged victims there are, do we really know? May the ladies, girls souls rest in peace. But I would say that do we not need to clean up the justice system in Canada?

  12. There are many psychopaths like the accused. They either mesmerize employers, colleagues, and subordinates; or they shut down(even remove) any doubters, using their power and prevailing reputation. They are in positions of authority in Church, Medicine, Education, Law, Politics, etc. They move up fast and are supported by connections –family and friends. Most disappear from their high posts, with little notice, except that they " want to spend more time with family," or travelling, or with life-long goals/hobbies, etc.
    Workers down the hierarchy shake their heads and whisper, and then the vacant post is filled and then all seems well, until one more big one down the years leaves without full disclosure.
    These are the ones who get away. They sometimes turn up in junior positions in their old career lines. Others just disappear among the masses–taking their secrets with them.

  13. The police are not giving alot of information on this crime out so the media are having a little bit of trouble getting some kind of story. So if you delivered the paper in that neighbourhood you could be the next Williams expert. However the sad part of all this is they keep showing Williams in uniform. Now I believe in the permise that he is innocent until proven guilty, but don't you think that being accused of this crime and showing him always in uniform, it kind of makes him look more important than the women he has killed and attacked.I hope the police know what they are doing and talking about and do their job right. (see Donald Marshall, David Millgard and Guy-Paul Morin)

  14. I feel sorry for the families of those victims who were murdered and for the wife of Colonel Williams also.
    However, I am outraged that the CF will continue to pay this man FULL SALARY until his guilt or innocence has been determined.
    Did he not lead the police to one of the bodies?

    • He will be expected to repay his salary if found guilty.

      • How?
        He's not going to earn much in an institute of corrections. His spouse works for a non-profit and likely won't be able to hang on to the Ottawa property, which is likely mortgaged to the hilt.
        I understand the Tweed house has been pretty much trashed by the OPP while seeking further evdence against Williams.

        • Ditto, I totally agree "NOT Sleezy". Why are we (the tax payers) paying to keep him in prison AND paying his wages????? Pay back?….don't make me laugh!!!

    • Worrying about his getting his salary is the least of anyone's concerns right now. By the time he's done, he'll be penniless. For a pshychopath, losing face is the worst punishment. The most important thing to him was his power and control of and over other people. That power is now gone.

    • And to add insult to injury……he is entitled to a pension from the Federal Governent Armed Forces Pension Fund for the rest of his life while he sits in jail. Seems to me that Parliament and the Treasury Board should cancel that pension and funnel it to some other good use in the name of women's causes. In the very least it should be taken away from him.

  15. Thanks "Sad Truths" for your story about the parking lot incident.

    Violence against women. It's a cliche and I don't blame you men who cringe to hear that phrase. You cringe because you're like my husband, my brothers and cousins and Dad- truly fine men who would never hit a women- and rarely a man for that matter. And why should the good men get lumped in with these thugs you ask. Believe me I sympathize- of course you shouldn't.

    And yet still after all these years, how many times do you read about a woman killed by her ex husband,/boyfriend who often "was under a restraining order". A lot of good those restraining orders are. They don't keep you safe when someone wants you hurt. "But he hasn't done anything" the police tell the woman who is terrified by her ex-boyfriend who parks outside her apartment- watching. She knows what he's threatened to do. "You'll never leave ME…!!"
    And so it goes on. And it will continue until the legal system changes and offers something fair that works.

    • Sarah, doesn't Canada have stalking laws?

  16. It is very hard to try to analyze the situation whether the facts that we read are in fact truth or creative journalism. One paper the Globe and Mail has attained probably most information about details from "sources" They have mentioned that he has admitted to the break ins, rapes and murders.

    • Gosh, if he already admitted guilt, why the high profile lawyer.
      Methinks he is out to beat the rap.
      Perhaps on a technicality.

      • Stranger things have happened. Even in the most open and shut cases, lawyers are retained to protect the rights of the accused re: sentencing etc.

        • True, It took centuries to developes the rights of the accused which protects the wrongfully accused as well as the guilty.
          That's better than the lynch law.
          But sometimes……… __

  17. Even if these were not the true..there was still enough evidence to charge him, have him held without bail in the Napanee jail. I hope that if in fact he is guilty , that he would allocute and spare the families the ordeal of a trial. Even though was a publication ban throughout the Bernardo trial, so much morbid information was in fact leaked out and reported .No family or friends needs to relive that or find out that their neighbours are reading about in the weekly newspaper.
    I feel that he must of been a very good manipulator to go through all of the evaluations within the military..I doubt that most jobs even come close to the amount of evaluations a person in the military has to endure. Also if he is guilty of these crimes he is truly .a STALKER…whom preys on the particular women that he identified as attainable. As they have reported he was an intelluctual, probably the the watching was all apart his game.
    Last but not least…let's not forget about the victims, whether it is Williams, the families of the slain lost one of their own..and the other women gained something..memories of being victimized. And quite possibly a wife that did not really know her partner at all.

