Russell Williams's neighbours -

Russell Williams’s neighbours

They fished and played cards together. In time, they would become his first victims.

Where it all began


As Russell Williams was settling in for the first night at his new home—a tiny, solitary cell in the depths of Kingston Penitentiary—his old home on Cosy Cove Lane was dark and empty, as it has been for months. Next door, a family still searching for answers finished their Thursday dinner. “We played cards at this table with him,” says Ron, sitting beside his wife, Monique. “We drank beer at this table with him. And if somebody asked me today: ‘Did I ever see anything?’ The answer would be ‘No, absolutely nothing.’ ”

Like so many others who once considered the ex-colonel a close friend, Ron and Monique still can’t fathom the two faces of their former neighbour: the Russ who was always welcome in their Tweed, Ont., kitchen—and who enjoyed a special bond with their two children—and the Russ who kicked off his vile crime spree inside this very same house. “When we look back, we feel so stupid,” Ron says, shaking his head. “You shouldn’t, but you do. You can’t help it.”

The former commander of Canada’s largest air force base pleaded guilty last week to 88 charges (dozens of break-ins targeting women’s lingerie, two home-invasion sexual assaults, and two first-degree murders), but his chilling transformation from respected officer to serial predator began right here, just a few steps from his infamous lakefront cottage. It was Sept. 9, 2007, and while the family next door was visiting a dying relative eight hours away, Williams strolled through their open front door and headed straight for the bedroom of Ron and Monique’s 12-year-old daughter.

Williams knew the girl well. She had taught him to play cribbage, poking fun at his early mistakes. She baked cupcakes for him and his wife, Mary-Elizabeth Harriman, and delivered them to their door. In Grade 7, she even chose Williams as the topic for a school project. “I had to ask him 15 questions, and one of them was: ‘If you could do anything else with your life, what would it be?’ ” recalls the girl, now a teenager, sitting at the table with her parents. “He said, ‘I don’t think I would want to do anything else.’ ”

“He lied,” her father says.

Williams spent nearly three hours inside the girl’s room, modelling multiple pairs of her underwear and photographing himself in the mirror. He also pocketed six items, the first pieces of what would become a massive collection of stolen bras, panties, bathing suits and other female clothing. Williams would return to her bedroom on two other occasions while the family was away; neither she nor her parents had any idea that someone had rifled through her dresser.

“He knew we were gone, and he took advantage of that,” Monique says. (To protect the identity of Williams’s underage victim, Maclean’s is not publishing her name or her parents’ surname). “We feel like we lost a friend, but I can’t forgive him,” Monique adds. “That was my baby he targeted.”

The scope of Williams’s depraved double life is now public knowledge, revealed in gruesome detail at his recent sentencing hearing. Among the many tragic details, Ron and Monique now know that his second murder victim, Jessica Lloyd, was alive in the cottage beside theirs for 15 hours, then strangled and left in the garage for another four days. “It broke my heart,” Ron says.

But despite finally knowing the full truth, Williams’s neighbours are still struggling, like so many others, to answer the one question that remains a mystery: why? What triggered their friend, on that September night three years ago, to sneak into their home and begin a downward spiral that would end, two homicides later, in a police interrogation room?

Looking back, the neighbours can’t help but remember some of the stress Williams was under in 2007, right before the break-ins started. Curio, his beloved cat of 18 years, was sick and had to be euthanized. Williams and Harriman were so upset that they asked the vet to administer the needle inside their Ottawa home so she could die in a familiar setting. “He had tears in his eyes telling us about the death of that cat,” Ron recalls.
Williams was also suffering from a sudden bout of chronic arthritis. He was popping prescription pills, but the constant pain was so fierce at times that he worried he might have to retire from the military. “We would play cards here, and he could not sit for more than half an hour,” Ron says. “He would get up and stand behind the chair, holding the chair.” (Williams did the same thing during his videotaped confession to police, leaning against a wall for long periods of time.)

But as they have done since the day Williams was arrested, the family next door is not jumping to conclusions. They aren’t the type to gossip, and although they’ve often wondered about Curio’s death and the pain medication, they have no idea what actually turned their friend into a sadistic killer. “We went through a really tough time with this for the simple reason that we don’t know the guy they’re talking about [in court],” Ron says. “That’s not the guy we knew.”

The guy they knew was funny and modest and in love with his wife. He was the guy who fished in their ice hut and talked music with their son and never bragged about his high-profile job, even though it included ferrying prime ministers and the Queen. In fact, Williams didn’t even tell his neighbours he was working as Her Majesty’s official pilot during her 2005 visit until after she left.

The guy they knew wore a Gilligan-style hat while meticulously weeding his beach. The guy they knew would belt out a loud “Oh baby!” as he laid down a winning cribbage hand—and then joke about how he wanted to glue the pegs in place and hang the winning board over his mantel. The guy they knew appeared genuinely horrified when he heard that two women in the neighbourhood had been sexually assaulted in their homes. “He said: ‘Mary-Elizabeth is very afraid and very upset about this,’ ” Monique recalls.

At the time, of course, she had no clue she was speaking to the culprit—or that his sick crimes would soon escalate to murder.

Even now, after Williams’s guilty plea, the depth of his deception is difficult to comprehend. This was the same man who took the neighbours’ kids tubing on the back of his boat. The same man who gave both children back-to-school gift cards from Old Navy. The same man who sat in his cottage, happily answering the girl’s questions for her Grade 7 project. When Curio got sick that summer, the kids gave Russ and Mary-Liz a wooden wall decoration that depicted a cat holding onto a bar. “Hang in there,” it said.

And then, just a few weeks later, Williams snuck into their house, knowing full well that they were visiting Monique’s gravely ill mother in Sudbury. His second break-in, on Sept. 28, was even more egregious: Monique’s mom had died, and her funeral was the very same day. When the family returned to Tweed—after Williams had stolen more underwear and posed for more pics—he dropped by to express his condolences. “Life went on,” Monique says. “He knew but we didn’t know, and he didn’t act any differently.”
At the time, Williams was posted to a desk job at National Defence headquarters in Ottawa, where he and his wife owned a home in the suburb of Orléans. But they spent as much time as they could at the cottage, a two-hour drive from the capital. During one visit in early 2008, they brought along their new black and white kitten, Rosebud, and introduced her to the girl next door.

On May 23, Williams broke into her bedroom for a third time.
Through it all, his demeanour never changed. In the winters, Williams kept his walkie-talkie on the same channel as his neighbours, radioing the hut to see if the fish were biting. He gave the girl a key to his cottage, and paid her $20 a day to cat-sit “Rosie” when he was away. And in early 2009, he approached Monique in her yard to ask her a question—en francais. “I’m learning to speak French,” he said. “Can we have a conversation?”

Monique, who is fluent in both official languages, was stunned. Williams explained that he was enrolled in an intensive, six-month French course (the final step before assuming the top job at CFB Trenton) and asked if he could practise whenever they were together. “Every time he came up to visit, he knew more and more,” she says. “I was amazed.”

Williams was sworn in as 8 Wing Commander on July 15, 2009, and moved full-time to the Tweed cottage, a 45-minute commute from the base. He and his wife connected on weekends, either on Cosy Cove or in Ottawa, where the couple was in the process of building a swank new townhouse in the trendy district of Westboro. That September, two women within walking distance of Williams’s cottage—including Laurie Massicotte, who lived just three doors down—were attacked by an intruder, stripped naked with a knife and repeatedly photographed. The home invasions were the talk of the street, and like everyone else, Williams seemed spooked.

Two months later, Marie-France Comeau, a corporal stationed at Williams’s base, was raped and killed in her Brighton, Ont., bedroom, an hour’s drive from Tweed. Two months after that, Jessica Lloyd vanished from her home in Belleville. As Williams later learned, a set of snowy tire tracks left on Lloyd’s property led police to his door.

