Trudeau's turn from cool to laughing stock -

Trudeau’s turn from cool to laughing stock

Terry Glavin on how Justin Trudeau’s lament for the dictator Fidel Castro confirmed every lampoon of the prime minister’s foreign-policy vacuity

Justin Trudeau (C) poses for a selfie with students during the First Ministers' meeting in Ottawa, Canada November 23, 2015. (Chris Wattie/Reuters)

Justin Trudeau (C) poses for a selfie with students during the First Ministers’ meeting in Ottawa, Canada November 23, 2015. (Chris Wattie/Reuters)

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Ever since his election as Canada’s Prime Minister last October, Justin Trudeau has revelled in global tributes, raves and swoons. He’s the Disney prince with the trippy dance moves, the groovy Haida tattoo and the gender-balanced cabinet. He’s the last best hope for globalization, the star attraction at the Pride parades, the hero of the Paris Climate Summit, the guy everyone wants a selfie with.

Trudeau made himself synonymous with Canada. He made Canada cool again. It was fun while it lasted.

By the early hours of Saturday morning, Havana time, Trudeau was an international laughingstock. Canada’s “brand,” so carefully constructed in Vogue photo essays and Economist magazine cover features, seemed to suddenly implode into a bonspiel of the vanities, with humiliating headlines streaming from the Washington Post to the Guardian, and from Huffington Post to USA Today.

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It was Trudeau’s maudlin panegyric on the death of Fidel Castro that kicked it off, and there is a strangely operatic quality to the sequence of events that brings us to this juncture. When Trudeau made his public debut in fashionable society 16 years ago, with his “Je t’aime, papa!” encomium at the gala funeral of his father in Montreal, Fidel Castro himself was there among the celebrities, as an honorary pallbearer, lending a kind of radical frisson to the event. Now it’s all come full circle.

Times have changed, and the Trudeau family’s bonds with the Castro family, first cultivated while Pierre Trudeau was prime minister and carefully nurtured during the years that followed, now seem somehow unhygienic. Greasy, even. Definitely not cool.

“It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest-serving president,” Trudeau’s statement begins, going on to celebrate Castro as a “larger than life” personality who served his people. He was “a legendary revolutionary and orator” whose people loved him, and who worked wonders for Cuban education and health care.

A “controversial figure,” sure, but: “I know my father was very proud to call him a friend and I had the opportunity to meet Fidel when my father passed away. It was also a real honour to meet his three sons and his brother, President Raúl Castro, during my recent visit to Cuba. On behalf of all Canadians, Sophie and I offer our deepest condolences to the family, friends and many, many supporters of Mr. Castro. We join the people of Cuba today in mourning the loss of this remarkable leader.”

And so, from far-off Antananarivo, Madagascar, where he was attending the 80-government gathering of La Francophonie, Trudeau’s lament for the last of the Cold War dictators ended up confirming every wicked caricature of his own vacuity and every lampoon of the Trudeau government’s foreign-policy lack of seriousness.

Twitter lit up with hilarious mockeries under the hashtag #trudeaueulogies. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio wanted to know whether Trudeau’s statement came from a parody account. The impeccably liberal Jeffrey Goldberg, editor-in-chief of The Atlantic magazine, called Trudeau’s praise of Castro “a sad statement for the leader of a democracy to make.”

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Whether or not Trudeau saw any of this coming, he didn’t appear to notice that he was delivering a speech to La Francophonie delegates in Madagascar that emphasized justice for lesbian, gay and transgender people, while from the other side of his mouth he was praising the legacy of a caudillo who spent the first decade of his rule rounding up gay people for “re-education” in labour camps. Homosexuals were irredeemably bourgeois maricones and agents of imperialism, Castro once explained.

To be perfectly fair, Trudeau did allow that Castro was a “controversial figure,” and nothing in his remarks was as explicit as the minor classic in the genre of dictator-worship that his brother Alexandre composed for the Toronto Star 10 years ago. Alexandre described Castro as “something of a superman. . . an expert on genetics, on automobile combustion engines, on stock markets. On everything.” As for the Cuban people: “They do occasionally complain, often as an adolescent might complain about a too strict and demanding father.”

This kind of Disco Generation stupidity about Castro has been commonplace in establishment circles in Canada since Pierre’s time, and neither Alexandre’s gringo-splaining nor Justin’s aptitude for eulogy are sufficient to gloss over the many things Cubans have every right to complain about.

Any political activity outside the Communist Party of Cuba is a criminal offence. Political dissent of any kind is a criminal offence. Dissidents are spied on, harassed and roughed up by the Castros’ neighbourhood vigilante committees. Freedom of movement is non-existent. Last year, the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (CCDHRN) documented 8,616 cases of politically motivated arbitrary arrest. For all our Prime Minister’s accolades about Cuba’s health care system, basic medicines are scarce to non-existent. For all the claims about high literacy rates, Cubans are allowed to read only what the Castro crime family allows.

Raul Castro’s son Alejandro is the regime’s intelligence chief. His son-in-law, Luis Alberto Rodríguez López-Callejas, runs the Cuban military’s business operations, which now account for 60 per cent of the Cuban economy. The Castro regime owns and control the Cuban news media, which is adept at keeping Cubans in the dark. It wasn’t until 1999, for instance, that Cubans were permitted to know the details of Fidel’s family life: five sons they’d never heard of, all in their thirties.

Independent publications are classified as “enemy propaganda.” Citizen journalists are harassed and persecuted as American spies. Reporters Without Borders ranks Cuba at 171 out of 180 countries in press freedom, worse than Iran, worse than Saudi Arabia, worse than Zimbabwe.

So fine, let’s overlook the 5,600 Cubans Fidel Castro executed by firing squad, the 1,200 known to have been liquidated in extrajudicial murders, the tens of thousands dispatched to forced labour camps, or the fifth of the Cuban population that was either driven into the sea or fled the country in terror.

What is not so easy to overlook is that Fidel and Raúl Castro reneged on their promise of a return to constitutional democracy and early elections following the overthrow of the tyrant Fulgencio Batista. The Castros betrayed the revolutionary democrats and patriots who poured into Havana with them on that glorious January day in 1959. The Castros waged war on them in the Escambray Mountains until their final defeat in 1965, four full years after John F. Kennedy’s half-baked Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961.

After he solidified his base in Cuba’s Stalinist party–which had been allied with Batista, Castro’s apologists tend to conveniently forget, until the final months of 1958–Fidel Castro delivered Cuba to Moscow as a Soviet satrapy. He then pushed Russia to the brink of nuclear war with the United States in the terrifying 13-day Missile Crisis of 1962.

For all the parochial Canadian susceptibility to the propaganda myth that pits a shabby-bearded rebel in olive fatigues against the imperialist American hegemon, by the time he died on Friday night Castro was one of the richest men in Latin America. Ten years ago, when he was handing the presidency to Raúl, Forbes magazine calculated that Fidel’s personal wealth was already nearly a billion dollars.

In his twilight years, Castro was enjoying himself at his gaudy 30-hectare Punto Cero estate in Havana’s suburban Jaimanitas district, or occasionally retreating to his private yacht, or to his beachside house in Cayo Piedra, or to his house at La Caleta del Rosario with its private marina, or to his duck-hunting chalet at La Deseada.

Fidel Castro was not merely the “controversial figure” of Justin Trudeau’s encomium. He was first and foremost a traitor to the Cuban revolution. On that count alone, Castro’s death should not be mourned. It should be celebrated, loudly and happily.


Trudeau’s turn from cool to laughing stock

  1. When Justin Trudeau became Canadian Prime Minister after his father, Pierre, it was a case of history repeating itself.
    I believe it was Karl Marx (sic) who stated, “History repeats itself, first as a tragedy, then as a farce.”
    The farcical Justin Trudeau, most certainly an admirer of Marx, represents a living example of Marx’s words.

    • P.E.T. dug a hole of debt that took decades to come to terms with. The national debt continued to be P.E.T.’s legacy even with his passing. Now J.T. is doing the exact same thing (tragedy). The Canadian public will be left with the debt legacy once again (farce).

      • Yes…Cuba was so much better off run by the Mafia. And as for the debt you claim we are still suffering under from the Trudeau era…I guess the fact that 25% of our national debt occurred in the past ten years, under Harper and his gang.

        In the article, the journalist bemoans the fact that pharmaceuticals are hard to come by in Cuba. Wonder why? How about the over 50-year embargo by the US…and the threats to any country that deals with Cuba by the the US…

        I’ve been the Cuba. Much nicer and safer than Mexico…or many states in the US.

        • Yes, Cubans enjoy free education and health care, and it is nice and safe but at what cost? His political opponents often met a fate that would end in an unmarked grave or out at sea. Even CBC admits he likely eliminated hundreds (more likely thousands) of political adversaries. This is not the type of tyrant our PM should be idolizing.

          • Anything “free” is worth what you paid for it.

          • Oh! Because you think the regular Joe was being systematically murdered by the US backed dictator Batista who gave up the running of his country to the Mafia?

