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Was Justin Trudeau’s tweet the right move?

Trudeau sub-tweets Trump’s immigration ban. Was it the right thing to do?


On Saturday, as the ramifications of Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration—which halts all refugees from entering the United States for three months, as well as blocks entry for citizens of Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Sudan, Libya and Somalia—Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took to Twitter. Rather than speak directly to the ban, Trudeau instead tweeted: “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada”.

Much of the reaction from Canadians (and Americans) was positive.

Even a few of his admitted detractors felt it was a good response.

But others questioned it.

In some instances, his critics felt that the Liberal government has not continued to live up to the full potential of its earlier commitment to bring refugees to Canada.

Others wondered whether, from a perspective of global diplomacy, it was wise for Trudeau to poke Trump in such a way. After all, Canada will in all likelihood have to renegotiate NAFTA, not to mention coexist in relative harmony with its large, powerful neighbour to the south.

Was Trudeau’s tweet the correct course of action?


Was Justin Trudeau’s tweet the right move?

  1. Canada has so many weal-kneed ninnies it’s depressing.


    • After years of stupid immigration policies you get a Trump.
      That’s the rule!

      It takes years of liberal alienation to get into a situation as we have these days.

      • One problem with you post. We live in very left leaning Canada. Not right wing United States, so liberal policies are the norm. It’s years of the brainwashed American Republican ideals of Harper that will probably keep them out of power for a generation.

        Sadly, many online don’t realize we live in Canada.

        • Just wait till the next election in 2019. Bambi will be out. He is shafting Canada is many ways, the mounting deficit, lack of pipeline approvals, carbon taxes to name a few. His days are numbered.

          • LOL you wish

    • Em, it really is time to let go of Harper…we are onto a much bigger issue now. Show your intelligence that you recognize it and for gawd’ sake admit that JT is into his second year as leader.

  2. So.. I think most Canadians are hiding in the closet. They won’t speak up because they are scared of being called ‘racist’ etc.

    Look Canada has a housing bubble. It’s health care system sucks. My dad had a stroke and their is absolutely no financial assistance for his care – it costs us $4500 a month for a one bedroom in a retirement home and he is in his 60s. So I think we are getting a very poor value considering we are approaching a 50% tax rate.

    Then our home prices. Clearly in a bubble. Detached homes in Milton now start at over $1 million. For an average home too, just 2200 sq ft. A town in Milton starts at $650K if you don’t mind not having a garage. It goes up from there. But incomes are what? $75K avg per household? More people in Toronto are not helping.

    Also, unemployment rate is as high as 80% for refugees who arrived a year earlier. Their benefits are up. How are they doing?

    Further, we are not adding new full time jobs. That means that if these refugees are willing to take less money, that means an existing Canadian will be out on the street.

    Why are we not helping people where they are. There are 6 billion people below the poverty line. You’re dreaming that we can even help 0.1% of them. So this is nothing more than selling out our kids for a selfie shot and making Trudeau feel good about himself.

    • Well….you poor baby!

      Life is just so rotten here in 21st century Canada you might as well move to Somalia eh?

      Courier de bois tramped through weather like this with canoes on their shoulders, and no food beyond trapping or shooting. If they had a house it was a one room log cabin and a wood fire

      Life was dodgy. And usually short.

      But YOU…..in your comfy-wumphy middle class, white bread existence, with heat and a car and a big TV…..YOU are hard done by??

      Get over yourself, pal….and work, not whine.

      • Well said Whatup! Emily should have a look at that photo that has circulated of the 3 or 4 year old little boy washed up on shore after he drowned trying to flee Syria with his family. Imagine if that little boy belonged to your family. Shame on you Emilyone!

        • Wow are YOU confused!

          I’m all for immigrants and refugees……always have been

          • Good!
            One day your daughter will marry a Somali or Iraqi refugee and you’ll be the happiest mother-in-law!

          • Victor Cretu

            What nationality is ‘Cretu’?

            What country did YOUR family come from?

      • Well I think if we shipped off EmilyOne the country would be better. Hopefully your mom and dad have a bad stroke and are disabled, but first maybe if you lose your job first… That would make me feel warm inside as you said. Crossing my fingers for you. Typical response. And it’s not comfy wumphy I have no idea how I’ll keep my bills paid. I have to borrow every month to afford to live here.