“I came home from work and I see this yellow police tape,” Monique recalls. “My first thought was: Mary-Elizabeth is dead inside the house, because of what happened to Laurie.” In some ways, the truth was harder to stomach: her friend and neighbour had confessed to both murders and both assaults.
Weeks later, after an exhaustive search of Williams’s computer, detectives broke the news to Ron and Monique: Williams had been in their house three times and stolen numerous pieces of lingerie. But because the officers could not disclose details, Monique assumed the underwear was hers. It wasn’t until Oct. 7, when Williams’s lawyer announced that his client would plead guilty to all charges, that she and Ron learned the nauseating truth. “You just feel total rage,” he says. “It is one of the worst things that you can possibly hear as a mother or a father.”

Ron did not attend the sentencing hearing, fearful he would reach into the prisoner’s box. Monique did go, but stayed only long enough to see a few of the lurid photos taken inside her home. She left the courtroom in tears. “We never felt the need to lock our doors,” she says. “We do now.”
“We could not see, in any way, this man turning from the person we knew to the monster he became,” Ron adds. “He never showed that side to us, or anyone else. There is a special place in hell for people who commit such despicable and heinous crimes.”

Yet as much as they despise Williams for betraying their trust, Ron and Monique feel terrible for his wife. Harriman was also a dear friend, and despite the terror her husband unleashed, they want her to know she is still welcome in their house. “We respect Mary-Elizabeth’s privacy, and we want nothing but the best for her,” Ron says. “We are victims, but so is she. She has to live with this.”

A senior executive at the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Harriman has not spoken publicly since her husband’s arrest, and her continuing silence has raised some eyebrows. In the meantime, most Canadians only know two things about her: that she was paid $3,000, courtesy of taxpayers, after complaining that police scratched her floors while executing their search warrant. And that one of her husband’s sexual assault victims is suing her, claiming she “fraudulently” acquired Williams’s share in the Westboro townhouse six weeks after his arrest in a “secret” deal to shield his assets from potential lawsuits.

Harriman denies the allegation, insisting she paid “valuable consideration” for his stake and that “the purpose of the contract was for her financial security.” In a sworn affidavit, she also says she was “devastated” by the charges, and that she, too, is “a victim.”

Ron couldn’t agree more. “Her whole life has been ripped out from under her,” he says. “She is probably trying to understand like everybody else is trying to understand, and probably blaming herself in some way.”
Monique, who shared many laughs and many glasses of white wine with her old neighbour, says she understands why Harriman has shielded herself from the spotlight, especially with a lawsuit pending. She also understands (if the reports are accurate) why Mary-Liz might continue to visit her husband in prison. “When you love somebody like they loved each other—and I believe they did—you just can’t cut that out,” she says. “You can’t just pretend it doesn’t exist.”

Williams’s neighbours wish this entire nightmare didn’t exist. They wish they never had to tell their daughter that a man she trusted was not that man at all. They wish they noticed something—anything—that would have outed Williams before he had the chance to kill. But they also understand how fortunate they are. Their daughter is still alive. “I am just so thankful,” Ron says, “that it isn’t something else we’re sitting here discussing.”

Ironically enough, Ron and Monique renovated their daughter’s bedroom after the break-ins—long before they were told what Williams did. In a strange way, it gives them some comfort to know that the room captured in his photographs is no longer there.

They only hope that one day, they can say the same thing about the cottage next door.


Russell Williams’s neighbours

  1. I don't belive that Williams's wife didn't notice anything… She did, but afraid to answer some ? in her own mind…
    Her claim $3000 rised the brow. She world is shattered, she lost her man, her love, her trust… and she claim $3000 for hardwood floor scrathes???? Shame on her!

    • Nonsense. She knew nothing and is a victim herself. It really is that simple.

    • She made the claim when they were gathering evidence. She may have believed he was innocent at the time. If she didn't know about his crimes, that would be the most likely reaction, and therefore it makes perfect sense she would claim damages when she believed he was innocent. Remember, this is before the evidence was made public.

    • i'm sure that you would be right there to make a claim in similar circumstances. the police damaged the floor in amount of $3000.00. are you suggesting thatthe police have a right to enter the home and cause damage w/out compensation?
      no one was even charged much less found guilty at the time of the search.

  2. Geez, can you not give this a rest for a while? It would be nice to give the families a little time here without seeing this everywhere in the media.

    What – no conscience?

    • A family is the subject of the interview, right? Don't read it if it turns your stomach, but it's a hot story and people want to know.

      After all, you read it, didn't you?

  3. That man did not suddenly become a depraved pervert murderer.I hope the police are investigating unsolved sex crimes anywhere that sick pervert was posted.So much for being promoted in the canadian forces,what a joke .No tests to weed out the nutcases?His wife had to know he was a pervert!

    • she did know!!!

    • I too find it very hard to believe that he totally fooled his wife —- there must be something when she thinks back — that was not quite right —- no matter how much she loved him —- i also find it hard to stomach that she would actually visit that monster when he was incarcerated in Napanee —- and quite likely will be visiting him at the Kingston prison —- especially having heard the lurid details at how he executed those 2 poor women — i just wish the Cpl would have really been able to kick him hard — at least get a few licks in —– very upsetting and horrible

  4. Overall, I do not judge these trusting people. However I was not such a trusting parent: I personally would find it odd that a grown professional man would want to spend any amount of time with a child.

    Years ago, my daughter's best friend's parents got a divorce. The husband called my daughter, and then one day stopped and asked her to go for lunch with him when he saw her walking to school.

    My daughter, about age 14 at the time, felt extremely uncomfortable and told us. He called our house, and instead of speaking to us — saying hi, identifying himself — (we all knew each other for ages), he simply asked for her.

    • I don't think they meant he spent time alonw with the child. I think they meant he would be voer to visit and their daughter would be at the table with them.

  5. Continued: My husband told him that while we may be misunderstanding the attention he was showing to our girl, that he was to never contact her again — he argued a little and acted hurt and innocent; he was told he had made our entire family uncomfortable and was not to contact us again.

    In the long run, if we were wrong (and our daughter's instinct too), then we may have hurt him — but our job as parents was to protect our daughter and look our for her welfare. Not for a moment do I think we made the wrong decision. In my heart, I think he was a creep — not necessarily murderous, but a creep nonetheless.

    Look after your children; a grown man wanting to play with them is not normal.

    • You got that RIGHT Patchouli! If your child felt uncomfortable with it, that's all you needed to hear. Smart kid by the way, to listen to her instincts. Some kids tend to look up to adults with trust and also subordination. Good parenting.

  6. We'll never know about his wife. What made me wonder while watching the video of his confession was that, just before he actually confessed, he said "I want to reduce the impact on my wife," or something to that effect. He could have been genuinely concerned (out of love) about how the police search of their house and the media attention would effect her, or there could have been something more sinister: she knew something, and he was trying to bargain a deal with the police to leave her out of it before making his confession. We (and the courtroom, as far as I know) only saw an edited version of the confession tape.

    Williams's neighbours were fooled by him, and they could have just as easily been fooled by his wife.

    • so you think that she knew all along as he descended into madness. more reasonable to believe that she was fooled by him as much as everyone else.

  7. I've always believed his wife was a victim too, but… hmmm, the floor issue raised eyebrows for me, she could have used some of the $12,000 a month pay her husband was receiving to pay for the damages if she really was thinking! Just my opinion.

    • Yes the floor wouldn't be the first thing I would want fixed. And what feakin right does she have to demand that to be fixed. Does anybody else get a cleaning crew after their house gets busted and evidence found by police, I think not!

      • actually you are wrong. police usually do pay up for damages. if not, a small claims law suit against the police, the city, and the attorney general will usually get judgement in favor of the plaintiff.
        "what freakin right…" the same right you would be exercising in a flash if police damaged your house on a lawful search/unlawful search.

    • she could not keep the $12,000 he was getting , because that money was frozen in the bank account until either proven guilty … in the end , the money was taken back from the military … she is a victim ….

  8. “When you love somebody like they loved each other—and I believe they did—you just can't cut that out,” she says. “You can't just pretend it doesn't exist.”