            You are an idiot! If you want to join a debate, INFORM yourself of the facts before you spew out all your ignorance for the world to laugh at. Conservatives – the asshole of society!

          • Trudeau is no laughing stock to me, or as far as most in Canada are concerned, not sure if you read the poll numbers on Nanos today, seems the MSM are the laughing stock today, even Paul Wells. If polling counts in your world, your writing the wrong message to the people today, ‘Fake News’ at its best. I guess, anything to sell papers. Bother way, Rona, the bombastic mouthpiece and leader of the Cons who has to read from a script to get a message across in the HOCs in order to make a headline on CBC everyday, is fallen behind Lizzy May, so yes the MSM in Canada are writing ‘Fake News’, because this ‘Fake News’ doesn’t seem to jive with polling. These are mostly smear campaigns from reporters who’s jobs it is to print whatever it takes to sell news. Peddling ‘Fake News’ should be a crime.

        • So whats your point? Harper created some of our debt so no problem for Trudeau to multiply it? The US placed an embargo on Cuba to try and curtail Castros dictatorship and oppression of his people so it is not Castros fault? You think it should be just business as usual with brutal dictatorships? Would you consider emigrating to Cuba?
          Probably not eh?

          • It’s also not true. When adjusting for inflation, Harper’s deficits are a drop in the bucket, especially when compared to the master of debt, PET.

          • Hey retard, ever hear of Mulroney? You know that fiscal genius who threw the country into the biggest recession experienced in the last 40yrs? Get you head out of your ass. The fumes are beginning to erode whatever little brain matter you had!

          • Gee James too bad you didn’t know something of Cuban history. The US placed an embargo on Cuba because Cuba drove out the American mob and the exploitation of the Cuban people by the American multinationals. Fidel came to the US after the revolution and practically begged the US to accept a free Cuba and to come to terms. Instead the US (driven by the big money and big crime forces, as usual) slammed the door on him. Fidel nationalized the oil refineries when the US would no longer supply Cuba with oil driving them into the open arms of the USSR. Another example of blind imperialism on the part of the US, no one is allowed to cross them without paying the price. I really wonder how many of the handwringing Right Wingnuts. have ever been there or spoken with a real Cuban, one who hasn’t left in a huff. I have been there and I have spoken with many many and they will tell you they don’t like the government but they are at the same time very proud that they have survived the insanity of the US embargo and of their societies’ accomplishments and their resiliance. And to all the assholes that slander all Canadians that go to Cuba as only there for the cheap cigars, mojitos and beach vacations. I do not drink mojitos or smoke cohibas. Or lounge on the beach for that matter. So get off your high horse, do you think that the Canadians going to Mexico care about the thousands killed every year, the execution of journalists, torture killings of students and anyone else that elected officials sic the narco/police death squads on. What is it with the right winger, red neck, conservative, hard of thinking crowd that makes them so immune from recognizing their own blatant hypocrisy. Make one sick but I guess one has to recognize the source……The average MacLeans reader.

        • You seem to forget that that debt was rung up during one of the more notable economic crises of or time? The notion of spending his way out of it, as would happen in 2008, didn’t appeal to Senior as much as strangling inflation with a round of wage and price controls. It worked and probably save a few hundred millions borrowed from … the banks?

          But if he was bad, his PC successors stretched the debt prophylactic out of all recognition with their ‘manliness’.

        • Harper and “his gang” didn’t create the debt. Your loving Liberal-NDP-Bloc coalition did.
          Using Batista’s regime to justify any support of Castro is just as asinine a conclusion as you’ve drafted on our financial progress. Read the Fiscal reference tables. Harper handed Zoolander a surplus operating budget. Look how long that lasted.

        • as long as things “look” pretty to you, right genius? forget that castro targeted the gay/lesbian community, jailed and murdered dissidents, kept his population in poverty while he was enriched. as long as your visit was pleasant, right? hard to imagine being so dumb.

          • Brian Sklar is typical of many Canadian tourists to Cuba – as long as they get their cheap beach vacation, who cares if the locals around them are suffering?

        • Cuba was better off with Batista. There was free enterprise, and there wasn’t a dictator running the country who killed thousands of people and to this day still has many of his people rotting in prison. Only the left could make an argument that Castro was such a great guy. The average Cuban makes $20 PER MONTH. People can’t leave the island. It is East Germany with water around it. And yet you think that this is okay? And by the way, do you want to know why the US had an embargo in the first place? It was because Castro nationalized every company and took all of the property that anyone owned before he came to power. And don’t forget that he was such a great guy, he allowed the Soviets to come in and put missiles on his island which almost caused a nuclear war in the 60’s. The only people that can argue that Castro is a good guy are those who are uninformed or have been poorly informed by leftist professors that are so prevalent at university now days.

        • Brian, would you live in Cuba as a citizen living under the Castro rule? Don’t need an answer I live in Canada. Would you have any problem how the government runs Cuba.

        • Cuba is a slave island that survives off tourist dollars from Countries with real economies. They would all die without real working people from Countries that do not fail to balance their budgets before it is too late.

      • Right! And after PET there came Mulroney who robbed the country blind to enrich his friends and brought you the first major recession of the last 40yrs. Under PET Canadian economy was thriving, jobs were abundant, immigration built the nation, a family could thrive with one working parent, the Canadian Constitution was repatriated, and we defined our culture for the first time!

        Go read a book dumbass!

        • Hey Einstein, do you remember wage and price controls? You don’t remember how that worked? The COL went crazy with interest rates while PET stagnated wages AND crashed the oil industry.
          And Mulroney gave us record growth in that time: The debt he inherited from PETerrible was also subject to record interest rate conditions. Mulroney did as well as possible in those conditions

        • Is this your idea of an intelligent debate – calling people who disagree with you ”dumbasses”, ”retards” and ”assholes”? Your parents must be so proud of you, Manuela.

  2. This is the best account of Castro’s legacy I have read.

  3. Great article, much better than what one can usually find on Macleans. Justin has been a punchline for a while, but with this fiasco he has taken it to another level. History might look back at this as the moment that he “jumped the shark” so to speak.

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  4. Trudeau has simply no depth or wisdom. He has the finesse of French culture but misses the spirit of Sochi Putin reaching for Trump’s Versailles chandelier. He’s the druggie, hipster, LBGT war on Greek High culture. Vanity smirking at the photo-op greatness, swaggering before he falls, which was inevitable. Pride goeth before a fall, God lifts those of low degree who perceive His purpose and debases those of high degree of which Trudeau epitomises. Sadly we are going downhill, led not by Light but by Darkness. CANEXIT like UK did with Thatcher or US with Trump.

  5. Thank you,Mr.Glavin,for bringing some balance to the current Canadian festival of mourning,especially at CBC, for a dictatorial thug.
    Apparently, 2.6 million “Che” T-shirts are still sold world wide, honoring Castro’s version of Beria,and further proof that fantasy supplants ugly reality in the minds of too many.

    • When Castro overthrew Batista, Cuba was run by the American mob…today Cuba has a healthy (despite the US embargo on everything, including pharmaceuticals) and well educated population…and a doctor for every hundred people in the country.

      I am far more concerned about the lunatic that just stole the US election than I ever was about the man who kicked the mafia out of Cuba.

      Rest in peace,

      • I think you should move to Cuba really! You will be happy there.

      • One thug replaced the other thugs …

      • But like all good dictators – their cause is just in the beginning, but the lure of complete power is very attractive. His initial work at providing the people of Cuba with a ‘better life’ was well intended. But is it know . Sure more people can read and write, but what is the point if the only things you can read is what government approves and the only thing you can write is what government approves. As for health – it is pretty minimal – yes you can get to a doctor, but beyond that – not much. Even their leaders go outside of the country of health care that requires advanced technology.

        As for Fidel himself – while he cultivated the image of a fellow comrade living off of minimum amounts in fact his wealth is huge and like all good dictators he lived off the state in very bountiful ways (including access to 20 plus ‘vacation’ homes, boats etc.

      • YES..ALSO THE PEOPLE OF DPRK, North Korea, have the highest standard of living, life expectancy, education & health care in the world
        The benevolent government of Dear Leader Kim Jong-un has statistics PROVING it

      • it appears safe because anyone messing with a tourist gets 25 years in a Cuban prison or death..pretty much the
        it is cheap because of the slave labor working form tips only, largely from fat ugly Canadians
        but it does not bother the tourists that most eat more in a day than a Cuban outside the Communist party does in a week

        • Canadians can’t tip Cubans except with toiletries and like because the currency for tourists is different than that for locals and the locals cannot cash the tourist’s currency.

        • Nonsense, every last Cuban has access to totally free health care and education.
          It is cheap because the embargo not because of tips or slave labour.
          Kevin Getz, you come from one of the most educated countries in the world, I suggest it is high time you availed yourself of that education.

      • Cuba is the USA’s 35th largest agricultural customer, a rather “leaky” embargo. Canadians have been free to travel to Cuba for decades, SA companies have traded with Cuba for decades, and yet somehow it is the USA’s fault that Cuba is such a Communist Utopia? Hmm, I think there is another reason.