        Spoiled rotten you are. Don’t mind spending Canada’s money, bet you’ve done jack all to help Somalia. Why don’t you move there and help them? All talk. Virtue signalling.

      • EmilyOne, you are possibly the worst person alive. I wish I could meet you in person. SCUM

      • you should move to somalia to help them EmilyOne. You leave. I stay.

        • No, we don’t want ugly people like you in Canada.

          You have no Canadian values…..or redeeming values for that matter.

    • I think this is a troll post from an American. You have posted a brainwashed American right wing hit list.

      • Or just someone who is not a left wing nut job and understands reality

        • You’re just a plain nut-job….and you’ve never met reality

          Good at whining though.

    • Your story doesn’t make sense. If your dad has no money, he can’t live in a $4,500.00 per month, one bedroom retirement home. If he only has government pensions, he would be in a nursing home which would take up his pension money. Your dad has money but you want the taxpayers to support your dad’s living on top of his pension that he gets from his work place and the government? If your dad is in his 60’s, even under 65 he gets CPP. If he is under 65, he qualifies for disability because he had a stroke. What gives? My parents are 90. My dad had a stroke. They live in a lodge that costs them each $1,500.00 a month. They each have one room with an adjoining door. If you are paying a 50 percent tax rate, you make quite a bit of money. It is nice you are looking after your dad. Did you hear about the man that lives near the Manitoba border and ended getting a heart bypass in the US. He got a bill for 116 thousand dollars. Apparently the Canadian hospital couldn’t send an ambulance for him and he was airlifted to a US hospital. The chopper bill was 35 thousand. The province won’t pay a cent. They are telling people who live near the border to make sure they have US medical insurance. Consider yourself lucky your dad isn’t this man who is also in his 60’s.

  3. Next week Trump will put 12 million illegal immigrants in buses and ship them north, over border.
    We asked for it!

    Twitter should restrict such messages.

    • Oh you mean like Hitler shipping Jews?

      Not gonna happen

      • Like Hungary shipping Syrian refugees to Germany.

        • Either source your statements or bugger off.

        • If you really believe that this is about vetting Muslims and keeping terrorists out then why hasn’t Trump restricted Muslims from Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, the two countries that spawned the 9/11 terrorists, not to mention Osama bin Laden? Think about it for a few minutes and it will come to you. Vetting of refugees and immigrants occurs overseas in the countries, in refugee camps. There are Christian families in those refugee camps. Why doesn’t Trump accept some of them. That is who Harper wanted to accept. He is lying. He is creating divisiveness and fear just like George Bush did. Everytime his popularity went down, he announced a heightened terrorism alert. A frightened population is a malleable population.

    • What you don’t understand is that companies like Google and other high tech companies reached out to Canada to ask them to take in some of their employees that weren’t going to be let back into the USA because on Friday The Donald’s ban extended to everyone from those seven countries including all US citizens and people with green cards plus already approved refugees. Some of these people have good educations and excellent skills and were recruited by high tech companies to work for them in the US. The Donald has asked high tech companies to help him make a list of all US Muslims. They have all told him they won’t do it. That includes everyone from Apple to Bill Gates. Steve Jobs was the son of a Syrian immigrant. This is good business sense for Canada. The tech companies get skilled, creative employees from every country in the world. If they can’t do that under Trump, they may find they need to move countries and Canada is a very viable option.

  4. Trudeau’s comment was the perfect response to Trump’s appalling and incompetently designed order and its horrific consequences. The PM simply reiterated his government’s policies on immigration and refugees without explicitly referring to or criticizing Trump’s actions. Anyone who sees it will be able to read through the lines of course. Like it or not, Trudeau is going to have to deal extensively with Trump until the American people come to their senses, so a direct condemnation of his actions would be counter-productive.

  5. I think Trudeau’s tweet welcoming refugees rejected by Trump’s unconstitutional order is appropriate.

    Even though I am a proud Canadian (despite our country’s imperfections), I am binge-watching the latest dystopian film on Netflix.

    Oh, it’s not Netflix? It’s news from the US? You could have fooled me.

    Except you didn’t fool me. I am angry on behalf of my American friends and on behalf of all Americans whether they agree with me or not, whether they were (and continue to be) Trump supporters.

