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Rick Mercer: Why I rant. And why you should too.

Ranting is a ‘skill’ the comedian learned from his mother—and he says Canadians don’t do it enough

Why I rant

Rave on: Mercer thinks Canadians don’t rant enough, with dire consequences

I didn’t come out of the womb ranting but chances are I heard a few good ones while I was in there.

Indeed, if my instinct to rant comes from anywhere it’s my mother.

One of my earliest life-defining memories as a kid was being dragged against my will to the bank because Mom had a meeting.

I can remember sitting in a chair next to my mother while she had an excruciatingly dull conversation with a banker. I remember wondering what I had done to be forced to sit through this and if it were actually possible to die from boredom. And then everything changed. I will never forget the moment. The banker leaned forward and said, “Now Mrs. Mercer, do you have your husband’s permission to do this? Perhaps we should give him a call.”

From my point of view the day just got a whole lot better; for the man behind the desk the opposite was true. He had no idea what he had done. He had unleashed a hell storm that he had absolutely no chance of surviving. The poor, hapless man.

To say the oxygen was immediately sucked out of the room would be an exaggeration. To say that the blistering rant my mother delivered to the dumb creature made his ears bleed would not be. Needless to say very soon we were no longer in a cubicle but in a much nicer office upstairs, with a different banker who was doing everything he could to stop my mother from closing every account and going across the street. The dude who suggested Mom get her husband’s permission to open a chequing account was sent to “get the lad a fudge stick.”

Go Mom!

Everyone should rant. Ranting not only makes you feel better but occasionally, as my mother proved to me many times, you might get results—justice, satisfaction or a fudge stick.

Canadians don’t rant enough. We are busy people and I get that. We don’t necessarily have the time or the inclination to come across like mad people who are constantly barking about waste, corruption and lack of transparency in three different levels of government. You may not want to be that guy who is constantly ranting about those people who drive their car into an intersection on a yellow light knowing they will get stuck in the middle and block traffic for everyone else and they don’t care. And I don’t blame you. I am that guy, I’ve been ranting about those people for decades, and they are still allowed to walk the earth and drive a car.

But the danger in not ranting is dire. If we as a nation don’t rant then the powers that be will use that complacency against us. Take for example the last federal budget. The omnibus budget. When I ranted about that budget to my Tory friends in Ottawa, when I said, “Why in hell does Jim Flaherty’s budget contain a provision that allows the FBI to operate on Canadian soil?” they said what they always say, “People don’t care.” Turns out they were right. When I asked them why are there hundreds of environmental regulations being changed without any discussion whatsoever, they said again, “People don’t care”—and it turns out they were right again. In fact, the government is so convinced that we don’t care they loaded the budget with so many items that had nothing to do with a budget that even MPs had no idea what was in there or what passing it could mean.

Now occasionally Canadians do suddenly care about the nation’s business and it always catches the government off guard.

Remember the Speech from the Throne when, out of the blue, it was announced that Stephen Harper’s government would be rewriting the lyrics to O Canada? You just know the Prime Minister was convinced we wouldn’t care, that he could do what he liked; but, we did. The country exploded with people ranting about our national anthem and oh, what a beautiful sound. Turns out nobody, left or right, liked the idea of the Prime Minister sitting around with paper and pencil trying to figure out a way to rhyme the nation’s name with his.

As a result of these occasional examples of the country standing up and saying, “Wait a minute,” the government has a strategy to deal with anyone who doesn’t play the part of the complacent Canadian. They like to play whack-a-mole with the heads and reputations of anyone who has an opinion or a question.

If you in your capacity as a Canadian citizen, taxpayer or Grade 10 student doing a social studies project ask any questions about any pipelines anywhere in Canada, you will be branded by the government as a dangerous radical or a vicious cruel monster in the same league as Saddam Hussein, Moammar Gadhafi, or David Suzuki.

This is a pretty effective strategy but I doubt it will last for long. Hopefully it will dawn on Canadians that the one thing we shouldn’t care about is what the government thinks of us or what names they call us. Prime ministers, premiers and cabinet ministers aren’t our friends; they are just people in bad suits who work for us.

We are the boss. And if they want to work for us they have to listen to us, answer our questions and occasionally, like all employees, listen to the boss rant.


EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from A Nation Worth Ranting About, by Rick Mercer

Keep Calm and Carry On Oct. 4, 2011

I am not by nature a nervous person. I’m not brave, I’m just not nervous. Because, luckily, I’ve learned to ignore everything politicians have to say.

This is a good thing, because in Canada, every time you turn around, another Harper cabinet minister is in a full-blown panic. It’s like they believe their No. 1 job description is to freak Canadians out. It’s at the point now where if Vic Toews or Jason Kenney ran into my house in the middle of the night screaming “Fire,” I’m not moving until I smell smoke.

It doesn’t matter what the issue, the message is always the same: be afraid, Canada, be very afraid. And build more prisons.

And the Prime Minister? The only time he seems happy is when he’s hanging out with Nickelback, or he’s leaning forward, reminding us once again that we live in perilous times, that danger is lapping at our shores. Winston Churchill was more upbeat at the height of the Blitz.

Meanwhile, statistically, we are living in the safest time in our entire history. Crime is down. You would think the government might remind us of that on occasion. I mean, it’s a good news story. Crime is down. But instead, they say, “Well, crime is down, but unreported crime is up.” Who does that? That’s like instead of telling your kid there’s no monster under the bed, you say, “Well, there are no reports of monsters under your bed. But unreported monsters? Who’s to say?”

Why would a government want people to be afraid? Because people who are afraid, they do what they’re told. They pass over their lunch money. They keep their mouths shut.

Don’t fall for it. There’s nothing to fear but fear itself, and the people who benefit from spreading it.

On Liberty and Balls Dec. 6, 2011

I don’t know what’s sadder—that this country woke up a few weeks ago and read the story about a school in Toronto banning the use of soccer balls on the playground, or the fact that deep down, none of us was really surprised. I know I wasn’t, because I am familiar with the Vice-Principal Law of Enjoyment, which, simply, states that for every instance of a child having fun, there is an equal or slightly more powerful force that exists solely to stop that activity from happening.

And every generation is different. When I was in Grade 8, my school banned the Rubik’s Cube. Why? Because some kid was wandering down the hall with his head buried in the Rubik’s Cube, went headfirst into a door and split his nose open. And I’m sorry, I remember that kid—he was always walking into doors. In fact, if I bumped into him today, I wouldn’t recognize him without the nosebleed.

But the school’s rationale was, “Well, we can’t have kids walking around with their heads down,” so they banned the cube. Meanwhile, it is because we wandered around with our heads buried in our Rubik’s Cubes that my generation can safely navigate through traffic on foot with our heads down while texting on our BlackBerries. You could say it saved our lives.

This is a war on fun. And it is a slippery slope. In 2014—and this is a fact—school clubs in Ontario will no longer be able to fundraise by selling chocolate. Only nutritious items. There’s your future, Canada: a sad child on your doorstep, trying to sell you a bag of radishes so they can go on a band trip.