    Are these people crazy? I can find no justification for why a woman would continue to 1) visit with a murdering and raping husband, and 2) not put in immediate divorce proceedings with a murdering and raping husband. Something is still not right with the whole Harriman defence.

    • "Yet as much as they despise Williams for betraying their trust, Ron and Monique feel terrible for his wife. Harriman was also a dear friend, and despite the terror her husband unleashed, they want her to know she is still welcome in their house."

      I tend to agree with you Rae. It's one thing to say that they understand why she would want to keep visiting him in jail. It's another thing entirely to welcome the person who obviously isn't taking a stand against her husband's actions back into your house, with your pubescent daughter who was his first victim. For heaven's sake – have we all forgotten how Karla Homolka was first viewed as a victimized wife? I'm not saying that that's the case here, but for goodness sake what do we have to experience before we stop giving women passes based on their gender, rather than their behaviour?

      Both of these Mary-Liz articles read too much like MLH has an "image firm" seeding articles on her behalf. And it looks like it's about as effective as George Smitherman's was.

      • I will NEVER again give one cent to the Heart and Stroke Foundation since they see fit to pay Mrs. Harriman a "six figure income." And then she swiftly made a switch with the monster to protect the 'marital home' from civil litigation after the husband was arrested. To ask the government for $3,000 to repair scratches in her hardwood floors shows Mrs. Harriman to be very suspect. I suspect that they had a non-existant or kinky sex life and thus she didn't notice his perverted sexual instincts.

        • i suspect you also have a kinky sex life, or perhaps in your case, no sex life.
          i have about as much evidence of that as you do about her sex life which in both cases is zero.
          o well that doesn't people like you smearing her anyway.

  9. A few things strike me as odd about Mary-Elizabeth Harriman.

    First of all, the transfer and the timing of the house title into only her name.
    Her ability to claim $3,000 of tax-payers money… by a woman making a healthy income, two properties and no dependents. And to even think about damages to a house at a time like that.

    • It is a strange thing to be worried about at that time.

    • that was my 1st guess – the floor issue in this horrible horrible time for her…

  10. isn't it easy for us to sit here and judge MEH? One would have had to walk even a short distance in her shoes to truly understand … and are we in to do that?
    Interesting how our minds grow with speculations when, in fact, empathy & compassion might be the moe appropriate sentiments.

    • I think she has and continues to receive a lot of compassion from Canadians, and that she has chosen to be really too silent. I don't think she's a criminal, but I find her behaviour odd. I can't imagine discovering my husband is such a sicko, that other innocent women died at his hands…and I wouldn't automatically think of protecting my finances and floors at such a time either.

      So judge us harshly if you will, but she could step up and stop making this all about her: women were raped; women were tortured and murdered in the most cold blooded way. Her murderous husband lacked empathy; I think what people are saying here is that she seems to lack empathy too, as evidence by her silence and self-protection. Why she would visit him in jail; why she would want conjugal relations with a crazy pervert killer is beyond my own ability to empathize. Shudder.

      Walk a mile in her shoes? No thanks. Her shoes aren't my style.

      • While I don't know that there were (quote) "conjugal visits" (this has NEVER been confirmed) your post is very well said……..Her behavious is *ahem* peculiar & self-serving. A moral conscience always prevails–I believe her own self-interest has taken the place of "doing what's best for all involved." Slapping the tax-payer(s) with a $3000 bill for her flooring was little more than a slap int he face. If you can afford $3000 floors–you can afford to "fix" some surface scratches on said $3000 floors. The "talk" would not be worth it to me. The way it LOOKS would not be worth suing the OPP (who did INCREDIBLE work btw).

  11. isn't it easy for us to sit here and judge MEH? One would have had to walk even a short distance in her shoes to truly understand … and are we in a position to do that?
    Interesting, how our minds grow with speculations when, in fact, empathy & compassion might be the more appropriate sentiments.

    • An expression of empathy & compassion for the victims of her husband's odious crimes might have been more appropriate sentiments by Mary Elizabeth too. It seemed her primary concern was her future financial security and her scuffed up floors. I don't think it can be called judging her, but I find it insulting at the very least. Tearing apart his wife's "dream home" was Russell Williams first matter of importance after he confessed as well. Misplaced priorities if you ask me.

    • Hmmm… "empathy & compassion"….?
      It was way too long criminal Russell Williams (DRW) enjoyed "empathy & compassion" in his life. Now, a pledge for "empathy & compassion" for MEH? What about empathy & compassion from her? Please give me a break….

  12. Macleans – get that smiling face off my computer screen (of him) and put up a picture of one or all of the victims instead – they are far more deserving!

    • Get real. It is up to the families whether they want their loved ones' images to be plastered all over the news. In many cases, they don't.

      In fact, since the story is primarily about Williams, the last thing they would want is an image of their loved ones linked to the madman. You want to remember how they lived, not how they died.

      • Fine, get his smiley face off the computer and put up one of his mug shot, or him in an orange jumpsuit or something to truly reflect how he will be remembered.

  13. What possible shred of decency does a six-figure income earner have when she nickeled and dimed the system for damages? If I were her, I would show public remorse for my sociopathic murderous husband and VOLUNTARILY give up rights to any claim I would have on HALF of the matrimonial properly – for victims/their families. People can make a bare living on minimum wage – I really cannot fathom her worry over "potential loss of income in the future" because hubby is behind bars. Go cry me a river MEH.

    • Ms Harriman is only concerned about herself and her "perfect image". You cannot tell me that she didn't at one point accidentally stumble across the many boxes and bags of "underwear" left in plain sight in the spare room and basement. She kept a very clean and organized home. She probably didn't know about the escalation to attacks and then murder, but she chose not to say anything because it would have drawn attention to her and her husband. This woman only thinks about herself. All her neighbors said she was such a sweet person (they all thought the same about her husband) but one never knows a person when their only goal is to protect themselves. She now has to live with that, and I hope she suffers while doing so. This woman also read the papers and knew there were break-ins in Tweed and Ottawa where she lived, so I'm sure she put two and two together.

      • Also, I wonder if she would agree to polygraph regarding seeing the underwear in bags and boxes and how much she actually knew or suspected……I doubt she would. Her only statement was that she was shocked at the charges, and she too is a victim. She sees herself as a victim because her perfect world has fallen apart, and of course she's shocked that her husband attacked and killed women, but she is not telling everything that's why she is hiding from the public….she knows what questions will be asked.

  14. As someone who knows these people I do think the press got it wrong again.As much as they were blindsided at the conclusion of the case by info that they could NEVER have in their wildest dreams suspected.They were also crushed by the fact that a by all accounts, a wonderful person who everyone loved was murdered next door. As they went about their life,They feel devastated by all of this news not to mention knowing most of the victoms in the area.You may have noticed that while some people were so busy remembering things and reflecting on things that turned out after investigation to be without any merit at all acording to the case investigators.

  15. This couple refused to speak to anyone until the" facts" came out as, the facts speak much louder than the speculations.The only reason that this couple gave this interview was to keep their word to the one reporter who from the very beginning when everyone was running in circles printing anything that anyone could dream up to get there 15 minutes, he allowed them to wait for the facts to come out. Knowing this couple as I do, by this time, they must likely just wish it was over however they gave their word and are the type to keep it. As you notice they only give their first names and no pictures because the story is NOT ABOUT THEM it is about the victims ALL the victims. Their comfort at this time is these horrible crimes could have been worse much much worse.Hug your loved ones every chance you get!
    A concerned friend

  16. From the video confession, it is clear he confessed because of his concern for his wife and the possibility of messing up their dream home, and had at that point no concerns for his victims. That is just so bizarre. Also bear in mind he is not a killer, he killed out of fear his victims might identify him, not because he enjoyed killing people. He is a sexual deviant and judging from what the ages he targeted, also a pedophile and he is a terrorist because he managed to terrorize the city and perhaps the entire country. I wonder about his prescription intake which I think may have had some impact on his behaviour, but this was never addressed, but it is known he was heavy on the medication, and this may have messed up his brain and inhibitions. Not to excuse him, what he did is truly monstrous, but we need to find out why a man who had it all would do this.
    I like many feel very very sorry for all those hurt by him, and whose lives will never be the same. But the young woman seemed to rise from the great beyond and provided the clues needed to find him.