    The horrific actions of the Trump administration threaten us all. Frankly, I don’t want to live in a world where racism and hate are on center stage. Canada must stand up and be counted in the fight against hatred. Trudeau is doing just that by tweeting as he did.

    I’m a Canadian who lives below the poverty line, but I am donating to the ACLU to help those affected by Trump’s immigration ban.

    People the world over need to stand up. We’ve been sitting on the fat *ss of apathy for too long. If Puppet-Drumpf and his handlers see world outrage, not only from governments but also from the citizens of other countries, perhaps we can save the world from disaster.

    And we must stand against racism within our own country, too. What’s happening in the US could happen here if we do not become worthy of our Canadian citizenship.

  6. I feel so proud to be a Canadian. Well done Mr. Prime Minister, well done.

    • so how many have you got living with you if your so proud

      • We’re all immigrants.

        • Technically all humans are immigrants if you go back far enough .. what a stupid point.

          • Really? You think humans came from Mars?

          • It isn’t a stupid point. My ancestors got a boat from Ireland in 1838 and came to Canada. My guess is I am more of a Canadian than you are if we are going to count time served here but I welcome new immigrants. Unless yours walked overland before the continents divided, I don’t think you have the right to choose who comes and who doesn’t.

      • Exactly. All these chums got are virtue signals. Couldn’t care one bit about the current state of Canada and the pressing issues of today. Instead they feel it’s more important for a little selfie with the Prime Minister in a tweet. Like it is going to do anything.

      • How proud are you that a mosque in Quebec City was attacked and 6 people are dead and another 8 are fighting for their lives over your hatred and vitriol?

  7. As has always been the case and perhaps always will be, the left simply does not understand what is actually happening in world politics. Both Brexit and the Trump win stunned the elites and they remain in their self righteous fog oblivious to what people are telling them over and over again.You do not speak for them Mr. Trudeau when you tweet nonsense like that.Hopefully you didn’t pull a muscle patting yourself on the back thinking to yourself “I am such a good person”. If you didn’t learn your lesson from two historic wake up calls let me fill you in on the message. We do not believe anywhere near enough is being done to ensure we aren’t allowing people into this country who would do us harm, or who have a twisted belief system in place where they sympathize with extreme islamist ideology or believe sharia law and its views on the treatment of and placement of women in our society ought to be. Ironically it is just these beliefs that are racist, mysogynist, sexist and archaic and yet I and others on “the right” will be called racist from drawing legitimate attention to a legitimate concern. Pay attention, or suffer in stunned silence when you are also left behind like Clinton.

    • Oh stop with the stupidity.

      • everyone is stupid except you !! I guess it’s funny you didn’t call him a racist,homophobic redneck harper ass kissing dumbass that what lieberals usually do

        • Not a Liberal either sonny.

          • Just a dumb ****

        • What up

          I’ll match IQs with you anyday, hon

      • pfffft, gee what a well thought out reply. I think the majority of Canadians support and are proud of the amazing diversity of our population, and our global reputation as a compassionate and welcoming people. This is not about that. This is abouta naive, inexperienced prime minister not taking appropriate precautions to minimize risk to citizens. the rise of ISIS and its growing international influence is not something to ignore in Trudeau’s latty da, kumbaya, we love everybody Dreamworld.

        • He’s not doing any of that…..you just oppose liberals

        • This is not about vetting refugees. We do that. We only took families from Syria and as you can tell, we have had no terrorism, except against Muslims, nor have we had crime against women. What you don’t seem to understand is that when The Donald signed his declaration, he included citizens of his own country born in the seven countries, those with green cards and refugees who already had approval. The Donald screwed up. Consequently, all those people got hauled off planes. That is who the PM was speaking to. Refugees who were already vetted and had approval to enter the US and then got pulled off planes. He also took in people who had jobs in the US. People who were working for very successful tech companies because they had very good educations and top notch skills. He did as a favour to them. If Canada looks like a place where tech companies can get work done unhindered by bureaucracy, it is good for Canada in getting business to move here. Trump will find something to p*ss him off because he depends on alternate facts and he only cares about America even though he has no insight that his actions are hurting his country not helping it. Anyone who believes that Trudeau has to poke the beast to get to turn on Canada, is naive to the extreme. Trump has no intention of cutting Canada any deals that will be positive for Canada. He doesn’t play by any rules. Trudeau is getting advice from Brian Mulroney who knows Trump. Trump likes Vlad Putin. I don’t get the impression, he appreciates men who suck up to him.

