What lies beneath Quebec’s scandals

COYNE: The factors behind the province’s penchant for money politics



No, Quebec is not the only province where political scandal sometimes erupts. Governments and business have been corrupting each other across this country since pre-Confederation days. But in no other province does it feel quite so . . . inevitable. British Columbia has thrown up the odd chiselling premier, Atlantic Canada is famously steeped in patronage, but there is no comparison to the kind of octopussal industry-union-mob-party configuration lurking just below the surface of politics in Quebec. Toronto may have been scandalized by the cronyism of the Mel Lastman era, but only in Montreal would a candidate for mayor publicly confess to being afraid for his life. When a senior adviser to Ontario premier David Peterson was forced to resign after it was revealed he had accepted a refrigerator from a party donor with ties to a developer, puzzled Montrealers phoned their friends in Toronto, asking, ‘What was in the fridge?’ ”

The roots of corruption run deep in the province. Scrounging for funds to carry him through the 1872 election, the eminently corruptible Sir John A. Macdonald didn’t have far to look: Montrealer Sir Hugh Allan, said to be the richest man in Canada, was even then angling for the contract to build the CPR. Fifty years later, with Prohibition in force and Montreal a flourishing centre of the cross-border smuggling business, Mackenzie King saw fit to put Jacques Bureau in charge of the customs department, with comically debauched results: the scandal that ultimately led to the King-Byng affair.

Fighting corruption has often proved the best opportunity for it. The young Maurice Duplessis made his name denouncing the venality of Louis-Alexandre Taschereau’s government (Taschereau was eventually forced from office on charges of abusing public funds, the third Quebec premier to suffer this indignity), much as Brian Mulroney rose to fame for his work on the Cliche commission—and just as Jean Chrétien came to power promising to clean up the mess left by Mulroney. Sponsorships, Shawinigate, the ghostly voters of the Gaspésie, Airbus: there’s a pattern here, and it’s useless to deny it.

What explains Quebec’s unusual susceptibility to money politics? Deeply entrenched deference to authority? A worldly Catholic tolerance of official vice? There is no grand unified theory: at different times and in different situations, different forces have come into play. Nevertheless, a few broad factors emerge:

Power corrupts, but so does impotence. Healthy political cultures are marked by contestability: results are unpredictable, success is incremental, and neither victory nor defeat are ever far from view. But the tendency, in federal politics, for Quebecers to throw their support to one party or another en bloc—and the province’s outsized importance, therefore, in deciding elections—has given rise to a peculiar set of pathologies.

On the one hand, the Liberal party’s decades-long dominance in Quebec contributed to the usual habits of abuse that accompany too much familiarity with power. On the other, the Tories’ equally long history of futility in the province made them all too willing to do almost anything to break through—and made them vulnerable, when they finally did, to every main-chancer that walked through their doors.

People do the worst things for the best reasons. In healthy political cultures, politics is at least tangentially about ideological differences. Then again, it’s still only politics: it’s not war. But in the last five decades, what Quebecers call “the national question” has more or less shoved normal ideological debates off the table, whether at the federal, provincial or even municipal level.

With the very survival of the country—or the birth of a new one—at stake, politics in Quebec took on, even more than usual, a wartime mentality: it became all too easy to justify to oneself, or to others, practices that might otherwise be seen as garden-variety sleaze. (That, at any rate, is the most charitable explanation for the sponsorship scandal.)

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The scandal is what’s legal. Outright corruption, as Michael Kinsley’s aphorism suggests, is only the tip of the ethical iceberg. People in politics are given to seeking refuge behind the law: so long as you do not actually commit a crime, you haven’t done anything wrong. Mere patronage or pork-barrelling is excused, so long as you don’t actually pocket the money.

In any case, it’s a false distinction. Once you get in the habit of spending the public’s money as if it were your own, it’s all too easy to forget whose money it really is. And, ethical standards having been so easily breached, you may find the guard rail of legality incapable of braking your momentum.

This is all the more likely if politicians are operating in a general climate of public acceptance of such activities. The long “bidding war,” as Brian Crowley has called it, for Quebecers’ affections—federalists versus separatists, Ottawa versus Quebec City—educated Quebec voters, already used to Duplessis-style bossism, to expect such “booty,” even to demand it.

Moreover, the distended role of the state in the economy under the Quebec Inc. model, its heavy use of subsidies and other tools of intervention, created a strong incentive to win the favour of those in power, by fair means or foul. Indeed, the state is not the only example of centralized power in Quebec: big government, big business, big labour—the enormous megaprojects of which all three are inordinately fond—all maximize the potential for improper collusion and blurring of lines. Even the crime syndicates seem more concentrated.

One other factor must be mentioned. Every society has its critics: successful ones thrive on them. But constructive criticism in Quebec, given the francophone majority’s perception of itself as an embattled minority, all too often leads to a closing of the ranks against what is invariably described as “Quebec-bashing.” If from outside, it is put down to ignorance of Quebec’s particularity; if from a non-francophone Quebecer, a failure to identify with the goals and values of the majority; if from a francophone, a traitorous readiness to advance on the backs of his fellows. One half expects to hear the same in this case.

CLARIFICATION: The cover of last week’s magazine, with the headline “The Most Corrupt Province in Canada,” featured a photo-illustrated editorial cartoon depicting Bonhomme Carnaval carrying a briefcase stuffed with money. The cover has been criticized by representatives of the Carnaval de Québec, of which Bonhomme is a symbol.

While Maclean’s recognizes that Bonhomme is a symbol of the Carnaval, the character is also more widely recognized as a symbol of the province of Quebec. We used Bonhomme as a means of illustrating a story about the province’s political culture, and did not intend to disparage the Carnaval in any way. Maclean’s is a great supporter of both the Carnaval and of Quebec tourism. Our coverage of political issues in the province will do nothing to diminish that support.


What lies beneath Quebec’s scandals

  1. Mr. Coyne,
    Quebecers are supposedly the worst in political scandals? It is what you are suggesting.
    Maybe, you should put your nose in the firearms' Registry which cost 1 billion more then it was supposed to. Who pocketed on that one? What about the G8 and G20 in Toronto, ONTARIO? Funny how scandals elsewhere in Canada are never mentioned and never investigated. At least Quebecers don't hide their heads in the sand as others do…

    • the firearms' Registry … the G8 and G20 in Toronto … scandals elsewhere in Canada are never mentioned

      Yeah. How come we never get to read about the firearms registry and the G20?

      • I'm still trying to wrap my head around Aline's assertion that " scandals elsewhere in Canada are never mentioned and never investigated."

        • If one only reads news on Quebec then she's right, there is no scandals nor news from the rest of Canada.

      • What are the firearm registry and the G20 anyways? Anything important we should know about 'em?

        • I wish I knew, MYL. I wish I knew.

      • We have heard gun registry in Alberta until we are sick of it. We are sick of the urban elitists who continue to think guns kill people. Rarely has a registered gun been used to kill someone – most of the shootings (gangland?) seem to be with the unregistered guns. Where do they come from?

    • Actually… the Firearms Registry was apparently built by CGI Inc. Guess where they're headquartered? Montreal. There isn't a major deal that goes down in Ottawa without some quid quo pro for a Quebec interest of some kind. Much "Ottawa business" is Quebec business by proximity and political circumstance. The G8/G20 we're still trying to sort out just what happened there, but stay tuned.

    • You are an idiot. Look and read the facts!

    • You are correct that there are way more scandalous issues to look at than the level of involvement (or not) of a premier's entourage in naming a judge. That is what triggered Mcleans cover, right? Is it really any different anywhere else? But I guess that investigation would be too labour intensive and the topic not very likely to sell copies. Alot easier to get a couple of good writers to tie the situation in Quebec to all athe corruption that's taken place since confederation and call us corrupt.

      But its not what the authors wrote that bothers me. Its that Macleans would elevate what is essentially a bias, one-sided and gratuitous interpretation of events, worthy of discussion and deabte grant you, into such a provocative and incendiary front page headline. How can Mcleans affirm Quebec is the MOST corrupt?

      Best case scenario, Mcleans's is guilty of poor editorial judgement or sensationalism. Worst case scenario, its effectively guilty of Quebec bashing because other scandals in Canada would never be elevated so easily, without more research and supporting fact.

      • It has crossed my mind that Andrew hopes to get a place in the Senate one day, much like Mike Duffy.

      • When the shoe is on the other foot it pinches doesn't it? After Ad Scam I wonder what you expected? Or Shawinigate? Or a lot of other incidents in the past years that show definite and continuing financial favor to Quebec. These all have cost to the taxpayers in Canada and some events have even shut down industries and cost jobs to other areas. These are not biases to those of us on the paying end of the mess. Has any of the Ad Scam money ever been paid back or a requirement that it be paid back? No, and it will never be. This is not Quebec bashing, and only Quebecers can change it by waking up to changing your voting habits. You have a beautiful province to be blessed with and should not have to have this kind of tag attached.

        • Jack: Our Federal politicians are just as 'guilty' as our Quebec MP's & MNA's … because They have and continue to Endorse and Promote – the insanity they have 'signed into laws'… illegally. Had they honored their Responsibility to the People of Canada… NONE of this would have happened – in the first place. That includes ALL the Political Parties and its leaders and representatives!! We in Quebec – HAVE voted TWICE – A vote BY THE WAY – THAT HAS BEEN FLAGRANTLY DISREGARDED and VIOLATED.

          As for our voting?? Here's what our FEDERAL Leaders have done. We Anglos/Allos – ARE NOT ACCEPTED as Candidates into ANY of the Federal Parties! We have been SHUT OUT of ALL decision making!! ONLY – Soft Nationalists – like Lucienne Robillard (ex separatists & who pretend to be Federalists… as long as English is Erased in Quebec) are running the show here. So – Ask YOUR – Federal MP's & Federal Leaders… how they are DARING … to discriminate against us… and MUZZLING ALL our Objections and PLEAS for help and aiding and abetting the BLOC & Separatists!!

    • Mr Coyne is right.The french canadian are the worst in politic scandals.

    • Absolutely right Aline and for french people please read the 3 books writen by Normand Lester : Le livre noir du Canada Anglais . Three books about Canadian racist actions and not so glorious acts of bigotery,racism, intolerance,Antisemitism,hypocrisy,Xenophobia,lies,etc… Je me souviens, Je me souviendrai. Vive le Québec libre, nous vaicrons…

    • I have no doubt that there was graft and corruption in both the Firearms Registry and the G20. Both cost about the same and both are just as useless. Although not much was uncovered about the Firearms Registry except incompetence, let's all hope that the opposition parties get together and dig wholeheartedly into the G20 scandal. I suspect Harper will throw more than one of his "good friends" under the bus in order to deflect the public eye from his own complicity.

    • They're not the worst in scandals, just the worst in scandals in Canada.

    • They do keep their head in the sand… Probably 10 feet deeper than any other citizen in any other country (I'm a french quebecer btw).

      Quebec is filled by stupid people that thinks only for themselves (about 85-90% of them), acting stupid on the road, doesnt matter if the gouverment f**ks them real good lol… they just forgets everything. Rarelly people votes (in the age range : 18-35) and guess what, even if Jean Charest is involved in the construction crimes and many other companies just to profit from the public money… G8 G20 are stupid things, but quebecers are way dummer than most people.

      A guy who lost faith in humanity.

      • Celestor tu es vraiment les rois des ignorants trous-du-culs!!!!

      • @Raymond: What? Is this more "Blame it on the Anglos" stuff? Or please correct me – if I read your post wrong. You see my French is Not fluent – because up until the 70's — Anglos and Allos were Not Allowed into the French schools and were forced to learn it from their French friends and neighbours. But then again – you may be too young to know that Quebeck used to be the Best place to live and we all embraced each others language and culture – in spite of the longstanding discrimination against those Anglo devils – preached by the French Church (who ruled for 100's of years) .

      • Amen Brother. Lived there twice. Then I too lost faith and left forever. I saw a cop literally bought by a donut place. I know it sounds funny but I just can't laugh anymore. The corruption runs so deep in construction that the infastructure is literally crumbling.

        I remember too…

      • I agree with the two articles from Macleans about Quebec's scandals but I disagree with your statement :Quebec is filled by stupid people that thinks only for themselves (about 85-90% of them),

    • Also, no words of where the 1B$ in stimulus money for oil industry research into oilsands went. This is a very big question that dwarfs any topics related to Quebec bashing

    • Bien dit Aline et on pourrait en écrire 3 ou 4 volumes comme ça.

    • How very strange that Aline mentions the "GUN registry" , The only province that stubbornly continues to insist on this legislation is Quebec. Don't complain about the cost, You're theo nes that want it. As for Corruption in Quebec , Stop this
      hypocritical whining, Explain to us , the Olympic stadium cost " overrruns" , the Laval subway " overruns" ,the rond-point de l'Acadie overruns and a hundred more.Tell me this Aline , when was the last time a Quebec project actually was done on time and on budget.
      Corruption and back-door deals ARE some common place in our province, one could ask if corruption is part of this province's genetic code !!!

    • can you all see we are arguing between each others ,who is corrupt ,all the rich and verry richs take there money in my pocket , and we do nothing i'm a middle classworker and feddup,paying for the poor to help them.and feeding the rich pigs. they never have enouft,, n.h.l garry beathman 7 millions a years.do you thing is normal. no more bying hockey
      for me t.v now,

  2. Yeah, yeah, pathological corrupt officials and politicians constantly fed and elected by pathological demanding, selfish, childish, and whiny electorates – got it! Is that an official provincial identity? What is new?

    • Thank you for your kind words . You obvioulsy know nothing else than the crap two bit magazines feed you. You should go out more.

      • @Pierre: Are you talking about the 40 year long (notwithstanding the Church's 400 years long Anglo Bashing) lies about the 'Anglo Devils'? Or are you talking about the French press singing the praises of the Removal of the English language and rights and freedoms Out of Quebec? Or are you talking about Quebec OPTING OUT of being a part of a Bilingual Canada – by declaring itself Officially French only – thereby removing even more access to Government services (paid for primarily by its English speaking Montreal area population – 69% of QC's revenue comes from the greater Montreal area)? Or are you talking about English speaking Quebeckers being starved out of the workforce? Or the 600,000 English speaking Quebeckers forced to Flee the Province – after being forced out of their jobs and/or terrified of more bombs in mailboxes? I know a lot more that I'll be more than happy to share if you like. But I'd love to see your reply to the above first.

    • What is knew is that our next Prime Minister of the Province of Québec, will be a female from the Liberal Party of Québec, I am just not giving you her name yet, because she doen't know yet that she will be the first lady Prime Minister of a province in Canada within the next 3 years.

      Cela ne serait-t-il pas bien, isn't it , …Hein !…

      P. Clifford Blais, mdcm, McGill ' 81

      • If you mean the first female premier of a province, I'm afraid Rita Johnston beat you to it (early 1990s in BC – look it up if you don't believe me.)

        • For what 3 months? She wasn't elected as Premier, she was handed the wheel just before the good ship Socred went down. But best we not talk about B.C., we're supposed to be outraged at the corruption – in Quebec. Nothing to see out here, just move along.

          • I've attracted yet another nonsensical reply from Jahomily (Jan/Holly/Emily). How nice.

  3. Andrew Coyne, this article smacks of racism – now I know better than to trust MacLeans for any objective information or viewpoint. Or anything you have to say on CBC's "At Issue" for that matter. Your credibility is gone. It's almost as if you intended to help divide Canada.

    • get a clue bub. quebecers are mostly caucasian. as we all know it's not racism if its directed at caucasians.

      • You're right, I should have used the term "bigotry"

    • The truth hurts sometimes

    • Thanks for nicely making the point of Andrew's last paragraph. Well done.

    • Margaret,

      Your spot on!!!!!! It is people like yourself that makes me beleive that someday we could become a real nation

      • Go ahead, but how are you going to run it without the vote buying handouts from our sleazy politicians?

      • Let's hope you're quick about it -the rest of Canada can't afford you any longer….bye bye

      • The sooner Quebec becomes a nation the sooner it will empty and become part of the USA.

        • Don't I wish!

        • You Never set foot in Usa ? never want to be part of it if you did . don Think so ! why it's easy … think

    • Thanks Margaret…I keep trying to tell my fellow Québecers that most of our english canadian friends have a great deal of respect for us.My grandfather fought in worldwar 1 and my dad wolrdwar 2…they both passed away..but as a child I remember them saying that they alongside their great english canadians comrades..we should not let us disturb by poor quality journalist like that ignorant Andrew Coyne..he is the reflection of hate..racism..and prejudice..in 1939 Adolf Hitler called it propaganda…today we call public affairs…Thanks Margaret for your comments…it makes me keep hoping in my country..Canada..built by english and fench canadians…Coynes probably does not know anything about our commun history.

      • We do.

        But having said that, I do think there may be a point here, or at least I'm disturbed by the number of scandals with ties to Quebec. This is NOT a reflection on the people of Quebec, mind you, but their politicians. I mean, I'm sure if your voting ballots said, "corrupt-guy, even more corrupt-guy, or not corrupt-guy" you'd pick the latter choice.

        Maybe none of Coyne's reasons is the real problem. But it is worth taking a look and seeing if there's an identifiable pattern, don't you think?

        • They don't tolerate more than Anglo's quite the opposite . They draw it out in the open like now, why do you think that their present administration is so unpopular? , majority of french citizen are mad! What'ss allot more scary is when Canadians in other province try to do the same , they are muffled, made quite shut down. Try the scandal of the liberal of Jean Chrétien, ( that was funny trying to make this one stick to Quebec , hey i didn't know Ottawa moved from Ontario to Quebec, any way). good that theses fellows push to reform, to adress real problems. Mccleans should start looking in our own back yard . They look less like ''gossop from the inquirer''.

          • That's a good, plausible reason. Is there more corruption, or is there more corruption brought out into the open?

            I don't know, but I do know of some corruption in Ontario that seems not to have garnered a big outcry or continuous media coverage, so you could be on to something.

        • sure there is a pattern, it's always tied to federalists liberals. Under the Pati Québécois , there were never that kind of corruption and René Lévesque passed the most clean electoral law of this continent . But the Liberals and Captain Canada Jean Charest found all the loops they could to get financing for his 75,000 (under the table) bonus and to reward his federalists friends. We will gladly send him back to you when we will become independant soon.

        • ". . . to see if there is an identifiable pattern" ??? Do you mean a grant for research? Or a Royal Commission?

          Corruption and greed have been around throughout the history of mankind.

          • Certainly not. A few people have presented a few reasons–beyond those of Andrew Coyne, I mean. I know corruption and greed have been around since humans, but some places and times more than others. Or at least we hear about it in some places and times more than others. Can we figure out why?

      • Hardly Yves. Canada was built by a whole lot more immigrants than the english and french.

      • I am appalled at the abysmal ignorance expressed here. Canada was not built only by the French and English. Scots, Irish, and all countries of Europe are represented as well as Asians from early days, and we certainly couldn't have got our "Montreal headed' railroads finished if it had not been for Chinese migrants. So Quebecers fought in both world wards. You know what – my multigreat grandfather was a member of the Argenteuil Rangers which contributed to keeping Canada from being overtaken by the U.S. way back when – and my family has contributed many to the graves and memorials scattered across Europe. I would suggest Andrew Coyne has a farm more realistic view of Canadian history than most.