      • Typical Leftist who can’t tell the difference between a brutal dictator and a democratically elected leader. Castro murdered his own people. He ruined the economy. In case you haven’t heard, the monthly income of a Cuban is $20. You have to be an idiot to praise this guy in any way. Next I suspect you will tell us Hitler was a great guy because he built the autobahn

        • Which people did Castro murder? How many?
          Typical Rightist who reads only propaganda and has know knowledge of history.
          In Castros entire reign less that 300 Cubans were killed. Those who were killed violently resisted his regime, and/or refused to leave when they were given the opportunity.
          Also, Trudeau did not praise Castro. He simply addressed Castro’s place in 20th Century history, and said it was remarkable how long he was able to maintain power, which it was.

          • He is responsible for more than 100 thousand deaths is today’s best estimates. Cuba is a slave island that survives off tourist dollars from Countries with real economies. They would all die without real working people from Countries that do not fail to balance their budgets before it is too late.

  6. LOL This from the crowd that sold billions of dollars of weapons to the Saudis……and routinely backs the US in all it’s warswars

    The Con Hypocrisy Party.

    • ???? Terry Glavin and people commenting on his article brokered arms deals to the Saudis? What a bizarre comment. Always fascinating to get a peek into the mind of a Justin fangirl though. Btw you know that the whole “done deal” narrative that the Liberals tried to push about the Saudi weapons deal turned out to be BS, right? Pretty much all politicians are hypocrites, get used to it. Justin is no better than anyone else in Canada in that regard, despite his nice haircut and winning smile. Like claiming to care about gay rights while praising a dictator who put homosexuals in concentration camps. Like claiming to be a feminist while pandering at a gender segregated mosque lol.


      Hahaha….Con hypocrisy…your ability to tell a bald face lie is amazing. Do you believe your own fabrications? The Libs could have backed out the weapons sale but didn’t and Justin Trudeau has us in a war backing the US on two fronts …in Mosul and in Latvia. We are soon to go on a so-called peace keeping mission where it will be active combat because there is no peace to keep. As this article from the CBC points out, there is no difference between Harper and Trudeau. Get used to it.

  7. “From the Washington Post to the Guardian, and from Huffington Post to USA Today” is not much of a trip. They are in fact the usual suspects in the task of spreading the U.S. Authorized Version, especially since 2013, and at times The Atlantic has been if not on board at least a stable sea. It is not just any Trudeau circle, but many Canadians who have for decades held at different view of Cuba from the view held by the U.S. And it was U.S. anti-anything-left attitudes that led to actions that made revolutionary success impossible.

    As for overlooking obvious inhuman acts, I am sure that, if you are able to overlook the Americans’ illegal invasions and wars, devastations of whole countries, destabilization of huge swaths of the political world, renditions, tortures, the internal acts against minorities, the deliberate destabilization and disparity in the U.S. economy and more, why do you have so much trouble overlooking any acts of other countries?

    At the time of the horrendous acts against homosexuals that you mention, Canada was forcibly sending homosexual men to “Institutes” for intrusive therapy because homosexuality was considered both a mental illness and criminal.

    Shameful attempt to attack Justin Trudeau’s eulogy of his father through trashing this eulogy.

    Emotive words throughout, but ‘greasy’? ‘unhygienic’? ‘gawdy[sic]’? Is that kind of racist, or just priggish?

    And it was not Castro who pushed Russia to the brink, but the U.S.’s installation of ballistic missiles in Italy and Turkey. Within reach of Russia, as Cuban missiles sites would have been within reach of the U.S.

    Not cool, you aren’t.


      No one will look on Canada’s treatment of First Nations; homosexuals, the Chinese (head tax) and Japanese (internment camps) and wax on about how fantastic we were in the human right’s department and neither should they. However, we are privy to our embarrassing history. Cubans are not because they don’t have a free press and are fed altered history books that don’t tell the truth about atrocities. Castro was a man with many flaws that remained to the day he gave up power. He never produced the changes in terms of freedom that he promised would come. His people are oppressed and poverty stricken. It is a fact. We don’t need to look at how much worse it could be. The man died incredibly wealthy. His people live with few freedoms and few ways to improve their own situation. Ask yourself one question. Why would tourists to the island be given a different currency than the citizens?

    • If you lived through the disruption of your democratic choice by US imperialistic intrusion in countries in the Southern hemisphere, you will not be enamoured of the US as a beacon of free choice. Castro was no angel but his was a struggle against capitalist excesses in Cuba and for equal development for all in his country. Not all Cubans hate Castro. There are other countries such as Israel that get a free pass from the US on their human rights records. Don’t forget the US propping up endless other dictators. So give it a rest. Rather a world open to constructive dialogue towards improved human rights than this false piety about democracy, US style. I’m glad that Trudeau knows when to be respectful and when to speak up. This is not the time to engage in a rant about Castro. Besides, if Canadians were all so disdainful, they wouldn’t have been trekking in their thousands to holiday there every year, the US embargo be damned. Get real. Trouble with you guys is your noses are still out of joint about Trudeau’s popularity. You know what, rather Trudeau anyday than that bunch called Conservatives and their petty, pennypinching approach to government.

      • We are not the US. Being respectful means sending condolences and wishing the Cuban people a positive future. Dismissing the struggles they endured under a despot Castro because he wasn’t as bad as the despot, Baptise is not appropriate. It wasn’t appropriate for Harper to eulogize the King of Saudi Arabia either. Canada is a rich country and Canadians enjoy untold freedoms. The citizens of these other countries do not so to praise their oppressors is inappropriate for our PM’s whomever they may be.

      • Your part of the problem Gage G. Canadians, fat Germans, etc. did trek to Cuba because it was cheap place to get laid and a suntan. Sounds like you’re still bragging, but did you realize she or he ( in your case ) was only 16?
        Every Cuban refugee I met talks about the police state they fled. In your feeble mind, the head cop was eradicating “capital excesses”. Do you mean the capital excesses of free enterprise, limited government, the Bill of Rights?
        You’re in denial Gage G, willing to overlook a murderer, a dictator, a greedy p.o.s, because of sunshine and cigars. Stick one of them where the sun doesn’t shine.

        • Well, originally, the police state they fled was Batista’s and they fled because some of them had been part of Batista’s police state that had crumbled and they fled for the usual reasons. And most of the Canadians I know who vacationed in Cuba were families and older retired couples. I might agree with you that the Mafia playground of Batista’s time could be considered as an example of free enterprise and limited government, but it is a bit of a stretch.

        • ??? What are you talking about? Was I defending Castro or any other “murderer, dictator or greedy p.o.s.” No. If you got that from my comment, you misread it.

      • So why have thousands of Cubans risked (and in many cases lost) their life escaping to the horrible USA?

  8. I agree, billionaires with strange political views, retreating to their private beach houses before death, should not be mourned, especially if their unsafe workplace protocols have directly killed others, of if their unfriendly environmental practices have indirectly reduced or ended the lives of others. Not to mention the “expense” caused to the masses by way to padding their billionaire pocket books. Yes, the world has a history of stupidity, with many current followers!

  9. This article is ridiculous. Our Prime Minister makes one controversial tweet and he’s a “laughing stock”. He was tweeting a CONDOLENCE…not the time to bring up a persons failings. WOW… It’s like you were raised in a barn

    • It wasn’t just a tweet, it was a statement from the Prime Minister of Canada. And it isn’t Glavin that is saying he is a laughing stock – look at the number of publications across the political spectrum ridiculing the PM’s statement.

      • Yeah, all the U.S. publications and politicians are the ones crying foul over this. Most other world leaders and even the Pope are simply offering condolences to the Cuban people for the loss of their leader. Yet somehow everyone escapes the vitrol except the PM of Canada. I don’t see anyone lambasting the Pope for saying almost the exact same thing.

        • Most other world leaders are corrupt, vicious murderous dictators, not unlike their dear departed friend Fidel Castro! The world envisioned as one big bunny park where the clouds are made of candy-floss and the rivers gushing with creme-soda, are a figment of the imagination!

        • Maybe you can help little Pierre write another glowing eulogy when Robert Mugabee finally croaks. After all its just being polite.

        • the pope..apologist for child-raping priests..who takes that freak seriously any more

      • Those publications are not across the spectrum at all. They are in lock step in presenting the U.S. cold war-derived based Western elite views of Cuba. The spite aimed at Justin Trudeau is just the usual partisanship on the part of Macleans.

    • It was a personal condolence regarding a good personal friend of his father who despite their admiration for each other’s intelligence held vastly different views on human rights. Justin Trudeau obviously had strong personal feelings for Castro because of his own father. His condolence should have been less based on his own personal viewpoint of what he conceived were the man’s finer points. That kind of condolence he could send personally and privately from his family to Castro’s family. When speaking in his role as Prime Minister, it is important to recall that Castro was controversial because he did treat many of his own people very poorly. Whether he didn’t treat them AS poorly as the previous despot government did is a moot point. People suffered under him in large numbers and a brief condolences and good wishes to the people of Cuba would have sufficed and would have shown sensitivity to Cubans who fled Castro’s cruelty and those lived under his oppression.