    • "bear in mind he is not a killer"?Are you aware he continued to take pictures after he had ended their lives? Give me a break.He is a cold-blooded killer,first class.

    • About the prescriptions, I don't know what he was on specifically, but I have been on arthritis meds for years and years and years. I have never noticed effects anything like "Sociopathy, desiring to document criminal behaviour, etc." What a ridiculous assumption, narcissisim (love of own houses and cats over people, that he couldn't "own") and sociopathic tendencies (taking pictures of the poor women's bodies) cannot be boiled down to arthritis pain killers. Please stop spreading lies and ridiculous assumptions about his guilt and his meds. People's personalities are formed much earlier in life then adulthood and addictive drugs make you want more addictive drugs, not pictures of underwear.

    • Leona, the things you are saying in this post–are just not true. First and foremost, you (nor anyone else for that matter) can say with 100% conviction that he only killed out of "fear." He even went so far as to admit, that had he NOT been caught, he can't say he wouldn't have done it again. That has NEVER been said nor printed. Secondly, he was not a pedophile. Yes, he did pose in a young girls underwear and as bizarre and twisted and heinous as that seems–it does NOT make him a pedophile…..Who knows, given more time, perhaps what you've posted might have been the case–but pedophilia is not posing in photo's with children's underwear on. Last, but CERTAINLY not least–is his "medicinal" intake. I live in Quinte West–1km behind the Military base in question and NEVER once have I heard that he was on HEAVY medication. NOT ONCE.

      • There is NO way he would have been operating the largest military air base in Canada had he been that heavly medicated. He may have terrorized our community–but we are strong and we heavily support our military. Please, be careful of what you put out there—the medication thing is just not true. Russell Williams was FAR from medicinally intoxicated–never doubt how well this investigation was handled; if he were on medications that inhibited his ability to function properly–that most CERTAINLY would have come out LOUD and clear.

    • He confessed because he was caught and he knew it! Simple as that, he would have continued had the connection not been made. I believe he has done many more dastardly deeds that will come out in the future.

    • I can't agree with your assertion about him not being a killer – it is an odd semantic argument to suggest otherwise, but the cold hard facts show him to have become a cold hard killer.
      As for your questions about the medications, you are absolutely correct. Through military contacts, I have recently been told by several different sources that he was started on prednisone in the summer of 2007 and he started his crimes
      in September 2007. Do your own research , and you will learn about the potential side effects this powerful drug can have on the mind. He was undoubtedly harboring some sick thoughts and tendencies before and must have had some serious personality disorders to begin with , but it only makes sense that this drug acted in some way as an activator, or disinhibitor. Regardless of this fact, he is guilty as charged and sentenced as such. It is not an excuse, but does provide
      some explanation to the huge question of " WHY???". The military was fully aware of his meds, but don't want it published.

      • This is very interesting information, and potentially connects a number of dots. First of all, I would strongly suspect that he was a victim of some sort of child abuse (as other posts have mentioned, this is true for most rapists). I would imagine that he has been struggling with these unacceptable feelings for years, with absolutely nowhere to go for help – thanks to our completely feminist-centric mental health and social services. I think we shouldn't miss that this was the same timeframe that his estranged mother attempted a "reconciliation" (perhaps to associate herself with his new-found power and status?).

        Secondly, the CDC is conducting an ongoing study on how ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) impacts disease. The results are strongly positive for multiple ACE in childhood and later rheumatological disease – which is frequently treated with prednisone. As you quite rightly point out, prednisone can produce some very serious side-effects – including mania.

    • …are you kidding me? RE: ' he confessed because of his concern for his wife and the possibility of messing up their dream home?' This man was nothing more than a deceitful, willful, liar and sociopath. What struck me as peculiar during his confession was how he made reference to 'his wife's home', not 'their' home. This makes one suspect as to whether or not there were marital problems and if perhaps they hadn't separated but kept things quiet due to his rank. I am not insinuating the wife knew anything. It is possible that he was also able to fool her. Further, why could he have been so confident that the wife may not have shown up at the cottage at some point when a body was there and he wasn't? Did she not have keys to the cottage? This is something else which I find perplexing. The man was a sociopath, there was no concern for his wife. She was merely a cover….had he any concern for her, he would not have engaged in such behaviour. Also, I find it reprehensible that you and others of late, are almost looking for excuses for his behaviour based on some meds he was taking…yes while it may be perplexing that such a man would commit such monstrous acts, why do we 'need' to find out why he did this? I am sure as time goes on, it will be demonstrated that his sociopathic tendencies pre-date his marriage. He committed criminal acts because he could, as he is a sociopath…he also said he did not know if he could not stop himself from committing further crimes. Isn't the fact he is pure evil enough? Unfortunately, sometime, there are no answers. But please, don't be fooled by thinking he confessed out of so called 'concern' for his wife…this is absolutely ludicrous! I am a neighbour to one of the victims who lost her life. May the women who lost their lives rest in peace and may the other victims eventually find peace. My heart goes out to the victims and their families.

  17. From the video confession

  18. I don't suspect Harriman of anything as I don't have access to any information of what she knew of RW's activities. I'm sure the detectives on the case thoroughly investigated her as well as Williams. Seeking compensation might have been retributive action for having her dream home damaged and being subjected to an interrogation by them. Still, I think her asking for that $3000 is an affront to the victims of his sadistic crimes. To me it seems cold but perhaps my conscience speaks differently to me than hers does to her.

    • Your conscience speaks precisely the same as everyone elses with regards to her having not an ounce of compassion for his victims is concerned. ANYONE in her shoes (with a 6 figure income) would have just let this issue of the flooring fade into the darkness–given a moments thought to how it would look to both the victims/families of victims & the Canadian public in general. I don't believe for a moment that she knew or had any incling as to what was taking place right under her nose–but asking to be compensated $3000 for scratches on her flooring–was a slap in the face. Perhaps she could have sued his "estate" for the $3000 as the scratches were the result of searching for evidence that was hidden in her home….Just my opinion. The empathy ship has sailed. Furthermore, when do you think the divorce proceedings will begin…? Or will they? She needs to get her head out of her a**.

      • She did not commit any crimes and has no responsibility to anyone for those crimes. People coming into her house to investigate the case may have not been too kind to her, particularly in light of what they were finding there. However, they should have been respectful of her home and not done damage to it. She had a right to demand it be fixed and obviously the authorities agreed because they fixed it. Meantime, she must be in shock. It takes time to absorb this kind of information, as we all know. I don't know how I'd cope if it were actually my husband I was hearing this about. I think right now, she should be given some privacy to deal with this very difficult situation. If she needs to visit her husband as part of that, that's surely her right and her own business.


        • If we don't assume some sort of level of denial (narcissism is my guess) here (she is too accomplished for shear ignorance) then she looks awfully guilty.

          Hey, I would be in shock if my husband had a non-criminal affair, never mind this. Doesn't mean I would blithely continue on with him, for example: if he got thrown in jail on some other charge, unrelated to the affair – I would only visit him to tell him what I think of his behaviour regarding the affair, and make it clear that is grounds for separation, at the very least.

          As for privacy – good luck. First, if you sue for damages, a court case is public, no judge offered her a publication ban, so it is public record. Secondly, if you visit a federal inmate in isolation on violent behaviour charges and suicide watch – your visit will be video taped. The 'right' to privacy doesn't extend to court or jail – so we can all find about these actions. If she had a really good reason to sue (must sell the house and all her money is gone, for example), then she should set the record straight, but commenting that you're a victim then running off to see your victimizer only encourages the press and public speculation.

          • Everything I have read about Mary Elizabeth says she was respected and very well-liked by her fellow workers and neighbours. In fact she was highly esteemed and even loved by some. To me, this contradicts what you say about the narcisstic bit….she was also described as being modest and not wanting to be high profile. ….qualities not compatible with narcissism !