        • "Montreal headed' railroads finished if it had not been for Chinese migrants." Eastern Europeans worked alongside the Chinese to build that railroad during the 19th century. It was grueling hard labour – my grandfather was one of them, from Winnipeg all the way to the Golden Spike and I am very proud of that. . . . And now, my apologies for getting off-topic.

      • Well Yves, the number of wars fought in means what? So have too many members of my family. My g.g. grandfather was an early member of the Argenteuil Rangers – fought to keep Canada from being taken over by the U.S. And I disagree with you heartily that Andrew Coyne is a poor journalist and all the other epithets you attached to him. Because my family had the good sense to move west I can look at Quebec with quite different eyes, have seen the corruption, have seen the favoritism by federal governments, mostly because we have had Prime Ministers originating in Quebec. And have also paid very well for the financial affairs of Quebec through the equalization planned to skin other parts of Canada. Did you ever think that perhaps some of the bias against Stephen Harper is because he is a westerner? John Deifenbaker got the same treatment? So don't talk about bias and bigotry. My family moved west because as Irish, non-catholic settlers they could not obtain decent land to farm in Quebec, at the time all land deals was 'under the table' ruled by the church. And Yves, this country was built up by a lot of other people as well as English and French. Huge numbers came from Scotland, from the slavic countries, Germany, Poland, etc. Sorry but I think you've taken a very narrow view. and need to bone up on your history.

        • Here's a hint to save you lots of time and energy Jack. The Yves … will get you into a 'defensive position' where you feel 'compelled to try to 'explain and justify' your presence in the country – your family tree etc., etc., etc…. until you are exhausted. They have been playing this 'disgusting game' for decades… right back to the old BBS days. You are falling right into their hands… because it totally detracts – from the Ethnic Cleansing and illegal language laws – going on right now. And I may add… it has worked very well – hasn't it? Like I said – please – take a look at the (Our) Federal Leaders – who have ALLOWED these crimes to be illegally 'written into our laws of the land'… and demand to know what they have been and are doing to our country and to us.

    • Margaret what the pork are you talking about? Raising the racism card is a sign of abject defeat. Identify for us oh wise Margaret where Mr. Coyne has gone wrong? I LIVED in Montreal for years. It is sin city. I mean criminal sin city. and you honestly believe that building a piece of road for 35% more than anywhere else in the ROC somehow shows what… excellence? Better roads? or a CNTU that puts more sand in the cement and the bridges fall down and kill the occasional family driving beneath? Quel dommage Maggie! eh?

      by the way – the Firearms Registry and the G8/G20 were boondoggles and scandalous, but Mags…I don't catch a whiff of corruption there yet..just mindless maunderings of Lib and Con governments rushing to fill some suspected need in an always ravenous body politic. (btw that gun registry thing? yes. Concordia women shooting Marc LePine nut-job, and the Liberals used Marcus the nut-job to do what THEY wanted to do, get more Canucks in their database so CRA and CBSA can have a peek at them and know where they live.)

      • Uh huh! You'ved "lived in Montreal" and like Andrew Coyne, you have assessed the psych of all 8,000,000 of us in Quebec.

        • You know margaret I lived in Vancouver on west 12th in front of the City Hall and them folks elected in that city were monsters hoodlums bums and thieves ( a friend of mine worked in city hall ).. were they from Québec ? Nope home grown crud. So dear Margaret before opening your pie hole you should see if there is one of your feet close by so you don't put it in………..
          p.s travelling would do you good

          • Alberta raised, lived in Vancouver, Victoria. Europe, two US states, and more than half of my very senior life in Quebec.

          • Perhaps you have moved around so much you haven't been able to get a sensible handle on any of these places that you have lived in or at. You blame, accuse of bigotry, and accuse in some instances very unjustly and incorrectly. Your replies send out your own – what we would call 'left-leaning Lib' biases and bigotry. "Don't you dare argue with me – I am right!"

          • Jack Stewart, I have been in Quebec for forty years, possibly before you were born.

          • Oh, forgot . . . lived in Toronto too. I loved all these places.

        • I've assessed your psych Margaret, and I've judged it as needing some serious help. If the best you can do is call Andrew racist and bigoted, then you really need to find another hobby. Leaving intelligible comments on the Internet obviously isn't part of your skill set.

          • as oposed to yours ragingranter ?
            i'm just asking because i haven't see you leave any "intelligible comments" in this debate with margaret anywhere. what i see is a bad and very useless comment on a person wich you never met…

          • Aazeljoz: "Intelligible…" ??????

        • See my reply to Yves. Maybe you don't get it Margaret, but there may be 8M of you in Quebec, its time you got off your collective asses and started supporting yourselves instead of being the welfare state you have become, and at the expense of the taxpayers through equalization. I realize that even most national papers have a specific Quebec issue – is that so you don't get upset? Maybe you need to go beyond Quebec and see what happens in the rest of the country.

      • "I LIVED in Montreal for years. It is sin city. I mean criminal sin city. "

        You are funny.

    • Definition of a racist: Someone who is winning an argument with a liberal.

      • Ha Ha! Loved that one Stan!

      • that 's the best comment so far :)

      • Correction Stan: The Liberals have joined the 'fray' just like all our 'other party leaders'. Take a good long look at 'their colluding actions' with the Seps, Bloc and the Removal of English as a Language in Quebec!! Defined as Ethnic Cleansing – in the UN!! Ask them how they have DARED do this and continue to do this to OUR Country. Quebeck is YOUR Province too! It DOES NOT BELONG to the group of Ethnic Cleansers – our Feds have endorsed to – run the show!

    • Margaret you deserve better but let me telle you it is too late for moderate people like you to stop the walk for independance of Québec . René Lévesque once said : Independance is inescapable… this people is on the edge of finally taking is own destiny in is own hands, for the better of everyone . Let's be good neighbours. Canada was a Gimmick from the start and nothing will change the actual facts neighter reality of 2 totally different people . This is the true human fact that nowhere in history 2 people could live long in peaceful harmony. Find me one example of a minority living with a majority in peace making a country…

      • Yves, I would prefer that Quebec not separate, but if it happened it would not be the end of the world. The St Laurence River would still be there, the sun would still rise in the morning, the big banks will still make money here, Home Depot and Canadian Tire will still be here, and we would still have the farmers' markets and beautiful villages. I'm not going anywhere else. And as you say, have good Canadian and American neighbours . . . without having to tolerate the annoying neighbours like Andrew Coyne.

        • You are TOTALLY right on that one nothing to add.

          • Both Margaret and Yves are in for a rude awakening if Quebec by some fluke actually sawed off the tree limb it's sitting on and fell for independence, down, down, down to the standard of living it can afford with its socialism, corruption and sense of entitlement instead of productivity minus the subsidies from the rest of Canada. The allowance for the spoiled teenager of Confederation is enormous, not just the 8 Billion a year from the "equalization" scam. Almost every federal program benefits Quebeckers disproportionate to their numbers. Go ahead Yves, support your social programs from your own taxes and support the senior Margaret too. The sooner the better. In fact, to practice for your grand independence project, wean yourself off other people's money NOW. Lucien Bouchard and Maxime Bernier among others say Quebeckers can't do it.

    • The most offensive element of this article isn't the message. I think most people have misunderstood the principal reason of Quebecers' disgusts towards Macleans' article. Most people acknowledge the fact that corruption is present in Québec. What is not acceptable is the way the message is delivered. It is showing a false stereotypical view that English-Canada has of us and it sickens me. I never realize how much the rest of Canada hates Quebec until I moved out west for a year. Articles like this just reinforce the negative image that the rest of Canada have of Quebec. The ultimate insult was to use Québec city's Carnival mascot (the "Bonhomme Carnaval") of our most famous winter carnival to illustrate how some Québec politicians are corrupt. They should have shown the faces of those politicians instead of hitting on the whole province. Do you know that this mascot represents? It is not only the icon of the first Canadian city colonized by the French, but it represents all french-canadians because this icon is wearing the traditional red tuque and the "ceinture fléché"(traditionnal belt). Besides giving negative press to the festival,(by image association) this image reenforces French-canadian hate that is unfortunately still present in English-speaking provinces… Oh Canada!

      • Thanks Richard for a deeper understanding of the Bonhomme Carnaval mascot – even if someone is unaware of what the mascot represents the cover is so terrible it really jumps out at you at a newstand. There is not even a veiled attempt by MacLeans to tone it down. In my mind, the magazine ranks as a tabloid.

      • You typed all that defending a snowman. I hate to tell you this, but Bonhomme isn't real. He's a mascot. In fact, Ottawa used to use that same mascot in our winter festival here, until Quebec started whining that he was stolen. Now we have the Ice Hogs. (They're not real either.)

        • Ranging Ranter, I think you didnt understand anything at all. It is not important if you borrowed our mascot for a couple of years. The fact is everyone knows what it represents. Mascot = French-Canadians(all of them), period! Maybe you don't understand what it is to be a minority like Québec in a English speaking country. It is not easy! We get singled out for any reason. What ever one quebecer does, there will always be french-canadian haters out there who will be happy to condemn all of us in their generalizing racist point of view. Jean Charest should be on that cover.
          BTW my best friend is an ice hog, and you hirt his feelings!

      • So you were here for a year – where exactly? Did you come expecting people to jump up and down because you call yourself a' French'-Canadian – heavy on the French. Most people out here are too busy working for a living to bother with titles. Your Bonhomme Canaval has been a part of the Canadian scene for a long time – you would laugh if the situation were reversed to show an Alberta premier mounted on a horse with a bulging briefcase in his hand – would you not? When you have an icon such as Bonhomme Carnaval you can expect, or should expect it to be used as this cartoon. Frankly I took this to mean Bonhomme Carnival saying "Shame on you!", whether it was the Ad-scammers or any other politician who takes brown envelopes. Canadians don't necessarily hate Quebec – they hate your supercilious attitude that you think you are special. Yes, you may have been here first, some of my relatives were here long before you but they were native, so I guess they don't count against the French. We also have many other cultures in the west who are frankly much more easy to get along with.

        • Jack: In case you don't know – there are 2.5 MILLION English speraking Quebeckers living mostly in the greater MOntreal area (where they have always lived) that have had their language – rights – culture – schools – media – institutions wiped out – while the rest of Canada has looked the other way and said and done nothing other than pretend we don't exist! We do and we have been pleading for help for decades. At least you are not being starved out of the workplace like we are and have been. So please stop referring to Quebeck as though it does not belong to ALL Canadians and stand up for the Canadians in Quebeck that are being destroyed. We are here and we need your help. 2.5 Million of us – that our Federal and Provincial politicians pretend don't exist!!

          • Hey 1947, tu es complètement tarée!

            En 2006, il y avait environ 607,000 personnes dont la langue maternelle est l'anglais au Québec. Quelque 83% de ce nombre habitaient le Greater Montreal…va chier avec tes 2,5 millions…tu es tellement obsédée que tu entends et tu vois de l'anglais partout

          • Wrong again Guest: Go take a look at the study done in unison by Le Universite of Montreal and Moncton University. There are almost a Million Anglophones (approx 989,990) in the Montreal area. Anglophones are (according to Stats Canada – you'll really have to do some homework here to decipher the multiple mind boggling Stats – because in some – Jewish is listed as a language group – as is Canadian – American – Scottish, Irish – etc…) Anglophones are deciphered as British heritage: The Allophones: like me – whose first language is pretty much English – even though my heritage is not – (so the Allophones – first or second language English) make up at the very LEAST 1.5 MILLION of the population in Quebec – with most living in the Greater Montreal Area. That makes AT MINIMUM 2.5 MILLION English speaking Quebeckers. Do you have a problem with that?

          • Poor didi1947… When you say you lost your culture language rights schools Ha! ha! ha! ha!. Let me laugh it o.k. With 3 english universities 4 or 5 english hospitals, english schools from kindergardens to University 30 to 40 english stations, english newspapers everywhere . You should travel a little through r.o.c. and you would find that in Toronto alone where 400,000 french people live you don't find a single newspaper in french no french hospital no french libraries, and don't ask for being served in french. Not to speak of Otawa , you know the supposetely national capital. But you would'nt notice because you like many anglo quebecers don't speak a word of french even if your family has been in Québec for 10 generations. So before you try to make us cry at your horrible living think a little for a change…

          • yves: Stop lying – the truth is out and it cannot be hidden anymore. 95% of English schools – CLOSED. 99% of English MEDIA – GONE! What 30 – 40 stations ? You mean 2 – or 3 no? List the 30 – 40 for us – and prove me wrong. Newspapers ??? We have ONE English daily left – The Gazette – that is managed (has been taken over – my French nationalist management) and THAT is it! Again – Prove me Wrong.
            As for Toronto and Ontario… There are 600 French Schools in Ontario for a French population of approx: 600,000!! In Quebec and Montreal – 99% of what's left of the English Schools – the ones that haven't been bulldozed or taken over and turned into French Schools) those English Schools are FRENCH IMMERSION Schools. English only schools (where French is part of the curicculum big time) are what ?? I know there is ONE left on the South Shore…. and what – maybe 2 – 4 in the Province??
            Concordia & McGill are pretty much Bilingual – quite unlike the French Universities… etc…
            And again – ALL your 'Toronto examples' are ridiculously wrong. Quite pathetic really.

          • Poor soul, nobody is stopping the English community from starting another newspaper if they so wish. Now if the English community is shrinking, it isn't our fault. Make more babies. Those that couldn't live with Bill 101 started to exited in 1976. Those who accepted it stayed, learned French and adapted. So shape up or ship out.

          • Another 'example' of how les autres are treated – in la belle province.

      • Kinda like all Albertans constantly being called uneducated rednecks, isnt't it? And many times those comments come from Quebec….. I'm not crying in my soup for you!

      • Stop fetishizing a mascot, basically a commercial invention to attract tourist trade that French Canadians have not treated as a holy relic themselves.

      • Come on! How many times do magazines or papers in Canada use the horse image image in some manner to try to either be funny or to denigrate Calgary or the west. Living in the west for a year (where?) – you didn't begin to get a taste of the freedom we have out here compared to the east. I have no idea how many years Bonhomme has been welcomed and cheered in the Calgary Stampede, with kids lining up to get pictures taken. And it will continue. If you came here, as some have, expecting to make us toady you made the mistake. I could complain about being refused service in the Hudson's Bay Store in Montreal because I could not speak French, the clerk sniffed, turned her back and walked off. I just chalked it up to rude ignorance.

    • Margaret – you suffer from the same arrogance that PET suffered from. Being a know it all. You get up in arms because someone tells the truth? Have the perpetrators of Ad Scam done anything to pay back the money they stole from Canadian taxpayers under the guise of 'work'? Do you realize that Quebec's dependence on the welfare known as equalization costs each Albertan's pocket nearly $4,000 per year because you are 'entitled to your entitlements'. Budgeting is done in such a way that unless there was equalization funding they would be so far in the red it would overflow the St. Lawrence. Your governments have successively had a built-in mentality that Quebec is something special and should be toadied to.Well get over it and start pulling your own weight. Your so-called culture is a long ways from most of us and we have many cultures in Canada that are just as, or more interestig. What else do you contribute to Canada as a province? You are bogged down in self-pity.

      • Jack, you hit the nail on the head (and I am 1/4 French). I am so tired of listening to Quebecers whine about how special they are. The only "special" people/culture are the Native Canadians which are not 1/10 as whiney as Quebecers and the Native Canadians have way much more to complain about that has actual substance. Us English Canadians will listen to the "French Whiners" once the French has done something to make amends to the Native Canadians. And let me just say that many "French people" hate English Canadians so no love lost on either side. The biggest point is that the article is not saying "all Quebecers are corrupt", get over youselves and stop taking it so personally, it is talking about corrupt politicians. I am from Ontario and we pay a lot of tax dollars that go to the rest of Canada and we are sick of it up to our eyeballs.

        • Shellee you should go back to study history. You missed something the french people did mix and respect the natives but the British did all it could to get rid of them and still do . Matter of fact they do the same with french people only our number was too important so it did not work completely. They needed us to stop the americans and they needed us to pay the enormous dept of upper canada . Those are facts . Hypocrisy is the common legacy of the british colonisation. You should know that the passed is the guaranty of the future. If it ha d not been for us you would not have a country , not here anyway.

    • I fully agree with these comments. CBC has lost me for the "At issue" . Coyne has no more credibility. I am just hoping that Chantale Hebert will hammer him. My only regret as a Quebecers living in TO for 26 years is that the relationship between French/English will not be affected — we just survive as a country turmoil on the economic front. Why this timing? Last, I am happy to see that the English media did not make a fuss about it…

    • Come now Margaret: Are you suggesting the French Press has ever told the 'Truth' about Quebec's deliberate ethnic cleansing of its English population – out of the Province. You know – Canada's Dirty Secret and seemingly Quebec's proudest moments. As for CBC…. I suggest you take a good long look at Mr. Lacroix's discrimination 'Against the English population of Quebec – that the CBC is by law and mandate – obligated to promote locally? And what he and his forebearers have done instead is to do the exact opposite – and they have used the multibilllion dollar budgets to destroy and erase English local programming instead. Now that not only smacks of racism – it IS racism at its worst, mon ami.

      • If Quebec is doing deliberate English cleansing, then what are you still doing there?

        • Waiting for you to leave. That's what. Go already. Ethnic cleansers are not welcome in MY Quebeck and country. So what are you waiting for? Go already!

          • I don't suppose it has occured to you that your life can be enhanced by learning another language.

          • Of course it has Margaret: I speak 3 languages as do just about all members of my family at minimum. My brother in law speaks 5 – my nephews 4 etc…. How many do you speak?

          • You are a liar, schweinhunt.

          • Another example of how Anglos are treated in la belle province. This is our 'norm'.

        • Right, maybe didi hopes the good ol times when all anglos were ruling will come back some day . Better make your luggages.

          • yves: When were all anglos ruling Quebec yves? How about some historic examples with names and dates? Or did they Not give you historical examples in school – so you could defend your 'silly' argument?
            I very much look forward to your reply.

          • Well I am writing a book but let me tell you that I personnally lived it since my childhood my father had to learn english to work in Malartic because all the foremans and the bosses were unilingual english even if the town was 90% french . We later moved to Campbell's Bay Québec where we had no french schools no french hospital we had to travel by bus and learn to speak english to be treated even if it was in Québec later i joined the Canadian Air force and the little frenchhies had to pass through language school to learn english because the trade course were only in english. and i could go on for hours but i think it's useless because people like you i have known quite a few and you are one of those too lazy to learn the language of the contry you live in so i have a suggestion for you Didi. Become a Quebecer or move out. Québec will never be what it was when your were a kid.

          • Yves, I hear you very well. In 1970, back in the days of Bell telephone operators answering with "number please" they were not allowed to use French, even in Quebec City.

          • Yves, your rant is tiresome when it comes to language. Are you not aware that English has been the language of most of the business world for a long time – and certainly of the airlines – second, third and fourth languages are luxuries, great to have the opportunity to learn and use, but something that most of us have never had the opportunity to do. In western Canada French is almost a useless language, Chinese, Japanese, Ukranian or some of the native dialects are far more useful if one lives or works in an area where they would be necessary. AND part of my Irish settler ancestors in Quebec ultimately moved from Quebec to the west because they were not allowed any decent farm land there or any other activity that could be controlled by the Catholic church. The other part of my Irish ancestor families were in the Campbell Bay area and I find it to be a beautiful place, both scenery and the people I have met.