  10. Canada sits on the brink of legalizing marijuana thanks to Justin Trudeau and in doing so will take Canada offside of the United Nations Treaty – The Rights of the Child. Not only is this treaty the most ratified piece of human rights legislation ever passed but it is important in the worldwide effort to curb drug use. It specifies that children are to be protected from the use of psychotropic drugs in the home. That means no to legalization. Trudeau has said that his aim in legalizing marijuana products is to reduce use by youth and curb the black market. But legalization speaks to the supply channel for adults and not the demand by youth. It will further normalize this drug, as seen in experiments underway in America, and it will boost the black market, the overall market for pot and impact youth negatively. You can build a wall between adults and youth when it comes to legal substances, look at tobacco where over virtually everyone becomes addicted before their 18th. birthday, or alcohol use in the youth sector. The vast market for marijuana is a youth market and legalization will be perhaps the single worst decision ever made in terms of Candian public health.
    Trudeau is going to be criticized for this position on pot the world over, by the new American administration and by the Swedes who have the lowest rate in the world and enforce prohibition and live up to the UN conventions. The petitions are already arriving at the United Nations to address the Prime Minister of Canada with African nations very worried that they will become dumping grounds for Canadian pot products through free trade agreements. African nations will see Trudeau as a “disney” prime minister and his legacy will be as the Prime Minister who was willing to sell out Canadian public health to pirate pot industrialists, who used the political system and Trudeau to their own ends. It is a travesty that all Canadians should be very agitated about. Politics should never be part of public health.
    Smart Approaches to Marijuana Canada
    The Marijuana Victims’ Association – holding the government accountable for endangering the lives of Canadians.

    • Macleans doesn’t have an edit button – so here is the edit

      you can not build a wall between adults and children. = The word not was missing by error.
      Pamela McColl

      • Canada sits on the brink of legalizing marijuana thanks to Justin Trudeau and in doing so will take Canada offside of the United Nations Treaty – The Rights of the Child. Not only is this treaty the most ratified piece of human rights legislation ever passed but it is important in the worldwide effort to curb drug use. It specifies that children are to be protected from the use of psychotropic drugs in the home. That means no to legalization. Trudeau has said that his aim in legalizing marijuana products is to reduce use by youth and curb the black market. But legalization speaks to the supply channel for adults and not the demand by youth. It will further normalize this drug, as seen in experiments underway in America, and it will boost the black market, the overall market for pot and impact youth negatively. You can not build a wall between adults and youth when it comes to legal substances, look at tobacco where over virtually everyone becomes addicted before their 18th. birthday, or alcohol use in the youth sector. The vast market for marijuana is a youth market and legalization will be perhaps the single worst decision ever made in terms of Candian public health.
        Trudeau is going to be criticized for this position on pot the world over, by the new American administration and by the Swedes who have the lowest rate in the world and enforce prohibition and live up to the UN conventions. The petitions are already arriving at the United Nations to address the Prime Minister of Canada with African nations very worried that they will become dumping grounds for Canadian pot products through free trade agreements. African nations will see Trudeau as a “disney” prime minister and his legacy will be as the Prime Minister who was willing to sell out Canadian public health to pirate pot industrialists, who used the political system and Trudeau to their own ends. It is a travesty that all Canadians should be very agitated about. Politics should never be part of public health.
        Smart Approaches to Marijuana Canada
        The Marijuana Victims’ Association – holding the government accountable for endangering the lives of Canadians.

        Reply ↓

        ON NOVEMBER 27, 2016 AT 2:32 PM
        Macleans doesn’t have an edit button – so here is the edit

        you can not build a wall b

    • I should have guessed from your previous post that you’re a pot head.

  11. LOL, what a drama queen story. One comment over a dead leader of another country does not instantly turn a leader from a cool guy into a laughing stock. Also, you do realize the Pope said pretty much the same thing right? Are you calling the Pope a laughing stock as well?

    • The Pope is a theological liberation South American Jesuit. What else, pray, did you expect from him?

    • It’s really not that difficult at all, Placebojunkie.
      Castro was a Communist.
      Justin Trudeau, like his father Pierre was, is a Communist.
      Barack Hussein Obama is a Communist,and
      His Holiness,Pope Francis is a Communist.
      It’s a well-known phenomenon that birds of a feather flock together.
      And, yes, Placebojunkie, the Pope is indeed a laughing stock.
      P.S. are you sure it’s placebos you’re hooked on? Seems like you’re on some powerful shit.

      • LOL, so everyone who doesn’t agree with your point of view is a communist. That about right? The leader of the world’s largest religeon is a communist because Eleanor Lipson says he is. And the leader of a federal parlimentary and consitutional democracy as voted by the free people of Canada is a communist because Eleanor Lipson says he is. What does that make the leaders of China and North Korea? Really, really extra special communists?

        You may not be on any powerful meds but, it’s clear you really should be. All that tinfoil on your head is baking your brain.

        • No, Placebojunkie. Not everyone is a Communist. And I don’t make leaders Communists. But everyone I listed above is in fact a Communist whether you agree or not.
          If you disagree, fine, that’s your opinion.But what makes you right and me wrong?
          The leaders of China and North Korea are just ordinary garden-variety Communists, not extra special.

          • Umm, yes you are making them communists in your own mind. You obviously know nothing about Justin Trudeau or Pope Francis or you know nothing about what makes a person a communist. Please explain to me how these two men are communists. Communists believe in the elimination of private property of every kind and believe in a totalitarian system in which a single authoritarian government owns everything and controls and owns all production and all economic goods are distributed equally among a single class. Pope Francis is the religious figure head of the Cahtolic Church, not a government leader of a country so he cannot fit the definition of a communist leader just because you want him to. JT is an elected official of a federal parilmentary, consitutional democracy, the very antithesis of a communist. He has done nothing in his life that would suggest otherwise. How many communist feminists have you met exactly? It’s not just myself that disagrees with you. The very definition of communism disagrees with you.

          • Dear Placebojunkie:
            In order to continue our discussion, let’s initially concentrate on Pope Francis.
            Please “Google”: Pope Francis- Communist? Thank you.
            Now take some time to scan some of the many articles (including interviews with His Holiness himself) on this subject.
            Then get back to me with your comments.

          • For some reason I can’t reply to your last comment so I have to reply to this one. Asking me to google “Pope francis-Communist?” is a pointless suggestion. It’s called confirmation bias. Come up with the craziest idea you can think of, google it and some rag somewhere will confirm your crazy idea is true. I’m sure if you googled “Oompa Loompa’s Are Real” you’d get solid proof that they are. The idea that the Pope is a communist is a myth that has been debunked many, many times. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen in similar cases such as Donald Trumps many “theories” durng his campaign, reputable sources debunking a myth is not enough for those who refuse to believe anything other than what they want to believe.

          • Besides, this article is about Justin Trudeau, not Pope Francis. I’m still waiting for your proof that JT is a communist.

          • Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre, whom he adored, was a member of the Canadian Communist Party!!
            You may scoff at this statement because this fact has been widely suppressed.
            In 1971, Alan Stang wrote an essay, CANADA: How the Communists took control. Look it up on “Google” and decide if it is plausible.
            Justin has never disavowed his father’s political or economic theories.
            If you refuse to open your mind a little bit and read the article, I will regretfully end our discussion.

          • I don’t need to google anything. Once again, what you need to google is “confirmation bias.” You do not believe JT and the Pope are communist because of what history and reliable, reputable news sources have proven. You simply found sources that confirm something you already believe in and nothing will change that view. Tens of millions of people to this day believe Pope Francis endorsed Donald Trump for President. You can still find many news stories via Google saying exactly that when if fact it is completely and utterly false. Google is not something one should rely on when looking for facts and truth.

          • Placebojunkie:
            Over and out.

        • Well said, PJ

      • Eleanor, Castro was a Socialist. He even said so himself. Maybe you need educate yourself on the differences between Socialism and Communism? And if you do actually do the research, you will find out that no country has ever been truely Communist.

    • Oh, the pope and his whole corrupt organization has been a laughing stock for centuries. The man is a fool leading bigger fools.

  12. It’s fun to watch TrudeauVision® (CBC) twist themselves into pretzels that Of course Zoolander Knew Castro was a Dictator but he made the trains run on time or something.. But what will we hearing from the PMO (Butts, Soros and Telford)??

  13. Most thinking Canadians have known for some time that Justin Trudeau is a moron.

    Thanks to El Commandante now the whole wide world knows it too.

  14. How many Canadians Prime Ministers were good friend’s with mass murderer’s like Nixon and the bushes. Justin has what no other politician has….Balls!

  15. Nice personal attack. Almost Trump like. Your post omitted the cause of the Cuban Revolution and ousting of Batista’s Cuba controlled by American Organized Crime and American Multi-Nationals that benefited from Batista and the wealthiest Cuban land owners oppression of the Cuban People. Or that Batista’s hold on power was supported by American military aid. Batista’s Cuba fled to Florida after the revolution and I am sure they are celebrating and happy with Fidel Castro’s death. But let’s not be too quick to join that party. Rather lets support efforts and dialogue to bring democracy to Cuba.