          • Narcissistic is thinking of yourself and your floors when your husband is charged with murder and rape. Narcissistic is continuing on with a relationship with a man who has done so much harm to others. It's all about herself, isn't it?

          • I've been trying to understand why she would continue to visit him. To look at the photo of RW and MH on the couch, I have to say she looks more like a mother than a wife…which makes me think that's exactly what she is to him…a mother figure. I hope she isn't going to the prison to mollify him, pat the back of his hand and say there, there, Russ, you've made some mistakes, I'm sure you're sorry. If she is, she's got no conscience either which is characteristic of a narcissist. She's not a particularly attractive looking woman either, and RW said he chose certain women because they were "cute". Good lord, the man is 46. Cute? I think he and his wife had a platonic relationship, but that's just MHO, nothing more.

            The monster deserves the same compassion he showed to his victims which is none.

  19. Russell Williams: New Poster Boy for Capital Punishment
    Words can't express what Williams' victims had to go through. As a husband and father, I am grief-stricken by what this animal did. I've always felt that some crimes should be considered, and legislated, as unpardonable. We cut out cancerous tumors when they attack the body don't we? Williams is a tumor, he should be permanently removed so that we can heal.

  20. Williams demonstrated an enormous ability to compartmentalize the deviant part of his life. It's likely that he expended the same effort to hide that part of his life from his wife too. I doubt the boxes of lingerie were in pain sight, and if Harriman was leading a full life, she was probably too busy to go hunting through boxes of her husband's stuff.

    Regarding her silence to the media: it's completely understandable. If she gave one interview she would open the floodgates and be hounded 24/7. Whatever she knew or knows, she wants to hang on to whatever bits of privacy and normalcy she has.

    The tranfer of the house to her name, and perhaps the flooring incident, were probably done on the advice of her lawyer – and she would have been a fool not to have a lawyer.

    But like 95% of the posters here, I'm just a guy reading articles on the internet without first-hand knowledge. So let's not be too hasty in our judgements one way or the other.

    • With due respect, let me get this straight….you've speculated on what Harriman might or might not have known or done, but would rather no one else here should do the same?

    • OK, perhaps her house repairs were on the advice of your lawyer, but conjugal visits?

  21. I'm writing from the U.S., and I'm absolutely flabbergasted by what I've read about this case, beyond the murders themselves. For example:

    1. Russell Williams' wife demanded $3000. for damage to the floor of their Ottawa house which occured during the removal of evidence involved in 2 1st degree murders. Why did the police AGREE to this demand? Is there a precedent for this? Is there something in Canadian law that makes police liable for damages incurred during the gathering of evidence in a criminal case?

    2. Mary Elizabeth Harriman was a co-owner and co-occupant of a house in which evidence from 2 1st degree murders and 2 sexual assaults was found. Was she ever questioned by the police? If not, why not?

    3. After Williams' 1st sexual assault did the Tweed and/or Belleville police ever warn residents of that part of rural Ontario that a sexual predator was operating in the area and advise them to take precautionary measures such as locking doors, getting alarm systems, guard dogs, etc. Were flyers ever posted? Notices in local papers? Signs in shopping centers? Did they do anything like this after the 2nd sexual assault? After the murder of Marie-France Comeau?

    I think the police have some explaining to do.

    • Response to point 3;

      You don't want to look to closely at the sad state of Canadian Law, especially in the Liberal hinterland of Ontario – they accuse the law-and-order-desiring west of 'fearmongering', but who knows if the two women wouldn't be alive today had the police acted on the interests of the public rather than fearing they might create/spread alarm (Pickton murdered dozens of women in BC because the police feared raising alarm among s*x trade workers – whatever that's supposed to do for women, I have no idea? Feel fine and safe till the day you're raped and/or murdered?)

      Mind boggling – where is the inquiry into the police handling of each case (except Jessica Lloyd's – they finally got it right with her – just four women too late)? If they had taken the s*xu*l assaults as seriously as the murders, I bet they would have caught him, or at least have gotten some key evidence that they could have corroborated with Marie France Comeau's crime scene, and maybe saved Jessica Lloyd. Instead, they only really got to work by the fourth attack. Says something about Canadian Law when s*xu*l assaults are approached with 'oh well, it happens…' and rapists get less than two years locked away – half of their sentences get served at half-way houses which they escape from regularly, in Vancouver, anyways.

      So sad, and yet we are left wondering why the police didn't start warning the public, plastering footprints, pulling over drivers after the first s*xu*l assault (he warned the first woman he would kill her and her child if she resisted, so they could get him on extortion if rape wasn't enough) – before it got to murder.

      • The police decided on their own not to publicize the previous attacks because they "feared causing alarm"? Were the police not motivated because the victims were single women? Why doesn't the public demand to know why they adopted this policy and who signed off on it? Shouldn't the mayors of Tweed and Belleville be asked if they knew about this and condoned it? And the media, why aren't they asking any questions? All those reporters live blogging during the hearing … surely they would have noticed that some very strange events occurred that left a lot of unanswered questions … a "failure to connect the dots". I find it very strange that this man broke into so many homes, was in them for quite a while, and was never caught. Did he have an accomplice waiting outside ready to call him on a cell phone if anyone showed up? If I were a professional burglar I would want to know what his secret is. I also find it strange that he took as many as 40 pieces of underwear from some of the occupants — who never noticed anything missing. Canadians must own a lot of underwear!

      • Without politicizing anything, this is purely a case of 'where are the cops when you need them?'

        Russ Williams fooled everybody including the police – on more than one occasion. All the King's Tories and all the Queens Libs couldn't do much for this Humpity.

        If you're scared, the swat squad isn't going to help. They might just decide you're not worth the risk of their life.

    • Response to 1:

      1. Gathering evidence does not give police the right to destroy property. Ever heard of "innocent until proven guilty in a court of law?" Apparently not. This has nothing to do with the differences between Canadian and American law. If the police could have obtained the evidence easily without destroying the floors (which is obviously true!), then they are liable. This is a basic tenet of the law – you are not stripped of your rights when you are a suspect in a criminal investigation. To be stripped of your rights, you need to be convicted.

      • Thanks for your response. It is revealing that you describe what the police did as "destroying the floors" — as opposed to accidentally causing damage in the course of gathering evidence: removing evidence from its hiding place, putting it in boxes and carrying the boxes outside. Why do you assume the damage was wllfully or negligently — and not accidentally — inflicted? Why has the extent of the damage not been made public, so that we could know that it was more than just the usual scuff marks, scratches, etc. etc. — and thus worth $3000.? Maybe you have some inside information that the rest of us don't know?

        The search of the Williams home took place in the same time period that Williams was being questioned, during the course of which he confessed and told the police exactly where to find the evidence in his Ottawa home. Are you suggesting that because he hadn't yet actually pleaded guilty that "innocent until proven guilty" applies in this instance and that therefore the police legally owe his wife $3000., which they would not have owed her had this happened after a guilty plea?

        Here's an analogy. I'm sure you've seen car chases on TV. Let's say the cops damage a fleeing bank robbery suspect's car in the course of chasing him down. They find the money in the car and arrest him. Then his wife shows up and demands reimbursement for the damages inflicted by the police on the couple's only car. The police agree to pay her. Don't you think there might be public outrage if word got out about that .. (both in Canada and the U.S.)?

        But the real question that this $3000. taxpayer-owed floor damage raises is this. Do the Ottawa police not carry liability and property damage insurance?

        • As far as the extent of the damage, I have no idea, I wasn't there. Since the police paid the money, then the reasonable assumption from reasonable people is that the assessment was accurate.

          As for the fact that he was being questioned, what part of "innocent until proven guilty in a court of law" do you not understand? Do you have a reading comprehension problem? Of course "innocent until proven guilty" applies in this case! That's the whole point! It always applies! You need to go rent yourself "12 Angry Men". It's a basic tenet of the law! It always applies! You can't pick and choose when it applies and when it doesn't! That's the whole point of having a trial. Everyone is entitled to a trial.