  18. The saddest thing is that women fear men instinctively, when the ones who love them are not around to protect them.
    I hope the men who read this macleans story and the comments honestly understand that. Deep inside no woman feels really safe, unless she is in a very public/people place. With sociopaths/psychopaths, the ones who are wired to taunt and kill, women are always the target. The 1% among us is real.

    • Thanks for speaking for all women, there, TicTok. "The saddest thing" is that sexist idiots still exist to make sweeping generalizations. Pitiful.

    • Statistically the most dangerous place for a woman is her own home, by her own partner. And society turns a blind eye.

    • Uh…do you realize that men get killed about 3x the rate of women? So for every 1 woman killed by a psychopath, 3x as many men are targeted, too. So the issue is violence, not just "violence against women." Are we supposed to care MORE because the victims here are female? Talk about sexism.

      • No, but most of the men are drug dealers. They aren't killed by their partners.

        • *No, but most of the men are drug dealers*

          Stats please?

      • Over 90% of murders are committed by men.

        99% of women murdered are murdered by a man.

        I worry way more for my wife when she's walking home at night than for myself. Also, if they attack me it's most likely just for money. With her, she needs to fear violation of a much more serious and life-altering nature.

        If you feel victimized dude, maybe you just need to grow a pair.

    • I'm a woman. I fear no one.

  19. My concern about this case is that so many Canadian media internet sites have "closed comments" to it ,including the Globe and Mail,CBC and the National Post. They have cited "legal reasons"and "'out of respect to the families", but this has never been the case for other similar crime stories. My guess is it is because the military does not want CF members to have access to public information and input about the case, as this would result in a lot of questions about their military leadership in general, and the rationale of deferring one's personal responsibility to unquestioningly obey these people as so -called "superiors". This deference to someone based solely on rank, is a basic necessity of a military heirarchy, and the fear is cases such as this could bring this house of cards down. However, what they can't control is the internet, which most young CF members will access, even if they have to go internationally to do it. Kudos to Macleans for continuing to be open about this evolving case.

    • Your 'guess' is and example of the hysterical insane comments that have caused the closing of comments.

  20. The definition of a psychopath is relatively well established. Many of the characteristics of a psychopath may be variously found in otherwise normal functioning people. It is the combination of a sufficient number of the characteristics that leads to the actual diagnosis of someone as a psychopath.

    Of course, being a psychopath does not make someone a criminal or a murderer. Many psychopaths act out their problems by other means, not all of them criminal. Some psychopaths become successful athletes, businessmen, politicians etc., often causing all sorts of pain and unhappiness to people around them. Sometimes they are such effective and unscrupulous manipulators that no-one is even aware of what they are or how they act. Many are intensely charming.

    I have come across several people like this in my career, and despite my experience, I am no wiser to predicting the next one.

    We are always liable to be victims of people like Colonel Williams, since we operate, for the most part, on a basis of trust. it is deeply distressing when the discovery is made, since it calls into question our basic judgement of others.

    As for his hiring a top lawyer, he may have confessed to his crimes, but I am betting he only did so in the face of incontrovertible evidence. Getting this lawyer is an indication that he is already calculating his next moves.

    • For a p'path the thrill is in the hunt/game. There is always a next move. The so-called attempted suicides in jail…believe me; he knows what he's doing. He's going to put on the remorse/guilt act to get sympathy. With his military experience, he knows how to kill himself in that cell without having the gaurds intervene. When the p'path is highly intelligent, they get a thrill out of fooling people with their elaborate manipulations; it's all part of the game. And it is all a game to them. There will be a few naive individuals out there that will say he is so remorseful and let's help him face these horrible actions and become a whole human being again…bla bla bla. He knows they'll gravitate to him and he will be ready to use/manipulate/exploit them to his fullest advantage. Just watch. Not all p'paths are this intelligent or driven, thank God. Most are intelligent enough to realize that their internal controls are way different from everybody else's and they learn to mimic 'normal behavior', but they never fully understand what it means to have guilt, remorse or know 'right' from 'wrong'.

  21. pyscopathy doesn't neccisate to murders its just means someone lacks empathy or guilt and do whatever they please without consideration of social norms. So pyscopaths aren't killers they are just cold.