    • You bring up an excellent point. 40 years in power and no democracy in Cuba (as Castro had initially promised to bring). Will we be eulogizing Assad and Putin in a like manner? At what point, does Canada either avoid the controversy by sending a polite Condolence and best wishes or go out on limb and call a spade a spade? Journalists are right to question the government’s official stance on everything. It is what a free press does. We are not the US. We didn’t support Batista but we cannot pretend if judged by his own actions, Castro was a great leader and Cubans prosper in terms of freedoms and economics. They do not. If we aren’t going to call out human rights infractions then we should say as little as possible and certainly hold the praise to a minimum.

      • Castro introduced universal health care and public education.

        On a trip to Cuba a couple of decades ago, I got sick and had to go to a medical clinic. After the doctor diagnosed the problem and wrote a prescription, I asked how much do I owe him. He paused and said with great emphasis and great pride, “Nothing. In Cuba all medical care is free.”

        I think many Cubans, particularly the older ones who knew what life was like before the revolution, do view him as a hero. Not Batista’s supporters obviously.

      • I agree with what you say, I don’t want my name associated with sending praises about Castro.If our PM agrees with dictatorship then we better do some thing to get him out of POWER,

      • Good points. But more like 87 years without democracy in Cuba. Batista produced and then revoked the Cuban Constitution when it didn’t suit his desire for power. Castro was corrupt but minus the gambling, drug trafficking and prostitution industry which defined Batista’s final years in power. A succession of US Presidents maintaining Cuba on a war footing for almost 57 years has been a complete failure. Alber Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Time to break the cycle and help the Cuban people move forward. There is enough blame to go around without heaping it on a dead man.

      • Democracy is a wonderful thing, unless it’s not. Look at our freedom-loving neighbors to the South. Awesome time to be trying to spread democracy to the rest of the world. Hey, get rid of those crazy dictators and join Democracy™ where your country’s wealth will be usurped by private interests and international banks will control your entire world, root and branch.

        It’s great, we promise!

        • The issues with democracy have nothing to do with whether we choose to ignore human rights infractions when eulogizing a leader from another country. Whatever the political leanings, we either choose to be brief in our condolescences or we are honest in our appraisal. To ignore human rights violations, is to ignore the suffering the living experienced. It is wrong and it is damaging to Canada’s reputation.

  16. “Harper said he met King Abdullah in Toronto during a G-20 summit and found him to be “passionate about his country, development and the global economy.”

    Dont’ recall the same comments about Harper. But, never mind.

    That said, the only ones that think that Trudeau has, what was it, “lost his cool” were the alt-right who only lamented his cool anyway. So who cares?

    • Well said.

    • Is Trudeau try emulate Harper? This argument that Harper did it and got away with it really undermines election promises for a different and better government under Trudeau. Maybe Canada could stop praising despot leaders when they die and write a simple condolence to the citizens with best wishes for their future.

  17. More alt-right bogus history. Remember Batista (not the hitter but the killer) who was the American/Mafia run dictator before Fidel? After him Fidel was almost a saint . . . With Yankees calling the shots and the Mafia still wanting to tan their guns is “real” democracy even possible in Cuba?

    • Again with the low bar comparisons. Vlad Putin is a saint next to Stalin but I don’t believe anyone would call Vlad a saint. Will we eulogize him as a great leader. He certainly is ambitious. There is no free press in Russia and he handily rids himself of problematic political opponents. He also hires himself out to friends like Assad to rid them of problematic politic insurgents. Of course, his elections are pretty much a foretold conclusion and he is rich while his people suffer but he is suprisingly beloved with an over 90 percent approval rating. Call the PMO and prepare for a rousing speech in case tragedy should strike.

  18. This ignorant twit just seems to be one of many dopey poopushing leftists.
    It sort of fits that a nation like Canada would elect somebody so ignorant, so useless, so laughable.

    Yep, we’re laughing at YOU, Canada. Sorry, you’re just funny.

    • Let me guess, you’re an old, white male American and you voted for Trump?

  19. The problem is Wind and Solar are not reducing C02 and our government will not admit this costly failure. Ontario’s professional Engineers, those tasked with generation, transmission and billing, have reported the problem. Ontarior government continues to build more wind and solar. Federal government aims to continue Wind and Solar.

    Reference: “Ontario’s Electricity Dilemma – Achieving Low Emissions at Reasonable Electricity Rates”. Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE). April 2015.
    (Archived at:

    Page 15 of 23. “Why Will Emissions Double as We Add Wind and Solar Plants ?”

    – Wind and Solar require flexible backup generation.

    – Nuclear is too inflexible to backup renewables without expensive engineering changes to the reactors.

    – Flexible electric storage is too expensive at the moment.

    – Consequently natural gas provides the backup for wind and solar in North America.

    – When you add wind and solar you are actually forced to reduce nuclear generation to make room for more natural gas generation to provide flexible backup.

    – Ontario currently produces electricity at less than 40 grams of CO2 emissions/kWh.

    – Wind and solar with natural gas backup produces electricity at about 200 grams of CO2 emissions/kWh. Therefore adding wind and solar to Ontario’s grid drives CO2 emissions higher. From 2016 to 2032 as Ontario phases out nuclear capacity to make room for wind and solar, CO2 emissions will double (2013 LTEP data).

    – In Ontario, with limited economic hydro and expensive storage, it is mathematically impossible to achieve low CO2 emissions at reasonable electricity prices without nuclear generation.

  20. Look at Our PM, What a Clown ! This is what is running our country…. He is a disgrace to Canada and Canadians.

  21. Not supporting a lot of the Trudeau policies with regard to immigration and social policy I still find distaste in the tone of this article condemning him for his condolence comments. We are short on memory or perhaps our own history with regards to oppression(first nations) and imprisonment of innocent persons( James Driskell,Anthony Hanemaayer,Donald Marshall Jr,Simon Marshall,David Milgaard,Guy Paul Morin,William Mullins-Johnson,Romeo Phillion) and only seem to remember the good. Castro was a dictator who eliminated the corrupt dictator the US had placed in Cuba (Batista) and also the Mafia which was running the casinos. Cuba although a communist regime is a safer society than our own with immigrant gangs and crooked politicians. It has contributed to the well being of its citizens that wanted it and those who did not have exiled themselves. You can’t make everyone happy.If we are not happy here as some who have come then leave.

    • You are right about Canada’s history but Canada’s less than illustrious history is well known despite all its faults because we have a free press and we are taught with un-altered history texts. The Cuban people don’t have access to a free press or un-altered history books. They will never know what was done to gay and lesbians and those who defied Castro politically. That is part of the reason why even though he freed them from a repressive political regime under Batista, and provided education and healthcare, he cannot be hailed as a hero. He didn’t provide them with freedom of knowledge or freedom of movement. He kept them oppressed and poverty stricken while he himself became obscenely wealthy. His intentions 40 years ago might have been positive but he never followed through with important ones that grant people freedom to speak what they feel and think. He monitored their speech and he punished them for being politically subversive. In our own country, people are outraged to think the government might be monitor our communications yet somehow they feel the Cuban people were lucky to have a leader that monitored their communications and arrested and tortured and even killed them when their communications didn’t follow the party line. That is complete hypocrisy whether Batista was a worse despot or not because Castro was in power for 40 years.

  22. Most canadians knew he was the laughing stock of world leaders every time he opened his mouth to speak.The only reason these country’s are talking to him is that he is giving away billions of taxpayers money and doing nothing for canadians.The recent castro death and the document as a official canadian government release is bizarre and it shows he has no intelligence maybe he should read some history books instead of failing out as a drama teacher.He is a embarrassment to every canadian.

  23. If you want to find someone who went form cool to laughingstock look no further than Terry Glavin…

    His habit of blaming everything on Obama has to find a new target-Trudeau?

    The North American over excited alt right and Canadian Conservative press have made themselves a joke in their ridiculous and and over the top reaction to Mr Trudeaus statement which was actually very similar to the statements by the other world leaders-except for the US.

  24. I have never been more proud to be an Australian citizen and more ashamed to have been born a Canadian. Australian politician call morons morons, thugs and murders thugs and murders. The only reason I will ever set foot in that country is because of friend and family. The reason Canada is not a gun society is because nothing is worth fighting for.
    Home of the socialist, land of the welfare state…

    Roger’ views!

  25. Gavin comes across as a propaganda mouthpiece for the Conservative party. In a depressingly familiar storyline, he announces that Justin Trudeau has finally and irredeemably humiliated himself, his all-time high popularity now poised to plunge. He bases this rude and tasteless attack on a routine statement of condolence which Trudeau personalized, for the benefit of the Cuban people, to reflect historical interactions of Pierre Trudeau with Castro and his own recent visit to Cuba. Unfortunately it seems that such over-the-top outrage will now become the rule for any action taken by the current government since opposition parties and their mouthpieces in the press appear to have adopted perpetual angst as their world view.