          Your analogy of the car chase is off the mark. In a car chase, the damage is unavoidable, obviously! It's a friggin' car chase! The criminal is liable for any damage once he initiated his evasion of arrest. When gathering evidence from a house, there is no reasonable cause for destroying the floors. It's pretty easy to avoid destroying floors.

          Get yourself a copy of the law. Police have a lot of latitude when executing their duties. But they cannot do whatever they want whenever they want. If they come to your house, they cannot search it without a warrant (I'm sure you've seen enough TV to know that). If they have a warrant for gathering evidence, their activities must be restricted to what the warrant allows. And when gathering evidence, they have no right to destroy or damage property, unless of course the damage was required in order to gather the evidence. This is all very basic stuff.

          As for your last question, I suspect they do carry insurance, in fact I'd guess it was ultimately the insurance that paid the money! But frankly, I'm just guessing, I have no idea how they manage their finances.

      • Which he, the owner of the house at the time, was.

        • No he wasn't, not at that time.

          • He was still owner the day they searched (apparently they had him at the station and while the search warrant was being executed), I don't know how quickly he managed to get rid of the condo afterwards. He was then found guilty, therefore, he should have to pay for the floors.

          • I am not trying to dispute who owned the house. A court of law would say it was joint. I'm saying he was not convicted at the time. But that's irrelevant anyway, and so is your point.

            Regardless of whether he was convicted or not, or whether he owned the house or not, the police have no right to vandalise. When you get pulled over for speeding, they don't have the right to smash your tail-lights. It doesn't matter who owns the car and it doesn't matter if you're guilty of speeding.

          • LOL My point is irrelevant but yours should be enshrined in gold. That's your opinion, eh?

            No, the police can't smash your car windows while they write a ticket, but if you foolishly try to get away from them by running red lights, which result in a smashed up car, nor can you sue the police for car damage – I hope.

            Watch the video of Williams (Globe and Mail site). He refuses to say anything useful for hours and hours, and the cop tells him that the house will be ripped apart if he can't point them to the right places. He continues to stall, house continues to be searched – sort of like the driver running reds to avoid the police. He is the owner, he could have mentioned the filing cabinet hours earlier, he didn't, his floors got scuffed – his fault, she could have deducted the cost of it when she paid him 'valuable consideration' for his half of the house.

    • Another victim lucky to be alive was Ann Marson-Cook. When her home was broken into she and Howard Gray stated they thought the break-in/theft of her underwear and sex toys could be connected to the assault in Tweed. When they reported the break-in to the Belleville police they found out that they (Belleville Police) were not even aware of the incident in Tweed. They talk about it around 24 minutes into this video.

      • Thanks Miss Marple. Unfortunately, I can't access the video, as it is apparently only viewable in Canada.

    • The police should be no less liable for 'making a mess' than any other tradesmen who come in your house to 'do their job'. 'Tossing' your house could be a form of extrajudicial 'punishment'. And who's to say their isn't a Williams clone going through your knicker-drawer for evidence? If a high-ranking military officer can be 'bent', what innoculates a policeman? Except the latter would be even less suspicious.

    • A printed article immediately following the murder of Ms. Comeau found in the Brighton Independant newspaper quoted a police officer as saying "there is no cause for public concern". I lived in the area at the time and the article suggested this was some type of family dispute. No warnings what so ever. Go figure.

      • They thought it was her boyfriend at first.

  22. The real pity here isn't so much that he could decieve his neighbours. It's that he could deceive the police, who might have been able to save at least one life had they not, too, been overly impressed by his position and demeanour.
    Remember there was another of his neighbours whose life was virtually ruined because somebody who 'knew' the killer was in the neighbouhood, also 'knew' it couldn't be Williams.

    • Yes, I agree. Deference to authority and lack of proper investigation may have played a role in the fact that he was uncaught for so long.

    • Yes, this is a tragedy. If you look at the Fifth Estate's take, the police in different districts weren't talking (Anne Marchant -think this was her name- had to tell the Bellville police about the Tweed rapes, when she phoned them about the break-ins at her place). No reason to not see the escalating pattern sooner and act on it. Too bad the police didn't even try to question him when they were going door to door. It shows the times when a sexual predator is on the lose and there is no real motivation to involve other police forces/regions.

  23. I'm impressed with how well so many of you seem to know Williams' wife, having never met her. You should all become detectives.

    • No one is saying they know her, just guessing on her strange, conflicting actions. First, she puts out a statement that she is a victim (I think we all agree with her), then it is discovered she is having visits, some say conjugal, with him. It is a little odd to hear someone claim they are being victimized by him (she compared herself to the sexual assault victims in this case) yet goes to see him. I doubt any of his other victims would pay him a social visit.

      I think the public had a lot of sympathy for her at first (well a lot think she knew about his actions) but her behaviour seems to contradict a true victim mentality.

  24. In interview he said that numbers is very important to him… he started his mischiefs just when he thought he was already 20 years in military and pension is assured. He is smart. From what i had read all about him, surprisingly am not mad at him, i know there must be something that triggered him to do things and … easy victims just made him do and do more that it was too easy for him and find no more thrill so he ventured into more risky games. As for his wife, i can say if she really loved and cared him that much, thinking they don't have any children to occupy his time when not in military and for sure she knows that he abandoned his immediate family already, what a wife that is not by his side on special occasions like New Year. Know that idle mind and body are easy preys of the devils.

    • "for sure she knows that he abandoned his immediate family already"

      Not so sure about that. Seems to me it was more likely the other way 'round. Generally youth who become estranged enough from their families to feel compelled to change their names haven't come from warm, loving, supportive environments in the first place.

      Your point about idle minds and bodies being easy prey for the devil is true. So are unwanted and emotionally abandoned children.

      • Thank you for replying … i appreciate that !

        and you got good points as well, like it.

  25. And for everybody, how could one especially if you are living alone or with little kids just can be so trusting especially at nights. I would always check on all my locks, windows, doors everytime i be awaken at nights. I have two teen daughters who can be carefree forgetting to safety lock the front door and sliding door of dining so i have to double, triple or a dozen times check all day and night whenever am home, not minding them calling me paranoid. Also be praying always that may evils and bad intentions be enlightened that me and kids be safe from harm always.

  26. Williams achievements in military he did it with hard work, devotion and perseverance… his crimes were things he was not able to resist and defeat. His being a sicko, psycho whatever you call is a result from a bad part of his childhood that nobody exactly knows (whatever happened in South Korea that he calls it unhappy), from twice divorce of his mom, from the rigid training of his mom that they boys must be always doing the right thing, not given time to be kids and make mistake and learn from it. Am a mom myself and not perfect. Sad to say to be a parent is not learn from books and in school but from day to day hands-on life.

  27. Every kid is unique and different even if they all came out from one womb so every kid just need unique and different approach as well. With my 2 daughters (who says its easy to raise girls than boys, both are but just same, has their own share of dealings) and raising them single-handedly, i was like flying a kite… need some pulling and letting go and pulling again until the soaring was smooth. Looking back at some aspects of child raising i can say i could had raised them differently but then again, for those moment what i did was the best for that moment in my best capability those times.
    Thank You!

  28. I think it's disgusting that she would even think about getting money for her floor from us the tax payers back when in fact her husband created the whole situation and it made our police force enter the house for evidence in the first place. Had he confessed right away, I'm sure the "floor" would have been intact !!!…Needless to say this is an issue that also puzzles the human mind. It was very mindless of her to even mention the floor, that's the least of her problems.

  29. First thing that occurred to me when I read about Williams: could this man have a BRAIN TUMOR? I haven’t heard that any examination has been done. He is not typical of a born psycho, likes animals etc.. Because this compulsion came on him late in life, I wonder if there is a physical cause.

    He is, however, absolutely typical of Dennis Rayder, a pillar of his community, friendly etc.