    • You are the one who doesn’t understand what an idiot like Trump does when he panders to bigots and low information voters by claiming that Mexico will pay to build a wall that can’t be built. There is 3,200 km of border. 1/3 of it is fenced. The Rio Grande and mountainous terrain interrupts much of what is left. Texas wants the Rio Grande. They don’t want a fence or a wall. Ranchers sued the federal government to stop the building of a fence. Building a wall on mountainous terrain is almost impossible. One rancher says the wall would have to be 5.5 metres high to even have a chance of being successful and even then it would only be symbolic if they have no humans to take back those who scramble over it. People scrambled over the Berlin Wall from East Germany to West Germany. They were stopped with bullets shot into their backs. Will Trump shoot people? Meanwhile exports from the US to Mexico support 7 million US jobs. If Trump levies a 20 percent border tax, American consumers will pay higher costs for Mexican goods which they must want because their such a trade imbalance. Otherwise the US wouldn’t be importing so many Mexican goods. Meanwhile, the auto industry in the US and Canada had to be bailed out because they were paying too high of salaries. Who will buy American cars at the prices Trump will have to charge if they are all made in the US? Americans won’t be able to afford them just like the average Canadian can’t afford a Canada Goose coat at seven hundred dollars a piece. That is what made in Canada costs. That is why German cars like Audi and BMW are so expensive. If you want to save Canada, stop shopping at Walmart. Buy expensive made in Canada items and stop shopping on the internet. Go to a store and save a clerk’s job.

  8. This doesn’t look like a good move and could be strategically damaging. Knee jerk emotional reaction and meddling with another country’s administration and in particular when a trade deal negotiation is impending is not a good move at all.

    • You comfy down there on your knees are you?

      • How comfy are you just tweeting selfies and doing nothing to help the 6 billion people in poverty, EmilyOne. Been actively helping millions lately?

        • Yes, actually.

          You can’t even afford to keep yourself apparently

    • Agreed. Trump is going to make Canada pay for that move. He hates it when others try to make themselves feel good off of him.

      • Oh, how?

    • Sucking up to him might work in the short term but eventually it will all come crumbling down because one day he will ask, “didn’t I have the biggest crowd at any inauguration?” And what will the PM say? Or he will ask, “shouldn’t I have gotten an Emmy Award for my work on the Apprentice? Or he will demand that Canada build a wall and we won’t be able to do it. It likely will happen in the NAFTA negotiations or negotiations on soft wood lumber. Maybe JT already knows what’s coming down the pike. Maybe’s Trumps already decided to levy a 20 percent border tax. Trump is a ticking time bomb. This is only week two. There is no way to placate him because one would have to agree on an ongoing basis with his alternate facts aka lies and with the courts involved that becomes an impossibility. Who wants to be remembered as Neville Chamberlain?

  9. if blunder boy wants to get in twitter pissing match with Trump we will have a 50C dollar and 25-30% unemployment really fast.

    • Hmmm another guy on his knees

      • It’s called politics you fool. Trudeau is just in it to look good. He is a drama teacher. What huge projects have you done to help everyone, or are you just a troll virtue signalling to feel good that you have some purpose throwing our kids under the bus.

        • It’s called grovelling and crawling actually.

          PS Trudeau is not a drama teacher….and oh yeah, I spent many years in politics.

  10. I don’t think Trudeau knows what he’s talking about. He claims to be a defender of women’s rights, a feminist. But visits mosques (probably just to get votes), he brings in people (again, to get votes) who support Sharia Law which violates the human rights of women. Surveys have been done and a significant percentage in Europe support Sharia Law. Why would it be different in Canada? One cannot have it both ways. One either supports human rights of women and opposes Sharia Law, or the converse. It’s hypocritical.

    • Sharia law comes from the bible…..as does most of the Koran

  11. Speaking of PM pixie dust. How come no town halls in B.C. Ya F####g chickens##t/

    • Because he got so much of the vote there and because he is polling high there. No need to placate them. They love him.