          • Yves, if the anglos "make their luggages" as in leave you in your independent Quebec, they'll be taking all your present federal funds with them, hein? Be prepared to live in a slum.

          • @Minaka: Anglos are going Nowhere. Quebeck belongs to All of us – get it? The 'Yves' of this country – are most certainly NOT taking Quebeck anywhere. But they are very, very, very welcome to Leave Quebeck and the Canada – they hate… as soon as possible.

      • are you really trying to make us cry about you poor poor anglo living in a world of bad bad frenchies whose only tought is to exterminate you ? i mean really ?

        • azeljoz: I have no interest whatsoever in whether you laugh or cry. I have no interest in You – period. I am just responding to your posts. My only interest is the TRUTH – and it seems you and your buddies are the ones who are very upset about that. Now why is that? One would think – you would be proving me wrong with facts and figures – instead of resorting to name calling – no? So come Prove me Wrong –

          • the fact that you responded to my post marks interest in what it says. your reaction proves me it hit a nerve.
            as i can't deny that your lack of judgement hit a spot on my side too. you seem to think that yours and your buddies's s*** don't smell (pardon my french).
            now, since you're so found of proofs, can you prove me or show me evidence of ethnic cleansing here in quebec ?
            any mass graves, camps or secret police i should know about ?
            do you realize that you compare yourself and your buddies to the victims of one of the most horric crimes one can commit and that you imply that all quebecers could commit such horrible crimes ?
            is that really what you think ?
            words are not just words, my friend. thruth is not absolute and the proof to what i'm saying is right here, on all the diferent posts and comments written over two journalist's words.
            soljenitsyn once said that we are all the centre of our own universe and boy ! does your universe look small…

          • azeljoz: Your are mistaking Hitler's "Final Solution" with the term "Ethnic Cleansing". The mass graves – concentration camps were the "Final Solution" to Hitler's and the Nazi's – Ethnic Cleansing – campaign.
            Ethnic Cleansing – is to get remove a people and/or segment of the population. The tools used to achieve that barbaric goal – include: the removal/closure of that segments – schools, institutions, media/ services/community organizations/signage/ – forcing them OUT of the workforce and most importantly – LANGUAGE – which is the glue and foundation of the community itself! All that has taken place in Quebec – to the point where the Official status of OUR Language – has been Removed by the Quebec government!!
            Ethnic Cleansing never starts with mass graves – like I said that is called the "Final solution". It starts with swasticas for example on gravestones – or the front of buildings – or as in Quebec "Spray paints of Anglo go home" "Take the 401" Maudit couchon de anglophone" – or BOMBS in mailboxes.. kidnappings – murder – to instill terror in the people; a more recent example: Having the President of the English Schools system (what's left of it – and a system that is French immersion..!! )… having her on her KNEES – desperately pleading to Quebec's Premier.. Charest… to please allow the English schools to "SURVIVE"…. while at the same time: Pauline Marois the leader of the PQ – is screeching that ALL remaining English Schools must be CLOSED!!
            These are not "words azeljoz: These are FACTS – recorded FACTS and of course – there are 40 years worth of more of those "recorded barbaric crimes" to ERASE the English population and its culture out of Quebec. That is Ethnic Cleansing. And I agree it is a hoprrible crime – and the United Nations has deemed it "A Crime Against Humanity" – and they have also condemned the Language Laws of Quebec – as such & illegal. Or did you not know that?

          • LOL
            for a guy who doesn't care about my opinions you seem very anxious to convince me of something :D
            oh well, calm down, you're right i'm wrong. there there, now wipe your nose and go play with your little friends, funny man :)
            need a hug ?

          • Ah. Can't refute anything Didi1947 said so now the patronizing act as though he's the child and not you. Well, it's one step up from name calling.

          • @minaka: The only reason they aren't in a foaming at the mouth frenzy is because it's Macleans and too many Canadians read the comments. You wouldn't believe what I've been called over the decades and the number of outright threats – are stunning. Then again – that was during the days – when the truth was muzzled – during the old BBS days – and before Facebook and blogs etc… became popular. But they were there – 20 years ago – lurking all over the BBS (forerunner to the net) – ranting and raving about the 'crimes Anglos committed – using Louis Riel – Wolfe – and more outright fruitcake fiction from 300 years ago – trying to justify their insanity. Because its Macleans – they're holding back. In my opinion, they're on the paroll of the Language Police – because most of their posts are mon-Fri 9-5. Which means – they are using up their employers time – Are unemployed (unlikely) and all seem to use the same 'scripts' . You know – like uneducated Republicans who believe Obama is an Alqueida (sp) spy! All brainwashed like robots.. sick – sick people – who need to hate.

    • Margaret, you could'nt resume my own idea better. I am a conviced independendist and have been for 20 years ,partly because of such texts and of my own experiences traveling and living in Canada. I became convinced forever that we will never feel and be home in that country , because we are 2 totally different people with totally different ways of doing business, living,politics,eating, dressing,thinking,etc… But I am convinced that we can be good neighbours.

      • I repeat: If you don't like Canada – then feel free to leave. No one is stopping you – and no one ever has tried to stop you. And I'm sure it will be a relief – not to have to live with or in the English and multicultural Greater Montreal anymore. Please go already – no one wants to see you suffer our presence and as far as neighbours go – please I'd rather not have you as a neighbour. Maybe miles down the road – would be better – because my neighborhood is going to be filled with ALL languages – cultures – and equality for all and we are going to enjoy the hell out of embracing our differences… and enhancing them and our lives … the way it used to be.

      • Yep. A richer one and a poor one. And poor Quebec won't be able to come over to "borrow" a cup of sugar anymore that it never pays back. The greatest irony Yves, is that you will be swallowed by the anglo ocean of North America without your protective buffer that is Canada. The capitalist unilingual hegemon to your south will have no patience with your cultural hissy fits. The best you can hope for is to be some kind of ethnic Disneyland of the north for them, cheaper than Paris. Go right ahead. Cut off your nez to spite your visage.

        • @minaka: Problem is – no one will visit. Paris has English signs all over the place – as does most of Europe… and they welcome – other languages – so much so – they've joined the European Union! Who on earth is going to come to a boot stomping Language Police – pur laines area – that's built on a foundation of hate? Just like Al qaeda and Bin Laden preach. Same thing – different package. Would you spend your vacation pay there?

  4. Il faut excuser Andrew, il est le fils d'un banquier. Tu sais, fier québécois comme tu es, tous les banquiers sont anglophones, et francophobes.

    Mais serieusement, c'est Patrick Lagassé de La Presse qu'il l'a dit – l'article de Patriquin est, comme on dit en anglais "spot-on!."

    • Peu importe, Patrick Lagacé n'est pas vraiment quelqu'un que j'oserais citer. C'est un individu sans formation qui utilise des détours intellectuels boiteux pour défendre des idées dangereuses. En résumé: s't'un cave.

        OH BOY.

  5. Thank you for the realistic image of Quebec. Of course alle the other provinces and territories are so clean and sober. Thank you we will follw your example. There is anothe reason because I am and I will stay separatist. You gave the best argument to Quebec so we will be corrupted alone.

    • Bein oui mon Paul! T'es beau t'es fin pis t'es capable!

      • Je suis aussi sarcastique:)

    • Paul Paquet……….if you cannot see the truth in the article then you can't see fallacy of separation. Study the whole picture and you will undersatand why the articles are correct. Your ignorance is astounding

      Je suis un Quebecois "pur laine"

      • je l'ai lu je ne nie rien dans cet article mais je commence à en avoir ma claque de me faire faire a leçon sur la seule base du canadianisme anglo fédéraliste. C,est tout je suis de laine et au coton:)

        • What does anglo or federalist have to do with dishonest government and business that robs taxpayers? Crooks are crooks. Those are the facts of the article. I could care less about your political affiliation, but I do care about honesty from our politicians in any jurisdiction or political stripe.

      • Do you know waht sarcasm means who is ignorant in this fact?

    • and hurry up about it – we're sick of your whining; when you leave, do you still want the equalization payments?

      • I love to take a ride sometimes in Ville Mont Royal and shout I am separatist. Those payment i made them too like every cabadien it is the back bone of the constitution and I am fully agree to levae them after separation. And this way you will bash a forign contry. Win win situation:)

        • Sop let make together a political party( pun intended:)

        • You are shouting hot air, safe in the knowledge that other Quebeckers are wiser about what side their bread is buttered on and will not vote to separate. So you can posture as much as you like and "reject" anglo money while still sucking it up like a giant vacuum cleaner.


    • Vive le Québec libre. Nous vaicrons merci Macleans

    • Look the Rest of Canada got together and voted the Quebecers out of Canada, the rules are that the Quebecers get Newfoundland and the Newfies get Quebec (we will just change names) and have fun alone on your Island. I am sure the Newfies would love to make the trade. This announcement has been brought to you by the rest of Canada…….

  6. Mr. Coyne is this your resumé for your application at Fox News?

    • Coyne has a full membership with Al Qaida…he probably thinks that the U.S. have well deserved 911…I have known Torontonians…Never seen so boring people…such a boring cities…everything closes down at 23h00 and the Toronto girls as cold as a 3rd of January on a snowbank in coldlake,Alberta…OUF!! they do not reflect the rest of english Canada…when Toronto became Pakistan second largest city they just could not stand the pressure…less than 35% of Toronto citizens are anglosaxons born in Canada!!

      • Hmm, one comment containing very out of date notion of Toronto night life, (must have passed through decades ago), a non sequitur slur comparing an opinion journalist to terrorists who have killed thousands, a blanket put down of two and a half million Toronto women, and as always the not so hidden xenophobia of "l'autre" especially if they're not white in the expressed glee that anglo Torontonians are outnumbered by immigrants (Pakistan's second largest city…quel exaggeration) And there you have your self-styled and representative of Quebec separatists in all his proud ignorance.

    • You mean Quebecor Media Inc.?

  7. Attentiom Mr. Coyne vous avez surement a faire a un disciple de VLB ,Laviolette et Larose. C a d' une gang de dinosaurs vivant dans la réserve Québec.

  8. Incroyable ! Descendre aussi bas juste pour vendre de la copie. Il y a une grande différence entre le parti libéral du Québec et les Québécois. En fait, le PLQ ressemble au parti libéral du Canada. Charest est un transfuge du parti conservateur du Canada et il a importé leur culture au Québec. Pour ceux qui ne comprennent rien : http://translate.google.com/#

    • C'est toujours la faute des autres….!!!?lol…ca doit etre des nouvelles ethnies avec leurs argents…..lol

  9. Mr. Coyne, you fail to note the common element in the scandals: they all involved federalist parties, even for the case concerning the Mayor of Montreal (a former Liberal minister). Parti Quebecois governments seemed to be rather immune, and I have never heard of any corruption of Bloc Quebecois MPs. Could it be that the establishment forces and the interests of the business class (which are overwhelmingly behind the Liberals and the Conservatives in Quebec) are so scared of the pro-sovereignty movements that they are willing to support the federalist parties regardless of ethics? I get the feeling that in their eyes, the end probably justifies the means; and they naturally expect some compensation for their unconditional support…

    • What a load of garabge……….the bloc has no power to be corrupt. The PQ whom you forgot to mention have had plenty of scandals.

      • The PQ never had Any political scandal and the bloc has his hands clean because members keep it alive . We here in Québec call it democracy . You should start reading other papers like the montreal gazette or the globe and mail my friend. Ah! Iget it you don't read or speak french of course . On that quebecers like me have this for most of us we like to learn many language so we have a tendency to be a little smarter when we vote.

        • LOL, democracy in Quebec yves? Now that's really a joke, no? Why just last week the PQ leader – Pauline Marois and her gang – were screeching all over the media – that ALL English schools – be shut down!!! (While the President of what's left of the English school system was begging – Charest to – Please Not Erase – what's left of English Schools! So what other language(s) are you talking about that Quebecois like to learn?

          Of course that has to be another joke no? The Language Police have increased the erasure of any English signs to the point where last year – a complaint was made – by one of their anonymous complainers – about a little boy who had a sign that read "Lemonade For Sale" and they shut him down!! It made the news all over the place – don't you remember?

        • Yves – do you speak English. You know the saying about casting stones? I read the English version of the Montreal Gazette very often but know also that there is a French version as well so us ungrateful anglos don't hear the real stories. In most of Canada the Bloc is thought of as traitors because they are intentionally trying break up the country. Nothing democratic about it!

    • Well, let's assume, for the moment, that you're right (and I think your comment is utter BS but I'll go with it). If the "business class" is so afraid of sovereignty that they're willing to do whatever it takes to prevent it, don't you think it might be wise to ask WHY? Yes yes I know you have this visceral emotional need to play the victim and separation will sole ALL your problems… but consider this – those same businesspeople would be the first out the door after a 'oui' vote. So who will drive the economy of the new nation of awesomeness? The government? Hardly. So with your major corporations pulling out of an unstable and uncertain new "country" where the laws of the land have yet to even be written, and all the federal government's assets being pulled out (you're not part of Canada so you don't get to keep Canadian property), and all the transfer payments that's keeping the province out of bankruptcy stopping, AND getting saddled with your share of Canada's net debt (what you think you can just leave and forget that you owe quite a large percentage of that debt?), how exactly do you see Quebec surviving? Let alone the fact that many hydro assets are on Native land… which have already pledged allegiance to Canada and thus wouldn't be included.

      I'm really not trying to be inflamatory… I honestly want to know. I think separatists have wound themselves up into such an emotional frizzy that they don't even consider that an independant Quebec would be a dismal failure within a year just due to finances. You think France is gonna come to your rescue? Don't hold your breath.

      • Well said Francois!

      • What makes you think that the Business community will voluntarily leave the second largest market in Canada if Quebecers decided to separate from Canada. Do yo seriously think that the Scotia Bank , TD or Canadian Tire will automatically close all their branches in Quebec if the Belle Province was to become indepedant ? lolll If they were to do so shareholders would automatically dump their shares subsequentely bringing down the value of those same companies . And the TSX in toronto would loose at least half of its value … No Ceo with a brain would dare doing such a thing , you xenophobes are so ignorant its funny . If those company make business in other countries why wouldn't they operate in Quebec this is none sense. Quebecers and Canadians are different . Doesnt mean thats we have to hate each other , if we leave canada , you guys will be better off as well, sincein the parliament in ottawa will be more representative of your anglo-saxon selfish ideologie . Quebec doesnt need Canada to suceed , our economy suceeded the most during this recession and lets not forget that our employement rate is now lower than Ontario . We also have the smallest gap between he rich and the poor in North America , and one of the lowest crime rate te world. Everything is not percfect but yes this' Quebec bashing' has to stop. You guys can disagree but there is a way to do it respectfully

        • I'm an anglo Quebecer, and I don't believe that Quebecer's and Canadians are different. Albertans are different than Ontarians, Newfoundlander's are different than Quebecers, who are different than Native's, etc. This is what makes Canada great; our diversity. Calling Canadian anglo-saxon culture "selfish" then complaining about Quebec bashing is what drives a lot of hatred towards Quebec. This idea that French culture is superior than any other Canadian culture will do you no good. It makes you look selfish.

          Here's what you said: "You guys can disagree but there is a way to do it respectfully" I agree. Now listen to your own advice, and stop being a hypocrite.

          • Personne n'a parlé de culture supérieure. Nous voulons avoir le droit d'exister et continuer à parler notre langue.

          • Do you believe of not being to keep your language if you try keeping your politicians accountable? Quebec must really be in a situation worse than what Macleans speculated.

          • Calling Anglo-Saxon culture selfish, and then praising the Quebec model isn't talking about a superior culture?

          • Personne n'a parlé de culture supérieure. Nous voulons avoir le droit d'exister et continuer à parler notre langue.

            Seems like you already exist, and already speak your language. You must be very happy.

        • Hmmm, where do you get your facts?

        • In an attempt to respectfully disagree with you… In the passing of Bill-101, allot of big business DID leave. Simply because it was too costly to change their operaions into French.. and these companies did survive without being in Quebec. Also, allot of large corporation chose not to do business in Quebec for the same reason.. in the very recent pass, when Walmart employees threaten to unionize in Quebec, Walmart threatened to simply pull-out.

          • I have to disagree Poutine. The companies did Not move out because it was too costly to operate in French. You have to remember that these companies operate all over the world in hundreds of languages. It was the language laws and the removal of English and the PQ agents boot stomping into 'their places of business' going through 'their papers' and forcing 'their English employess out of 'their jobs' to be replaced by 'French only (unilingual) staff! It was and is – the repression – the discrimination and the daily propoganda of Anglo hate – that did it – and it is for sure what keeps investors out of Quebec.

        • "Quebec doesnt need Canada to suceed , . . . . "

          Quebec has a lot going, especially natural resources. It's my personal opinion that James Bay will be providing clean energy long after the Oil/Tar Sands in Alberta cease to produce. (I don't think Alberta has much else that's tangible to export – there's always tourism).

          BUT no country stands alone. Trading partners are needed by every regime, and global cooperation is needed to help solve problems that affect us all, most notably the environment. Whether Quebec leaves Canada or not we still have to face the same problems whether we are Quebecois, Canadien or Canadian.

        • Yes Yannick I think the major banking businesses would kiss Quebec good-bye in a flash, because they would have to adjust their operations as 'foreign' as they now do in the U.S. Remember the last time the vote took place – there was a tremendous leaking of business headquarters moving west, especially to Winnipeg and Calgary with resultant job loss for those employees who could not make the moves. And they were welcomed, and they continue to flourish as well run businesses. And the term ' anglo-saxon ideologies' is something one of your separatist pushers must have dug out of some ancient tome. FYI Quebec right now gets a large chunk of its yearly budget by way of a federal program known as 'equalization' where the more affluent provinces support those who are in financial straits. Quebec during 2009 took an average of $4,000 per head from Albertans alone. Quebec could not survive without equalization yet you don't hesitate to denigrate the oil industry that has helped us be an affluent province. Quebec also has oil beds but considers itself too pure to make use of them. You choose to have a deficit budget that could choke you and probably put Quebec into bankrupcy without the equalization. Why this is done by your provincial govt. I don't know, but I do pay attention to the fact that as an Albertan I contintribute very heavily to the financial support of Quebec. Put your head in the sand if you will, it will not change the numbers or the ideology of entitlement that seems prevalent.

          • Yannick: Major industry's left Quebec 30+ years ago and have NOT come back and they will NOT come back and that is why it is in the toilet (corruption notwithstanding). I would though – suggest – that You give Your MP etc… a call and ask WHY he/she … has Illegally – endorsed – and promotes – YOUR Province of Quebeck – and YOUR right to live and work here in English – being Erased!

      • If the federal government's assets are pulled out, so is our share of the federal debt.
        Why would we accept to honor the debt if our share of the assets are gone?

        • No thinking businesses or countries will ever loan you money either, if you do not honor your obligations. Tthat is the fastest way towards bankcruptcy.

        • LOL jean-Marc: What 'share' of the federal debt are you talking about? Quebec got 9 billion dollars this year alone in 'equalization payments' it DID NOT warrant! And they've been getting the Lion's share for decades – that were denied to the other Provinces!! No loss there – none at all.