Get used to it. Because if you let them take your balls, your freedom is the next to go.

Let’s See What They’re Up To Oct. 14, 2008

At the risk of sounding like an out-of-touch elite weirdo, I confess I have on occasion walked into a theatre, bought a ticket, sat down and watched a play. And my favourite moment is when the lights go dark and the audience goes quiet. Because at that moment, anything is possible.

I feel the same way about election night. Tonight, the House of Commons is an empty stage. And I can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, this time, this Parliament will get it right, and be brilliant. Now, I’ve never seen that happen in my lifetime. The difference being, of course, that in the theatre, the people on stage are actually trying, and there’s nowhere to hide. Whereas in the House of Commons, nobody—other than the few people sitting in the gallery—can see what the MPs are doing.

And believe me, they’re out of control. I get embarrassed watching question period live, and I’ve been naked on national television. Imagine going in to your office or your workplace tomorrow, and the minute you see anyone you don’t like, you just start yelling and screaming like a lunatic. You’d be fired. And there’s a reason. Because when people act like that, nothing gets done at work. It’s not acceptable in any Canadian workplace. Why is it acceptable on Parliament Hill?

There is a solution: cameras. Cameras in the House of Commons. Not just on the people who are supposed to be talking, but on everyone else. The MPs, of course, would say, “Cameras? That’s terrible. You’re treating us like criminals or children.” And yes, we would be. And hell, every time I go into the subway I’m on a camera. If Parliament were fitted with them too, whenever MPs decided to disrupt Parliament intentionally by acting like idiots, the entire country could see them doing it. And then maybe, just maybe, the bad acting would disappear and we’d finally get a show that makes us proud.

Reprinted with permission of Doubleday Canada. All rights reserved.


Rick Mercer: Why I rant. And why you should too.

  1. This country is in serious trouble, if Canadians don’t stand up to Harper EN MASSE.

    • Haper is the best thing that ever happened to this country. What do you want? another Trudeau?

      • Yes, another Trudeau-like politician would be just what this country needs, if nothing else than it would mean we no longer have those mean-spirited a**holes we’re stuck with now.

        • I like the Liberals, but the only Trudeau I’m fond of is Justin.

      • I sot of agee. Haper would be the best thing that eve happened to this county if he wasn’t such a self-ightous pick with such a disegard for the tuth. If he was a fiscal consevative with a focus on the futue instead of a social consevative with a focus on the past. If he espected his constituents instead of teating them like etards. (Not that some of them aen’t etards. I know of at least one who is an etard.) He eally needs to learn espect for paliament and pocess that put him thee.

        • R matey….

        • This comment was deleted.

          • He has a majority and so we should listen to him? Sigh… time to invoke Godwin’s Law. Hitler was elected. Following your logic, you would expect us to follow Hitler.

            Are you for real?

          • “He has a majority and so we should listen to him? Sigh… ”
            Actually dipshit if you gave it some thought you would understand what I said (maybe).
            OH NO! Chai isn’t listening to Harper! Goodness gracious me! Say it isn’t true! I mean maybe… just maybe, mind you he doesn’t GIVE A SHIT whether you’re listening or not. Lefty fuknuts like you aren’t going to vote for him anyway so why should he care whether YOU hate him?
            LOL! That’s almost as funny as that pathetic “boycott” the paliamentry press gallery imposed on Harper. Oooooo I bet he was scaaaarrrrred!

          • @D: Wow, you really must have a sad little life to stoop yourself to that level and use of professional language. You are “ranting” without an argument. For your own mental sake I would like you to do some research on what good things Harper has done for the country – let me know what you come up with.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Let’s see. A couple of posts ago, you received three agrees. Prior to this one, you received only one. Mommy and daddy must have left the room. And this one- you couldn’t even manage to give yourself a lone thumb up. Quite appropriate, I’d say.

          • I hate harper His name does not deserve to be capitalized… …or have an exclamation mark right after it…

          • for a list of all the good things Harper has done for Canada, just listen to a Paul Calandra answer a question about the senate scandal.

          • Quote from Adolph Hitler,May 1st.1927…”We are socialists, we are the enemy of today’s capitalistic economic system….” quoted by Toland 1976 p.306

            So, yes … you, in particular, would have followed him.

          • It’s Adolf Hitler

          • They were not socialists. They hated socialists. They killed socialists. They put socialists in work camps. Adolf (yes, it has an “f” not a “ph”) Hitler is a liar. A big liar. The guy hated everything except Aryans, which is wrong. Just a liar.

        • I think that you sir, are an E-tard!

        • Had to undestand you post; soy! If you make it to Wheel of Fortune, buy an R!

        • I suggest you tun you keyboad upside down and give it a shake, o take the vacuum cleane to it.
          Do not eat you toast ove you keyboad anymoe

        • Please improve your spelling… …and attitude towards the Liberals. I disapprove your Harperian mind.

        • Give ‘im an A! Give ‘im a B! … … GIVE ‘IM AN R!!!

      • Absolutely. Doesn’t have to be the son, but a Liberal with the best interests of Canada and Canadians at heart is most definitely whom we need now.

        • Or a New Democrat!

          • Whaddya mean a dirty New Democrat? That’d just be awful. Sorry Mulcair-I didn’t mean you. Imeant the other NDPers.

      • you must be smoking something that has decreased your brain. Harper is the WORST thing to happen to Canada and will probably take Brian Mulroney’s mantle as the WORST CANADIAN PM EVER!!!!

      • Trudeau was the best leader we had in Canada for a century. Just watch the present government sell all our resources to China, for example. Didn’t Pierre advise us to control our own energy resources way back in the 80s already. Harperites are all pipsqueeks in his shadow.

      • Harper is the worst thing that ever happened to this country. What do you Conservatives want?

      • Yup-another “Justin” Trudeau!

      • Please demonstrate, using appropriate examples, how Mr. Harper has benefitted this country. Please use examples from industry, the economy, government revenue, the environment, G20 meeting spending and policing, democratic behaviour with regards to proroguing Parliament, and other examples at your own leisure. No need to mention that while he was busy winning the “World Statesman” award he was busy snubbing the “World Congress” (aka United Nations) as that might undermine your point. Also, if you’re fabulously wealthy and he has cut your taxes, I wouldn’t mention that either, as it may undermine your point as well.

      • He is if you are into facism. We have the worst reputation around the world at present. Really, he is the best thing that happened to this country? He does what he pleases without discussion and cares precious little about the population. It is all about corporate greed my friend and we the people are the losers, environmentally, socially and financially.

      • If you are into Facism. Canada has one of the worst reputations around the world at present due to “the best thing that ever happened to our country”. It is all about corporate greed and we the people are the losers economically, socially and environmentally. Besides the fact that Mr. Harper is a self-righteous liar who cares precious little for ‘we the people’ who voted him in.

      • Harper, Canada’s answer to George Bush. Harper. We arte talking about Harper here, you idiot. What the hell have you morons done to my country? Who voted for that non-entity? He’s an automaton. The PM should at least gave an F-ing pulse, or facial expressions, Harper’s not just an A-hole, he’s BORING. Is THAT why you like him, because Canadians love to be boring???