  26. Good lord, Glavin’s doing click bait for Macleans now?

  27. Justin bashing the new game? We just need to know what the initial situation in Cuba has been. Remember all the attempts by the USA to punish Cuba ending up to decades of embargo, even threatening allies in case they would not comply with. Thereby driving the Cubans in the arms of the then Soviet Union and afterwards complaining about that move. Fidel once again was not an angel, however after the US supported so many dictators in the past and today, he simply was the bad dictator as he was none of them. What about Pinochet, Hussein and others? What about Guantanamo? The Cuban mafia, that has lost its benefices, is trying to regain their playground ever since. Those who complain about the poverty of Cuban people should compare the living standard with countries of similar background. Take as a sample Haiti (supported and influenced by the US, including doubtful involvement of the Clinton foundation). Are these people better off? Finally, Justin did bring back the attention to Canada internationally which is to help the sales of Canadian products and services worldwide.

  28. Trudeau’s not the fool. Its all those naive Canadians who voted for him despite his fathers outstanding record. What do you expect from a pampered rich boy who never worked a day in his life? The Liberal colour is red for a reason folks!

  29. Of course, anyone who can remember as far back as the early days of electioneering for the last election will know that this isn’t the first time JT has praised dictators and their -ships. In the case of China he elaborated, stating that it was the dictatorship *itself* which so impressed him “because this makes them able to get stuff done”. Did Canadians think he was making a clever joke?

    By “Canada’s “brand,” so carefully constructed in Vogue photo essays and Economist magazine cover features,” I gather this writer means “Trudeau’s brand”, carefully crafted by not only the two listed mags but also … by Macleans Magazine itself. Sorry, you don’t come off as inculpable simply by pointing the fingers elsewhere. A mea culpa on behalf of your publication somewhere in this piece might have resonated as somewhat less hypocritical.

  30. Maclain’s we are Canadians, not Americans and a majority of Canadian have always voted on the left. I don’t at all agree with Casto’s extremist, but I also don’t agree with the US’s as well. This article makes Maclain’s more of a joke than than anything Trudeau said. Disgusting.

  31. Canadian media is sucking the bottom of the barrel on this story. Conservative leadership hopefuls looking for coverage express fake outrage and the media dogs lap it up. We used to have a decent journalism here but it appears even Macleans is being written by the fake news crews now.

    Leaders and other people who have manners write letters of condolence to people who they have business, trade or diplomatic relationships with. It’s the polite thing to do. Those who are whining appear to be of the school that has never written a polite letter expressing sympathy. Since this letter is written to the Cubans, the unwashed masses may want to quit their howling, it shows their ignorance with a white flag of surrender.

    In his letter, Trudeau acknowledged that Castro had come to power as a “revolutionary” and his use of power was “controversial”. At least he didn’t call Castro “a strong proponent of peace” like Harper called King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia last year in that letter of condolence.

    Maybe Cubans will check the passports of Canadians traveling to their sunny island and send the Conservatives straight back here.

    Harper is a laughing stock too, eh? Here is Harper’s letter of condolence to Saudi Arabia last year in which he calls King Abdullah a “strong proponent of peace”. Yeah, the guy who bought $15b worth of armoured personnel carriers.

    “On behalf of all Canadians, Laureen and I offer our sincere condolences to the family of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and the people of Saudi Arabia,” said Harper.
    “King Abdullah was recognized as a strong proponent of peace in the Middle East,” “He also undertook a range of important economic, social, education, health, and infrastructure initiatives in his country.”

    “I had the pleasure of meeting King Abdullah in Toronto when Canada hosted the G-20 and found him to be passionate about his country, development and the global economy,” “We join the people of Saudi Arabia in mourning his passing.”

    • Thank you Deb Prothero.

    • Deb Prothero Nov.28,2016 at 5:32 AM
      Try and get some sleep, Deb. Them maybe with a clearer mind you’ll realize it makes perfect sense to speak kindly about a deceased customer that boosted your economy by 15 billion for the purchase of non-offensive armored personnel carriers that could have been purchased from any number of other countries.

  32. All i read in this is “I love the USA”. Yawn.

  33. Welcome to Trump’s Canada, i guess. Good job, Mccleans. Welcome to the Fox News alterverse.

    • I have to agree, they should be ashamed of themselves.

  34. I find the outrage expressed by some political figures and the media over Trudeau’s comments hypocritical. One of the main reasons Castro was seen as abhorrent is not because he killed or jailed opponents but because he snubbed his nose at the Americans. We don’t have to look very far to find dictators supported by the west.
    Lets remember how Harper eulogized King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
    “On behalf of all Canadians, Laureen and I offer our sincere condolences to the family of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and the people of Saudi Arabia”. Harper then went on to say nice things about the King. In terms of tyrannical dictators who killed and jailed opponents King Abdulah would certainly rate a mention.

  35. How cute! It’s nice that the author can see the brutality of the Castro regime and the hypocracy of the billionaire on his yacht who got there by punishing “the rich” and building “the worker’s paradise”, but he still thinks the revolutionaries were democrats! I bet he still has his Che Guevara t-shirt!

  36. Castro was the only head of state, or former world leader, at the funeral of Pierre Trudeau, says a lot about both men. It is no wonder the son held Castro in such esteem.

    Justin Trudeau is a different side of the same coin of ‘celebrity’ that brought the world Donald Trump. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… however, I recall the Trailer Park Boys had a more colourful quip!

    • Actually I specifically remember seeing former US President Jimmy Carter in the crowd at the funeral.

  37. Thank you so much for this amazing and well written article! JT should be ashamed by his disgusting and offensive statement. Especially since he openly admitted that FC was a dictator (please make up your mind). I am not even sure why he would say nice things about a man who was also a pimp for his father. Someone who for many years provided rum, cigars, prostitutes and encouraged (and aided in) his distasteful behaviour. PT was rubbing elbows with communist royalty on a regular basis and on Canada’s dime, of course!! That being said, PT didn’t need FC for any of that; he was depraved on his own. Simply disgusting. JT does not speak for me and I certainly do not offer my condolences to the Castro clan. Although this doesn’t change a thing in Cuba, the symbolic significance of that tyrants death warrants a celebration. Free Cuba!

  38. Where in the world did Glavin get his numbers on Batista’s murderers, jailers and torturers put before firing squads? I am no supporter of Trudeau, but this biased article would fit very nicely on Breitbart.

  39. L’il potato has never met a history book he liked. Many people I spoke to at a grey cup party were embarrased and downright peed off at him. After this, anyone who is considering voting for him should really give their head a shake.

  40. Finally, the mainstream media challenged him on his twisted ideas. A little too late as he’s said some real goofy stuff all along. Glad I’m not travelling overseas for the next few months.

  41. I was going to write something disparaging about Glavin and his cohort of bleating sheep but I changed my mind. Cheers.

  42. Now Canada has to be watched very close as the US
    can’t have a commie country that close witout putting it on high
    alert. I don’t think many Canadians are communist, but evidently
    thier PM is or is definitely leaning in that direction.
    So to all Canadians, be afraid of this laughing stock, be very
    afraid. And when people start disappearing, I’ll give you three guesses
    as to what’s happening, The First Two Guesses, don’t count.

    • So many idiotic posts here but yours may be the most idiotic.

      It is also the most representative of what passes for “thought” by the Trudeau haters.

  43. JT: b-b-b-but it is 2016..and LOOK ! I have some new selfies on Facebook, & Instagram! I AM cool!

  44. Kind of sad Justin won’t be attending the funeral in Cuba he could have taken his whacked out brother to Havana and left him there for good

  45. You have to understand past history to prevent being ignorant. This what Castro was fighting against, American colonialism in Latin America. Here Are some interesting events; In 1902, the United States handed over control to a Cuban government. As a condition of the transfer, the Cuban state had included in its constitution provisions implementing the requirements of the Platt Amendment, which among other things gave the United States the right to intervene militarily in Cuba. President Tomás Estrada Palma was elected in 1902, and Cuba was declared independent, though Guantanamo Bay was leased to the United States as part of the Platt Amendment. 1906 -Marines occupy Cuba for two years in order to prevent a civil war; 1912- U.S. Marines intervene in Cuba to put down a rebellion of sugar workers; 1917- Marines intervene again in Cuba, to guarantee sugar exports during WWI; 1933- Roosevelt sends warships to Cuba to intimidate Gerardo Machado y Morales, who is massacring the people to put down nationwide strikes and riots. Machado resigns. The first provisional government lasts only 17 days; the second Roosevelt finds too left-wing and refuses to recognize. A pro-Machado counter-coup is put down by Fulgencio Batista, who with Roosevelt’s blessing becomes Cuba’s new strongman; 1959- Fidel Castro takes power in Cuba. Several months earlier he had undertaken a triumphal tour through the U.S., which included a CIA briefing on the Red menace.
    “Castro’s continued tawdry little melodrama of invasion.” –Time, of Castro’s warnings of an imminent U.S. invasion
    1960- Eisenhower authorizes covert actions to get rid of Castro. Among other things, the CIA tries assassinating him with exploding cigars and poisoned milkshakes. Other covert actions against Cuba include burning sugar fields, blowing up boats in Cuban harbors, and sabotaging industrial equipment; 1961- U.S. organizes force of 1400 anti-Castro Cubans, ships it to the Bahía de los Cochinos. Castro’s army routs it.
    Notice all the other US interventions in Latin America –

    • Finally an educated person speaking facts! Let’s not leave out the fact that Batista was a murderous corrupt dictator, who enriched himself off the back of the poor, inviting and befriending La Cosa Nostra, and allowing them access and influence at the highest level of government. Let’s also not forget that the majority of “boat people escaping” Cuba were Batista’s little backers who had benefitted from and been enriched by Batista’s corruption and ruthless subjugation of the poor and afro-Cuban population – ALL backed by the US, since they /their corporations too, profited from Batista’s corruption.