      • François , you are one of those who don't think before saying . I travel throuh Canada for my business and I buy and sell to Canada and to other countries and one thing tht strickes you on the road is the trucks travel on the 401 both ways. So we buy and sell and you know why? Because we produce goods that people like to buy and we buy products people like to buy . Money knows nothing about politics. Next time you want to say something … Think first…

    • The block and the Parti Quebecois dont need to be corrupt. They are already taking our hard earned dollars and spending it on useless language issues. Seriously, do we need a language police? Is there any other country in the world that has one?

      • No John there isn't. The last time there was such a thing was in Nazi Germany – when the Gestapo erased all the Jewish signs and the Yiddish language – closed all their schools, institutions, eliminated them from the workplace – invented the phrase "pure Race" (remind you of pur laines??) and went on an anti Jewsih "Blame the Jews" campaign that ended up with Hitler's "Final Solution" one of the worlds most horrific and barbaric times in history.

        • here we go again with that louzy comparation between separatist ans nazis. quebecers would make lazy extremists when we are not even capable of putting one foot on the street as we get robbed of our money, integrity and dignity by our own goverments (yes, both of them).
          i guess that we elect the gorverment we deserve.

      • John a McDonald. By the way you knw what John A McDonald said when he returned a ship full of Jews to the germans? We don't want them here, 1 is 1 to many…

        As for the language police you're right, nowhere else in the world a minority is so stubborn that they refuse to speak or advertise in the country's language. Name me one.

        • Sigh, wrong again Yves: The MAJORITY of CANADA is English speaking. And Quebec is NOT A COUNTRY.. please try to understand the difference. And the MAJORITY of the Greater Montreal Area – where the MAJORITY of English Quebeckers have LIVED for 400 YEARS – are first/second language ENGLISH! And the TRUTH – is: The Language POLICE – stomp around to make SURE English is NOT posted on ANY SIGNS !! And they do the same bott stomping in ALL Offices & ALL Municipalities – foaming at the mouth – to Erase English! Like John says – no where in the rest of the world does such a thing exist! Quebec and its Language Police is a 'Laughing Stock' .
          And stop with your lies about 'minority' not speaking or advertising in French. We are the ones who have embraced and been bilingual and more often TRILINGUAL – while – you who screech that you're the 'Minority' across the country and must be protected – blah, blah, blah … utter garbage… insist on remaining UNILINGUAL. Pur Laines and all that other lunacy. God Bless the TRUTH!

          • I can agree with you about the language issue. And language is as only as good as the use one can make of it. I've said before, in the west we have more use for Ukranian, Japanese, Chinese for our trading partners, or even some of our native dialects than French (depending on the areas where one lives). Quebec has made somewhat of a fool of itself over language issues, they tried the same thing in Florida a few years ago and were told to go home. When there are so many more things we could use our energy doing, the continuing bleating over language and/or religious issues becomes tiring. And your comments relating to equalization hit home – it cost me an average of $4,000 last year to help support Quebec's pur attitude.

  10. je suis quebecois de souche, j'ai vécu plus de 10 ans dans d'autres provinces canadiennes. Je suis maintenant de retour au quebec depuis 2 ans et je dois dire que parfois j'ai le gout de repartir du quebec pour c'est raison politique de merde et le manque de respect et l'arrogance que les leaders quebecois influent sur leurs peuples…et je dois dire que plus ca va, plus j'ai honte d'etre quebecois…voir encore avec la commission bastarache…quelle joke, c'est un grand cirque pour contourner la vérité…tout le monde sait que charest ment et qu'il y a de la corruption, ca pu au nez. j'ai toujours dit; le gouvernement du quebec est trop grop, control trop et pour etre francs trop proche du communisme…c'est quoi, dans 20 ans on va etre rationner sur notre bouffe???

    Je crois au quebec libre!!! pas par la séparation mais par l'effondrement du gouvernement provincial actuel…le peuples a besoin de reprendre control sur CA PROVINCE.

    mon opinion anyways…

    • Une petite suggestion M. Pat: avant de repartir, demeurez encore quelque temps au Québec afin d'améliorer votre français.
      Sinon, on dira que vous faites partie de ces anglophones qui ne pensent qu'à déblatérer sur le Québec.
      Un dernier mot: j'aime bien votre sens de l'humour quand vous dites que le gouvernement de la province est trop près du communisme. Ça m'a bien fait rire.


      • When the government is too big, there is more corruption. The more laws we have, the less rights & freedoms we enjoy as a Nation. I saw let's slash the Government by at least 50 % and create an "online" voting system (for us, the people to decide the future laws of Canada !

    • Pat is perfectly right. And thanks to Martin Patriquin for remembering us. Definitely, corruption in Québec has no equal unless compared to maghreb counties. The 10% or more is the rule. That's why, politicians like Charest and others have been crying for years to the federal government about "fiscal imbalances" to care for health care, Harper took one billion of Alberta's taxpayers money and gave this to Charest to shut his mouth. Charest then did say, I don't need this for health care but I will reduce tax brackets for Quebecers. As appreciation for this gesture, Charest sided with Duceppe at the last election to prevent a majority for Harper and went as long as going to Copenhagen to embarass Harper on environmental issues.

      It is not without reason that Quebec is resisting the pan-canadian new securities legislation proposed by Flaherty as they wish to keep their power for "magouilles". Meanwhile, Quebec retirees keep on being victimized by sharks like Norbourg, Jones and others who can operate without any penalties.

      • Don't forget that Alberta is resisting a natiional securities regulator also.

    • Et voila pat,
      You hit it right on the nose. Quebec est vraiment pas loins d`etre communist . Je reste en abitibi je suis anglais ma femme et quebecois est mes enfants. J ai becoups d amis quebecois .J`aime le quebec. Mais le gouvernement, Ftq
      ccq they are all screwing the quebec population Oh yeah i forgot the csst are about to finish the province off.

      • And don't forget this province powerful unions. In my opinion, they are the one who rule this lousy province and they will ruin it to the ground before long. Furthermore, thegovernement has the intention to give them MORE powers… talk about adding insult to injury. Yep, Macleans nailed it right on the head. This province IS corrupted to the core.

    • Très bel participation Pat. Félicitations. On sent que vous faites de gros gros effort pour faire fonctionner vos neurones à pleine capacité. Ne soyez pas impatient Pat ! Quand vous aurez atteint l'âge de raison, vous verrez finalement un peu de lumière au bout du tunnel et alors là, Bingo ! Vous aurez honte de vous-même, mais ne vous en faites pas trop, on passe tous par là. C'est pas toujours facile l'adolescence. Vous verrez que tout sera moins simpliste après avoir quitté le domicile parental, mais ça donne un bon coup de pouce au développement cérébral.

      • Lorsqu'on n'a pas d'argument, on attaque personnellement les gens.

        C'est très faible de votre part monsieur Jacques A. Nadeau.

        J'espère que votre immaturité s'atténuera avec l'age…ou êtes vous déjà trop vieux?

        • avec un pseudoyme comme chucl lapute…on est en droit de faire la morale aux autres…salut mon chuck la bitte molle.

        • Ben voyons Chuck, je l'attaque pas, je le prends sous mon aile protectrice. Quand on voit des communistes partout et qu'on a peur de se faire rationner sa bouffe un jour parce que le gouvernement est trop gros… Alors il me semble que c'est le stage de la vie ou l'on regarde sous le lit avant d'éteindre la lumière pour être certain qu'l n'y a pas une grosse bête méchante qui viendra nous étrangler durant notre sommeil.
          PS Chuck, vous devriez peut-être vous mettre à la lecture de littérature pour pouvoir être capable de répondre à l'ironie par l'ironie. ;-)

      • Jacques, Pat is probably more mature than you, in the very least he is educated and honest. Get out of the "Belle Provence" and visit a bit, you will see why he and I leave Quebec once and for all!

        • " …you will see why I LEAVE Quebec once and for all!"
          En plus tu es un imbécile qui n'es pas capable d'écrire l'Anglais?
          Ed your a disgrace IN BOTH LANGUAGES!!!!! Leave and don't come back, and please omit to mention you ever set foot in our beautiful and vibrant province!

    • ap^rès avoir lu ton opinion voici ma suggestion…décâlisses au plus crisse on a pas besoin d'une autre osti de pédale comme toé.

      • Now that is a true quebecois. Another educated example?

        • well…your comments were not as unrespectfull as the one above but you are far from being educational my friend, au contraire.

      • Wow, le commentaire frustré de Yves est édifiant… une vraie réponse de Péquiste.

    • Sadly, your opinion leaves out everyone who does not read French. Your excluding a lot of people. How sad!

      • Haven't you heard – the only language anyone should speak is French Quebecois? And that goes for all of Canada – according to the whiners. Mind you they have no right to demand that anyone speak French anymore in the rest of Canada – because Quebec has Opted Out of Canada's Bilingualism Agreement and has declared itslef (iilegally) a French only Province. Therefore – given the minute French speaking population in the rest of Canada… there is no need or reason for Bilingualism in Canada. Then again it may be more suitable to replace French with a Chinese dialect – or Indian both native and from India etc… Given the 2.5 million English Quebeckers are no longer recognized in their OWN Province – why on earth keep spending billions upon billions of dollars on a minute French population in Canada? Let's spend the money – on separating the Federalist and majority English and non separtist areas from the unilingual French areas that believe in Ethnic Cleansing – on the 'pretense of protecting the French language'. Their version of 'protecting it' is to Destroy English and erase it in QC – and who on earth wants to live in an environment like that? Let's get together and help them leave.;

        • are you for real didi ?
          you got stuck on dog=chien cat=chat and you can't live with frustration not being intelligent enough to learn any other languages ?
          ah yes, your right ! it demmands too much efforts !
          i should have known, my bad, duh

          • Like I told one of your pals: I speak 3 languages – as do just about all members of my family and most of my friends for that matter – at MINIMUM. But that is really NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS azeljoz – and your ridiculous attempt to 'Attack me' – in response to the TRUTHS being EXPOSED about Quebec – are there for all to see – around the country and world: And is a perfect example of the "Dialogue" we non pur laines have had to endure for the last 4 DECADES – while being Ethnically Cleansed out of our jobs, our culture – decimated and of course our total DENIAL OF OUR RIGHTS and FREEDOMS! It's barbaric and grotesque that this has been allowed to take place – in OUR COUNTRY – and it's high time – the DELIBERATE ABUSE & Violations and Violators & Deniers of Our rights be held accountable!

          • oh i guess your for real then.
            that's not so obvious with arguments like " Ethnically Cleansed out of our jobs, our culture – decimated and of course our total DENIAL OF OUR RIGHTS and FREEDOMS! It's barbaric and grotesque that this has been allowed to take place – in OUR COUNTRY – and it's high time – the DELIBERATE ABUSE & Violations and Violators & Deniers of Our rights be held accountable! "
            maybe you would like me to cry a bit for you ?
            come on !! this cannot be serious…

    • Tu devrais reprendre des cours de français….

      • Non. Macleans is an English publication and get some manners and post in English. After all Lapress doesn't post in English – nor do its readers and I don't see you telling them to take an English course.

        • Didi1947 – during my 40 years in Quebec no one has ever given me a hard time for speaking English or imperfect French – everywhere, not just in Montreal. That's manners!

          • Well Margaret: You are one extremely lucky lady! Now tell me – is it manners – to witness the President of English Schools – down on her KNEES – begging the Premier NOT to Erase (exterminate) the few schools we have left? That's just one example – that took place a week ago. As for manners – I agree – good manners are a lovely thing… and good manners – USED to be an everyday thing in Quebec – before the Language Laws and the PQ took over. We all used to live in HARMONY – and embraced each others cultures and languages. I was fortunate to have EXPERIENCED and grown up during that time. That was also when Quebec was the RICHEST Province in the Country and also the BEST place to live.
            Perhaps I'm misunderstanding you here and correct me if I am – but are you suggesting it is bad manners to tell the TRUTH about what has been going on here? Like I've said to your friends – if so – then prove me wrong. With facts and figures and names and dates please. Perhaps in your mind – telling the truth is considered bad manners – I happen to firmly believe that APPEASING or Keeping Silent – when ABUSE is taking place – that does nothing other than – strengthen the Abusers power and increases the Victims devastation. And that would make me a collaborator who aids and abets criminal behaviour. What do you think?

    • Pat – moi-même j'ai quitté le Québec en 1981 pour vivre ailleurs au Canada. je suis revenu il y a 4 ans. Je suis anglophone. Macleans a tout à fait raison. Sourvent, je souhaite quitter de nouveau….Je n'aime pas ca ici. Les gens sont arrogants, super indulgents, le gouverenement s'en fou de nous, etc… et il y a de l'hostilité dans l'aire partout…Bravo pour M. Coyne!

      • Alors décrisse. Si tu restes, c'est que tu n 'as probablement pas d'opportunités ailleurs. T'es bien chanceux que le Québec veuille de toi.

        • Et toi le petit comique, comme tout les gens comme toi qui s'insurge devant les faits navrants de cette province de merde, tu n'as même pas le courage de mettre ton nom. Ne pas vouloir voir les problèmes du Québec est pas mieux que de les dénoncer mais tu dois être un apôtre de l'étatisme comme il y en a trop au Québec.

    • Tout à fait d'accord. Si tu es de droite dans le Kébec soviétique, tu es de facto un orphelin politique car la gauche domine partout avec la complicité des médias syndiqués complaisants. Décourageant.

  11. Mr Coyne,
    You made a really bad mistake for your career with this article. You wanna divide your country? You could be accuse of racism…

    • Yeah, I'm sure Coyne is really worried about his career.







      • Hey Michel, stop shouting and learn some manners. It doesn't become intelligent because you type in all caps!

        • I think he's shouting because – you and your pals seem to have a hearing & comprehension problem.

        • Writing in caps sometimes is more noticeable and somewhere in this whole issue is a lot of notice about a lot of graft that somebody needs to pay attention to. i.e. perhaps the Quebec voters.

          • @Jack: The Quebec 'Vote' has been skewed and 'warped' into something incomprehensible. ALL our Federal Parties – DO NOT ALLOW – non Francophones – into ANY Positions of 'Decision Making' – nor – will they Endorse – ANY Anglo/Allo – Candidates. What that does – is – it Erases – ALL objections to the 'illegal Bills and Laws – they present! Also – I repeat: Quebec belongs to ALL Canadians and ALL Canadians should have had THEIR VOTES – counted in the past referendums – as per our Constitutional Regulations. Go ask your MP about that. Mind you – I spoke with a rep in Ottawa about this – and the poor bugger had no clue. The -regulation – has been hidden in the bowels of Regulation 'files etc…' that I doubt – too many of our elected officials have read – or are even aware that it is there and the 'Foundation of ALL Laws that -may be ammended'… etc..

    • Coyne is the reflection of Toronto…racist…dirty…stinky…and the maple leafs!! what could we say more to describe that city of Toronto Queen city of Pakistan!!

      • You know Yves, Canada is made up of thirteen provinces and territories not two.

      • Yves the xenophobe is really hung up on that Pakistan business as a pejorative and he calls Toronto racist. Look in the mirror Yves to see a full fledged racist.

    • Since when is francophone a "race"?

      • seriously people….Do any of you know what "racism" means?

      • Since the PQ and Anglo hating babblers have taken over in la belle province & in Ottawa.

    • Mr. Coyne
      The faster we get rid of QUEBEC the sooner we will put real Canadians back to work.
      Quebec pays nthing into equalization payments but receive money from real Canadians.
      Only Quebec companies can bid on capital Quebec projects, yet they complained when there
      was mention of excluding Quebec companies fro capital projects in other provences.

      Look closley at the Federal Government administration to see that Quebec is sucking every dollar
      out of Canada.


      • @Ray: You seem to forget there are 2.5 MILLION English speaking Quebeckers who are REAL Canadians and who have been PLEADING for help for over 3 decades! What say you do your patriotic duty for a change – and demand the immediate reinstatement of their rights and freedoms and language! Now that is what REAL Canadians are supposed to be no? And it's what our forefathers gave their lives to Protect – so no one would ever look the other way again!

  12. Qui a volé les résultats du dernier référendum? Des fédéralistes à tout cran bien vus au Canada. qui est le premier ministre par qui le sacndale arrive à et au Québec depuis pluseiurs années? L'ineffable Jean/John Charest, l'homme qui brandissait son passeport en vociférant en faveur du Canada lors du référendum. Qui a orchestré les "commandites". Les fédéralistes du P.L.C.Qui a suspendu les règles fondamentales de l'état de droit pour soi-disant sauvegarder l'intégrité du Canada? Le très estimé au Canada P.E.T. Etc. Ne voyez-vous rien venir M. Coyne? Ma thèse à moi c'est que les Canadiens et les Québécois fédéralistes sont prêts à tout pour empêcher le Québec de se libérer du carcan canadien. Je sais depuis longtemps que le Canada n'a aucun scrupule pour garder à sa place "sa chose québécoise"!
    For those unilingual, let's summarize my point by underlying that the corruption you're referring to is red, federalist and Canada-friendly!

      • Really, a cheap PHP forum is your reference to prove your point? No reference better than that?
        I've seen better reference that shows aliens, ghost and fairies.

        Come on, if you want to prove your point, you should use something more serious. A Ouija board maybe?

        • Really, you're gonna deny that there was massive theft of voters' votes in heavily federalist areas?

          Use something more serious? What's more serious, pal, is the director general for elections who worked his ass off to make sure the rejected ballots never made it into public view.

          Feed "1995 referendum spoiled ballot" into a search engine and see what you get. But, if all you can handle is a Ouija board, hey, that's your call.

      • This was eventually proved to be a few isolated ballots spoiling that was not connected to the Parti québécois. Every election and referendum has a case of ballot spoiling. Federalists, looking for some thing to smear the PQ continues to resort to this myth.

        Look at this table. The Liberal Party has done worse than the PQ concerning rejected balots.

        Vote Year Rejected ballots Party nominating the scrutineers
        2003 General Elections 1.25% Parti Québécois
        1998 General Elections 1.13% Parti Québécois
        1995 Referendum 1.82% Parti Québécois
        1994 General Elections 1.96% Liberal Party of Quebec
        1992 Referendum 2.18% Liberal Party of Quebec
        1989 General Elections 2.63% Liberal Party of Quebec
        1985 General Elections 1.52% Parti Québécois
        1981 General Elections 1.06% Parti Québécois
        1980 Referendum 1.74% Parti Québécois
        1976 General Elections 2.05% Liberal Party of Quebec
        1973 General Elections 1.81% Liberal Party of Quebec
        1970 General Elections 1.95% Union nationale

        • In these ridings the "No" vote was dominant, and the proportion of rejected ballots was 12%, 5.5% and 3.6%. In the riding of Chomedey, an average of 1 of every 9 ballots were rejected.

          • Yeah, and I guess I have to repeat myself again:, they were ISOLATED incidents (only 3 ridings) and were NOT CONNECTED to the PQ government unlike what you insidiously claim.

            The website link you provided states this: "The report concluded that on the whole, the irregularities were isolated. Two scrutineers were charged by the DGEQ with violating elections laws, but in 1996 were found not guilty by the Court of Quebec. It found that the scrutineers had committed no illegal acts, and the rejected ballots were not rejected in a fraudulent or irregular manner by the scrutineers."