    • Rick Mercer tells it like it is and rants with brilliant humor but what does this piece have to do with Harper? A government by any other name is still a government. Same with the leaders and they all behave the same way.

      • No they don’t! Think about Mulroney! He was amazing! Now think about Harper the Dictator-awful! I can’t even believe they’ve lived in the same house-ew! THEY DON’T ALL BEHAVE THE SAME WAY!

    • Viva La Revolucion’ Stand up to Harper! Raaah! Who’s with me!? …. Umm …Rah? … Come on! En Masse?…. Come on SOMEBODY! …. Oh wait here’s somebody! Viva La… Oh no wait he just went into that restraunt to use the bathroom….Come on now! Stand up to Harper ! Over throw the dictator …. Come on…Somebody…..Anybody? …. oh forget it.

      • Yah! Harper is a dictator! Finally someone agrees with me about these right-wing dictators!

  2. Bravo Rick!
    You are a National Treasure!

    • No, Mercer is a moronic weasel. who can’t come up with any real humour (you know like an actual comedian) so he relies on lefty political garbage to keep himself employed.

      • Entertainers have the responsibility to remind us how things really are, because the news media just bullshits its way through and supports a scripted idea handed over by the government and corporations. Anyone who wants to believe the media nonsense should be happy that folks like Rick Mercer are here to explain the real situation that you are blinded to.

      • Actually, Rick Mercer is well educated, very bright and he’s honest. These are all the qualities that exclude him from being a politician.

      • Hey Ricky! If you’re so great at ranting and such a comedic talent there momma’s boy, how come you don’t get out there and compete in the larger North American entertainment market?
        Plenty of Canadian comedians have and become quite successful and internationally loved, y’know? BECAUSE THEY WERE …FUNNY!. I guess you are probably right not to leave your little pond here where can you be a nice little-big fish. I mean the safe bet is to play to the lefty audience here as opposed to being shown up as not quite as good as any of those other comedians who were funnier and more bold, hmm?
        Hey, what? This isn’t the rant you wanted?

        • Awfully green eyes there, boyo.

        • you are an idiot

          • Waaaa you’re upset with me.

          • Yup. And were tryin’ ta be!

          • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Totally! I have Mercer’s old book, and it says he gets emails from conservatives accusing him of being a liberal and liberals accusing him of being a conservative. His old book proves you right and D wrong!

          • Totally! I have Mercer’s old book, and it says he gets emails from Liberals accusing him of being a Conservative, AND VICE VERSA! It proves u right and D wrong!

          • That link doesn’t exist! Vote down on Canadian, guys

          • Tommy D. ?

        • Not cool, D! You ain’t funny, either!

    • …and like every other treasure, should be buried and forgotten about for a couple hundred years…..

      • …with an R on top instead of an x…

  3. Ranting, otherwise known as “protest” is slowing, surely and quietly being categorized as low-level terrorism by our neighbours to the south. And of course what will Canada (not just Harper) do? Canada will follow their lead. And then we’ll be in a pickle, to put it in polite Canadian terms.

  4. Hit the nail on the head. The only thing we as Canadians should be afraid of is Harper and his cronies.They are selling our country out from under us and seem to be destroying anything left. The scare tactics are very reminisent of the Bush administration. Awesome idea to have cameras in the House ALL the time, but that won’t happen.
    As I said on May02, 2011 Welcome to NAZI Canada.

  5. Try ranting at a bank now and the first thing they do would be to call security, continue and security would call the police, the police would taze you (hopefully just taze you), cuff you, charge you with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest (for good measure), you’d be thrown in jail, have to pay some sort of bail to get out, hire a lawyer, read about it in the paper, then a year and $5,000 later they would drop the charges. Everybody from the cop to the rent-a-cop to the bank people to the people that read the article would have a good smirk.
    Rinse lather and repeat.

    • Yeah, but that’s no reason not to do it!

    • I do it all the time…Call them a bunch of criminals that should be hauled off to jail.

    • And deservedly so. Bank employees have to bear the brunt of every complaint people have about the banks. Don’t give me this “That’s their job” bullshit. Their job is to do their best to serve you within the limits of what they are allowed to do. They aren’t paid nearly enough to listen to you rant about their employer.

  6. Rick you’re a comedian – right? Because what you have written is a good joke.

  7. Y’ou tell ’em Rick!

  8. “Turns out nobody, left or right, liked the idea of the Prime Minister
    sitting around with paper and pencil trying to figure out a way to rhyme
    the nation’s name with his”


    Well Rick we dodged a bullet in Ignatieff then.

    • Does Liberal Carolyn Bennett look like Prime Minister Stephen Harper? Pay attention idiot.

      • Pay attention to what? The fact that you can’t read a direct quote from Mercer’s post?

        • Obviously, you can’t get your tiny brain around politics and the purposes thereof. Harper was pressed by the Liberals to make the lyric changes and finally decided to put it to the Canadian people to shut the Liberals up. And he did it brilliantly.

          By Stephen Hui, March 5, 2010

          After riling up plenty of Canadians by floating the idea of removing sexist lyrics from “O Canada”, the Stephen Harper government has slammed the door shut on making the anthem gender-neutral.

          “We offered to hear from Canadians on this issue and they have already
          spoken loud and clear. They overwhelmingly do not want to open the
          issue,” Dimitri Soudas, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, said today (March 5), according to CBC News. “The government will not proceed any further to change our national anthem.”

          • OTTAWA – A group of Liberal MPs has re-opened the sensitive gender debate about O Canada.

            “Wednesday, just before question period, Toronto MP Dr. Carolyn Bennett led a group of Liberal women in a “gender-neutral and secular version” of O Canada (see box). Just last year, Prime Minister Stephen Harper beat a hasty retreat after proposing the removal of “thy sons command” from O Canada. Public rejection was swift and overwhelming.”

            Do i have to spoon feed you? Here’s a clue:”Just last year”…in this case was BEFORE Bennett sang her ditty. You offer no evidence whatsoever Harper was pressed by anyone, so until you do i’ll conclude you’re a moron shall i?

          • Nice try bonehead. Harper never promised to change the lyric and it wasn’t even mentioned in his portion of the Throne Speech. That came from Michaelle Jean.

            Here, read from your own lefty, publicly funded, socialist propaganda machine:


            Parliament suggested looking at it because it keeps coming up from the left. As a Manning Conservative with roots in the Reform Party, Harper would never be interested in changing the national anthem. This push for lyric changes has been coming from the left for decades. Even the Toronto City Council proposed the same lyric changes in 1990. Your problem is that you’re a “lefty” and it is impossible for you to think logically, critically or rationally. You are obviously the product of the modern education regime; in other words … you know nothing.

            You, you pitiful excuse for a Canadian, are the moron.

          • “Parliament is to be asked to review the “original gender-neutral wording of the national anthem,” says the throne speech delivered by Gov. Gen. Michaëlle Jean on Wednesday.”

            It is right there in your own link meathead. I never said certain lefty PCers didn’t want to change it. I merely pointed out to you Harper put it in his throne speech. So grow up and stop worshiping the man if you can.