    • Oh, no. They are not 'cold'. Many have incredible personalities and charisma; it's all part of the game. The smart ones learn to mimic normal human behaviors and use them to their advantage. They do not have the ability to feel remorse or a gut feeling of 'right and 'wrong'. They experiment from early childhood to see what kinds, if any, emotions they can raise in themselves. The smart ones mimic succuessful behaviors they observe in those around them. Everything and everyone they encounter is measured according to what they or it can bring to satisify a want of the p-path. The thrill is in the game of 'pulling one over' on the victim. It's what they live for.

  22. Odd how no one has mentioned that Williams was the chief of Air Security for the Olympics, but is now conveniently behind bars……just sayin'.

  23. Looks like MacLeans is one of the few Canadian media that is allowing comments on Col. Williams. It isn't because of "legal"" reasons or out of ""respect to families""" because other similar crime stories are not censored in this way. It is therefore obvious the military ,and the government, are fearful about this case spurring CF members to question the validity of automatically obeying and deferring to so-called ""superiors" based solely on rank, while absolving themselves of personal responsibility in the process. This is basic to all military heirarchies and without it, they cannot function. However,CF members now have access to the internet,and, along with all of us, are beginning to question these assumptions. Many wonder how many more Col. Williams are out there, being promoted through the ranks and if they are enabling or facilitating similar actions through this lack of individual critical thought. Thanks to MacLeans for allowing this freedom of public discourse and information for all of us, especially CF members, to access.

  24. continued from former reply to victoria bc ..
    3. This person wants and needs admiration and adoration from the people in his work life and family and home life. If he does not get this from them he will find subtle ways of punishing the person. He is jealous, envious of someone who is getting the attention and alocades he wants from his working career. This person may go so far as to deliberately sabotage the work of the person he is envious of. No blame will ever be able to be placed on the sabateur because the act is very carefully done so nothing definite can be determined about how or even if_sabatoge occured.
    .4. This person may show up on a comprehensive psycological test or some type of profile examination done by his employer. However, this person will continue to be employed with them because the results of the test do not agree with anyone's experience and knowledge of the psycopath. The test results will be assumed ridiculous. The test will be determined as gone wrong for some unexplained reason. The results may or may not be placed in the employee file by their employer.

  25. cont'd reply to victoria bc..
    5. 5. Like Col Williams this person does an excellent job at work. This is a very intelligent person, very practical, a good leader, seemingly wise and generally ahead of his peers in his skills and abilitites at work. This person becomes very frustrated and unhappy when he or she is not getting what they need. This does not seem to be the case with Col Williams as he had status, recognition, and value from others for his contributions at work.
    6. Like the article says in Macleans these people do not all fit in one mold. There can be a number of differences in their situations and circumstances and possibly in the needs that they have.

  26. Not only was he leading up air security for the Olympics but think about it for a minute. Before the police got him, who was authorizing when and where to search the surrounding area by air for the victim? He was Commander. He was likely in charge of the air search. How sick do you have to be?

    This shows he didn't want to be caught. The fact he's sitting in a jail right now without a word to anyone claiming innocense to protect his career and the years he spent building his good name is a sign that the police have the right man.

    Looks like to me he didn't want to be caught but when he did get caught he didn't fight it. I'm interested to see what his alterior motive is. Maybe he's inadvertantly trying to fix the Canadian legal system? Maybe he's just a sick *&$#.

    I tend to choose the latter but people are strange creatures. Ever seen Law Abiding Citizen? Nothing is what it seems.

    • Williams might have been a 'monor wheel' on the base but the Canadian Forces don't control the OPP or the local police forces.

      • of course not but the choppers and planes searching for her were military my friend.

  27. Williams might have been a 'minor wheel' on the base but the Canadian Forces don't control the OPP o the local police forces.

  28. Lots of jargon to here e.g. sufficient pertinent abstract use, neglected complex anchored in a neglected and repressed function, psyche's self-balancing tensional forces, demonically controlled autonomous complex, etc.

    I sense you are using the above to pass the buck – ultimately Williams is responsible for his actions, not society's 'ignorance' and not Williams 'pushing himself too hard to excel and succeed'.

  29. Thanks for the clarification Indiana John. I understand your explanation of how you think Williams became a killer (and society's supposed role in this process) but I can't buy it.

    We all have dark thoughts, even murderous one. I don't agree with you when you say they come from 'outside'. They are your thoughts, you 'manufacture them' and, if you act them out, they are your actions. Williams is not special – he was not possessed by dark forces that he was unable to control. William's dark thought were his own but he acted on them whereas the rest of us recognise that it is wrong, even evil, to hurt, torture or kill another being (just as the confessor in your story knew his thoughts were wrong – and didn't act on them).