            I guess you missed that part, or more likely, didn't want to read that part.

        • Stop your lying Antonio. And very well that no one can believe one 'statistic' from Quebec. But please feel free to leave Canada. No one is stopping you. We Federalists are Not going with you and we have overwhelmingly voted twice to tell you and your separatist ami's that! And from here on in – Stop using OUR 69% of Quebec's revenue that comes from the English speaking majority of the Greater Montreal Area! We are Staying In Canada and NOTE – Quebec belongs to ALL Canadians – and does NOT belong to you and your pals – just because you say so. So – get out of MY/Our Province and MY/Our Country. You have destroyed it enough!

      • You should also look at the all the dirty tricks the federalists played during the 1995 Referendum: increasing immigration to Quebec, double voting, illegal voting, spending more than than the limit and so on. These were CONNECTED to the federal government. Robin Philpot in his book, Le réféerendu volé illustrates this.

        But you probably never heard of it from your federalist media. No surprise there!

        • @Antonio: I don't need to refer to Philpot's 'untruths' about the 1995 Referendum. I was there and very much involved – as were All Canadians – and especially the English Quebecker communities. The 'double voting' you speak of – came from the Separatist side – that included 'dead people voting' and the 'hundreds of thousands' of destroyed NO votes. As for the federalists promoting Federalism – what on earth is wrong with that? It's called patriotism and is a 'Responsibility of Our Government' and the Federal Government should have spent a hell of a lot More – to protect our country from 'traitors – doing their best to steal our Province from us'! Robin Philpot is a Separatist and like all separatists and nationalists – they are committed to destroying Canada and Quebeck – and they have done nothing other than turn Quebec from the richest Province in the country to the poorest and highest taxed – and they have illegally removed the rights and freedoms and English language and culture from the Province – something referred to as Ethnic Cleansing – by the United Nations. But I guess you never heard about that by Quebec's separatist media. No surprise there!

    • Qui a fait des fraudes dans le referendum? Faire attendez au froid les vieux gens aux quartiers anglophones? Qui a refusé des scrutins san justification (et seulement un personne etait poursuivi)? Ca c'est un honte, grace a la parti politique "net et honnete" ??

      For those unilingual, PQ used every underhanded tactic to stop people in federalist areas from voting in the referendum, and only one person was ever prosecuted for this.

    • Not everyone that doesn't understand French is unilingual. Verstehen Sie, mein Herr?

    • @elmismo61: You – mon ami – have your 'facts' totally mixed up. The hundreds of thousands of 'stolen No votes' by the PQ loyalists became a worldwide scandal – to the point – where the recount of those votes were not only denied – the votes were 'Burned' to destroy the 'Truth'. Just another example of Quebec's 'corruption'. The vast majority of Quebeckers have voted twice to remain in Canada – so get over it. Notwithstanding that that vote in itself was illegal and is deemed 'null & void' – according to our Constitution that states: Any Bill and/or law that is going to affect the lieves of Canadians or segments of the Canadian people – must be done with the full knowledge – and full consent – of the Canadian people – by a vote of ALL Canadians. Quebec belongs to ALL Canadians mon ami – and is not the proerty of the Separatists or Nationalists. The same 'conditions' apply to any changes in our Charter or Constitution. The decision must be made and voted on by the people – and Not – by members of Parliament or MNA's… Doing so is an 'illegal violation of their oaths to protect the rights and freedoms of the citizens they profess to protect (as per their job descriptions) and again are deemed illegal and null & void. I repeat – Quebec belongs to ALL Canadians.

  13. Supposons que le Québec n'est pas la province la plus corrompu, c'est la quelle alors?

    • C'est bien clair: L'I-P-E. Innocent potato farms, mon oeil…

    • C'est pas une province mais un partie politique qui a trop d'amis à gâter…

    • La Colombie-Britannique. C'est vrai, les policiers au sud de cette province là arrête même pas les marchands de "marie-jeanne". C'est possible que je me trompe mais, ils peuvent même mettre leurs plants en avant de leur maison sans problème. Les policiers font rien!

      • Hmmm that wouldn't surprise me a bit. If that doesn't always work, dealers just build a huge workshop in the middle of nowhere and plant thousands of m.j. plants under its false floor. Of course, stupid dealers forget that the plants have a very distinctive odor and, eventually, someone notices…and reports …and cops have to arrest them….again.

  14. Je viens de prendre à RDI que votre journaliste est un Québécois. Je crois que ça fais longtemps qu,Il est pas venu au QUébec. Je lui suggèrerais de rester hors Québec et de ne pas y revenir. Je le trouve imbécile d,écrire de pareil chose.


    • So nice.

      • You think that's nice… look at the offensive drivel Yves is spewing just below.

        • True. Yves managed to insult French Canadians outside Quebec, English Canadians, Torontonians, Canadian immigrants, and Pakistanis all in the same sentence. Xenophobia with a capital X.

    • un petit canadien français de service chez lea anglais de Toronto..la deuxième plus grosse ville du Pakistan.

      • OK this is at least the 3rd use of Pakistanis as a slur against Toronto by a proud separatist xenophobe.

  15. You could also mention the uneasy relationship between Quebecers and money.. of which they've only had access to in the past 40 years.

    • BUT, should ignorance rule? or should those who misuse taxpayer's funds not be voted out of power and replaced with those who are familiar with the family purse?

    • Francois – do you mean equalization payments? 40 years ago Quebeck did NOT NEED them. It was the richest Province in the country! Or did you not know that?

      • I'm not talking about the province, but about francophone quebecers, who until the 1960's were just slightly above african americans on the wealth scale, while all of the money was going to the english minority. As a francophone who grew up outside the province but who now lives in Quebec, in my opinion, such a rapid change put many francophone quebecers in a very uneasy relationship with money; or, not being able to fully recognize its value.

        • Francois: I suggest you go do some 'fact checking' instead of parroting the lies and myths about the rich 'anglos' versus 'poor francos' until the 1960's! First and foremost it was the FRANCOPHONES who CONTROLLED the Province – as they still do: and the ONLY 'poor francophones' were the ones the FRENCH CATHOLIC CHURCH – demanded – they stay on the LAND – because God had CHOSEN their path for them… and all the other garbage the Church used to control 'their flock': like – warning them about the Anglo Devil – about industrialists – etc.. etc.. etc.. It was NEVER the Anglos or those mythical Anglo bosses that 'kept the Francophone down'. As a matter of FACT – the truth about discrimination in Quebec was and still is (even worse than ever) is the Francophone discriminating AGAINST the Anglo!! Hell – until the 70's neither Anglos or Allos were ALLOWED into French Schools! And – believe me – there were PLENTY of well off and wealthy – and ultra wealthy francophones – more than anglos – throughout the history of the Province! Like I said… go find out the TRUTH – you will be VERY surprized and hopefully disgusted over the ugly lies and myths – that have been used to try to justify todays grotesque and illegal – Ethnic Cleansing Procedures – used to ERASE the English from Quebec. http://www.politicallyincorrectandproudofit.net/i

          • Didi:
            First, I reccommend you read a bit of history on the Chateau Clique. Second, I myself worked at Bombardier, and can tell you directly about the anglo (namely, Scottish) legacy of financial control over Quebecers (and catholic Irishmen).

            Second of all, hey I kind of agree with you. After all, I'm from English Canada, you could call me an anglo in some sorts. But you have to agree that the rapid changes of the "Quiet Revolution" of the 60s were set in place to help Quebecers "catch up" to the rest of the population. I think their slogan was… "Maîtres Chez Nous"? (Masters of our own house)

            All I'm saying is: You take any large group which is traditionally working class, is used to back-door dealings, and feels oppressed, then you instantly rise them to power, well, you're bound to have some distortion about the democratic use of public money.

    • Francois: That is a total LIE and you know it. Either that or you are extremely ill informed and spreading the ethnic cleansing justification (as if there could be such a thing) & ugliness without knowing what you are talking about. By the way – NOTHING justifies – ETHNIC CLEANSING – the English people – their language and their culture Out of their Home Province! NOTHING – get it? It is barbaric – to use ANY Piece of Past (in this case totally fictional & ugly) history – be it 40 years ago or as most Quebecois who try to justify the language Police and disgusting language laws do is, use events that took place 300 freaking years ago!! Events NO ONE can verify – and totally ridiculous to use to freaking PUNISH the Anglos – les autres (the others) of today! Only totally INSANE bullies – and SICK TYRANTS – do that. And that IS WHAT is happening to the English people and culture of Quebec today! It's beyond SICK!

  16. Thanks a million for this superb article ! We need more like this ! We at the PQ and the Bloc need all the help we can get. Sincerly, I am quite amazed by the outstanding talent and awesome intelligence that some of you guys can display when you put all your heart into writing.
    Cheers and I hope to have the opportinity to meet you someday. I might even be inclined to encourage you with a little gift in a nice brown enveloppe.



    • I just to thank those in Toronto who serve so well the Québec independance movement..it's like judo..we use the force of our adversary to win…thanks again and keep up the good work…you will become real heroes in Québec.

      • Yves, you haven't got the guts to separate, even with Parizeau cheating on referendum day by losing thousands of "NO" votes. .

        • And what about these McGill college students who voted NO 18 times with fake ID cards in 1995? What about those people who voted NO by using the name of dead people without any verification from the responsibles at some polls (held by goooooood, honest and true Canadians, of course).

          Dans ma langue maternelle, maintenant :

          Merci, Mr. Coyne : vous nourrissez encore plus le feu de ma flamme indépendantiste en ce beau dimanche matin. Je prendrai une belle bière à votre santé le jour où nous aurons enfin foutu le camp de ce simulacre de pays appelé Canada où nous ne sommes, comme disait Gilles Vigneault, que "25 % de quelqu'un d'autre"…

          • @Martin: What on earth are you talking about? The dead people voting came from the separatist side and it was also the one that destroyed and rejected hundreds of thousands of NO votes. Enough of the 'twisting of the truth' and enough of the bashing of Canadians. No one is stopping you from leaving Canada. You just have to wake up to the 'Fact' that the Greater Montreal Area and overwhelming Federalist areas of Quebec (OUR Province) are staying in Canada. So, just go already – I'll be happy to help you pack. God forbid – we don't want to keep you here.

          • Franchement Martin du fait dure. Gilles Vigneault?? cris de malade mentale ce lui la.

    • I like white envelopes. :)

    • exactly my thoughts. in fact, i was happy to learn about mcleans barely-quebec-bashing articles.
      come on canada !! show us what you are really capable of and even the federalist won't need convincing about the separation anylonger :-)

      hit me baby one more time, lalala

      • "hit me baby one more time, lalala"

        Very appropriate anthem for the province with its hand out constantly demanding another hit of money from the despised ROC. But from previous posts, you're a separatist so let's go with your fantasy that the ROC is "hitting you" with anything but dollar bills and now the truth. What masochist thinks it's a good idea to start a country with half of its citizens against it and much of the half pro separation so grossly deluded they thought they would be able to keep their Canadian citizenship and other privileges like the money taps? Your "country" is sunk from the get go with half rebelling immediately, another quarter when they are financially squeezed and the die hard separatists at less than 25% thinking they can flog the newly impoverished majority into continuing with the hare brained separatist scheme.

  17. Interesting article. I've also wondered why so many political scandals seem to take place in Quebec. I should have guessed that some sort of octopussal configuration was at play.

    • I love deep fried octopuss. Is it what we are talking about here?

      • Yes…. Takoyaki! Oiishi desu!

        • Hai, sou desu.

    • Why so many political scandals in Quebec? Because if you want to keep Quebec in Canada, you must buy the people of Quebec. The majority of the federalist are nationalists. So, there will be pro-Canada only if it is in their personal interest. All the big scandals that occured is from federalist from Quebec.

  18. You don't have to be a resident of Quebec to be aware of the level of corruption in Quebec. Mexico and Quebec have a lot in common is this regard. Montreal is the only city in Calgary with an active Mafia. Rock Machine vs. Hells Angels… need I say anymore?

    • Are you really serious when you said Montreal and Calgary are the only cities with mafia in Canada?


      I think it is the worst comment I saw here tonight right before Hail Joseph…

    • Montreal is a city in Calgary? really?

      • mental cases are also able to write comments…I am so empressed..Toronto the worst thing that could happen to Canada….1 billion dollars of tax payers sunk during the last G8…if you don't call it corruption…it's about time that you stop pickinf your nose..jerk.

    • You got to be a moron to declare that Mtl and Calgary are the onlu 2 cities in canada with mafia…by the Mtl and Calgary have won the stanley cups a few times since 1989..what about the maple leafs??An icon of Toronto..second largest city of Pakistan!!

      • Yves really has a hate on for Pakistanis. At least the fourth use as a slur on Toronto.

    • You are a jerk

      Paul Fleury,
      Yellowknife, NWT

    • Yes…you could admit how stupid your comment is!

    • I am really confused. When did Montreal become a suburb of Calgary? If our mafia is larger than Montreal's it must be because they are migrating west. They will probably wind up in B.C. though because the weather is warmer.

    • What an idiotic comment, Quebec, then you turn to Mexico, then Calgary, the Mafia, WTF, really, are you trying to say?

  19. En tout cas! par chance qu'il y a les autres provinces qui nous paient en plus 9 milliards en péréquation a chaque année. Merci le Canada.

    • Mais oui, il faut payer les routes, qui se construisent à 30% plus cher que dans le reste du pays!
      Au fait, pourquoi ne parle-t-on plus de la construction dans les journaux? Je cherche partout, mais tout ce que je trouve c'est un truc sur la nomination de juges.

  20. Après Montréal la ville la plus corrompu, vous récidivez avec le Québec en entier… Je me demande qu'elle sera la prochaine étape?
    En passant, je trouve ça vraiment petit et malhonnête de justifier ses commentaires raciste en disant que les Québécois ne sont pas une race… Et celle là, je l'entends de plus en plus souvent…

  21. Québec la province la plus corrompu. J'ai bien peur de constater que vous avez malheureusement raison! Vous avez dit en entrevus que dans le Canada Anglais ce sont plutôt les politiciens qui font problèmes, alors qu'aux Québec se sont les entreprises, organismes et lobbies qui font problèmes. Votre propos m'apparait juste, pour avoir vécu ailleurs qu'au Québec. En matière de lobbies, il faut aussi inclure explicitement dans ce groupe les idéologies mensongères qui font de la désinformations afin de s'attirer des sympathies et de juteuses subventions. C'est ainsi que le féminisme ne se gêne même pas pour mener ouvertement des actions douteuses et pire encore, en jetant une approbe sans fin à l'encontre des hommes de la société Québécoise. Tout cela afin de se créer un capital de sympathie victimaire et de s'approprier ainsi au délà de 600 millions de dollars annuellement de par sa collusion avec le gouvernement du Québec.


    • Je trouve dommage de lire de tels propos.
      Ce que je lis ce n'est pas un commentaire, c'est une décharge de frustrations non contenues, c'est de la haine purement et simplement.
      Que c'est triste de voir des gens aussi malheureux.

    • @Raymond: What? Is this more "Blame it on the Anglos" stuff? Or please correct me – if I read your post wrong. You see my French is Not fluent – because up until the 70's — Anglos and Allos were Not Allowed into the French schools and were forced to learn it from their French friends and neighbours. But then again – you may be too young to know that Quebeck used to be the Best place to live and we all embraced each others language and culture – in spite of the longstanding discrimination against those Anglo devils – preached by the French Church (who ruled for 100's of years) .
      And given Macleans is an English Magazine – how about being polite and posting in English – just as the people are polite and post in French to the French media.

      • I am approving MacLean, and even adding one more exemple of heavy corruption, carried on yearly, with the implication of not only the politiciens, as well as a large partion of the population, but also quite many judges illegaly nominated according to their supports to this crook ideologie

        • Pauvre Raymond, je pense que votre problème, c'est le féminisme et non le Québec. Je suis d'accord avec vous toutefois que le féminisme est allé trop loin.

        • Many thanks Raymond for clearing that up for me and forgive my misunderstanding. I totally agree with you re: the judges that are breaking the laws themselves in order to – illegally support this insanity that has driven our beautiful Quebec into the poorhouse – and is now controlled by the political 'self proclaimed elite' who do everything in their power to keep the population divided – in order to keep total control and play the people like puppets. Divide and Conquer is their raison d'etre while they get rich on our backs.

          • HEAR! HEAR!

      • Didi147 THANK YOU! Finally someones speaks the truth!!! We generously allow them to keep their language and religion and now they want to impose it on the rest of the world. You give them an inch and they want a foot! If these uneducated and ignorant so called "pure laine" Quebecers had any common sense, they would quickly learn to speak Canadian and forget that french speaking nonsense. I was in Montreal in August and people were throwing tomatoes at our car only because it had Saskatchewan plates. I will never go there again!!!

        • Dan: Please accept my heartfelt apology for what these 'goons' made you experience. And please remember – there are 2.5 MILLION Englsh speaking Quebeckers that have been thrown under the bus and to the wolves for the past 4 decades! More importantly please know and remember that Quebeck is YOUR Province and it belongs to ALL CANADIANS – just as ALL Provinces belong to us that live in Quebeck. The language laws and all subsequent laws – including the referendums were ALL held ILLEGALLY…. and according to our Consitution – and written in Stone – No laws or bills that infringe on the rights and freedoms of Canadians or ones that are going to AFFECT the LIVES of Canadians may be introduced or enacted WITHOUT the Full Knowledge and FULL CONSENT of the People of Canada (it goes further….) and that CONSENT MUST BE via the VOTES of the public!! It does NOT mean that any of our MP's or MNA's/MLA's ….. can vote on our behalf!! That too is deemed ILLEGAL in our Constitution and Charter and is something our Politicians FAILED TO TELL US and most certainly violated and laws they are continuing to Violate – not to mention the OATH they ALL took and TAKE to Uphold these laws as their top priority. The part about where the Queen – who signs our laws to enact them …. has been deliberately deceived — because she is under the impression – that the conditions – were honored.
          So – please know that Quebeck belongs to YOU and ME – and is NOT the Hallowed property of The Separatists – Bloc – or one unilingual French segment of the population! Therefore – of course you should come back – to Your Province – and know you are More than welcome and know We want and need you here.
          And if you have the time – perhaps you could ask your MP – how on earth he/she is allowing this crime to continue in Quebeck – in CANADA. I'd love to hear what he/she has to say about it. God Bless and thanks again for speaking out..

          • Didi you are right that Quebec belongs to all Canadians the same as Canada belongs to all Quebecers but PLEASE get your facts right b4 saying insanites like the "2.5 million English Quebecers" you are talking more about half a million… and that the referendum are illegal you are totally wrong please read the judgments of the SUPREME COURT of Canada a referendum in Quebec BINDS the Federal Govt that has an obligation to negociate seperation that is what our supreme Court ruled.

        • Seems like Didi1947 and Dan Gill have just found each other! Two small minded, bigoted idiots together, a match made in heavens! When is the big date?

      • Excuse me Didi – let me remind you that Macleans has published an article in French to try to explain themselves – are they also being impolite to you? Give me a break.