      All the Castro evil BS is nothing more than US propaganda and sour grapes from having their ass handed to them on a platter by a previously obscure individual who overthrew a US backed dictatorship and became president of a tiny island nation. Humiliation is a hard pill to swallow for a psychopathic, amoral country that is known as the US if A!

      • Thank you Manuela for your additional remarks. I could not have expressed it better. But morality has never been the strength of our American friends.

  46. No, Trudeau did not just became a laughing stock. He always was one, and so was the pathetic, childish excuse for a country that elected him. Now though, everyone gets it. Including the pathetic, childish… well, you know.

    • Spoken like a true uneducated ignorant moron aka conservative – the stupidest idiots on earth! Even Trump knew under which party to run for president – the party with the dumbest people, most easily manipulated. LMAO! Go get an education.

  47. What a load of drivel! Good for you Mr Trudeau! Show them what a real leader looks like, as opposed to these whiny little b*tches with their noses so far up the US a**hole they don’t recognise reality. Castro was evil? Unlike Bautista who he overthrew, Castro didn’t give up the running of his country to Kennedy backed La Cosa Nostra! Bautista, who’s corruption enriched his cronies…you know, those “poor” boat people who “escaped” Cuba for the US. More like the pardoned criminals and lunatic asylum residents he ALLOWED to immigrate to the US while the US rankled over the fact they were politicised into accepting murderers and drug dealers into their country and give them citizenship 1 year + 1 day after they set foot on US soil! But this ridiculous “journalist” clearly doesn’t have the basic level of historical education to separate US propaganda from reality.

    Trudeau a laughing stock? Only to the egregiously ignorant! The truth of the matter is US still rankles over the fact THEY were made a laughing stock of the world when Castro, president of a tiny little Island handed US their ass on a platter!

    As for communism, let’s not ignore the fact that Castro didn’t turn to communism until the scandalous American backed, stupendously disastrously failed Bay of Pigs invasion. You want someone to blame for Cuba’s communism? Lay the blame at the feet of the humiliated US! THEY pushed Cuba into a communist alliance with Russia in order to preserve their independence and keep the arrogant, empire building, genocidal maniac that is the US.

    Little boy pretending to be a journalist, it’s time you go back to school and get an actual education, so that you are no longer depending on US propaganda pretending it’s “news”. Ignoramus!

    • So please tell us, Manuela, why are you so anti-American?

  48. Really characteristic of Macleans – hard, angry opinion pieces with exhausting turns of phrase like “bonspiel of the vanities” and poorly made, off the mark references like “trippy dance moves” which…. i dont even know what that means… few people ever said “trippy dance moves man!” and if they did, it happened a long time before Justin was born.
    I find it hard to believe that he has lost his (and apparently Canada’s?) “brand” in one fell swoop. We will see his government continue to try and garner support from younger voters and others in the Canadian voting population by being the opposite of Hate. Hate with a capital ‘H’. There are many reasons why Justin should not be in his current position, but the same could be said of mostly anyone. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be there – it doesn’t mean its not the right time for a change. It just means that you’re the same as everyone else in the world. This is not a defense of the PM just a rejection of the same game we always play… 1) wait for something to happen then pick out the mistakes… 2) attack… 3) pretend to be so far above it all… 4)repeat.
    Yes we should be critical of our politicians – but we should also be critical of our politics… and for once in history don’t pretend to have the answers when the event has already happened.
    Or we could just continue to hate everything and be 100% sure in our moral correctness…. yes that’s easier isn’t it?

    • I think we should be even more critical of our political commentators and the media – especially when they start leading us toward the dark side. Thanks for your input.

    • Garrett:
      You took three paragraphs to say what the Beatles said in five words long ago: “All You need Is Love”.

      • thanks for the belittlement! You prove my point.

  49. Justin’s going to have to grow a pair, or the bloviators still wearing the Steverino buttons are going to harry him from pillar to post. A suggestion: clear the calendar and jet-in for the funeral after all. Bring Sophie and the kids for a photo op at the Monument to the Revolucion in Santiago. And, if given a chance, make some noises that you’d like to see more Evangelicals and Holy Trollers from Miami being allowed to come home and run for elected office. The Cubans will clap anyway, they’re polite people like that.

    Then come home and laugh when the opposition throws the ‘spazz’.

    Remember being nice to mental midgets just annoys them. Think about what they (and Putin) did to poor President Obama.

  50. A far more appropriate headline would be: From Laughing stock to Even Bigger Laughing Stock!

  51. So finally Maclean’s has a topic to draw readers’ comments. Here’s mine:
    Freedom is a relative notion: in Canada and particularly the US, we perceive ourselves as free people, able to express ourselves as we wish. But if we say something outrageous, something that the herd deems radical or threatening, we are quickly brought to heel. Say ‘bomb’ in an airport, or mention that you are socialist in your economic leanings (which is quickly passed through the broken telephone as ‘communist’) and you are persona non grata: freedom of speech is a relative notion. And add to those unAmerican thoughts the possibility of them being uttered by a Muslim, or another person of colour, and you will be on various lists (official or un-), just as sure as my name is Jack Robinson. Pierre Trudeau scandalized the herd by not vilifying Castro in a knee-jerk way, but instead by acknowledging that yes, Batista was also a dictator, just one in a long line of American puppets (check him out on Wikipedia – I dare you), and Castro ousted him, and deserved a fair shake. A saint? A great man, worthy of universal praise? Maybe not, but then again look who the Americans just installed as their own leader: a man who most members even of his own party said was unfit to lead. I don’t extol Castro, but I do applaud Justin Trudeau for saying what he believes (seems to me someone else recently swept to power because he ‘tells it like it is’).

    • one only hopes you experience first hand the “benefit” of living under a man like castro. if your freedom is simply “perceived”, why not walk the walk and go try the castro way? if you think canada and the us are oppressive nations, why are you here?

  52. Most of the love and admiration of Fidel Castro now being expressed is the direct result of his opposition to, and hatred of, the United States of America.

  53. another pretty boy moron meets his proper fate. being young dumb and liberal is acceptable. as you grow up, you’re supposed to begin to know better. trudeau’s embarrassing fawn re castro is the first nail in his political coffin.

    • I can’t wait until President Donald Trump takes PM Justin Trudeau over his knee and spanks him.

  54. Wow, talk about biased journalism.

  55. No, he is not a laughing stock. many world leaders have expressed their condolences and here in Uruguay,our President expressed his sorrow and ordered an official day of mourning on Sunday 27th so the national flag remained at half-mast in all public buildings, barracks, forts, air bases, warships, embassies and representations abroad.

    Even former President Mujica spoke positively about Castro comparing him to Don Quixote, stating “Like any big character occupying a long period of history, he will have retractors and love, the most important point it is to realize that it was someone who lived for what he thought In addition, Mujica explained that Castro was a child of his time, and that we should view his actions as part of a process in a context “which was 1960, which was torn in the world, the contradictions that exist.”

    The former president concluded by comparing the challenges of Castro with the exploits of Don Quixote: “I want to point out one thing, Fidel is a part of the Cuban people, he lived a long period of its history defying the world power that was in front. it is not easy problem to have courage, determination and resilience to a dilemma of that era”.

    • Some Canadians think Uruguay is a laughingstock too. And others don’t.

      Same old, same old.

  56. Trudeau really needs to apologize to Canadians and then step down as PM. He clearly is not ready and has some severe issues that has and will continue to impact Canada and Canadians as a democratic society. He has done more harm in one year than others could have done in four!! A traitor and dictator he is!! Be gone Justin!!

  57. “Any political activity outside the Communist Party of Cuba is a criminal offence. Political dissent of any kind is a criminal offence. Dissidents are spied on, harassed and roughed up by the Castros’ neighbourhood vigilante committees…
    Independent publications are classified as “enemy propaganda.” Citizen journalists are harassed and persecuted as …spies.”

    How different, really, is any of this from what leftists throughout the West are attempting to foist upon us?

  58. Canada is not alone in having a working relationship with the Castro government. Lots of other free countries trade with and travel to Cuba and have for some time. Trudeau’s comments were likely personal, as Fidel attended his father’s funeral, avoiding U.S. airspace to do so.