    I disagree that past societies were any better then ours at trying to recognise, help or stop people like Williams. They just used different jargon to try and make sense of thier terrible actions after the fact (e.g. possession by a demon, etc) as I believe you are doing now. Just like our society, they removed these people either by killing them, banishing them or imprisoning them so that they do no more harm.

  30. A prayer for the woman and their families, as well as the Colonel's wife. My sympathies to the loyal men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces that trust, that have faith in, and that would confidently follow such a leader….. to their death if need be. What a blatant act of betrayal. Thank goodness for men like General Hillier, General Delair and all the excellent, honourable, and truly good officers that lead our awesome troops

    • Its Dallaire.

  31. We've all heard of the German SS, family men of impeccable background, kind to their children and loving husbands: many of whom performed the most unspeakable acts while "cleansing" the Reich and its territories of those who opposed the Germans. Is there not an historical precedent here?

  32. strange things happen in small towns. this hasnt been proven in court yet. i hope you get sued.

  33. Just sick. This man needs to rot in hell (jail) they cant let him take the cowards way out by commniting suicide. They need to let him out in the general poulation. Why he is pertected is beyond me, he wasnt pertecting anyone when he did this forrible stuff to these ladies.
    You cant let him off with being "sick" this went on for years he is more then sick he is a killer and rapist. What if it was your mother, daughter or sister.

  34. I know it has been said before, but he didn't just now get started. This is very well practiced lifestyle. No one can dodge someone who has such a focus.He's the salesman who talks into buying something you don't need. If a suicide bomber is going to kill you, he does not normally advertise, he just appears. A sniper willl go to great lengths to hide, but arrange to snipe, kill you. A snake that climbs into your sleeping bag unnoticed- a practised but deadly burglar. My bet is that this man got started way early in life. The bones yet to be discovered are all the more the horror.

  35. To Anon:

    May Elizabeth Harriman isn't the person with the problem, you are! Your idiotic assessment of the lady reveals just how stupid and uninformed you are!!!

    • I think Anon is right. She keeps the $700,000+ duplex, gives him the worthless cottage? Asks for compensation for the very minor damage to her fancy new home? That's out of my pocket, yours, and the victims. Meanwhile gets paid 6 figures a year?

      Not the kind of person I'd want representing MY charities.

    • Hey Mary, do you still want to defend Monster Williams and his money grabbing wife? Did you follow the trial and fully absorb the levels of depravity and cruelty that was shown.

  36. To Close Call:

    See Sgt. Lucy Critch. Quite a contrast. Which of you knew the real Russell Williams?

  37. Yea things gone wrong with Russell Williams. i have ment him on my job as canadian air force. he seem a really good pilot.

  38. R.C. Carr what do you have to say now eh!! I know this sounds naive but I just do not trust anyone that has a line for lips like Russell Williams. Too thin lips or non-existent lips….eek

    His eyes are the windows to his soul…..scary

  39. Good luck. It's very difficult to explain to people this chain of causation, permission and enabling. No single individual is responsible for enabling this horror, but it is a twig from the branch of the tree in the forest from the seed that we planted and agree to live amongst while we cut the grass and pretend it's a park.

    It's easy for people to separate themselves from the psychology and psyche of the society that built them. But that position isn't the truth.

    • Thanks Doug. If only a journalist or two today had a deeper understanding. To his credit, Peter C. Newman, seems to have had at least an inkling of the problem as long ago as 1958.

      From the Vancouver Sun
      Accused killer's early years a mix of instability, privilege
      By Don Butler, Ottawa Citizen February 12, 2010

      A 1958 story in Maclean's magazine by a young Peter C. Newman described Deep River as a "utopian attempt to create a happy environment where all is ordered for the best."

      Though seemingly idyllic, this life was oppressive to some. It was, they felt, too perfect and regimented.

      "The children are growing up in an artificial atmosphere — and it isn't only the children," one resident told Newman.

  40. It doesn't matter. Every society has unexplainable shocks that shake us all to the core. We can agonize all we want. It's impossible to understand…..the guy was snapped. Lock him up because we are always on the road to the next horrible story. Modern life creates pressures that simply ruin some people…..I doubt that there is anything we can do to eradicate these totally unexpected and horrible surprises. Andy

  41. Colonel Russell Williams must have an incredible amount of self-control and endurance to be able to work towards such a high official position. His superiors must have witnessed his good perseverance and continual persistence in his good work to eventually awarded him his job. Anyone who has worked so hard to reach such a high position would definitely not risk doing anything illegal act to bring all that achievements down. It is unfortunate that his lawyer and the prosecutor have not investigated far enough to find out the cause of his crimes. I have a strong feeling that he might have been infected with some kind of mental disease (even some kind of viral infection) or a new disease that could be related to mad cow disease. I hope that the media can inspire experts to work will the Colonel to prevent such things from happening in the future.