          • Read it again. It wasn’t part of Harper’s speech. It came from Michaelle Jean and the request didn’t come from Harper. God you are stupid!

          • sigh…go read a book on how the throne speech works. Do you think MJ wrote it herself? Harper writes it for her. Bye now. I’ve wasted more time than i should have conversing with an ignoramus.

          • OK … You don’t understand our system of government and you didn’t read Harper’s speech. Fine. We all know Mme. Jean made reference to the lyrics in HER speech and most of us with a grain of intelligence know why. But let me put this into mono-syllables to try to help you get it straight.


            This is all I can do for you.

  9. “Get the lad a fudge stick!”

    That’s my new Baird & Kenney catchphrase

    • Seem to be more concerned about fudgesticks than they are

  10. Canadians rant a lot about the inconsequential but far too many don’t pay attention to politics at a local or national level. It’s why there was little uprising over the outrageous G20 spending or the trickery of loading the budget with bills to avoid scrutiny and debate.

    Thanks for the reminder to pay attention, Rick. Rant on!

    • The most important decisions are made at the local/provincial level anyway. And we mostly ignore that.

  11. I am upset that the Conservative response to “why is this a good policy?” is “people don’t care”. That they’re probably proud of it is even worse.

  12. Rick is a tax payer mouth blasting one of his payers.

  13. Not all of us “don’t care” Rick. Many of us care alot and rant sometimes too. I think you would be proud of us.

  14. Rick, you have such a talent, and you are so graciously sarcastic, even when you work with guests like Harper and Bob Ray and other politians. You will motivate us to rant, complain and irritate people & systems that insult our intelligence and trespass on our democracy, our rights and common sense. You give us hope!

  15. God bless ya’ (and I don’t believe in God! but I like the expression!) You give me faith that we are not a crowd of sheep who believe that the elected government is in ANY WAY representing me and mine! Who the hell is going to buy the goods and services we are creating when 1 percent have everything, and 99% have frig all? Just sayin’. Depressing times, but for the likes of Rick Mercer. xoxo

    • You mean when the 99% is taking all and giving nothing in return, don’t you? 10% of us pay 55% of the taxes in this country while the rest of you 90% are paying the remaining 45% … and most of you pay nothing while sucking off those who do. If communism is what you want, move to Cuba and allow the rest of us to reap the rewards of our hard work.

      • Did you do all that hard work without any government assistance? At all? Did you build the roads? Perform your own medicine? Listen to the radio? Eat any food? Enjoy any culture? Drink any water? Fund your own university? Flap your arms and fly to Cuba for your detailed research project? Build your own Interwebs?

        This *utterly* stupid Republican idea of “we built it” is the biggest, most farcical self-deluded lie I’ve heard in decades. Show me *anything* you’ve done with absolutely *zero* help from the nation. You might have heard it expressed in a pretty old saying – no one is an island. Everything is done with the assistance of others. Everything.

        Get your head out of your butt (which was probably delivered into this world in a government-funded hospital, and assisted by government-funded and educated nurses and doctors) and think – even for a second.

        • I am the eighth of ten generations of Canadians. Yes, we built the roads, cleared the land and planted it, built the towns, built the businesses and eventually paid the taxes that supported a government to unite us. We fought in all this nations wars to keep our freedoms. I was here long before the lousy public health system and we paid for it ourselves. Governments don’t grow food or produce water and they didn’t invent the technology we use today. Private universities gave us the very best education long before the takers managed to unionize them. Airlines are private enterprises and private enterprises have always been the life’s blood of this democracy.

          If you think all this national infrastructure came from the government you are sadly mistaken. It wasn’t all just magically here when you arrived. It is the result of the hard work and investment and risk of the people from whom you leech.

          We elected Stephen Harper, not you, and we intend to keep him around for a long time. If you don’t like it, go back to wherever you came from because we’re sick to death of you.

      • The people who pay 55% of the taxes rely more on the services of government (for transportation and communications infrastructure, stable monetary systems, primary, secondary, and somewhat post-secondary education for their employees, and especially justice and security systems) than the remainder as well.

        Sure, their reliance isn’t as direct, but they’d be more royally screwed without government protecting and aiding them and their investments than the rest of us would.

        • That’s all very true. Robert Kiyusaki calls it the “Conspiracy of the Rich”. Western countries all became extremely statist not to help the poor, but to protect the rich by indoctrinating and mollifying the rest of us.

      • Mitt – is that you? Isn’t your own election run keeping you busy enough?

  16. …and your mother rocks!

  17. adtually there’s lots of ranting out there/here Rick, on all sides of the political spectrum – the problem for those of us on the ‘sane’ side is that at the end of the ranting, we’re basically standing around leaderless – nowhere to gather together and work together for change. The NDP are sold as the ‘left wing’ “socialist” alternative, but more and more people understand they have morphed over the last 2-3 decades into just another capitalist party, under the control of Bay St and big Money like the Libs and Cons. (if you were some stranger and identifying party lables were removed, could you tell Rae in Ontario a few years back, or a few others up to Dexter in NS right now, were anything other than another ‘we support Business and Letting the Market Rule!!!’ party??? not really. If the ranters really wnat change – they better stop talking and get walking. Democratic revolution, now or never – http://www.rudemacedon.ca/vgi/backgrounders/revolution.html .

  18. I personally don’t think the issue is that people don’t care; I think they are simply too stupid and too self absorbed. “I’m all right Jack”. How else can one explain the Harper’s, Palin’s, Bush’s, Klein’s, MacKay’s, Kenny’s (the list goes on ad nauseum and includes the majority of todays Conservative caucus) of the world getting elected. No one with a brain to rattle would vote for these self serving individuals.

  19. Wow, this guy has to be one of the most over-rated CBC “Celebrities” ever – #2 to the cast of Air Farce.

    • But I guess he is gay so..give him a break.

      • And his sexuality is pertinent… how?

        • Why is Bairds sexuality always brought up by the left wing

          • (a) I’m not left wing; I’m more socially progressive than the CPC, but also waaay more fiscally conservative.i.e. a “blue liberal”
            (b) I have never brought up Baird’s sexuality, and have seen very few references to it from others on here. Why did you bring it up?

    • Problem is unlike most American networks CBC will not hire new talent . Outside of Mr.Dee have they hired anyone new in five years. Mercer,Walsh and 22 Minutes were funny and on the cutting edge at one time they are not anymore

  20. Rick, love your show, your rants et all. You are funny, sarcastic and witty – a true Canadian. I too, am a ranter, however, it does embarrass my children sometimes, but thankfully not always. They seem to proud of me alot of the time. Even without the fudge stick.