    I wouldn’t use U.S. newspapers as proof that Trudeau did the wrong thing by saying farewell with dignity to an ancient leader. By expressing himself – knowing full well the general consensus regarding Castro in the U.S. – he was promoting Canada as its own autonomous country, separate from one of many international conflicts that plague the U.S.

    Lastly, every time I hear a story about the Castro government, the author throws around a lot of accusations without context, or writes in a vacuum – ignoring altogether the last five decades in which many governments around the world have killed millions…and many of whom we currently trade with, and are generally friendly toward.

    History is ugly. Castro had enemies.

    Lots of rulers seek out and destroy their enemies. Our own ‘free countries’ are doing it right now, every day, we just look at those victims, er excuse me, enemies, differently.

  59. Macleans and Glavin go from cool to “Laughing stock”.

  60. Yawn……

  61. Trudeau is typical of the “enlightened” western progressives who are willing to overlook the actual suffering of real people in order to advance their own mythical agenda. The fact that a Castro son was cruising the Med in a 160′ yacht at the time of Fidel’s death gives more truth to the Castro reality than a hundred Trudeaus.

  62. Absolutely right! XI of China and Putin of China are such nicer dictators. Putin only killed thousands of people in Chechnya and a few journalists that is all. And Xi has not been to massacre since Tiananmen Square. And Sisi in Eqypt is has stability to a country in chaos. Castro on the other hand is more terrible than all of them put together.

  63. I have a theory that Justin Trudeau’s Castro eulogy was directed as much at President-Elect Trump as the people of Cuba.
    This speech was also meant to put Trump on notice that he (Justin) is adopting his late father’s “gunslinger” pose which sends out an image of defiance and challenge.
    The subliminal message was that Trump’s northern border, like his southern one, is also going to be a source of grief for the new President.

  64. Dear Canada,

    You just elected the white version of Obama. Have you learned nothing from seeing our President ring up record deficits, refusing to see a connection between importing Syrian refugees and terrorism and not having a clue as to the difference between and evil dictator and a leader?

  65. But he’s got really great hair!

  66. Well, good to see a few left over Harper fans in the corporate media…

    Shall we see anything on the 100 years of American Imperialism that strip mined Cuban assets and left the general population serving their American masters (a good portion of which were Mob Killers) in Part II… there will be a 2nd part won’t there… you will tell the entire story, won’t you?

    Oh, and how many of the so called horrors were the result of the vicious US embargo’s and financial warfare?

    Finally, regarding the many tales of abuse and torture… at least we know of one place that is indeed used to torture without due process, but that’s at the only American Base on the island!

    • Somehow the socialists from Lenin to Stalin to Mao to Castro to Pol Pot really didn’t want to kill all those people, evil capitalist US or England made them do it. So this is a subtle intelligence but Trump voters are stupid?

  67. Since he likes banana republic communist dictators so much, maybe he needs fatigues and a black beret?

  68. He’s an ignoramus. He may be cool, but he doesn’t know history.

  69. LMAO.
    Canada elected a teeny bopper PM.
    Neither he nor his father are/were serious people – just social butterfly BS’ers.
    This kid’s next thought will be his first – if he ever has one.

  70. Trudeau’s statement was no different than that of many other world leaders including the Pope. It was no different than Stephan Harper’s statement following the death of the Saudi King, another dictator.

    The only difference is the media shit themselves in excitement when a 19 year old boy told them it was “appalling”. The boy was of course Ben Harper, Stephan Harper’s son. The media, as usual, doesn’t know what to think until their Conservative master tells them.

  71. 1. Any voter who elects their leader because he is cool IS the laughing stock.
    2. Baby Trud’s praise of a brutal dictator was not foreign-policy vacuity. It was moral vacuity.

  72. I am a Canadian who has traveled the world over for more than 20 years. I know South American politics from working in Venezuela and my wife in Peru. I deeply regret Terry Glavin’s article where he called our Prime Minister a “laughing stock” over his eulogy for Fidel Castro. This is very disrespectul to Mr. Trudeau. I contacted Mr. Glavin and he told me he has forgotten more about Cuba than I have known. I find this to be very ignorant and arrogant. Fidel Castro was a very misunderstood leader, not exactly an angel, but not the person that Terry Glavin presents. In our present time I find journalists today to be very lazy in performing their due diligence and Mr. Glavin falls under this category. If you were to compare the Cuban numbers of political prisoners versus Mexican, you would find them to be minimal, the same with executions, the same with Americans. I think you need to vet your contributors more thoroughly. Mr. Glavin is no Gwynn Dyer.

    • Interesting take on Mr. Glavin’s article. I had a family member who lived in Cuba for 3 months. He went there to learn the language. His tutor who was a professor who happened to gay enlightened him on exactly what life was like for him in that country. The tutor was frightened all of the time. He felt he was monitored. He didn’t have the permission to travel to different parts of the country. The currency he was paid in was different than than that the tourists received upon arriving in the country so it was difficult for my brother to pay a person for any services in actual hard currency. The tutor felt there were secret police monitoring himself and others. He warned my brother to be careful of his actions, like crossing certain parks rather than walking around them. Toilteries such as deodarant and shampoo were not available to the Cuban people. They wanted westerners to tip them using same. In your world travels, does this sound familar? The oppression, the lack of free press, the inability to travel freely?

  73. Oh, what became of the quantum computing wonder boy? Gone with the wind!

  74. Justin Trudeau is either a fool for what he said or he really believes his words and if the latter is the case then we need to be very afraid. This not a road we want go down. If he truly believes what he was saying we are getting a glimspe into how he really thinks. If he thinks that Castro was all the great things he was talking about i begin to wonder how hes going to change Canada to this image he has. This is extremely scarey!!

  75. Three points.
    1. At risk of becoming a “too hot? get out of the kitchen” rebuttal, it is disappointing and discouraging to watch supposedly educated discourse and discussion get rebuttal comments laden with offensive, insulting and derogatory digs…name calling, offensive labeling, and outright insults.
    2. Notwithstanding all that I have said in #1, I wish to comment on Glavin’s piece. It is a polished and comprehensively detailed response to Trudeau’s condolences to Fidel’s family and to Cuba as a whole. Glavin’s article disappoints but it is reflective of today’s society and its downward spiral into Trumpism, acceptance of labeling, of offensive name calling and insulting lack of consideration of a person’s position. Trudeau is a national leader, a politician, and a diplomat. What does Glavin expect from this leader? Public condemnation of another country’s leader at the time of his death? Notifying the Cubans that they should be cheering the death of their autocratic, totalitarian dictator? When we reach the nadir of human relations a la Trump, we will send Cuba a black card of condolences with the text, “Hooray !”
    3. OK Glavin, you are correct in what you write, justifiably condemning Castro. You make your point and deserve recognition for that. But is there merit in beating a dead horse, raking our federal leader over your heated opinions coals !

  76. The headlines and diplomats mocked Justin T, but the average person supported his sympathetic words about Fidel. Justin wasn’t the only Canadian politician to mourn Fidel’s passing. MPP Mike Colle did on social media, and many others. As for reading only government-approved material – well, at least they are reading. Canadians, not so much,otherwise Maclean’s magazine wouldn’t have become a monthly. Triste.

  77. In this MacLean’s article there were multiple unconscionable ‘drive-by smears’ and ‘bitch slaps’ by one of their irregular (thank goodness Glavin’s not a ‘regular’) writers…
    (somewhat at Justin, but much more unsubstantiated CRAP propaganda aimed at Castro’s record and Cuba’s many social accomplishments under his governance – never once mentioning causal triggers behind the ‘trumped-up’ charges of total failure ie. the amarkan embargo.

    In my mind the article was worse than ‘yellow journalism’, and it definitely deserved a considered rebuttal from someone more published and knowledgeable than I.

    I am certainly no fan of Justin, nor of his Fiberal colleagues or of many of their recent broken promises and half-hearted policies, but I just cannot fathom how otherwise moderately intelligent MacLean’s editors could allow Glavin’s biased one-sided unsubstantiated CRAParty-style diatribes (‘posing’ as journalism?) without editorial fact-checking … but I guess they operate on the Kevin O’Leary paradigm… “It’s not personal (HA!!), it’s just business”… well, they’ve just lost my business!

  78. I find it appalling when recognized media uses the term “communists” in place of “dictator” or “socialist”. Soon as I see the word “communist” I know I’m about to read a pile of propaganda.
    Trudeau did not praise a communist, or a dictator. He simply stated what Fidel Castro’s place was in history.
    Macleans should be ashamed of itself for propagandizing, Terry Glavin should be ashamed of his or herself for spreading this garbage around.
    BTW: Castro was a dictator who applied some socialist based practices. He was not a communist in the sense that Marx described. He was also the least brutal of all the 20th century dictators, and much less brutal than most US Presidents and a number of Canadian Prime Ministers.
    Now, Glavin and the editorial board at Macleans, should all sign up for a Poli Sci 100 course at their local community college and find out what a “communist” actually is!

  79. When “frisson” follows hard on the heels of “fashionable”, that’s when I stop reading. Guaranteed to be some boring Canadian media “star” striving for a People magazine internship.

  80. Trudeau will struggle for his second term election.