    • That's something I keep wondering about. What would suddenly compel him to start doing this crap? It just seems so out of the blue. Based on the whole escalation of force (or whatever they call that… having a brain-fart, sorry) idea, to go from taking pics of undies to murder in three years, what came before it? And why so late in life? I just can't seem to wrap my head around that. Makes you wonder if there was something about him that changed. Maybe it was the Rx meds, or who knows if there is a tumor or something. In my mind, there must be something.

      • Could he have been taking ED medication? Viagra, Cilias or something similar? It's not too far-fetched to think he could have been on it. It would certainly not be the kind of advertising the pharmaceutical companies would not like to made known. They have their ways of keeping things like that hushed up. If he was taking an ED med, the public should at least be made aware of it.

      • How about perversion? In a society addicted to getting what they want, and a media/entertainment complex that streams sex at us 24/7, hinting that what ever you want is good, easy and the recipient will always enjoy it, combined with a police force who took his early crimes about as seriously as they take teenagers egging houses on Halloween night, is it any wonder this stuff is happening?

        Few guys can just watch – think of the sleep watcher in Halifax -who is now touching. I think it is the opposite to your assumption, most perversions will escalate, because just watching something is boring, people want to actually be a part of something. What prevents it from escalating for others is the rejection from the recipient, most people seek acceptance when they want something sexual, having someone reject them kills the fantasy. For the completely self-absorbed, however, they don't care, they just take what they want. He didn't even try to justify his actions to Laurie in her account of the rape ("you want this" sort of talk that rapists will say to justify themselves), he just told her she better do this or that or he would make her.

        The police and public need to understand perversions like underwear snatching, peeping toms,grabbing or grouping women, breaking into their houses to watch them, spying on them etc. is not harmless. It is a person trying to get his own fantasies met at someone else's expense (right to privacy), and will probably escalate once the guy feels he needs more then they are 'giving' him.

  30. Thanks to Monique and Ron. It must be so difficult and greatg sadness in learning about their friends.

    I was shock to learn about Williams' wife claiming damages for her floors. If her husband was incident, then she would have definitely been entitled to $3000.00. However, once they search her/their home, he had confessed and they were there to remove valuable items for what Williams did.She should still be suffering from "shock" and too distraught to even care about her floors. Even if a lawyer is advising her, she should be under such mental stress that the last thing she would want to deal with is flooring. Their are two wonderful people dead along with being married to a sociopath. This would leave anyone in such a state of sorrow that the last thing a wife would want to do is react to police business.When a spouse finds out about "their spouse cheating", the only reaction is against the cheating spouse and "no" not ready to comprehend and be compastionate. Her actions speaks volumes of "lack of character". She lives in a "me" bubble.

  31. The neighbors were fooled, but I can't see how his wife of almost 20 years didn't detect something strange about his behavior. I'd be concerned and somewhat suspicious if my husband started going for 'long walks before retiring to bed'. What time did he come home after those walks? When did he start taking those walks? How did he behave when he came home? I can't find the comment now but someone mentioned that he might have been on viagra or another kind of erectile dysfunction medication. Was he and if so, when were they prescribed? She was married to him for 17 years when the break-ins began in 2007. There had to have been telltale signs in his manner and habits….something must have changed in that period of time to turn him into the monster he became.

    There are so many questions that we may never know the answer to.

    • I think he was out 'jogging' but they didn't live together much.

  32. I would like to hear from the other neighbor,Jones.He seems a little off.First he didn't know him then he had williams to his parties,Then he knew allllll the detalis,then williams was framing him then he was sure williams used his coat to plant as evidence.Funny though I have never heard him say say I am so sorry for the victims.But every time I open an article there he is!Sometimes its hard to remember who the real victims are!!

    • I personally know this man.. and am also a neighbour to him and Williams. All of us who live on Cosy Cove are victims. Larry Jones is the nicest and kindest man there is. Him and his wife would do anything for anyone… They didnt deserve what happened to them. There is alot more details about Russel Williams that only neighbours know.. its very easy to sit there and judge when you just dont know isnt it? How bout watching 5-20 cars drive by your house to see Russ Williams on any given day.. Even though No Tresspassing signs have been posted… Walk a mile in someone elses shoes before you jump on here and judge others.

  33. I'm still hoping to hear more of whether Harriman's relationship is continuing with her raping and murdering husband while he's at Kingston pen. There's still a story here……

  34. A child's first 7 years is the most important foundation of his life. There is a point in our life regardless what status we achieved that we do things (be it good or bad) and ask ourselves why and how the heck we want this and that. It can be material things, emotions, affections or desires. That is because in our subconscious mind there is that urge wanting to get released, wanting to get even or just the result of what happened within that first 7 delicate years of our life. Observe yourselves… and to those who have kids, try to evaluate how goes your parenthood and check on your kids now. The actions, wants, desires, mannerisms, ambition, focus, hobbies and inhibitions of your kids now is the result of what we instill in them and what environment they grow on their first 7 years of their life … traumatic and happy experiences included.

  35. If true that the wife is visiting him in jail and i hope the visit is not because of how the other conjugal assets be turned over to the wife as sole owner…if the visit is because she is the wife and comforting the husband i will not despise her … i will admire her as a good, forgiving wife on that matter. Isn't marriage for better and for worst? In sickness and in health?

    At first i was more mad at her than at him … merely because they don't have any kids and they both were busy accumulating money, wealth, houses and status (even at the height of his downfall, she was still thinking of her exemplary status in life and the floor and the house itself).

    Living apart for long and not being together on special occassions while neighbours and other families are together or out together visiting relatives… and Williams all alone. Anything will enter to one's idle mind.

    • Sorry, but I find your logic pretty twisted. The wife is NOT to blame because they lived apart. However, the wife is morally reprehensible if she remains married to a murdering and raping man. She has a moral obligation to side with society on such heinous crimes. ANY woman has such a moral obligation.

      Again, I would like to know what their current relationship status is. I certainly don't intend to donate to the Heart and Stroke unless I know these facts.

  36. When he was interrogated by the detective.. he could had lied, prolong the case, give excuses like he is not the only one with such tire thread and pathfinder and not the only one with those pair of boots in Canada. He had keep his hard drives safely and he could have not tell the detective. He could have use his status as the commander thinking he has an exemplary reputation… but he told the truth… he gave in… he is a disgrace colonel but he still did a graceful exit being a killer, a psycho.

    Once caught he did not made it hard for the detective and policemen and the law and to himself. His confession and cooperation with the detective shows the good, educated Russell Williams and not the depraved colonel.

    • No, his concern was for such petty things as damaging his house. He knew the jig was up. The man is intelligent – just immoral.

  37. Replying to Rae:

    Condemn the sin but not the sinner! though it doesn't mean that he won't be given due punishment of the law. Am not totally blaming the wife. But why do you want her to abandon him now that he needed her most. Its all her that he have for now. And who knows its also her ways now if true that she is comforting him, visiting in prison to payback whatever guilt feeling of negligence she has … that gave him the chance, ample time to be alone and did those crimes. As parents, spouses, even as children we have that moral and social obligation to check one another every now and then as part of the family, before everything else is too late. Family is the first unit of the society.

  38. con't reply for Rae
    The wife was siding always with the society being the associate director of that Heart and Stroke Foundation. She was taken away from him for long period of time by the society (basing on reports, but who knows she was having fun with friends and other groups while her husband was having fun sneaking in and out of girls bedrooms) that's why they were living apart most of the time. Again a reminder, charity begins at home before anywhere else. And charity does not always mean money.

  39. con't reply for Rae:
    He gave himself in peacefully … he laid out his bad cards on the table … his status in life being the commander of air force and a killer at that has equal impact on how he confessed and surrendered those ridiculous, shameful evidences which he could have just surrendered, plead guilty but keep mum and won't lead policemen to those evidences. But he allowed all those to happen even how painful and shameful it would be to him and to his wife … as much as he escalated too fast, he allowed as well everything to be known what happened to the whole world… so it be one fierce blow and hoping to subside too soon as well. … what he was, how he did it and how he confessed, surrendered and cooperated with the law … makes him one of a kind … i still has some respect and compassion to him all because of his last "graceful" exit.