    My mother is a bit of a ranter, although more low key than myself. She once went to make a payment on some furniture she was buying on time. She had my three older sisters with her. (I wasn’t a twinkle in anyones eye yet and I’m 54 so it was back in the day when things were tougher for people, so my mother says) She intended to pay $10.00 on her furniture. She gave the clerk a $20.00 bill. She stood waiting for her change of $10.00. The clerk gave her nothing. She stood there until the clerk asked her if there was a problem. When my mother told her the clerk insisted she had only been given a $10.00 bill. My mother quietly told her she was wrong. They went back and forth until my mother told my sisters to sit on a sofa in the showroom. She sat with them. When the clerk asked what she was doing, she said they would not leave until she had her change. The owner came by and asked what the problem was, the clerk told him. He made her count her till. Mom got her change to the embarrassment of the clerk. Way to go Mom!

    Unfortunately when I rant people mistake that for me being a bitch. And yes, I am called that quite alot. But you are right, we need to rant more. Even for our local politics. I live in Guelph and we have been stuck with a horrible council and Mayor for sometime now because people won’t say anything or vote for change. In a city of approx. 130,000 people, the Mayor was voted in the first time with less than 3,000 votes, crazy, crazy.

    We are also famous or infamous for the RoboCall scandel, and the Liberals got off with a kiss. Wouldn’t you know it!

    So, you want to rant, be my guest. Maybe more people will follow suit.

    Thanks Rick!

  21. Having lived in the US and seeing first hand how Americans stand up for themselves, I can’t believe how Canadians bend over every time the Governement tells them too! Stand Up for yourselves People!

  22. We ranted during 40 plus years of political stupidity that started in 1968!

  23. The NDP seem to have a record of creating poverty stricken
    socialist utopias. The Liberals repeatedly make it plain that they consider
    everywhere outside Toronto to be backward colonies only fit to send money or bought votes. I could write up a more extensive list of the failings
    but the NDP and Liberals make it so easy that Harper does it and will do it so
    much better. Rick you might do better in your efforts to turf Harper by ranting
    at the NDP and Liberals to come up with something fiscally sane that doesn’t
    pit region against region. Maybe talk to an economist, Harper being one doesn’t make them all bad. Until then those of us who want to live in a prosperous
    country are forced to vote Conservative and live with the fear mongering and nonsensical
    social agenda. We are aren’t so much complacent as resigned to our fate.

    As long as I am ranting, I might as well toss in that I find
    it offensive that the Alliance gets to pack around the corpse of my Federal
    Progressive Conservative Party. Pretending that they are venerable old Tory
    instead of a pack of libertarians and social conservatives hiding behind the
    few remaining moderate conservatives. (Red Tories for you kids out there, who
    might not have heard of us.) Thank God we still had a real Progressive
    Conservative party in Alberta when our so called Conservative MPs nearly all
    tried to push the Wildrose party on Alberta. If we don’t want to vote
    Conservative in the next federal election we will be limited to tweedle dumb
    and tweedle dumberer.

    • (Red Tories for you kids out there, who
      might not have heard of us.)
      And for those who HAVE heard of you:
      AKA Liberals who were pissy because the Liberal party didn’t recognize their genius and therefore took there ball and ran off to the conservatives because they thought they would have a better shot at running the show.
      Sorry to disappoint you fuknutz.
      Hey! How’s that old Liberal fart Joke Lark doing?
      I know his Richard Simmons look alike Jean Charest took a well deserved hit. and his … “conservative” pal Jim (I can’t become leader so I’m quitting) Prentice? He’s gone woo hoo!

      • you must have had a southern education because you know jack about Canadian politics and don’t know how to use the word ‘there’
        your trolling tactics are pathetic and your ad Hominem fallacies even worse
        leave the comments to the educated public

        • Aaaahhh Waaaaaa You don’t like me! :D ROTFLMAO!
          May I present yet another wonderful example of a Red Tory ” Bum Badda Buuuuummmmm Garth Turncoat”. A asshole urinalist who wasn’t content in telling people how to live. He wanted to be in government so he could ORDER them how to live. So he tried to ride the rising wave and make it in the conservatives. But his opportunism failed and he coupldn’t keep his big yap shut so he got his fat liberal ass punted. Woo hoo!
          Then as was expected, he run blubbering his little eyes out (as Red Tories are so given to doing) to the Liberals and couldn’t cut it there either.
          That’s entertainment folks! :D

    • See I told ya, no place for fiscal conservatives who are socially progressive. Naturally you can’t figure out if D is a social conservative or libertarian because it is easier to call people names. However, just wait till the social conservatives get a load of libertarian policy and vise versa.

  24. Rick Mercer, you sir, are everything a Canadian should be. Well done. Well done indeed, eh?

    • Yep … a liar and a socialist!

      • Using humour and satire don’t make you a liar. PM Harper is a liar and Rick’s got him on record actually doing it. Mercer’s as clean as a whistle and he’s got the video history to prove it. Our sad sack PM can’t say the same. Oh, and let’s not forget our “honourable” PM and his government were the first ever to be found in contempt of parliament. Their reward? A majority government that used voter fraud to win the election. It makes me sick to think this is what we’ve got when there are people elsewhere in the world actually losing their lives just for the chance to get the kinds of freedom we have here.

        • Complete Bull! It was Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett who pushed for the lyric change to O’ Canada so who’s the liar?

          You too are a liar. Do your research and you will find there was no voter fraud, just trumped up accusations by you and the left-wing media. I challenge you to find the actual proof and evidence to support your lies. Liberals are liars and traitors to this proud Nation; it is as simple as that.

          No party in the history of this country has been as corrupt as the Trudeau Liberals and your support for them clearly demonstrates what you are.

          • An employee of the Conservative government using automated calling machines to misdirect voters. If that’s not fraud, I’m not sure what is. The calls may have well come from Harper’s own phone. I suppose Harper would know if that’s a trumped up charge if he could only spy on everyone’s Internet activity without a warrant. Oh wait… they’re trying to do that too.

          • Show me the proof or shut up!

          • More proof than the individual employed as a Conservative staffer in Guelph with the registered IP address behind the calls? Information, I might add, that had to be obtained legally and with due process (a novel concept which Harper and Toews can’t seem to grasp).

          • From The Canadian Press and released by the CBC August 24, 2012:

            Liberal MP Frank
            Valeriote admitted in March that his Guelph campaign sent voters
            automated telephone messages without identifying their source. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press).

            The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has
            found the Liberal riding association in Guelph, Ont. guilty of violating
            the Telecommunications Act for its use of an automated robocall in the
            last federal election.

            The phone message from a fictitious woman told voters that
            Conservative candidate Marty Burke opposed abortion but failed to inform
            people that the call was from the local campaign of Liberal candidate
            Frank Valeriote.
            The calls made over approximately one hour on April 30, 2011 were found not in compliance with the CRTC’s Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules.

            OK Butterbrain?

          • http://www.torontosun.com/news

            Who’s the liar again. Bennett spouted off well after Harper’s throne speech.

          • Bennett and her Liberal friends sang her version in the house of commons. How is that for disgusting behaviour? Use your brain, if you have one, Harper would never want to make any changes to the national anthem. He’s one of us for cryin’ out loud. Don’t you lefties ever get it?

          • if us you mean less than half the population who have voted for him, maybe. he won an election. there is no us, and if there were, he wouldn’t reflect it.