    • Aille mon Raymond, est-ce que ça serait possible de garder tes imbécilités dans les forums appropriés?
      Vas-tu systématiquement dans tous les forums, quel qu'en soit le sujet, pour étaler ton pleurnichage rétrograde?
      Reste donc sur tes sites de "masculinistes", à lécher tes ti-bobos avec les autres frustrés de ton espèce.
      Tu me fais honte, autant à titre d'homme que de québécois…

      To those of you who shows sympathy to this umm "gentleman" without properly understanding the nature of his discourse, just know that we're in the presence of a frustrated anti-feminist troll, who will use any forum to spread his hateful rhetoric.

      • He must have been passed over for a promotion by a woman…or was forced to pay alimony or child support by an ex-wife….or he hates to admit that yes, some women are just much better than some men…

    • Raymond you missed the point. The article that by the way does NOT rank any provinces was just designed to sell is based ON NOTHING. If you live in Quebec you should know that tough laws now really limit corruption. That Quebec is perfect of course not, but if you want old Style corruption like in the 1950's welcome to Maritime Canada.

  22. Alexandre, non seulement tu es impoli et vulgaire, mais en plus tu écris mal!

  23. But constructive criticism in Quebec, given the francophone majority's perception of itself as an embattled minority, all too often leads to a closing of the ranks against what is invariably described as “Quebec-bashing.”

    Et la réaction en pleine éruption à travers le Québec ce soir est une manifestation parfaite de ce constat coynien.

    • genius! attack, predict a counterattack and use this prediction to prove/bolster a flawed analysis… and people fall for it! great work M. Coyne

      • Unfortunately, as you said, Coyne's assertion seems to come true. At least, here, I can comfort myself by keeping in mind that this is a comment board and thus, not representative of the majority, who doesn't have enough time to comment on every piece of news or blog post, and much less to come back and engage in flame wars. I,de be curious to know, too, who is every commenter. Surely some post comments entirely at odds with their real beliefs, just for the fun of seeing people getting all pumped up.

        Anyway, as for the article itself, it made me curious to see the rest and mostly to see what factors and causes Patriquin identifies. Corruption or "mere" cronyism annoy the hell out of me, even more so since I voted for the PLQ last time. Voter shame, yeah, that exists.

    • One thing's for sure, it provoked a lot of quebecers to write their not-so-complimentary thoughts on this web site, and we've not seen any other story or any other topic entice these quebecois commenters en masse.

      • You don't remember ironie délicieuse?

        • Now I do. Yes, if you say the right (wrong?) thing, they will come.

      • You'll notice they 'Never bash the English bashing and/or removal of the English language and culture Out of the Province and existence'. Gee – how come they 'approve of that disgrace to humanity and rights and freedoms'.

    • The problem is not just with Quebcers. In Canada a majority of Canadians tend to worship the professionals as Gods AND THEY DO ACT LIKE OSTRICHES. At least 60 percent of them.. 40 percent do not. Now if you are a typical inexperienced young person, or an ostrich, who cannot face negative realties, tend to be in false denial, you can rather see my cartoons, or go to my wallpaper sites. http://thenonconformer.wordpress.com/2009/06/06/c

    • Agreed the circling of the wagons and outbursts of bigotry and racism of those defending the acts of corruption by the political culture was spot on. To be fair that prediction was a no brainer.

  24. Do us a favour, next time there's a referendum…. please, stay home. By the way have you ever heard of “the two solitude” this article has yet again established it.

    • another puke head probably from Toronto..should we give any credibility to people who live in a city that has the maple leafs hockey club??Toronto the worts place to be in Canada….Toronto is one of the largest city in Pakistan!!

      • Yves you seem to think that Canada is made up of Quebec and Toronto only? You should get out more often.

  25. Alberta made billions and billions of dollars during the oil boom.

    And it had no debt at the time.

    It should have the finest universities, hospitals and infrastructure in all of Canada. Indeed, in all of North America.

    But it doesn't. It's got a deficit.

    What happened to all the money?

    • Have you heard of equalization?

    • Alberta has a deficit, but that will be paid for from the Sustainability fund, intended to support provincial revenues in times of weak resource prices – so Alberta should maintain its debt free status.

      The University of Alberta is recognized as one of the premier research institutions in the country, the U of C – meh.

      After years of neglect the province has completed expansions of two major hospitals in Calgary (PEter Loughheed and Foothills) and is construction a large new one in the south of the city. The concern is whether the province will ensure that the new facilities are fully equipped and staffed.

      The Alberta government, while not universally loved by all of its residents has not done a bad job of stewarding the provinces energy resources, and there has been no hint of political corruption in Alberta politics.

      • This Albertan says it HAS done a bad job of stewarding our resources, and there would be plenty of hints of corruption if the Alberta media itself were not so corrupt.

    • Alberta wouldn't have a deficit if it wasn't having to prop up eastern Canada for the last 20 years.

      • No, our problem has been propping up our corrupt provincial government of wasters and incompetents. Easterners did not sell off and blow up our hospitals, our own fools did that.

        • I am personally sick of the tidbit of 'blowing up hospitals' that come from people who don't know what they are talking about. I trained at the old General Hospital in Calgary. It was started to build in 1880's, added onto ad lib until it became a rabbit warren of hallways with little safety. i.e. Don't get caught on the basement level if a massive fire broke out – no way to get out – two stairways. The cost of maintenance per year was overwhelming and did nothing to improve the building itself. Despite, not because of the surroundings, excellent work was done there. You have imbibed too much of the sayings of Dr. Swann. Plans were in place for a new hospital to replace – guess what – we got hit with a recession. There has always been access to health care in Alberta when it is needed. Only the whiners and those who use 'social doctoring' as an outlet are having a problem.

          • You should stop believing rightwing liars. How about the Holy Cross, that Klein sold for a quarter of its worth? How about them shutting down the Grace Hospital as well? Those lying bastards were trying to force us into privatized health care and we still suffer the effects of their stupid decisions today.

            You try sitting in a waiting room for 8 hours with an 83 year old relative and see if you think the Conservatives were right to shut down 1500 beds because they preferred to cut hospitals than to charge the damned oil companies a decent royalty.

          • Well Holly, I also worked at the Holy Cross, you can't run a hospital on emotion. It has a beautiful history but like the General it was old, decrepit building and we were lucky somebody wanted to buy it. Do you know the cost of the renovations? I've been in emergency situations, when they were emergency and have been treated well. As to the Grace Hospital, it was also old and the Salvation Army tried to divest itsself of the burden rather than pay for the upgrades. It is still in use by the way, as an orthopedic hospital, staffed by some of the top surgeons, and before you screech, patients using this facility are funded there by the health care system. What gives you the authority to know the worth of century+++ old buildings? They had too safety features missing, worn out wiring for one to even begin to use modern day equipment. As a suggestion, if you don't like Alberta, or Calgary, why not move on. I am certain there are places where your talents would be appreciated. If you are waiting for the Libs or Dippers to take over the province you will wait a long time.

    • Sadly the basic mamagement of Alberta were corrupt before they got the money so things next did not change..even the churches there are mostly bad.. I spent 15 years there now.. never want to go back there too

      • I'm sure they all miss you terribly.

      • Goodbye – we don't need you either. In your 15 years you probably never contributed a single thing to the community you lived in.

        • This is how stupid Albertans drive away smart Albertans. You should try travelling a little and broaden your narrow rightwing minds.

      • Why did you stay for 15 years? And what exactly was so displeasing to you? The bad stuff in Alberta occurred with our first provincial government – 20++ years of Liberals which left us bleeding liberally, all we got from them was debt and a few street names in both Edmonton and Calgary. Then we had the depression of the 1930's. Provincially we did not have any financial resources to fall back on – we were a province of homesteaders and poor people (and there was no equalization then). The oil business began in 1947 and thankfully we've never looked back because by that time we had Premier Manning who did an excellent job of looking after Alberta interests in dealing with the oil companies. In the 70's we had another lucky to have another great, Premier Lougheed, who took on Trudeau and forced the feds to fork over our mineral rights, which we were entitled to in the first place. Yes, like most places there have been weak spots but those are corrected quickly because we have long memories. We've never had another Liberal government and the moon will change color before they ever get another chance at us. I don't know what your complaint about churches (all?) is about. Like everywhere else in Canada there are people who are church goers and those who aren't. We don't try to fpressure anybody to belong to either group. In fact, we usually don't pressure people to adopt to any lifestyle, unless its not having a job.

    • $11 billion a year went to buy votes in eastern and central Canada.
      Most of it went to buy votes in quebec.

      • Between the province of Quebec and Toronto, the decision is already made and the rest of the votes really doesn't matter.. so any politician who want s to be elected will always deplete all our money in these 2 places.

        • You're misinformed about Toronto that gives away its votes to the Liberals and even NDP without demanding or getting anything in return except shoddy treatment like less per capita EI payments and immigrant settling funds. Toronto is was a golden goose willing to be plucked bare and until recently was sending truckloads of Ontario tax money was transferred via Ottawa to Quebec and the Maritimes in equalization, EI etc. Now at last McGuinty's provincial libs have near bankrupted the province so that Ontario recently became eligible for equalization but as always, the Rube Goldberg scheme of equalization was adjusted so Ontario can't collect from the last remaining solvent province Alberta. Quebec sells its votes to the highest bidder or its in house shake down artists the Bloc. Ontario just turned its pockets inside out for nothing.

    • Alberta is still in the oil boom. What's worrisome is who will pay to clean up the mess. Funny how this dormant scandal doesn't make front page news with sensationalist titles or gratuitous and bias interpretations of events.

      But I'm sure in a forum very much like this one, although probably owned by Rupert Muroch some 10-20 yrs from now, someone like Bob or Francois are sure to write that they gave billions to the east in equalization so certainly we should pay our share. Certainly the oil cies who backed the west's rise to power in Ottawa will have paid their share by then. No scandal there.

        • Well Holly, one of the most vociferous voices of the econuts etc is only spouting off his misguided information. When the oil industry shuts down, wherever you live, will you be allowed to cut down trees to heat your house? Does any manufacturer of stoves make airtight heaters anymore? How will you yourself get fromPoint A. to Point B. Walking? This sort of garbage has always been unrealistic and now becoming outdated. Do a reality check – where does your income arrive from?

          • You're really wasting your time debating Jahomily (Jan/Holly/Emily). Each time you attempt to address a point, she/they will shift the argument to something completely tangential. Then of course it's your fault for not focusing and staying on topic. Several other commenters will attest to this.

          • You must be quite dim if you think three different commenters are the same. When did you contribute anything substantial to a conversation here?

          • Holly might have played hockey or football without a helmet. The signs of serious head trauma are evident.

      • Your knowledge of Alberta is abysmal. For your information Luc – it was not the east who backed the start up of the oil industry in Alberta. We were laughed at – where do you think the sneer term 'boys from Bay st.' originated – from the people who tried to get eastern controlled banks to back them and were refused. They got their needed money in New York and Alberta has maintained a great credit rating – the Canadian banks now sing a different tune. The initial oil industry start up was with Texans and Oklahomans, first south of Calgary in about 1934, in 1947 east of Edmonton. And thank God Alberta had a premier named Ernest Manning who wasn't afraid to set the guidelines of how things would be. There was never anything from the East – until our Premier Lougheed managed to prove to Ottawa that we were 'entitled to our entitlements' by way of managing our own industry. We've had several oil booms, but also like the rest of the world, several recessions.

        • Remember the bumper sticker that said something like this: "Please Lord, send us another boom. I promise not to piss it away this time"

          The incompetent corrupt Klein and Stelmach government pissed it away. Fools.

        • Alberta would'nt exist if it wasn't of the money we quebecers chipped in for the railroad to connect and subsidies for the transport of cereals to the Atlantic so don't brag about your self building.And we Québecers are now being invaded by oil companies that would like to extract sheel gas but we won't let them do anything and destroy our environment .

          • Remember to refuse your equalization payments that are paid for by Alberta oil profits. Stay pure and poor.

          • Sorry to disappoint you Yves, but your railroads were mostly funded by graft and Chinese workers imported and treated as slaves. And there was a great need for the politicians in Ottawa to wake up and connect to the west coat or western provinces would have become part of the U.S. Teddy Roosevelt was busy annexing Alaska and had full intention of taking on the western part of Canada as well. We would probably have done that willingly because Ottawa would not get off its collective backside and ignored us as long as possible. Get off your Quebec bandwagon, we owe you tweet. In fact the railroads here are useless and gave nothing but bad service and took their price from us in land. Some time go look at an CPR map and see what they got for their trouble. if it wasn't for the impact of the Canadian Wheat Board on the farming industry they couldn't afford to be here to haul the "cereals' you speak of. And little to none of the grain output goes to the Atlantic – Asia is to our west so shipping is the preferred method. The U.S. is to the south and trucking is the preferred method. We got sick of being ripped off dealing with the east and anyone who could do so left the CWB and found their own markets.

          • I told you – the 'Yves' are going to run you ragged. But then again – it is a super way to 'learn the True History of Quebec and Canada… :):)

          • Yves: You forgot to mention it was the English Quebeckers who contributed to the railways. You know – those evil Anglo bosses you hate so much and want out of your pure laines – imagined Nirvana. Don't take credit for what 'you' contributed nothing. Your Anglo Devil – preaching leadership – demanded the Francophone – stay on the farms and starve – because that was God's Will!

    • billion and billions of dollars goes into the pokets of rich coporates who don't care about canadien people. those coporates control the media and disinforme canadians about what really happen. That the finacial elite who corrupts all the politicians. But for MacLean's journalists is the quebecer who are responsable of all the economic corpution, what a stupid joke in the face of all canadian citizens

      • You need to be a bit more specific about 'rich corporates', who are they? Where do they operate? Have you investigated what these company do in the way of charitable donations etc. They employ a lot of people, usually at a fairly good wage – that is if you want to work to keep a job. There was nothing stupid about Ad Scam, has that Canadian taxpayer money been paid back yet? I don't think so. Quebec takes nearly $4,000 per month per Albertan to support the Quebec consistency of spending more than they earn. MacLean's telling of the truth hurts because many of us like the MacLean writing.

    • Well Emily, Alberta has had many oil booms – and just like the rest of the world had recessions to go along with it. Oil companies operate like all other businesses, if there is no opportunity for profit they don't work. Alberta has at least four very fine universities, Lethbridge, U. of C., Mount Royal, U. of A., and I' m sure another one or two in the nothern part of the province. The oil money you speak of does not belong to the province, it belongs to private developers and the province gets the royalties. Yes, like all other places, we have had some less than great governments – all places do. Politicians let us down frequently. That's what elections are for.

      • We should have been getting much higher royalties if we didn't have a drunkard making the decisions.

        • Incidently, the oil and gas belongs to the people of Alberta, and oil companies need our permission to make any money off of it; the problem is that our corrupt government does not make the oil companies pay enough royalties or clean up after themselves. Albertans are the ones being cheated.

          • Actually, provincial resources belong to the Crown in Right of the Province of Alberta. You left-wingnuts try to say otherwise but please deal with reality. You elect people to act for the Crown.

            And for the econuts, the oil sands are a tiny spot of Canada's north. The river water is a problem which is being addressed. In the National Geographic it looks like a huge disasterous wasteland but it is a few hundred square miles in a huge area of Artcic and sub Arctic lands.

            When you get a molile source of fuel to run cars and aircraft, let us knwo. All the eco acceptable wind and sunpower won't do that. It will take all of that, wind, hydroelectric and sun power plus oil as long as it is here. Of course you can walk or bike. But try pedalling a train or a plane.

    • " Alberta made billions and billions during the oil boom"".
      Yep it sure did Emily, financed from the Stock Exchanges of Montréal and Toronto and the federal income taxes of my forefathers for the last century or so! Before that it was but the dusty backwater Cowtown at the foot of the Rockies straight out of the ole western movies of the 30's!

      • No financed from New York and Chicago./

      • Wrong, wrong buddy. When the Alberta Oil Industry tried to get financing from eastern Canada in the early 30's and late 40's they were laughed at in Toronto and Montreal. I've stated before the sneer title 'boys from Bay Street' was coined as these people moved on and got needed financing in New York. Alberta has always had a top credit rating. The Texans and Oklahomans were the ones who helped Alberta get its oilpatch going, but it was our then Premier Ernest Manning who set the rules of how things would be run. Do not ever again take credit for any financing or of anything that goes on in Alberta. It didn't happen except in somebody's dreams.

    • It was taken and sent to Quebec through equalization

      • Just returns for paying Billions of dollars for decades into your redneck society!

        • What a hoot. Since when did Quebec pay for anything on its own? Other than to corrupt politicians and their friends.

        • Give it up quebecdom – yours is a losing argument. In fact it is not an argument at all because you are just spitting sand from keeping your head in the sandbox for too long.

  26. As always, Quebec screams foul when branded with the iron they crafted themselves. To Paraphrase a Well Known Quip:

    The Rules

    1. Quebec makes all the rules
    2. The rules are subject to change at any time without prior notification
    3. No Canadian (From without Quebec) can possibly know all the rules
    4. If Quebec suspects the rest of Canada knows all the rules, it must immediately change some or all of the rules
    5. Quebec is never wrong
    6. If Quebec is wrong, it is the direct result of something Canada did or said
    7. If rule 6 applies, the rest of Canada must apologize immediately for the misunderstanding
    8. Quebec can change it's mind at any given point in time
    9. Canada must never change it's mind without the express written consent of Quebec
    10. Quebec has the right to be angry or upset at any time
    11. Canada must remain calm at all times, unless Quebec wants it to be angry or upset.
    12. Quebec must under no circumstances let Canada know whether or not it wants Canada to be angry or upset
    13. If Quebec is in a bad mood on any given day, all rules are null and void

    • C'est plate à dire mais c'est vrai…

      • Pôv con

      • Please write English so the rest of Canada can actually understand what you are trying to say. How rude!

        • I'll second that.

        • Please stop taking pleasure in your ignorance and lack of education. Realize that the people writing in this blog have made the effort to learn a second language. That's why they are at least able to read english. If you are too lazy to do so, blame yourself.

          • Again the assumption that English speaking people don't have a second language just because they don't speak French. This is Canada, not France. Millions of Canadians speak a second language.

          • I beg to differ. Throwing insults at someone just stating the obvious shows YOUR ignorance. Obviously you only care or want other French-speaking Canadians to hear what you have to say and I just happen to find that very exclusionary. Sie sind doch wirklich ein Bloedmann. Sich so aufzuregen! Wie so ein kleines Kind! By the way, I am an educator and speak 3 languages and you just justified to me why I found your attitute rude. Your emotional response to such an obvious response makes you look like an utter fool, Monsieur! Now please, I am done with this. I have other things to do with my time. Au revoir!________________________________

          • I beg to differ. Throwing insults at someone just stating the obvious shows YOUR ignorance. Obviously you only care or want other French-speaking Canadians to hear what you have to say and I just happen to find that very exclusionary. Sie sind doch wirklich ein Bloedmann. Sich so aufzuregen! Wie so ein kleines Kind! By the way, I am an educator and speak 3 languages and you just justified to me why I found your attitute rude. Your emotional response to such an obvious response makes you look like an utter fool, Monsieur! Now please, I am done with this. I have other things to do with my time. Au revoir!________________________________

      • when all else fails, the replies come in French. We don't mind hearing it in English – but we've already heard it all before.

    • Dear mike I think you should seriously consider seeking help for your desillusions and anger. Oh I know; maybe before consulting you should try to stop reading right wing nut magazines like McLeans.