    • You know, in Holland right after the war, they shaved the heads of girls who hung out with German soldiers when Germany occupied Holland. It's the same story here for any woman who chooses to remain with man when he's commmited such atrocities.

      The only reason Williams confessed is because he knew his house would be torn apart looking for evidence. Again, Williams is smart – only immoral. Don't be too fast to pat him on the back for confessing. It was all self serving.

      • Politics (includes war) and religion are two aspects on earth that blind the heart and soul of people.

        Yes, the man is smart no doubt … Finding himself in stalemate … he came to a point that he need to pawn himself. He knows when to stop. He gave the very detailed minutes of his crimes, ever willing to accept any punishment given to him in exchange of sparing his wife and one house … thanks that he still has that one weakness in life … just imagine if there was none, for sure he still is battling in court, gets the best lawyer in Canada, uses all laws he knows to his favor (maybe claim insanity or any illness) or keep on denying he was there and that was him.

        Tell me of any criminal who at first invitation of interrogation succumbed right there and then. He lives a luxurious life full of freedom, he is from the military, a commander at that and he knows what life could be in jail and that he could get life sentence but yet he yielded peacefully. It might be self serving as you call it but all in expense of his life, "exemplary reputation" and freedom. If only one had known that weakness before Marie-France and Jessica got murdered.

  40. Being the commander of air force he of course has that idea that nobody will think its me so in his mind … catch me if you can and in his inner mind … he do want to stop … with those painful chronic athritis he got? and the way he surrendered peacefully … the action was just some urge that he could not resist and defeat especially that there was no wife, no mom, no brother, no dad and he got no kids … he was always all alone.

  41. I agree with all the people here who are questioning what went on in russell william's brain. No matter how atrocious the crimes, we have to look at the person and attempt to understand what the sickness is, because there clearly is some type of sickness at work here. He is guilty and needs to stay behind bars, of that there is no doubt, but he should spend the rest of his life helping to answer those questions for the sake of all of us.

    I also agree with those who are not judging his wife, so she asked for damages on the floor, shock does strange things to people. Look at the denial most people have of violent crime. We stick are heads in the sand and go shopping after reading yet another account of a violent death or sadistic sexual assault. Shock pain and denial is rampant. We deny it's effect and how much it numbs us, day after day after day. We even glorify it in media and entertainment.

    • What hurts me is that we spend millions on catching and trying violent sexual predators (700 million – for robert pickton), and absolutely nothing on stalking them BEFORE they assault, mutilate and kill innocent young women and children. Why is not this sick hatred of women and children the focus of intense study and preventative measures? We have a global 'war on terror', yet for the war on women and children, we simply sit aside and wait for the next set of gruesome details and squawk about how awful it is.

      • How Orwellian of you. So yes, let's "stalk" innocent people *before* they commit any crimes. Sexual deviants ALWAYS learn this in childhood or early youth. So let's not do ANY investigation into HOW or WHY they became criminals in the first place. And let's COMPLETELY overlook the violence they've experienced themselves &/or influences that taught them this behaviour. And while we're at it, let's COMPLETELY overlook the extreme violence committed by women against those self-same "children" you conveniently lump in with "women" when absolutely NONE of the DV funding for "women and children" EVER trickles down to a single child.

        So yes, let's just "stalk" and vilify young boys (while we whitewash and enable violent and predatory females). Oh wait – we already do.

  42. We can say thanks and at the same time no thanks to his hobby of photography? If not of that, it would be only him who knows what happened … because of that at least the victims, their families and us, the sympathizers had the knowledge what had transpired. Even the not knowing victims learned that they were having uninvited guest in their sanctuary.

    He called himself as a keen photographer … keen photographer for me means one that has an eye for beauty or one that knows how to get good angle or one that can make wonder with a not so good scene, and one that can manage to steal good shots in high speed actions. He is rather a porno photographer … just wondering why the need to sexually assualt his victims, his neighbors when there are a plenty willing to be paid porno women? Would it be not the same effect for him? He could put on disquise look so he won't be known as the commander, that could had give him same thrill putting on disguise and satisfying his hobby as a porn photographer.

  43. i think this is outragous what he did to all those victims. an di really wish i could hug all of the living ones and the families of those who was taken by this creep.

    he could have got help .. theres a good hospital in ottawa the royal ottawwa . he could have went in there in privacy and told them about what he was thinking about and that he knows it wrong . they would have helped him with this issue. he DIDNT NEED to act upon this there is so many professionals out there.. also not that i agree he should be waring little girls underware by no means .. but if he really thought it was something he was interested .. he made alot of money why not go to the store and purchase some instead of hurting these poor inocent children.

    if he would have got help 2 people would not be dead and many others hurt and scared for life by this man. i am so sorry to all of you that was hurt by him and i am just so glad that my sister didnt end up victim to his crime as she lived close by to him.

    • this is part of the illness by which he suffers. you are trying to make logical statements for an illogical mind. his illness does NOT provide him with the ability to rationalize. you say, he should have taken his own money and purchased his own panties. this statement is so absurd that i had to read it a couple of times. to also suggest that he should have gone to see someone at the ottawa hospital is yet another absurd statement. again, this is part of the illness. someone as sick as williams does not recognize they are sick. they are acting without thinking rationally. they are thinking of the moment and to satisfy their sick addictions and/or desires. they do not have the ability to think as you or i do. he can do this only in certain situations and he will decide what those situations are….ie: his personal and professional life. many mentally ill people have the uncanny ability to live several different lives. they can switch on and off. he apparently was a very loving husband, friend, neighbour and was good at his job. this tells me there was something else going on in his mind that he did not have the ability to control. it appears there was also some sociopathy going on here as well. the fact that he was happily married, had a good job, made lots of money, owned properties and can lose all this does not enter his mind during these episodes. unfortunatel, but true. i also believe his wife is a true victim. sociopaths are great at hiding their illnesses. they can sell ice to an eskimo. look how well respected he was.

  44. or he could just had ordered online … then again meaning his wife don't wear panties?

  45. I am not surprise this dirt bag confess that quick because I am sure he did some crimes overseas and he didn't want to be persecuted in third word country because he will not be in luxuries cell with TV and Radio like the one is having in Kingston prison. I think OPP, RCMP, Military Police and Interpol should go back and trace where this dirt bag traveled in Europe or mildest and open an investigation.
    The wife I don't believe her a bit, my wife is half of me and she knows every think I do and I don't give chance to adults to play with my kids at all. Kids play with Kids.
    Some people still call him colonel am believable, me I call him terrorist who terrorize this Women's and terrorize the whole communities.

    • He Russel Williams is a liar, a thieve, a rapist, a terrorist , a cold calculator, a torturous, a murderous and everything else in the book of evil life.

  46. It's amazing how so many people here ASSUME that his wife has any part in this and point the finger at her because she made a claim for damaged floors that were damaged by the searching officers. She was a victim here and when the government went into her home and scratched her floors during their search, the fact that she has "a healthy income, two properties and no dependents" has nothing to do with her right to be compensated for the repair of floors that she did not damage. Then she get's judged for it by all of you… shame!

    However, I do not understand why his wife would still want to visit her husband when he is in fact a rapist and a murderer… perhaps because she knows he is ill and she has found some sympathy for him (even though he doesn't deserve it).

  47. I have just finished reading the previous comments. How easy it is to judge and how judgemental do we allow ourselves to be. It never ceases to amaze me. I guess that a lot more people are perfect than I thought there was. And I bow my head to you all who are so righteous and almighty, it must be wonderful living in your company and I suppose nobody has ever told you a lie that you believed since it is so unbelievable to you that Mrs. Harriman could have been innocently unaware of her husband's wrongdoings. The empathy train has left your station. Here is hoping you never need to rely on it for yourselves or those close to you that you believe are capable of no wrong.

  48. This is an old saying, that we always have to be aware of people with thin lips or no lips. This evil man does not have lips or it might just be a coincidence.

  49. The victims should have German dogs, sleep armed, and have a security of some kind, like an alarm, or anything else to catch or film the intruder.

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