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We sent a sketch artist to cover the Justin Bieber circus

Toronto artist Sarah Lazarovic captures the scene at 52 Division


(Justin Bieber sketches by Sarah Lazarovic)

Maclean’s contributor and Toronto artist Sarah Lazarovic headed to 52 Division in Toronto on Wednesday evening after news reports suggested Justin Bieber would appear to be booked on charges related to an incident last month in Toronto.

From the CP story posted elsewhere on the site:

“In December, police told the Canadian Press that they were looking into allegations that a member of Bieber’s entourage assaulted a limo driver who was driving the Canadian pop star and several others. A police spokesman said at the time that it was unclear whether the teen heartthrob himself was involved in the alleged attack on Dec. 29, or simply one of his companions.”

Toronto Police refused to say if Bieber was about to make a showing:

The lack of confirmation did not stop fans and media from gathering in front of the police station.

Lazarovic reported on the scene via Twitter. We updated as she worked:

My cabbie’s thoughts on Bieber. “It’s too bad for his life.”


Here it is again … a little bit closer.


“I just live around the corner and was curious.”


Brianna’s mom is pretty cool.


You can actually see perfectly well through the glass blocks at 52.


I asked her how she knew it was his hat, but she could not say.


I can’t feel my fingers … or my toes.


Same cute lady from before. She is either a secret superfan or a little bit lonely.


Seriously, one girl was all, “I’m just curious about spectacle, semiotics, objectification, blablabla.”

Justin Teaber. Retreated to the Tim Hortons where the beliebers just ejected a drunk, racist guy.

Gimme two more minutes. This tea is actually not bad.

These guys don’t mess. Also, it would suck to die of frostbite covering Justin Bieber getting booked.

No comment.

There is only so much time a self-respecting human can spend waiting for Justin Bieber.

So much wasted energy.

Shorties need not apply.

For the record, via CityTV, here’s what the scene looked like when Bieber arrived:

Meanwhile, a few Bieber links:


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We sent a sketch artist to cover the Justin Bieber circus

  1. Canada is embarassed by him, the US wants to deport him. I say send him to Korea, he can be a K-Pop sensation over there.. deport him quick, oppa gangnam style.

  2. The drawings are very good and funny. I love the “tea” shirt. Lol


  4. What an embarassing spoilt rude boy. Not a role model for any young person.
    Charge him and make him do some hard work….Not at all impressed by the actions of this young man. Be responsible and grow up.

  5. Was nice to meet you Sarah and your sketches are great!! awesome humour behind them… love the one of myself and the girls…oh and that drunk racist jerk from Tim Hortons?? … he ended up at the same subway station as US! @ broadview (coincidence or just our luck to see that individual twice in a matter of an hour) … his antics continued he actually hit someone and continued his racial drunken slurrs…lets just say the police were called

  6. Most of these cartoons resemble Kathleen Wynne more so than the Biebs.

  7. Justin Beiber shows exactly why children should not be thrown into stardom without a good adult supervisor available at all times to steer him correctly. when children are not given bondaries, this is what you get.

  8. Is that the best “sketch artist” you can get? ADRIENNEGELLMAN can do WAY better than that.Please check out her pictures of Justin Bieber etc.on her Twitter page.

  9. This was very good! Love the sketches and humor! Bravo!