‘Well, it’s over.’ The Jian Ghomeshi trial draws to a close

Anne Kingston on what we learned from the Ghomeshi trial


Anne Kingston has been watching every second of the Jian Ghomeshi sexual assault trial. Here, as the trial ends and the judge considers the decision until March 24, Kingston looks at what we can take away from it, and what the case says about the system.

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‘Well, it’s over.’ The Jian Ghomeshi trial draws to a close

  1. Here’s another takeaway. Women are people, not dimwitted, feeble children. They should be dealt with by our justice system just as men are.

    And yet another. A man brought to trial by a feminist offended by him on Twitter? Men in BC and throughout Canada whose lives have been ruined by false allegations have no recourse?

    Women lie about assault all the time. They face anonymity when they make accusations and are rarely, if ever punished for lying or perjury. Female legal privilege is a lesson here, and it reigns supreme in Canada.

  2. From what I read …the judge will have no choice but to set him free …the complainantS conflict story and the fact they continued to email and see him after the dates of the so called attacks draws concern ….I’m sure he is a freak but I also think these woman were just like him he was just a little more extreme then they were …buckle up it should be an interesting week

  3. What have we learned?
    1. We do not want Marie Henein to cross examine us when (a) our case is based on lies, omissions, inconsistencies, misleading the police, questionable personal conduct, collusion and animus/revenge and (b) we assume that the defense does not have any evidence of the truth after 13 years. Frankly, with all the hard evidence available, most competent lawyers would be able to discredit these three complainants.
    2. To claim the complainants undermined their cases presumes that they had real cases of sexual assault to begin with. The probable reality is that there was never any case. This case would never have been brought to court (a) if the complainants did not lie, withhold evidence and mislead the police; and (b) if the opportunistic news media and feminist/victim lobbyists did not create the publicity frenzy for the lynching of Ghomeshi – which forced the police and prosecution to move on him.
    3. Of course the three complainants clearly understand what constitutes sexual assault. These three complainants are not delicate and naïve simpletons. They were educated, mature, sexually-experienced and rational women when each had their sexual flings with Ghomeshi. Whatever they did alone with Ghomeshi did not scare them, and they desired to return for more even when he spurned them. What is incredible is that Anne Kingston is still willing to believe the claims (“is this choking normal”) of a questionable witness who is a close friend of a thoroughly-discredited complainant. Dunsworth was fortunate she was not cross-examined and discredited by the Marie Henein. BEFORE she gave her statement about this claim to the Halifax police, Dunsworth told the complainant — in text and Facebook messages — that she was willing to “turn the heat up”, “be (the complainant’s) oven mitts”, “support” her and “corroborate, haha.”
    4. Women can harbor animosity (against men who spurn them) for a long time, be vindictive and wrongly accuse innocent men of sexual assault, leading to their wrongful conviction. As a result of this trial, some men might begin making and keeping a permanent record of the truth pertaining to their interactions with women. I predict a small industry will take root to help men take more active measures to protect themselves from vindictive women and a criminal justice system that is unfair to men. In future, when a vindictive woman wrongly accuses a man of sexual assault, he might discredit her using audio, video or third-party surveillance evidence.
    5. The Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe recently revealed in two Guardian articles (“Suspected sex offenders have rights the police must respect” and “Met police may end policy of automatic belief of sex abuse complaints”) that, in Britain, public confidence needs to be restored in the wake of criticism of the tarnished reputations and family distress caused to innocent persons wrongly accused of sex crimes. He suggested the British police should drop its policy of unconditionally believing every alleged rape victim; investigate the accuracy of the allegations and the evidence with an impartial and open mind; and offer more rights to accused persons, such as anonymity prior to charging them.

    • Thank you – that needed to be said. Anyone who thinks that women cannot be vindictive, or that women never lie, is incredibly naïve.