      • And I thought Maclean's is a certified left wing nut magazine with occasional PMS bout like this cover story.

      • Guess Pierre prefers everyone keep reading left wing nut magazines, the only kind available in Quebec.

    • These “rules” sound alot like my french wife.

      1. Quebec makes all the rules
      2. The rules are subject to change at any time without prior notification
      3. No Canadian (From without Quebec) can possibly know all the rules
      4. If Quebec suspects the rest of Canada knows all the rules, it must immediately change some or all of the rules
      5. Quebec is never wrong
      6. If Quebec is wrong, it is the direct result of something Canada did or said
      7. If rule 6 applies, the rest of Canada must apologize immediately for the misunderstanding
      8. Quebec can change it’s mind at any given point in time
      9. Canada must never change it’s mind without the express written consent of Quebec
      10. Quebec has the right to be angry or upset at any time
      11. Canada must remain calm at all times, unless Quebec wants it to be angry or upset.
      12. Quebec must under no circumstances let Canada know whether or not it wants Canada to be angry or upset
      13. If Quebec is in a bad mood on any given day, all rules are null and void

      Only I don’t have to pay for her bullshit, like the rest of Canada does to keep
      Quebec around.

    • So true. LOL from a montrealer.

    • Well said! This spoiled child needs to go!

  27. The title and image (paper magazine cover) is unnecessarily provocative. Very poor editioral judgement on the part of Macleans. The recent canadian governement waste for the G8 summit demontrates that the Quebec government is not the only governement that rewards its "friends". Unfortunately as taxpayers, we pay for waste and corruption at all levels of governement.

    • Guess what? The oilsands have been bashed in the press for months now and do you and the majority of Quebecers care? Me thinks not!

      • The difference is the oil sands bashing was not based on actual facts or evidence but hyperbole. The MSM play up the left wing agenda without taking to task the groups spotty record. They failed in covering the oil sands in a fair or balanced manner

        The corruption of the culture in Quebec politics is factual and based on evidence. The truth can be a problem for those who are unwilling to take a different path to power.

        If any publication want to expose corruption in the political class anywhere why would citizens become angry with the article unless they are supporters?

        Are they refuting the facts introduced in the article?

  28. We all know that Andrew Coyne is a conservative, but does that really have to stop him from being objective? Quebecor doesn't have to start "Fox News North", they've already got it in "hard copy", otherwise known as "Macleans". I'm now doubly glad that I canceled my subscription a year ago.
    In spite of what Mr. Coyne says, the biggest scandal ever in Canada was the Pacific Scandal, brought to you by the Conservative Party led by Sir John A. Macdonald.
    I can understand reporting scandal where you find it, but this story with this cover only feeds into Harper's tactic of dividing the country and feeding an anti-Quebec feeling. Shame on you Andrew Coyne, and does your mother know what you did this week?

    • So here's a Quebecker who goes back over a hundred years to find an Anglo scandal as though the same shenanigans weren't going on then in Quebec as now. And someone who thinks Maclean's is conservative reveals her far leftism that demands all their news unfair and unbalanced, with undiluted bias to the left. The much maligned Fox is the most balanced of American broadcasting stations, at right of center. The rest of the alphabet soup are reliably left. There are no center left outlets and that's why Fox has the largest viewership because it has the center to itself at this point.

    • For God's sake, get into this century. We all know the railroads were build to the west on graft and sleeze and the importation of Chinese workers who were treated like slaves. We in the west have paid for this crap a million times over. If Ottawa hadn't got off its collective bakcside and got the railroad built when it was we would have been annexed by the U.S. and at times it seems it not be a bad idea. But, Canada would have lost its western seaport. Quit the carping about Stephen Harper. Why does it happen if we have a western Prime Minister they come under this barrage of garbage. The same thing was done to John Dieffenbaker and either of them is at least as good as the poorest of those we've had from Quebec. In fact this last batch from Quebec, whether Liberal or Conservative were not so hot. Harper is absolutely not trying to divide the country, he could be in serious trouble here, being seen by some as toadying to Quebec. It's good we do have a few magazines and newspapers who are not scared of the language police or the Human Rights Commission idiocy. Most of us are capable of knowing what muck is when we read it.

  29. The PQ has been in power for 25 years in the last 50 years…without any money scandal…does it make them the least corrupted government in the history of Canada ?

    • I agree the PQ isn't very corrupt, just xenophobic and small-minded.

      • How is the PQ xenophobic? They support immigration.

        In fact a recent poll shows that Quebecers are more likely to viewe immigration that ROC. A Quebec myth of xenophobes bites the dust.

        How is the PQ small-minded. They want a country for themselves. That is bold and BIG thinking!

        • They're ideologically xenophobic and small-minded. If an immigrant becomes a sovereigntist he's one of 'nous'. If he's federalist than he's an outsider, an objection of suspicion who doesn't really count. Not to mention all the low-level hostility and harassment directed at the remaining anglophones.

          A 'country for ourselves' isn't bold and big thinking. It's 19th century thinking. There's no separating "us" and "them" anymore. It's a big, mixed-up, multicultural world and trying to hide behind a border won't change that. A hundred years from now maybe we'll all be speaking a mixture of Mandarin and English? Who knows? Stop being so afraid of the outside world. Canada is a good opportunity for the Québécois to learn how to live with different people. It's like being a little fish in a medium-sized pond.

          Why not embrace it and help build a better Canada instead of pouting and complaining and acting resentful all the time? True, the Québécois were not always treated fairly in the past, and yes we remain a minority and have to fight to preserve our culture, but that will always be the case. I say focus on the opportunities presented by Canada instead of the threats. THAT's bold thinking, not outdated 60's-style nationalism.

        • Why the lie about supporting immigration? Unlike Ontario, Quebec gets to refuse immigrants admitted by the feds and does. Quebec takes only about 12% of immigrants to Canada but 25% of the funds to settle immigrants at mostly Ontarians' expense who get the brunt of immigrants but far less money per capita than Quebec for needed language classes etc.

      • Oops, pressed Enter too soon:

        How is the PQ xenophobic? They support immigration.

        In fact, a recent poll shows that Quebecers are more likely to view immigration more posively than ROC except for British Columbia. A Quebec myth of xenophobes bites the dust.

        How is the PQ small-minded? They want a country for themselves. That is bold and BIG thinking!

      • And so is Andrew Coyne's article.

    • Et qu'est-ce qu'ils doivent avoir cherché en espérant en vain trouver un seul exemple… : )

  30. Truth hurts my friend! La vérité blesse, n'est-ce pas?

    • Aussi simple que ça! Force est d'admettre qu'il y a un grand fond de vérité dans ce dossier. De plus, le fait d'être perçu de l'extérieur comme la province la plus corrompue au Canada ne signifie en rien que les autres provinces sont blanches comme neige.

      Il ne faut surtout pas oublier qu'il existe un palmarès semblable au niveau mondial publié par Transparency International. Sur 133 pays, le canada se classait neuvième! (voir http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corruption_Perceptio…. Donc, il y a encore place a amélioration.

  31. Hey Montana!!!!! you must come from Hog town!!!!!! would love to have you as a weekend guest here in corrupt Montreal

    I would love to introduce you and your ideas to a few of my corrupt friends. It is people like you that has devided our country

  32. MR. COYNE


  33. dite moi dites-moi
    de tête carrées?! de têtes carrées?!
    un publique presque exclusivement constituer d'Ontariens un public presque exclusivement constitué d'Ontariens
    n'ayant aucuns mots à dire n'ayant aucun mot à dire
    voici un outils voici un outil

    Alex, je te propose ceci à mon tour: Grammaire et conjugaison, aide scolaire gratuite sur Aidenet.eu http://www.aidenet.eu/

    • Wow, t'aide vraiment la cause et l'image du Québec avec tes commentaires… à moins que tu sois un ado de 17 ans révolté, là je serais insulté d'avoir perdu du temps à te répondre, parce qu'on a tous notre phase anale. Sinon, sérieux, garde tes commentaires colons pour toi, j'ai honte d'être québécois quand je te lis.

    • Vous savez monsieur Coyne nous allons peut être devoir vous ériger une statue comme patriote de l'année vous avez fait plus pour nous que quiconque depuis belle lurette. Merci et VIVE LE QUÉBEC LIBRE !!
      p.s il y a parmi nous des colonisés frustrés qui jactent mais on ne les voit jamais car ils sont un peu lâches comme Claude et Jeff avec des amis comme ces traîtres nous n,avons pas besoin d'ennemis.

    • Yeah, that must be it… can't read English. Chuck has me all figgered out.

    • Charles la pute, tu porte surement ton nom.

    • Chuck La Pute

      With a name like that, you've got a great future in Quebec politics my friend.


  35. I think that part of the problem is that Quebec is predominantly Roman Catholic and they are taught that it is OK to do anything so long as you go to confession once in a while.

    • But oh, the guilt…

    • And … what are the other parts of THE problem Dr, Waugh?

      • Problem with some protestants is that some of them think they know it all. Like lets say; Dr Waugh ?

    • I think your real name is George Laugh or Laughing George!

      Good joke! ;0)

    • A good connection. I work for a Catholic institution and there is nothing just or right or fair about it.

    • George Waugh, you're an idiot.

    • "and they are taught that it is OK to do anything so long as you go to confession once in a while."

      Hmm, please point which book or fact you base this on George. Oh I see, you "heard" that… Who told you this nonsense??

      • `"Who told you this nonsense?? "

        Probably Santa Claus.

    • Mr. Waugh's hypothesis is an interesting one. Although Quebec has secularized rapidly, there's no doubt Catholicism remains culturally deeply embedded in the psychological fabric. Perhaps the periodic bursts of anger at the ongoing corruption are the cleansing "confessions"?

  36. Qu'est-ce que le Bonhomme Carnaval vient faire là-dedans?



    • Hmm, parce que c'est une figure tout à fait inappropriée, sans défense et que ça fait partie du gros "cheap shot" orchestré par MacLeans… Frappe celui qui a l'air le plus innocent… Bref, avec son gros air innocent et joyeux c'était la cible parfaite!!

      Heureusement que le reste du Canada est honnête et pas corrompu… NOT!!

  37. I'd like to add another hypothesis to Andrew's list:

    As uncomfortable as this makes me as a federalist, it's hard to deny that most (all?) of these scandals are linked to federalist parties in Quebec. Now at the federal level this is easy enough to understand. The BQ has never held power and never will hold power and without power there is no possibility of corruption (what can the impotent do for you?), but this doesn't apply to the PQ who have alternated power with the Quebec Liberal Party for the last 40 years or so,

    So what's the problem with Quebec-based federalist parties? I think in part it's a lack of idealism at the core of their parties. Separatists still represent a romantic dream. It may be a silly dream in this post-nationalist age and one that fewer and fewer people take seriously but it's still a dream.

    What is the ennobling dream at the heart of federalism? At the heart of Canada? It's much harder to define. I think there IS something noble at the heart of federalism but to describe it takes time and effort, something not well-suited to the simplistic narratives that dominate today's political discourse.

    In the absence of a dream then what sorts of people are attracted to the Quebec federalist parties? With some notable exceptions (Pierre Trudeau and Stéphane Dion come to mind) it is primarily careerists, people interested in accumulating power for their own gratification and personal status.

    It's been a theme of mine for a while now that federalists should be taking advantage of this lull in support for separation to redefine a federalist vision of Canada and Quebec's place in Canada. Our laziness in doing so is, I think, one of the explanations for the corruption – a petty, low-level corruption for the most part – that this article describes.

    • The most levelheaded and thoughtful comment I've read on this topic, a comment that actually adds something to the discussion.

      • Thank you.

    • Sounds reasonably good Anon Liberal (anon? OK,. I get it!). I think you could have wandered off even a bit more with … maybe, uhm .. say 5 or 6 more paragraphs? Is'nt this what is known as "langue de bois" or maybe "spin"? It's like one of those Microsoft Word samples where you just change words here and there to suit your objectives. Really, to be honnest a CEGEP student could do better. Some have done better here without the help of a template.

    • Well said ! (I'm not sure what Jacques Nadeau is grousing about.) One reason that people in Quebec may view themselves mainly as quebecois is that the virtues of Canada are not obvious. I must differ with you, however, over Pierre Trudeau, who alienated many people in Quebec from the Canada he (often glibly) promoted.

      • Pierre Trudeau made some serious mistakes but he was clearly an idealist. Many people were inspired by his vision (mostly outside Quebec as it turned out, but still…)

        Where are the inspirational federalist leaders these days? Not that the sovereigntists are doing much better in that regard but independence is an inherently more romantic idea.

        • Idealism is wrongly assumed to be necessarily good. Communists were idealists, but unfortunately found it necessary to kill a hundred million people in pursuit of their "utopia" that ended up far inferior to the results of free capitalistic democracies without the butcher's bill. Trudeau's so called idealism was off set by his uncritical admiration for totalitarian states like the Soviet Union, China and Cuba.

          The Trudeau quibble aside, Anon Liberal seems to be from his/her comments a vanishing species, a thinking liberal. I think he's on to something about the inherent romanticism of separatism and the hard slog it is to sell prosaic federalism. It's like the passion for an idealized lover seen from afar vs a fractious long term marriage between two unlike partners. Despite ROC's best wooing, Quebec has always held herself aloof, dreaming of the "one that got away" i.e. an idealized nation state where all is sweetness and light.

  38. Canadians pointing fingers at which province is the most corrupt?
    All of Canada is corrupt. Ottowa is the most corrupt because that is wheremost of the power and money is. As far as which PROVINCE is da mos corrupt…. well…. where do you think all dat corrupt money comes from? FROM FEDERAL GRANTS AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. The point is> Canadians don't do anything about their corrupt system. All they do is whine about it. and get insulted because it is all too true. Never mind an honest politician: try to find an honest Canadian. All of Canada is a sleaze bag of corruption. Every civil servant, every employee, every office worker shares in the corruption and enables it by accepting the status quo.

    • Sound like you hate Canada and should live somewhere else.

    • Well, if Canada is as corrupt as you say, then most of the rest of the world is in REALLY bad shape. Check out Transparency International, where the countries of the world are ranked by corruption:
      179 out of 180 countries are ranked as more corrupt than Canada. http://www.transparency.org/policy_research/surve

  39. Yes it is true and it's wonderfull, the Liberals and most Québec federalists are corrupt lying theives .
    They will be ousted severely at the next elections. We will elect the Parti Québécois and leave canada so you will have to find another province to bash…….Enjoy your glorious Canada as you know it because it's end is near as we know it.
    Pierre Véronneau
    Montréal Québec

    • Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    • How will you survive without equalization payments???

    • Au-revoir you ungrateful bastards.

    • Gee Pierre, you don't know your fellow Quebeckers at all. They will never vote to leave the Canadian teat. Their votes are used to squeeze more out of the teat. Perhaps you are economically illiterate or if not, willing to take a huge drop in your standard of living, but your fellow French are not. Do you not understand it's all a game? However, what the shake down artists don't understand is that the ROC is tired of playing and paying. Any future bluff will be called.

  40. Losers and stupids? Wow, you really went out of your way to use big words! The problem, Einstein, is that almost 2 out of 3 canadians who have any influence whatsoever ouside of Canada are from Quebec.

  41. Petit peuple qu'est le Canada, toujours rabaisser les autres afin de ce maintenir au dessus de l'eau. En 1995 vous nous aimiez tellement, vous êtes venu par avion et autobus pour nous le dire…En fait on vous a payer le transport pour venir nous le dire. Une chance que vous nous avez sinon le Canada ne serait simplement qu'un autre état des États-Unis. Au lieu de ce fermer les yeux et de ce boucher les oreilles ici au Québec nous voulons débattre et faire ressortir les fraudes et collusions, vous ne voyez rien autour de vous et vous restez simplement immobile et passif face à ce qui vous entour. Finalement vous êtes vraiment des Américains qui ce regarde le petit nombril oisivement. VIVE LE QUÉBEC, et merci de nous démontré que nous ne sommes pas comme vous, j'aime mieux voir bouger les chose que de vivre dans un mutisme général. For those who speak only english you can use Google translate

    • Bien Dit!

    • Philippe, fortunately for those who enjoy living in Canada your views never were or ever will be held by the majority of quebecois.

    • It's so silly that French Quebecers like to somehow come and post in French, as if nobody spoke the language, and then say "for those silly you who don't understand, use Google translate", French Quebecers love Google translate, I have seen this same comment so many times, and today at CBC some really annoying "comedians" (French speaking), were taking famous English pop songs, running them on Google translate English to French, and singing the (obviously flawed), results. So funny, hah! Silly guys!

  42. I am a French quebecer. I just hope that people realize how we get screwed by our politicians. Please notice that corruption comes mainly from quebec federalists. For many of us, this corruption represents federalism. If only there was a dialog between quebec and the ROC, we might better understand each other. Most of us are tired of liberal politicians because, make no mistake, corruption is what drives the quebec wing of the liberal party. Unfortunately, we do not identify with what we see as the political right, the alliance party or conservative party. NDP is only now making inroads into our political landscape but has been quite absent from our land in the past. The only thing left is the Bloc. No one is talking about separatism in quebec at the moment. But again, when we see that corruption, we associate it to quebec’s federalist and this is a backlash against federalism. Reading blogs like this makes me realize that ROC sees corruptions, associates it, and it is justified, to quebec but the mistake is to associate it to separatists and most quebecers.

  43. Dear McClean's Magazine,

    I love love love love LOVE the cover!!!!! For the benefit of everyone else on this little forum, I'm originally a francophone quebecer… unfortunately for me! lol! Would people just move on already! Get over this goddamn "racism" / "the English hate the French" argument… This is so not what it's about! Just own up to what you're about and what you do people! Just admit it's the way it is already… if you don't like it, then change it! Stop whining!

    • This is the vilest most repugnant comment Ihave seen in decades. You truly should seek professionnal advice; are you taking any medicine for whatever you have ?
      I'm originally a francophone quebecer… unfortunately for me! lol! Wow you are one hell of a turncoat traitoress.
      This is the ugliest comment ever recorded you know I will have to post it on facebook wich will make of you the wicked bitch /witch of the west. And a boost for independance. Thank you for ligthing the wick.

    • Self hating fool… And proud of it too!
      The worst of it is you have no clue whatsoever of how dumb you sound…

    • When you say originally a francophone. Do you mean you are already colonised or you just bent in front of your new masters. Moi J'appelle ça une jaune qui se tient pas debout. Moi je suis fièr de ma raçe et de mes ancêtres et je suis devenu indépendantiste après avoir constaté combien des nôtres étaient devenus des ( dead ducks ) comme toi . alors vivement l'indépendance . il ne nous manque presque plus de monde le prochain référendum sera celui de notre pays. vive le Québec libre…

    • Poor Virginie. Hell hath no fury like a separatist scorned by a francophone.

  44. You’ve got it right. Many French quebecers refuse to hear any criticism from anyone not their own kind, meme s’ils sont Quebecois…

    And because of the separatists there is no real debate about ANY policy in this province; the only chance for a strong third party fell flat when Mario Dumont decided to keep all his MNAs on a very short leash.

    • Thank you Kevin for boosting independance we are well versed in anglais mon ti pit…… so we will report this to FB and a surge of support ofr un Québec libre. when we leave whou will you bash then ?