        • Obviously, you can’t get your tiny brain around politics and the
          purposes thereof. Harper was pressed by the Liberals to make the lyric
          changes and finally decided to put it to the Canadian people to shut the
          Liberals up. And he did it brilliantly.

          By Stephen Hui, March 5, 2010

          After riling up plenty of Canadians by floating the idea of removing
          sexist lyrics from “O Canada”, the Stephen Harper government has slammed
          the door shut on making the anthem gender-neutral.

          “We offered to hear from Canadians on this issue and they have already
          spoken loud and clear. They overwhelmingly do not want to open the
          Dimitri Soudas, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, said
          today (March 5), according to CBC News. “The government will not proceed
          any further to change our national anthem.”

          I stepped in here to break up the lefty love-fest at the MACLEANS site; to let you clowns know that we Right Thinking folks elected Harper and we’ll elect him again because we’re all sick to death with your pinko, socialist, Toronto crap. We’re taking back our nation so just get used to it … Butters.

      • What a maroon. Because you disagree with his opinions doesn’t make him a liar – let alone a socialist. You’re clearly from the Christine O’Donnell school of throwing words around without knowing what they mean.

        • Read my posts. Once again, he lies telling Canadians that Harper wanted to change the national anthem to have part of it rhyme with his name when it was actually Carolyn Bennett (one of Mercer’s own) and her Liberal friends who sang their version in the House of Commons.

          Trying to reason with the likes of you is like giving medicine to the dead.

  25. too true…we are way too passive. What has been done with that omnibus bill is ridiculous and well planned on behalf of the Harper govt. If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS.

  26. Ideologues — of any variety — tend to be deficient in the humour department. Why? Because real humour is radicalizing. Laughter is the best medicine…for what ails our democracy.

    • Yes, we must start laughing at Harper, he is not untouchable. When people think someone is laughable he begins to lose his power. When he was up north the police asked him if he was licensed to drive the off road vehicle, he said (to paraphrase) “I’m the Prime Minister, I make the rules”. He clearly thinks he is above the law.

      • Really? Would you care to “paraphrase” anything else … you socialist idiot!

        • Do you actually know what socialist means? Or do you get all your definitions from Fox News?

  27. Rick: Living in Australia I was suprised by your comment on the lack of TV cameras in Ottawa’s House of Commons. I did not know. But if you believe that televised Question Time in Parliament would encourage the honourable elected to behave more politely, or indeed less like antagonistic children in the playground at Recess, our experience in Canberra might enlighten you. It is not unusual for The Speaker to dismiss MPs. Even the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition was thrown out last month, and if I was resident in that member’s electorate (or riding) I would be outraged! Though not at The Speaker.

  28. Atta boy Rick, I rant often , it’s good for the soul! Also the bp and the heart .

  29. Brilliant Rick, I agree with Don, you are a national treasure, I’m known for the occasional rant myself. I HATE that we pretend we have a democracy but we are governed by a plutocracy.

    • Trudeau created the system of bureaucratic corruption that you suffer under today; massive, over-reaching, centralized government. Trudeau took hold of the proud party of Laurier that was for small government, individual rights and pro business and trade to destroy it beyond recognition. Now it is a party that would consider the likes of Ignatieff for the leadership of this country and you saw how that worked out. Stephen Harper is slowly trying return freedom and democracy to Canada while elevating us to the most stable economy in the world.

      Who are you trying to kid? You had no democratic rights under the Liberals. All you want is socialism and the free stuff you think you’ll get from it. You are no Canadian!

      • “You are no Canadian!”

        Sounds like we’ll have no rights at all under your regime..

  30. I guess Mercer couldn’t find any examples from Liberals to rant about. Oh, I forgot the left cannot rant about how Liberals do things. I find the right rants about the conservatives all the time.

    The left claims to believe in equality and free speech until a conservative speaks out then all hell brakes out. Just watch the left at any conservative type rallies etc.

    • Liberals liberals
      Conservatives conservatives

      Which ones are you talking about? The left probably won’t rant about liberals, but trust me, we rant about Liberals. A lot.

    • Just go back to Rick’s rants from when the Liberals were in power. You rant at the ones in charge – not at the ones trying to rein them in…

    • I recently received a copy of the first season of “22 minutes”, featuring a bunch of rants by Rick Mercer, as well as plenty of satire in the rest of the program, and I can assure you he and they were just as hard on Chrétien as they are on Harper.

  31. It was Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett from Toronto who wanted to change the lyric of our National Anthem … not Stephen Harper. Here’s the clown who obviously opposes the Conservatives and economic progress in Canada. You are little more than a clown, Mercer, with no interest in the facts and nothing important to say.

    • Yes, however …Kim Campbell wanted to change the Nat. Anthem too…she felt it wasn’t “sexy” enough!

      The remainder of you comment has merit.

  32. Hey Ricky! If you’re so great at ranting and such a comedic talent there momma’s boy, how come you don’t get out there and compete in the larger North American entertainment market?
    Plenty of Canadian comedians have and become quite successful and internationally loved, y’know? BECAUSE THEY WERE …FUNNY!. I guess you are probably right not to leave your little pond here where can you be a nice little-big fish. I mean the safe bet is to play to the lefty audience here as opposed to being shown up as not quite as good as any of those other comedians who were funnier and more bold, hmm?
    Hey, what? This isn’t the rant you wanted?

  33. Boy, its easy to spot the posters who are being employed by the Conservative Party to bash anything slightly critical or left leaning. Me, I’m a ranter and PROUD! And just don’t get me started on those people who have no clue how to clear an intersection after the light turns yellow!!

  34. Yes Rick some of us really do care, and will not forget that omnibus bill when it comes election time!!! Just wait and see. But thanks for ranting for me, I do appreciate it.

  35. “Complacent Canadian”; how apt! I cannot believe the level of complacency to every and any atrocity,injustice,fraud etc the average Canadian exhibits.Unbelievably shocking to say the least……..

  36. I read through many comments on here, and people are arguing alot about left and right. Let’s try to remember that in this day and age voting is a false choice, no matter who you vote for the policie makers are still the corporations and that more than any of the other crap is what should make you sick. The fact that no matter who you vote for you will still get the same resaults. The puppets or the puppet masters, which do you think the politicians are?

    • Not really. The policy makers are the non-elected bureaucrats that never change from election to election. These are the deeply entrenched diseases that need to be rooted up, identified and removed. We can only do that by targeting them one at a time.

      This requires a cooperative effort but the problem is Canadians have forgotten what it was like here before Trudeau. Sure, there were problems then but we were not a completely unionized, socialized and polarized country. Everybody had a job and we had a sense of national unity (with a minority of the Francophone population as the exception). In those days Liberals were pro individual freedom, pro small government, pro business, pro American and pro international trade agreements. The Conservatives were the anti-Americans and all for large, centralized government. That’s the irony of today. The parties flip-flopped after Trudeau turned the Liberal Party toward socialism beginning with wage and price controls, protective trade tariffs and his changes to the British North America Act.