      • I agree with the comments above and would like to add that what I also took away was a determination not to rely on Anne Kingston for reporting on a trial. After reading the early coverage here I soon discovered that Christie Blatchford was providing excellent coverage at the Post and I found it somewhat cleansing to read hers. She definitely told it like it was. As for the system, and what it told us about that, is that the legal system appears to be working as it should.

        I am left wondering now whether this case was started with online innuendo. It was almost like a mean girls thing. What I can say about the legal system it that it appears to be working. It comes down to telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth under oath. That’s pretty straightforward and If a witness/complainant cannot honour that, then their case is worth nothing. Our legal system is based upon the truth – there’s absolutely no way to get around that.

        All three of these women lied. All the #IBelieve signs and chants in the world doesn’t change that. I am a woman, well educated, and neither I, nor any of my professional women friends believed the complainants. Its also appalling that so many people don’t understand the most basic concepts of the legal system.

        I also read the Guardian articles and what they put forth is worth discussion in this country to avoid another fiasco such as this.

        As well, I don’t blame the crown attorneys. The necessary information was not provided to them either further, and further, the crown attorneys represent the state. Two of the complainants had personal legal counsel, perhaps they should have prepared them better.

        I really am amazed still that there is a significant number of advocates who seem to think that all these women had to do was say their piece and on that alone, the defendant could spend years and years in prison. The victim advocate sign carriers did them no favours except to provide false courage.

        This is not what feminism should be. Feminism was never meant to weaken or coddle. The feminists I know are smart and strong and would never believe blindly?

        The crown is not the complainent’s personal counsel. If blame is to be placed, and I’m not sure about that since it appears they were kept in the dark too, with regard to the continuing conduct, the personal counsels have some responsibilities. The witnesses were quite simply, discredited by their own lies.

        • Well said.

          Here is my proposal. If a woman makes a false accusation of rape or sexual assault against a man, and she is found to have done so.

          SHE must go to jail for the same period of time that the man who is found guilty of such offences would be in there. if the sentence for rape is 8 years, then the women who falsely accuses a man of rape….must also spend 8 years in jail.

          that would put a stop to it pretty quickly I’m assuming.

  4. What we learned from this case is that the Crown attorneys were absolutely horrible in both their preparation of these women having to take the stand and their apparent lack of research prior to the trial.

  5. By all accounts, Jian Gomeshi has been a douchebag for his entire dating life, going back to his university days.

    but that is not reason enough to convict him for the most recent accusations by these women who by all measure seem to have wanted to continue their relationship with him.

    If looks like this case is in court because these women were “dumped” by Gomeshi, and taking him to court was just payback. He may be a douchebag (and I”m sure he is) but you can’t put him in jail for that.

    The only real justice will be when “JIAN” tries to get back to the dating scene. Imagine the damaged goods that would say yes to his offers?

  6. I’m just happy this poser isn’t stinking up the air waves any longer with his plastic I’m too sexy for my voice blah blah blah….I mean really, the CBC needs to move out of Toronto and be headquartered in Yellowknife…

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  8. The complainants don’t know their role? How about, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Or does that make it too difficult to advance your agenda anne?
    If they were ill informed, shouldn’t the focus be on their LAWYER?? How about a bit of background on Gillian Hnatiw, who seemed happy to insert herself into this trial, at least until it all fell apart, at which time she seemed to disappear. What did she tell the witnesses before they met with police? Did they lie to her as well?
    Oh, and how about an expose on her footwear choices. Maybe one on her teams photo shoots for their web pages. Some info on her chosen “look” and how she presents herself to the world.

  9. I am shocked the Crown allowed such shabby cases to get as far as they did. I can understand maybe some fact escaping in one of the cases, but all three? What a waste of time and money.

  10. For a view of real bravery, read todays National Post article about a woman who was assaulted from 4-14 years old then found the courage to go to police. She is an example of someone who needs support and resources.
    To put Decoutoure in the same category is shameful.

  11. The Jian Ghomeshi trial helps shed light on words only hated Men’s Rights Activists have been saying: women do not always tell the truth.

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