      • The illusion there's any chance of the beggar of Canada separating, it's sad really. Give up the money first. Refuse equalization. Try it out. See how you like it.

  45. Wow, the Harper Conservatives have truly given up on Quebec.

    • They participated in the censuring of the Maclean's article. Fat lot of good it will do them. Quebec flirts with conservatives but always goes back to the libs as better sugar daddies than conservatives. Quebec's steady boyfriend is the Bloc that helps shake down the sugar daddies. Conservatives got nothing for their roses, chocolates and bling.

  46. Corruption or not. Maclean is just bashing.

    • By definition, if there's corruption, it's not "just bashing". It's reporting.

  47. I guess we should just close our eyes and dont make waves about corruptions, check where it got us.

  48. And nice cover, its my new wallpaper. My friends got a good laugh.

  49. It is a known fact that the Bonhomme Carnaval character is shady at best. One only need to go back to the February 1999 incident where The Bonhomme touched little girls innapropriately. In Short, The Bonhomme is nothing less than a pedophile! Oh they hushed that story too like they sweep any news that paint them in a bad light under the carpet of smelly cigarette encrusted frenchmen. BRAVO MACLEAN’S! Keep showing the world what subhuman filth these Queeebekers really are!

  50. How about going after the other liars in Canada. The ones repeating "oil sands".
    The term is meant to deceive. It is a lie.
    Lets see, who to go after?

    CBC, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, National Post, …. Canada, it's a dishonest country.

    • Very bizarre calling "oil sands" a lie. Greenie alert. However, those oil sands are paying for Quebec's equalization billions. Perhaps Quebec should send those ill gotten gains back?

    • Well John, why don't you just kiss Canada goodbye and leave this dishonest place. And what in heck are you talking about "oil sands" in quotations? Much of the Canadian economy in most provinces, Quebec included, is based on similar projects so don't believe all the green stuff you hear. And don't let the door slam your but on your way out.


    In Québec they are torture, murders, corruption is discusting. KCLMNOP political prisoner in QUEBEC cause a minister asked to incarcerate him after he listen to the RAP HIPHOP Music album TA YEUL VIE TA VIE ET RESTE EN VIE. FROM THE HIP HOP ZULUNATION 1983 RAP GROUP KCLMNOP. you even have police officers who protect known extremist. QUEBEC NEED A CLEAN UP.
    NEED MORE INTEL, I HAVE PAPERS. After 14 years of prison for my song, i dont care about the concequence of telling the truth.
    god sad they are nothing secret that should not be told. well, im a journalist since 1989, a tv host since 1990, a artist since 1983, a son, a brother, a father.

    • Check ou the trial of the police officer of MARIO LAMBERT of the SPVM place Versaille, you will understand how many people died.
      my father and my son was killed cause of corrupted SQ officers and SPVM place Versaille.
      McLean's magasine is 100% on the BALL

    • La vraie raison mon François de ton incarcération en 1996 est ton agression sexuelle armée, ton proxénétisme et ton vol! Non, non, non, le Québec n'est pas Guantanamo!

      Le 25 février 1998, le juge Morier de la Cour du Québec déclare l'appelant coupable d'agression sexuelle armée, d'incitation à la prostitution et de vol. Le 3 février 2000, les juges Proulx et Dussault de la Cour d'appel rejettent l'appel de l'appelant, le juge Fish étant dissident. Le 15 mai 2000, l'appelant dépose un avis d'appel de plein droit devant cette Cour.

      Et ton appel a été débouté en Cours Suprême!

      Et là, je passe outre ton trafic de kétamine et tes menaces contre plusieurs policiers sur Youtube.

      C'est pas sérieux ton affaire!

    • Essaye pas de te la jouer victime mon homme…
      "Prisonnier politique"? Essaye donc plutôt "P'tit pimp raté avec un complexe de persécution".
      En prison pour tes chansons? Laisse-moi rire man, tout le monde s'en bat les couilles de tes chansons.
      Reste dans ton trou, pis arrête de venir nous faire honte devant la parenté.
      Pauvre con…

  52. Okay… Québec is the most corrupt province of Canada. We'll take that low blow… it is not the first time… But which one comes in second place ? Ontario ? Alberta ? The full article says that corruption is part of our genetic heritage in Quebec. Would any journalist in Quebec write such stupidity about any other community, we would witness the most outraged protest in all media from coast to coast. Just imagine…. When turmoils happen, you know who your friends are when they come to stand at your side. I am curious to see who will come to show at least sympathy for this cheap, cheap, cheap shot… Stephen Harper – so far – has made no comment. There will surely be consequences for Maclean's. The pictures used for this piece of art show Jean Chrétien… remembering that one of this country's biggest scandal originated from Ottawa's federalists parties…I used to describe myself as a soft nationalist. I was even found of Michael Ignatiev and admired Jack Layton. Now, thnaks to my friend Andrew, I am more thinking of moving on the hardcore side…Thank Maclean's and Andrew Coyne for showing us the way to separation! VIVE LE QUÉBEC LIBRE!!!!

    • "VIVE LE QUEBEC LIBRE" … Might I suggest, that for the next discussion on separation we (quebecors), consider having our own currency, passport, military, etc. maybe then people might think we are serious about being INDPENDANT.

    • Wow Jacques, so scary that you threat to "more thinking of moving on the hardcore side", I guess that means the end of Canada, wow, Andrew Coyne should never had written this article. Any way would you reconsider your position? Please?

    • More playacting but the majority of Quebeckers won't follow you "hard core" as they don't share your emotional short circuit on the insurmountable economic issues facing an independent Quebec. C'est dommage that Canada will continue to be stuck with a French dead weight because of you hard core who refuse to give up your useless fantasy and put your shoulder to the national wheel thus benefiting all of Canada including Quebeckers.

    • Well Jaques, knowing something about genetics I dismiss the notion of genetic heritage. However, habit is another part of the equation. If one grows up seeing no retribution to those who accept deals or graft, why would it not rub off and seem o.k. And yes, Quebec journalists regularly snarl when we Albertans remind you that Alberta's equalization payment to is nearly $4,000 per head yearly. Being pleased that we have this income does not include being pleased that your journalists invariably depict us as a bunch of uncouth you-know-whats. One thing about most native-born Albertans, we are fairly happy with who we are. One thing Quebecers can do is to not allow the corruption to continue. Do not re-elect people who are involved in scandals of this nature. And please quit confusing us by using the term 'federalist'. This term makes it hard to determine just which party or level of government you are talking about. Stephen Harper has no need or right to comment – he is not the adjudicator of Macleans nor liable for their output – last years court case proved similar when somebody tried to sue one of their writers. Every province in its time has had crooked politicians and will again, but the secret is in outing them and not re-electing them. As we the 'soft' nationalist business needs to go – either you are in or out of Canada – make up your mind and vote accordingly.

  53. why do you still wanna keep Quebec in Canada after so many scandal,bashing and our language from another era?
    Are you masochist? in my perception you're the english clone without substance, period

    • Good answer to this is that we want to keep Canada in one piece. If that is not what you want, don't let the door slam your backside as you leave.

  54. Mr Coyne, sales slipping? that you had to go and mention Canada's unmentionable?

    • Maybe he thought there was enough maturity to handle this 3rd rail of Canadian politics. Clearly not.

  55. I find your comment very arrogant. It our business what's happening in quebec since your province lives with Canadian taxpayers money. (Alberta's money to be more specific)

    You miss the point it is Canada's business when quebec fails. That is because, of all Canadian provinces, Quebec is one of the only province that receives equalization payments the amount of which was over 80 billions for the last 10 years, Thanks to Canadian taxpayers money from outside Quebec. Most of that money is from Alberta not Ontario. And let me tell you that most of Albertans would like to see Quebec OUT of the confederation … see how long they're going to survive!

    So my dear Alexandre it is Canada's business. Quebec is not only the most corrupted province, it has the biggest debt of all provinces, that is 285 billions. But no worries, English Canada will finance your debt because Ontario is too afraid that your leaders will want to separate if we don't pay for your mistakes!!!!

    *** En passant je suis québécois de souche! ***

    • Thing is, Quebec, by its particular status, has more responsabilities to manage than other provinces in Canada. Equalization payments are proportional. Don't forget quebecers pay the greatest amount of taxes in Canada.

      The provincal debt of Quebec is high yes, but it's only a temporary situation until 2014. The measures taken by the provincial governemnt caused the debt to increase but it was a wise move: Quebec went thru the economic crisis way better than other provinces, keeping the employment level high and steady. Think of it as buying a big house and paying it off as fast as you can.

      • My God Ben, where do you get those ideas? Talking about big blinders, no wonder this piece has to be written.

        • Please get some info before posting such things m'kay?

          Economists' general consensus for Quebec's economy is: “Modest recession equals modest recovery.” That's because the province has managed to stay resilient throughout the recession, with expectations of moderate growth in the year ahead despite a decline in manufacturing shipments and a strained export industry.

          Real gross domestic product growth resumed in Quebec this past summer, and the consensus forecast for the province in 2010 is 2.2% growth. And as the recovery gathers steam, it should lead to much faster real GDP growth of 3.7% in 2011, says Robert Hogue, senior economist with Royal Bank of Canada in Toronto.

          “Quebec managed to do relatively better during the recession than other parts of the country,” says Hogue, “and we think this mostly has to do with the fiscal stimulus that had begun earlier than in other provinces. In the end, it provided a bit of a cushion for Quebec.”

          • You're the one that needs lessons in basic math. Quebeckers are highly taxed by your provincial governments and even so cannot afford the social programs you demand while complaining about taxes. Because of equalization and myriad federal programs of which Quebec always gets more than its share, Quebec is a net taker on the federal level, not payer. This myth that you've put more money into Confederation than you've taken out is separatist propaganda. Those of you who believe it are in for a rude awakening if you ever get your independence. You won't have more money to play with but a huge hole in your economy. Your sad remnants will be sucked into the southern anglosphere.

    • Frederic……………what stupidity you preach.

    • Donc apprend donc a parler francais mon crisse de vendu

      • Vous utilisez la 2e personne du singulier à l'impératif présent. "Apprend" prend donc un "s".

        Aussi, le "a" s'écrit "à" devant un verbe à l'infinitif.

        Avant de donner ce conseil aux autres, suivez-le vous-même, non?

    • Cher Frederic tu es un canadien français ( ceux de nous qui sont colonisés ) pas un québécois un québécois est fier humain honnête et ne sort pas des chiffres pêle mêle comme tu le fais, ne crache pas sur ses compatriotes et s'est apperçu que les crosseurs sont des fédéralistes maguoilleurs..
      Le scandale des commandites ? Et vous avec les registres d'armes 1 milliards et le G8 G20 ? un autre milliard…..
      So Frederic you don't know nothing about your roots, and what your souche is so good riddance and don't ever come back.

    • It ain't Canada business Frederic…
      we want you as neighbours, nothing else…
      Go west Frederic and enjoy your oil sands money.
      we don't care about equalization payments cause it is your fee to get a country that has something more with Québec rather than without our people. You look like americans, you dance like americans. You do movies … no, you watch and enjoy american movies and TV programs.
      Canadian are not even a people, They have no republic they are under her Majesty's domination. Even the Bahamas now got their own country… they could speak as adults nowadays which is definately not your case.
      MacLean's magazine is a piece of … shame!
      Your are everything but a québécois de souche.

      • You're a subject of Her Majesty the Queen as much as we are. You just don't like it as much. You're a province. Bigger than Manitoba, not as important as Ontario, not as rich as Alberta. Just a middling province. Subject to criticism like the rest of us. Deal with it.

      • FYI "Québécois de souche" is considered as a racist remark. It segregates "new arrivants" Quebecers. Anyway, people considered as "de souche" are generally descendents of French/British immigrants.

  56. Concerning Québec being the most corrupt province in Canada, my opinion is somewhat mitigated in the sense that there are more FANS turning in Québec than elsewhere in the other Canadian provinces.

    Jacques M. Gagné

    Grand Falls, New Brunswick

  57. I am an ex-Quebecer and I know this articles argument is correct. I don't know if Quebec is the MOST corrupt place in Canada but it is true that it is VERY CORRUPT. I remember the Sponsorship scandal and how Quebecers outrage was directed at the Federal government for buying off their politicians. No one was outraged at the Quebecers that accepted the bribes. I think Quebecers need to look at themselves in the mirror, admit the truth and finally do something about it and demand CHANGE.

    • I suggest one world to be changed out of your comment. Quebecers to read Canadians.
      You're out of Quebec and don't see a significant majority is outraged and demand changes since long.

    • So no one was outraged at Quebecers accepting the bribes? Who should be more outraged? The one receiving bribes or the ones bribing? Dixit Chuck Guité: 'We were at war' Canada broke its own rules.

    • Rien ne vous oblige à rester au Québec, ni même à y revenir, c'est la beauté de notre pays, la liberté de circulation.

  58. Actually I would like to see the borders dissolved or at least relaxed between all the 'Western' countries (the US, Canada, the EU, Australia, New Zealand). It should be a much easier for people to travel back and forth and work in these countries. THAT would be an exciting political project. I'm glad we found common ground :)

    • We should concentrate on liberating individuals instead of 'nations'.

    • "Actually I would like to see the borders dissolved or at least relaxed between all the 'Western' countries (the US, Canada, the EU, Australia, New Zealand)."

      I give you credit for this. You are not a hypocrite for your beliefs. However, I still disagree with them. Cuntries in the world are still useful because having a State to call to oneself could help manage things better and deal with the negative effects of globialization. Countries like Quebec.

      "It should be a much easier for people to travel back and forth and work in these countries. THAT would be an exciting political project. "

      We already have the passport and the visas to travel between countries. They do work very well. No need for more integration.

  59. What hostility towards anglophones? You must read the Montreal Gazette.

    « Ce n'est pas seulement un problème de langue, c'est un problème de culture. Bon nombre d'allophones et d'anglophones parlent le français, mais vivent dans la culture anglophone. Il ne suffira pas de réécrire la loi 101. C'est tout un environnement qu'il nous faut changer », nous déclare Pierre Curzi, lors d'une entrevue réalisée dans son bureau de la circonscription de Borduas sur la rive-sud de Montréal."

    "Il y a le problème des municipalités à statut bilingue et la situation que Pierre Curzi qualifie de « délicate » des soins de santé dans les deux mégahôpitaux."

    Source: http://lautjournal.info/default.aspx?page=3&N

    • "« Ce n'est pas seulement un problème de langue, c'est un problème de culture. Bon nombre d'allophones et d'anglophones parlent le français, mais vivent dans la culture anglophone. Il ne suffira pas de réécrire la loi 101. C'est tout un environnement qu'il nous faut changer », nous déclare Pierre Curzi, lors d'une entrevue réalisée dans son bureau de la circonscription de Borduas sur la rive-sud de Montréal." "

      Pierre Curzi is perfectly right. The anglophone and anglicized culture is destroying Quebec. They are the ones that continue to vote blindly for the corrupt Liberals in the federal and and provincial governments. They also voted for the corrpt Gerald Tremblay in the Montreal municipal elections. They are responsible for all the corruption in Quebec and the perpetuation of the Two Solitudes. If they don't want corruption in Quebec, they should vote PQ. If these anglophones and anglicized allophones where integrated better into the French majority and Québécois culture, Quebec would do a lot better. It would be indpendant, prosperous and corruption-free.

      ""Il y a le problème des municipalités à statut bilingue et la situation que Pierre Curzi qualifie de « délicate » des soins de santé dans les deux mégahôpitaux." "

      That is anoter problem of the two solitudes. Why should the anglophones have their own mega hospital? Only one megahospital is necessary in Montreal and all Quebecers, whether they are anglophones, francophones and allophones, should all go to the same one. And considering that French is the official language of Quebec, the anglophones should know French and therefore should have no problem going to a French-language hospital. For those who don't speak French, they have English services and other languages in the French hospital anyway.

      But NOOOOO, the anglophones must have their own megahospital. And you have the temerity to accuse the PQ and sovereignists to be closed minded?

      Pierre Curzi is perfectly right.

      • Thank you for illustrating my point. Don't worry though, the last anglophones will leave soon. You'll have to find another boogie man to blame though when Quebec doesn't turn into a paradise.

        • "anglophones will leave soon"… How many times have I heard that (ya right). That's so 60's backward thinking… Leave soon to where ? Face it, ROC is boring as hell. They'd rather endure us "corrupt" frenchies ;-)

  60. "Canada is not just a failure to Quebec. It is even a failure in all provinces. The only province that is a have province is Alberta and that is only because of its oil. Everywhere else, Canada has been a failure."

    Oh my God, PLEASE try to look beyond your bellybutton. Just because Alberta is filthy rich doesn't make the rest of the country a failure. Please. Look around the world if you want to see real poverty. We're all HAVE provinces my friend. There are very few states in the world as wealthy as Canada. By any reasonable measure our country is a big success.

    • "Oh my God, PLEASE try to look beyond your bellybutton. Just because Alberta is filthy rich doesn't make the rest of the country a failure."

      Please. Alberta is the only province of Canada that is classified as a have-province. The rest are have-not provinces. That tells me that the success of Canada depends on the Alberta oil. Not a very flattering portrait of Canada to me. What happens when the Alberta oil, which by the way are poluuting the environment, runs out? Canada would be exposed as a failure. It is time that Quebec and other provinces get out and become independant countries of their own to better manage their own affairs.

      • Hey Antonio, you must take a look beyond Quebec, BC is not doing that bad. You must instead worry why Quebec, a suppose to be perfect province in your eye, has been in the have not list for so many years now and has been receiving the highest equalization payment per capita of all the have not provinces? Instead of whining, you should ask why? I would consider it a blessing if Macleans will have a cover and piece on BC's politicians, so we can go ahead and clean up what is needed to be cleaned up.

        • Quebec does not receive the highest equalization payments per capita. That honour belongs to the Maritime provinces. Quebec receives the largest cumulative payment though because the population is much larger than our Eastern neighbours.

          • I apologize, it should have been the highest equalization payment and one in the top list in equalization payments per capita.

      • Sold, Antonio. Go. The day after Quebec actually exits instead of the empty threats, the ROC will have more billions and Quebec less. Economics is not a separatist strong point but emotion doesn't feed you for long. Unfortunately, there are enough realists in Quebec to let their quixotic pretend separatists mouth off as a way to shake down the ROC for more money without the slightest danger of actual separation from their subsidies.

  61. "Complaining? It is ROC that is complaining all the time about Quebec. Go google "Quebec Bashing" and see what they complain about. "

    For every ignorant Quebec-basher in the ROC, there's an equally ignorant Canada-basher in Quebec. There is plenty of stupidity to go around.

    • "For every ignorant Quebec-basher in the ROC, there's an equally ignorant Canada-basher in Quebec. There is plenty of stupidity to go around. "

      Wrong. There is very little in Quebec that does ROC-bashing. This is probably because most people in Quebec cares little about ROC, and so, they don't comment on it.

      ROC, on the other hand, is obsessed with Quebec and tries to bring it down every chance it gets. That is when Quebecers sit up and notice this disgusting behaviour from ROC. We Quebecers are proud and therefore we don't like being insulted. We can take constructive criticism but not outright ignorance and hatred .

      Although, I have to admit that this anal obsession that ROC have for Quebec is a little flattering.