  42. Oh, I have to call this as what it is – crap.

    Most (not all, but most) rapists were sexually &/or physically and psychologically abused in their own childhood or adolescence. ODDS ARE he learned his sadistic behaviour through direct experience, repressed it for years, and eventually repeated it. As have many criminals throughout the ages.

    "Finally, there is an alarmingly high rate of sexual abuse by females in the backgrounds of rapists, sex offenders and sexually aggressive men – 59% (Petrovich and Templer, 1984), 66% (Groth, 1979) and 80% (Briere and Smiljanich, 1993)."… – (see page 30)

    Really, quit stoking the fear of every male with normal sexual conflicts.

    • … continued (this is 3 of 3)

      Guest, you wrote, "Really, quit stoking the fear of every male with normal sexual conflicts."

      To what fear are you referring? If it is fear of the possibility of the existence of forces in the psyche but outside the ego, the fear is not well founded. If such forces do not exist, what is there to fear?

      However, if they do exist, blind denial of them is the worst thing possible, for that very denial gives them unfettered autonomy and, with it, the power to turn demonic. Recognition, acknowledgment, and well-measured respect are what keeps their power within bounds.

      Jung did not fabricate these forces, They appeared spontaneously in his patients' dreams and visions. Furthermore, Jung was careful to evaluate and notice just how much a patient was ready to face at a given time.

      We should base a decision on brave observation of our own experience and the consideration of others' points of view, not on fear.

      • "The evil comes from a source unknown to the naive. It comes from demonic power released by an opposing neglected complex anchored in a neglected and repressed function."


        Anyone who has been on the receiving end of sadism and watched a sadist in action can tell you the pure, simple, unvarnished truth:
        1) that sadism could N-E-V-E-R be described as a "power released by an opposing neglected complex". Evil is a CHOICE – plain and simple. It is a purposeful identification with, and choice to emulate, abuse of power over another living being solely for one's own pleasure. Period.
        2) "evil comes from a source unknown to the naive" No, it does not. Acts of evil are INTENTIONAL acts done knowing full-well their impact on their victims, and done because the perpetrator has CHOSEN to emulate behaviour observed in &/or experienced from others.

        • People who commit sadistic heinous acts are nothing like the average citizen (regardless of their own experience of sadistic victimization), and it is complete fearmongering to leave the average "man" with the mistaken impression that he or she, given the right circumstances and "psychic" forces, could commit the same evils.

          The experience of evil can push evil-inclined individuals more quickly into like-minded behaviour. Everyone else chooses to suffer rather than to "pay it forward".

  43. I guess the story is not real about Russel William 's life . I know the experienced to the compare of the soldiers and police what is the different types of investigation. i know that police do not understand soldier confession to court judge do not understand soldiers and psychiatrist or psychologist do not understand soldiers and police are different kind of the investigation. i can't explain to you about police and soldiers investigation . I Keep my private about govenment about soldiers and police

  44. I analyze what Russell William 's stories about 2 women , He is a boss of soldier and I agreed with him because I don' t accept that women do not allow to become soldiers .

    • I would try to answer you but your english is so bad I can't figure out what you are saying.

  45. He looks like a rapist and a killer. His eyes are so cold. No wonder he did what he did. And I don't believe his wife knew nothing. Boxes full of underwear in the basement for her to fall over and she didn't look inside? I always knew what my husband was up too. I could read his face like a book and he would not have past this by me without me noticing something strange. But it is a good excuse for her.
    I hope he suffers in jail. After all the honors in his life he will feel the punishment more then any other person in jail.
    I am glad.

  46. I'd like to read more about his Russell Williams' wife.

    Why has she not taken a public stand condemning her husband? Is she still visiting him at Kingston Penitentiary? Why is a divorce not forthcoming?

    Her silence to the victims is completely creepy.

    • I totally agree. She's not all there either.

  47. So there is a lot of truth in the Jekyl and Hyde tale — but then I already knew that.

  48. The second-last paragraph states, “The incidence of psychopaths in the military is no higher than in the general population, where it’s pegged around one per cent.”  It would be interesting to know the percentage among people who aspire to and attain managerial status.

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