The world thinks the world needs more Canada, too -

The world thinks the world needs more Canada, too

Canada has the most positive influence on the world right now, according to a recent poll


While all eyes are on Donald Trump during the G20 meetings in Germany this week, according to an Ipsos poll, the world expects Canada to have the best influence on world affairs.

The poll, which spanned 25 countries, put Canada at the top of a list of countries and organizations that respondents view as having a positive influence on world affairs.

Canada’s “positive influence score” remained the same as 2016, while all the other countries and organizations took a hit, according to the release. The United States’ score dropped the most (-24 per cent), followed by France (-12 per cent) and Russia (-11 per cent). Out of the international organizations on the list, the United Nations dropped the most (-9 per cent), while The World Bank and International Monetary Fund each dropped by the same amount (-7 per cent).

The survey question changed slightly this year. Respondents were asked, “Thinking about right now, would you say the following countries or organizations are having an overall positive or a negative influence on world affairs?” compared to the previous year, when the survey asked about the “next decade.”



The world thinks the world needs more Canada, too

  1. Yes, for all our faults we are admired on the world stage.

    Something to be proud of, instead of always whining and complaining…..[our biggest fault]

  2. Admired on the world stage? Canada is a bit player on the world stage. A chorus girl in the 7th row back
    dreaming of a starring role, but too timid and unsure to audition.

    • Not what the item said, Sleepyhead.

      • It is what you said my dear

        • Have another coffee.

  3. By “the world,” It seems they mean the globalist regressive agenda.
    The world needs more rich, white trust-fund babies telling the plebs they need more “diversity.”
    Reality is an illusion, based on income.