      It is naive to believe that large corporations control our Canadian government; I came from the top of one of Canada’s largest, private corporations and I can assure you that we had no interest in that kind of influence. Most of the lobbying comes from Unions and special interest groups. Do you really think the CAW, CUPE and the huge public service unions don’t control the bureaucrats? Do you really think they do not? And that influence isn’t toward the best interests of their membership. If you are looking for the devil, look there.

      Business creates jobs and the opportunity for wealth for everyone. Governments and Unions do not generate capital nor do they contribute to the economic good of a nation. Who really funds governments and unions? Where does capital come from? Private industry generates revenue and pays taxes from that revenue. Government or union workers are paid only with the revenue generated by private businesses. They, in effect, pay no taxes; they only have a portion of that original, private revenue withheld.

      The problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other people’s money. In order to survive, Canada must return to promoting an environment where businesses can thrive.

      • “The problem with Harperism is you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

        There – fixed it for ya.

        Instead of ranting here, go think on how to get us out of a structural deficit which Harper’s crew created. You know, those billions of debt created in part by increasing spending while reducing taxes. There are remedial math classes if you need help.

        • Under the heading “Why I Rant”, you’re telling me not to rant? Look, I was very unhappy with the bailouts of the unionized auto sector; I would have just let them go under and leave natural economic forces to play it out. But I wasn’t in the room when Obama threatened calamity to the Canadian auto industry if we didn’t share in the bail out so I can’t honestly judge that decision. But all your friends in the CAW should be kissing Harper’s butt for saving the jobs he did. Aside from that, I guess you have a very short memory and can’t recall as far back as 2008. More to that point, how about you go take up residence in any European country and then turn around and compare their situation to Canada’s fiscal health.

          It is clearly obvious that you know nothing about economics or fiscal strategy. Harper is an economist and a very good one. If you have a job today, Harper is largely responsible for that. For you to suggest that I take remedial math classes isn’t an insult to me … not at all … but it does demonstrate your complete lack of imagination and wit.

          I’ll give this much though, your intelligence quotient seems to match your hat size.

          • Why thank you – how did you know my hat size is extra large?

            I was primarily mocking your nonsensical statement that “socialists” spend all the money and conservatives spend wisely, when the reality is that in the past few decades our biggest federal debts have been racked up by the right. A trend that Harper seems hell-bent on continuing with his structural deficit.

            As for your other comments…

            My job has nothing to do with Harper. And while I reside in Brampton, I don’t know a single CAW member.

            As for the bailout, if it hadn’t happened many of the subcontractors that supply parts to those factories would have gone under – and because they also supply to Ford, Toyota et al those plants would also have run into difficulties… the snowball effect would have been terrible. If the damage could have been limited to just the two poorly managed companies I might have been inclined to see them go under too. And while wages may have been part of the problem, the real issue was crappy product that no one wanted to buy. That’s not the fault of the unions; that’s management’s doing. The folks on the top half of the economic equation that you think are the gods and saviours of the undeserving masses.

            (Oh, and don’t forget – McGuinty also provided bailout money; you seem to have overlooked his contribution.)

            As for Harper’s being a good economist: Is that the same Harper who was the last politician in the western world to see the recession of 2008 coming? The Harper who gave away the surplus on tax cuts and had nothing left when the economy went south? The Harper who was planning to dismantle our banking regs to make them more like the US until their system collapsed – and then took credit for the Liberal-built banking regs? The Harper who allowed 35-year, zero-down mortgages and then had to back off for fear of a US-style collapse? Shall I go on?

            By the end of their run the Libs had developed a level of hubris and contempt for the electorate that they deserved to be booted. I had hoped the CPC would be a breath of fresh air; they certainly talked a good game. But they have been far worse than their predecessors on almost every front. Had they come even close to delivering on what they promised while in opposition, I’d be out there with you supporting them.

            But from where I sit, they have been an unmitigated disaster.

            And now I’ll take my rather large hat and go…

          • Hah! As far as the debt issues are concerned, you just finished arguing against yourself. Anyway, The Liberals had successive majorities and this is the Conservatives first in a very long time. That has a huge impact on the results. I’m not interested in McGuinty … the people in Ontario got what they deserved and will continue to lie there and take it. Regardless of the political party, Ontario has no hope left what-so-ever.

            Why are you blaming Harper for the decisions made by the banks? Are you trying to tell me that the rest of the world’s leaders weren’t surprised by the collapse in 2008? Please, that is all your own personal conjecture and carries no validity.

            Before Trudeau I was a Liberal. Before Trudeau Liberals were today’s Conservatives. The banking regulations have been in place for many years and today’s Liberals sure as hell can’t take credit for those. Canada’s banks jumped on the mortgage-scheme bandwagon just the way everyone else did and that had nothing to do with Harper’s minority government.

            And yes, I would have let those auto companies crash and burn because the unions were just as complicit in their disease and the management. People will still need cars and other manufacturers will step in to fill the demand but at least Chrysler and GM would be gone … along with a big chunk of the corrupt unions.

            You’d have to have a mighty swell head to match an IQ of any significance.

          • How did I argue against myself re the debt? Please explain!

            Mulroney – despite criticizing Trudeau for the debt HE racked up – turned around and made our debt far worse. Chretien, when he took over, managed over the course of a few years to go from annual deficits to posting surpluses, and was bringing down the nation’s debt. Harper’s first move was to eliminate the surplus while increasing spending (he promised to decrease spending). That was BEFORE the recession. Things went downhill from there.

            So it is the Right who spends money we don’t have – not “socialists”.

            In 2008, during the election, economists and other world leaders – and for that matter the other parties – were all saying we were headed for a recession. Harper said we were not. When he finally came around, he said it was a fine opportunity to buy stocks while the market was down – a “let them eat cake” elitist approach to what for most was a very real financial problem. Not conjecture – it’s what really happened. Go back and look it up yourself if you don’t believe me.

            As regards the banking regs: Martin made regular improvements to them that the banks didn’t like. Those are the very regs Harper loved to boast about as the best in the world. He and Flaherty were already looking at American-style deregulation when the bottom fell out; they quickly dropped their plans and stayed the course (and pretended they were the heroes).

            Oh, re the bailout? If it would have been such a good idea to let them crash and burn, why did the other car companies back the bailout? You’d think if it would have given them a better market position they would have opposed the bailout. But the reality is, the damage caused by the ensuing collapse of the supplier chain would have been a disaster for them too.

            And the ripple effects of that would have given us a depression, not a recession. A hell of a lot more people than your hated unionists would have lost their jobs. But then, if all those folks are too poor to be able to survive the loss of their jobs and homes and the collapse of the economy, well that’s their own fault and they deserve to starve, right?

            Do a little reading. Pay attention to the world around you. You might learn something. Maybe even gain an ounce or two of compassion in that tight little Grinchlike heart.

            Oh, and for the record, and since you keep raising it: my IQ – at least back when I was in university – is in the high 130s based on the WAIS test. About 2.5 standard deviations above the mean. What’s yours?

  37. Mercer for Prime Minister

  38. Rich, I’d vote you for Prime Minister any day! We need more REAL Canucks like yourself and God bless your feisty mother!
    Rant and rant and rant until we reclaim our Canadian identity—currently in escrow by those troglodytes eating the Tea Party sandwiches on our Hill!

  39. We need more Rantin’ Canadians. That’s what we used to have a few decades ago….Dief, Pearson (Nobel Prize for (real)Peace), Trudeau, Clark, Tommy Douglas, Lewis…honourable Canadians who cared for their country. Even Multrooney cared about the Environment. What we have is a travesty; that’s why we lost hte UN National SEcurity Council seat. That’s why our crisis 2008-9 budget was so bad it had to be redrafted a couple of times!
    We’re selling out our resources, our technology and bankrupting our country while adopting a foreign culture from our bankrupt cousins south of the border.
    64% of all personal bankruptcies in the U.S. were result of “not being able to pay medical and doctor bills”!!!
    Zero (0%) in Canada thanks to non-Conservative Liberal and NDP policies of hte past. And our percentage of the GDP is 4% lower than the Americans!
    Keep Canada Canadian—and rant against the Dark Forces on the Hill who’ve stolent our voice and try to coerce us into a failed ideology that just doesn’t and hastn’t worked south of the border.
    Rant rant and rant and thanks to Rick’s Mom! A real Canadian!

  40. Yea! Rick for Prime Minister—any day!!!!! BRAVO! Tell it like it is

  41. Canadians don’t rant enough? Please visit Quebec.

  42. I like the idea of fun as the measure of any decision. If it isn’t fun, we shouldn’t need to do it. So, cancel all governments and having to make money globally. All Parties become beach parties! And we have fun with and as kids! I am serious. Afterall, it is Jubilee year and all debts should be cancelled and we can all go potluck to do what we like doing without being told we have to do it…that’s too much like homework. God bless us all!

  43. I grew up listening to my own mother rant, in the grocery store, at various “professional” offices. My mother was 99 lbs soaking wet, single and a force to be reckoned with! She was also from the east coast!

  44. For all you drooling lefties out there, read it from your own publicly funded, socialist, propaganda machine. The change to the lyrics of O’ Canada was never mentioned in Harper’s portion of the throne speech (that part came from Michaelle Jean) and only came up in Parliament because the push from the left was unrelenting. Harper threw you a bone and at the same time demonstrated what the reaction from real Canadians would be.

    In 1990, if you care to remember, the Toronto city council decided to expand their powers by trying to make the very same changes to the lyrics of our national anthem. But then again, that’s just a “Tranna” thing to do.


    You lefties are completely out of touch with the real Canada and you will lie about anything as long as you don’t have someone like me to point it out.

    • Ah, here’s another one claiming to stand for “the real Canada” and “real Canadians”. Here’s a hint: a great many Canadians love the CBC, despite its flaws, and love Rick Mercer. So you want to revoke our citizenship because we don’t share your point of view? Well, you can’t, because, despite all the efforts of the Harper government, this is still a free country. Because of people like us,

  45. Well said!!!!

  46. This season Rick Mercer opened his show by making fun of NDP MP Pat
    Martin. The same Pat Martin this magazine last year said was runner up
    for best orator in Parliament. An orator is a public speaker, who better
    to rant? Last year Mercer was ranting at Canadians to speak up about
    the robocall scandal. Pat Martin did, and for this he got served with a
    $5 million lawsuit for defaming the reputation of the party he said was
    involved. Pat Martin made a public apology and retracted his rant and
    that should be the end of it. But no, he is still on the hook having to
    spend an estimated quarter of a million dollars to fight a $5 million
    lawsuit. So where is Rick Mercer on this? He is opening the new season
    on his well paid gig, the Rick Mercer Report, hosted by tax payer funded
    CBC, making fun of Pat Martin. This little twerp is now telling
    Canadians they need to speak up against those who already have. Mercer
    says it is funny Pat Martin is asking Canadians to choose between saving
    a starving kid in Africa or donating monies to help him avoid financial
    ruin. It is not funny. Pat Martin is obviously a stand up guy who took a
    huge personal and financial risk to speak up for Canadians. Rick
    Mercer, he took a pay cheque.

    • You’re stupid rant ends.

  47. This is good advice regardless of what side of the political spectrum you’re on. Maybe the distinguishing line for a “contribution rant” could be if what you are ranting about actually will make the world a better place as opposed to only advancing your own agenda.

  48. You didn’t do your homework when you got sucked into the PCVS school closure in Peterborough. A school had to close. If not theirs, it would have been another. They won “Spread the Net” just to buy airtime on your show. Apparently, they also bought you.

  49. I’d do it for the fudge stick.

  50. Rick, you’re my hero – now if you could just just figure out what’s wrong with our people that they can’t summon up the courage to care about the horrible things our current government is doing to us!

  51. From a sharp political mind to a partisan left wing dolt. Your show has been on a way too long Mercer!

  52. from Merriam-Webster online Rant, v. tr.: to utter in a bombastic declamatory fashion
    from FreeDictionary Online: Rant,v.intr. :to speak or write in an angry or violent manner;

    v.tr. : To utter or express with violence or extravagance
    Cowards, bullies, lunatics, fanatics, and dictators rant. If that shoe fits, by all means wear it.

  53. RICK MERCER FOR PM! He should run for the Liberal leadership.

    • Too many Conservatives would call him a traitor.

      Personally, I agree, but for his sake I’ll suggest he keep ranting.

      Don’t just say someone should run. Think seriously before you dare do that.

  54. I’d do it for the fudge stick!

  55. Sing with me: Down with the Dictator! Down with Harper! Elect the Liberals, your meat knives will be sharper!

    • Naw this one is better. Mulcair is a loser Trudeau is a piece of sh-t!

      • And yer stupid.

  56. Rick Mercer – you are my ranting hero! I, and millions of others, love you!! :-)

  57. Oh to have been a fly on the wall in that bank! Bravo Mom, and bravo Rick for inheriting it. I LOVE your rants.

  58. Can’t stand Mercer . Another over paid leftard feeding at the public trough in this case the CBC

  59. Rick.
    Even though I’m a card-carrying Conservative, and beyond that, a regular donor to the party, you are more or less right on regarding the crime bill.
    Would you be so kind as to also confirm that the same fear-mongering the base-baiting is the foundation of the gun registry?

  60. I think it is great that someone like Rick Mercer watches and points out the way our government of the day operates. The question is how long will we as Canadians keep turning a blind eye and keep putting up with this backroom style of politics. Wouldn’t it be great if when things aren’t going our way we could just change the rules to suit. I was shocked to learn that I now have to wait two more years before i can get my pension, and that our finance minister has said that the unemployed should just take whatever they can get. [nice attitude] I think Danny Williams said it best when he said A.B.C.
    I will be waiting for Rick’s next Rant.

  61. I got so much to rant about I cant even bother with it ,what change is it going to make and the powers that be don’t care, Lets start by getting Quebec out of the country ,lets try that for a year ,if that don’t fix it then every province should be on there own to govern their own people ( its not the people in Quebec remember its the leaders.

  62. Most all this stuff that’s going down in this country is all about votes. Rick your a good man what you say is on the minds of most Canadians, So why does things not change?